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Message: 16/45                     Posted        Author
Cruise Liner Attacked              Sun Jul 02    GNN
"GNN England, reporting live."

"A cruise liner from England to New York was brought under attack today at 2PM 
as Maverick Quickdart Hummingbird attempted to sink it. Responding to apparent 
arguments on the global broadband frequency, he launched at the liner with 
Maverick drones and corrosive missiles, causing the ship to take on water. 
English Defense Force ships succesfully evacuated the liner, while Scitech 
Chief of Security Eugene Chaud engaged the Maverick in his Muramasa Power 
Armour. Despite the Maverick's attempts to drain his energy and attack his 
eyes, Mr. Chaud dispatched the Maverick with his fancy swordplay and secured 
the patrons and crew of the liner's freedom."

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 16/46                     Posted        Author
Strange Events                     Sun Jul 02    GNN
And in more odd happenings around the world... A number of billboards have been 
rented out by a Maverick, the same Quickdart Hummingbird who clashed with 
Eugene Chaud over the Atlantic... And after an extensive search for Sigma 
Virus contamination in it of any time, it has been actually been posted 
throughout the united states and canada. What will the world come to next? For 
the advertisement is itself for Viagra... and the subject promoting it? None 
other than Dr. Albert W. Wily himself... And now in sports... 

 (OOC) Yes I was given a staffly Ok if it was tastefully done... and Wily's 
approval too. Available for actual viewing here! 

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 16/47                     Posted        Author
Brooklyn Traffic                   Sun Jul 02    GNN
You heard it first on GNN news!

         Yesterday, late night, a robot master known as Color Man assaulted 7th 
avenue Brooklyn. The owner of a Stereo 4 U shop was assaulted, via pie, and 
was later rescued with mild injuries by the hunter, Riot, who was also 
present. While he was seeing to the man to safety, there were some unfortunate 
other happenings as well.

         The whole, or at least a chunk of land was covered within ever 
changing colors, the traffic lights overridden somehow to cause all lights to 
be green, and the carnage that came from the many vehicular incidents brought 
on by Brooklyn traffic. 

         The robot master was fought off by Repliforcer Munitions Ifrit who 
thoroughly demolished Color Man, as those who were present say. He 
successfully escaped as well. The carnage that was created produced a quick 
and potent response by the Greymalkin Arsenal, and especially one member of 
them which had dealt with odd drones which were causing the blunt of the 
damage while the robot master was distracted.

         No fatalities were recorded although there were a few seriously 
injured. Water damage and fire hazards as well as the remains of the cars have 
been mostly repaired/being repaired at this time. It was a successful day for 
the defenders of these, normally, peaceful streets.

         < And now back to ... >

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Message: 16/48                     Posted        Author
GNN Pay Accounts Hacked!           Sun Jul 02    GNN
(A quick blurb piece during one of GNN's hour blocks.)

"Earlier this evening, the GNN Pay Servers were attacked by an unknown hacker. 
According to the report, only one account was known to be manipulated. That 
account belonged to Bill Rourke, host of the Punditry Show 'Rourke Zone.' Mr. 
Rourke had this to say:"

(Rourke, looking angry)

"This is only a way for the malcontents of the world to let us know that 
they're still out there, and that we need to stop them. They can't silence me, 
and they can't silence GNN."

(Back to Anchor Desk)

"Insurance will cover the losses, and damage to the rest of the server was 
incredibly minimal."

(Punditry, of course!)
(OOC: Point of Contact: Zach Glen, Bill Rourke)

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 16/49                     Posted        Author
Robot Master Butter Supply Routed! Mon Jul 03    GNN

        "Ahem. Today, our top story of the night, or should I say early morning 
story, the Maverick Hunters, Axl, Cinnamon, and Steel Massimo had attacked a 
Butter Factory in Wisconsin which belonged to none other than the man of the 
Robot Masters, Dr. Wily! Shortly after the Maverick Hunters had entered, Robot 
Masters came in every fashion, from the sky to taking a car to the purging of 
Dr. Wily. 

        As soon as the Robot Masters had arrived, the fight had begun, butter 
had started to seep out from the vats under siege, causing the entire factory 
to be a slippery death trap for all inside. In horrible twist, the Maverick 
Hunters, giving it all they had, were defeated, even as Axl had used the form 
of Lumine. However, it wasn't a total loss, as the butter factory had been 
terribly damaged, keeping the evil Dr. Wily from buttering his toast. 

        As well, the Hunters had been delivered back to the Tower Of Light in a 
vat full of butter, courtesy apparently provided by the Robot Masters. 

        In other news, a new butter factory will be opening soon in Canada, 
carrying the proportions of the one attacked..." 

<That... was GNN>

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 16/50                     Posted        Author
News Briefs                        Mon Jul 03    GNN


A decline in daily attacks from Robot Masters and Mavericks have caused the 
Australian government to issue a formal warning to its citizens that a 
"massive, wide-scale attack" may be imminent. Shortages of essential goods are 
widespread across the country as citizens prepare for the worst, even as 
military patrols increase to maintain public order. "Nobody's heard from Sigma 
in a long while," one Australian citizen said under condition of anonymity. 
"Who knows what he might be planning?"


A wave of speculation has recently affected the markets of colored gems, such 
as rubies and emeralds, causing prices to rise almost 5% over the course of 
the last week. The cause for the sudden interest is unclear, but profit-taking 
from stockholders has begun to depress the prices on the market. Analysts have 
dismissed the speculation as a hiccup in an otherwise stabilizing world 


The Blake Foundation has announced plans to hold a lavish fundraising dinner in 
England to raise awareness of the plight of Europe's cities and landmarks. The 
dinner, expected to attract the world's wealthiest philanthropists, is being 
held under unprecedentedly tight security. Very few details about the gala are 
available, though it is expected to be held soon somewhere in the United 
Kingdom. The Blake Foundation would not comment on the presence of James 
Houseman V, Blake Foundation board member and the world's fourth wealthiest 

OOC: Leo 


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 16/51                     Posted        Author
Cobra Commander Robs Museum!       Thu Jul 06    GNN
<This...Is GNN.>

        "A man dressed as the fictional villain 'Cobra Commander', accompanied 
by several drones in Cobra uniforms, attacked the Manhattan Action Figure 
Museum today. Over forty thousand zenny in G.I. Joe action figures were 
stolen, and one Repliforcer - former Reploid Heavyweight Champion Smasher 
Shrimp - was disabled. The man dressed as Cobra Commander has not been 
identified at this time, but was believed to smell strongly of cheap liquor."

<OOC: Questions to Chico.>

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 16/52                     Posted        Author
Deer Season                        Sat Jul 08    GNN
<In the GNN Style section.> 
AP - A new fashion sensation is quickly picking up speed across the globe under 
the trademark 'Deer Season', allegedly the product of some of the greatest 
minds of the Irregular movement. With a strongly political message and a 
distinct, unique sense of flair, the 'Deer Season' line is already receiving 
plenty of attention at the cutting edge of fashion. 
Thought to have originated on the streets of New York City, the 'Deer Season' 
line of shirts features a provocatively negative message against former 
musician and current self-admitted member of the Coalition for Reploid Freedom 
Fianait, currently number six on the World's Top Ten Most Wanted list. 
Coming primarily in green and white, the shirts offer such messages as 'I Was 
Betrayed By Javelin Whitetail and All I Got Was This Stupid Shirt', 'Warning: 
Fianait Is Known To Attack From Behind', and simply 'Deer Season', accompanied 
by an assortment of graphics featuring the composer in the crosshairs.
Profits from the sale of this line of clothing reportedly go to a foundation 
that openly supports the Irregular cause. Neither party involved was available 
for comment at the time of writing.

<OOC: Contact Feste for more information. Get yours today!>

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 16/53                     Posted        Author
Atlantis Attacked                  Sat Jul 08    GNN
Standard GNN report. A random newcaster offers the following, the content 
staying mostly the same, usually the one giving the lines the biggest change. 
 "Last night, Robot Masters attacked the underwater city of Atlantis today. 
According to comments by Jet Stingray himself and released Repliforce reports, 
they attacked the buildings in the area in order to draw out Repliforce units, 
which responded to stop the attack. Causalities are reported to be few, if 
any, and no tourists have been reported injuried or killed. When asked to 
comment on the matter, Jet had this to say on the matter." 
 Jet is shown with a lot of mikes and cameras about him as he speaks. "I am 
P.O.ed with the Robot Masters right now. Atlantis is a place where there 
should be no fighting, be no war. I would have been willing to let them in as 
long as they promised to be peaceful and cool, but it's clear that they do not 
understand what it means to chill. Until Wily pays for damages as well as a 
five thousand zenny service charge, the Robot Masters will not be allowed 
freely into Atlantis at any time. If they want a piece of myself, leave 
Atlantis out out of it... This time, they were let off easy. I promise next 
time that security will be more than tripled in the days to come, as I promise 
to have Atlantis as a safe place for all to enjoy." 
 The camera goes back to the newscaster. "...It is unsure exactly how much 
damage the Robot Masters caused, but considering that there were four to five 
Robot Masters on the scene, it is assumed to be in the tens of thousands if 
not more."

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 16/54                     Posted        Author
Commercial                         Sat Jul 08    GNN
<A commercial run on the major networks.>

        A dark, grainy picture is shown. Zombies lurch towards the camera, 
reaching out with dead hands and clawing. Then, a picture with robots 
destroying a school is shown. Then a dragon is shown wrapped around an 
airliner. "Dangerous times...Need old heroes." Suddenly a dark figure jumps up 
on the screen, and begins firing a pair of SMGs at zombies. "It's-a me! 
MARIO!" The light on the figure reveals him to be Mario, firing his SMGs as he 
leaps and spins in a circle, before landing on a zombie and crushing him 
beneath his boot.

"Full Metal Mario. From Umbrella Games."


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 16/55                     Posted        Author
Casino Raid!                       Sat Jul 08    GNN

        The inestigation into a a brawl that broke out in a local London casino 
between members of the Maverick Coalition and Dr. Wily's Robot Masters 
continues. Initial information suggests that the fight started when one Crush 
Crawfish broke through the casino and, with the help of the infamous Maverick 
criminal Vile, began attacking the Robot Masters. Reports are still sketchy, 
however the Coalition has stated that they E-Ringed Colour Man and 'nearly 
destroyed Shadow Man and Cut Man'. These last two are not supported by 
evidence, however, and thus is complete BS. A Coalition spokesmech added that 
this was in revenge for a Robot Master attack in Able City nearly a month ago. 
There have also been reports suggesting that the casino was a secret Robot 
Master base, however this is unconfirmed at this time. 

        OOC: Questions to Vile, Cut Man, Crush Crawfish, Colour Man, or Shadow 


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 16/56                     Posted        Author
Umbrella Acquires Brewery!         Sun Jul 09    GNN
<This...Is GNN.>

"Today, business news was made when Hazelschlager, a microbrewey formerly 
located in Bavaria and now located in the United States, was sold to the 
Umbrella corporation. Hazelschlager, a brand known to many as a connosieur's 
favorite, was struggling with poor management due to the loss of the original 
management team in the sack of Europe, as well as limited production capacity 
that pushed prices upwards. Umbrella has announced that it plans to inject 
it's own management team, as well as expand production facilities 
significantly. The new tagline has already been announced: 'Hazelschlager - 
The Beer of the 23rd Century'."

<OOC: Questions to Caine.>

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 16/57                     Posted        Author
Umbrella Releases Statement        Sun Jul 09    GNN
After much deliberation, the Umbrella Corporation released a statement early 
this morning concerning the accusations of ethics-violation placed upon it by 
The Rain Institute.

CEO Albert Wesker is quoted as calling the the Institute's claims "despicable" 
and labeling them as attempts to "smear the name of a new company by 
associating it with its predecessor". Wesker also showed much disgust at the 
Maverick Hunters for funding such an organization, stating that he was 
"appalled at Light Labs for employing such tactics to do away with the 

As for Bill Rourke, who made statements supporting Rain Institute's 
accusations, Wesker displayed hopes that Mr. Rourke will investigate his 
sources more thoroughly from now on, instead of choosing material simply for 

In other news, a survey concerning the use of reploids mascots has shown...

<OOC: Contact Wesker>

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 16/58                     Posted        Author
Strange News                       Sun Jul 09    GNN
"...must not find out the secret of the Fortress V. All those who have have 
been erased. It is only logical." Authorities were reportedly puzzled by Storm 
Owl's press release, and reluctant to follow up on it.

"In Central Park today a man fitting the description of known terrorist Dr. 
Wily was sighted, sitting on a bench and feeding birds. He was approached by 
reploids fitting the description of Ebullition, known Hunter, and Epsilon, 
leader of the Irregular Movement. T-" The reporter suddenly stifles a chuckle. 
"Ahem. Police noted the individuals speaking for a few minutes before Epsilon 
vanished, and the man fitting Dr. Wily's description leapt off the 4th level 
of Central Park on a hang glider... which was promptly shot down. The suspect 
was not found."

"In other news, rumors of a horrible beast with an italian accent and spinning 
razor teeth has been haunting underworld whispers-"

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 16/59                     Posted        Author
Irregular Rally In Able City       Mon Jul 10    GNN
"Last night in Able City the Irregulars held a two man protest..." Cut to shots 
of Epsilon and Scarface. "While Cadre Scarface's debate skills were found 
lacking..." Cut to clips of Lumine talking circles around Scarface. "Irregular 
leader Epsilon's were up to thier famed standards." Clip of Epsilon being a 
burning tower of presence. "While there were many Mavericks present, including 
the notable Boomer Kuanger and the notorious Vile, there was no violence 
despite the high tensions."

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 16/60                     Posted        Author
NA Activity: 'Rise Up'             Mon Jul 10    GNN
<< Grainy Handcamera Footage. It appears on several anti-robot websites before 
being filtered through into mainstream media. >>

        "Children of humanity," The feed begins, not pointing at anything to 
start. With a scrape an accomplice picks up the camera and directs it at a 
rather regal looking man with long blond curley hair and a orange greatcoat 
amongst other mismached formal wear. He is standing tall with a purse-lipped 
expression. "Rise."

        "You do not need arms. Make your own arms." Smacking his chest at heart 
level with his fist, the camera moves to a Reploid standing motionless and 
after a moments pause parts of his body such as his forearm and head move 
independantly away from its body, indicating its been skinned and the skin 
placed back on afterwards. The camera moves back to Feleti, who is holding the 
head of the Reploid in front of his face like a mask with some unseen energy, 
green eyes peering out as if it were a mask. Rising his other hand it shows he 
has a hunting knife in his hand, which he places against the Reploid's 

        "When there is a will there is a way."

The camera is lowered and there is a degree of fumbling where the assistant 
turns it off.

<< End of Footage. Identity of the Reploid has, apparently, not yet been 
determined as physical description did not meet any reports of missing 
individuals. >>

OOC: @Mail Feleti to organise some investigative RP if interested.

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 16/61                     Posted        Author
Giga City attacked!                Tue Jul 11    GNN
<This is GNN!>

Earlier tonight, local defense forces sighted a small skull shuttle descending 
and landing in the main concourse of Giga City, evading detection by perimeter 
defense. Among those that disembarked the shuttle was four small squads of 
mets and joes and Robot Masters Gyro Man and Sword Man.

The deployed drones from the shuttle quickly locked down the central tower's 
teleportation hub and roadblocked the city's own defense forces from entering 
the concourse. However, the Irregular reploid Scarface managed to slip through 
the blockades and proceeded to attack the Master's shuttle. He was quickly 
engaged by Gyro Man while Sword Man chased out citizens from the local stores 
and factories on that block.

According to reports, Scarface managed to easily force Gyro Man into retreat, 
and the master was reported to be missing an arm as he fled. Unfortunately, 
Sword Man was apparently forced to return to the central concourse where he 
started attacking the local hero.

Reports from eyewitnesses state that the match seemed even with Scarface 
maintaining a slight edge, keeping the Robot Master very slightly off balance 
as they traded blows. But then in an unexpected turn of events, eyewitnesses 
report seeing Sword Man engaging his ill-gotten force metal enhancements while 
Scarface was using one of the Master's own arms to hit him in the face. After 
that point, the battle turned very quickly against the Irregular hero, with 
the Force Master weathering a deadly assault that would have dropped almost 
eny normal reploid to their knees or force them to retreat. Further, it 
appeared that his wounds from the assault had healed themselves in a matter of 
seconds. The Force master then launched his own brutal assaults against the 
Irregular hero, first pounding the local hero and disarming him with what is 
best described as an all out barrage of flaming punches, then finally 
defeating the Irregular warrior with his signature Flame Sword after 
deflecting an attepted counterattack.

Local authorities in the area were able to deactivate the blockading drones and 
send their forces into the area, but were unable to prevent the Master from 
escaping in the shuttle. Initial estimates of damage are low, however a 
sizeable amount of indutrial materials and consumer electronics were stolen, 
estimated to be worth over fifty thousand zenny. Lastly, over fifty posters 
bearing depictions of Albert Wily were destroyed or defaced and replaced by 
posters of the mad scientist in poses and clothes that only the madman himself 
would consider flattering and pleasant to look at.

The City Concourse of giga City is currently under lockdown while cleanup and 
repairs are performed. No injuries were reported and the only casualty of the 
conflict is Scarface who, in an injury assesment, was only injured just enough 
to force his systems to deactivate, not destroy him. This could be considered 
an act of mercy on the Fire Knight's part, but his motivations are unknown. It 
also is unknown what the Robot Masters and Wily would need such suplies for. 
The investigation is ongoing.

<This was GNN!>

OOC to Scarface, Sword Man, or Gyro Man.

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 16/62                     Posted        Author
RF saves US Naval Station          Wed Jul 12    GNN

        "Sigma promised that Crystal Snail would be allowed back into the 
faction so long as he 'ratchets back the gay'." 

        "In other news, details are sketchy, but reports have come in that 
Maverick terrorists have struck an American naval weapons research base." We 
see a map of the coast of California, but no markings as to its exact 
location. "Due to the base's highly secretive nature, the government is 
keeping most facts to itself until a full investigation can be completed and 
certain details can be declassified. A short statement said that two 
Mavericks, Boomer Kuwanger and Vile, infiltrated the base with the help of a 
Maverick defector within the Army. The Army said that the base's defences were 
then activated while they ransacked the place." 

        "The Navy called in Repliforce, who sent a two-mech commando team 
consisting of Major Jet Stingray and Lieutenant Hi-Max to destroy the 
Mavericks and extract the Reploid workers held within the facility. The Army 
stated that the pair were successful despite the naval base's defences. There 
were no casualties, and the Maverick defector, name not yet released, was 
captured. Both Mavericks escaped. The Army extended their thanks to Repliforce 
for stopping what could have been a disastrous situation."

        OOC: Questions to Vile, Boomer, Jet, or Hi-Max. 


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 16/63                     Posted        Author
Terrorist Attack-Terrorist Defense Wed Jul 12    GNN

        "...kittens. General declined comment. In other news, earlier today, a 
force of Neo Arcadian terrorists led by one Francine McDonald, formerly of 
England, assaulted the city-state Tartarus with a strange weapon, some form of 
gas designed to choke standard-design reploids and not humans. Supported by 
Neo Arcadian Skinners, she attempted to kill a large portion of Tartarian 
        "Members if the terrorist group the Coalition for Reploid Freedom, 
commonly called the Mavericks, led by Storm Eagle and Boomer Kuwanger arrived 
to deal with the attack. Utilizing some form of air pressure, the gas was 
dissipated, and the Mavericks engaged the Neo Arcadians. Elpizo arrived on the 
scene with Pantheon troops, joining the fray to help Miss McDonald, and was 
eventually defeated by Storm Eagle in an aerial battle. Several civilians 
died, but Maverick troops were able to evacuate much of the area."

<OOC: Storm Eagle, Boomer Kuwanger, Francine McDonald, Elpizo.>

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 16/64                     Posted        Author
Quakes in Korea                    Sat Jul 15    GNN
(A small news blurb among many other news blurbs. It runs either during news 
bites, or on the ticker at the bottom of the screen in shorter form now and 

"An unexpected earthquake occured in south Korea late last night, knocking out 
underground power lines in several small towns east of megacity Seoul. Local 
geological experts are uncertain as to the cause of the quake, and believe it 
may have been caused, or exacerbated, by the collapse of unattended missile 
shelters under ground. No one was seriously injured in the incident. Normal 
service will be restored by some time this afternoon."

(Questions to Meio or Solo, if you have them.)

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 16/65                     Posted        Author
Madison Tech Robbery               Sat Jul 15    GNN
<This is GNN.>

        "Today, Madison Technologies was raided by a variable assault ride 
armor and a man identified as League-member Chico Muerte. Graymalkin Arsenal 
forces were on the scene, as well as the Irregulars Oil Man and Clock Man. 
Despite the best efforts of responding forces, Chico Muerte reportedly managed 
to steal a 'negative lightwave generator', a common component of stealth 
technology. The equipment is valued in the hundreds of thousands of zenny, and 
damage to the facility is charted in the millions, as well as five casualties 
reported among the security detail, with several more wounded."

<OOC: Questions to Glyde or Chico.>

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 16/66                     Posted        Author
Colonel saves Aussie Airship base  Sun Jul 16    GNN

        "Chi then promised that he was, in fact, still alive." 

        "In other news, Maverick terrorists have once again struck the 
Australian military, this time invading an Australian Defence Force airfield 
and attempting to hijack the airship destroyer HMS Thatcher." We see stock 
photos of both the airbase and the Thatcher before the attack. The Thatcher is 
large. The airfield is busy. "Initial reports indicate the Mavericks Vile, 
Lumine, Magna Centipede, Spark Mandrill, and the Maverick Ride Armour commonly 
known as the Chimera were involved in the attack. On hand to assist the 
Australians was the XO of Repliforce, Colonel." 

        "Despite the impressive array of Maverick forces, the ADF and Colonel 
were successful in repelling the attack. Both the Maverick plans to hijack the 
HMS Thatcher, currently in dry-dock for a routine systems overhaul, and the 
plan to invade the base's armory, failed. The ADF credited the victory to 
Colonel's presence, as well as new advances in Sapper technology, which they 
claim is able to render a combat Reploid helpless within moments of successful 
deployment. There have also been additional reports of an unidentified sniper 
involved in the defense, however this is not been confirmed. With this 
victory, the ADF renewed its commitment to defending itself against the 
Maverick and Robot Master attacks. More on this as reports come in." 

        OOC: Questions to Vile, Lumine, Magna, Colonel, or Jayven Kuo. 


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 16/67                     Posted        Author
Hue Death                          Mon Jul 17    GNN
"Today's top news story needs no Introduction. Early today, July 17th, 2219... 
Dr. Albert Wily stole all color from the planet Earth, leaving the entire 
world in a monochrome grayscale. Preliminary reports indicate this occurred 
during the GSTE, with an overblown sense of drama, and affected everything 
within the GSTE and Earth's atmosphere... except Color Man, oddly enough. 
Scientists are working feverishly to find the cause of and solution to this 

"In other news, Space is fine. Space has color. And Eurasia is seeing a flock 
of immigration requests. Initial reports of people going off the deep end have 
arisen, but there's no clue yet as to the longterm impacts of this change."

"Dr. Wily is wanted for questioning."

OOC: Yes, Color is gone on Earth. Questions? @mail Wily.

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 16/68                     Posted        Author
Maverick Raid!                     Mon Jul 17    GNN
<This is...GNN.>

        "Terror struck Detroit today when the Maverick Attila, along with 
Gravity Beetle and a squad of Maverick Regulars, struck a munitions factory 
several miles outside of Detroit. Singularity Shrike was struck down in 
personal combat with Attila, and Gravity Beetle was forced to flee from 
Munitions Ifrit. Attila briefly engaged Munitions Ifrit, before retreating 
with his ill-gotten goods."


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