Two notes/requests:
- If I find a post that is intentionally deleted after I archive it, I delete it from the public logs (i.e., the ones that go up here). If I missed one, tell me and I'll remove it. I'd also prefer that people don't ask me for copies of other peoples' deleted posts, but if the /original author/ wants a copy, they can just ask and I'll provide if I have it.
- When I say "Complete" in the status section, it's technically "Complete (As far as I know)". >_> <_< If you happen to have a copy of a post I missed, I'd appreciate it if you send it my way so I can add it here. ^^ (Keep in mind the deleted post policy, though.)
                           **** Recent Additions ****                         
Modified    Board                            Date        Status
06-07-15    Character Announcements          2005        Incomplete
06-07-17    Character Announcements          2006        Incomplete/Up-To-Date
06-07-16    Character Suggestions            Dec 2005    Incomplete
06-07-16    Character Ideas                  2006.01-06  Incomplete
06-07-16    Character Ideas                  Jul 2005    Incomplete/Up-To-Date
06-07-16    IC News                          Dec 2005    Incomplete
06-07-16    IC News                          Jan 2006    Incomplete
06-07-16    IC News                          Mar 2006    Incomplete
06-07-16    IC News                          Apr 2006    Incomplete
06-07-16    IC News                          May 2006    Incomplete
06-07-16    IC News                          Jun 2006    Complete
06-07-17    IC News                          Jul 2006    Incomplete/Up-To-Date
06-07-15    Policy/Code Changes              2005        Complete
06-07-15    Policy/Code Changes              2006        Incomplete/Up-To-Date
06-07-15    Scene Announcements              2005.07-12  Incomplete
06-07-15    Scene Announcements              2006.01-06  Incomplete
06-07-15    Scene Announcements              2006.07-12  Incomplete/Up-To-Date
06-07-15    Tartarus                         2005        Incomplete
06-07-15    Tartarus                         2006        Incomplete/Up-To-Date
06-07-15    Territories & Politics           2005        Complete
06-07-15    Territories & Politics           2006        Incomplete/Up-To-Date

                              **** Indexes ****                         
Modified    Board                         Date           Status
06-07-15    Character Announcements       2004-2005      Incomplete
06-07-16    Character Announcements       2006           Incomplete/Up-to-date
05-08-10    Character Suggestions         2004           Complete
06-07-16    Character Suggestions         2005           Incomplete
06-07-16    Character Ideas               2006           Incomplete/Up-to-date
05-07-15    IC News                       2004           Complete
06-07-16    IC News                       2005           Incomplete
06-07-16    IC News                       2006           Incomplete/Up-to-date
05-12-19    IC Rumors                     2004-2005      Incomplete/Up-to-date
05-10-10    MUSH Announcements            2004           Complete
05-12-16    MUSH Announcements            2005           Incomplete/Up-to-date
06-07-15    Policy/Code Changes           2004-2006      Incomplete/Up-to-Date
06-07-15    Scene Announcements           2005           Incomplete
06-07-15    Scene Announcements           2006           Incomplete/Up-to-Date
05-12-19    Tartarus                      2004-2006      Incomplete/Up-to-date
05-12-16    Territories and Politics      2004-2006      Incomplete/Up-to-date
2006.07.17: oshi update. IC News details HUE DEATH, and, Signas, Quint and Alia are open for apps, and Byte is closing on the 18th.

2006.07.16: OH SNAP IC NEWS. It's full of holes. Damn anxiety screwing with my MUSHing.

2006.07.15: HOLY CRAP AN UPDATE.
As of 7:41PM, I have completely updated Character Announcements, Scene Announcements, Tartarus and Territories & Politics. You will notice gaping holes in some of the logs because my login times became completely spastic.
I am also logging the GSTE simultaneously, because I'm obsessive that way.
As of 2:49AM, I've updated Character Suggestions/Ideas (the name change came about after a board crash, IIRC), and split up Char-Announcements' index into two (2004-2005 & 2006). This leaves IC News, IC Rumors and MUSH Announcements left; the first and last are gonna take the most time ('cause I picked the easiest ones first >.>) and brain-power is starting to leave me, so I'll upload what I have now.

2005.12.19 7:37 am: On-time, mostly! =o Open: Shadow. Closing: Spike Rosered & Magna Centipede. IC News stuff.. Char Suggestions.. (App Rafflesian, since Spike is closing)

2005.12.16 10:57 pm: Sorry for taking the extended break. Updated archives, fixed a couple link errors. :|
I've also finally found the great code that is <span-style>. :D I'll fix formatting in old boards whenever I get around to them. ^^;
Soon it shall be time for great shuffling of board indices. (woo year rollover!)

2005.11.15 7:59 pm: o.o;; updated! Check MUSH Announcements and Character Announcements for good stuff.

2005.11.04 12:29 am: Sorry about the update skip; NaNoWriMo and all. XP Whee month rollover. Be sure to check the Character Announcements.

2005.10.29 7:16 pm: Apologies for the late update, NaNoWriMo is eating my brain.
Assorted news, and one rumor; IO Scene Saturday 8 or 9 pm. Interpol apps are being temporarily closed starting October 31st. Get your apps in before then. :o Open: Web Spider, Gravity Antlion, Jazz; Closing: Layer; Humanoids overdone in Repliforce. Also, app Gate dangit. :< Also other stuff. n.n; (so helpful~)

2005.10.26 5:00 am: Assorted news and rumors; Scarface challenges Quint to a duel in Tartarus, is accepted by Kim Takushi. A cool map showing what parts of Aztlan are now under Repliforce control (here); Open: Laser Man, Vanishing Gungaroo, Neon Tiger, Bamboo Pandemonium; Closing: Rungo Naaza, Optic Sunflower, Launch Octopus, Magma Dragoon; App Eta Masters, Sheena; RE: Wily Hour & Consent for Parodying. Casino Grand Opening scene this Friday, Repliforce scene on Saturday.

2005.10.24 6:07 am: US officially declares war on Neo-Arcadia; odd occurence in Giga City; Happy Go-Go Man episode 2; Vile promotes National Brain Injury Awareness Month; New Repliforce OC open - Depth Dragoon; IO2 Plottage; Rush Raccoon has 200 cookies; new Wily Hour tonight (the 24th) at perhaps 9 PM.

2005.10.22 4:55 am: Rock & Shade Man closing, Gate Man & Star Man open, Australian Freedom Front's leader sniped (but still lives), Daryn kidnapped, Sonata & Axl have 100 cookies.

2005.10.19 6:40 am: Dr. Weil closing, APP ROCK.. other stuff.. man I'm sleepy. z_z

2005.10.17 4:57 am: Spark Man open, Marino closing, Dr. Light has 500 cookies, Gemini Man has 900!, IO plottage, scenes next Friday and Saturday, news stuff.

2005.10.15 3:07 am: Fire Man, Toad Man and Dr. Wily closing, Rock opened, Giga City exists, Gemini Man wants to throw a Halloween party. And apparently I forgot to add the IC Rumors index page to the list, so that's fixed now.

2005.10.13 2:12 am: Bolt Kraken & Dr. Wily are open (APP), Bomb Man is closing, Blaster Saurian & Tactical Raccoon have 100 cookies, other stuff! :O

2005.10.11 2:22 am: News: Douglas is open, Berlin's IC status, public challenge by Rick Wolfwood, Bat Vertigo plans something Thursday night, Sewa has 200 +cookies. Various things in IC Rumors, IC News, Character Suggestions.

2005.10.10 12:47 am: MUSH Announcements!
Other boards get updated tomorrow night. :P

2005.10.09 2:12 am: And now, for the news.
Umbra Phantom closing, App Yakuza, Force Metal Found in Vancouver, the United States and Canada leave Interpol Charter, Glyde Will Pay Big if Hector Kausmann is Beat Up.

2005.10.07 11:24 pm: IC Rumors gogogo.
2:22 am: Char Suggestions & IC News, that's all. Yay for a regular update! :O

2005.10.05 1:56 am: Updated! And added the next/previous page stuff to the rest of the pages that didn't have it.
Gonna try for an 'every other day' updating scheme. Expect the next update on Thursday. (It still counts as Tuesday to me, dangit!)
Side note: FTPs that don't suck are awesome. Mmhmm.

2005.09.07: Character Suggestions 2005 January-April, and 'next/previous-page' thingy on each page.

2005.08.10: Character Suggestions in 2004. (the board was made in April, which is why there aren't any posts before that.) General updates all around. :o I want to come up with a schedule for updating, but nothing's coming to me yet..

2005.08.02: Updates. Added Character Announcements from 2004. My idea was that people can Ctrl+F their way through the list to look for specific *FCs and see new closings and whatnot. I don't know why I started with last year's posts, I guess so you all can read the old jokes. ;P I'm not gonna do this year's posts today, my arm hurts after making that index file.

2005.07.24: Updates, and also: from now on, when I come across posted links and the link still works (or even if I just happen to have that file), you may find it's been <a href>'d. Click on it for a locally hosted copy; this way you all won't be sucking bandwidth out of random sites. ;)

2005.07.13 4:35 am: Well, so much for my great idea about linking each post individually. D: Why won't it work?
Well, no matter. July IC News is now up-to-date, and the indexing of post /names/ is complete for IC News. Guess I should work on some other boards now!

2005.07.04: Indexes go!

2005.06.21: Well! Starting to get this archive online.. I've been keeping it for some time, so I have quite a bit of backlog to get up. :D
I tried to get the logs as error-free and as close to the original formatting as I could manage, but if I missed some glaring error (or if you know how to set a background color for text; something quite doable in ANSI, but I have no idea how to in HTML), notify me by email, in IRC, or on M3. :D
I'll have an indexing system at some point, but not now. :O I lack the knowledge of HTML to do what I want.

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