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========================== Territories and Politics ==========================
Message: 23/1                      Posted        Author
Japan                              Mon Mar 07    Shadow Man
* As the Emperor of Japan, Dr. Wily's power is strictly ceremonial, akin to the 
modern Queen of England or King of Spain.

* However, exercising an ancient Imperial right, Japan has been divided by the 
Emperor into ten Prefectures, each of which as a Robot Master shogun 
responsible for its defence. Defence from attacks is the shogun's ONLY 
responsability and their ONLY power. Each shogun should have a castle, and 
these ten castles are ideal targets for attacks since Skull Monument's 
defences have been temporarily ramped up in the wake of recent events to make 
direct attack extraordinarily difficult.

* The Robot Masters do NOT have legal authority at either the national or 
prefecture level; any Robot Master who claims to make laws for their 
prefecture will have to uphold those laws on their own, WITHOUT support from 
either the Japanese government or Dr. Wily.

* Japan is governed by a Prime Minister and a Diet (akin to parliament or 
congress). Much but not all of the Japanese government is in one way or 
another on the payroll of the Yakuza. Although their influence is ubiquitous, 
the Yakuza have no officially recognized ties to the government, the national 
police, or the national military.

* Japan has signed the charter giving Interpol the right to operate on its soil 
and uphold its laws. Japan is not a member of the United Nations.

 < () > - Shadow Man

========================== Territories and Politics ==========================
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Greater Kanto Region               Sun Mar 20    Pharaoh Man
The Greater Kanto Region's defense, as a prefecture, is assigned to Pharaoh 
Man. Please contact me if you wish to attack any areas within the region, 
etc., for coordination purposes. Note, also, that while this prefecture does 
include Neo Tokyo, it is excluded from the above statement.

========================== Territories and Politics ==========================
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Okinawa Region and Naha Town       Sun Mar 20    Dive Man
        Following suit with Pharaoh Man's post, Dive Man controls Okinawa at 
the moment.(If you hadn't read from IC News.) If, for some bizarre reason, you 
want to attack this set of outlaying islands Southwest of the main Japanese 
islands, contact me, and we'll set something up.
        Additionally, if you go to Honshu, there IS an object there -- 'Okinawa 
- Naha City'. If I'm online and not in a pub in England or in Skull Monument, 
chances are, I'm here. Roleplay involving Okinawa would likely go here, on 
that note.
                                                 _      \DIVE MAN/ __  _
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                                                |_/  V V  |\\|/\_/ __> _|_

========================== Territories and Politics ==========================
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Prefectures                        Wed Mar 23    Gemini Man
For your reference, here is a map of Japan, seperated into the Robot Master 


Each one should have at least one valid target for heroic attack.

1: Pharaoh Man. Neo Tokyo is also here.
2: Magic Man.
3: Junk Man and Shade Man. Dust Man is Junk's second in command. This is 
shared... That may mean multiple valid targets: ask.
4. Astro Man. "Wrestlevania" is located here, left over from when Hard Man was 
running it.
5: Gemini Man/Shadow Man. This is where Osaka is. This is where the 
high-security survellance drones roam.
6: Plant Man. It is full of trees.
7: Star Man. This is where the Cheka 2.0 are committing rights violations, laws 
have been changed, and pretty much the worst is going on. It's worth nothing 
that despite the hubbub being made about the Cheka, /this is the only 
prefecture they are in./
8: Quick Man. He has not said much about his prefecture yet, so something is 
clearly up there. There ARE several large gold statues of Wily. There may or 
may not be Kancho Police.
9: Dive Man. You know what's going on with this one, if you read his post.

I hope this helps clear up some questions people had.

         -- Gemini Man -- Gemini Man --
"A horoscope is like a hologram -- a symbolic projection from a level of 
reality vastly different from our own."

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For the Record                     Sat Apr 02    Gemini Man
I feel that it's important at this time that I make a post as a reminder that 
the Defense Contract that Repliforce has with most of the world does not apply 
in Australia. It was a Live News post, ages ago, but... I think I'm the only 
one that remembers nitpick stuff like that.

Australia still is Interpol-OK, though.

         -- Gemini Man -- Gemini Man --
"A horoscope is like a hologram -- a symbolic projection from a level of 
reality vastly different from our own."

========================== Territories and Politics ==========================
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Disney Universe                    Wed Apr 20    Gemma
Disney Universe is a NO COMBAT area, set up much like San Angeles and Eurasia.

Disney Universe can be set no-combat because of its excellent security. 
Security measures at Disney Universe have several different levels:

Characters. Disney Universe is a giant private producer of androids. Many of 
the androids are combat-capable. They are "DisneyCoded." They perform the 
personalities of the characters they represent to the utmost fullest, and 
their loyalty to Disney itself cannot be compromised. The only time that a 
personality may be broken, is if there is a threat to the park, in which case, 
combat strategies will be engaged and the threat desposed of in a clean 
fashion. In the case of character androids that pose weak targets but are 
otherwise traditional (ie the Three Little Pigs), a much nastier 
combat-capable unit is never out of arm's reach for those characters' 
protection (ie the Big Bad Wolf). ALL Disney androids that leave the premesis 
or are otherwise rendered unusable are refurbished into entirely different 
bodies before they leave the park, such that Disney trademarks are never 
        The Men In White. Men In White are the elite security forces of Disney 
Universe. They may be android or hired cyborgs--both are eligible, with the 
cyborgs making up the majority, and the androids often being "retired" 
characters who still work for the company. Despite their colliquial name, Men 
In White are equipped with stealth units, and spend most of their time in the 
park either invisible, or hiding in the guise of inconsequential roles such as 
janitorial work. If anyone ever sees a Man In White, actually standing around 
in the open, and actually wearing their white uniform...someone already messed 

========================== Territories and Politics ==========================
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Disney Universe 2                  Wed Apr 20    Gemma
Disney Universe employees are trained in compliance techniques, and are 
excellent at concealing problems with the park and maintaining visitor peace. 
Even if violence occurs there, it is stopped so fast by security that no one 
sees it happen. If you were to be evacuated from a sector of Disney Universe 
because there was a security issue, you would probably assume that it happened 
because it was your idea to leave at that time. Litter is picked up almost 
instantly. Additionally, scent-based chemicals are fed into the air that 
encourage ordinary human tourists to be peaceful, buy a lot of merchandise, 
eat a lot of food, and come again soon. (These scent-based tricks don't work 
on reploids or androids, and if you have a human PC, whether or not the 
general euphoria of the place effects you at all is basically up to you. But 
they do this IRL now...you can bet in 200 years they'd be extra good at doing 

GNN and all other outside journalists are expressly forbidden from operating 
within the park. Disney Universe has its own news network which syndicates 
footage to other companies.

It is worth nothing that it is not possible to die while on land owned by the 
Walt Disney Corporation. It is possible for all bodily functions to stop 
working, and the brain to stop firing, the heart stop beating, etc, but for 
legal reasons it is not possible to die. No lawsuit has ever successfully been 
filed against park security for any reason.

All "Park" Areas of Disney Universe cost admission to enter. The admission is 
an IC charge and it is fairly expensive, though some areas cost more than 
others. It is also expensive to stay in the resorts, though costs vary. It 
does not cost admission to go Downedtowned or to loiter outside the sports 

The food is generally very bad, but you'll eat it anyway.

It is the happiest place on Earth.

========================== Territories and Politics ==========================
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Leaders                            Tue May 10    Solstis

 Ambassador Chord -- Head of the United Nations. 
 Vaughn -- Texas boss! 
 Dion Seers -- President of America 
 Dr. Wily -- Emperor of Japan 
 Theodore III -- Pope!
 The African nations have no leader yet.

========================== Territories and Politics ==========================
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Attacking RF?                      Mon May 23    General

 So you want to attack Repliforce? 

 Good for you! Repliforce has a base outside of London that most people don't 
know about. It's a small outpost and has mehish defensive abilities.
 Want to get RF to show up? Oh...attack /anywhere in the world/. Repliforce 
basically has contracts for everywhere.
 Want to attack the Fortress V? Talk to Storm Owl. He's the boss of it for a 

========================== Territories and Politics ==========================
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Berlin & You                       Sat Jul 23    General

 Currently Berlin is undergoing some minor work by Repliforce soldiers. This 
means that the Northern area of the city is starting to actually gain some 
buildings people can live in, albeit it slowly. The places are cheap to rent, 
and due to the ever present 10-100 Repliforce soldiers stationed there it 
tends to be a high chance that anyone you see in Berlin is competent enough 
with a weapon to be able to shoot your head off. 

 Mavericks are not treated nicely, nor are known thieves. Interpol, Hunter and 
Repliforce are treated in a reverse fashion than that, being quite respected 
by the guards and often welcomed with open arms. 

 The actual amount of inhabitants in Berlin is probably somewhere in equality 
to the current amount of Repliforcers, with potential room for growth in a few 
more months. 

 You have to realize, however, that Berlin is basically the rubble and ruined 
wasteland of a once massive city reaching out far. Thus it's pretty barren and 
horrible looking, although Floral Skunk and others are working on increasing 
the plantlife. 

 Try to avoid mass murder of people if you can help it in Berlin. There just 
aren't that many to murder, and more likely you'd end up facing off against a 
group of trained and well armed soldiers(Which wouldn't turn out well for you).

========================== Territories and Politics ==========================
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Australia                          Sun Jul 24    Cygnus

Lachlan Cooper is their Prime Minister. He's a moderate conservative and did 
not obstruct the Revised Special Powers Act that brought about the deadline 
for Reploids. He didn't particularly support it, though. 

Sandra Hatta is the Parliament Majority Leader. She is a hard-line conservative 
and sponsored the Revised Special Powers Act. Despite this, she is quite 
peaceful and abhors war. 

Olivia Harrison is their Parliament Minority Leader. She is liberal compared to 
Hatta, but still fairly conservative. Supports Lisa Faulke's Blake Foundation. 
Believes the Revised Special Powers Act goes too far, but is generally 

Bungee Python is the spokesperson for Reploids For A Free Australia, a 
pro-Reploid protest group. Charismatic, peaceful, and likely without a chance 
to reverse the Revised Special Powers Act. 

The Australian Defence Force is not something to be taken lightly. Mavericks 
have, thus far, been shot on sight. Solstis can ICly give someone details if 
they want it. Others can find out the hard way.  


========================== Territories and Politics ==========================
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Maverick Assets                    Sat Jul 30    Sigma
The Mavericks are currently operating out of one primary base, Aleutian Base, 
in the Aleutians. Beyond that, the Mavericks have any number of assorted 
secret holdings scattered across the globe for things like drone manufacture, 
fuel processing, retrofitting, and so on, which can be revealed to scout or 
operator characters as needed. Some notable exceptions: At the time of this 
post the Maverick faction have no military holdings in San Angeles, Eurasia, 
Texas, New Zealand, Azltan, or Australia (however, I believe Foucalt has been 
doing some things in Australia independantly).

Also note that the sum total of the Mavericks' assets is approximately akin to 
what they had five years ago, with most of the assets held during the 
occupation of Europe having been lost.

\  ___/
 \ \"/
 / /_\

========================== Territories and Politics ==========================
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NA Holdings                        Tue Aug 02    Elpizo
We do in fact hold things that may not be coded, and/or, noted in previous 
entries, due to the fact that we are a militaristic entity and can hold things 
outside of our city, and some such. If you have questions, don't hesitate to 
bother me, and I can tell you.

       / \ 
      /   \ 
     / .'. \ 
    / |   | \ 
   /  _> <_  \ 


========================== Territories and Politics ==========================
Message: 23/7                      Posted        Author
Sri Lanka                          Sun Aug 07    Leo

Sri Lanka degenerated into anarchy during World War III, with a 20 year civil 
war ending with the establishment of an allegedly democratic government 
entirely on the take from various Asian crime syndicates. Generally considered 
a "rogue state", Sri Lanka is only tenuously linked to the United Nations, and 
has no binding relationships with Repliforce, Interpol, or any other 
international police organization. Authority on the island is based solely on 
firepower and backup.

Anything and any one can be bought and sold in Sri Lanka. The more noxious the 
trade, the more profitable it becomes, after all. The majority of the pirates 
still operating in the world are regularly seen in Sri Lanka's docks, 
unloading stolen wares to be fenced around the world.

Power on Sri Lanka oscillates wildly from week to week, and some times day to 
day, depending on which criminal gang happens to have the strongest presence 
on the island. The Yakuza, the Robot Masters and other worldwide criminal 
gangs have roughly equal influence: dominating the island requires nothing 
less than one's full attention due to the desire of the other inhabitants of 
the island to be bound to no one's will.

There have been attempts to liberate Sri Lanka from the criminal element that 
rules it: 32 in all from 2060 onward to the present. Every attempt has either 
failed or only provided a short-lived peace. With the onset of the Robot Wars, 
the attention of the world community moved entirely away from Sri Lanka: there 
have been no attempts to take the island back since 2205. For the most part, 
the ordinary citizens of the island care little who actually runs it -- they 
make their living off the pirates and thieves, and are treated fairly out of 
fear of a mass rebellion. Abusing the natives is a fast way to have the 
island's criminal element turn against you.

Robots of any affiliation are tolerated on Sri Lanka so long as they don't make 
any trouble. Sri Lanka has its own ways of dealing with rebellious robots, 
having access to illegal weaponry banned by the various Geneva Convention 
regulations. Death is a merciful ruling. This strict street justice for 
Reploids is balanced by an overall antipathy toward Neo Arcadia. Militant 
anti-Reploid activity tends to be "dispersed" with equal vigor as Maverick 
activity: nobody wants a race war on Sri Lanka.


========================== Territories and Politics ==========================
Message: 23/8                      Posted        Author
Repliforce Bases?!                 Tue Aug 09    General

 We have the Fortress Five. This base is a massive sprawling aerial battleship 
that is capable of serving as a home, and was meant to be the primary home of 
Repliforce. Thus it probably can house 10,000-20,000 people at the same time, 
if not more(Since Repliforce has 30,000 members on average). -- Target is 
Hittable, Ask Storm Owl if you want to. 

 We have the Damn Stubborn. It is the ultimate farmhouse and barn. The 
/ultimate/. It is still standing after numerous attacks, hence the name, and 
it is our main UK base, even if it is small and unimportant. -- Target is 
Hittable. Ask General, STorm Owl or Colonel for details. 

 Luna Outpost -- Our mining operation on the moon. Has a bunch of drones, and a 
few soldiers and other thingies. -- Hittable, but it's near the old Vile 
Palace so you might be leery of the Maverickness that oozes out at you. Talk 
with General, Colonel or Storm Owl if you want to shoot it, as well as 
Gemma(Who is handling the Moon NPCs). 

 Various Gumby Outposts -- These places are all hittable, each country we work 
in has at least one. Very crappy, very low amount of soldiers. Made primarily 
for deployment, gathering of resources, etc. Talk with /any/ repliforcer if 
you want to go shoot one up. 

 British Columbia Medical Center -- Little known thing being built. 
Targettable? Perhaps...Shining Firefly is handling it at the moment. 

 Liberty Station -- Our secret underwater crappy base that most people in RF 
didn't even know about. -- Targettable...if you know about it. Which is 

========================== Territories and Politics ==========================
Message: 23/9                      Posted        Author
NA Naval Base <Atlaua>             Sat Aug 13    Sage Harpuia

        The NA have just finished construction of a new base on the tip of Baja 
California. Constructed in secret, away from the prying eyes of mortals--... 
err... robots, Atlaua is the Naval Gateway to the Pacific for the Neo 
Arcadians, who have long been denied the passage through the Panama Canal.

        Named for the Aztec God of the Sea, it is currently commanded by Water 
Squad's two active members, Morgan Thatch and Mary Summers. Fairy Leviathan 
will, naturally, assume control as soon as... we get one!

        Heavily defended, at least five Neo Arcadian Battleships are at port at 
any one time, having sailed secretly around the Southern America Coast from 
the Gulf Fleets during the cover of the Treaty.
        Currently it houses docks for submarines, as well as a drydock for the 
construction, repair, and maintenence of Neo Arcadian Submarines. This 
facility can hold as many as two submarines at any one time at present.
        Atlaua is defended by missile emplacements, and powerful radar systems 
able to detect enemy ships, subs, or aircraft approaching from a long way off. 
The battleships themselves serve as powerful defenders in time of need, as do 
the three submarines stationed off the coast. Atlaua currently houses a 
contingent of Neo Arcadian Naval Officers, Work Crews, and boasts a large 
number of Water Pantheon.

        If you feel the desire to attack this structure, feel free to contact 
myself, Elpizo, or any other active Neo Arcadian.

- Sage Harpuia

========================== Territories and Politics ==========================
Message: 23/10                     Posted        Author
Tol Eressea: Information I         Sun Aug 14    Sigma
The Project: Tol Eressea is a joint venture between the expatriated reploids of 
Australia and a large body of sympathizers, the government of New Zealand, and 
the Mavericks. Although the initial formation of the sympathizer group was 
organized by the Mavericks, the majority of the project's funding and 
implemenation comes from that first group independantly, with the Mavericks 
and New Zealand making significant but lesser contributions. Effectively, the 
island itself is publically owned by its inhabitants, but very friendly to its 
two benefactors. Most news sources exaggerate the Maverick involvement, as do 
many of the Mavericks themselves. Many foreign businesses have been offered 
enticements to set up local holdings, including GNN, HeraCorp, Able Robotics, 
Applesoft, and so on. However, business with a strong prohuman or antireploid 
sentiment such as Khan Enterprises and Cray Shipping (because of its former 
Mikage Intel holdings) tend to be snubbed.

The Island: Tol Eressea is an artificial island about half the size of Ireland, 
located several hundred miles east of New Zealand. The two principle cities 
are Bossa Nova, the nation's capital which offers a megacity setting although 
it's not really megacity sized, and Verango, which offers a more moderate 
lifestyle. The nation also includes a diversity of small controlled climate 
regions, including a mechaforest, mechaswamp, desert, and a multilevel 
'winterscape' (think Blizzard Buffalo's stage). The most impressive, however, 
is 'Depth City', which is not a city at all but the inhabited level underneath 
the surface island which is completely underwater and, for that matter, 
completely water flooded. This aquatic environment is designed for marine 
reploids but also popular with tourists for its uniqueness.

\  ___/
 \ \"/
 / /_\

========================== Territories and Politics ==========================
Message: 23/11                     Posted        Author
Tol Eressea: Information II        Sun Aug 14    Sigma
The Government: Tol Eressea is defined as a 'Constituional Principality', and 
the election of the first Prince is scheduled for late September. The interim 
Prince is Motor Cassuary, former Australian ambassador to San Angeles and a 
prolific political author. Motor is an uninfected non-Maverick but readily 
admits to having a working relationship with Sigma. The actual nature of the 
government is socialist leaning towards authoritarian.

The Mavericks: The interim government includes many Maverick regulars in 
positions of low authority, but high positions are held almost exclusively by 
professed non-Mavericks. Sigma himself is not part of the government, but is 
the 'Maverick Ambassador' and has been closely involved with the island's 
construction. In general, the island is quite receptive to Maverick presence, 
and Sigma himself is a popular icon and respected political voice. Other 
popular but not politically significant icons are Rock and (for unknown 
reasons) Mac.

Defences: Tol Eressea is a Repliforce charter nation and Repliforce is its 
primary means of defence. It has no standing army or military emplacements, 
however as mentioned above, much of the citizenry is combatready to an extent 
similar to the Pantheon. Tol Eressea's charter with Repliforce also explicitly 
allows for the Mavericks to aid in its defence. The agreement with Repliforce 
permits them to construct military emplacements at their discretion. Those not 
bothering to read through most of these posts should still be aware that Tol 
Eressea is a Repliforce charter nation and Repliforce is its primary means of 

\  ___/
 \ \"/
 / /_\

========================== Territories and Politics ==========================
Message: 23/12                     Posted        Author
Tol Eressea: Information III       Sun Aug 14    Sigma
Tol Eressea and Humans: Other than known Neo Arcadians or anyone dumb enough to 
go around wearing Aztlan paraphernalia, Tol Eressea has absolutely no formal 
anti-human legislation or institutions in place. In fact, the constitution is 
completely silent on the matter of humans and cyborgs, referring only to 
reploids (which is explicitly stated to include bioroids). Non-Neo Arcadian 
humans can visit and wander the streets freely, however the very design of the 
nation makes it fairly human uninhabitable. For example, other than a few 
hotel chains, most buildings simply don't have bathrooms. Medical doctors on 
hospital staffs, other than bioroid specialists, are also virtually 
nonexistant. Similarly, while various fertilizer-derived neutriants are 
readily available, organic food and drinks suitable for heterotrophs (humans) 
are hard to find and sold at quite inflated prices.

The Citizens: Around 35 percent of the current population are Australian 
reploids, about 25 Mexican and Latin American (mostly older reploids), and the 
remaining 40 percent represent a cross-section of from around the world. The 
'starting population' also includes a small number of cyborgs which most 
people don't expect to stay for very long simply because they're not well 
accommodated for. The Maverick presence provides free combat training and 
weaponry to those interested, which many reploids take advantage of, although 
combat training is not mandatory.

The Virus: The Sigma Virus is common, moreso in some regions than others. Like 
the human issue, the constitution is silent on the matter. The Maverick 
presence offers the Virus free to any interested reploids, but unlike the free 
combat training, the offer isn't taken up extensively. Several private 
enterprises offer scans and decontamination for a price. The Repliforce is 
expected to offer the same services for free once they establish themselves.

\  ___/
 \ \"/
 / /_\

========================== Territories and Politics ==========================
Message: 23/13                     Posted        Author
Detroit Mayor                      Wed Aug 24    Pharaoh Man
The Detroit Mayor situation is always available for investigation. Use @mail 
and do legwork.

========================== Territories and Politics ==========================
Message: 23/6                      Posted        Author
Berlin                             Sun Oct 09    General

 Berlin is a mighty city that was once one of the most vibrant and active 
sections of Germany, with a large sum of inhabitants that most likely numbered 
in the thousands if not the millions. The technology was up to date, it was 
known to be in the same country as the creators of the Mass Transit system for 
teleportation, and most of the ancient hatred had been lost over the years. 
 Or one would hope, at least. 

 Berlin has since changed, it became MavBerlin, it has suffered battle after 
battle and it has been torn apart. It is a wasteland, ruins and nothing more 
than that. 

 Following the fall of the Spire and the release of Berlin from Maverick 
control, Repliforce set up in the northern area of Berlin, making it somewhat 
habitable and making certain that the Berlin teleporter was serviceable. Since 
then a garrison has always remained in Berlin, patrolling and watching and 
keeping the peace. The amount of crime in Berlin is non-existent. People have 
moved into Berlin due to the extremely low costs of living, the free virus 
scans and decons, and the free usage of the teleportation system. 

 Berlin Population-- 1,000 at the most. It is easily expected to be far lower 
than that. 
 Soldier Amount-- 500 soldiers in the garrison, with room for up to 500 more. 
In case of an emergency the teleportation system can easily be used for quick 
deployment of extra troops. 
 Mentality -- Cautious. Badguys(Known) are not allowed to live in Berlin. Some 
are shot on sight if they do not have permission from a high ranked 
Repliforcer. Others, like Wily, are asked politely if they can leave since 
shooting him would bring hell itself upon the city. 
 City Status -- The northern area is slowly being rebuilt. Very slowly. 
Currently no known organizations are assisting in the reconstruction. 
 Government -- Currently it's "Repliforce protected". Whether that means that 
Repliforce is planning to lay claim to Germany is debated by some. 
 Attacking Berlin -- Remember, the soldiers aren't weak drones. They have real 
guns and real armor, and they aren't afraid to shoot to kill. Berlin is a 
peaceful place, they like it like that, the actions of Floral Skunk have made 
it beautiful in some areas.

========================== Territories and Politics ==========================
Message: 23/2                      Posted        Author
NA - RF War                        Tue Oct 25    Cygnus

        An oh so awesome map. In grey is what was conquered in the Repliforce's 
initial invasion. 



========================== Territories and Politics ==========================
Message: 23/3                      Posted        Author
Gangs of the Yakuza                Sat Nov 12    Machiavelli
Yakuza Gurentai

        Gurentai (Japanese for hoodlum) are the lowest echelon of the Japanese 
Mafia, and recruited from the scum of the underworld. They are the muscle for 
most Yakuza operations, often possessing martial arts training and decent 
weapons, on par with most SWAT units. Packs of Gurentai are often led by 
Tattoo Cyborgs, who have superhuman abilities and are often a Kobun or Wakashu 
under an Oyabun.


        A Torontreal street gang that's lost much of its influence after the 
Hunters vanquished their leader, there are still groups of HC-90 that haven't 
fragmented into other gangs, holding out in the mean East Side of Torontreal, 
fighting daily encroachments from the powerful Eastside Bloods. Their Zen 
connections have fallen into disarray, and they mostly make their money 
peddling women and hard narcotics such as crack.

The Bosozuku

        The speed tribes of Japan, riding loud, super-charged bikes through 
Japanese streets and highways. Often used as drug runners or muscle, they're 
notorious for their flashy style and pack tactics. They hate police, and will 
often attack police units on sheer principle. Armed with swords, chains, 
pistols, submachine guns.

 Zaibatsu Thugs
        The Zaibatsu are a centuries-old coalition of Japanese, Chinese, 
Korean, and Vietnamese businesses. They excell in corporate crime such as 
money laundering and illegal weapons production, and often play a hand in the 
production and sales of guns to their Yakuza allies, as well as others. Their 
thugs are well equipped with military weaponry and gadgets, hail from military 
backgrounds, and have corporate covers they can use to move amidst most 
populaces. They maintain a small presence in Indonesia as well, although they 
lost power during the fall of Mikage International and the Yakuza Inc. Scandal.

 The Triads

        Another close ally of the Yakuza, the Triads function in gangs that all 
report to a regional Tong. They control crime in China with a brutal, 
efficient trade in violence, drugs, human slavery, and gambling. They can be 
found in any major Chinese city, as well as in large populations of Chinese 
immigrants in other countries. Particularly with the invention of the 
teleporter. An occasional tattoo cyborg is found amongst the Triads, although 
they more often use Reploids.

========================== Territories and Politics ==========================
Message: 23/4                      Posted        Author
Neo-Arcadian Forces: The Skinners  Thu Nov 17    Sage Harpuia
-Unit Manual-
-Information on File: The Skinners-

        The Skinners.
        Formerly scattered bands of men and women located in Europe and Western 
Asia, the Skinners have been a phenomena for nearly a decade. Renegade bands 
at first. Street gangs that simply cut off pieces of armor as trophies of the 
Reploids they beat up became those who removed weapons systems for 
modification and use. After the decimation of Europe, the Skinner gangs became 
small rebellions against the Maverick Regime. Some were crushed, others dug in 
and waited for victims to come too close.
        Fast Forward to Today.

        A majority of the Skinner Bands in the ruins of Europe have been 
transported to Aztlan. A few scattered groups remain in Europe, but more join 
the Neo Arcadian Cause daily. The Skinners have obtained military ranks and 
service, and have adapted to the zealous cause of Neo Arcadia. They are 
organized into fifty man 'Gangs', forty-five Ground Pounders and five Field 
Medics. They are housed in Barrack Buildings that are capable of hovering and 
moving at a max of 100 miles per hour over the landscape for deployment as 

        At present there are Twelve of these flying Barracks in service, each 
with a full compliment of Skinners.
        The Skinner Marines are armored with mismatch pieces of Reploid Armor 
they have refined into powerful body suits. Each suit of armor is covered with 
gang graffiti, decals, and bumper stickers. They make use of both armor 
piercing gauss rifles and napalm flame-throwers in combat. Each Skinner, 
mounted on his or her right arm, has a retractable chainsaw that extends to as 
many as five feet in length. The chainsaws are made of slivers of a high 
strength alloy, capable of cutting through most Reploid Armor with ease, and 
working on others given time. The Chainsaws, further, can emit an electrical 
charge to stun and disable their victims.

        Skinners are a ragtag lot of malcontents, villains, and mongrels. They 
serve Neo Arcadia because an old Skinner Commander from the day, 'The Russian 
Eagle' has brought them together. Medical quality is high. Life expectancy is 
good. The Pay is enough to live on after the war. Few Skinners intend to stop 
until every last Robot is skinned, however.
         A majority of the Skinners have undergone some small form of 
E-Humanizations, usually endurance increase.

        The Skinners. One of the more dangerous troops available to Neo Arcadia.

        Future Implementation: Skinner Scouts. Special Operations Men/Women

        Skinner OCs: App away. You might have fun. OCs would be part of the 
main Squad ranks within the 'Elite' of Neo Arcadia. Those who distinguished 
themselves among the main core would be perfect for this position.

- Sage Harpuia

========================== Territories and Politics ==========================
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Neo-Arcadian Forces: The Pantheon  Fri Nov 18    Sage Harpuia
-Unit Manual-
-Information on File: The Arcadian Pantheon-

        The Arcadian Pantheon.
        The origins of this fighting force come from an elite group of a 
thousand trained military commandos gathered from the corners of the globe via 
old connections of President Elpizo. This elite fighting force originally 
consisted of cyborgs and ride armor pilots before full facilities to enable 
mass E-Humanization were instituted. Using this elite force and his four 
Guardians, Elpizo took control of the Mexican Government, crushing what small 
resistance there was and immediately supporting the raging anti-Reploid mobs 
of that time. It is believed that Elpizo and his Guardians were, in fact, 
behind the original uprising in Mexico nearly five years ago.
        From the original elite force sprang the massive right arm of the 
Arcadian's main military today. Soldiers became trainers and recruiters as 
zealous rioters put on the Pantheonic Armor and became part of the Arcadian 
Regime. Anti-Reploid movements, including such as The Children of Eve, likely 
also having their sources with the President, were enveloped into the growing 

        In the present day the army of Neo Arcadia is hundreds of thousands 
strong. It grows further as new recruits rush to join this elite fighting 
force as more and more disenfranchised humans join the cause of Neo Arcadia.
        In only a few short years, due to the use of E-Humanization and, it is 
believed, mental programming via subliminal images, the Arcadian Pantheon has 
become a powerful fighting force. Clad in blue armor, the Pantheon wear masks 
with one cyclopean eye in the center. They are heavily trained and capable. 
Over ninety percent of the Pantheon possesses some form of E-Humanization, 
with over forty-five possessing some form of combat cybernetics. A single 
Repliforce Trooper, usually a match for over a dozen human soldiers, is only a 
match for as many as few as three Arcadian Pantheon.
        Their equipment is specialized and varied, often varied from where they 
are posted and what duties they are expected to perform. Pantheon are capable 
of combat in nearly any environment, and with the advanced Neo Arcadian 
medical science available, even ones prominently damaged on the field can be 
rebuilt with either cybernetics or cloned body parts.

        Life as a Pantheon is a life of constant war, and many humans are 
prepared to undertake it for the powers offered them by E-Humanization. Rumors 
of the use of drugs, mental alteration, and intense psychological therapy 
still are unproven. Further rumors are whispered among the populous that some 
of the more vicious criminals of Neo Arcadia vanish, never to be seen again 
outside of the cyclopean mask.
        The Zealots of the Neo Arcadian cause are willing to throw themselves 
in mass at vastly superior robotic forces to take them down. They are the most 
willing and fanatical of armies, with Elpizo's will driving them ever onward.

        Humanity at its most United: The Pantheon of Neo Arcadia.

        Opportunities for OCs: Small. The Pantheon are to Neo Arcadia as the 
generic troopers that saluted General in his game are to the Repliforce. And 
the Maverick Drones are to the Mavericks and every last other Drones the RMs 
have to the Robot Masters. You get the picture. They are a daily fact of the 
Neo Arcadian Military, and little more.

- Sage Harpuia

========================== Territories and Politics ==========================
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Irregular Holdings                 Mon Nov 28    Leo

The Irregulars have a SNEAKY HIDDEN BASE which they bought through the P.I. 
Olsen Trust. It's the former Shambala facility.

The Irregulars also have a small facility outside of the Vancouver area which 
the Bonnes have developed into a training facility. It isn't elaborate, but it 
is adequate for the purposes of producing various numbers of Dudes as the 
Irregulars need them.


"Hail, I'm GM Quinnly," he told one young knight accused of killing a friend 
and then looting his corpse. "GMs suck ass," the knight responded.


========================== Territories and Politics ==========================
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HeraCorp                           Fri Dec 16    Sewa
HeraCorp Main Office is in Minnesota, right across the street from The Tower of 
There's also one in Canada.

However, due to steady expansion and thanks to Khan Industries being buried 
alive, HeraCorp has facilities across the world. These facilities are -not- 
reploid production as Sewa simply can't handle more than two facility's worth, 
and due to this they are rather self-autonomous, though Sewa still makes time 
for suprirse inspections every now and then to keep these sub-facilities on 
their toes. 

Feel free to make up a sub-facility and raid it if you need a name to use for 
some offices. Such raids should be defended against, but I don't mind if I'm 
not personally present for these. 

Assume HeraCorp generally treats its employees well and isn't building anything 
illegal. HeraCorp's Main Offices still should go to me first. I don't mind 
people asking about the random raids either.

========================== Territories and Politics ==========================
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NA vs RF                           Sat Dec 17    Cygnus

        The map involving the war between NA and RF has been updated a bunch of 
times. Grey is the area that RF has inside Aztlan. 



========================== Territories and Politics ==========================
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SciTech.                           Mon Dec 26    Eugene Chaud
SciTech prides itself, ICly, on being a safeguard of physical and cyber 

This is, first and foremost, what it offers, and all else is crafted around 
this. Their revolutionary science industries, economic branches and suchlike 
all being a result of the confidence that is put forward by them being able to 
offer such security.

As a result, SciTech is increadibly anal about matters of security. Cameras are 
everywhere, and Eugene Chaud has boasted that not a rat can get in without him 
knowing. All information is sealed in vaults and the complex can lock out or 
in anything with a word from Chaud.

The Cyber data is a veritable Fort Knox. It is not unbeatable by any means, but 
certainly one of the hardest places to 'hack', certainly rarely able to crack 
completely to take information from.

This strict promise to the customers, however, demands a strict working 
enviroment. It is, in a way, big brother, though SciTech tries to hide this in 
whatever way it can. Workers are forbidden to talk about the things they deal 
with too openly, considering this is a breach of their fundamental principle 
of security. As a result of adherance to this promise, most workers are given 
unconditional security and highly geneous pay and other benefits, so jobs 
there are usually snapped up rather quickly by qualified and quality screened 

In short, I am not as much saying that SciTech is unbeatable, not at all. We 
have, conversely, had a break into our main faculity already. What I am 
saying, however, is not to expect to be able to waltz in and do anything you 

========================== Territories and Politics ==========================
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SciTech Subsidaries.               Mon Dec 26    Eugene Chaud
Thanks to Dr. Light, we now have subsidary companies that are easier to hit. 
These are companies SciTech has, if you look, links to in whatever respect is 
needed for a scene. For example.

Muramune - Equipment and Armament.
Datalock - Some old archived information / public webpages kept here.
Pandora - 3rd company 'unbiased' personelle record keeper.

In general, members of SciTech can come up with these to suit their needs, as 
long as we don't go too wildly away from SciTech's main concerns (data safety).

That said, SciTech is THE BEAST of companies and really hard to knock about 
itself. The companies it is linked to, however, are easier and you may glean 
some information.

========================== Territories and Politics ==========================
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NA Outposts                        Wed Dec 28    Templar Fefnir
Because I am tired of people attacking Neo Arcadia itself every time when there 
are cool bases sitting around and being all but unused. 

Naval Base Atlua 
- This is along the coast at Baja California. There are submarines and troops 
stationed. There was a Repliforce/NA battle nearby it where NA managed to 
secure some territory back. Contact Fairy Leviathan/Elpizo/Water squad people 
about it. 

Fire Base Camaxtli 
- An outpost smack in the Mojave Desert - a couple of tanks and vehicles, some 
heavy weapons, and troops stationed here. Contact me/Elpizo/Fire squad members 
if you want to know more or attack. Nothing happened here recently. 

Consider them first before attacking NAHQ or the city beforehand -- and, also, 
don't forget Neo Arcadia is an entire country. There's tons of stuff to be 
attacked so have at it.

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