Fort York Expo Center (FYEC)

        Welcome to the Global Science and Technology Expo!

As you make your way into the massive Expo Center, holographic signs welcome you to the world's largest technology demonstration expositon. Security is only slightly above average as visitors are scanned for weapons and recording devices to protect against design theft. Booths are set up everywhere here and a carefully planned map of pathways and traffic flow patterns has done little to prevent the massive clogging of the walkways by curious onlookers, vendors, and the ocassional prototype gadget too big for its designated booth. Fortuantely, after hundreds of years of architectural trial and error, the acoustics of the expo center make it actually possible to hear someone next to you without shouting and the usually overwhelming roar of the crowd is muted to a dull rumble.

There are several minor demonstration areas throughout the set-up, but there's a main stage at the north end of the center with several thousand folding chairs facing it. Restrooms are liberally scattered for those who need such things, and there's no shortage of food, drink, and overpriced techno-gadget vendors.

Booth No. 13 -- Cut Man's Booth
Cut Man
Dr. Sarah Fairchild
Orion Corth

Prismatic Technologies <PT>
Overclock's Computer Display
Solstis Wonderments <SW>
Infinity Creations <IC>
Gravity Distortion Stage <GDS>

[OOC] Cut Man says, "Gleetings."
[OOC] Solstis says, "And seeing as I can barely walk around ATM it'd hurt."
[OOC] Solar Stega says, "Arr. :O"
[OOC] Orion Corth peers at his inventory. Huh. He thought he nuked that object.
Prismatic Spider enters the Fort York Expo Center.
[OOC] Prismatic Spider says, "Hi."
[OOC] Dr. Sarah Fairchild says, "HI!"
[OOC] Prismatic Spider says, "I'm shiny."
[OOC] Dr. Sarah Fairchild says, "Not as shiny as my boy."
[OOC] Solar Stega says, "Hello shiny!"
Gaudile enters the Fort York Expo Center.
[OOC] Prismatic Spider says, "Which boy?"
[OOC] Prismatic Spider says, "Hello, MISTER Gaudile."
[OOC] Dr. Sarah Fairchild clings to Gate.
[OOC] Gate hugs
[OOC] Gate ponders Fu Fu Fuing you all.
[OOC] Gaudile says, "Thank god, I'm sure glad I'm not a Ms. Gaudile."
Cinnamon enters the Fort York Expo Center.
[OOC] Gate says, "Ooo."
[OOC] Cinnamon says, "Hi! :)"
[OOC] Dr. Sarah Fairchild says, "Hi!"
[OOC] Gate gets out some calipers and begins examining Cinnamon. "Such craftsmanship!"
[OOC] Gaudile says, "Watch out for those Kitty Paws. They sting."
[OOC] Cinnamon says, "Oh my!"

The floor is already bustling with activity - and add another person to the mess. Sarah Fairchild walks inside, followed by a bustle of drones containing raw construction materials - hammers, nails, all floating through the air above the general populace's heads. She is walking to her designated booth space with a purose...and grinning almost maniacally. Maybe she'll actually get to speak this year!

        Into the expo and toward his own little booth did walk one person who Sarah Fairchild would easily recognize, especially since his Maverick insignias were in plain view. He was using a large metal staff, one constructed from two ASP he had put together, and was very slow in his movements. He was hurting, but he knew that this was supposed to be peaceful, and he also couldn't wait to show off his wonderful new gadget.

The golden glow around Gate fades as it restructures back into his original armor.
[OOC] Gate says, "There."
[OOC] Cinnamon says, "Do things go on all day here, then?"
[OOC] Dr. Sarah Fairchild says, "Yup."
[OOC] Gate says, "I think so."
Cerveau enters the Fort York Expo Center.
[OOC] Solstis says, "ayup"
[OOC] Cerveau o_o
[OOC] Solstis says, "it's basically continual social RP for techies."
[OOC] Cerveau drags Orion away for a moment.
[OOC] Dr. Sarah Fairchild tries to decide what outfit to wear.
[OOC] Cerveau says, "Desc is by the last Cerveau, can't take credit for it."
[OOC] Solar Stega says, "heya Cerveau :D"
[OOC] Gaudile says, "...I just realized I /need/ an outfit to wear."
[OOC] Cerveau says, "Howdy."
[OOC] Cinnamon says, "Tsk. Daddy."
[OOC] Solstis says, "Ohhhhh Force Metal is the planned display eh?"
[OOC] Dr. Sarah Fairchild says, "Well, I mean, I could wear my Labcoat. Or I could do my Public outfit which is a business suit. Or I could just go in my unifrom. ._."
[OOC] Solstis says, "Cinnamon is definitely a good invention ^_~"
[OOC] Gate hands Cinnamon some anti-Maverick spray.
[OOC] Dr. Sarah Fairchild says, "We'll see. For all we know he's going to show off his latest HAXX0R TECHNIQUE"
[OOC] Gate says, "You'll need this."
[OOC] Cinnamon says, "THank you. I'll be needing this--"
[OOC] Cerveau decontaminates.
[OOC] Solstis snorts, isn't spreading the virus(Conciously).
Plant Man enters the Fort York Expo Center.
[OOC] Gaudile has plans to enter a plastic volcano.
[OOC] Cerveau feels odd, being a NA with reploid work skills. o_o
[OOC] Gate says, "That makes you an effective Robot torturer."
[OOC] Gate says, "Those that can heal you can hurt you the most."
[OOC] Cerveau says, "And I can fix the Tonatiuh. :D"
[OOC] Cinnamon looks innocent.
[OOC] Gate eyes Cinnamon.
[OOC] Cinnamon >"<
Orion Corth drops Corthnetic Designs.
[OOC] Plant Man says, "Hmm."
[OOC] Cerveau says, "Anyway."
[OOC] Orion Corth says, "There. You needed me, Cervy?"
Cerveau drops GoLeM.
[OOC] Plant Man says, "I read Cut Man's booth as Guts Man's booth and went 'o my'."

        Gate is here not only to support Sarah, but to set up his own display. He's in a good mood. It's good to be able to work along side someone you care for, and compete a little bit. He finds it healthy. His invention is small, and one of the many he's been tinkering with, but he feels it will do the world a small good.

He really feels as if he owes the world more good.

Dr. Sirius Viper enters the Fort York Expo Center.
Hector Kausmann enters the Fort York Expo Center.
[OOC] Solstis says, "dinner for me!"
[OOC] Solstis afks.
[OOC] Orion Corth steeples his fingers... Decides to change something on the object.
[OOC] Plant Man says, "I guess I'll just be ICly oohing and aahing."
Dr. Sirius Viper drops The Viper Booth.
[OOC] Orion Corth says, "There we go. Corthnetic Designs now has spiffy alias powers."
Dr. Sirius Viper has left.
Blues enters the Fort York Expo Center.
[OOC] Cinnamon finally gets her buster colors set.

        A high-pitched revving can be heard as Hector Kausmann rolls into the Expo in the Murder Rat, grinning like an idiot as he drives up a ramp and into his booth. He shifts the car into park and powers down it's weapon systems, stepping out to set his video up.

Hector Kausmann drops Kausmann Designs! <KD>.
Gaudile drops Gaudile's Plastic Volcano Stand.
[OOC] Cinnamon laughs!
[OOC] Prismatic Spider says, "HAHA."
[OOC] Gate grins.
[OOC] Solar Stega laughs.

Sarah's expression darkens slightly, but she makes no comment to Solstis as she brushes past. She continues on, muttering something to Gate before allowing a small grin to return to her face. She stops next to her designated booth spot not far away, and the drones begin whirling around, a flurry of activity that will, in about two minutes, end up in a completed booth.

[OOC] Dr. Sarah Fairchild falls over.
[OOC] Gaudile says, "Ignore the Stardroid ganking that is soon to come."
[OOC] Cinnamon says, "Oh my."
[OOC] Gaudile re@names. Wonders if that's too long.

        Standing beside his booth is Orion Corth. The BioMechanic looks extremely dapper today, though his genetic modifications still make him look rather... Imposing. He stretches for a moment before returning to trying to explain his research and data to people who seem interested in it. He glances over toward the Murder Rat as it pulls in, a quiet sigh escaping him. Orion reaches up to rub the bridge of his nose while discretely checking the time.

Hector Kausmann isn't stinking drunk for once. As the video feeds of him driving his Murder Rat around the deserts, canyons, and roads of Aztlan play on the monitors, he takes a moment to gaze upon his creation. "I built it in my garage," he comments to a passerby. Who knows how he got the weapons.

[OOC] Orion Corth imagines assigning it an alias would help.
[OOC] Solstis says, "meow"
[OOC] Gaudile says, "Hmm...you make an excellent point."
[OOC] Gaudile descs his plastic volcano and starts entering.
Drake Sunfire enters the Fort York Expo Center.
[OOC] Cinnamon shall brb.
Zero enters the Fort York Expo Center.
Cut Man has left.

Cerveau stands amidst the machines of his booth, apparently checking various computer systems and occasionally glancing at a small datapad tucked under his arm. Now and then, he turns around to speak with what seems to be a Neo Arcadian soldier standing near the booth, perhaps to assist him with his presentation. As Kausmann however, Cerveau attention is drawn away from his work as he turns to watch his fellow Neo-Arcadian's rather flashy entrance. The Doctor only sighs and returns to his diagnostic check.

[OOC] Cerveau should give bundles containing weapons and NA propaganda to those who watch his display. :D
[OOC] Solar Stega hehe.
[OOC] Gaudile will watch your display, then!

Orion Corth is standing beside his display booth, making small talk with various passers-by. The odd thing is, other than the little gravi-pad beside his booth, Orion keeps checking his watch nervously. He also looks at Kausmann every few moments, vaguely suspicious of the engineer's lucidity at the moment.

        The limping Solstis wandered directly over toward his booth, settled down on a stool near the table that had a large drone on it, and closed his optics. He hummed a small melody, thinking about what he should do, and the reaction he would most likely acquire from others due to the very nature of the drone.

        Gate's brought his small booth in via hoverlift, and he directs several of his own tentacled drones to move the booth onto the ground and off the lift. Once he's sure it's all settled, he goes to the information kiosk and begins powering it up. He smiles back at Sarah and chuckles to himself. "This is going to be a special day. I can just /feel/ it."

Hector Kausmann withdraws a remote from his labcoat and clicks it on, a grid of lasers appearing from the floor around the Murder Rat itself. He turns away from his project and strolls into the expo, crossing traffic as he moves towards Orion Corth's booth. "Hey, Orion. How's it shaking?"

Drake Sunfire is totally in Orion's display booth. As the display. "Couldn't you have used my schematics or something?" The cyborg-dragon asks of Orion when a passer by finishes examining him.

Gate drops Dream Tech Limited Booth <DTL>.

Plant Man, dressed down as normally as he can for the occasion, wanders among the grand expo building. He is never undistracted, and constantly looks back and forth between the amazing booths, occasionally edging around some of the larger gadgets. And for some inexplicable reason, he is carrying around a small potted plant with blue flowers. Yeah, that's pretty much it. He's in the main hallway, headed down the direction near the main stage.

Apparently finishes his final checks, Cerveau leaves his booth in the care of the Neo Arcadian grunt who is present. The Frenchman begins walking toward Orion Corth's booth for the time being, issuing a wave as he approaches his fellow researcher.

Orion Corth looks at Hector and shrugs, "It would go better if my displa- ... ARGH!" Orion whirls around, half-glaring at Drake and half-peering. "When did you get in there? And why aren't you on the gravity pad?"

        Yeah, Orion's just a bit nervous. This is only about the third major scientific conference/expo that he's been a presenter at. Maybe not a major presenter, like people who have actual presentation times, but he does have research and developments to present here. Not to mention, he saw Cut Man's booth, so he's feeling a little on edge.

        Orion takes a deep breath before replying. "Drake, get on the gravity pad. That'll be easier for you to present yourself with. I have your schematics and even some of the early prototypes of your upgrades here. However, most people prefer to see the total package, rather than the individual pieces." He looks to Hector, shrugging a bit, "Just feeling a bit nervous about this whole thing. I'm not terribly used to presenting my stuff at major expos and such. I'm more accustomed to smaller scientific gatherings. And I certainly haven't been to a major one like this in years," he notes to Hector. And then the apparently popular BioMechanic turns to wave to Cerveau as his colleague starts over.

[OOC] Cerveau wonders, that gumbie isn't violating any rules is he?

Hector nods, his eyes moving back and forth furtively as he considers a cigarette. He already had one outside, with a bunch of huddled technicians cursing the cold Canadian weather and the anti-smoking rules, and he doubts he could get away with it inside. "Huh," Hector replies, nodding. "Say, what's your display here?"

[OOC] Orion Corth says, "Which gumbie?"
[OOC] Cerveau says, "The one who's supposed to be helping with Cerv's display(and guarding it in the meantime)"
Cut Man enters the Fort York Expo Center.
[OOC] Cut Man returns from OOCness.
[OOC] Orion Corth says, "I don't see any problem with that. I mean, no one wants industrial espionage."
[OOC] Prismatic Spider giggles.

People might notice the new face on the science block suddenly walk in. Well, they'd probably see the PLASTIC VOLCANO that the half-size reploid holds first of all.

Professor Gaudile strolls into the deep, deep labrynth of people that is pre-GSTE. The volcano he wields is held by three of his extra arms on top of his head. He dodges around people as he moves towards his designated space. Once he gets to his spot, he sets the plastic volcano down on the floor, the rest of the setup still beginning to arrive.

Finally the booth is complete, including cute little holographic drone avatars wandering around and directing passersby to check out the totally awesome booth. Sarah grins at Gate, and nods eagerly. "It will be! The GSTE is always something else."

Drake Sunfire hops on the pad, and folds his claws across his chest. There, he's on display now. Happy, Orion?

Dr. Sarah Fairchild drops SPIRIT Booth.
[OOC] Cinnamon says, "Haha. SPIRIT Booth."
[OOC] Cinnamon says, "Sorry, pep rally memories."
Blues has disconnected.
[OOC] Gaudile snickers.
Dr. Psyche enters the Fort York Expo Center.
Dr. Psyche drops Booth of Evil Genius <BoEG>.
[OOC] Dr. Psyche cackles.
[OOC] Gaudile says, "Hi Glowing Head Man! Tee hee!"
[OOC] Dr. Psyche says, "Quiet, Duck, or I'll have you killed and served with plum sauce."
[OOC] Gate says, "Yay! Psyche1"
[OOC] Dr. Psyche shows off his doctorate.
[OOC] Gate says, "..."
[OOC] Dr. Psyche =D
[OOC] Gate says, "I hate you."
[OOC] Dr. Psyche says, "Good."
[OOC] Gaudile says, "Mmm plum sauce."
[OOC] Gate fist shakes.
[OOC] Cerveau says, "Wait, how many people here ACTUALLY have a doctorate? o_o"
[OOC] Prismatic Spider is working on his own! Muahahaa.
[OOC] Gate says, "Oh shut up spider. XD"
[OOC] Plant Man = Dr Plant Man
[OOC] Dr. Psyche is the only robot doctor.
[OOC] Gate says, "Yup."
[OOC] Prismatic Spider :P!
[OOC] Dr. Sarah Fairchild says, "I have a doctorate!"
[OOC] Gate says, "But you're not a robot."
[OOC] Solstis snicker snacks.
[OOC] Dr. Psyche says, "Ya' see, while Gate and Prismatic were being manwhores and spitting out bebbies, I was working hard and studying."
[OOC] Prismatic Spider was working on becoming the first robot doctor!
[OOC] Cinnamon says, "Oh my."
[OOC] Gate says, "..."
[OOC] Gate says, "Gaudile."
[OOC] Solstis says, "I have 7* int and I didn't even go to college. I'm a frigging genius!"
[OOC] Plant Man says, "Ha ha, losers."
[OOC] Gate says, "I propose we kill him."
[OOC] Prismatic Spider says, "I concur."
[OOC] Gaudile says, "Go for it."
[OOC] Gate says, "And then devour the remains."
[OOC] Gate says, "Then we will absorb his power."
[OOC] Dr. Psyche declares TP Immunity! Plot holes protect me!
[OOC] Cinnamon says, "Never!"
[OOC] Gaudile says, "I want his glowing head for a trophy."
[OOC] Cerveau says, "Cursed plot holes!"
[OOC] Gate says, "I just want his Funk."
[OOC] Cinnamon says, "I'll do my very best, Professor!"
[OOC] Gate says, "Because he dances."
[OOC] Dr. Psyche moonlights as a disco ball.
[OOC] Gaudile says, "Yes, he can dance, all right."

        Orion adjusts his tie nervously for a moment, spotting some sort of corporate science big-wig that he actually knows in the crowds. He coughs slightly, before calming a bit as the guy wanders deeper into the crowd. He looks to Drake, "Thank you, Drake. I do appreciate this." He looks to Hector again, "Oh. My cybernetics designs, like your eye or Drake's... Well, most of Drake," he replies calmly. He points toward the display prototypes of various cybernetic parts, some that Hector and Drake would recognize from their own equipment and some that they're not likely to recognize.

[OOC] Gaudile sics Cinnamon on Psyche.

Dr. Psyche has been here the entire time! Really! He was just "getting coffee" for the past three hours. And by "getting coffee", I mean he was sabotaging or stealing from other project booths in order to guarantee his sucess this year.

Not that he needs the help, but, uhm, it helps.

[OOC] Dr. Psyche pulls her hair.

        More of Professor Gaudile's setup arrives - this in the form of a sturdy folding table being carried by his lab assistant. Cinnamon carefully weaves her way through the already-assembing crowd, trying Very Carefully to not run into anyone or smack any of the already-existing setups. And she's also trying as quickly as she can to stay close on Gaudile's heels. Once arriving (without incident) at the setup area, the medical reploid kneels down carefully to unfold the table and set it up, only pausing to quietly murmur to Gaudile as they work, and hardly even glancing at the other booths nearby.

        She's quite forgettable, actually.

Cinnamon mutters to Gaudile: 'There's so -many- ... ...'.

Standing in your field of vision is a small platypus about three-four feet tall, painted firetruck red. His torso is pretty round for a small reploid like that, but he has a gear around his waist like a belt. Several arms poke out of his back, and from time to time they move almost independantly of his other body. Whether this is Gaudile being edgy, or his arms actually have a sense of mind, nobody knows.


        (temporary desc)


The metal iris around Hector Kausmann's eye pans clockwise as Hector looks over the cybernetic display, a grin parting his lips briefly. "Aha, most excellent," Hector replies, nodding to Orion. "We've got plenty of Neo Arcadians here today!" He looks towards Cerveau, asking, "What are you showing off, Doc?"

        Solstis leaned forward, using the staff-esque ASP combination to rest his head on his hands, while he stared out at the crowd of people who were clearly not going near the giant 'Sigma Virus! Warning' stickers. He studied the others who were present, noticing that Sarah was there, as was someone else that he couldn't quite place, Cinnamon was visible yet he didn't know nor care about that person, and some others like Orion who were way off showing off some strange new cyborgs. Truly an interesting array of geniuses...alas, if only Solstis was half as good as some...and wait a second, since when was Fairchild a /genius/?

Since she could kick your ass if you argued with her.

[OOC] Cinnamon rolls.
[OOC] Gaudile says, "Heh heh."
[OOC] Prismatic Spider says, "BATTLE POP-I MEAN, SCIENTIST."
[OOC] Gate says, "We're all going to get into a giant fight."
[OOC] Gate says, "I just know it."
[OOC] Hector Kausmann has his death buggy ready.

Plant just keeps roving around, content to just take in the sights until finally he turns around and looks out at the view. But he tilts his head a little, as something catches his eye. No, it's not the fancy holograms and machines. It's the giant plastic volcano. The botanist sticks his chin in thought, and starts walking toward the stand in curiosity. He doesn't know who any of these people are, though.

[OOC] Dr. Psyche says, "Gate, this is GTSE."
[OOC] Gate says, "And then it will be LASERS A PLENTY."
[OOC] Cinnamon says, "Of course not!"
[OOC] Cinnamon says, "No fighting. :("
[OOC] Gate says, "I don't mean /here/."
[OOC] Dr. Sarah Fairchild says, "The Forcefielders here will raise FF and go DBZ for three rounds."
[OOC] Dr. Psyche says, "We are civilized scientists."
[OOC] Gate says, "... pfaaahahahahaha"

As Cerveau steps into the area of Orion's booth, he smiles as he issues a greeting. "Bonjour Ome Corth, Achto Kausmann." The doctor examines Orion's display for a moment as he listens to the explanation. "Ah, and Achto Sunfire, I also didn't recognize you there." Cerveau turns to the two scientists once again, "Have either of you been to a GSTE before?", he inquiries.

[OOC] Dr. Psyche says, "We don't fight."
[OOC] Dr. Psyche says, "We spam."
[OOC] Dr. Psyche says, "We flame."
[OOC] Cinnamon says, "True."
[OOC] Dr. Psyche says, "We call each other petty names."
[OOC] Plant Man says, "You poo head."
[OOC] Gate is a Battle Scientist.
[OOC] Dr. Sarah Fairchild says, "That will probably be me. Unless Gate decides to make my body explode. :("
[OOC] Gate says, "Ask Sarah."
[OOC] Solstis would just sic his drone on people.
[OOC] Solstis says, "Sigma Virus and Masers and tear gas galore! ^^"
[OOC] Dr. Sarah Fairchild says, "Gate can one-hit kill me on account of dual weakness."
[OOC] Dr. Psyche says, "Hurts so good, huh?"
[OOC] Cerveau eyes Sol. Gate would pwn you. :D
[OOC] Gate says, "And yet I cower before her."
[OOC] Prismatic Spider would hide and call in the Raiden.
[OOC] Cerveau notes from previous encounters.
[OOC] Dr. Psyche says, "...can we fit an RA in here?"
[OOC] Zero says, "Nerds!"
[OOC] Dr. Psyche says, "...."
[OOC] Gate zaps Zero.
[OOC] Prismatic Spider says, "It's an RA. I make it fit."
[OOC] Dr. Psyche says, "Let's gangbeat Zero for being prettier than us."
[OOC] Gaudile sics Cinnamon on Zero.
[OOC] Prismatic Spider says, "All in favor, say aye!"
[OOC] Dr. Sarah Fairchild says, "He is not prettier than me."
[OOC] Dr. Sarah Fairchild buttwiggles.
[OOC] Gate says, "He's not prettier than me."
[OOC] Zero says, "Says you."
[OOC] Zero hairflicks.
[OOC] Cinnamon goes ballistic on Zero. Waddles and flails.
[OOC] Gate is /very/ pretty.
[OOC] Dr. Sarah Fairchild sashays.
[OOC] Plant Man says, "Pff."
[OOC] Plant Man says, "I'm the prettiest."
[OOC] Dr. Psyche says, "Go water yourself."
[OOC] Prismatic Spider gives Cinnamon her Kitty Paws. Watches her destroy the universe.
[OOC] Gate says, "I have LONG EYELASHES. Do /you/, hairball>"
[OOC] Cerveau eyes the other Arcadians.
[OOC] Plant Man says, "I'll water my pants."
[OOC] Dr. Psyche says, "..."
[OOC] Cerveau says, "How did we wind up here?"
[OOC] Cinnamon says, "Those kitty paws are -terrifying- in the game."
[OOC] Gate says, "Yes they are."
[OOC] Dr. Psyche says, "We always do, Cerv."
[OOC] Gate used them on Redips.
[OOC] Dr. Sarah Fairchild says, "Don't they make her more powerful than X and Zero?"
[OOC] Cinnamon says, "Yes."
[OOC] Prismatic Spider says, "Basically."
[OOC] Dr. Sarah Fairchild says, "oh man XD"
[OOC] Dr. Sarah Fairchild says, "SCARY"
[OOC] Cinnamon >"<
[OOC] Prismatic Spider says, "5 medicre hits, but each one randomly debuffs."
[OOC] Dr. Psyche says, "Yeah. Healer my ass."
[OOC] Cerveau hmms. Where's the Triad?
Jazz enters the Fort York Expo Center.
Roll enters the Fort York Expo Center.
[OOC] Gate says, "And Gaudile said he wouldn't make a /weapon/."
Roll has left.
[OOC] Jazz says, "Hi, massive group of people!"
[OOC] Gate says, "HAHAHHA"
[OOC] Prismatic Spider says, "Hi!"
[OOC] Dr. Psyche says, "...."
[OOC] Plant Man says, "They're off at the convention."
[OOC] Cinnamon coughs. Moving onwards!
[OOC] Gaudile says, "I lied."
[OOC] Gate says, "Good boy."
[OOC] Dr. Psyche eyes Jazz. " Stay away from my booth, hellion. "

Jazz changes into her bikini desc!


        Topping five, maybe even six feet tall, this charming girl seems to be in her late teens. A wide smile graces her well-proportioned, kind face, which is framed by curly blonde hair that flows down her back. She's built like an athlete, but a pretty one, somehow remaining slim while possessing enough curves turn heads and not notice. A deep tan covers her complexion, mingling very well with her hair color and the, well, vacant expression of happiness. Your typical 'blonde bombshell' type with a bit of ditz thrown in for good measure.
        Right now, she's dressed for the beach, wearing a rather bright yellow two piece string bikini. The top is a bit odd, the cups staying on the outside while being held up by thin white straps that cross an X over her collar bone, marked with a tiny pink flower, then loop over her back, and around again. The bottom rides low, but the strings rise high over her hips, though most of the time she's wearing a pair of unzipped blue short shorts. A white shirt is loosely draped over her shoulders, and an old, holey wide-brimmed straw hat tilts rakishly on her head, complete with two starbursting red flowers.

[OOC] Dr. Psyche says, "...."
[OOC] Solstis says, "yay!"
[OOC] Jazz changes into her bathing suit because Rigger said not to.
[OOC] Cerveau says, "Oh dear."
Roll enters the Fort York Expo Center.
[OOC] Plant Man says, "aw hell naw"
[OOC] Gaudile says, "This will all end in tears."
[OOC] Gate says, "I'm looking forward to this already."
[OOC] Dr. Psyche says, "Sarah."
[OOC] Prismatic Spider says, "Sarah is going to kill you."
[OOC] Dr. Psyche says, "Strip down, and engage Jazz in combat."
[OOC] Dr. Psyche says, "I will get the mud generator active."
[OOC] Gate destroys Psyche.
[OOC] Cinnamon says, "Oh my."
[OOC] Solstis says, "I like this villain."
[OOC] Gaudile covers Cinnamon's eyes.
[OOC] Gate says, "I do too. that's why I wanted to be him.
[OOC] Dr. Psyche is disco sexy!X)"
[OOC] Dr. Psyche says, "You wish."
[OOC] Dr. Psyche is disco sexy!
[OOC] Dr. Psyche strikes a pose, his cape flapping in the wind.
[OOC] Gate blinds Psyche with shiny armor.
[OOC] Gate then kicks him in the knee.
[OOC] Dr. Psyche ...eeeks!
[OOC] Dr. Sarah Fairchild says, "Only Gate gets to see my in swimsuits wrestling other girls in mud. ._."
[OOC] Gate puts a hat on Psyche, thus, unbalancing his already enormous head and causing him to fall over.
[OOC] Dr. Sarah Fairchild says, "er, wait, what"
[OOC] Gate C_C
[OOC] Jazz tackles Sarah. >_<!
[OOC] Dr. Sarah Fairchild says, "*me"
[OOC] Dr. Sarah Fairchild says, "AGH"
[OOC] Gate says, "Sarah."
[OOC] Gate says, "... Can I watch you mudwrestle Berkana?"
[OOC] Gate RUNS.
[OOC] Cinnamon says, "..."

Sarah does indeed fail to notice the ADORABLE little helper Psyche's got. She's too busy trying to convince Ignis not to set people on fire.

[OOC] Dr. Psyche says, "It's like the Alia/Harmony catfight all over again."
[OOC] Dr. Sarah Fairchild says, ".............maybe."
[OOC] Cinnamon says, "Daddy, can we go back to the lab now? ;_;"

Prismatic is standing in his booth, casually chatting and talking to passersby. The booth itself, though it lacks anything particularly theftable, is guarded by a pair of Repliforce soldiers. He may not have any obvious signs of his patronage in his display, but the military guards give people a hint.

[OOC] Dr. Psyche says, "I have a helper, Sarah?"
[OOC] Dr. Sarah Fairchild says, "...dammit!"

Sarah does indeed fail to notice the ADORABLE little helper Gaudile's got. She's too busy trying to convince Ignis not to set people on fire.

[OOC] Gaudile says, "You're like the third person to do that."
[OOC] Dr. Sarah Fairchild says, "YOU HAVE TENTACLES IN MY BRAIN."
[OOC] Dr. Sarah Fairchild says, "GET THEM OUT, ONLY GATE CAN DO THAT"
[OOC] Cinnamon assures you that --
[OOC] Cinnamon says, "..."
[OOC] Dr. Psyche says, "MY BRAIN, IT BURNS"
[OOC] Cinnamon says, "That's it, I quit. WEAPONIZE ME."
[OOC] Gaudile says, "I'm afraid the TP binds us here, hone--Yes, let's go."

Drake Sunfire shakes his head, "I'm not exactly the type of person to make something that could get displayed her." Drake replies, "So, uh, I'm just here to prove that Orion isn't a crackpot."

Gaudile has left.
Gaudile enters the Fort York Expo Center.
Gaudile has left.
Cinnamon has left.
[OOC] Gate wins.
[OOC] Dr. Sarah Fairchild says, "Victory!"
Gaudile enters the Fort York Expo Center.
Cinnamon enters the Fort York Expo Center.

Dr. Psyche spots Gaudile's booth.

Which is right.
To his.
A fist clenches below the table, crushing a small radio device he had been using to monitor the gravity stage events. How does this keep happening!? How does that...that...COWARD. He steps out, moving over to the plastic volcano, arms about his chest, still hunched slightly. " Hello, GAUDILE. I take it you failed in utilizing MY discovery, without me there to guide you. A pity. " He pokes the volcano, " Maybe if you go down the street to a grade school science fair, you'll get some actual attention. "

[OOC] Gate doesn't know what he wins, but he wins....
[OOC] Gate says, "Oh damn, they came back."
[OOC] Solstis laughs.

<Public> Lazy Solstis says, "holy crap that's spammy XD"
<Public> Lazy Solstis says, "Do not look in the expo, for the spam is evil."
<Public> Dr. Psyche says, "And we're dirty."
<Public> NOT MASSIMO Dash says, "You'll go blind!"
<Public> Dr. Psyche says, "Oh so dirty."
<Public> Dr. Sarah Fairchild says, "...it scrolls MY screen."
<Public> Dr. Sarah Fairchild says, "No, that's mostly just me. Interpol does things. APP IN*shot*"
<Public> Samurai Pizza Gatts lowers the rifle.
<Public> Ebony Fox hands Gatts his check, decapitates Sarah, and drinks her blood.
<Public> Ebony Fox says, "Whic, according to INTERPOL Charter, makes me the new Dark LOrd."
<Public> Samurai Pizza Gatts says, "Sweet."
<Public> Samurai Pizza Gatts retires.
<Public> Ebony Fox conquers the world with DISCO.

Gaudile ignores Dr. Psyche's booth. He does. Actually because of his stature he didn't even know it was there.

Oooh snap burn.

Gaudile nods at Cinnamon as he puts the volcano onto the stand. When he gets that done, he stops and mutters in Cinnamon's general direction, looking out at the crowd which is now in front of him.

Then Psyche arrives and does his spiel. Tasty tasty spiel. Gaudile remains cool "Well...what can I say? I like rocks. And plants. Look at the small palm trees around the volcano. Isn't it nice?"

[OOC] Cinnamon says, "Someday, I'm going to app a scientist who is not bitter and has never had anything stolen or stolen anything from others."
[OOC] Dr. Psyche says, "Then how is he a scientist?"
[OOC] Prismatic Spider waves!
[OOC] Cinnamon says, "...I don't know."

Zero is here. One might not expect him to be, given this is a place for the higher learning cultures more often than not, but even the red berserker needs a distraction now and then. He's currently out of his typical armor, dressed in his civies and sporting a red leather jacket at the moment, as he makes his rounds, checking out this exhibit and that one, not really showing any interest in any in particular....yet.

[OOC] Solstis points to himself. "I'm not bitter, I'm angsty."
[OOC] Dr. Psyche says, "Zero's just here for the booth girls."

Gaudile mutters to Cinnamon: 'Yes ... there ... do you ... ... booth around ...'.

[OOC] Solstis flexes.
[OOC] Cinnamon says, "Coffee, tea, or milk?"
[OOC] Dr. Psyche says, "Milk."
[OOC] Dr. Psyche brow waggles.
[OOC] Zero makes like the Fonz. "Eeeey!"
[OOC] Solstis sends Dalet after Psyche.
[OOC] Dr. Sarah Fairchild says, "Sarah is a scientit just like that, Cinnamon. She's not bitter. She' /crazy/, but shes not bitter."

        Gate looks over at Sarah. "All ready things are heating up," he muses to her, watching the interplay between Gaudille and Psyche. He doesn't recognize any of them. Must be new to the world of science. Or maybe they just haven't done anything spectacular yet, like cure the Maverick Virus.

        ... oh come on, it's ALL HE'S GOT. Let him roll in it a little longer, folks.

[OOC] Dr. Psyche says, "...you keep your whips to yourself."

        Orion looks at Drake for a long moment, trying to decide if he's joking or not and mildly considering installing a shock collar the next time he upgrades Drake's systems. He shrugs it off after a moment and replies to Cerveau, "No. I've not been to a GSTE as a presenter before. I've only presented at two or three other expos of this size before. I've been to plenty of GSTEs and other major expos before as a visitor, though."

[OOC] Gaudile says, "You haven't stolen anything from Gate? I could've sworn..."
[OOC] Gate says, "Scientit?"
[OOC] Gaudile runs.
[OOC] Gate says, "..."
[OOC] Dr. Psyche ...
[OOC] Dr. Sarah Fairchild says, "...DAMMIT"
[OOC] Dr. Sarah Fairchild says, "TYPO"
[OOC] Cinnamon says, "Alright. Not a thief, bitter, OR crazy--"
[OOC] Dr. Sarah Fairchild says, "You all stop that right now. ;_;"
[OOC] Gate trips Gaudile.
[OOC] Gaudile dies.
[OOC] Cinnamon eviscerates Gate.
[OOC] Prismatic Spider waves.
[OOC] Gate makes a rug out of him.
(New BB message (27/19) posted to 'Daily Spotlight!' by Dr. Psyche: What Is Wrong With This Sentence)
[OOC] Gate dies of cute.
[OOC] Gaudile revives long enough to laugh at Sarah's mistake.
[OOC] Dr. Sarah Fairchild says, "I'm going to have to kill you all, aren't I."
[OOC] Dr. Psyche says, "Probably."
[OOC] Dr. Sarah Fairchild says, "Every last one of you. ;_;"
[OOC] Cinnamon says, "Possibly!~"
[OOC] Gaudile dies again.
[OOC] Dr. Sarah Fairchild says, "I've got the LE to waste, don't make me. ;_;"
[OOC] Cinnamon says, "Please don't fight! It makes Cinnamon cry. Or angry."
[OOC] Cinnamon says, "You wouldn't want to see me when I'm angry."
[OOC] Dr. Sarah Fairchild says, "CINNAMON SMASH *kittypaw*"
[OOC] Dr. Psyche says, "...."
[OOC] Dr. Sarah Fairchild says, " *die*"

Jazz appears out of /nowhere/. Usually that's Sonata's deal, but Jazz has the advantage of a crowd, whereas Zero is just a poor reploid at the mercy of the all-powerful blonde. The detective leaps to a position next to Zero, grabbing onto his arm. "Sonata couldn't come, so you're going to walk around with me, 'kay? I wanna find Rigger's booth."

[OOC] Dr. Psyche eyes Gaudile, " The one time you make a weapon, and you make a catgirl. "
[OOC] Gate says, "It's standard."
[OOC] Dr. Sarah Fairchild says, "Yeah. It's actually required by law."
[OOC] Gate says, "At least Capcom didn't stick him with HI-MAX."
[OOC] Zero says, "Ahhhh getitoffgetitoff!"
[OOC] Dr. Psyche shudders.
[OOC] Gaudile says, "...Aw man the imagery."
[OOC] Plant Man says, "Keep in mind I'm walking past the stands to Gaud's booth."
Chest enters the Fort York Expo Center.

"This is my first," Hector replies to Cerveau, taking a moment to gaze across the displays. Pfah. Nothing here as cool as the Murder Rat. "It's a pretty awesome sight to see," he states.

Zell Tristan enters the Fort York Expo Center.
[OOC] Gaudile says, "AAAAHHH PAPARAZZI."
[OOC] Orion Corth AFKs to actually prepare for the day... And, err, get food.
[OOC] Gaudile sets Chest on fire.
[OOC] Solar Stega hahaha. Beware the media.
[OOC] Orion Corth says, "Cerveau, Drake, you're in charge of Hector."
[OOC] Gate says, "Keep him housebroken."
[OOC] Hector Kausmann hides his keys.
[OOC] Orion Corth says, "Hector, don't build a robot out of my cross-sectioned cybernetics."

Sarah finally talks Ignis down, then leans back against a wall as her drones do all the talking. It's so delightful having fragments of your own consciousness plugged into semisentient drones that are able tod o your bidding. She glances over at Gate, and grins. "Yeah, they really are." Her eyes shift over to Gaudile and Psyche who are /somewhere/ nearby, apparently, and chuckles. "Huh. Wonder what that's about."

[OOC] Hector Kausmann turns Drake Sunfire into a jeep warrior.

Zero blinks as Jazz appears and...grabs onto his arm. "I..." Of course she's not letting him get a word in edgewise. "...you..." It's hopeless. "...but..."

After a few more moments, he sighs, and essentially surrenders. "...well I was lookin around anyway. As for Rigger I don't think she's here yet."

Cerveau nods, "Yes, these expos are always quite interesting. And I might say I owe something to them, for this is where I first met Dr. Ciel who eventually brought me to Atzlan." Cerveau goes nostalgic for a moment, apparently remembering those days. "Of course they're weren't nearly as many...mechanical researchers here at that time." Cerveau frowns for a moment as he glances towards the bickering white reploid and the platypus, until he hears Hector's comment.
"Oh? Perhaps my display will change your mind, I believe you'll find it quite spectacular."

Infinity Mijinion enters the Fort York Expo Center.
[OOC] Cerveau says, "OHCRAP MAVERICK."
[OOC] Infinity Mijinion says, "Hey, how far into the scene are we?"
[OOC] Dr. Psyche says, "There's no real scene."

Jazz pouts briefly, "She isn't? I wanna see what she did for her science project."

[OOC] Cerveau hees. "Not far, mainly just personal small scenes at the moment.
[OOC] Dr. Psyche says, "More of an ongoing spam fest."
[OOC] Solstis nods.
[OOC] Solstis is all set up and seated at his booth.
[OOC] Plant Man says, "I have no idea what to really do, except look around."
[OOC] Gaudile says, "Mmm spam."

Cinnamon doesn't notice Dr. Psyche's booth either - and even if she had, she wouldn't recognize him. At the Professor's whisper, she raises her head and begins looking around, and only notices Psyche when he gets to poking the volcano, obviously furious, at least to her. Uh-oh.

        But - Gaudile probably knows how to handle him; nothing violent could happen at the GSTE without cops intervening. And if he wants to just try and spoil the day - well, good luck with -that-! Cinnamon actually smiles at that thought; today is most certainly going to be a great day for the world. So she stands back up once the display is complete; hovering near Gaudile but not intervening. Instead - Plant Man gets her attention, as he wanders nearer to the stand, and another friendly smile and wave.

[OOC] Cerveau says, "Gate and Sarah, Gaudile and Psyche, the Neo-Arcadians, etc."
[OOC] Zero switches comps. BRB.

Hector grins at Cerveau. "I hope so." He looks left and right, before slipping a hand into his labcocat. Suddenly, he has an urge to wet his tongue. He takes a long draught from a flask he furtively pulls out of his coat, before slipping it away, his right eye moving back and forth shiftily.

Zero has disconnected.
[OOC] Solstis says, "oh god"
[OOC] Solstis says, "Who let hector bring alcohol?!"

Infinity, the real one, is standing by his booth, ordering his clones around occasionally. His booth is open now to anyone who wants to view it. But, he might go an spy on the competition, mainly that Cervea he hates, although he hates Gate more.

[OOC] Cerveau says, "By now attention to the cybernetic eye and visor, no espionage here, no-siree."
[OOC] Cerveau <_< >_>
Zero has connected.
[OOC] Hector Kausmann whistles, and idly steps into the Force Metal booth.

Dr. Psyche examines the display once more with relative....boredom. And then he sees Cinnamon, " Replacing me with a pretty young lab assistant, I see? You were always too lazy to get any of the HARD work done. Or is this one of those mid life crisis things? In which case, I highly approve of your.....selection in how to deal with it. " Psyche nudges Guadile with his elbow.

" Pity you'll never be a scientist of MY calibur and vision, but at least you've got some eye candy. "

        "Hi Infinity!" Solstis called out, as he waved from his booth over toward the far smarter weapons designer. While they both had a similar job, Solstis knew that Infinity was far far better than him...and he also wondered why Infinity hadn't plastered little warning stickers all over his booth so people would know that he had the Sigma Virus..?

[OOC] Gaudile sics Cinnamon on Kausmann.
[OOC] Zero says, "Much better."
[OOC] Cinnamon says, "Yet another reploid who needs a '<person> SAYS KILL' attack?"

Plant finally approaches the odd, unconventional stand (that does look like something out of a 5th grade science fair), although he's also looking at Dr. Psyche and his stand and blinking. Apparently they must be rivals, or something. Kind of reminds him of his father. To Cinnamon, he smiles back, and then gets to examining the booth. "I wonder what this is supposed to be," he murmurs to himself.

[OOC] Gate snickers.
[OOC] Gate says, "I can't believe that a single comic I drew started that."
Dr. Sirius Viper enters the Fort York Expo Center.
Dr. Sirius Viper has left.
[OOC] Cerveau says, "Is anyone actually banned from the GSTE?"
[OOC] Dr. Psyche says, "Not to my knowledge."
[OOC] Cinnamon says, "I don't believe so?"
[OOC] Dr. Psyche says, "Scott might be, for, y'know, attacking it."

"She'll probably be along at some point before long." Zero states to reassure Jazz. Maybe he's getting more than a few glances given Jazz's state of dress. Zero would wager most of them are jealous. "Uh, so....just, getting comfortable or..." He comments, trying not to -look- at her in the process. Midning his P's and Q's he is.

[OOC] Dr. Psyche says, "But otherwise, it's free game."
[OOC] Plant Man minds Zero's Ps.

        Gate leans over and whispers to Sarah.

        "Old married couple, I bet." He nods sagely.

[OOC] Cerveau dies.
[OOC] Dr. Psyche ...
[OOC] Solar Stega hehehehe.

Warning stickers are for losers. Plus, Fini wants everyone to think he's a 100% sane, caring, loving, non-evil scientist. One of his clones waves back to Solstis. "Ah, Solstis, I see you've got your booth up and running by yourself..." says another Infinity, who appears next to him. His tone has a hint of condescension. Meanwhile the real Infinity goes off to look at other people stuff, and chat with other scientists, while the others run the booth (feel free to visit it).

Drake Sunfire just grins at Orion. He doesn't say anything else. He just grins. Because he likes annoying Orion whenever he gets the chance to do so.

[OOC] Dr. Psyche says, "Oh, Gate, would you like to join me in the DOCTOR'S lounge for a dri-oh, that's right."

Chest and his pet drone, Camera, scoot on into the giant expo centre. The GNN bossman whistles to himself as he pulls out and lights up a new cigar. "Impressive," He says through teeth that are now clenched around said cigar. Camera whistles abd beeps back, though what exactly he says is impossible to decipher. As Chest hovers towards the huge mob of booths with crazy scientists showing off their craziness, it should be very clear that the short businessman is off duty. Or at least as off duty as he can get. Through the power of coincidence, the first booth he comes across is INFINITY MIJINION's. Chest takes a puff on his cigar and leans in, careful not to actually tough the booth. He'll pass on the side order of Sigma Virus, thanks. "What've you got here?" he asks the flea manning the booth, whether that be Infinity or one of his drones.

Dr. Matthews enters the Fort York Expo Center.
[OOC] Gaudile says, "You should so bring Hyenard in without the filter to run interference on Psyche's booth, Gate."
Dr. Matthews drops Dr. Julie Matthews Booth.
[OOC] Dr. Matthews whistles.
[OOC] Dr. Psyche will sadly get along with him. I have very low CHA
[OOC] Solstis says, "Due to your evilness?"

Jazz giggles, swatting Zero's arm. "What do you mean, comfortable? I'm always comfortable! Everyone's so uptight, that's why noone ever wants to go to the beach or anything." She doesn't notice Zero's nervousness, mostly because Zero is Sasha's property. And kind of a brother. More like a cousin. Maybe more like Rock's roommate. Except they don't share a room.
Do they?

[OOC] Dr. Psyche says, "No, just for being an asshole."

Except Zero doesn't belong to Sasha, that's got reset to a clean slate. Cancel that part out. :O

[OOC] Cerveau says, "So, will there be a designated time to show off full fledged demonstrations?"
[OOC] Zero LOL.

Cinnamon tucks a couple stray strands of hair away from her eyes with a smile (and YES she's IGNORING DR. PSYCHE who is a MEANIE and is also very CRASS). "Hi! This is Professor Gaudile's display; it's a demonstration of miniature mechaorganics. All the information and specs are down here - " she gestures to a myriad stack of on-paper schematics and statistics, as well as a datapad for the more technologically enhanced.

        And - then she just kind of stands there, smiling a bit shyly. That's really all the information she can -give-, because she doesn't have a darn clue about most of Gaudile actually has accomplished; just a basic understanding. You'll have that, when you've only had two days to study them and you're not a scientist yourself - but she's still trying!

Roll has left.

It takes the reploid waterduck a moment to realize what Psyche meant by the midlife crisis thing.

This moment hasn't happened yet.

"I wouldn't call her a lab assistant, but yes, she does help me with some things. ANd what do you mean HARD work? I wouldn't call 'stunning' speeches and propaganda to be hard work."

Then the moment comes. Gaudile goes apecrap. "WHAAAAAAAATT?"

A bright, cheery whistling cuts through the crowded arena. And is likely drowned out in some areas but that doesn't stop the whistler. Dr. Matthews strolls with a veritable bounce in her step towing a small cart behind her towards her slated area for a booth. Currently she wears a trenchcoat. Once she gets to her booth however and has the mechanised cart park itself to display it's contents in the corner, and she spreads out several dozen pamphlets on the booth's table, she turns to face the crowd. A deep breath is taken and she slips out of the trench revealing her new bathingsuit. "... I'm so going to regret this," she mutters while allowing herself to finally take a good look at the other booths around.

[OOC] Dr. Matthews throws her own lot in.
[OOC] Gate pats Psyche. "You're just upset because I have a beautiful girlfriend and Gaudille has a beautiful daughter, and all you have for yourself are some old, sticky copies of Linux Digest and a disco ball for a head."

        The Infinity to Chest replies, "My latest and successful inventions this year. For instance, take a look at this beauty..." he says. He grabs a can, labeled 'Tornado in a Can!', one of the more notable inventions here. "See?" he says, showing the label to Chest. "By pointing and opening one end at an enemy or enemies, a small tornado of air will be shot at them!"
        The real Infinity meanwhile walks, occasionally exchanging words with some other scientists, until...he sees him. Gate. The human-sized daphne walks up to him. "Well well, hello there, FRIEND Gate!" he sneers. A sneer with Infinity's rather annoying voice is not a good combination.

[OOC] Dr. Sarah Fairchild buttwiggles for emphasis.
[OOC] Cinnamon does as well. Oh my.
[OOC] Dr. Psyche stares at Gate.
[OOC] Dr. Sarah Fairchild, bad influecne.

Zero blinks, and then raises a hand, even with a finger pointed upright. "Well I think people are usually too -busy- or something but..." He pauses then, frowning. "...well I was off for awhile so...I guess I can't say much there." He trails off, pausing to glance at one display they pass by, before he catches a certain movement out of the corner of his eye. "Ah ha..." He taps Jazz's bare arm and gestures to Rigger. "There's your competition...."

[OOC] Gaudile looks up at the daughter that is almost twice his size. "That's a bad...er..."
[OOC] Solstis says, "This is definitely more about boothgirls than the booths XD"
[OOC] Gaudile shuffles away.
[OOC] Solstis should've grabbed Sylpheed to show off at his booth.
[OOC] Dr. Psyche says, "Every nerd convention is."
[OOC] Dr. Matthews says, "It usually is. That's why I'm my own booth babe now. u.u"
[OOC] Cinnamon hands out free samples?
[OOC] Dr. Psyche says, "Hubba hubba."
[OOC] Dr. Psyche SPITAKES.
[OOC] Gate says, "I love you all. XD"

Sarah's eyes bug, and she suppresses an outright belly-laugh, toning it down to a more subdued, but still quite audible, giggle at Gate's comment. "They do act like it!"

[OOC] Dr. Sarah Fairchild says, "I have holographic boothgirls. I'm a dirty cheater."
[OOC] Dr. Psyche says, "Or just plain dirt."
[OOC] Dr. Psyche says, "er, dirty."
[OOC] Solstis is probably the only male here who doesn't gawk ICly at half-naked women.
[OOC] Cinnamon is fully-dressed, thank you!
[OOC] Dr. Psyche doesn't. I gawk at circuit specs.
[OOC] Dr. Matthews says, "Sarah? Why do all your booth girls look like Gate in a bikini?"

Chest looks at the can and grunts, "Yeah, that's really impressive. Don't suppose you have anything that isn't a weapon? I dunno, maybe a tornado that's used to clear out rubble after a battle..." He gestures to the Scream Gun and the Swiss Army Sword. "Maybe a pacifier stun weapon for law enforcement, or a swiss medical device for field paramedics." He looks up at Infinity, and then glances across at who the /other/ (real) Infinity is speaking to. Ahhh, Gate. Good ol' Gate.

[OOC] Solstis says, "Oooo nice Psyche"
[OOC] Gaudile spawned, so he doesn't need to anymore.
[OOC] Dr. Psyche says, "..."
[OOC] Dr. Sarah Fairchild says, "Well, I mena, he's just SO attractive."
[OOC] Zero ain't gawking! I got ambushed. :(
[OOC] Dr. Psyche says, "You were all over her."

"Miniature mechaorganics? That sounds fascinating," Plant says, while wondering who this Professor Gaudile person is. However, the android leans over the table for a better view of all the papers and such, and turns through them with interest while he absorbs all the information contained in it.

But, at the whole 'WHAAAAAAAT' thing, Plant blinks wildly and looks up for the source of it all. ... a platypus reploid, how unique.

[OOC] Dr. Matthews says, "Yeah, probably going 'OMG your brother is going to kill me if I let you be seen in public like that!'"

        "Reminds me a bit of Berkana--" Gate's comments are cut off by the intrusion of a certain waterflea. "Ah. Infinity Mijinion. Don't you have the barrel of a shotgun to make out with?"

Gale Sorcerer enters the Fort York Expo Center.
[OOC] Gaudile says, "The NC channel has ruined my mind."
[OOC] Gate says, "It will."
[OOC] Solstis turns it off due to the spam.
[OOC] Dr. Psyche came pre-ruined.
[OOC] Solar Stega is same as Sol.

"Well, anyways...I'm off to my booth. I'll see you guys around," he says, waving to Cerveau, Sunfire, and Corth, before he swaggers back over to his booth. He withdraws a remote from his pocket and turns the laser-grid around the Murder Rat off, taking up a position beside one of the video monitors as he smiles at passerby.

[OOC] Solstis says, "If I'm bored I'll turn it on..or if I want to point people to a nifty image, but otherwise off it goes ^^"
Sewa enters the Fort York Expo Center.
[OOC] Solar Stega says, "Yarr Sewa. :D"
[OOC] Dr. Psyche stops.
[OOC] Dr. Psyche eyes Gate's shortdesc.
[OOC] Dr. Psyche says, "...."
[OOC] Orion Corth returns.
[OOC] Gaudile says, "..."
[OOC] Dr. Sarah Fairchild smirks.
Cerveau has reconnected.
Cerveau has partially disconnected.
[OOC] Plant Man says, "Was Fini built by Gate?"
[OOC] Infinity Mijinion says, "No."
[OOC] Infinity Mijinion says, "Leave it at that."
[OOC] Plant Man says, "Oh."
[OOC] Gaudile is apparently the smallest person in the room.
[OOC] Dr. Psyche says, "He just betrayed Gate, backstabbed him, you know,t he standard " I HATE YOU! *SOBCRYDOORSLAM* " stuff."
[OOC] Infinity Mijinion was a maverick spy.
[OOC] Plant Man says, "You're so tiny."
[OOC] Infinity Mijinion says, "I recruited Ground and Metal."
[OOC] Dr. Psyche says, "Again, you betrayed him."
[OOC] Dr. Psyche says, "We've all read the book, seen the movie, bought the Cliff's Notes."
[OOC] Dr. Matthews chuckles.
[OOC] Plant Man gets foods.
[OOC] Gaudile hasn't seen the movie!
[OOC] Gaudile says, "Cliff's Notes were nice, though."
[OOC] Infinity Mijinion says, "Alright, alright, drop it."
[OOC] Dr. Psyche is joking, Fini ;)

Jazz stands up on her tiptoes to look in the direction Zero indicates, spotting Rigger a few seconds later. "Oh! There she is! RIIIGGERRRR! HIIII!" The detective leaps up and down, waving her free arm wildly in an attempt to get the doctor's attention. Finally she just decides to go /over/ there, tugging on Zero to drag him along.

[OOC] Plant Man says, "Poor Zero."

Cinnamon nods cheerfully. "Oh, it is, and it's amazing how they still work on such a small scale. It could be a wonderful source of sola--"

        Oh my.

        "Excuse me for a moment," Cinnamon smiles apologetically to Plant Man. Then she bounces over to Gaudile, grabbing onto one of the tiny professor's arms. "Professor! There's someone over here who's -awfully- interested in your display, and you know I'm not as familiar with it as you are. I hate to interrupt you," she nods politely to Dr. Psyche, "But this will only take a second, I'm sure!"

        And whether or not he wants to be, Gaudile will find himself -quite firmly- pulled away by Cinnamon.

Cerveau salutes to Hector as he leaves, before apparently noticing something and quickly turning to Orion again. "Aren't those reploids Infinity Mijinion?" he notes rather inconspicuously to his fellow scientist.

[OOC] Cerveau says, "That ended to soon, but anyways, it works."

Sarah nods, wryly, at Gate's comment...then frowns as she catches sight of Infinity Mijinion. She wasn't really around for his Spectacularly Evil Act, but she's heard of him.

For now, she stands back...knowing this intellectual battle is not hers.

Dr. Psyche chuckles to himself. Why should he be worried about Gaudile showing him up? The guy's a fluke. A loser. No vision at all. Sure, there's a few bits here on Force Metal, but he obviously failed to grasp it in any sense. After all, if he did, he'd be showing it off.


        Fini-clone pffs. "If you want /those/ kinds of things, go over there," he says to Chest, thumbing at Solstis' booth. Meanwhile, the real one grrs at Gate. "Spar me the remarks. I heard you made a new batch of children. I have to ask, what happened? Your quality has really gone down for this generation. I mean, Flame Hyenard. Need I say more? Gweh heh heh..." he says.

"Ow my ears..." Zero comments at Jazz's yelling, wincing visibly. "...maybe you should just y-urk..!" And as such, he's tugged along by Jazz soon after. If it REALLY came down to it he could just plant his feet and stay put but, well...he's just going with the flow. How do you say no to a blonde girl in a bikini?

[OOC] Cerveau says, "I feel the sudden urge to app Lifesaver."
[OOC] Cerveau says, "And multi-scene. XD"
[OOC] Solstis says, "You poke her in the torso, Zero."
[OOC] Dr. Matthews says, "So if one Lifesaver is kissed, do the others blush?"
[OOC] Cinnamon says, "Oh my."
[OOC] Infinity Mijinion says, "All of me would blush if I got kissed. Someone kiss me."
[OOC] Plant Man says, "I like to suck on Lifesavers."
[OOC] Dr. Psyche ...
[OOC] Gaudile says, "..."
[OOC] Solar Stega says, "Take it to NC D:"
Sewa drops Sewa's Booth of Awesome.
[OOC] Plant Man says, "I was talking about the candy. >:("
[OOC] Dr. Matthews has one of her chibi-Zero drones kiss Mijinion.
[OOC] Infinity Mijinion eeks.

Gaudile is about to continue the rebuttle when his vision suddenly shifts to the side several feet. When he gets to where Plant Man stands, he takes a moment to breathe deeply before doing his thing. "Hello. What can I help you with?" He blinks to get his expression back to normal, calm-like. Or as calm-like as he can get.

Chest gives Gate and the other Infinity another quick glance, but aside from that essentially ignores the trash talking between the two. He nods to the Infinity-clone and smirks, "I'll go do that. Thanks for showin' me around." As Chest hovers away from Infinity's display and towards Solstis', Camera whistles a question which goes unanswered. Finally, the billionaire reaches the tiny little section that is Solstis' display. He looks the walker up and down, obviously not having a clue what it's supposed to do. He also glances at the sign, but figures the authorities running the show wouldn't let this in if it posed much greater a danger than a normal Maverick would anyway.

[OOC] Solstis says, "Whenever I see Purifiers I always think of Juno and his purification and how Juno could be a Reploid created by HeraCorp that goes rogue."
[OOC] Cerveau thinks of Dash.

        Solstis was almost falling asleep by the time that someone actually came up and braved the evil Sigma Virus signs, and smiled openly while leaning back on his stool. "Hello!" he said, waving one hand...and then realizing it was Chest, and frowning. He shrugged though, and grabbed a small pamphlet that was lying on a table, which he offered toward Chest. "It's nice to see that journalism is intrigued by this. Ask any question that you may have, Chest, I do not mind answering them. Please try to keep it pertaining to the Expo and what I have brought, though...I'd rather not talk about anything else."

It was rather hard to miss Jazz's jubilant greeting. Rigger glances in the direction of her fellow Hunters as one drags the other along while grinning in a friendly manner. "Nice suit, Jazz. I never could get up the nerve to wear a bikini." A hand pats to her stomach as she gives a quick laugh. "But then no one wants to see where Hien stabbed me, anyway." She risks stepping away from her booth to sidle up on the other side of Zero brazenly looping her arm through his so that he's effectively pinned. Her grin merely deepens. At just this time the images on her suit shift to show a videogame character get taken out with a headshot. "So! Are you two having fun?"

Plant just keeps going through the specifications and fancy papers and graphs and charts outlining parts, and then looks back up as the medical reploid excuses herself. He nods, and then his vision moves over to the aforementioned platypus. He blinks. Wait, /that/ is the professor? Reminding himself that appearance is not always the best judgement, the android smiles down at Gaudile. "I am just looking through this... what exactly are the mechaorganics about?" He gives an expectant look.

[OOC] Dr. Matthews whistles. Muahahahaha.
[OOC] Gaudile fires up the BS Generator.
[OOC] Plant Man says, "Yay for technobabble."
[OOC] Cinnamon says, "Please do. You didn't build me with one, remember."
[OOC] Dr. Psyche says, "One our finer inventions."
[OOC] Gaudile says, "Yes."
Tornado Onion enters the Fort York Expo Center.
[OOC] Plant Man says, "Yo, Tornado G."
[OOC] Solar Stega says, "Heya Onion. :D"

        Orion blinks a few times, glancing at the water fleas and then at Cerveau, "Perhaps. I'm not exactly up on my reploid scientists or technological researchers, I'm afraid," he replies calmly. The BioMechanic has been busily explaining the exact potential of a partial limb fluid-motion battery system for cyborgs.

[OOC] Tornado Onion says, "Hey Stega, Hey Plant."
[OOC] Cerveau says, "Hey Gate? How long have you ICly been around?"

Chest takes the brochure gingerly, touching it by the corners as if it might somehow infect him. Chest nods at Solstis' comments and requests, "I'm here on my day off. Someone else'll actually be covering the event. I'll be sure to bug you about real events at another time, then." He says, absently waving a hand as he reads the brochure. Camera beeps something at that, to which Chest scowls and mutters, "Shut it, you twit." Finally setting the pamphlet back down on the booth's table, Chest gestures towards the walker doohicky. "So what's this thing do, anyhow? Looks like a normal drone."

Sewa walks along this way and that, and doesn't really say hey to any Hunters or anything. She looks at the displays, and seems to actually look interested in the RECYCLING tech of all things. Why Recycling tech? Well, recycling plays a very important role in the continued construction of repoids, as well as resource management and so on. The Reploid Power Armor looks AWESOME, of course, and volcanos are always nifty except when one is erupting near you, but she'll look at the other projects -later-.

Jazz smiles broadly, embracing Matthews in a hug before she has a chance to do any of that other stuff in her pose. "Oh, fooey. I can't think of another Hunter who wears anything other than a one-piece. Besides, /I/ think you'd look good." Then, she notices that Rigger's suit is... moving. Like, it's some sort of bathingsuittelevision. She gasps, "Ohmigod that's so cool! I've got to buy one of those! Where'd you get it?" Yeah, no time to read what Rigger's booth is about.

Gaudile takes a moment. He has papers and stuff, but none of it can really be all that easy to tell the random person on the street. Granted, they're not on the streets and Plant Man may or may not be that random person, but he tries to be simple anyway, perhaps for his sake as well as anyone listening. "You've heard of artificial flowers, right?" It takes a moment before he realizes that Plant Man himself /is/ an artificial flower himself. Gaudile cringes slightly but otherwise says nothing to fix the situation.

Gaudile has disconnected.

Dr. Psyche listens in quietly from his booth, chuckling to himself at Gaudile's ineptitude in dealing with people. Psyche, of course doesn't have that problem. Really. Sure, he leers pervertedly at Sewa as she passes, but otherwise, he's a complete gentlemen.

After examining the mass of water fleas for a few moments, Cerveau turns back towards Orion. "Well, I should likely get my display going now." Cerveau waves as he walks back toward his display, in the process giving the Neo Arcadian soldier there a sign to get ready.

Gaudile has connected.

Tornado Onion enters the Expo center, interested by some of the things he heard over the radio, and other things that have been promised to be here. He looks over the the huge amount of things happening and the expanse of people this way and that, making him dizzy, this being quite an unusual feeling despite him being built able to spin quite well. He sits down for a moment at the first possible bench, and if he could not find it, out of the way in a corner. "Hehe...so much..."

Durandal enters the Fort York Expo Center.

Solar Stega is one of the many random people walking around the expo looking at stuff. It's all quite impressive to her -- the volcano left her a bit puzzled, and she's hoping to run into an explanation of some sort sometime. But regardless of how much she understands the stuff, it's a good, fun distraction from the recent events in San-An, and that's what she really wanted.

[OOC] Gaudile says, "...I hate my connection. Did you guys get my pose?"
[OOC] Dr. Psyche says, "Yep."
[OOC] Plant Man says, "I did."
[OOC] Gaudile nods, then.

Dr. Sarah Fairchild, in her booth near Gate's, a bit past Solstis's, and apparently in visual range of Gaudile's and Psyche's, and frowning at Infinity with enough force to /turn coal to diamond./ But she doesn't speak. It could only possibly make the situation worse.

        Orion nods sagely to Cerveau, "Alrighty then. Hopefully everything'll go well today." he replies calmly. He gives a wave to Cerveau and then returns to paying close attention to the attendees of his booth, glancing at Drake every so often.

Hector's right eye shift back and forth as the iris around his left eye pans slightly, watching for potential people to hock the Murder Rat to. He intends to sell it to the Neo Arcadia eventually, but some bidders might always make him look good. This isn't an arms expo, but hey, who's going to stop him?

        "Yes, it does look like a normal drone...because it originally was one that I acquired and modified," Solstis said, as he smiled and looked so happy that someone had actually asked him something that it was almost disgusting. "The simple fact is that the drone is a walking and simplified version of my own weapon system. As some people who have encountered me know, I dislike killing and as such I have modeled myself after a series of non-lethal weapons and defenses. The drone is armed with a sensor system in the front that allows it to scan a target that it is ordered to attack, which in turn tells it if it's a robot or a Human."
        "However," Solstis said, as he leaned over and tapped lightly on the top of the drone, which caused parts of it to move out from the rest of the body...lots of parts. That looked like guns. "The average drone itself usually carries a very simplistic weapon system or none at all, and as such I opted to customize it with weapons that I comprehend fully. As you can see, it is armed with a massive array of masers, lower-end ones of course. As if that isn't enough, I also made certain to stick in an acoustic rifle, a tear gas dispenser which has RCA CSX2 and my personal favorite, a cannon that shoots out a beam of light at a target to blind it."
        "That isn't everything though," Solstis admitted, even as the objects on the drone moved back in, and he pushed another hidden button, that caused the drone to slowly lower down and half of the body to swing forward, resembling a strange type of cannon. "This weapon system is fully deactivated, so don't worry. I doubt they would've let me anywhere in here if I kept it running. It's a cannon that emits the Sigma Virus, causing the robotic brain to suffer slightly and have to spend time contending with the virus, thus negating them temporarily. In this day and age it is a very potent weapon, due to the fear and apprehension around the virus itself."

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[OOC] Dr. Sarah Fairchild says, "agh"

Zero keeps eyes front the whole time, even as Rigger moves to grab onto his other arm. He -almost- sighs, but dosen't quite do so. What with all of Jazz's interest, he too glances at the moving images, and opens his mouth, ALMOST about to say something.

Wisdom prevails however, and the first thing that had come to his mind to say is quickly cut off as he quite visibly shuts his mouth, substituting it with something else. "Looks good."

Cinnamon takes a step back again, still hovering behind Gaudile, still smiling, but looking perhaps a bit plasticy about it. The expo center is getting more and more full... and yes, it's a good day, and she's here with Gaudile, but it still makes her a little bit uncomfortable. But Gaudile must be too - and if he can do it, then so can she!

        Green eyes flickering sideways, she catches Dr. Psyche's leer and makes a little mental note of it.

[OOC] Zero coulda got in sooo much trouble.

Plant Man bobs his head in a nod, and shifts the little potted flower, which growls and then spits out some seeds all over the table, in his hand while the other one slowly slides off from the papers he was formerly perusing. "Yes, I've heard of mechplants. I deal with the science of plants myself, but not those fused with robotics," he says eagerly but then quiets down to allow the professor to explain some more.

[OOC] Gaudile says, "...When did Psyche leer?"
[OOC] Solstis says, "Isn't he always leering? XD"
[OOC] Gate says, "BRB"
[OOC] Plant Man says, "He has them child molestor eyes."
[OOC] Gaudile says, "Point."
[OOC] Dr. Sarah Fairchild says, "And a voice that makes you want to /punch him/."
[OOC] Infinity Mijinion will pose over Gate.
[OOC] Plant Man never played CM so who knows.
[OOC] Sewa says, "No wonder he wants Cinnamon so badly."
[OOC] Cinnamon says, "Oh my."
Isaac enters the Fort York Expo Center.
[OOC] Dr. Matthews says, "Awwww, but getting into trouble is what Zero's do best!"
[OOC] Dr. Psyche sagenods.
[OOC] Isaac tackles Gate.
[OOC] Dr. Psyche says, "I am THE dirty old reploid."
[OOC] Plant Man says, "HA ha ha."

Chest is hoping to visit all of the booths tonight, as tough as that may seem to be. But we won't bother telling Solstis that, since he seems so happy to have someone take an interest in his modified drone. "Yeah, I've heard about your pacifism. Doesn't really work all that well in the Coalition, though, from what I hear." Camera whistles an agreement. "Speaking of which, what ever /did/ happen when you failed to kill someone? What'd Sigma do exactly?"
        Regardless of the answer, Chest reaches over and gives the drone a poke like someone might kick the tires of a car just to make sure it isn't going to fall over. "Would be nice if the entire Coalition used non-lethal weapons like this. Phew, just think of the lives that could be saved." Chest shakes his head in wonder at such an unlikely dream. This isn't quite the non-weapons that Infinity said that Solstis would have, but it's better than nothing at least. At the mention of the bizarre Sigma Virus cannon, Chest grunts and mutters something under his breath. He doesn't ask about it, though.

Roll enters the Fort York Expo Center.

        While the real Infinity confronts Gate, other Infinities go to other booths. One hangs around Cerveau's booth, watching it carefully. He's read up on Cerveau, and knows his accomplishments. He watches him as he comes forward. "So. You are Cerveau," he says, putting on a 'guarded but nice' facade.
        Yet another clone goes to Psyches booth and looks at the charts and diagrams of the Power Armor. "Impressive," he says to Psyche, as he is nearby this scientist. "Can you give me any details on this creation?"

Dr. Matthews is quick to laugh at Jazz's interest in her bathingsuit. See? She knew it'd get attention! Satisfied with Zero's stiff compliment she leans in to give the Hunter commander a quick peck on the cheek. Just to further make him nervous. A wink is cast towards Jazz afterwards. "I made it. See?" She gestures towards her booth while explaining (knowing full well Jazz likely wouldn't read it due to boring sciencey terms), "It's a material that lets you display recorded sequences on it. Could be TV, could be other things. I decided not to bother trying to come up with weapons or crowd-control this year. Everyone else always beats me on that stuff."

The guard posted at Cerveau's both steps forth from a small dressing room-like area shortly after Cerveau arrives back in his booth, clothed in the "suit" which was previously located inside the large tube below the display's sign. Cerveau moves to the console as his assistance appears, pressing a few buttons and causing the large machinery clustered around the booth to roar to life.

One might notice that Cerveau's booth is rather large, requiring a significant amount of extra funding to acquire. But with the nature of the display, it was necessary to convince El Presidente to allocate the funds for such a venture.

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[OOC] Cerveau says, "Ack, didn't see Fini's pose soon enough."
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[OOC] Infinity Mijinion says, "Pretend it's after yours."
[OOC] Plant Man whacks Tornado like a pinata while he's go - too late.
[OOC] Cerveau says, "Alright."
[OOC] Tornado Onion says, "RAWR^^"
[OOC] Tornado Onion says, "I'm the perfect shape and dress to be one Plant, thats the sad part."
[OOC] Gate sighs. Spouse was having me make up a grocery list in the middle of this.

        "Now Chest, I did ask you to not talk about things outside of this wonderful little Expo...but I'll humor you. This time. Sigma never did anything to me about my distaste for killing," Solstis said, and was being utterly and completely honest when it pertained to that. He then hit a few more buttons on the drone and the object merely reconfigured back into the normal mode, which was quite ordinary and uninteresting looking. "And I live an idealistic life where I wish everyone used non-lethal weapons, actually. The death that we must see is pointless, and the death that is caused by /everyone/ makes my heart ache much like it did long ago before I joined the Coalition. I know this isn't an amazing little device, but the fact is that I consider it the first step toward the Coalition altering from lethal to non-lethal weaponry."

Cinnamon mutters to Gaudile: 'Do ... ... ... stool or ... I ... ... get ... ... it ...'.

[OOC] Sewa says, "Do you need more time to do that, Gate?"
[OOC] Gate will be paused for a few more minutes.

Dr. Psyche is broken from is stares of lust at others by the Mijinion's approach. Snapping out of it, he turns, " Wha...? Oh, oh, yes, of course! " He arches his fingers together, wiggling them in evil excitement at explaining his 'masterpiece'. " You are familiar with the basic concept of power armor, are you not? " Of course, the sea flea gets no chance to answer.

" Well, it is the idea of a powerful suit of weaponry which enhances it's wearer in combat, similiar to armor modes within a reploid. HOWEVER, power armor suits can be mass produced, and worn by anyone with appropriate training. Much, much more efficient than building a combat reploid army, or trying to use Ride Armors all the time. Do you follow? "

[OOC] Solstis loves mutter.
[OOC] Dr. Psyche says, "From 'his', rather."

Gaudile nods at Plant. "Yes, this is similar. You've got your mechaforests and stuff like that. But those trees only look like it and perhaps might have some qualities of trees. These, however, you can plant as seeds and grow yourself. They grow half again as long as normal plants, but they need a fourth of the nutrients to maintain. I would attempt to perform a demonstration, but it would take way too long to show results." As nifty as mechanical plants were to Gaudile, they were but a decoy. A decoy to unleash on the unsuspecting expogoers at large. As Cinnamon mutters to him, he turns from Plant for a moment to mutter back.

[OOC] Sewa says, "crap, lost my pose"
[OOC] Sewa says, "oh no wait, I didn't"

Gaudile mutters to Cinnamon: '... ... ... ... Oh and just ... ... ... ... was ... ... in ... ... after all. 'Tis ... ... head ... glowing.'.

[OOC] Dr. Psyche says, "STOP TALKING ABOUT ME! ;.;"
[OOC] Cinnamon beams innocently.
[OOC] Orion Corth laughs.
[OOC] Gaudile is evil.
[OOC] Gaudile also just now realized that he is a dirty dirty waterfowl.
[OOC] Dr. Psyche is the real good guy, Gaudile just manipulates everyone into thinking he's good.

As fate would have it, Jazz is actually quite smart. Smarter than many Hunters, in fact. That's just a secret. So, she quickly looks over the booth, eyes still starry with the possibilities of televisionclothes, and then nods again, "I'm definately buying some! That's /so/ cool!" Jazz glances towards Matthews just as she pecks Zero on the cheek, and gets a sly look in her eyes for a moment. In her best I Want Something voice (she's pretty good at it, yay dictator-level charisma), she says, "Hey Zero. Why don't you switch into your Arcadian armor? You've got to help out too, y'know!"

[OOC] Solstis says, "Thong thong thong thong!"

Sewa takes a holographic scan of the Recycling object in his booth. It might be useful later to incorporate into other projects. Either way she soon steps away without really talking to Gate. She'll do that when there's more time. Recycling is cool but it won't result in 8 reploids going crazy and trying to take over the world.

        Sewa is, of course, wrong. She forgot about the Planeteers. Dadadadadun! CAPTAIN PLANET! HE'S A HERO! HE'S GONNA BRING POLUTION DOWN TO ZERO! 'I'll get you for this planet!' Sewage Shark says in Sewa's head. Hehehehe.

        So she heads to the Power Armor exhibit next. Poor Gaudille! But frankly, the decoy is working, though she glances towards Gaudile and Cinnamon for a moment thoughtfully during her approach to Psyche. She looks to Psyche at the tail-end of his report and adds, "Seems like it could be used as a replacement for battle-reploid designs, allowing reploids to be soldiers without building them specifically for such."

[OOC] Dr. Psyche says, "...and the tradition of Booth Boys begins."
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[OOC] Gaudile says, "And the world was never the same."
[OOC] Plant Man says, "Sewage Shark makes an excellent villian!"
[OOC] Cinnamon approves. I MEAN

Chest smiles as Solstis relents on his earlier request of not answering questions about non-Expo things. "Nothing? Huh, well, I suppose my inside source might have been wrong about that." Chest's smile in this case is rather all-knowing and smug, so it's clear he thinks he knows something that Solstis might not. "But back to the walker... do you think the Coalition'll ever actually /use/ a drone like this? I mean in normal military operations. Not just for you and your own personal missions." Chest gestures again towards the walker, "This thing is all fine and dandy, but if it's never used in regular combat than it's sort of a wasted effort. Know what I'm saying?" Chest takes another puff of his cigar.

        "Uwee hee hee," goes the Fini at Psyche's booth, Kefka laughing. All the other ones do too, at once, even the one at Cerveau's booth. "I build and design Power Armors and Ride Armors myself," he says to Psyche. Two mad geniuses, it's a beautiful thing. He regards Sewa as she puts in her comment. He, too, has read about her.

[OOC] Gate can hear the whispers too, this is hiliarious.
Zell Tristan goes home.
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[OOC] Infinity Mijinion says, "We should team up against Gate and Gaudile, Psyche."
Cyber Peacock enters the Fort York Expo Center.
[OOC] Dr. Sarah Fairchild says, "But you'd be teaming up against Gate nd Gaudile, and their girlfriend and daughter, respectively."
[OOC] Gate says, "...."
[OOC] Gate says, "Sarah."
[OOC] Dr. Sarah Fairchild says, "And I strongly suspect the girls are scarier."
[OOC] Gate says, "Restrain me please."

        "Chest, please stop trying to talk about Coalition business at this. If you want to converse about Coalition business specifically I can always meet up with you at later date," Solstis said, as he leaned forward and settled his chin on his hands again, looking very tired all of a sudden...and glancing in the direction of Matthews, Zero and Jazz. Odd trio...though those three girls sure looked cute. "I suppose that'll be all for now? Take pictures if you want, I don't mind."

[OOC] Dr. Sarah Fairchild says, "--OK!"
[OOC] Dr. Sarah Fairchild puts Gate on a leash.
[OOC] Cyber Peacock says, "Hello, boys and girls."

Cinnamon nods to Gaudile, and maintains her position. Smile, wave, nod, and avoid all the Dirty Old Reploids. And slowly get more and more nervous. Cinnamon starts fidgeting with her hands a bit.

[OOC] Cinnamon must idle for 5-10.
[OOC] Gate flails at Cyber Peacock, foaming at the mouth.
[OOC] Prismatic Spider says, "Hello, Princess."

Psyche nods vehemently, " Yes, yes, but you must understand, this is DIFFERENT from standard power armros. ANY reploid trained in it's operation can use it. It isn't unique or specific to any particular reploid the way standard armors are, nor is it unwieldy an unmanagable the way Ride Armors can be. Of course, for larger specimens, one may have to create a different line of armors...but don't you see? It can be mass produced effectively and cheaply! Just think, an army of standard reploids, not originally built for combat, capable of donning the suit and becoming a terror upon the field of battl! " He throws his hands skywards at this last part.

" It's glorious! Just glorious! "

[OOC] Gaudile says, "Hello other hacker bird."
[OOC] Cinnamon goes into autopilot. *boop*
[OOC] Dr. Psyche says, "Oh crap, it's the guy whose brain I kidnap-er, I mean, Hi, have we met?"

Plant listens up to Gaudile's explanation of mechplants and such, occasionally nodding with interest. It still doesn't explain the plastic volcano, though. "I see..." he says, and then grunts a little as apparently his little pet plant /really/ wants to take a walk, as it starts tugging itself out from its soily prison. "Er, excuse me.." he mutters, and then carefully pinches one of the plant's flowers. It makes a whistling noise and then sways around. In the meanwhile he glances over at Infinity and Psyche.

[OOC] Durandal puts five dollars on Scientar Pladyroo. Any takers?
[OOC] Cinnamon says, "Fifty."
[OOC] Plant Man says, "Pladyroo?"

Zero blinks and suddenly looks more than a little bit....trapped. Not so much from the peck, but from Jazz' words. "Ahhhh, I think I might have to...uh, get it polished or something. Yeah. I was getting it worked over after the last time I was using it...that's it."

[OOC] Dr. Sarah Fairchild says, "...that's the best MM-style name EVER."

Gate narrows his eyes at Infinity. "I've still be doing work. What do you have to show for the last few years, flea?" It's all he can do to keep from tighbeaming a few pain codecs into the annoying little insects.

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[OOC] Infinity Mijinion says, "BRB, dinner."
[OOC] Plant Man says, "It's not as dumb as the name 'Zero'."
[OOC] Dr. Psyche says, "Or 'Gate'"
[OOC] Jazz >> "Is his name Science Platypardo or something?" "No, it's Gaudile. Why?" "...sigh."
[OOC] Plant Man says, "Especially 'Gate'. Seriously."
[OOC] Solstis makes an Android named One.
[OOC] Dr. Psyche says, "Been done."
[OOC] Dr. Psyche says, "Alpha."
[OOC] Zero needs to head out for now. Will try to be back on later.
[OOC] Plant Man says, "Later."
[OOC] Solstis says, "Alpha is Alpha, not One! :p"
[OOC] Dr. Matthews says, "Awwww! You're just avoiding the fact that I have lipstick!"
[OOC] Cyber Peacock says, "Alpha was One when she was a Maverick."
[OOC] Jazz shakes her fist.
[OOC] Solstis says, "Ooooo"

"Oui, I am Gerard Cerveau. Infinity Mijinion I presume?" the doctor replies to the recently appeared at his booth. "If you would, please stand back as my display is about to begin." Cerveau gives a sign to his assistant now, and presses a final button upon the console. Suddenly, electricity begins to crackle around the concealed form of Cerveau's assistant for a few moments, before Cerveau begins narrating to those watching the display:

"Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to present the invention that may very well revolutionize mankind's role in heavy labor!"

[OOC] Zero is sure there'll be plenty of times yet. :)
[OOC] Sewa says, "(I think it's in her +newsfiles!)"
[OOC] Zero runs away for now though.
Zero has disconnected.
[OOC] Dr. Matthews grins.

Tornado Onion stands up after a while after examining all of the shows being shown, looking around where to start. The walking metal Onion heads to Plant's booth at first, probably having something to do with him also being of plant base. He looks at the booth near plant and smile's also looking around the area. He watches as Plant deals with the smaller plant, it tugging and then after the touch moving back and forth.. He doesn't talk to Plant. but then looks over to Cerveau when he speaks.

[OOC] Plant Man says, "It's not my booth."
[OOC] Gate punches Psyche.
[OOC] Gate says, "My name has MEANING."
[OOC] Dr. Sarah Fairchild says, "Yes. You are the gate...to our destr--salvation."
[OOC] Gate says, "..."
[OOC] Tornado Onion says, "Stop picking on dad.;-;"
[OOC] Gate says, "Et tu, Brute?"
[OOC] Gate says, "Yes I am."
[OOC] Gate picks up Sarah and carries her off.
[OOC] Cerveau says, "Don't talk back to you mom Onion. ;_;"
[OOC] Cinnamon says, "Oh my."

Dr. Matthews allows herself a bit of a self-indulgent pout when Zero runs off. Looking towards Jazz she merely shrugs in an 'oh-well' manner. "Maybe we'll get him next time. Slippery bugger, them Zeros are," she states in a rather Crocodile Hunter lilt. Rather than bemoan his loss she offers her arm out towards Jazz in a gentlemanly fashion. Even if she wasn't one. "Shall we go peruse the other booths, Jazz? I'd like to see what's over at that Coalition one myself. I'll understand if you'd rather avoid it."

[OOC] Dr. Psyche says, "She's not his REAL mommy!"
[OOC] Cerveau flees.
[OOC] Gaudile covers Cinnamon's eyes again.

Durandal drops Durandal's Kinetic Assault Booth Of nonOpressive Mutililation <KABOOM>.

[OOC] Tornado Onion says, "...yeah^^!....erm ....-.-"

Chest arches an optical ridge. "It's about your device there, son." He says, giving the walker another gesture. "But if it's classified whether or not this thing will ever actually be /used/, then so be it." Chest shrugs as if it's no skin off his back. "Good luck pitching it to Sigma." He says, rotating around on his hoverpad and scooting off. The next booth that everyone's favorite GNNer happens to come across?
        Chest snorts as he peers at the huge Reploid power armour of PSYCHE's. "Geez... didn't /anyone/ make something that isn't a weapon of some sort?" he asks, leaning in to read the information about the device. He skips the technical stuff and just reads the summaries. Chest glances over at Psyche's speech. He rolls his eyes at the idea of normal, non-combat robots becoming a 'terror upon the field of battle'.

[OOC] Dr. Psyche stares at Durandal.
[OOC] Dr. Psyche says, "BEst."
[OOC] Dr. Psyche says, "Booth."
[OOC] Tornado Onion says, "okay Okay ....gates wife is...?...so I don;t screw up anymore...."
[OOC] Dr. Psyche says, "EVER."
[OOC] Gate says, "I agree."
[OOC] Gate says, "I'm not married yet!"
[OOC] Durandal tries. :D
[OOC] Tornado Onion says, "Ah.."
[OOC] Gate says, "Sarah is my girlfriend."
[OOC] Dr. Sarah Fairchild says, "Yes."
[OOC] Tornado Onion says, "then...ah thats why he ran.."
[OOC] Tornado Onion chases.
[OOC] Gate says, "Berkana used to be my girlfriend but we tried to destroy each other."
[OOC] Dr. Sarah Fairchild says, "It didn't work out."
[OOC] Dr. Psyche says, "And the world."
[OOC] Jazz says, "(with love)"
[OOC] Dr. Psyche says, "(with love)"
[OOC] Solstis says, "Platyboy over there made something that isn't a weapon. I think."
[OOC] Dr. Matthews did too!
[OOC] Jazz says, "Rigger didn't make a weapon, either, Chest."
[OOC] Dr. Psyche says, "Wimps."
[OOC] Solstis says, "you mean your bathing suit, matthews? XD"
[OOC] Prismatic Spider made the anti-weapon.
[OOC] Dr. Sarah Fairchild says, "Sarah's SPIRITs are weapons. But she's not showing off the weapon part."
[OOC] Solstis says, "It's so fun to watch and poke! ^_~"
[OOC] Dr. Matthews says, "The bathingsuit is just a display of the tech! ;.;"
[OOC] Solstis says, "A good display."
[OOC] Plant Man says, "Could we keep down the spam a little?"
[OOC] Dr. Psyche says, "Oh, Sarah, always showing off her set of metal balls."
[OOC] Tornado Onion says, "!!!that means I let my semi-mom get hurt?!!? nooo.."
[OOC] Plant Man doesn't like scrolling up a million times to catch up.
[OOC] Cerveau says, "Made something that can be used as a weapon, its just now displayed that way!"
[OOC] Gate punches the Psyche until candy comes out.
[OOC] Dr. Sarah Fairchild noogies Tornado.
[OOC] Dr. Sarah Fairchild says, "It's OK, man. :P"
[OOC] Durandal made something that wasn't a wea--okay, so I can't say it with a straight face.
[OOC] Dr. Psyche dies, and is filled with jolly ranchers.
[OOC] Tornado Onion nods. "I know."
[OOC] Gate says, "Mmm. Watermellon."

Sarah frowns a frown fit to UNMAKE THE VERY STARS at Infinity. Frown! FROWN, I SAY.

[OOC] Gate devours Psyche's brain.

Jazz waves to Zero, not bothering to say goodbye because, hey, Zero runs fast. Must've learned to do that when he was still hanging out with Iris. She could be so creepy sometimes! Anyway. The detective takes Matthew's arm with a smile, "Oh, I don't mind! Let's go!"

[OOC] Solar Stega says, "Plant-- have you tried copying relevant poses into a notepad file? That's what I do."

Sewa blinks at Psyche, and throws her hands skyward too, "Mwahahahahaha!" She declares. Thunder crackles outside even though it isn't raining. She then lowers her hands and adds, "So...uh... How expensive is it? It's gotta be pretty inexpensive to be a mass-producable armor to take the lead in modern warfare." She glances over to Fini, "Hehe, Hey Bubbles!" Yes, Sewa has a nickname for Fini.

[OOC] Cerveau says, "Though I am tempted to use it to tear apart a random reploid. :o"
[OOC] Plant Man says, "Sounds like a good idea."

Durandal is so totally standing in front of his booth, kinda wishing he did have Sonata here to lend a hand with crowd control. And he doesn't mean with a bikini.

Though he'll admit the idea has it's merits.

[OOC] Infinity Mijinion says, "Back."
[OOC] Cerveau says, "WB"
[OOC] Plant Man says, "WB, Bubbles."
[OOC] Sewa says, "WB Bubbles!"
[OOC] Orion Corth needs bamf.
[OOC] Orion Corth says, "I apologize. I have stuff to do."
Orion Corth has disconnected.

Hector Kausmann checks his watch and nods to himself, rocking on his feet slightly from the rush of alcohol integrating itself into his bloodstream. He activates a projector display, the sky before his display lighting up with a holographic simulation of at least eight Murder Rats racing across the desert in a wide formation, firing volleys of rockets and blaster-shots before breaking off in smaller foundations, smashing through simulated Maverick ground troops.

foundations = formations

[OOC] Cinnamon retunrs/
[OOC] Sewa says, "wb"

Gaudile nods at Plant Man as he walks off. "Of course, of course." He doesn't do anything for a few moments, just standing there for the next person or persons to come over to him and make loving noises.

        Fini cackles again. "I can see you are a man of genius, Dr....Psyche, is it?" he says. "Scientists such as you or I are too underappreciated for your efforts. Am I right?" The one watching Cerveau raises his eyes at the heavy armor on the assistant. "Hmm..." is all he does. The real Infinity says, "As you can see..." he jerks a thumb to his booth. "All of my new inventions, /plus/ ones I cannot reveal outside the empire. What do YOU have, Friend Gate?" he asks, mockingly. He peers at the device. "Recycling?"

[OOC] Plant Man also never walked off. Still next to the booth.
[OOC] Gaudile says, "...Oh."
[OOC] Gaudile says, "Ignore that part, then!"

        Plant phews, as the eager plant is now pretty much under control. He gently strokes the thing's petals and then looks back over where he just heard a whole lot of loud noise - Cerveau's booth. The android tilts his head and watches for a moment, until he also notices a big, huge orange thing standing near him that looks sort of like an onion... an onion? Plant Man fully turns, to look the onion over a little better. "Oh! Hello, there, Tornado. Are you interested in the mechaplants too?"

[OOC] Gaudile cowers at his own pose skills.
[OOC] Plant Man says, "A+"

Gaudile mutters to Cinnamon: '... ... ... dear?'.

[OOC] Solstis is hopping off now.
[OOC] Plant Man says, "Wow, I saw the whole thing."

Dr. Matthews strolls over towards Solstis' booth with Jazz on her arm grinning quite maniacally. Or so it would seem. Completely ignoring the 'Danger! Sigma Virus!' signs she heads over to examine Solistis' project with a bit of curiosity. "... What's it's purpose?" A glance is cast towards Solistis only to squint at him a moment. He seemed familiar... somewhat.

Dr. Psyche nods rapidly, " Oh yes. I am glad to find someone else of obvious taste and intellect capable of recognizing my awe inspiring visionary genius. " He grabs at the Mijinions hand, holding it in both of his, while shaking it vehimently. " Yes, yes. Stick around, I'm sure I'll have time to give a full demonstration of the Mad Nautilus, and when the orders start pouring in from all over the world, I'll keep you in mind, Mister Mijinion. "

[OOC] Dr. Matthews aws. Retracts her pose then.
[OOC] Solstis says, "Naw, it's okay.."

        Gate folds his arms and looks impassive. "Yes. I'm trying to actually contribute something worthwhile to this world, instead of building more things to destroy it."

Dr. Psyche mutters to Infinity Mijinion: '... ... ... me...'.

        Solstis, however, was asleep when Matthews showed up...perhaps dreaming about that most interesting yet odd outfit she had. Yet there near the drone was a large stack of mostly untouched pamphlets that explained in detail the systems of the drone, including the Sigma Virus cannon.

[OOC] Solstis says, "Poke me if you get bored. *Poof*"
Solstis has disconnected.

Cinnamon glances sideways to Dr. Psyche's booth - madman! - then back to Gaudile, shifting a bit. However, she puts on a brave smile again, not wanting to worry him too much.

[OOC] Cinnamon smiiiiles at Dr. Psyche.
[OOC] Durandal says, "CATFIGHT! XD"
[OOC] Cinnamon says, "Hello."
[OOC] Dr. Sarah Fairchild quietly drops a huge bucket on Psyche.
[OOC] Gaudile sics Cinnamon on Psyche yet again.
[OOC] Plant Man says, "Hee hee. Gatesey."
[OOC] Gate says, "... Oh it is ON."
[OOC] Dr. Sarah Fairchild says, "ONLY I CAN CALL HIM THAT"

Cinnamon mutters to Gaudile: 'Good! ... glad people ... taking ... ... ... this part ... the ... So ... weapons are out there...'.

Cerveau has reconnected.
Cerveau has partially disconnected.
[OOC] Dr. Sarah Fairchild lepas on Pysche, bites him.
Roll has left.
[OOC] Durandal says, "Man, I can /hear/ Psyche's VA saying that. XD"
[OOC] Dr. Psyche says, "AHHHH! GET IT OFF!"
[OOC] Gate says, "Me too. XD"
[OOC] Gaudile says, "Dang, so can I."
[OOC] Dr. Psyche says, "WINNER TAKES ALL!"
[OOC] Gate says, "..."
[OOC] Gate takes a clue from Cossack and gets out a death laser.
[OOC] Plant Man brbs.
[OOC] Dr. Psyche says, "....oh crap."
[OOC] Gate incinerates Psyche until all that is left are his funky shoes.
[OOC] Cinnamon takes the shoes, donates them to Goodwill.

Sewa nods to Psyche, even though he iddn't really reply to her. She sees Plant Man, whom used to date Radar Meerkat, but since she hadn't seen Plant Man in a while she was probably reprogrammed or something. Either way, she approaches Gaudille's booth at this point...and looks to Cinnamon, "Hey there," She says to her, "Are you working with Dr. Gaudille?" She glances over to the other doctor who decided to use a plastic volcano as his exhibit. How Light-esque of him.

[OOC] Gate says, "Take out the goldfish, they died in 1982."
[OOC] Dr. Sarah Fairchild says, "...dayum."
[OOC] Dr. Psyche says, "...they were my friends..."

Smiles as he nods to his assistant again. The armored soldier extends a hand towards one of the pieces of rubble scattered around his booth. As the man does so, the enormous piece of metal begins hovering in the air, and is rather easily moved along the open space of the booth.

With a smirk, Cerveau continues his speech. "As you can see, with the GoLeM, a normal human can easily handle loads previously assigned over to industrial grade reploids, and move efficiently too." he adds as his assistant neatly stacks the assorted rubble. "And there is no need for him to receive life-altering genetic enhancements or cybernetics either."

[OOC] Gaudile says, "Aw, man, I'm copying Light?"
[OOC] Cerveau says, "Ack, Cerveau smiles."
[OOC] Gaudile says, "Cinnamon, I need...the hydrospanner!"
[OOC] Plant Man says, "I am not a girl!"
[OOC] Cinnamon says, "...what's a hydrospanner?"

Smile, smile, wave a rifle around. Yeah, this is...less fun then Durandal imagined it to be. Hey, it's not /his/ fault. He remembers looking around the booths being one of the coolest things ever, so naturally /running/ a booth should have been even better. Confound you daytime drama, you /lied/ to me! He looks around the room to some of the other booths and shakes his head. How did he not pick up the 'vibes' last year?

[OOC] Sewa says, "Sewa thinks Light is the sort of person who would put a volcano on exhibit and then reveal sentient AI"
[OOC] Gate says, "Cerveau, you get bonus points for using Golems."

Durandal mutters to Durandal: '... I ... Sonata was ... these people ... ... I can almost feel their eyes shooting ... ... each other.'.

Shadow Man enters the Fort York Expo Center.
[OOC] Sewa says, "She hasn't actually seen him do it."
[OOC] Cinnamon says, "..."
[OOC] Dr. Psyche ...
[OOC] Cinnamon says, "I just heard the best mutter EVER."
[OOC] Plant Man says, "Sup, Shadow."
[OOC] Gate says, "Duran, you roule."
[OOC] Gaudile picked it off of some sci-fi show. Can't remember which one.
[OOC] Dr. Psyche says, "Rigger, your boy ain't right."
[OOC] Gate says, "Er, rule."
[OOC] Dr. Sarah Fairchild says, "I cannot have my alt here. ;_;"
[OOC] Cerveau says, "Thank Orion, he named it."
[OOC] Cinnamon says, "I heard absolutely nothing but the word 'deathlasers'."
[OOC] Sewa says, "it sounded familiar."
[OOC] Sewa heard a lot more, but I'm not sure it helped
[OOC] Gate >> You overhear Durandal mutter to Durandal: 'Man, I wish Sonata was here, these people are /brutal/. I can almost feel their eyes shooting deathlasers at each other.'.
[OOC] Plant Man says, "Hahaha."
[OOC] Dr. Sarah Fairchild says, "Otherwise she'd so pop out of nowhere in a tank top."
[OOC] Cinnamon likes her version better.

Sarah stands back, near Light and the /main/ Mijinion (who knows if she can see the others!). She is still frowning viciously at Infinity, butis suddenly distracted by something her drones bring over - pamphlets. "Ooooh, bombs."

[OOC] Dr. Psyche says, "Death Lasers? We call that professional courtesy around here, my boy."
[OOC] Durandal says, "That's okay, Doom. Jazz would only have her in a bikini in a few minutes anyway. ;D"
Drake Sunfire has left.
Cut Man has left.
[OOC] Plant Man says, "Also, how many people did the last Plant date? I know about the whole Blues thing."
[OOC] Solar Stega says, "'I can almost feel their eyes ... ... shooting each other.' :O"
[OOC] Dr. Psyche says, "....what..."
[OOC] Jazz unidles.
[OOC] Dr. Psyche says, "Blues...Plant....brain...hurt..."
[OOC] Plant Man says, "I know."

Tornado Onion smiles once Plant realizes he's there, turning to look back to Plant and his booth. "Yes Heheh! I quite interested!" He actually seems to be, looking over the plants around Plant man and the one he just took care of. "They seem quite different than ones outside...but I want to know how!" He looks at them, the plants moving much more than regular plants. Of course they aren't the same thing, but being a type of mechanical plant, he wants to know more.

Blues has connected.
[OOC] Plant Man says, "Tornado, I don't have a booth."
[OOC] Solar Stega says, "Speak of the devil :O"
[OOC] Dr. Psyche says, "Speak of the incestuous devil."
[OOC] Cerveau says, "Speak of the devil."
[OOC] Gaudile says, "Cheeze it, the cop."
[OOC] Plant Man is standing in front of Gaudile's booth.
[OOC] Cerveau eyes.

Infinity shakes, enthusiastically, Psyche's hand. "Excellent! I would like to keep in touch, Doctor. I shall definitely be present at the presentation...oh, also," he says, his tone suddenly becoming dark. "...be carefuly about one Gate. I can assure you he is no good to you or your research..." this is just after Gate replies to the real Infinity who says, "You do not understand the feeling of watching your work tear into flesh and metal. The satisfaction of watching weeks of research put to use..." he begins walking away. "Have fun with your toys, Gate. I shall be sure to keep tabs on you after this is over...and your children...ke ke ke..."
The Infinity watching Cerveau carefully records the presentation for reference later.

[OOC] Gate says, "Yeah, A former Blues player was dating Plant Mna."
[OOC] Tornado Onion says, "sorry plant-.-"
[OOC] Blues says, "We had nothing to do with it."
[OOC] Blues says, "It scares us, too."
[OOC] Dr. Psyche shudders.
[OOC] Plant Man says, "It's okay, I'll just assume you asked about the one I was holding."
[OOC] Dr. Psyche says, "Let's assume it never happened, and move on, K?"
[OOC] Tornado Onion says, "thanks-.- .."

Isaac watches at Cerveau's creation and is honestly impressed at it. He developed a tool for heavy work that didn't require the alteration of a humaning to do so. He also turns off his high grade scanners to stop picking up converstations as well as per Sewa's advise. She was polite after all to him and he could respect the former Maverick turned into Reploid producer.

[OOC] Dr. Psyche says, "For my brain hurts at the implications."
[OOC] Plant Man says, "COME HERE, BLUESEY"
[OOC] Dr. Psyche says, "Aw crap, they're gonna makeout in the corner."
[OOC] Plant Man makes out with himself.
Gale Sorcerer has disconnected.
[OOC] Dr. Psyche says, "And Gate and Sarah already had reservations for that there, too."
[OOC] Tornado Onion says, "I guard them^^"

        Oops! Cinnamon tucks some more hair out of her eyes - the helmet does -nothing- to keep it out of the way, evidently - and smiles politely to Sewa. No idea who she is, but that doesn't make much of a difference to Cinnamon. "Hello! Yes, I'm Professor Gaudile's assistant! Glad to meet you, miss...?"

[OOC] Tornado Onion says, "Plant move, that their spot=D!"

        Gate narrows his eyes at Infinity. It takes all of Gate's will just to prevent him from obliterating the little creature where he stands. You can /feel/ the waves of rage rolling off him like a burning tide as he clenches his hands.

Dr. Sarah Fairchild mutters to Gate: 'I want to punch him. Or ... ... ... if ... can ... ... ... high ... ... ... a hole ... his neural ...'.

Jazz clings to Matthew's arm. That's her lot in life for now. Too bad Sonata's not this affectionate. :(

"The Murder Rat," Hector Kausmann begins, standing beside his holographic simulation of a Rat Pack battle, "Is a light combat vehicle designed for mass production and low costs, with high-grade technology installed in its frame, along with the latest armor and weapons technology. It can move at up to one hundred and twenty miles per hour, with a power-variable forcefield that at its lowest setting causes an elastic reaction to kinetic pressures when struck, and helps absorb damage. At it's fully optimal setting, the Murder Rat's forcefield functions as typical in addition to the 'bounce' effect when hard terrain or enemy combatents are struck. This allows the otherwise volatile vehicle to survive in the worst situations - as long as the driver can keep his lunch!" Chuckles are heard in the audience, as a film plays of Hector Kausmann bouncing the Murder Rat into the wall of a canyon and flying between them, before it switches to a camera view of Hector vomiting out the side of the vehicle. "Luckily, most pilots avoid these situations, and have a stronger stomach than I." After he gets more than a few disgusting looks, he decides that that might have been a bad clip to show.

[OOC] Jazz abuses smiliefaces for fun and profit.
[OOC] Cinnamon helps! :)

Dr. Psyche blinks, turning to Gate, as the waves of rage wash from him. " Excuse me..." he comments to Infinity, and takes out a strange sort of Geiger Meter, taking data on Gate's emitting of PURE RAGE INCARNATE.

Gate mutters to Dr. Sarah Fairchild: 'I'd ... ... ... him to ... sing the 'I'm a Little Teapot' ... ... ... ... ... several ... ... and chuck ... ... ...'.

[OOC] Gaudile says, "..."
[OOC] Cinnamon says, "Oh my."
Drake Sunfire enters the Fort York Expo Center.
[OOC] Drake Sunfire returns from OOCness.
[OOC] Gaudile needs to get in touch with Gate.
[OOC] Jazz says, "Kinky."
[OOC] Durandal says, "I caught 'I'm a little Teapot'"

Dr. Sarah Fairchild mutters to Gate: '... did Berlin. ... ...'.

        Gate eyes Dr. Psyche. "... Stand back. Some people say I invented the Sigma Virus. I'm quite dangerous."

[OOC] Cerveau says, "All I got was did. XD"

Gate mutters to Dr. Sarah Fairchild: '... ...'.

[OOC] Dr. Psyche says, "Reallll subtle."
[OOC] Durandal got 'We did Berlin'.

Dr. Sarah Fairchild mutters to Gate: 'It'll do. ... have ... make sure we don't hit ... ... ... this time.'.

[OOC] Dr. Psyche says, "..."
[OOC] Cinnamon says, "Whoah."
Wire Sponge enters the Fort York Expo Center.
[OOC] Cerveau eyes.

Sarah engages in a quick, muttered discussion with Gate. It seems rather heated.

" Oh, I'm perfectly aware of what you did and did not invent, Mister Gate. " Psyche balks, taking his measurements, " You're just known for spawning more children than anyone save Wily himself and then curing a bunch of them of the Maverick Virus. You know, nothing major. " He then walks away back to his booth to take notes.

[OOC] Cinnamon says, "Okay. So far, I've caught the words 'deathlasers', 'I'm a little teapot', 'hole in neural net', and 'cheese'."
[OOC] Cinnamon says, "I'm so confused. ;_;"
[OOC] Dr. Psyche says, "Fun, ain't it?"
[OOC] Gate says, "I love this."

Plant whispers a couple words to the plant, which then stops moving and just stands up straight at attention, leaves twitching a little. He looks back up at the large onion. "This plant is mostly just genetically engineered for optimal intelligence, as well as having small nanites connected through its stem into the main neural system within the flower, much like a reploid, and control motor movements..." he babbles on for a while. Then, with a vine he signals over to the plastic volcano stand. "This stand has a lot of information about mechaplants... I believe the owner's name is Professor Gaudile."

[OOC] Chest says, "Was fun, folks, but I'm afraid I need to head on out."
[OOC] Durandal says, "Later, Chest."
Chest has disconnected.

Sewa likewise uses a free hand to take out a strange sort of recording device to take data on Gate's rage. She built it after Vanishing Gungaroo got posessed. She then puts it away before speaking to Cinnamon, "Sewa," She ofers a hand to Cinnamon, "Nice to meet you too! Is this your first GSTE? It's mine too, so if you've been to the others I'd have missed you...", she glances again to the plastic volcano, "Geologists?" She asks, sounding a little surprised since usually ROBOT MAKERS come to this, from what she's seen.


        No, that's just what Gate /wishes/ would happen right about now. How dare he.. the nerve of that... that... WALKING SNOWGLOBE. Infinity is quickly forgotten as Gate privately entertains thoughts of this upstart Doctor being pounded into flat sheets and being used to form the holding tank of a chemical toilet.

[OOC] Dr. Psyche says, "...."
[OOC] Prismatic Spider says, "Psyche is Snaowflake."
[OOC] Dr. Psyche says, "You know, you're not the first person to feel that way, Gate."
[OOC] Dr. Psyche says, "It's the darnedest thing."
[OOC] Gaudile misread that as THE HUMILITY.

Sarah quietly reaches out an arm and wraps it around Gate, bringing him in closer for comfrot.

Dr. Psyche grumbles, " Get a room..." quietly as he makes notes.

Dr. Sarah Fairchild mutters to Gate: '... ... gonna ... ... ... ...'.

[OOC] Dr. Psyche ...
[OOC] Plant Man says, "Lose what? His virginity?"

"Get a wardrobe," Gate fires back.

[OOC] Prismatic Spider says, "<Gate> Cannot... maintain... rage... sweet... happiness... melting... aaaaaaaaaaaargh!"
[OOC] Dr. Psyche says, "Dr. Sarah Fairchild mutters to Gate: 'C'mere. ... gonna ... it ... ...'."

Where has the pickle been this whole time? Well, right here you doofus! Open your eyes! Despite the fact of Wire Sponge UN-popularity he still got a booth relatively near the center. What he has on display is something he's just a tad bit proud of. Sitting in the center of the booth is a miniature tower thing labeled 'Immediate Weather Device'. The Sponge stands next to the thing quite proudly with his hands folded behind his back. Aw, look. He even groomed his tentacles how sweet.

[OOC] Durandal /chokes/.

Dr. Psyche snipes, " My cape is VERY fashionable! "

Sewa snaps, "Guys, calm down! Shoot each other AFTER the Expo like civilized beings!"

[OOC] Dr. Sarah Fairchild ^_^

Dr. Matthews plucks up a few pamphlet's from the sleeping Solstis' table only to lead Jazz off after that. "Oh well. That was.. underwhelming." she shrugs a bit and gives a glance back towards her booth to make sure it's alright. "Well, anything you want to see, Jazz?"

Dr. Psyche promptly cape twirls.

From somewhere within the crowd, an aged Japanese man enters the group of scientific alumni, more than fashionably late. He is quite thoroughly bald, but with neatly trimmed, wiry hair still hanging around the back and sides of his head. His large white labcoat clearly does not fit him very well, and it doesn't help that every pocket appears to be stuffed with mechanical parts beyond what one might call a reasonable degree.

"Of course, there are other possible implications as well." Cerveau continues, signalling to his assistant again. The armor-clad man closes his fist as the the second part of the demonstration begins, and the rock shatters into a large number of pieces. "The GoLeM can fill many of the roles of a construction site, such as demolition. Also, there could very well be...combat implications as well." he notes, glancing over at Durandal's booth.

"Yes, if you were Transelvania as part of a gay vampire fashion show," Gate snarks.

Durandal can here this from his booth, and adds his two cents to the topic. "I have a wide range of guns you can shoot at each other with!"

Dr. Sarah Fairchild mutters to Gate: '... look ... ... bomb ... with ... It'll be ...'.

        Just /right/ after Gate, the real Infinity goes to check on his clone near Cerveau's booth, and runs into Isaac. "Oh, well, I'll be delighted! It's Friend Tube-Head!" he says, mockingly, and cackles.

Wire Sponge eyes the Snowglobe, "Hmph. Looks like I have competion for snarkiness."

Dr. Psyche twitches, " Go play witht he graduate students, the /DOCTORS/ here are trying to have a meeting of REAL minds. "

[OOC] Dr. Psyche goes for below the belt.
[OOC] Durandal says, "That must have stung."
[OOC] Dr. Psyche is a bad man.
[OOC] Sewa says, "Don't worry, Sarah has removed all of Gate's equipment down there."
[OOC] Dr. Psyche says, "Don't want him having another litter."
[OOC] Dr. Sarah Fairchild dropkicks!

Gaudile continues to stand there as Cinnamon does small talk. He keeps a vested interest on Psyche and Gate and their dancing with each other, however. But otherwise he just stands there. Waiting for official 'go-time'.

[OOC] Prismatic Spider says, "Is this the legendary go-time? Show me!"
[OOC] Plant Man says, "I'm imagining Gate laying while tiny reploids suckle at his manteats."
[OOC] Isaac is afraid of Sarah

Sarah holds up a big arms developer pamphlet on BOMBS.

She giggles unhealthily.

[OOC] Dr. Psyche ...
[OOC] Isaac says, "she's got new bombs!"
[OOC] Gate says, ".."

Tornado Onion watches Plant whisper a few words to the plant he's holding and then going completely still. Tornado then listens intently as Plant explains all the things he knows about the plant he's holding, extremely interested in how that little plant is comparable in some ways to himself. He looks around as Plant talks but keeps his main focus on him and then looks in the direction of his vine to the Volcano. "Teheh! Thanks Plant! I think I'll do just that! Thank a whole lot!" Yes he thanked him twice, but he did happen to provide so much information which actually did interest him. He heads to the plastic volcano, looking around for the owner...looking around for Professor Gaudile.

[OOC] Plant Man says, "Hahahaha."
[OOC] Gate says, "Plant."
[OOC] Gate says, "Come here."
[OOC] Dr. Psyche says, "That is so....horrible...."
[OOC] Plant Man says, "What."
[OOC] Gate says, "Let me kill you."
[OOC] Dr. Psyche is trying not to give himself a cramp he's laughing so hard.
[OOC] Gate is laughing too. XD
[OOC] Plant Man says, "I won't let you pistolwhip me with your mantitties."
[OOC] Gaudile says, "I am so apping Gaudile when this is over."
[OOC] Dr. Sarah Fairchild smashes Plant through a wall with SCIENCE.

Jazz stares at the pamphlet in Matthew's hands, wondering if they were supposed to explode or do something Mavericky. But they don't, so she pays attention to Rigger instead. "Oh, I dunno. I was kind of bored, and when you mentioned a swimsuit on the radio I decided I'd come down and help out! Oh! Do you have any other of those fancy televisionswimsuits or what?"

(New BB message (27/20) posted to 'Daily Spotlight!' by Dr. Psyche: Mama Gate)
[OOC] Plant Man says, "I think I'll draw a picture of that."
[OOC] Infinity Mijinion says, "Gah, I need to add something I forgot in my last pose.."

Cinnamon lets Gaudile take over talking to Plant Man; mostly because she really -is- lost now in the technobabble. But she does nod at Plant Man's final comment, switching her gaze back to Sewa. "Yes, Professor Gaudile made this display. I help as much as I can, but most of the work is his. He's a geologist, yes, but - well, sometimes you have to extend your horizons a bit, you know? And where better to do that than the expo?"

The aged Japanese man also picks up some of the bomb pamphlets, flipping one open and reviewing it critically. He hmms to himself and nods appreciatively, tucks the pamphlet into his pocket, and wanders over to see what else is around that might be interesting.

        Gate's right eye twitches. Oh. You did not just go there. "You can buy a doctorate you know. I'm surprised you can have a meeting of the minds with that large, empty... what the heck IS that dome filled with, anyways?"

[OOC] Cinnamon says, "Mushroom spores."
[OOC] Cinnamon says, "Trust me."
[OOC] Dr. Sarah Fairchild says, "...I have such a delightful idea."
[OOC] Dr. Sarah Fairchild says, "It's so mean."
[OOC] Dr. Sarah Fairchild says, "And twisted."
[OOC] Prismatic Spider says, "Do iiiiit."
[OOC] Durandal says, "Cinnamon. Have you been experimenting with pharmacuticals again?"
[OOC] Cinnamon says, "Oh my."
[OOC] Cinnamon says, "Also, yes."
[OOC] Dr. Sarah Fairchild says, "Psyche, can I get a holoscan of you?"

        The clone from Psyches booth goes on, and eventually finds himself at Wires. "Well, Comrade Wire, what have you to show us?" he asks, in a true friendly tone, since Wire is a fellow scientist.

Wire stands there next to his weather control device. Yup. A neat little thing. He's standing there.

[OOC] Cinnamon says, "Have you played the games? She has a -giant needle-."

Dr. Psyche guffahs, " My immense central processor, dear Gate. And I have a REAL Doctorate in Mechanical Engineering and Robotics, thank you. You, on the other hand, are what? Some two-bit INTERPOL lackey? Such a shame. You had such potential..."

[OOC] Dr. Psyche says, "You'll ahve to get close to me and pose attempting it."
[OOC] Dr. Psyche says, "And then we'll see."
[OOC] Infinity Mijinion says, "My pose was right before yours, Wire."
[OOC] Dr. Sarah Fairchild says, "Sarah's drones do the scanning."
[OOC] Wire Sponge just saw it.
[OOC] Dr. Psyche says, "Then, pose them coming up to me and attempting ^.^"
[OOC] Dr. Sarah Fairchild says, "So Sarah doesn't actually move. I'll pose it, and we'll work it from there."

Dr. Matthews would tuck the pamphlet away in a pocket excepting the fact that she doesn't have any currently. "No, sorry. But I suppose I can make you one if you like," she offers. "I expect Cossack Industries will be offering the patent's use to several companies so it might be on the mainstream market soon." A glance is cast towards the brewing argument though she can't really hear what's going on.

A strangely familiar man in a trenchcoat pauses, in passing of Doctor Psyche, looking him over for a moment, at which point he mutters, "ERWIN?", and a few other things that are mostly inaudible, before wandering off.

Overclock has connected.
[OOC] Cerveau DIES.

        Gate's internal fluids are boiling at this point.

Plant is just now content to stand there, watching the other displays and such while stroking the potted plant.

Dr. Sarah Fairchild mutters to Gate: '... ... ...'.

[OOC] Tornado Onion says, "Oh yeah, I heard nothing-.- anyone else?"
[OOC] Infinity Mijinion says, "Making Gate mad = FUN."

Gate mutters to Dr. Sarah Fairchild: '... ... ... ... my buttons... at ...'.

[OOC] Jazz :O

Dr. Sarah Fairchild mutters to Gate: 'You're ... ... times the ... he'll ... be. ... ... ...'.

[OOC] Plant Man shakes his fist at Psyche.

Durandal, interestingly, seems to be the only one present with a massive collection of weapons but no intent to use a single one.

[OOC] Dr. Psyche aims to displease.
[OOC] Jazz hits Gate's buttons. Again and again and again and again.
[OOC] Gate says, "that is for being so irritating. I love you already."

Dr. Sarah Fairchild mutters to Gate: '... ... ... all he ... In the end ... only ... that matters ... that YOU'VE ... ... world.'.

[OOC] Plant Man says, "I have a feeling that you're Shade Man."

Dr. Sarah Fairchild mutters to Gate: 'Now calm down before I find ... a ...'.

[OOC] Durandal says, "WOAH."

Wire Sponge perks up when he notices Infinity standing next to his booth, "Well, hello there, Infinity, a pleasure seeing you here!" At the question, the Sponge wiggles his tentacles sporadically, despite how comical it looks, "Well, after many months of experimentation, and other assorted tasks, I've managed to create a fully functional /portable/ weather control device! Yes.. here.. let me show you how it works!"

The Sponge waddles over to a control panel and begins to tap many things into the input rapidly. Within a few seconds, a small rain cloud appears overhead. It puts out thundering sounds, and flashes of light, but it doesn't rain.

[OOC] Cinnamon says, "WHOAH."
[OOC] Dr. Psyche's identity is a mystery.
[OOC] Gaudile says, "Kinky."
[OOC] Dr. Sarah Fairchild bahahaha
[OOC] Dr. Psyche says, "Those crazy kids."
[OOC] Cinnamon says, "I catch the best parts of mutters, I swear."
[OOC] Durandal caught 'before I find us a corner'.
[OOC] Plant Man says, "Like your boobs?"

Sewa sighs, "Boys will be boys," She tells Cinnamon. Yes, she's blaming this on Psyche and Gate's UNPREDICTABLE hormones. Gaudile isn't a guy. He's a GUYOLOGIST. Haha. No. Anyway, "I agree, that's why I'm so sad about missing them up until now." She rubs the back of her neck sheepishly, "I'm sure if you stick by him, you'll be developing stuff on your own in no time." She chuckles, "If I knew anything about Geology, I'd be able to give an example." She rubs at her face a bit, sighing again, "Glad some people are being civil at this expo."

[OOC] Cinnamon caught 'down before I find a corner'.

Jazz looks crestfallen, briefly, "Oh, darn. I'd be able to advertise your booth a lot better if I had one of those. Oh well! I guess we can keep on walking around. Oh, do you think the Mavericks will attack this time? Or the Robot Masters? I'm putting my money on an independent evil organization."

Gaudile mutters something to Cinnamon before noticing the Onion and moving to him, hopefully not showing his immense amusement at Psyche and Gate. "Hi. Can I help you with something?"

Durandal pauses a moment, his ear caught /something/. He looks around really quickly, then does the intellegent thing and sends a /tightbeam message/ to someone so it can't be overheard. But who...ah, ah, ah...oh! Her! She was close, she'll do!

Sarah frowns at Psyche, but shakes her head, visibly irritated. "I don't know. I'm curious myself."

A single drone, three or four inches across, whirls up, closer to Psyche, and unrolls to reveal a small holographic scanning device. Provided Psyche doesn't do anything mean to the drone, it will begin taking a holographic scan of him for Sarah's own horrible abuse, or at least so she has a visual of him on-file.

Gaudile mutters to Cinnamon: '... think Psyche is lying ... what's in his head. Also I ... he ... ... doctorate from ... cereal box.'.

Dr. Psyche turns suddenly, noticing the drone, and his face goes stark with shock....a...camera...

....he immediatly poses dramaticly.

[OOC] Plant Man says, "He got his doctorate out of a cereal box? Sweet."
[OOC] Dr. Sarah Fairchild says, "Mutter is the best command ever. Why don't we use it more often, again."
[OOC] Blues snerks.
[OOC] Dr. Sarah Fairchild LAUGHS
[OOC] Gate says, "..."
[OOC] Plant Man digs in his Cocoa Puffs box.
[OOC] Gate says, "Psyche deserves kudos."
[OOC] Dr. Sarah Fairchild says, "BRACE FOR COLOR"
[OOC] Dr. Psyche says, "Fine, if we're telling secrets, how about that time you got drunk and woke up in bed with the orchids? HUH!? HUH!?"
[OOC] Plant Man says, "Who, me?"
[OOC] Gaudile says, "Er, I mean."
[OOC] Plant Man says, "Oh."
[OOC] Plant Man says, "Freaks."
[OOC] Dr. Psyche says, "Yeah, I thought so."
[OOC] Cinnamon says, "But..."
[OOC] Cinnamon ;_;
[OOC] Blues says, "Gaudile and Psyche are going to fit right in with the rest of the doctors."
[OOC] Dr. Psyche says, "Mmmyep."
[OOC] Cinnamon says, "I THOUGHT YOU LOVED ME!"
[OOC] Gate says, "Oh hell yes."

        The Infinity at Wire's booth watches with interest. "Ooh, interesting! I can only imagine the applications! My knowledge in weather is rather nil, as with most other subjects aside from my sweet, beautiful weapons, and building things in general. But then I'm always fascinated by what I do not know!"

"Yes! That's it! Work with me, baby! Beautiful, baby, just beautiful!" This is followed by camera clicking noises.

Apparently, the drones can talk, and they talk like photographers. On the upside: Sarah gets a holoscan!

[OOC] Plant Man says, "Hahaha."
[OOC] Gaudile says, "...Not in that way, dear."
[OOC] Plant Man says, "Dr. Psyche, give me your 'windblown' look!"

Dr. Psyche works it, rather badly, but he works it. " Oh yeah baby. I want to SEX you up! Yes, I'm a dirt Doctor! DIRTY! "

Gate looks over at Sarah. "You never ask to take /my/ picture."

[OOC] Plant Man says, "Hahahaha."
[OOC] Gate says, "Oh God. XD"
[OOC] Overclock says, "BTW, is there anyone that wanted to get on stange and do an official presentation of stuff? :) Bug me if so and I'll make a queue."
[OOC] Durandal dies dies DIES.

"That's because you OH GOD"

Sarah falls out of her chair.

[OOC] Infinity Mijinion says, "Psyche is awesome, period."
[OOC] Cinnamon says, "Must - not - take - dirty -"

Durandal bursts out laughing.

[OOC] Dr. Sarah Fairchild cookies psyche via alt
[OOC] Plant Man rolls a saving throw.

        Gate facepalms at Psyche.

[OOC] Dr. Psyche says, "Please, if possibly, direct cookie through admin to one of my alts."

Tornado Onion smiles as Gaudile turns toward him, Tornado nearly dancing with interest. He moves from side to side ...and nods when he asks. "Yeah! Plant told me about this booth! I"m quite interested heheh! Could you tell me more about the plants?"

[OOC] Dr. Sarah Fairchild says, "...ah. OK, my mistake."
[OOC] Dr. Psyche says, "NP."

Plant Man just doesn't say a thing. He's too busy groping at the flower.

[OOC] Solar Stega says, "Oops :o"
[OOC] Dr. Psyche just doesn't think he'll be keeping this character, is the thing, due to char limits.

Suddenly. Wire gets smacked with an idea. If he could grin, he'd have one of those 'delightfully evil' grins. Wire skips over to the console and types a few things in the computer.

In a few moments, a rain cloud appears over Psyche. Wire giggles, and pushes a button. It's raining, it's pouring--Waitaminute, it's inside.

Sewa stares at Dr. Psyche for a moment. She steps closer to Cinnamon, as if hoping she'll protect her. As a lab assistant, she probably has the power to wipe out armies.

[OOC] Jazz says, "Psyche's VA needs to be Stewie."

Dr. Matthews makes a face at mention of possible attacks. How... typical. "I haven't really seen any master booths here yet, and they're probably still ticked over the battle the other night. So I'd lay odds trouble might come from them. Or we could be surprised, who knows." A glance is given towards Jazz assessingly before she remarks, "I suppose I could have the chibi-drones being construction on another."

Cinnamon is suddenly barraged with input - Sewa in front of her, Gaudile muttering next to her, and now tightbeaming.

        Oh my.

        Alright, one thing at a time. She just nods in response to Gaudile, mostly because she was thinking the exact same thing. To Sewa, she's about to comment -

        And then Dr. Sarah Fairchild's drone has something to say. And so does Psyche. And all of it is -incredibly disturbing-. Cinnamon just kind of... gapes, a bit, leaving Sewa and Durandal both unanswered.

[OOC] Jazz >> "Time for a Dr. Psyche sexy party!"

        Gate watches the rain come down on Psyche. "Oh look. A wet labcoat contest."

He goes to see if Sarah needs helping up.

[OOC] Dr. Psyche sets a voiceactor.

"Yeah, you're real dirty! Keep it up, just a little more and we'll be all done. Oooh, yeah, /that's/ the ticket, doc, oh yeah!"

Sarah lies on the ground, twitching, while the holoscan finishes up.

[OOC] Sewa says, "thusly, Gaudile has Brian's VA"
[OOC] Plant Man says, "The sexy scientist calender, 'wet labcoat edition'."

Dr. Sarah Fairchild takes a holographic scan of Dr. Psyche.

[OOC] Gate falls into a chair and pulls a cord, dumping water over himself.

Jazz, in all of her brilliance, quirks her head and asks, "Construction on what?"

Dr. Psyche is getting up on his table now, doing strange poses. There's triumphant with cape, sexy genius, sexier genius, Oh My Bulb Is So Sexy, and Dirty, Dirty Scientist.

[OOC] Cinnamon says, "Gaudile."
[OOC] Cinnamon says, "THANK YOU FOR MAKING ME."
Drake Sunfire has left.

Dr. Matthews makes a gesture at Jazz. "Another bathingsuit." Simple enough really. She stands on her toes to try and see what all the ruckus is about. "...Maybe things are getting just a bit too tense over there."

[OOC] Gaudile eyebrow raises.
[OOC] Tornado Onion says, "O.O ..."
[OOC] Cinnamon says, "Well, the other option was -him-."
[OOC] Sewa laughs

Click. The rain shuts off. Now it starts to hail. Wire mutters, "Stupid idiot."

[OOC] Cinnamon says, "Please consider this."

Overclock is tending a booth... and not paying attention, for the most part, to the subsexual hijinks going on across the room. His area is fairly quiet by comparison, unusual for someone who typically makes a good deal of noise as he works. Of course, the whole convention center is pretty loud.

It's almost time for the official presentations to be set up on stage, but he's not nervous. He does wonder where Doppler is. He sees... a few goofs, but none of the big names. No Doppler, no Wily or Light. Maybe this isn't the invent that he thought it would be.

        Gate peers over at Sarah. "Dear. Stay down. You don't want to see this. Really."

[OOC] Blues says, "He'd have made you an evil dominatrix."
[OOC] Dr. Psyche brow waggles.
[OOC] Gate says, "In a black french maid outfit?"
[OOC] Dr. Psyche says, "Leather."
[OOC] Gaudile says, "Oh, I see now."
[OOC] Cinnamon says, "...Please -stop- considering this. XD"

Announcement: Gemma shouts, "GSTE people. Floor show is over and we are starting presentations. If you have a talk to give, page Overclock to get in line."

Oh. Swimsuit. Well, she shoulda known that one! They were just talking about it. Oh, well. "That'd be really cool!" But, wait, people yelling and stuff. Jazz peaks over the crowd as well, looking for the source of the disturbance, "Oh."

[OOC] Tornado Onion says, "Really, The Onion is getting scared now....."

The aged Japanese Man wanders around for a while but seems generally displeased. Eventually he wanders up behind Dr. Sarah Fairchild, prodding her with the tip of his cane from behind, simply because she seems to be the current center of attention. "Hey, you lady! You run this expo?"

Drake Sunfire enters the Fort York Expo Center.
[OOC] Drake Sunfire returns from OOCness.
[OOC] Gate says, "Daddy will save you. Come over here and let me adjust your brain meats."
[OOC] Tornado Onion says, "..... Umm.. N...Nno thanks...."
[OOC] Gate says, "... You don't want to end up like Flame Hyenard, do you>"

Overclock peers around the room. Who the heck IS radioing him about a plastic volcano?
And why would you bring a plastic volcano?

[OOC] Tornado Onion says, ".. No.."
[OOC] Gaudile told you he was thinking about it, OC. :D

Wire Sponge stands there and turns his attention back to Infinity, "I'm sorry my friend. There are so many flagrant scientists here. Whatever happened to just eraser fights? I mean, c'mon. Dirty dancing? Stupid newbs," Wire shakes his body (because he lacks a head), and he continues, "Well you have any questions?"

[OOC] Overclock says, "Cue is currently Dr. Matthews, Prismatic Spider, Wire Sponge, Cerveau, Sewa, Gate, myself, Gaudile. We'll get through as many as we can as well as we can."
[OOC] Overclock says, "Er, queue, that is."
[OOC] Cinnamon says, "It might be a good idea to have some stuff prewritten. :)"
[OOC] Tornado Onion walks to Gate^^, er Dad.
[OOC] Wire Sponge says, "Where are they presenting this at, OC? For pre-writing purposes."

Dr. Matthews glances at the clock with a growing frown. She tugs Jazz back towards her booth murmering, "It's almost time to get started. Tell you what--We're about the same sizes. How about I give you *this* bathingsuit, and I'll put on the full suit I brought with me to demonstrate?" She's already by her booth at this point where she reaches up to take the suit off the manequine she brought with her. "And then you can just help model for me, 'kay?" With that suggested she begins to head for the back of the stage where there just happens to be a conveniently placed restroom for this sort of swap-out.

[OOC] Overclock says, "Stage."
[OOC] Overclock points to the room desc.

        Amidst the chaos, an Infinity clone secretly gets within scanning range of Gate, and begins scanning his form, by the help of the equipment in his eye for that purpose. Another Infinity goes over to Overclock's booth. "Hello sir!" he says, conversationally. He looks at the supercomputer, especially the brain designs. "Is this a presentation on your cybernetics?" he asks, looking at OC.

"I am seeing it," Sarah mutters. Her eyes are fixed on the ceiling, as if staring at some horrible monstrosity that makes Cthulhu look like an adorable kitten. "Make it stop. I'm scared!"

"Yeaaaaaah, that's the stuff!" One last cilck, and then the cameradrone rolls up again. "That's about it! Thanks! You're beautiful, babe, but I gotta jet!" And off the drone goes. Zip!

Only then does Sarah shiver herself back to consciousness, peering up at the old Japanese getlement. "Huh? Oh. No, I don't run the expo, sir, sorry. I'm just here to present some of my research." And apparently be horribly traumatized.

Gaudile MELTS IN THE SPAM. He takes his mind away from Psyche for a moment while he speaks with the Onion. "Well, it's based somewhat on the idea of artificial plants. You've got your mechanical trees that might be able to simulate the things that grown trees do. I have figured out how to make artificial plants that not only do that stuff, but can grow like real plants from seeds."

[OOC] Cinnamon says, "But aren't those drones part of Sarah's consciousness?"

This works just fine for Jazz! She follows Matthews, eager to try on the magical swimsuit of television powers.

[OOC] Dr. Sarah Fairchild says, "They're very odd."
[OOC] Cinnamon says, "I noticed, yes."
[OOC] Cinnamon says, "Also quite colorful."
[OOC] Dr. Sarah Fairchild says, "They've each got a separate personality, that is kindasorta derived from Sarah but not entirely."

Overclock shrugs, and turns, and looks toward the stage for a second, and then is interrupted by Infinity. He looks down at the clone. "Oh, yeah, hey there." He smiles somewhat. His booth doesn't look as flashy as many of them, but, well, he left the baking soda and vinegar at home. He nods to the Clone. "Wetware demo, mostly. Only shame is that Interpol, menches that they are, took all my live test subjects." He pats the box of the computer. "This still works, though."

Durandal is presenting his stuff, eagerly waving a crackling purple-blue two pronged energy blade around and blissfully unware that his mother is fifty paces away in her bathingsuit.

Infinity Mijinion takes a holographic scan of Gate.

Cinnamon mutters to Gaudile: 'When ... ... overwith please ... my optics. And ... the ... ones.'.

        Gate helps Sarah up. "Shhh. Don't think too much about it. Think of pleasant things, like blowing up that obnoxious maverick." He's much more calm and focused when he has someone else to worry about.

[OOC] Durandal says, "Poor Cinnamon. She's only been alive for a week and she already wants things to burn."
[OOC] Gate laughs.
[OOC] Gate is hearing all this. XD
Cerveau has reconnected.
[OOC] Isaac says, "Me too"
Cerveau has partially disconnected.
[OOC] Isaac has a Gate(tm) Sensor pack
Jazz changes into her LCOS_Swimsuit desc!
[OOC] Gate says, "The best you can get."
[OOC] Isaac says, "Amen."
[OOC] Prismatic Spider says, "WOOHOO! LIGHT!"


        Topping five, maybe even six feet tall, this charming girl seems to be in her late teens. A wide smile graces her well-proportioned, kind face, which is framed by curly blonde hair that flows down her back. She's built like an athlete, but a pretty one, somehow remaining slim while possessing enough curves turn heads and not notice. A deep tan covers her complexion, mingling very well with her hair color and the, well, vacant expression of happiness. Your typical 'blonde bombshell' type with a bit of ditz thrown in for good measure.
        Right now, she's in a swimsuit! At first glance it seems to be pretty normal. It's a one-piece that scoops low across her chest to show an ample amount of cleavage, but not enough to make people go 'wait what'. It's cut high around the waist to show off her hips and legs. The back scoops down as well, ending at the base of her spine. But, that's just first glance! On closer inspection, the suit is covered with photo-realistic images that /move/. It current shows scenes from a famous game called Doom Quake 99, where two users called Jules and Zilch are duking it out in a frag match. The view switches from player to player, occasionally marked by text that announces "HEADSHOT!" or "KILLING SPREE!".

[OOC] Infinity Mijinion says, "Oh, did I miss your pose, Isaac?"

Tornado Onion nods thinking of the possible robot plants, artificial plants for places like deserts and such..."DO they require the same needs as plants? Teehehh... Or are they just mechanical versions of the same thing?" The onions quite interested on the subject of plants, obviously because he in some way was based on one by his father Gate.

Dr. Psyche is just about to get into the hipthrusts when the drone leaves, " Awwww. Well, make sure to print PLENTY of copies so my adoring fans can get them autographed later! "

[OOC] Dr. Matthews says, "My next pose will be on the stage. Honest. And I'm now wearing a full suit not a bathingsuit. ... Really. ... Think 'jumpsuit.'"
[OOC] Dr. Matthews puts that on actually. hehe.
(New BB message (27/21) posted to 'Daily Spotlight!' by Isaac: Poor Kid)

Gaudile mutters to Cinnamon: 'I'm ... you ... ... ... ... ... see ... Even ... we'll ... to ... with ... memory in your mind as well ... ... have ... ... it later.'.

        The Infinity at Overclock's booth nods. "I read about your procedures with the children, sir. I was quite frankly impressed by your skill in that particular field...." he gestures to his own booth. "As you can see, I am showing my inventions allowed for the public. I can't let my /real/ beauties outside of the empire..."

Rhythm enters the Fort York Expo Center.
Blues drops Rhythm.

Cinnamon continues gaping for a few more seconds. Then Sewa steps in the way. OH, THANK GOD. Cinnamon manages a quizzical half-smile, looking utterly bewildered at the chaos going on around her, but still trying to be positive. Then she steps sideways, holding a conversation in low tones with Gaudile, pausing only to gesture at the table and volcano. "Um, sorry about that, miss. Feel free to look through any of the information here!"

The elderly gentlemen raises an eyebrow, setting his cain back down and leaning heavily on it. "What, you Interpol lady present research? You not look even 30! Crazy Yoshi bet you daddy buy you doctorate, like Dr. Cossack daugther. What you present, study of what color suit Interpol thug like best? You waste everyone time! And think, they not invite Crazy Yoshi. That's crazy, and Crazy Yosho know what's crazy."

Sewa looks to Gaudile, "That's pretty awesome," She tells him, since it SOUNDS pretty awesome, even if she has no idea how that works. She wrinkles her nose a bit and says, "I think I have to head back..." She looks back to Cinnamon, "It's alright, I should probably head back to my booth and prepare -anyway-. Thanks for talking to me. Maybe next time, a strip show won't interupt us." She smiles and waves briefly before heading back to her booth.


Cinnamon mutters to Gaudile: 'I was giving ... the ... of the ... ... ... ... ... if there were children ... ...er besides ...'.

"If Doppler won't be here to talk about our work with the kids, I may get a chance to discuss that, too. It's a good thing I did a lot of photodocumentation." Overclock laughs, his wide shoulders shaking. "Hope nobody here has a weak stomach." At the remark about public work... he nods. "Know what you mean. I'm not showing any weapons at all." He looks over at Fini's display... Talk about a well-manned booth.

Rhythm has left.
Blues takes Rhythm.
[OOC] Gaudile says, "Man, I'm sorry, T."
[OOC] Plant Man says, "Blues, stop hitting your dog."
[OOC] Wire Sponge will brb soon.

"I just met a rather interesting fellow by the name of Doctor Psyche. The one dancing," says the clone to Overclock, since one of the other clones got to look at it. "He has a rather remarkable Power Armor display. He and I have a similiar mentality, heh heh heh. I recommend you meet him, sir. Rather than that worthless Gate," he says, clenching a fist.

Plant Man walks off, to another part of the expo to go and stare at stuff. Nothing here.

[OOC] Tornado Onion says, "Dinner, Be right back."

Sarah goes from slightly dazed to really unhappy in the space of about a second. "Sarah Fairchild, graduated from University of San Angeles, top of my class, doctorate in physics and a masters in engineering. I'm personally responsible for more than three quarters of the individualized power armors currently employed by Interpol, and have made significant advances in both offensive and defensive technologies to help the power of humans on the battlefeld, and in the process have devised several noncombatant technologies that have been put into widespread use. /Thank/ you, sir, but I'm more qualified than half of the people /here/. Did you have any questions, or did you just come by to insult me?"

Dr. Matthews makes her way to center stage. Her throat clears a moment, and she forces down that irritable feeling that comes with stage fright. She could spit in Sigma's face, but speeches? Now that was frightening. None the less she puts on her best smile and clasps her hands behind her back.

"Ladies, gentlemen, and... others. I'm Dr. Julie Matthews of the Maverick Hunters, Cossack Industries, and Light Labs. If I can have your attention for a moment I'll demonstrate the viable applications of Liquid-Crystal on Silicon technology." She steps aside now to extend an arm out gesturing for Jazz to make her entrance on stage. "LCOS as it shall be called from here-on-out is a method of displaying video on a sheet of material no thicker than the average credit card. It's pliable in a manner similar to vinyl and so can be used to make clothing. An example of which my lovely assistant, Jazz Light, is currently modeling."

Cinnamon mutters to Gaudile: '... look ... starting. ...she ... nervous poor woman. ... ... if -everyone- ... ... ...'.

Gaudile nods to the Onion. "Well, it does take some form of food to maintain the plants, but it doesn't need nearly as much due to it being only partially organic." He nods to Sewa as she leaves. Then, he pauses a moment before replying to his daughter.

[OOC] Wire Sponge returns.

Gaudile mutters to Cinnamon: '... ... ... ... before. ... ... ... nervous though. Also I think ... likes ... when ... ... it. His mind ... ... since ... ... ... that's for sure.'.

"Crazy Yoshi come by to make presentation," says the elderly man, rocking his hands slowly back and forth while the bottom of his cane rests on the ground. "They tell Crazy Yoshi, not present until tomorrow. Crazy yoshi look for organizer, he - " the man pauses as Dr. Matthews' presentation begins, turning his attention that way. "Shh," he says noisily, raising a finger to his lips wile watching the stage, "you watch, Interpol lady, maybe you learn something."

Hector Kausmann has disconnected.
Glyde Loath enters the Fort York Expo Center.

        Unlike Matthews, Jazz is perfectly at home in front of a crowd. It's just like standing in a room with one other person, except times a thousand! Isn't it? For the purposes of explaining why Jazz doesn't mind walking out onto a stage to have scientists stare at her swimsuit, yes.
        The Lightbot moves to join Rigger, smiling brightly as she goes. When she reaches her designated spot to stop (which isn't marked with an X, so she had to make up a place), the detective poses, then spins to allow a back view, and then turns around again to pose for the cameras once more. Aww, isn't she cute.
        (she /will/ be queen of the Mavericks!)

[OOC] Dr. Psyche says, "Empress."
[OOC] Jazz says, "Whatever."
Dr. Light enters the Fort York Expo Center.
[OOC] Dr. Psyche says, "Spike Rosered is their 'queen'."
[OOC] Jazz hairflicks.
[OOC] Dr. Light says, "I'm sorry."
[OOC] Wire Sponge says, "Santa!"
[OOC] Sewa says, "It's cool, Doc :)"
[OOC] Glyde Loath is sorry for being late as well.
[OOC] Sewa says, "(your reaction was awesome)"
[OOC] Glyde Loath needs to make sense as to what is going on.
Dr. Light has disconnected.

Cinnamon stays out of the way as people flood the stage to watch the official presentations - oh, sure, eventually she'll have to go up there, but for now, she can stay safe behind the display table with its volcano and little mechaorganics. Cinnamon summons up a smile, and reaches down to give Gaudile's hand a quick comforting squeeze.

"Hmmm." Overclock nods to the Infinity. "Interesting." He'll definitely have to check it out. For now, his eyes drift to the stage. He has no real purient interest in staring at women; the video screen is nice but not flashy, at least to him.

Dr. Psyche watches silently...and judgementally.

Cinnamon mutters to Gaudile: '... worry ... ... ... you. There's nothing ... be ... about!'.

Tornado Onion nods. "Thanks! It sounds like a great" He heard of his father being in the area and begins to look around for him, noticing the main presentation starting and watching it, Jazz and the paper thin projection on her are quite interesting however he goes back to looking for his father, looking around the large groups, noticing Fairchild's booth, the woman from yesterday who was hurt. He goes to check on her, finding none other than Gate near her(if this part is irrelevant and they moved, stop before.)

Dr. Sarah Fairchild's about ready to kill this guy, but she allows her anger to pass into a quiet resolve not to be an ass like him when she's old. She drags herself aright, finds her chair, and gets back to watching.

        Gate decides to be the Good Boyfriend and takes a place near Sarah, being supportive. He leans over to speak to her, watching Dr. Matthews.

Gate mutters to Dr. Sarah Fairchild: 'Julie's ... ... ... researcher. She was ... ... help ... ... viral research ... ...'.

Durandal applauds. Loudly. Its in his Mother-Son Relationship Contract.

(Darn that contract, sometimes, *mutterbathingsuitmutter*

Crazy Yoshi nods respectfully to the presentation, and finds himself a seat (probably stolen from someone else's both while they aren't looking), easing himself back into it. He lets his cane rest on his leg, and reaches into his labcoat for something to take notes on. Reaching into his giant labcoat, he pulls out an issue of Scientific American (February 2004).

[OOC] Plant Man says, "dang, that's old."

Cerveau is currently watching Matthews' display as well, though the effort of preparing to move his display seems to be taking away his attention quite a bit.

[OOC] Dr. Sarah Fairchild says, "...I have that issue. Somewhere. XD"
Dr. Light has connected.
[OOC] Solar Stega says, "As do I. XD"

        Infinity goes silent, as he glances at Matthews and Jazz, and merely rolls his eyes. The clones at the booth continue to show off his inventions, and the wandering clones move about the people, spying on other booths.

[OOC] Cinnamon says, "NERD ALERT!"

Glyde Loath comes bursting into the a expo area carrying a rather technological looking suitcase. He's flanked by a pair of bodyguards who are madly trying to keep up with him along with a porter that seems to be carrying something for a booth. "'Xcuse me!" he calls to the family that he barges through. Only after he barges into the actual expo area and the population of people does he screech to a halt, realizing just how late he is. He rounds and casually punches out one of the bodyguard; pointing to him with an outstretched finger. "You said 9:00 EST!" The man winces. "Did N..." He silences, when Glyde threatens to kick him in the groin. All of this done, he slips away into the crowd to try and blend in.

[OOC] Gate says, "I have that oo."
[OOC] Plant Man says, "You're all nerds."

Gaudile nods and watches Matthews show off Jazz. At least, the best he can. He does however murmur to Cinnamon a few moments into the Jazz show, letting his player abuse the command even more.

[OOC] Sewa says, "PFfh. Science has nothing to do with the GSTE."
[OOC] Jazz /now/ sends her sceneset, now that Santa's back.

        To both catch Dr. Light up with the scene, and to give him a fatherly heartattack, Dr. Matthews is on stage, beginning to discuss her LCOS technology. Jazz is onstage too, modelling a LCOS swimsuit. In front of many scientists. One of which just engaged in an impromptu kinky photoshoot. We're looking at you, Psyche.

Dr. Light has disconnected.
[OOC] Jazz >_<
[OOC] Plant Man says, "Hahaha."

"LCOS technology is, itself, a computer chip as well as a screen display. Such images and video can be programed into the attire to repeat the desired image or scene infinately. All it requires to keep it's charge is an occasional dip in an electro-wave bath which is recommended between wearings." Dr. Matthews glances over her shoulder to simply stare at Jazz as she does her strutting. A slight shake of her head follows, and she lifts a hand to rub at the back of her neck as she tries to regather her thoughts. Looking back towards the crowd she continues with only a momentary hesitation.

Though there's a decent amount of fashion value to such a device, there are also more practical war-time applications. The suits, with sufficient programing, can be programed to not only project pre-recorded material--but to record the environment around it to project that as well." Rather stiffly she lifts an arm up in front of her to show the gauntlet around the wrist. Several buttons adorn it which she makes a slight show of pointing out by waving her hand in a Vanna White manner. "For example, my next trick: I'm going to disapear." A button is pushed and both hands swing back to pull up a hood over her head. All that can be seen is the smiling lower half of her face as the suit she wears shimmers with light breifly.

Soon enough all that *can* be seen is the cheshire grin of the doctor floating in air as she seems to fade out of existance. The empty stage behind her, and Jazz, are seen easily instead.

Dr. Light has connected.

Gaudile mutters to Cinnamon: 'I ... Cinnamon ... know. ... ... clothes ... that ... ... until you're older.'.

Cinnamon mutters to Gaudile: 'Aww but -daaaaad-...'.

[OOC] Gate resists the urge to say something about kinky nurse outfits with short skirts.
[OOC] Gate runs from Gaudille.
[OOC] Dr. Matthews says, "Darnit. Put quotation marks at the begining of that second paragraph."
[OOC] Gaudile says, "Cinnamon. Kiiiiilllll."
[OOC] Cinnamon says, "Sure thing, daddy!"

Announcement: Gemma shouts, "I'm getting this question a lot. You can make your display in to several poses. You can also allow for questions. You can't take all night, but you don't have to fit everything in one pose. Thanks!"

[OOC] Durandal passes Cinnamon a pair of Kitty Paws.

        Infinity's eyebrows raise from the dissapearing act. Now that's impressive. His glance shifts to Jazz. oO(That girl has a nice rear end...)Oo thinks the flea, and he giggles. Of course, one clone suffers a fluke, and says that exact thought out loud. He's standing next to Tornado Onion.

[OOC] Wire Sponge says, "--Do you know disturbing that sounds when applied to Cinnamon's VA? 'Cinnamon Kill!' "Yes, daddy!'"
[OOC] Gate flies away.
[OOC] Sewa says, "kitty paws :("

Solar Stega stops somewhere with a good view while Dr. Matthews speaks, and wows at the invisibility tech. Nice!

[OOC] Plant Man says, "Crazy Infinity."
[OOC] Cinnamon says, "Dang it all. I need sound clips."

Prismatic Spider nods approvingly, giving a soft clap with his multiple hands.

[OOC] Plant Man says, "But Tornado Onion does have a nice butt."

Gaudile mutters to Cinnamon: '... ... not ... you're ... ... years old.'.

Cinnamon applauds politely. But really, on second glance, she's kind of happier with her outfit. Even if the wings occasionally get in people's eyes. And the helmet is kind of heavy. It's still hers!

Isaac is kicking back waiting to see what's new this year. It should be quite fun to see what's come out this year.

Crazy Yoshi nods, and scribbles down something in Japanese all over his paper, ruining a perfectly good article about OLEDs. Why he can't find room for actual blank paper or a simple datapad with everything else he has in that labcoat is a mystery.

Cinnamon mutters to Gaudile: '... I'm just ... ... professor.'.

With that, Dr. Matthews... presumably leaves the stage. Jazz feels a tug on her arm at least to lead her off.

"Thank you, and good evening!" Apparently she's done.

Dr. Sarah Fairchild mutters to Gate: 'She ... ... ... be ... ... That's ... ... bad ... at ...'.

Durandal cheers! "GO MOM! WOO!" Wait for it...wait for it...

Duran then Cabbage Patches.

Gate mutters to Dr. Sarah Fairchild: 'Imagine ... being ... to ... ...'.

Dr. Sarah Fairchild mutters to Gate: '...it'd be ...'.

Tornado Onion blinks immediately...repeating what the flea said....not exactly understanding why he said it in the first place having not really paid attention to what's on stage. "TEheheh! That girl has a nice rear end!! Eheheh!!!" he laughs a bit, making himself known quite, looking at Infinity. "Teehehehe!" he nearly falls over laughing for no reason but to him, it seems kind of funny, a random comment about a person's behind from a flea.......

Jazz takes the hint. With one more smile and a little wave, she leaves the stage to follow Rigger.

[OOC] Tornado Onion says, "Yeys^^"

Gate mutters to Dr. Sarah Fairchild: 'We ... contact ... ... ...'.

Glyde Loath vanishes into the crowd hten; still carrying his suitcase. Finding a pillar to lean against, he sits back then; dialing up his enhanced hearing to listen to as many seperate people as he can -- because that's what he likes to do.

Dr. Light has disconnected.

Overclock applauds politely for this. ... He wonders how well you can see in that version of a stealth suit.

Dr. Sarah Fairchild mutters to Gate: '... ... ... thought.'.

Dr. Light has connected.
Dr. Light has disconnected.
[OOC] Overclock says, "Pris, you're up."
[OOC] Cerveau says, "Whoa, Glyde's a cyborg?"

        Infinity and his clones just....fall over anime-style, as they realize their goof, and also Tornado's reaction. They then get back up. The real Infinity sniffs. "Oh, Illumina, you are my only love, once I finish you. I wish I could just show these people your glory..."

[OOC] Jazz says, "You can't get that manpretty /without/ being a cyborg."
[OOC] Wire Sponge says, "I mean, look at Elpizo."

Gaudile applauds. The new LCOS stuff seems interesting. At least it hasn't killed anyone yet. As the potentially kinky comments go back and forth, Gaudile can't help but chuckle. He looks eager as to see what's next.

[OOC] Prismatic Spider says, "Hahahha. This is going to be big."
Dr. Light has connected.

Gaudile mutters to Cinnamon: '... ... dear I ...'.

[OOC] Cerveau says, "EP and Glyde should enter in the upcoming contest. :o"

Dr. Light dashes in himself, having parked the Lightsaucer outside of the Expo center. Adjusting his "Ho Ho Ho!" tie, Light...trips over a stray robotic divice, landing firmly on his front end. Coughing, Light leaps back up to his feet, blushing and re-adjusting his wretched tie. The filthy assistants at the Light Labs booth glare at The Good Doctor, as he chuckles weakly. The glareing and coughing continue for a few seconds, before Thomas blinks, and sheepishly takes off his flight helmet. "Sorry."

Wire Sponge applauds as well, even though he didn't like the chick.

[OOC] Jazz says, "Dad, you're the best."

        It is time.

        Prismatic Spider strides onto the stage, producing a small disc which is inserted into a handy holoprojector. Behind him, a picture of the world turns slowly. "Assembled scientists and thinkers of the world... We live in a world at war. Human, Android, Cyborg, Enhanced Human, Bioroid, and Reploid, we all clash with each other daily in our struggles of ideals and ambition." As he speaks, slices of the image are overlaid by faint scenes of war: Ride Armors crushing walls, troops firing upon one another, images of Sigma and Elpizo leading warriors into battle... "No matter what side you fight for, all of them have one thing in common: Death." The screen flashes, abruptly changing to a harsh white, where rows upon rows of hospital beds extend outwards, white sheets laid atop them and obscuring forms of all shapes and sizes. "All of us work to eventually end this war in our own way. Some create weapons. Some create technologies to better the world we live in now. Some create systems that will help ensure that we have a world left when we are finally finished... And some create new ways to reduce the inevitable death toll. The last is why I am here."

Dr. Light has disconnected.
Dr. Light has connected.

(Very politically correct of you, Prismatic Spider,) Overclock thinks, hearing the long, long tally of racetypes.

Cyber Peacock has left.

Wire Sponge mutters something to the Fini-Clone next to him.

Wire Sponge mutters to Infinity Mijinion: 'Who's spidey over ... ... claim this? ... ... ... ... ... ...'.

        With the morbid scene remaining as a backdrop, strands of DNA Soul flash onto the screen, as well as random images of neural net design and architecture, a random wireframe of a robot. "With a convergence of the latest, bleeding-edge technologies emerging from all parts of the world, I have designed a system to bring robotic medical technology to the next level." The images disappear, leaving the hospital beds as an EEG-like Reploid Neural Net diagnostic appears in the center. Producing a laser stylus, Prismatic brings the thin beam of light up to gesture at the display. They are mostly normal, but there is a significant splotch of red in the center. "As we know, Reploid neural nets cannot be backed up, and the only irreplacable portion of the Reploid body. This is why they neural nets are always well-protected. However, also they have a small measure of self-repair in case they are damaged. The problem arises when the neural net is damaged either directly, or through loss of power, causing the neural network to begin breaking down rapidly, the self-repair system unable to compensate." The splotch of red begins growing faster and faster, various warning signs appearing on the sides of the display. "Eventually, this leads to a complete collapse and the death of the Reploid. This is what is known as 'cascade failure'." The neural net becomes a sea of red, warnings flashing all over the place before it becomes completely red... And a small line of text flashes in the corner, blinking: NEURAL PROCESSES TERMINATED, 12-13-2217, 12:49:53 GMT

Tornado Onion after his laughing spree he looks at the person who said it, looking at a copy of Infinity ...before he says anything his interests is caught by the backdrop and Spider...

Gate pays rapt attention to this. He's got good reason to.

Glyde Loath leans against his pillar for amoment once again, looking around thoughtfully from left to right in the search of something interesting. The science stuff is neat, but most of it just goes over his head. And then he does spy something, casually beginning to make his way towards a particular someone.

Cerveau watches the display of Repliforcer's top scientist, with a smug look on his face. How many times have a heard a speech like this at the previous expos?

Dr. Sarah Fairchild leans in as well - not as completely enraptured as Gate, perhaps, but still...

Cinnamon listens with rapt interest to Prismatic Spider - this sounds promising, and to be honest, her own knowledge is limited as well, both about the war and the methods employed in it. But then, suddenly, she gives Gaudile's hand a quick squeeze again, whispering. "Be right back!" And she slips away, around the corner.

        Only a few seconds later, she's back - this time holding a glass of water, with which she approaches the booth of Light Labs, only a short ways away from Professor Gaudile's. "Um, excuse me," she smiles, maybe a bit sheepishly. "Hello. Would this help?"

Dr. Cossack enters the Fort York Expo Center.

(...Ah, what a fantastic Maverick he'll eventually make.) Overclock continues to think, rather than mutter. Pity he couldn't drag in all his infected syringes.

[OOC] Cerveau says, "We're all doomed."
[OOC] Dr. Cossack gets to the punching of bitches.
[OOC] Dr. Matthews says, "Thus is the wisdom of going first. So it doesn't suck as much when everyone has OMG great stuff, and then you go up with yours."
[OOC] Gaudile points Cossack towards Psyche.
[OOC] Dr. Cossack says, "Since I'm not presenting today, I have nothing but free time to make with the punching."

Durandal sits on his stool at his booth and watches. But he gets distracted easil--"OhmyGoddess, is that Doctor /Gerard Ceaveau/?!?" He leans forwards to get a better look at one of his heroes.

Cerveau has reconnected.
[OOC] Cinnamon says, "Sorry, sir, no punching here."
Cerveau has partially disconnected.
[OOC] Cinnamon says, "I'm the bouncer."
[OOC] Dr. Cossack foils Cinnamon by walking a little quicker than usual.
[OOC] Shadow Man is also not presenting today.
[OOC] Gate snickers.
[OOC] Cinnamon says, "Curses, foiled again!"
[OOC] Shadow Man says, "Good thing Dr. Cossack wasn't here earlier, or my NPC wouldn't live long enough to do his presentation."

        Infinity just shrugs to Wire, and watches the presentation.

[OOC] Wire Sponge foils Cossack's escape plan, by sticking out his leg to trip.
[OOC] Dr. Cossack counters by releasing the hounds.
[OOC] Glyde Loath solves all your problems and just boldly goes and offers Cossack coffee.
[OOC] Wire Sponge is a sponge, and thus is resistant.

Sewa narrows her eyes briefly at Glyde. Damnable kidnappery Yakuzamates. She relaxes at some of the transmissions she receives and doesn't respond to her own, reviewing her notes as she hefts up a bulky looking camera with a slot near the top. She's paying attention, really! Especially as Prism's work comes up since his and hers tend to be relate.d

Dr. Light smiles, widely, at the young...hrm, big boots...Reploid, then, takeing the water. "Thank you very much, dear." Light says, drinking the water quickly, and offering a meaty hand for a shake. "Might I ask your name, Miss?"

He says this, conviently, in between natural pauses in Prisim's presentation, and still manages to pay attention. Its good to be Dr. Light.

[OOC] Cerveau eyes. Would they arrest me for using a weapon in my presentation?
[OOC] Dr. Sarah Fairchild says, "Not if it's staged so as to be safe and nothing more than a demonstration."
[OOC] Gate nods.
[OOC] Dr. Sarah Fairchild says, "If you aim it at the crowd, though, yeah."
Cyber Peacock enters the Fort York Expo Center.
[OOC] Cyber Peacock returns from OOCness.
[OOC] Gate says, "Damn dirty Neo Arcadians."
[OOC] Cerveau figured as much, don't worry, it's aimed AT the display. :D
Dr. Cossack drops The Cossack Foundation Display.

Glyde Loath wanders around the presentation floor absently, meeting Sewa's glance with a rather charming smile. Absently, he draws a rose from the breast pocket of his jacket and flicks it in her direction before wandering off to a canteen to get himself a coffee.

[OOC] Dr. Light says, "Also, pretend I have a really cool display object, befitting one of the world's largest Megacorps."
[OOC] Plant Man pretends Dr. Light is in VR boxers.

Dr. Cossack has spent most of the day getting his display to function properly, and was stolen for several hours in the early evening to go to a Russian engineering association banquet. Having returned from that event with a pocket full of cards, letters, and other types of pleading for resources/asylum/etc., the Russian is more than ready to deal with the press for the remainder of the night.

Sewa glances towards the Light Labs display which probably goes into how awesome flying toasters will be, and future applications for flying toasters including the possibility of flying toast. She glances back towards Dr. Light and relaxes as he approaches. Awesome possum. She feels better now. She heard a lot of what Prism had said so far so she doesn't need to put all her attention on it.

Solstis has connected.

Gate looks over at Cossack. Oh Great. Not ANOTHER guy to wave a doctorate in his face. He looks back to the stage. One of these days he /will/ get that abominable piece of paper.

[OOC] Durandal says, "All that Gate needs now is for Berkana to show up, and his misery will be complete."

Meanwhile, a young couple walks by waving around a doctorate. Funny.

[OOC] Dr. Matthews slips avay from here.
Dr. Matthews has disconnected.
[OOC] Sewa says, "<Doctorate Certification> *bounces onto stage* Just a Doctorate, just a doctorate~!"
[OOC] Gate executes the spoofer.

Overclock doesn't have one either. He's not sweating it yet. Well...yet.

Sewa doesn't want to be called 'Doctor Sewa', dammit.

Durandal doesn't need any titles to boost his ego, himself.

Dr. Kituro Yoshi wait patiently for the presentation to continue. Meanwhile, he reaches into his coat and pulls out a burrito, wrapped in one of his many degrees.

        Prismatic turns to the assembled, as the neural net fades away, returning to the seemingly endless plain of the dead. "However, this process can be abated if caught early enough. Tragically, the amount of time a terminal patient has is all too short, however, to stop their death. The system that I have designed, the Poly-Holistic Operation to Emend Nascent Integrated eXperiences, also known as the PHOENIX System." That same phoenix insignia that was being used in his display appears, fading into the background as a recorded display of two neural net diagnostics appear. One has the redsplotches of failing systems, the other is completely dormant and blank. "Using this system, it is possible to restore damaged neural nets even from the brink of death, as well as being a fully-functional disinfector of the Maverick and Sigma Viruses." The same red splotches appear once again, spreading outwards only to be battered back, the words PHOENIX SYSTEM ACTIVE appearing in the corner. The splotches flicker rapidly between red and blue, the other neural net rapidly filling information appears to be transferred from one side to the other. The former neural net crashes, although the secondary net is in perfect condition from the diagnostic. And a DNA Soul scan appears under both, showing a 100% match rate from before and after. "This system will soon be deployed to hospitals all over the world, as well as a portable version being in the works so that these lives can be saved even on the battlefield, when time might be lacking to bring someone into a medical center for treatment. Soon, perhaps, we will live in a time when many less lives will be lost, allowing far more people to enjoy the world of tomorrow we all work to build." Covered bospital beds flicker, and vanish from the background, slowly, increasing in speed until all that remains is the PHOENIX rising, on the white background. Prismatic looks out over the audience, and nods. "Any questions?"

[OOC] Gate says, "Damn you all! XD"
[OOC] Sewa hifives Yoshi
[OOC] Dr. Cossack says, "Awesome."
[OOC] Gate sniffles. it's how he saved my boy.
[OOC] Plant Man says, "Hahaha."

Cinnamon manages to pay attention to both Dr. Light and the display as well, although without the same finesse; glancing back and forth between the two eagerly. She holds out her own hand for a confident shake. "Hi! My name's -- oh! Um, hang on --"

        Cinnamon glances around, looking a bit confused after a series of tightbeam transmissions. Nobody's really -looking- at her, though, which just makes it all the more confusing. She gives Dr. Light another quick smile. "Sorry about that. Anyways - hello, I'm an assistant of Professer Gaudile, right over there - " Cinnamon turns a bit to gesture over to Gaudile's display, with a wave. "I'm - helping out with the presentation today. You're Dr. Light, correct? I'm so glad to meet you - oh, wow, would you look at that," she murmurs at Prismatic Spider's display. "That's amazing!"

Crazy Yoshi frowns as he listens to the explenation of the project, and flips further back in his issue to write over a different article, having covered the OLED one with notes on Dr. Matthews' project. "Sound bad for business..." he muses, and then brightens up, "on other hand, could always use more repeat customer..."

Gate has no questions. But rather, just smiles. Without that invention, his son would still be in the equivalent of a reploid coma.

Dr. Psyche watches rapt with attention....

...and then yawns.

...Wait hold the phone. Fully functional disinfection what?
Overclock squints...and scoffs.
He thinks about the presentation, for a second... mulling it over in his head. He folds his arms, and calls out to the stage. "Just how dead are we talkin'?"

"That's awesome.." Solar says softly. No questions here, just amazement that something like this was actually made.

Dr. Light raises an eyebrowl. Hmm. An intresting creation, to be sure. Light runs a hand through his beard, going over the explination Prismatic gave. Now isn't the time for the obvious question-and then Overclock speaks. Dr. Light frowns, crossing his arms-before giving Cinnamon a smile. "Pleasure to meet you, dear. Yes, I am. I've heard of Dr. Guadile's work. Impressive stuff." Light then resumes listening.

Prismatic Spider says, "A Reploid neural net placed into stasis for several years in the midst of a cascade failure was successfully restored using this technology. With traditional medical technologies, he was estimated to have a less than ten percent chance of survival, provided that the procedure would have been able to be performed before collapse."

Tornado Onion gawks at the presentation, the application being able to reverse the Sigma virus interesting him the most, the other effect of saving their lives being seen as a secondary but really useful idea. He now is determined to find his father, having been reminded of someone being taken away, his father mentioning it all because of the virus. He walks up to the booth, spotting Fairchild and his father nearby her. He will speak to them after the questions..

Sewa seems particularly impressed by this. She'd raise a hand and ask 'Want a job?' but that's not appropriate for this sort of thing. So she just claps and sends a tightbeam instead!

Dust Man enters the Fort York Expo Center.

Overclock nods, seeming satisfied with this answer. Interesting.

Cerveau looks rather awed by the presentation. Well perhaps this one can actually back up the claims he made in the intro. Most impressive for a reploid.

Dr. Light steps forward, out of turn, because he can. "Prismatic, what are the possibilities of the Sigma Virus infecting this procedure, or otherwise altering it into a tool for mass infection, quicker perminant infection, or other dangers of interacting directly with a Reploid neural net?"

Sarah smiles, just a bit, and nods approvingly. She's seen it in action. It really is something else.

[OOC] Dr. Light says, "<Sigma, Doppler, Overclock> *start strokeing their goatees, evily.* <Light> D'oh!"
[OOC] Sewa laughs.
[OOC] Cerveau says, "Is anyone logging this?"
[OOC] Tornado Onion says, "Yeah, just make daily deliveries to their bases with these ideas. please..;-;"
[OOC] Solar Stega is logging!
[OOC] Cinnamon says, "I am, in fact."
[OOC] Gaudile says, "I am as well."
[OOC] Cinnamon says, "Although it'll be a mess."
[OOC] Cerveau cheers.
[OOC] Cerveau says, "I'll have to get one, once this is over."

        Within the crowd, it would seem a particular Avian has been admiring the show. The blue-violet and teal Cyber criminal known as the one and only Cyber Peacock stands with his arms crossed over his chest.. his eyes set on the PHOENIX device developed by Prismatic.

Pavel, meanwhile, mills around in the crowd. He is staying very far from Prismatic's presentation.

[OOC] Tornado Onion says, "Damn you Cyber-.-"
[OOC] Gate idles for groceries and food.

Cinnamon mutters to Gaudile: '... ... that I'm ... ... ... ... famous ... ... ... I've only -heard- ... It's ... it's amazing it really is! ... ... ... ... present?'.

Durandal waves to Doctor Cossack as he nears. "Heya, Doctor Cossack! I got a great idea for something while I was setting up my displays, it'll be a great way t--you know, I'll tell you later, when so many people can't hear, okay?"

Tornado Onion walks behind Gate and Fairchild, still listening but wanting to make his presence known, even just a bit sooner. He looks at Fairchild where she was wounded, but then back at the questions. The time for asking her will be after, hopefully.

Wire Sponge taps his foot briefly, and then busies himself with checking over his Portable Weather Tower again.

Dust Man is totally here. You just didn't see it. Shut up.

Sewa glances to Cossack's display next as she prepares for her own presentation. "Aweeesome..." She murmurs at it before sending another transmission.

Prismatic Spider nods. "All PHOENIX System components are fully shielded against the radiation vector of the Sigma Virus, as well as constantly self-testing to prevent infection. The system has to be connected directly from neural net to neural net, or it will not function, thus preventing infection in transit. There are also safeguards to prevent infection mid-procedure. It is also strictly designed to only recover the data from the source net, and the destination must be an empty neural net. If the destination is infected, it will disinfect before overwriting. I have considered this possibility, Doctor Light, and I have designed the system with preventing just such abuse in mind." He looks... mostly confident.

Glyde Loath has disconnected.

Dr. Light smiles, looking perfectly convinced! Which means he's probably about to order Cossack to come up with a grocery list of ways to destroy it if/when it gets in the wrong hands. "I see! Very clever! That's all from me."

Gaudile mutters to Cinnamon: '... heh yes. I think we're going last ... I think we've stunned ... ... people ... you know what.'.

Wire Sponge mutters to Wire Sponge: '... hurry ... ... else you'll have a reason to ... that ... ... yourself.'.

Cinnamon mutters to Gaudile: 'Maybe ... should ... something ... ... volcano. ... you ... put baking ... ... it?'.

Pavel is way ahead of you, Dr. Light. Way ahead. But that's neither here nor there at the moment. He's gradually making his way back to his core booth -- his hand raises to wave to Sewa as she approaches it -- but then is submerged in the crowd for a few moments as he gets back within the Foundation control zone.

Don't worry, Prismatic has already gone over this with Cossack extensively. Tamperproof black boxes come to mind. He nods, ejecting the presentation disc. "Thank you all for your time."

When Wire Sponge is called up to present, he comments to Infinity, "Excuse me, gotta go and present my stuff." The scientist snaps his fingers twice, and the portable tower grows legs, and retracts the console into itself. Wire then waddles over to the stage, with the tower-looking thing toddling on behind it. One cannot decide which is more comical. The waddling pickle, or the walking piece of metal.

Within a few minutes both tower and Sponge are on the stage, and Wire turns his eyes over the crowd several times. Then, it suddenly hits him. They could all be laughing at -him-. His tentacles curl up defensively, and anyone who giggles is thrown a deathly glare swearing only pain and destruction in anyone's wake.

Wire Sponge raises his hand to imitate clearing his non-existant throat he begins, "Uh, er, good evening! I am Wire Sponge, as many of you know, and I am one of the leading scientists in Weather and Biological engineering. I have come to you today to present something that has long been anticipated..." Wire steps off to the side revealing his invention. It looks like a miniature server tower, with lots of cords and a small globe on top that twinkles every so often. "Ever since the creation of weather control mechaniloids, scientists have tried to take the weather control device outside of the bounds of an AI. Well, ladies and gentlemen, here are the fruits of thei--/my/ labors."

Wire snaps his finger, and the globe glows once more. A mist appears in the immediate area, and then the mist lifts into the air. Wire allows the audience to take it in for a few moments before continuning on.

Gaudile mutters to Cinnamon: '... think ... left it ... the vinegar back in the ...'.

[OOC] Durandal says, "Gaudile, if that's really a HS level plaster volcano, I'm gonna be disappointed."
[OOC] Isaac dies laighing at the whispers.

Dust Man drops Dust Man's Booth of SCIENCE.

Cinnamon mutters to Gaudile: '... ... back ... ... ... once ... ... ... ... ... oh would ... ... at ...'.

[OOC] Cerveau suddenly notices. I'm the only Neo-Arcadian here. Eeep. <_< >_>
[OOC] Tornado Onion says, "Muahahahah!"
[OOC] Cyber Peacock infects.
[OOC] Tornado Onion says, "Aieee!"
[OOC] Dust Man punches Cerveau in the mouth out of principle.
[OOC] Gaudile says, "Oh, it's not a HS level plaster volcano."
[OOC] Gaudile says, "It's a /plastic/ volcano. :D"
[OOC] Cerveau says, "It's a college level one?"
[OOC] Durandal says, "Excellent."
[OOC] Cerveau says, "Oh."
[OOC] Cerveau pwns Dust Man with his higher-CST.
[OOC] Cerveau says, "Which makes me sad. ;_;"

Crazy Yoshi reaches into his pocket, and pulls out a small rod, in anticipatin of the continuation of the presentation. He holds the rod up vertically, and taps a button on the side near the base. A section shoots off and upwards, attatcked by a tinner interior pole perhaps a half-meter long, and then the cylinder fans up and out to form a surface shielding one from precipitation from above. Mounted on the top of the surface are six outwardly directed laser cannons, evenly spaced.

[OOC] Dust Man pwns Cerveau by being weaker.
[OOC] Plant Man says, "My CST is higher than Dust's CST."
[OOC] Cerveau is unenhanced human, which is why its sad.

Durandal peers at Crazy Yoshi. "...I want an umbrella like that." He states.

[OOC] Tornado Onion says, "At what point did they start making the RM's out of something other than paper."

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Flame Hyenard transmits, "Bah. The world isn't ready for my great science just yet."

Gaudile mutters to Cinnamon: '... ... ... ... ... ...'.

The Cossack Foundation annex, ready for anything, deploys hurricane-grade plastic sheeting in the shape of a dome overhead. When it is fully deployed, it has a cheerful red glow and a luminescent hammer and sickle motif at the peak.

[OOC] Shadow Man says, "Just a note for anyone wondering, Yoshi is not me in a disguise. He is an NPC."

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Tornado Onion transmits, "Flame wouldn't It be good to come down to see what you have to compete against next year ehehe?"

Cerveau notices the umbrella. "Nice." he mutters, scanning it for a moment before redirecting his attention to the display.

Dust Man's booth, always ready for battle, brings out a bucket of ice for the beer.

Dr. Psyche shakes his head, and from the very center, and single metal pole extends, forming into an umbrella.

Through all of these presentations and general noise, Plant Man has just been standing in front of Gaudile's booth, stroking his potted plant. A lot.

[OOC] Cinnamon says, "That's disturbing, Plant."
[OOC] Plant Man says, "Wait, that doesn't sound right."
[OOC] Cerveau says, "Plant Man scares me."
Byte enters the Fort York Expo Center.

Solar Stega fears not the mist!

[OOC] Plant Man is perfectly normal.

With the clouds overhead, Wire continues on, with the occasional rumbling thunder echoing from inside the rolling puffs of water, "By using a simple drone system simplified down to a basic computer input array, I took it and placed it inside of the tower. After that, I took the plans of my own weather generator and placed it inside the device.." Wire eyes the man with the red rod warily, but he blinks and moves on.

"Typically, to be able to do this, it would take an extensive amount of pre-planning, wiring, and different outputs. Instead, it is all focused on one single output, and the area would have to be inside a controlled zone," Wire explains, "Well, not anymore. With the implementations of my weather systems and other assorted systems. Currently, all this device is capable of outputting, without destroying itself is twenty mile winds, and at best, a thunderstorm. The reach of this device has about a mile radius, and needs to be recharged after each use." Wire looks around once more, "Any questions, or requests of weather?"

Cinnamon mutters to Gaudile: 'Oh ... ... everything ... ... fine!'.

Infinity Mijinion has reconnected.

Dr. Light, having the umbrella gag annexed by the forces of evil, goes one further.

He gets out a poncho, with miniture, cute versions of the Lightbots being happy on the front. Okay, Blues is pouting, but the rest are all full of love! The fact that they're having a picnic on tol of Wily and the Elites might have something to do with that.

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Flame Hyenard transmits, "Yes, but you see, my invention will revolutionize the world of being an asshole."

[OOC] Infinity Mijinion says, "Ow, connection died."
[OOC] Tornado Onion says, "I back Plant's normality."

Cinnamon mutters to Gaudile: '... promise.'.

[OOC] Infinity Mijinion says, "Anyway, I'm just watching now, unless someone is going to log?"

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Tornado Onion transmits, "I see thehehe ...no competition then."

Overclock steps under the awning of his display. No suggestions, but dammit, Wire should know better than to start a rainstorm indoors.

Durandal gets wet, because he didn't think to bring an umbrella indoors.

[OOC] Dust Man is still more prepared than all of you.
[OOC] Wire Sponge says, "It isn't raining guys, yet."
[OOC] Overclock says, "i know."
Skadi enters the Fort York Expo Center.
[OOC] Wire Sponge says, "There is just clouds in the Expo center."
[OOC] Overclock says, "I am only in anticipationg."
[OOC] Dust Man says, "I /have/ BEER. So there."
[OOC] Durandal says, "...oh, whoops."
[OOC] Wire Sponge isn't talking to you. :)
[OOC] Solstis is surprised they didn't set up atmospheric controllers for the Expo.

Durandal does NOT get wet, even though he didn't think to bring an umbrella indoors.

Infinity Mijinion goes home.
Infinity Mijinion has left.

Coaster Raptor enters the Fort York Expo Center.
[OOC] Shadow Man says, "Yoshi knows it's not raining, he was anticipating."
[OOC] Shadow Man says, "SCIENCE"

Cerveau slides an umbrella out a sub-space pocket, having not carried one of his person. A possible rainstorm, indoors?! Even Cerveau didn't expect that.

The Foundation dome deploys plastic sheeting down around the display to fully secure the interior. Within the structure, machinery starts up to assert independent climate control from within. Paranoid? Oh yeah.

A small metal rod deploys from the peak of the dome, standing about ten feet beyond the zenith.

[OOC] Dust Man says, "Yoshi is just crazy."

Sewa, naturally, gets drenched.

Sewa doesn't get drenched.

Coaster Raptor has disconnected.
Coaster Raptor has connected.

Isaac is getting wet! Up goes his forcefield ya for alternate ways to keep dry!

Isaac projects a forcefield around himself.

[OOC] Dr. Cossack says, "But it's not raining. :)"
[OOC] Cinnamon says, "It's misty."
[OOC] Dust Man says, "You people are totally out of whack."

Tornado Onion watches the clouds form overhead not really minding, if it rains it rains and it won't bother this Onion.

[OOC] Wire Sponge says, "Cloudy. :)"

Plant keeps stroking his plant.

[OOC] Tornado Onion says, ".."
[OOC] Cyber Peacock says, "O_O"
[OOC] Tornado Onion says, "Okay now it is getting creepy..."
[OOC] Cinnamon goes outside expectations!
[OOC] Plant Man says, "My preciousss."
[OOC] Sewa screwed up, it was my bad

Cinnamon hesitates in the presence of such a large crowd - but then stands forward and waves one hand, with a smile. "Sunshine! Can you make it warm, since it's so cold outside? Make it a beautiful spring day!"

(New BB message (18/91) posted to 'IC News' by Global News Network: Attack On Oil Pipeline leaves city)

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Gemini Man transmits, "You have a long road to walk if that's your aspiration. We're waaaaay the hell ahead of you."

[OOC] Cinnamon says, "Everyone decked out in rain gear, with the GSTE suddenly 75 and clear."
[OOC] Coaster Raptor says, "CYBAH! *lungetackle*"

        Situated waaaaay back in his booth a sleeping Solstis awoke, blinked...and frowned as he peered out, noticing that the amount of people had increased quite a large sum. A shrug later and he was leaning back, his little stool creaking slightly while he studied the new entrants into the GSTE.

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Flame Hyenard transmits, "We are on a different track, Gemini Man."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Flame Hyenard transmits, "Though I'll give you points for the hologram hi-jinx."

Gaudile looks up and watches the clouds with interest. He does an eyebrow raise, or would had he one. He looks down to Cinnamon, pauses for a moment, then instead of telling her that talking out of turn is rude, he chuckles instead.

Wire blinks, and he tilts his head, "Unnfortunately, this device cannot generate a physical sun, as that would totally and utterly scorch this place.. but I can adjust the climate annnd..." Wire taps a few things on the device. The clouds clear away quickly, and the temp gets to a comfortable 75 degrees.

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Gemini Man transmits, "...Hey, you can talk."

Iris enters the Fort York Expo Center.

Wire Sponge adds, "Unless someone has holographic capabilities, I cannot emulate a sun."

Dust Man is COMPLETELY UNKNOWING. He is busy rewriting some of the equations on his booth.

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Flame Hyenard transmits, "For now. Until the time is opportune."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Gate transmits, "God, not this again."

Announcement: Gemma shouts, "If you are at the GSTE and coming in late, there is a good chance you may have to present tomorrow. If that is impossible for you, page Overclock and I'll put you in the existing queue for presentations. Thanks."

Plant Man keeps stroking the plant. But then one of the leaves fall off from all of the caressing, and Plant looks sad for a moment.

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Gemini Man transmits, "Not what...talking?"

[OOC] Durandal says, "In order to truely love someone, Plant, you have to set them free. Or kill them."

Skadi is just milling about. She doesn't have a booth at this GTSE, but she's sure that her creator's company is somewhere around here. It would have been nice to have grabbed a map, but maybe she'll just head to the main presentation stage and watch.

Wire Sponge says, "No questions?"

The rain-- then sudden change to sunshine did not entirely bother Byte. After all, a fine control of magnetic force kept a small invisible barrier that simply made the raindrops roll off and away. Still, the Maverick is quietly moving, well, floating, observing the different scientific displays, though he is keeping more to the Maverick end of displays. No questions are launched from the fashionably late Byte either.

Dr. Light steps forward. "How do you intend to use this creation, Mister...ah...Sponge?"
Overclock will bite, since Wire looks to be flailing just a bit. "How's it different from what you've done before? Size? Scope?"

Cinnamon actually starts laughing a little, at least until she notices a fair number of eyes on her. Once Wire Storm begins speaking, however, the spotlight is off her and she steps back again, looking a bit embarrassed and uncomfortable at having spoken up. But Gaudile's chuckle earns a conspiratorial whisper.

Cinnamon whispers something to Gaudile.

[OOC] Cerveau eyes. Wire Storm? :o
[OOC] Cerveau pats.

        Gate lowers his forcefield. He's always prepared for inclimate weather.

Gaudile mutters to Cinnamon: '... ... right. Although...you ... know that ... ... over there might ... ... the ...'.

Tornado Onion still watches Sponge from behind Gate and Fairchild, not making his presence know much as he just watches and sometimes looks to Plant who seems usually busy ...stroking it. He shrugs, the plant being quite interesting to his opinion.

[OOC] Plant Man is always stroking it, baby.
Cerveau has reconnected.
Cerveau has partially disconnected.

The rain, or the hazy weather as it might be, doesn't bother Skadi. She can suck that stuff up for her condensers. Her hair isn't even frizzy.

Cinnamon mutters to Gaudile: '... I ... ... ... ... ... sun. Winter's ... but it would be ... change of ... ... ... ... ... ...'.

Gaudile mutters to Cinnamon: '... heh you're right.'.

Isaac lowers his Forcefield now and goes back to enjoying teh show.

[OOC] Cerveau acks. Disconnected. ._.
Dr. Sirius Viper enters the Fort York Expo Center.

Plant Man mutters to his plant: '... love you.'

Since Dr. Light asked first, Wire answers first, "It will be implemented into various repairs to the surrounding country side in need of desperate climate changes. Due to the close range of the device, it can maybe give rain in drouts, or give warm weather in the span of winter time," Then, he turns to Overclocks direction, and he says, "It is differnt from myself as it is portable and does not require a contant complex AI monitoring it, and it can also work in adverse conditions." Wire pauses as he hears the accursed 'P' word. His tendrils huff up in defence, and he looks around the room accusingly. Someone was talking about him.

Dr. Sirius Viper has left.
[OOC] Byte eye Plant.
[OOC] Cinnamon says, "Aww, how sweet."

        The hologram of Cyber Peacock seems well and content. Of course, it's certainly not from Wire's little display; but, more from the idle conversation between himself and a certain Repliforce scientist. Indeed.. Cyber had come to keep an eye on the minds that would surface at GTSE; looking for useful items that could benefit his own scheme. And it has been found. And now, he vanishes--the peacock's form glowing before being replaced by a mesh grid, before vanishing.

[OOC] Isaac eyes Plant.

Cinnamon mutters to Gaudile: 'I ... ... if ... -could- ... ... though ... be ... He seems ... prickly. Maybe that's just ... ... ... being ... as well.'.

Wire Sponge sends glares in Cinnamon's general direction. Time to get off the stage. He snaps his fingers twice. The weather goes away, and the tower picks up. Wire waddles off the stage, and the tower follows after.

[OOC] Cerveau begins his spammy, prewritten display.

Gate looks over at Cinnamon and Gaudile, and decides to tightbeam them a message.

Cerveau takes to the stage, somehow managing to move his rather large and grounded equipment there through the intricate use of subspace. The large containment cylinder sits off to the side somewhat, leaving room for Cerveau's assistant to take center stage, amidst the large hunks of rubble scattered about. Several cables and wires extend from a cluster of machinery near the tube, and attach to various points along the bulky bodysuit worn by the Neo-Arcadian aiding Cerveau with his display.

Cerveau steps into position and begins pressing several buttons on the console, before removing a remote of some sort and stepping up to narrate for his display. "Ladies and gentlemen. I am Dr. Gerard Cerveau, or the nation of Atzlan." This receives quite a few hisses and grunts from the audience, but Cerveau continues anyway. "I come before you today to reveal my latest invention, one that will possibly revolutionize the role of humans in heavy labor, not only in my nation, but all around the world. I present to you, the Geo-Magnetic Lifting Machine, which will from now on will be referred to as the GoLeM." Cerveau presses a button on his remote, and the machines roar to life.

Gaudile mutters to Cinnamon: '... him. I was talking about ... Robot ... near us not the guy ... seems ... have ... us from that distance.'.

Durandal claps enthusiastically. "I'VE READ ALL FOR YOUR BOOKS, DUDE!" He excitedly flashes the 'peace' sign to the scientist on the stage.

"Now, my assistant will display just exactly why the GoLeM will change the effectiveness of human compared to reploids, who once dominated tasks requiring extreme strength or endurance." Electricity suddenly begins crackling around the bodysuit of the other Arcadian on stage with Cerveau, and the doctor turns to signal the start of the demonstration. The electricity issuing forth from the suited person suddenly emits a loud *pop* and what appears to be some sort of vague barrier appears for a split second. The aide then extends a hand outward toward one of the large chunks of rubble, which begins to hover in the air rather quickly, for a change. As he moves his hand, the rock floats through the air quite gracefully. "Through the intricate use of powerful magnetic fields, my assistant, whom I assure you is completely unenhanced, by either cybernetics or the e-human process, can easily lift materials weighing several tons, a feat once only dreamed of by reploids and androids." Cerveau smiles as his assistant stacks the pieces of rubble quite neatly, and continues. "And the GoLeM allows the work to be done more efficiently as well."

A Cossack Foundation intern chucks an empty paper cup in Durandal's direction.

Dr. Light mutters to Dr. Cossack: '... does he ... all of ... extra ... ... anyway?'.

Dr. Cossack mutters to Dr. Light: 'Hell ... ... ...'.

Dust Man does absolutely nothing. Except drink beer. And prepare his time traveling helmet.

Overclock pops a knuckle. Glares at the stage. He doesn't quite have the word 'kill' on his mouth, but, well, it's Neo Arcadia.

Plant Man stops stroking his plant, and then starts rubbing it against his backside with a strange look on his face.

Seems Coaster arrived just in time to see Cerveau's little presentation. Despite it being an Arcadian, the reploid raptor glances over and starts listening and watching anyway.

Cinnamon mutters to Gaudile: 'Well I ... I ... talking ... ... ... ... ... net ... ... ... bit ... ... ...'.

[OOC] Tornado Onion says, "Plant...."

Durandal *plink*. "HEY!" He shakes a fist in the intern's general direction.

Dr. Light runs a hand through his beard. Gravity, eh? Intresting approach, to be sure...

[OOC] Plant Man says, "Yes?"

Cerveau makes another hand gesture, obviously indicating the beginning of the second part of the demonstration. "Heavy lifting is far from the GoLeM's only use," he adds, as his assistance suddenly causes one of the rocks to completely shatter. The invisible field causing the explosion also contains it of course, causing it to pose zero threat to the audience. "Not to mention the fact that the GoLeM can provide complete protection for its user, in the hazardous situations it may encounter. Cerveau draws a small laser pistol from his labcoat and takes aim at the assistant, causing quite a few gasps as he quickly fires a high-powered shot.

[OOC] Tornado Onion says, "Nevermind....just.. nevermind."

Gaudile mutters to Cinnamon: 'Hmm? ... ... ...'.

[OOC] Plant Man says, "Stop making fun of me!"

The intern sticks out her tongue at Durandal, then is dragged back inside the dome by her supervisor as weapons fire begins.

[OOC] Tornado Onion says, "I'm not! I really like that awesome plant of yours^^!"
Ares enters the Fort York Expo Center.

Durandal so totally sticks his tounge back out, not paying attention to the demostration. D'oh.

[OOC] Cerveau says, "Dramatic pauses."
Sov-Bot enters the Fort York Expo Center.
Dr. Cossack drops Sov-Bot.
[OOC] Coaster Raptor says, "... uhoh."

When the dust clears however, the man is completely unscathed, some of the smaller pieces of rubble hovering in front of him. Cerveau smirks, "Advanced sensors supply a 360-degree field of protection as long as usuable matter is present, providing a completely safe zone for the worker, no matter how hazardous his place of work may be." Cerveau flips another switch on the remote, powering down the bodysuit. "Any questions?" inquires the doctor.

[OOC] Wire Sponge says, "Of course, everything has a purpose for weapons in--OH M GOD SOV-BOT."

Cinnamon mutters to Gaudile: '... thought I saw ...'.

Crazy Yoshi finishes his burrito and wipes his mouth with his doctorate in Women's Literature, waiting with a strange mix of annoyance and admiration on his face for the question section. Why couldn't he have thought of it first!

[OOC] Cinnamon says, "Oh my."

Dr. Cossack abruptly excuses himself and leaves the convention center. Shortly thereafter, an unattended Sov-Bot leaves the dome and begins wandering about.

[OOC] Gaudile says, "...You can get a doctorate in women's literature?"
[OOC] Skadi says, "More 'n likely"
[OOC] Cinnamon says, "You can in 2218."
Dr. Cossack has left.
Cyber Peacock has left.

Plant Man rubs the plant around further, muttering something about how itchy he is, and then stops again and looks toward the main stage.

[OOC] Ares says, "Amazing :)"
Chest has connected.

Sewa waves after Cossack, reddening a little. She accidently eavesdropped on someone again. Well, 'accidently'.

Durandal raises his hand. "These gravity fields...what exactly powers them? A gravity well that fine and focused can't possibly last longer then a single fight without some kind of enhancements beyond what we currently posses!"

Tornado Onion watches the Demonstration from behind Gate and Fairchild, seeing the man survive the shot..interested in the body suit...and how the normal person is becoming more useful then himself in some situations.

Dr. Psyche just watches on boredly, eying other booths here and there. He doesn't seem very excited.

Gate reaches over and pats Tornadio's shoulder in a fatherly manner.

[OOC] Plant Man says, "Aww."
[OOC] Plant Man says, "Oh, wait, that's Tornadio."
[OOC] Shadow Man says, "In 2218 you can get doctorates in anthing."
[OOC] Skadi says, "Look at Wily"
[OOC] Dust Man has a doctorate in Duct Tape.
Jazz has left.

Tornado Onion looks to Gate and smiles....looking quite happy for being noticed, that not an important reason, except for him. He speaks quite softly to Gate."Thanks Dad."

Orion Corth has connected.

Gaudile can only 'hmm' in admiration. He had heard of this fabled 'Atzlan', and how some of their members were 'adamant' about killing or dumbifying the reploid race. He'll just have to see how this ends up working.

[OOC] Plant Man says, "He has a mouth?"

Overclock doesn't look too impressed, right now. So Neo Arcadia invented a forcefield? "...Where are the mutants?" he can only mutter, to himself.

[OOC] Orion Corth says, "I live once more!"
[OOC] Solstis laughs.
[OOC] Solstis says, "I wonder if Ciel would've brought some really freakish mutants out and trotted them around?"

Dust Man is humming quietly to himself, not even facing the stage.

Cerveau turns to look at Durandal as he asks the question. "It's rather simply actually, the system amplifies the already existing magnetic fields of the planet, so any significant generator can power it."

Dr. Light frowns, deeper now. Power Armor. He's makeing power armor, or trying to. Light sips his water, quietly scanning over the GoLem with a new intensity, mentaly deconstructing and storeing what information he can ascertain about the potential new threat. And there's one other way, too...

Light gives his "almost-senile old man" smile, "Intresting work! The gravity angle is a very unique way of solving many of the problems with heavy lifting. If you want to compete with Reploid labor on the mass market, though, how do you intend to both mass-produce the equipment, and convince that many humans to return to an essentialy blue collar workforce, one that has essentialy not existed for almost a decade?" Light seems to have stumbled into sensitive ground, what with the fall of the blue collar worker kind of being his fault. That certinly wasn't planned.

Cinnamon just hovers nearby professor Gaudile (although not in the literal sense); occasionally beaming a friendly smile. Less of her attention is on the stage now, though, as her own nerves are starting to get the better of her again. The multilayered, yellow 'wings' on Cinnamon's back shift around a bit - fidgeting.

Iris has left.

Crazy Yoshi rises, leaning heavily on his cane as he does so. "Yes, Crazy Yoshi have question," he says, slowling leaning back again once he's risen. "Why you waste money to build robot suit, and put person inside do boring chores? I sell you minimal android brain, you robot suit do all you chore, not need person inside. Crazy Yoshi minimal android brain do only what you want, no problem. You no like AI, Crazy Yoshi sell you mechanaloid brain. Smart enough for you boring chores, nobody say it alive."

Bluecollared Chimera sniffles.

[OOC] Cerveau says, "Also notes: Anyone interesting in apping a character with this system feel free to contact me. :)"

Chest has been around all this time that he wasn't connected, and is currently in one of the seats watching the presentations. It's depressing how many of the things this time around have direct military applications. Maybe someone will make Chest happy and invent something to end world hunger or eliminate disease. At Chest's side is his not-so-faithful drone Camera, who looks rather bored at being forced to come to this glorified science fair. Chest, for his part, looks relatively interested in the demonstrations.

Gaudile looks at Cinnamon, and squeezes her hand, before muttering to her again.

Gaudile mutters to Cinnamon: 'You sure ... okay? ... ... getting to you?'.

[OOC] Cerveau says, "Curses, my plan to show off without blatantly showing off a weapon under a guise is foiled."
[OOC] Solstis says, "Wow, I saw 5 words in a row on that mutter XD"
[OOC] Dr. Light, foiling evil plans since 2108.
[OOC] Coaster Raptor cheers for Light.
[OOC] Prismatic Spider says, "My PHOENIX System is a military device? :("
Cerveau has reconnected.
Cerveau has partially disconnected.
[OOC] Cerveau acks.
[OOC] Shadow Man says, "It's a soldier recycling machine."
[OOC] Dr. Psyche snickers.
[OOC] Prismatic Spider says, "No it's not!"
[OOC] Prismatic Spider says, "It has incredible civilian use as well!"
[OOC] Dr. Psyche says, "Recycled Workers!"
[OOC] Shadow Man says, "It totally is. Never run out of soldiers, war never ends! Hey, that would be a neat scifi story. Probably already been done though."
[OOC] Gate says, "Shush you. It saved my boy."
[OOC] Cinnamon says, "Two words."
[OOC] Ares says, "I have to purchase one of those belts :)"
[OOC] Sewa says, "who is a soldier, Gate :)"
[OOC] Cinnamon says, "Okay, four."
[OOC] Shadow Man says, "Your noncombatant boy? =)"
[OOC] Cinnamon says, "Javelin Whitetail Repair Device."
[OOC] Gate says, "Don't bring that into this! XD"
[OOC] Durandal DIES.
[OOC] Dr. Psyche says, "...it's so...true."
[OOC] Prismatic Spider says, "Actually, no. It can't raise the dead."
[OOC] Prismatic Spider is surprised no one actually asked that.
[OOC] Tornado Onion says, "Your boys Isaac right Gate? or am I lose again."

Dr. Sarah Fairchild remains in her chair...observing. And composing herself for her speech.

[OOC] Sewa says, "Javelin Whitetail is already dead, we replaced her with a real deer."
[OOC] Plant Man resurrects Double!
[OOC] Skadi says, "They'll find that out once they try to steal it from you"
[OOC] Blues kills Double. Again.
[OOC] Cinnamon says, "Again with the thievery! Tsk, tsk."
[OOC] Coaster Raptor helps Blues.
[OOC] Dust Man resurrects himself.

Cinnamon squeezes Gaudile's hand back, resummoning up a brave look. After all, he may hide it well, but Gaudile certainly can't be any happier right now.

[OOC] Plant Man says, "Too bad, I have a Phoenix Down."
[OOC] Ares :)
[OOC] Tornado Onion says, "Er lost*"
[OOC] Orion Corth says, "Have I missed Gaudile's presentation?"
[OOC] Dr. Psyche says, "Hasn't happened yet."
[OOC] Gaudile says, "I'm going last, so no."
[OOC] Blues says, "Actually, it seemed pretty clear that it would only work on robots that were on -- phoenix down only fixes unconsciousness -- death's doorstep, and not actually -dead- yet."
[OOC] Orion Corth fingersteeples.
[OOC] Dr. Psyche says, "Actually, I'm going last. Gaudile is second to last."
[OOC] Gate hmms.

Cinnamon mutters to Gaudile: '... so -many- people here. I feel like ... ... ... ... ... ... for ... ... I ... mind ...'.

[OOC] Gaudile says, "You are? Hmm..."
[OOC] Cinnamon says, "Who -is- next, anyways?"

"As you most likely know, the people of Atzlan are completely opposed to the use of advanced artificial intelligence used in reploids and androids." Cerveau says with a grimace, at the bombardment of similar to questions. "Also, this systems almost completely eliminates the risk of high-powered machines capable of easily causing mass-collateral damage being at the disposal of Coalition due to the Sigma Virus." Cerveau attempts to recover.

[OOC] Ares says, "Me Dr. Ares"
[OOC] Dr. Psyche thought Sewa was?
[OOC] Sewa is, but I'm waiting till Cerveau is done?
[OOC] Plant Man makes a nice coat out of some doctorates.
[OOC] Ares says, "My invention for tomorrow will be flavored carbonated water"
[OOC] Cerveau says, "AMAZING>"
[OOC] Plant Man says, "What will you call it?"
[OOC] Tornado Onion says, "...Amazing."
[OOC] Solstis says, "That tastes good?"
[OOC] Dr. Light says, "Wait, did you answer my question, Crev?"
[OOC] Dr. Psyche says, "And is fattening?"
[OOC] Plant Man drinks one and gains 300 pounds.
[OOC] Gate says, "Yes. So Psyche can keep his head weight up."
[OOC] Cerveau says, "Redundant pose, ignore the parts that repeat themselves. :p"
[OOC] Gate says, "Can't have the FAT LEVELS going down."
[OOC] Ares says, "I need a name for it :)"
Byte has left.
Isaac has left.
[OOC] Durandal says, "Call it...sodawater."
[OOC] Gaudile says, "Call it CAR."
[OOC] Gaudile says, "Carbonated Acidic Refreshment."
[OOC] Cerveau says, "Is that all of the horrible, idea-shattering questions? ;)"
[OOC] Ares says, "Fantastic!"
[OOC] Durandal thinks so.
[OOC] Dr. Light says, "Uh, sorry?"
[OOC] Cerveau says, "It's no problem. Just caught me off guard. :D"

Gaudile mutters to Cinnamon: '... ... true. Even though ... don't want to ... ... ... for the best.'.

"Oh, you afraid of virus," says Crazh Yoshi, nodding and looking thoughtful. "But you build robot suit and put person inside? You not know virus infect all machine, not just robot brain? You stick human inside infected robot suit, no good! Tell you what, Crazy Yoshi sell you mechaniloid brain and virusproof remote destruction device, make you very good deal, since you such smart man."

Sewa .oO(He's selling a remote destruction device? At such low prices?! How crazy!)

Dr. Light coughs, firmly, at Crazy Yoshi. "That is enough, sir. If you do not have a question, I suguest you save your commentary for somewhere approprate. Perhaps the global radio channel, they seem to enjoy a good debate, and you certinly have the charisma for it."

Flash Man enters the Fort York Expo Center.

Plant Man wanders on over near Gate and his gaggle of people, while holding the plant and not stroking it. While he does this he just keeps watching the stage area.

"Thank you Dr. Light." he states, as he begins removing his equipment from the stage and steps away. "But I'm afraid, monsieur, you do not understand the complexity of the GoLeM's defense systems, are not machines carrying the Sigma Virus in some way mechanical? The field's are programmed to prevent physical contact with possible sources of infection." Cerveau finishes clearing what he can, and bows before exiting. "Thank you for your time."

[OOC] Cerveau says, "Err, that was mine, forgot to put a name on it."
[OOC] Flash Man says, "You said you cleared your throat, but that's okay. :)"
[OOC] Flash Man says, "Ack, not your throat. Clearing"
[OOC] Dr. Psyche does that ALL the time with his inventions. " Buster...Bioroids...Omnidroids...Toaster Streudel..."

Tornado Onion looks to Sarah while the presentation either changes or finishes with the suit presentation and smiles. He taps Fairchild on the shoulder gently..."Fairchild? I recognized you from yesterday heheh....and ...I was wondering if your alright.."

[OOC] Cerveau says, "Whoops."

Durandal claps. "YOU ROCK, DUDE!"

"You not find better price!" calls Crazy Yoshi after Cervowels, and then sits down and crosses his arms over his chest in a huff, forgetting to pretend to be old and decrepit.

[OOC] Dr. Psyche ...
[OOC] Dr. Psyche says, "Yoshi wins."
[OOC] Cerveau says, "Indeed."
[OOC] Solar Stega says, "Cervowels. :D *thumbsup*"
[OOC] Cerveau says, "Alas, I must run for now. Will return later."
[OOC] Plant Man says, "See you."
Cerveau has disconnected.
[OOC] Overclock says, "Well, guess it's sewa's tunr for sure then!"

Skadi watches Cerveau's presentation, with flashy rock crushing and blasting...without much interest. What's next on the schedule.

Dr. Light gives a noncomittal "mm", since he /does/ have Cerveau's number, yes sir he does, and resumes sipping his water. Then, he remembers that he's fat, and pops a soda open. Fully leaded. Mmmmmm.

[OOC] Plant Man says, "Hahaha."
[OOC] Flash Man laughs.

Sewa stares at Yoshi for a little while longer... and then.. Oh Snap! Its her turn! Sewa blinks blankly for a few moments before her shoulders go up, "Oops!" She declares before she walks up to the stage with her clunky camera and sets it up on a conveniently placed table. "Oof!" She declares, before smiling at the people present watching, "Anyway, my presentation is on this!" She whips out a small rectangular capsule chamber of some sort out of her pocket, "Its a Pre-Programmed Solid Hologram. Usually solid-hologram systems are preprogrammed into large settings like training rooms or video game arenas, or in Gemini Man or something." She puts the chamber into the camera and says, "This camera is specifically made to use with the PPSH system. It has little ninjas inside that can read the data in the capsule." She blushes a bit and rubs the back of her neck sheepishly, "UmIt doesnt work like normal holographic systems as the hologram itself is programmed by computer and then the data in the hologram is placed in the capsule. The reason its done this way is so the holograms are even more detailed than the usual solid-holograms. For example, the program I just put in is for a medkit, but not any kind of medkit youd find in the real world, because since the entire thing was made by computer the instruments inside can be a lot finer and specific than can be built into a real world medkit. Since light is being used, very, very small things can be produced easily by just loading in the program."

Flash Man walks, seeming rushed, into the building, ignoring everything until he reaches the audience of the current presentation, glancing at a watch on his hand to make sure, yes, it's not quite over yet. Clapping at whatever he just missed, but not saying anything, he remains standing and watches.

[OOC] Flash Man says, "Gah, sorry. That was supposed to happen before Sewa's pose, and Flash Man's in a disguise. I really should've clarified that."

        ... Well now, that was interesting... Orion Corth finally returns from the men's room. Yes. He's been in there that long. He staggers out, looks around slowly, and wanders toward his booth. "... I am never eating a twenty stack of chili cheese jalapeńo dogs ever again..." he mutters darkly to himself, burping quietly.

[OOC] Plant Man says, "Gross."
[OOC] Tornado Onion says, "heh.."
[OOC] Ares says, "He must be tire"
[OOC] Tornado Onion says, "He can fit 20 stacks?"
[OOC] Tornado Onion says, "Oh a twenty stack ..."
[OOC] Plant Man says, "Of course, he unhinges his jaw like a snake."
[OOC] Tornado Onion says, "Ah."
[OOC] Wire Sponge says, "He's a 7 ft tall E-Human."
[OOC] Wire Sponge says, "He can eat small children if he so desires."
[OOC] Chest says, "We're allowed to ask questions and the like?"
[OOC] Sewa stays away from Orion
[OOC] Tornado Onion says, "Ah yes....alright nevermind."
[OOC] Dr. Light says, "Yep."

Overclock blinks. ...Little ninjas are inside? He can't see them. She must be making it up.

[OOC] Sewa nods to Chest.
[OOC] Sewa didn't ask for them yet though.
[OOC] Gate returns. x.x

Chest looks up at Sewa and her presentation. All of the technical mumbo jumbo goes over his head (ninjas...? really? sweet), but he gets the gist of it. Chest nods and even claps, "Very nice!" he calls out. Chest even stands up and addresses the presenter, "If I may ask, Sewa, what else can this holographic system be used for? A medkit is wonderful, of course. Could other devices be constructed? An engineering toolkit? A communication device? A weapon? Also, how much programming is needed for each new construct? Can it just make things on the fly, or does each object have to be programmed into the hardcode of the pre-programmed solid hologram system? If it's the latter, how difficult is that to do?"

Crazy Yoshi smirks quietly to himself. Back when he was a young man in his 40s, Dr. Runiseshi laughed at his thesis on the miniaturization of feudal sterotypes, but who's laughing now!?

[OOC] Chest says, "Oh, sorry, if it's too soon for questions then ignore mine."

Tornado Onion stays watching out of Interest, as all of these presentations interest him somehow, despite being increasingly useful in his eyes. He hears the words solid holo-gram and thinks of Flame, not being able to wait to tell him about something like this. Notes she also mentions ninjas.

[OOC] Orion Corth returns to the window.
[OOC] Orion Corth says, "... Yeah, let's go with the jaw unhinging... <.< >.>"

Dr. Sarah Fairchild grins back up at Tornado somewhat belatedly, smiling. "I'm fine," she says. "Thank you for your concern, but I'm really alright." Then she goes back to watching.

Flash Man seems interested by the presentation, in fact, he's so interested that he pulls out a pen and pad of paper, and begins to scribble notes, including "li'l ninjas". He doesn't believe it, of course, but being Flash Man, he thinks that L.I.L.N.I.N.J.A.S. might just be an acronym for something.

[OOC] Sewa says, "it's cool, I'll just edit my second pose to incorporate it."

Prismatic Spider rubs his chin, nodding. "Very impressive." Ninjas of technology! This truly is the FUTURE!

Dr. Psyche pffts. Ninjas are SO last year.

Prismatic Spider thinks your headstyle was SO last millenium, too.

Dr. Psyche is sexy and you KNOW it.

Solar Stega has been paying attention all this time! Really! But she's /definately/ paying attention to Sewa's presentation (yay Heracorp!). Ooh, solid holograms, very interesting.. she even has an idea for a question, but--wait, it looks like it already got asked. Oh well.

Shadow Man is always in style.

Wire Sponge is sexier than all of you, and you know it.

Prismatic Spider knows not of this 'sexy'.

Gate mentally kills you all. Hush.

        Despite the OC abun)

Announcement: Pluto shouts, "Little ninjas did it"
<Public> DO NOT ROCK: Javelin Whitetail says, "LIAR!"

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Ring Man transmits, "Either I smoked too much Plant Man or these are the brightest sounds I've ever seen."

Cinnamon mutters to Gaudile: 'I ... ... ... this.'.

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Grisha transmits, "I belieff zhat you are experiencingk synesthesia. Seek medical attention as kvickly as possible."

Sewa flicks a switch on the camera, and a medkit appears in midair. Sewa is quick to catch it before it falls on somebody. "Oh, and uh, I was supposed to say this at the beginning but if you want to know about HeraCorps research, I suggest looking at the display. Not like Im gonna present on something everybodys already seen right..?" She opens up the medkit and withdraws what looks like to be a very miniature scalpel. She wiggles it in the air, "As you can see, these are built for finer work than current med kits. This should allow medics and doctors alike to not just build machines with more complex programming and instruments, but also to repair dangerous injuries that are normally impossible to treat due to proximity to sensitive areas.", she flicks the switch off and the medkit vanishes in a flash of light. "Naturally, this is a prototype. I plan to make the camera lighter than a medkit and easy to store using the same technology it utilizes to allow for smaller chips and machinery inside. While one of these medkits cant replace wires or armor permanently, it is really only limited by the complexity of the program and its creativity.", she looks over to Chest and adds, "Sure thing, if you really wanted, but the purpose was to make fixing people easier, not shooting people easier," She pauses, "Solid holographic systems for on the fly creation already exist. The difference between this and that is that people without holographic capabilities can use it to create things that supplement their work. In my case, fixing and building people. If someone like Gemini Man wanted, he could probably replicate it by scanning the medkit itself, for example, but on its own the system is not made for that. I wouldnt say its possible down the line, but it would require some retooling."

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Ring Man transmits, "Dude. Your words. They're like an orgasm in my mind..."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] President Elpizo transmits, "He's a machine."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] President Elpizo transmits, "If he's suffering from anything, it is stupidity."

Wasn't there a Sov-bot here somewhere?

Sewa naturally, doesn't say whether ninas are actually used or not. She does, however, say: "Any other questions?"

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Mr. Smiles transmits, "CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW?!"
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Nova transmits, "Forgive me if I'm mistaken, but isn't Synesthesia the rare human quirk where the senses overlap one another producing the effect of feeling colors, or tasting sounds?"
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Ring Man transmits, "Ignorance is bliss."

Dr. Light steps forward. "Could you please explain more about your revolutionary ninja-based power system, Sewa?"

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Gate transmits, "While normally I would be inclined to make a rude remark, Madame President, I will agree wholeheartedly that he is stupid."

[OOC] Dr. Psyche says, "Were any Striders harmed in the making of this system?"
[OOC] Prismatic Spider ponders something.

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Ring Man transmits, "Hur hur hur."

[OOC] Durandal <Offical Strider Responce to this> '...'

This sounds like one of those wonderful things that is going to fall into the wrong hands at some point.

Naturally, Overclock applauds.

[OOC] Prismatic Spider straps one to his arm, puts in a card. "I PLAY DARK MAGICIAN! IN ATTACK MODE!"
[OOC] Dr. Psyche ...
[OOC] Wire Sponge says, "......"
[OOC] Flash Man laughs.
[OOC] Orion Corth says, "..."
[OOC] Coaster Raptor trapholes. Suckah.
[OOC] Wire Sponge says, "Everyone in favor of killing Prism?"
[OOC] Orion Corth edges toward the stage.

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Nova pauses while Gate's sarcasm is lost on her, "Madame President?"

[OOC] Gate raises a hand.
[OOC] Durandal says, "Aye."

Sov-Bot is nowhere to be found. Hmm.

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Gate transmits, "Go find a picture of Elpizo. It will all become clear."

[OOC] Cinnamon says, "No killing!"
[OOC] Orion Corth *yoink* "I play Mirror Force!"
[OOC] Wire Sponge says, "OK we have two votes. Kill 'em."
[OOC] Sewa says, "oh god. :("
<Public> REAL MASSIMO Steel Massimo says, "I'm sorry, Pluto. I KNOW YOUR SECRETS!"
Announcement: Prismatic Spider is fired!
<Public> Keeper of the Fight Zombie - Broadcast Ocelot says, "JUMPING IS USELESS>"
<Public> REAL MASSIMO Steel Massimo says, "I will have to spread them."
Announcement: Prismatic Spider is fired!
<Public> SHINE GET! Prismatic Spider says, "nooooooooooooooo :("
Announcement: Prismatic Spider is fired!
<Public> Pluto says, "Who fired Prismatic Spider?"
<Public> REAL MASSIMO Steel Massimo says, "Pluto is, in fact, DUFF MCWHALEN!"
<Public> Blaster Saurian says, "!"
<Public> Ray Stanz, Dr. Light says, "Zounds!"
Isaac enters the Fort York Expo Center.
[OOC] Isaac returns from OOCness.

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] President Elpizo transmits, "Right."

Announcement: Prismatic Spider is fired!

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] President Elpizo transmits, "He just wishes I was female."

<Public> Tickle Me Again And I'll Kill You Ring Man says, "I should app a Maverick."
<Public> Io assassinates Massimo with a red tape garrote.
Announcement: Prismatic Spider is fired!
<Public> Tickle Me Again And I'll Kill You Ring Man says, "I wonder which ones are open."
<Public> Blaster Saurian says, "..."
Announcement: Prismatic Spider is fired!
<Public> Blaster Saurian says, "Nearly all of them, Ri-.. Jeebus."

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Gate transmits, "No, because this way, I will not be mistaken for female in comparison to you."

[OOC] Gaudile says, "That's six."

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Ring Man transmits, "I always thought you were... you know, a herm, Gate."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] President Elpizo transmits, "That made absolutely no sense. Go brush up on your immature insults, Glai--I mean, Gate."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Blaster Saurian transmits, "... Okay now that's just harsh."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Bass transmits, "Dropping the G-bomb, that's harsh."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Ring Man transmits, "Suck it up."

Chest nods his approval at Sewa's reply, "So long as you're able to ensure that it cannot be used to create an improved weapon of destruction, Ms. Sewa, I look forward to seeing paramedics and field doctors with this device. Heck, if it's possible I wouldn't mind being able to give something like this out to field reporters." Chest takes his seat again, and Camera beeps something at him which is promptly ignored by the GNN bossman. Worthless paperweight.

Dr. Psyche makes a few notes.


Dr. Light suddenly feels nostalgic.

Dr. Psyche then realizes he said that aloud, and tries to look innocent.

Prismatic Spider thinks it won't be used to create a mass weapon of destruction! He just thinks someone is going to turn it into an insanely popular projection/holo-collectible card-battling game. Really.

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Gate, nonchalaunt. "The fact that you're engaging in a battle of insults bespeaks of a lack of maturity on your own part, Madame President. Good evening."

Durandal facepalms. "Oi."

[OOC] Dr. Light says, "Oh, well, retcon that."

Prismatic Spider glares at Psyche.

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Ring Man transmits, "So you're doing the same thing he is, douche."

        Orion Corth raises a hand thoughtfully as he draws near enough, "What about the potential for commercial recreational useage?" he calls, smiling very slightly. "Such as advanced three-dimensional, live action video gaming or role playing games." Dr. Light looks at Psyche. And Guadile. And back. And forth. And back. And forth.

And, suddenly, he says to Guadile, "Don't go with the blue tights. I've regretted it for years. Its just not cool once your champion of justice hits puberty."

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Gate transmits, "Yes, but I am not a world leader. I am well within my bounds to indulge in namecalling."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Prismatic Spider transmits, "The difference is that he is a Professor. Most of us in the scientific community have already had our dignity stripped from us."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Gate transmits, "Neener, neener boo-boo."

Flash Man raises his hand, but doesn't wait to be called upon, as it seems others aren't, either. "One thing I am curious about is the limitations of this system. You mentioned that it was a prototype, but how much information is planned to be able to be held in a final version? I'm no expert with programming, so what's the most complex thing that you think will be able to be stored in the final version? And does it come with preset functions, or is it possible to, say, hook it up to a computer and download the solid hologram into it? Then again, if it's created to keep from making weapons, I suppose not. Hm..." He then scribbles a few more notes down, even before the questions are answered.

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Nova transmits, "That sounds a sad field to be in, in that case."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] President Elpizo transmits, "Hm. Fine."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] President Elpizo transmits, "Dr. Corth! Take over from here."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Gate transmits, "A researcher must always be an optimist, in order to survive the constant stream of those saying it cannot be done."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Prismatic Spider transmits, "Delegation! Now that's being Presidential."

Gaudile facepalms. This is made difficult by his large beak. Then he looks at Light. "You make an excellent point. Hmm... I'll keep that in mind."

Cinnamon just... blinks at Dr. Light.

        And then turns to Gaudile. "What was -that- about? Blue tights?"

Dr. Psyche eyes Dr. Light, " Blue Tights? BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA! LOSER! "

"You're one to talk, Disco Stu," Gate asides to Psyche.

" /Dr./ Disco Stu, to you. " Psyche snaps back.

Durandal snickers. "Scientists are funny."

Prismatic Spider says, "Doctor of what, precisely?"

Sewa blinks. People are interested in the ninjas? Not the medkit itself? Or even the camera? Darn! She does, however, whip out her -old- holo-camera from her pocket and pushes a button.

        A little holographic ninja that looks sort of like that little masked guy from the I-Ninja or whatever it's called game appears, floating in the air, "Yes, he works alone. It is difficult work for one ninja to carry data alone, but multiple ninjas have proved to only slow the process down.", he looks towards Orion and adds "Um, there's probably commercial recreational usages possible, but if you hit someone with a solid-hologram sword it hurts just as much as a real sword, if the sword was cool enough...", and then she glances to Flash Man, "Each capsule is capable of holding one hologram, but it can be removed and replaced with another one. With enough programming, it would be possible to allow for multiple programs at once, but that would also require a larger device and would not be as efficient."

Wire Sponge blinks at Dr. Light, "You actually programmed underoo-boy with puberty. Gross."

Plant Man slips out of the expo, in the manner resembling that of an adult male ninja.

Byte enters the Fort York Expo Center.
[OOC] Byte returns from OOCness.

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Bass transmits, "I can't /believe/ he dropped the G-bomb and ran."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Orion Corth transmits, "... Take over what?"

Plant Man goes home.
Plant Man has left.

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Prismatic Spider transmits, "Isn't that how it always goes?"
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] President Elpizo transmits, "Insults. Apparently those in the scientific field can insult without being rebuked."

Dr. Light shhs. "Sewa's talking! Save the banter for later."

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Ring Man transmits, "He means get on top of him."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Gate transmits, "They e-human'ed away his stones."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Edward Hampton transmits, "You're supposed to build UP to the G-bomb, man!"

Gaudile shrugs at his daughter nonchantaly. Then he mutters. Yay, muttering again.

Tornado Onion nods to Fairchild smiling. "Thats good, I'm glad they didn't hurt you too bad eheheh." He goes back to watching ..the questions to this solid hologram system important for talking to Flame about later. He grins at the little ninja.."Hehehe Little guy do so much yet so small...."

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Axl transmits, "What's a G-bomb?"
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Bass transmits, "He compared him to Glaive."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] President Elpizo transmits, "That was pretty mean, now that I think about it. Still, it got the point acrossed."

Gaudile mutters to Cinnamon: 'I ... ... talking ... that ... ... ... ... don't ... what ... means by puberty though. ... don't think I ... to ...'.

Solar Stega has no one to mutter to. I feel so left out.

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Seismic Earthworm transmits, "Apparently Glaive is the new profanity."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Ring Man transmits, "I have to wonder... if I... hmmm..."

Flash Man nods, scribbling more notes, specifically that it could possibly be used to carry weapons that, though they would probably need to be relatively small and uncomplicated, would have unlimited ammunition, or at least only limited by the projector's battery life. Thinking of this, he says, "I see... Oh, and... What powers this device. I assume it's portable, but will it be rechargeable through power sockets, use solar power, batteries, or something else?"

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Plant Man transmits, "You Glaiving Glaive!"
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Ice Man transmits, "You're not, Ring."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Ring Man transmits, "I'm not what?"

Cinnamon mutters to Gaudile: '...me either. Let's keep watching.'.

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Ice Man transmits, "Whatever you were thinking."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Flame Hyenard transmits, "SHUT THE GLAIVE UP. Pieces of Delta."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Edward Hampton transmits, "Oh yeah? Your /FACE/ is Glaive!"
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Ring Man transmits, "What if... I'm thinking about you?"

[OOC] Dr. Light fistshakes at Cinnamon and Gaudile.

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Bass transmits, "Stop dropping G-bombs!"

[OOC] Cinnamon looks innocent.

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Plant Man laughs.
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Nova transmits, "This is all rather ludicrus."

[OOC] Gaudile adds the halo to Cinnamon. He himself beams.

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Orion Corth transmits, "... I see, sir... Um..."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Flame Hyenard transmits, "Enker off, Bass."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] President Elpizo transmits, "Welcome to global."

[OOC] Cinnamon says, "...brilliant!"

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Bullet snickers softly.

[OOC] Isaac says, "How much for me to keep silent? :D"

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Nova transmits, "Mm. I normally keep it off to do work. Perhaps I should do the same while gardening. It rather ruins the mood."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Orion Corth transmits, "Your ability to fail at attempting to create spawn is eclipsed only by your taste in women, Professor Gate!"

Sewa gives Flash Man a perplexed look, "A Shogun, of course.", as if it were obvious. "anything else?"

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Plant Man transmits, "A fellow gardener?"

[OOC] Cinnamon says, "Don't make me go kittypaws on you."

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Gate transmits, "I /have/ a woman. Do you?"
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Bass transmits, "That doesn't make any sense."

[OOC] Coaster Raptor >"<
[OOC] Sewa says, ">"<"
[OOC] Coaster Raptor says, "Yay!"

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Nova transmits, "I find it to be quite a relaxing hobby. It livens up the place when the snap dragons are in bloom."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Bass transmits, "He doesn't fail to create spawn; he fails /not/ to create spawn. I imagine Gate makes robots whenever he passes an auto parts store."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Axl transmits, "So. How's the medbay?"

Flash Man writes down both "S.H.O.W.G.U.N." and "show gun". The thought that she's referring to a shogun just doesn't occur to him.

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Plant Man transmits, "Very much so... especially in the springtime."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Ring Man transmits, "What, are you mistreating your female creations?"
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Gate transmits, "Now Bass, I have more control than that."

Skadi has left.
Dr. Light has disconnected.
(New BB message (27/22) posted to 'Daily Spotlight!' by Ashton Noir: Ninja Insurance!)
Dr. Light has connected.
[OOC] Dr. Light says, "Sorry."

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Bass transmits, "OK, maybe that was a little harsh. A Sharper Image."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Nova transmits, "There are no seasons here. They tend to cycle their blooms every third month."

[OOC] Sewa says, "need a repose?"
[OOC] Isaac >"<
[OOC] Sewa says, "or reradio?"

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Flame Hyenard transmits, "That's how Red was born."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Gate transmits, "Better. Only quality merchandise for me."

Dr. Light has disconnected.

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Plant Man transmits, "Where do you live? I've never heard of plants doing this before."

[OOC] Sewa says, "or a connection?"
Dr. Light has connected.

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Nova transmits, "Eurasia."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Gate transmits, "No, Red was born when Berkana and I got drunk and... Well. Nevermind."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Bass transmits, "I bet it involved drills."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Ring Man transmits, "You raped her?"
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Gate transmits, "You wish."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Plant Man transmits, "Ah."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Flame Hyenard transmits, "I'm telling you. I have the pictures of the 230-tool multiknife."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Gatesniffles. "She raped /me/."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Flame Hyenard transmits, "..."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Bass transmits, "I'm officially horrified."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Nova transmits, "I beg your pardon! Please keep such personal matters private."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Orion Corth transmits, "Not at the moment. I have just gotten out of a relationship with a mentally stable and very beautiful woman. As to the child-producing thing, I should clarify myself. You fail to create sane, stable, or otherwise socially acceptable spawn."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Javelin Whitetail transmits, "..."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Bass transmits, "I need an adult."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Plant Man transmits, "I need to conduct more experiments in the space station. The effects it would have on plants would be fascinating.."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Dr. Light bah. "Biology."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Flame Hyenard transmits, "Bass, show me on this doll where Gate broke your brain."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Axl transmits, "Hey Dad!"
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Bullet giggles.
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Gemini Man transmits, "You know we've got an experimental gravity room, Plant."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Ring Man transmits, "You should be asking Gate where Berkana touched him."

Sewa glances about a bit more before adding, "If there are any other personal questions, I can take them later. Don't want to hold up the Exhibition." She hefts up the clunky camera and gets off the stage, the little ninja following her. boingle boingle.

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Plant Man transmits, "I recall reading in a scientific magazine that moss grown in space stations forms a spiral shape."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Nova transmits, "You're welcome to come see them any time. I tend the flower gardens in the skydeck during my off-time."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Flash Man transmits, "Better yet, Plant Man, why don't you find a way to conduct experiments in a zero-gravity environment. I'd imagine that artificial gravity wouldn't be too different from normal, effect-wise."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Javelin Whitetail transmits, "You do? They're wonderful."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Nova transmits, "Thank you."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Plant Man transmits, "The gardens on the skydeck are lovely, yes, and Flash Man, I could do that... I rarely go to the other towers."

Overclock powers down systems to their ordinary functioning levels.

[OOC] Dr. Psyche says, "...that's a comfort."
[OOC] Overclock says, "I forgot I was swapped up."

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Javelin Whitetail transmits, "I don't understand why more people don't go up there. The Skydeck is a lovely place."

[OOC] Overclock says, "Sorry. ^^;"

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Solar Stega transmits, "It is! Especially at dawn."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Plant Man transmits, "I'd go up there more often, but I have my own garden to attend to."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Seismic Earthworm transmits, "Doesn't dawn... HURT in space?"
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Nova transmits, "There's a good many things of interest to see in Eurasia. Most come for the club district. I'm hoping that the Coalition's tournament and pageant will increase our tourism revenue by making more aware of the availability for such events."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Tornado Onion transmits, "Plant I really liked your plant, it was interesting eheh^^"

Glyde Loath has connected.

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Solar Stega pause. "Not as long as you stay inside the station.."

        Orion shrugs idly at Sewa. It was just a random thought. He scratches his belly thoughtfully and looks around the expo area, "Mmmm... Wonder where I can get food..." he mutters thoughtfully.

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Flame Hyenard transmits, "Yea, so, Dad. Next time you make a girl, make it a girl."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Plant Man transmits, "Thank you, Tornado Onion."

[OOC] Overclock says, "WB Glyde."

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Seismic Earthworm transmits, "What if you're... on the surface of the moon?"
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Nova transmits, "Unless you were properly constructed to sustain the massive temprature increase and radiation, you would suffer severe injury if not out-right death."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Seismic Earthworm transmits, "OH JOY!"
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Flame Hyenard transmits, "Ten brothers is a little troubling on the mind."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Nova transmits, "That's sun-side though. The darkside can be survived as it's not in the direct path of the suns rays."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Somewhere, Shield Shellfish is thinking, 'you have NO idea'.
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Tornado Onion transmits, "Yeah! make more girls! Teheh ... we have like two sisters......ones her!"

Glyde Loath has disconnected.

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Seismic Earthworm transmits, "Don't onions reproduce by budding?"

[OOC] Solstis grins.

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Nova transmits, "The Skydeck's sphere is properly polarized to accept such situations. So, yes, the Earth-rise is a beautiful sight."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Tornado Onion transmits, "tehehe ...maybeee...."

Dust Man has disconnected.

        Gate smiles at Sarah, giving her a hug, before walking over to his booth. He picks up the small device from his booth, taking it up to the stage. Following Gate is a small swarm of odd drones, resembling rather blank, generic looking reploid head and torso with swarming tentacles. They move a few things up on stage, setting up a small holographics display, bringing a bucket of compost, and setting up a podium. They move quickly and efficiently as Gate proceeds up the stairs.

        By the time that Gate places his round, black and green colored cylinder on the table, the drones have moved in a unified swarm to the booth once more, tucking into recess points that weren't readily visible before. Turning to face the crowd, Gate smiles charmingly and places his hand on the device.

        "My presentation is going to be short and sweet this evening, ladies and gentlemen. The device upon which my right hand rests is, simply, the Recycling Tank." He walks over to the bucket of compost, picking up a handful. It's leaves, grass, fruit-peelings and the like.

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Plant Man transmits, "It is a very unique experience to watch your home-planet rise."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Nova transmits, "I imagine it would be."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Plant Man transmits, "Look down at it, and realize that it is our only home..."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Feste transmits, "So quit mucking it up, you punks!"
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Nova transmits, "I imagine more Earthers would appreciate such if they could see it. It is lovely."

Well, now, that sounds either sinister or environmentally friendly. Overclock is not sure which. He listens.

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Nova transmits, "I shall have to visit some day."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Plant Man transmits, "It's unfortunate that the rainforests are rapidly disappearing... one of my brothers told me he could see it go away from space..."

Sarah hopes it's environmentally friendly.

If it's sinister, he's in SO MUCH TROUBLE.

Cinnamon smiles. SHE knows it's friendly, because she can see the compost!

Dr. Light runs a hand through his beard. What if its environmentaly friendly AND sinister? Like Plant Man!

Tornado Onion smiles as his father goes on stage, clapping. He's quite proud of his father for having made him and then going for something completely different and helpful.

Durandal's mind registers this as Not-A-Weapon. So he loses focus and his eyes start to drift around the room.

Sewa makes her way back to her display and looks back to watch. Recycling is good. She runs a hand through her bear-...well, she doesn't have one, but she rubs her chin which is pretty close.

Dr. Psyche harumphs. Anyone can see it's a load of crap. See? Right there, the compost. Load of crap.

Gaudile idly wonders what would happen if this device was placed on someone else's head.

Sov-Bot marauds by Cinnamon, stopping to consider her for a moment with its single glowing red eye, before moving closer to the stage.

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Plant Man now sounds a little angry. "And all that /crap/ going on in Indonesia... ugh. People need to realize that millions of species can't be so easily replaced."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Seismic Earthworm transmits, "Sure they can."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Bass Beavises. "Mmmehehehehe, burn it! Burn it! Fiiree!!"
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Blues transmits, "I don't think it's so much that they don't realize it. They just don't care."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Seismic Earthworm transmits, "This is the future. You can make a robot to do anything better than nature originally did."

Flash Man still takes notes. In his mind, anything has a chance of proving useful, and if it turns things into other things, well, that can always be modified to work on other things, can't it?

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Nova transmits, "Which is precisely why I'm content to stay in my station. We care about this place at least."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Plant Man transmits, "That is exactly what it is. They don't CARE..."

Orion Corth wouldn't doubt it's sinister. Gate is a reploid that spawns more reploids. Dirty, nasty, evil reploids. Yessss... Tricksy reploidses... Dirty, nasty creatureses... He chuckles quietly to himself as he muses over that thought pattern for a few moments before turning attention back to the presentation.

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Javelin Whitetail transmits, "Poor Indonesia's had a lot of troubles lately."

Ares has left.

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Bass transmits, "Destruction is cool."

Ares enters the Fort York Expo Center.

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Plant Man transmits, "... ..."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Axl transmits, "It is not."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Tornado Onion transmits, "Not when it something unreplaceable heheh .. we can replace Bass, not forests..."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Nova transmits, "It certainly isn't. It's wasteful."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Seismic Earthworm transmits, "Destruction isn't really all that cool. Theft is cool."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Bass Beavises some more for some reason. "Mehehehehehe! Stealing! Breakin' the law, breakin' the laaawwwwww!"
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Dr. Light transmits, "Huhuhuh. That's a good video. Huh huh. You said 'break'. Huhhuhuhuhuh!"
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Javelin Whitetail transmits, "Destruction /is/ theft, isn't it?"
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Seismic Earthworm transmits, "Not quite."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Bass Beavises to Dr. Light's Butthead. "Meheheheheh!"
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Javelin Whitetail transmits, "A more violent form of it. --what are you two /doing/?"
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Seismic Earthworm transmits, "At the end of destruction, nobody owns it. At the end of theft, YOU own it."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Plant Man transmits, "They must've gotten into my leaves."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Gemini Man transmits, "....." "We're confused now. Bass, you get girls WHY?"
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Feste transmits, "That's kind of scary."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Nova transmits, "Theft is the removal of goods, property, or other items of value. Destruction is damaging or making things unusable."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Bass breaks character. "Because I'm awesome."

Ares has left.

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Dr. Light transmits, "Huhuhuhuhuhuh. Shut up Bass. Huhuhuuhuh. He said 'girl.'. Huhuh."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] President Elpizo audibly facepalms.

[OOC] Cinnamon says, "..."

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Plant Man transmits, "Dr. Light, are you okay?"

[OOC] Cinnamon inserts the sound of crickets chirping.

Chirp. Chirp. Chirp.

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Axl transmits, "Dad, you're embarrassing me again!"
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Nova transmits, "... That's the famous Dr. Light?"

[OOC] Dr. Sarah Fairchild says, "I'm sure he's posing."

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Bass resumes Beavising. "Mehehehehehe!"

        Gate opens the top of the tank, and lets the handful of rubbish fall in. "During the course of the average human being's life, they will produce tons of such waste, either through simple things such as yard work or unfinished dinners, spoiled foods or, dare I say, the simple biological process of eating." A drone floats over to Gate, bringing him a wet wipe of sorts, and he wipes his hands, dropping the towel into recycling tank. He closes the tank.

        "This device, through a Dream Tech patented process, restructures anything put inside of it into either simple chemicals and pure water, or," he pauses, "usable, edible proteins." He turns on the device and it hums, the green edges glowing. Gate produces a plate from behind the cylinder, and opens a compartment on the side; out slides a block of what looks like tofu. "With Recycling Tanks, things that normally would become biological contaminants, waste or added to landfills can be regenerated into raw, clean nutrients. The need for septic systems in major cities can be reduced if not eliminated altogether; the resulting nutrient buyproducts can be used to fertilize crops, feed livestock - or even human beings themselves. Mind you, this is not the same thing as eating garbage; the structure is changed completely into edible food." He proves his point by breaking off a piece of the cube and eating it. "My favorite setting so far is cherry flavor."

        Gate sets the plate down. "With recycling tanks installed, the ability to feed the human populace is increased; the benefits to the space program are readily obvious, as less raw food materials are needed for long periods of travel, and food stores can be maintained longer on harsh or unfarmable environments, such as the moon, or mars."

[OOC] Cinnamon was just noting the silence on everyone else's parts. Oh, the suspense!
[OOC] Dr. Psyche ....

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Blues transmits, "Yeah, he crashed the Lightsaucer yesterday, don't mind him."

[OOC] Dr. Psyche says, "...he's..."
[OOC] Dr. Psyche says, "...he's...."

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Plant Man transmits, "Oh dear.."

[OOC] Gate smacks Psyche.

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Dr. Light transmits, "Just makeing a point, Captain. I believe Beavis over there gets it."

[OOC] Sewa says, "So he's using human waste to feed people?"

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Nova transmits, "Ah, I see."

Cinnamon applauds spontaneously.

[OOC] Coaster Raptor says, "Welcome to Waterworld."
[OOC] Gate says, "It could be used for that. Yes, that's an icky though, but this is also terribly local."

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Seismic Earthworm transmits, "I'm not sure I get it. You don't really need to further convince me you're a butthead..."

[OOC] Gate says, "Logical."
[OOC] Gate says, "Sorry. XD"
[OOC] Solstis thinks Gate should stick a robot in it.

...Ew, thinks Overclock. And he doesn't normally think 'ew.'

AlTHOUGH...this could solve one of the problems presented to him by the Coalition quite nicely indeed. If it could be used for chipping bodies, of course.

Oh, hey, /that/ got Duran's attention. It's about food! "Okay, now that is just darn cool." He starts to clap.

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Axl transmits, "HEY!"

Gaudile strokes his duck beak in lieu of a beard. "Hmm... the forest could use one of these."

Cinnamon mutters to Gaudile: 'That's an ... wonderful ... ... ... ... never ... me ... ... eat whatever ... ... ... it no matter -what- he ...'.

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Bass laughs.

Tornado Onion claps for his father smiling at the idea of food, and feeding the populace without taking as much food!

Sewa claps. Nervously. It sounded a little gross, maybe she'll find a way to stick to, uh, 'unused' proteins. Or whatever.

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Seismic Earthworm transmits, "Hey what? -I- didn't tell him to act like a butthead. He chose that all on his own."

Flash Man doesn't sound disgusted. No, he raises a hand again, this time waiting for Gate to ask for questions, so that he can be first, though he probably won't be, anyways. He smiles evilly, though it's probably obscured by his hood.

Dr. Light grins, widley. That's just plain neat!

"I have a question, Professor. Can I have a piece?"

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Axl transmits, "That's MY dad you're talking about, you overgrown flatworm!"
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Bullet transmits, "I'm embarassed for all of you."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Seismic Earthworm transmits, "Study your textbooks. I'm a roundworm."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Dr. Light transmits, "You do remain overgrown."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Seismic Earthworm transmits, "And proud of it."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Dr. Light transmits, "...I have to ask. Did I taste good?"

Gaudile continues stroking when Cinnamon makes a comment. Gaudile wonders how she would know.

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Nova transmits, "There's really no need for such language or insults."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Seismic Earthworm transmits, "I don't know. Had I tasted you, you would be a cyborg now."

        Gate nods to Light. "Most certainly." He looks at the crowd because he /can/ hear what they're saying. "Come now, we're all adults here. If your mothers had raised you to eat cockroaches you would think nothing of it." A drone picks up the plate and hovers down to Light, offering him some of the cube.

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Javelin Whitetail shudders audibly.

Byte has left.
Wire Sponge has left.

Dr. Psyche just stares. Now, the 'non-doctor' Gate is feeding the audience garbage. Oh, this is rich.

Coaster Raptor just stares at the recycling thing, but Gate has a point. Its all in how you're raised..

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Dr. Light transmits, "Oh, huh, I thought anything in there would taste. Your tounge designs must be facinateing..."

Chest claps louder at this presentation than he does at all the others. One can only hope that /this/ invention won't turn Maverick. Ha ha!.. hah... heh... ahem. What I meant was, one can only hope that this thing turns out to be viable and usable by the United Nations and other relief organizations to get an invention like this to where it's really needed.

[OOC] Gate says, "I hate you Chest. XD"
[OOC] Durandal says, "Chest, you so crazy."

Solar Stega oohs, impressed. She doesn't even think of the possible ick factor until a minute after Gate finishes describing it, but she shrugs that off. What's not to like about a device that can recycle any organic matter into fertile *and* edible stuff? Even comes in different flavors.

[OOC] Dr. Psyche says, "Oh, don't look now, Gate, it's gone Maverick."

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Seismic Earthworm transmits, "My 'taste' sense is merely feedback from the mass-energy conversion beams."

[OOC] Dr. Psyche watches Mad Recycler run amuck, turning people into Soylent Green.
[OOC] Coaster Raptor says, "ohnoes."
[OOC] Dr. Light says, "<Recycleing Tank> 'Daddy didn't love me!'"
[OOC] Gate facepalms.
[OOC] Flash Man laughs, again.
Wire Sponge enters the Fort York Expo Center.
[OOC] Wire Sponge returns from OOCness.

Prismatic Spider claps as well, a broad smile on his face. SPIDERCRON APPROVES.

Orion Corth strokes his chin thoughtfully, it's quite the interesting idea. Logical, useful, and actually relatively impressive. It's a shame Gate isn't human. Orion might actually get along with him for more than a few minutes at a time.

[OOC] Solstis says, "Nobody's going to ask the query "What can't be put into it?"?"

Sarah...grins, broadly. And applauds - and whistles! Really loudly and approvingly.

[OOC] Dr. Psyche says, "<Recylcling Tank> " So what if I eat my feeling!? " *comsumes twenty more people, craps out cubes*"

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Seismic Earthworm transmits, "It's tuned such that most things I would encounter and consume taste palatable and bland."

[OOC] Gate says, "Will you STOP THAT? XD"
[OOC] Solar Stega says, "At least it's not the Omega Cuisinart. :O"
[OOC] Gate says, "Yeah."
[OOC] Cinnamon CHOKES.
[OOC] Solstis laughs.
[OOC] Coaster Raptor says, "......"
[OOC] Durandal says, "Wait."

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Axl transmits, "Don't insult my dad! Even if you were around when I came online."

[OOC] Durandal just realised.
[OOC] Gate says, "You guys don't realize that I'm making Ultra Oven."
[OOC] Durandal says, "Gate made this thing...TO GET OUT OF COOKING."
[OOC] Dr. Psyche says, "Madness!"
[OOC] Dr. Psyche says, "DUH."
[OOC] Solstis types up a pose then to pester Gate..lalala.
[OOC] Coaster Raptor says, "Happy Birthday, Sarah? XD"
[OOC] Gaudile says, "<Recycling Tank> Feed me, Seymour!"

Dr. Light smiles, widely, and takes the offered piece.

His face twists. And turns. And lumps. His eyes widen, , and The Good Doctor steps back, as if he cannot decide what way he wants to be sick...

Then, he gulps. "Wow. That was." Light pauses. "Awesome! Better than those Cherry Limeade smoothies!"

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Axl transmits, "It's not nice."

[OOC] Flash Man was going to ask what couldn't be put into it, actually, when Gate asks for questions, though he also has another question, that's slightly more evil.
Retro Packrat enters the Fort York Expo Center.

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Seismic Earthworm transmits, "I insulted your dad? Recently, I mean?"
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Tornado Onion transmits, "Whos attacking who heheheh."

[OOC] Solstis says, "Ah, it's not question time yet? My apologies."
[OOC] Flash Man says, "Maybe it is, but I dunno. Gate didn't ask, so I'm making sure."
[OOC] Flash Man just came in at the beginning of the last one, so I dunno. Do we wait 'til they ask for questions, or just ask when they're done presenting?

Sewa says, "Woah! No way! Better than Cherry Limeade!?" She sounds like she doesn't believe it. Better than CHERRY LIMEADE?!

Prismatic Spider looks mildly confused. This is because he has never had a Cherry Limeade smoothie.

        "Chemical analysis will show you that it is completely transformed," Gate adds. "Are there any more questions?"

Dr. Psyche stands, as question time begins. " Ahem, Mister...Gate. Yes. I don't /really/ have a question, I just wanted to take this opportunity to note it's my turn to start the Scientific Community's betting pool for Gate's latest creation, as to how long before it goes Maverick and tries to, y'know, kill everyone. Usual rules, minimum 5 Zenny 'entry'. That is all. "

Dr. Psyche then sits.

Coaster Raptor ...

Wire Sponge starts snorting and snickering at his booth.

Tornado Onion looks to Psyche...."Tehehe that ....isn't funny!" Sulks though....

Cinnamon glances over at Gaudile.

Durandal frowns. "That is rude, inexcusable, and goes HIGHLY against the spirit of this Exposition, SIR!"

Suddenly -- Gate's Recycling Tank begins to lurch slowly to the left, seemingly of its own accord.

Sewa yelps and jumps away from the Recycling Tank.

Dr. Psyche hrms, " Better hurry, folks. This one may set a record. "

Gate has not noticed this. "Doctor Psyche, would you kindly --" Okay, now he notices, and turns around, peering at the tank.

Gaudile catches Cinnamon's glance. "What?"

Dr. Light glares at the tank. "You cut that out this instant, young man!" Light waggles a finger.

On Dr. Light's command, the tank stops moving.

Coaster Raptor just glares at Psyche. He's holding an empty soda can, at this point, and wants to do nothing more than wing it at the doctor.

Dr. Light crosses his arms, nodding. "Suckers represent." He notes, nodding firmly. "Please, Professor, continue."

Orion Corth stares at the goings on, "... I wonder if they slipped something in my hot dogs..." he mutters quietly.

Sewa takes in a deep breath, "Phew.... Thank you for saving the day, Dr. Light!" She slinks back to her spot. Whew. Close.

Solar Stega peers in Psyche's direction, and shakes her head slightly. (While mentally snerking, but let's ignore that..) She then turns to eye Dr. Light and the Tank, and idly wonders if that was a setup.

Cinnamon just shakes her head, amused, and looks back onstage.

        Gate is annoyed, but keeps a calm head about him. "Are there any actual questions instead of betting pools begining?"

The tank is slowly moved back to its former position a few seconds later. Afterward, a Sov-Bot is seen moving onward, moving chairs around in the back into some bizarre feng shui sequence.

Flash Man doesn't look confused, though he hasn't had one, either. He assumes, however, that they're thought by most people to be good. He begins to ask a question, though, ignoring Dr. Psyche and the tank. "I have two questions, actually. First of all, does this only accept organic matter? What would happen if something inorganic was placed into it? For example, would a block of steel cause the machine to malfunction, or would it merely reject it? Also: Unless I am mistaken, organic materials are made chiefly of hydrocarbons. Isn't methane a hydrocarbon? Would it be possible for the machine to malfunction and cause the room it is in to flood with methane gas? Also, could this be used to make diamonds, which are also chiefly carbon? And what happens to elements within organic materials that cannot be digested? Are they disposed of in some way, or mixed in with the product?" Let's see, methane, diamond-producing, and poisoning the food cubes. Yes, Flash Man could certainly use this.

[OOC] Dr. Psyche says, "Good Lord..."

Tornado Onion feels quite sad, very unusual to his programming as Dr.Psyche attacks both his father, his family, and himself in the same sentence....sitting down now near Fairchild...

[OOC] Dr. Psyche says, "COSSACK TAUGHT IT FENG SHUI...."
[OOC] Sov-Bot says, "No, it manifested that on its own. Sov-Bots are Rampant."
[OOC] Dr. Psyche says, "Oh, alright then."
[OOC] Durandal says, "Rampant AI?"
[OOC] Durandal gets the shotgun.
[OOC] Gaudile says, "Oh, god, it's rampant?"
[OOC] Dr. Psyche makes a mental note to hire it to decorate his evil lair later.
[OOC] Sov-Bot says, "Yup."
[OOC] Isaac says, "... Rampant?"
[OOC] Sov-Bot says, "The entire hive system is. Inherent `flaw' of the process."
[OOC] Isaac says, "Who let Tyco and Durandal in here?!"
[OOC] Dr. Psyche says, "We're perfectly safe as long as it doesn't try to kill us."
[OOC] Prismatic Spider says, "Durandal bought a ticket. Duh."
[OOC] Durandal let himself in, punk.
[OOC] Blues returns to OOCness.
Blues has left.
[OOC] Orion Corth slips off. Reality is annoying.
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[OOC] Isaac curses at Pris :D

Chest may have THOUGHT it, but he didn't SAY it. For shame, Psyche! For shame! The GNN bossman rolls his eyes at the unprovoked crack against Gate and raises his hand once Flash Man's question as been delivered and answered, "I have a question, Professor. When can we expect to see this device in the hands of relief workers, the United Nations, and governments that could use them? What are your finances going to be for those interested in your Food Recycler?" Chest has renamed it the Food Recycler, as Recycle Tank or whatever would sound idiotic on the evening news.

[OOC] Solar Stega will BRB, need to set tape for FullMetal Alchemist. /o/

        "The tanks are capable of breaking down metals, minerals and stones but this changes the nature of the end product into something quite inedible. It will not shut down or break down due to abuse through improper loading," Gate explains. "Nor will it create gasses due to the way the device works. For patent reasons I cannot go into great detail over the exact method of the processing, but the technology will be readily available in the next few months. The tanks cannot be used to produce diamonds or other gemstones, as they are set only to produce proteins. Mistakes have been tested with everything from blocks of nerpium to toxic waste, and the by products are always poor tasting but non-poisonous. Like any any good recipe, one must put in the right ingredients if one wishes to have a good meal."

Shadow Man has left.
Shadow Man enters the Fort York Expo Center.
[OOC] Shadow Man returns from OOCness.
[OOC] Gaudile says, "BRB."
[OOC] Wire Sponge says, "This will become the saving grace of many college students, I predict."
[OOC] Dr. Psyche says, "And give them something to do with textbooks they can't sell back."

        Gate then adds, replying to Chest, "Small tanks will be available in a few weeks for immediate UN Aid."

[OOC] Cinnamon says, "....I want one."

        Solstis had been seated within the depths of his booth for some time now, having listened to the presentations as they came out and nodding slightly whenever he found one of them interesting. In the case of Sewa's creation he had been highly impressed...but this recent one confused him, mostly due to his massive background in using chemicals, and so Solstis arose from his wooden stool and limped out further, raising one hand before speaking. "Doctor Gate, if you don't mind my calling you a doctor even though you supposedly lack a doctorate, which in my opinion matters not in this day and age of mail-order doctorates," Solstis stated loudly, as he lowered his hand and stared at Gate. "You say that it causes a restructure of the object placed in it, thus resulting in an output of the desired choice. My question is, how is this processing even conducted without a massive sum of energy to fuel the fissioning and fusing process, and also exactly what sort of chemicals can be produced? Some chemicals require extremely complex formulas merely to work, formulas that may be impossible for one to create without being very careful as to what waste they put in."

Flash Man nods, and frowns, though, once again, that's hidden by his hood, except to people can see through the shadow.

"And the finances, Professor? How much is this going to cost the United Nations and other organizations per unit?" Chest asks as a follow-up question.

Overclock buries his face in his hand at Sol's 'not a doctor' remark. It really does hardly matter.

        Gate smiles wisely. "The technology behind the internal mechanism of the device is, again, not going to be discussed openly due to patent reasons." And because your a dirty, dirty Maverick and I don't want you making this a weapon, Gate thinks. "The units are very inexpensive, Mister Chest. One of this size is only one hundred and fifty zenny. Industrial models are already in the process of being developed."

[OOC] Solstis says, "Read: Gate made it up, it doesn't work! ^_~"

Chest nods, satisfied with that answer. "Thank you, Professor." He takes his seat again and awaits the next presentation or any other questions that folks might have.

[OOC] Dr. Sarah Fairchild smashes Solstis through a wall. No calling the technobabble bluff!
[OOC] Solstis sobs.
[OOC] Gate knows exactly how it works, but seriously isn't going to discuss it in front of Mavvies.

Tornado Onion still watches for his father, smiling and trusting in his ideas. He likes the idea and also the fact that his father made it.

Gaudile glances at Cinnamon out of the corner of his eye, then ponders purchasing one for the labs.

[OOC] Solstis snorts.
[OOC] Solstis ponders...nods.
[OOC] Solstis says, "OC's about as trustable as a rabid kitty."

Cinnamon doesn't have any questions; most of this is going right over her head, to be perfectly honest. She catches Gaudile's gaze and smiles back brightly.

[OOC] Solar Stega ohs, is back.

Cinnamon mutters to Gaudile: 'You're trying it ...'.

Gaudile whispers something to Cinnamon.

[OOC] Gate says, "It is every citizen's final duty to go into the tanks, and become one with all the people."
[OOC] Dr. Psyche ....
[OOC] Dr. Psyche says, "I tried to warn you. But nooooooo."
[OOC] Prismatic Spider says, "AAAAAAAAAAH"
[OOC] Overclock says, "I'm for it."
[OOC] Prismatic Spider says, "IT'S THE HIVE"
[OOC] Overclock says, "Round up the meatbags."
[OOC] Gaudile sets Gate on fire for the AC reference.
[OOC] Solstis is rounded up ^^

        "Any other questions?" Gate asks.

        After all of the talking, after all of the babbling...Solstis has to ask it. "Why aren't you a doctor?"

Cinnamon very subtly attempts to insert herself between Gaudile and the stage, just in case anything blows up.

[OOC] Dr. Psyche says, "Those were the last words Solstis ever uttered..."
[OOC] Gaudile says, "At least until next week."

Dr. Light notes, "What with the war on, I think he might not have the time for a full dissertation, Mister Solstis."

Dr. Psyche harumphs, " I did. "

Overclock rolls his eyes. "You know not everybody is," he says harshly in that direction.

[OOC] Flash Man is going to log off. 'Night, everyone.
[OOC] Solar Stega says, "'night Flash!"

Wire Sponge glares over in Solstis' direction, "Oh would you just SHUT UP!" He clicks a few things on his weather thing.

Flash Man begins to walk out of the area, tucking his pad and pen into his pocket, and checking his watch. He doesn't offer any explanation, as, well, there is no IC information. Haha!

[OOC] Cinnamon says, "How many people are left?"
[OOC] Overclock says, "Sarah, then me, then you guys. Hanging in there?"
[OOC] Flash Man says, "*explanation, not information."
[OOC] Dr. Sarah Fairchild says, "A couple. I'm just waiting for Gate to declare himself done and then I can go."
Flash Man has disconnected.

        Gate smiles wisely. "Getting a doctorate requires time that could be better spent in research. I put all of my efforts into finding a final cure for the Sigma Virus, as I did with the Maverick. I am in this for the work, not the tenure. Besides, when you're a doctor and you have tenure, no matter how insane, vile or harmful your work is, you cannot be fired for it." Gate eyes Psyche.

        "If that is all, I am concluded." The drones begin to take down his display and clear the stage.

[OOC] Dr. Psyche is still raring to go.
[OOC] Cinnamon is good to go!

Dr. Psyche gives Gate a thumbs up.

Chest pipes up here, calling out in Solstis' general direction, "Because equal rights for robots is still not quite a reality, Maverick. For some reason humans have a tough time /trusting/ robots. Wonder if the whole organization dedicated to slaughtering and mutilating their race has something to do with it." Camera beeps something loudly, which translated is a bunch of swear words aimed at Solstis. Thankfully, it just comes out as beeps.

[OOC] Gaudile is excellent to go too.
[OOC] Prismatic Spider is full of meat.
[OOC] Dr. Sarah Fairchild says, "My turn?"
[OOC] Gate says, "I believe so."
[OOC] Overclock says, "yup"

Sarah, when her time comes up, quickly stands, gathers a few materials in her arms, and walks toward the stage. She accepts a hand microphone, and quickly begins speaking into it while her eight multicolored drones twirl about her. "Good afternoon. I am Doctor Sarah Elizabeth Fairchild." The screens of the stage remains blank, for now, hopefully drawing all eyes to Sarah. "As most of you know, especially those among you who make heavy use of remote operating systems and similar devices, one of the key problems with drone operation is the simple fact that you're not doing it yourself." Sarah then drops the mic - allowing for a drone to swoop in, grasp it in a gravitational feld, and hold it up to her lips as if it were her own hand. "It's tricky, of course. Drones have a basic AI that lets them do repeated, simple tasks spectacularly well, but eventually they just won't suffice anymore. That's part of why I developed the Semisentient Personal Interaction and Remote Intervention Terminal system." The eight spherical SPIRIT drones - minus the silver one which is still holding the mic - fly up, front and center, and hover over Sarah's head in a line. "The SPIRIT system is a series of drones, programmed with a limited AI for autonomous activity and connected to each other and the terminal hub by a radio frequency network. Using my research into integration between the human mind and data constructs, I was also able to achieve something that hasn't really been done before: An integration of the human psyche with the drone control system." The drones whirl around on an unseen command. "The initial system consisted of a single drone; after acclimation, I've worked myself up to eight. But the SPIRIT system has been well-documented, so it's not really what I'm here to talk about. What I am here to discuss is the founding principle, and a new device based on it. That principle is, of course, the interface between the human mind and a mechanical device."

[OOC] Dr. Psyche says, "OH IT BURNS."
[OOC] Dr. Sarah Fairchild says, "I got three of 'em. Nyo ho ho. I'm just giving people some time to recoup before posting."

Dr. Psyche perks, " Hey, that's the camera drone which took my pictu-..." His finger is raised to point, but halts midway as realization dawns on him.

Prolonged picture taking.
No flash.
And /no/ request for him to get naked.


[OOC] Isaac Grins
[OOC] Dr. Sarah Fairchild DIES DIES
[OOC] Durandal /dies/.
[OOC] Cinnamon says, "--"
[OOC] Cinnamon says, "Daddy, I wanna go home now."
[OOC] Solstis says, "Come stop by my house! ^_~"

Chest snorts and gives Camera a glare, muttering, "How about that? Drones that'll actually do what you ask of them. Boy what I wouldn't do for something like that!" Camera swears back at Chest in his beeps and whistles. "/And/ will actually shut-up once and a while." It's a good thing that neither Chest nor Camera have legs, and thus are incapable of kicking one another.

[OOC] Gate punches Solstice /for/ Gaudile.

Allowing some time for this to sink in, Sarah continues, while grabbing a device from her coat pocket and, apparently, plugging it into a port somewhere beneath her collar. She is a cyborg, after all. The screen behind her suddenly flares to life with a digital map of the processes going on inside the SPIRIT systems. It's a waveform of sorts, which fluctuates most rapidly when the SPIRITs are moving. "It's a fairly simple premise, once you've got the basic math down. Any human mind, with a proper converter, can talk to machines. Reploid minds are a cut above, of course, and much more difficult to connect with in any meaningful way...a direct connection between human and reploids minds isn't really possible with current research, in truth. All that's possible with current technology is an indirect connection, hosted by a mainframe computer, that is little more than an ancient Instant Messaging client with some really creative emoticons. Less complicated things - drones and AI-free devices - are much more easily connected to. I'm able to do it through my SPIRIT cybernetics, but it's unrealistic to expect the average person to get a transmitter box implanted in their body. It seemed like things were at an impasse...until Light Labs used this research to create an invention of their own." An image of the Crescendo headband shows up on the screen. "The Crescendo system uses similar techniques to what I've been using to allow anyone - augmented or unaugmented humans, reploids, anyone - to access the cyberspace grids on a neural level without any sort of surgery or direct-input jack. It achieved what I'd been unable to...however, with its advance in the capacity to allow unaugmented individuals to interface with mechanical devices, it makes a wealth of opportunities available, which I have taken the chance to make use of."

[OOC] Gaudile says, "Thank you."

Dr. Psyche shrinks back to his seat, " I feel so dirty and used! "

And, on afterthought, " And no in the GOOD way, either! "

[OOC] Isaac says, "she made an MMI"
[OOC] Gate says, "Indeed. Don't make me get another quote."

Tornado Onion from where he sits claps , happy that despite her wounds Fairchild is able to go on the stage and continue what she planned to do before the incident. He watches intently, if only to be polite. He then looks to Dr. Psyche, now sure that he's weird if he wasn't sure before.

Dr. Sarah Fairchild holds up a somewhat larger apparatus than old Crescendo; a good old-fashioned blocky VR visor and gloves. If anyone's looking, her lips aren't moving anymore, her voice coming out of the room's speakers apparently generated by means of the connection she's got set up. "/This/ system, which I've dubbed Orchestra in honor of its big brother, allows for individual control of appropriately-equipped largescale apparata. You won't need something this bulky to turn on the lights or operate the screen behind me, of course, but this enables undisturbed concentration while operating large apparata, handling tasks too complex for a simple drone AI to accomplish, but which don't call for hiring new workers. It /does/ have some potentially military applications, however at present more research must be done to minimize potential neural backlash, so at the present time it's a purely civilian device."

Sarah folds her hands, and the screen behind her shows a great big question mark. "Any questions?"

[OOC] Tornado Onion says, "I have no actual imput^^ I am of the happy."

Durandal waves towards the stage. "Hiiiiii, Ignis!"

He is, of course, refering to the Red Spirit.

Gaudile yells after Psyche. "What, 'Disco Stu' don't like that?"

He immediatly returns to a docile look. He raises a hand. "'Minimize potential neural backlash?'"

Dr. Psyche stands up quickly, " Are you using it to produce pronographic material of me!? " He screams, pointing into the palm of his hand, " Because I demand royalties! And a fanbase! "

[OOC] Coaster Raptor says, "..."

Cinnamon tries to cover up a giggle. And fails.

Prismatic Spider just stares at Dr. Psyche.

A pop can is thrown at Psyche from one of the many civilian booths.

Isaac facepalms.

It wasn't Coaster that threw it, though the urge is rising all the time.

Chest glances over at Psyche, shaking his head. And Chest had a hope that this scene would be civil, and not involve idiots.

Cerveau has connected.
[OOC] Solstis says, "hi c."

Dr. Light fights off the urge to copyright then name "Psychesaucer".

Overclock does have a question, a minor one. "... You still see a marked advantage to direct input connections with cybernetics, don't you?"

[OOC] Gate says, "Psyche owns us all."
[OOC] Cerveau returns! I didn't expect tot take that long. x_X Who went while I was gone?

Dr. Psyche is above saucers.

Gaudile mutters to Cinnamon: 'I ... ... the world ... ... ... One ... he ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... it ... also ... be ... ... he is ... ...'.

[OOC] Dr. Psyche says, "...my kingdom for E-Senses..."
[OOC] Isaac grins evily

Cinnamon mutters to Gaudile: '... ... see ... ... don't ... me connect.'.

[OOC] Cerveau says, "And Psyche's showing off the Mad Nautilus?"
[OOC] Dr. Psyche hasn't gone yet.
[OOC] Cerveau says, "Oh. XP"
[OOC] Cerveau says, "Who has now?"
[OOC] Dr. Psyche says, "Sarah is right now. Then Overclock. The Gaudile. Then Me."

Dr. Light also claps, firmly. His eyes shine with honest pride in his friend. He resists a wolf whistle, though.

        Again Solstis spoke up, though not out of some distaste for Sarah Fairchild, which quite readily existed. Curiosity demanded he inquire, and so he merely asked it, raising one hand to draw attention to himself. "Excuse me, but what exactly stops something like the Sigma Virus from causing some manner of backlash on the Human who is using the device, or from corrupting the mechanical part of the whole device itself and therein generating serious issues? Take into consideration the Spam Incident of only a short time ago, which proved that the cybernet itself still has /some/ surprises for even the more intelligent to encounter."

Gaudile mutters to Cinnamon: '... can ... ... person's ... ... fact I bet ... ... ... ... ... ... ...'.

[OOC] Gate would have to give Light a wedgie for wolf whistles.
Coaster Raptor has left.

        Gate makes a mental not to kill Solstice a million ways from Sunday for bringing that up.

Crazy Yoshi hmms, stroking his beard thoughtfully. That last presentation about some sort of recycling thing he just tuned out, can't stomach environmentalism, but this is something! A name like SPIRIT is just what he needs to sell all the drones he's got in stock that haven't been moving. Maybe he should even remove the large, comical cross-eyed optics? Nah... some things you just shouldn't mess with. He claps politely, and waits for the next marketing gimmick.

[OOC] Sewa dies.
[OOC] Dr. Light says, "Curse you Crazy Yoshi!"

Durandal has seen the SPIRITs in action. But he /does/ have a question or two. "What is the system's maximum lift capabilities? And what is the power output for concetraited firepower? And how many BTUs of pressure can an individual SPIRIT take on it's own, and how many as a whole unit?"

Cinnamon recovers after a few seconds from her giggling fit, and is feeling good enough to venture another question; raising her hand and waiting politely until some of the others are out of the way. She doesn't -quite- get all of what Dr. Sarah Fairchild is saying, but something has attracted her attention.

        "This 'Orchestra' system, that works through... through interface, or whatever it is. Is it affected by different mental processes, like emotions?"

        Gate slips into his booth and has a seat. Looks as nonchalaunt as possible.

Dr. Light has disconnected.

Shadow Man pauses, mumbling to himself as he takes notes on the back of an old issue of Popular Mechanics.

[OOC] Shadow Man says, "Oops! Cut that"
[OOC] Chest says, "Well well, Shadow Man. Now we know your terrible secret."
[OOC] Gaudile says, "OMG Shadow man, where /did/ you come from?"
[OOC] Gate says, "He was hiding with the Lil Ninjas."
Skadi enters the Fort York Expo Center.
[OOC] Skadi returns from OOCness.

Crazy Yoshi pauses, mumbling to himself as he takes notes on the back of an old issue of Popular Mechanics. "Hmm... fully articulated... semiautonomous... dynamically responsive in real time... racing stripes..."

[OOC] Shadow Man secretly powers all of HeraCorp with his ninja energy.

Sarah looks at Gaudile, and nods in response. "The system causes a direct connection between the person using it, and the device that is hooked up to, for largescale apparata such as would be used in a combat setting. If the remote-controlled device is destroyed, it COULD cause tremendous pain to the person, shock...a host of unpleasant things. This is a nearly nonexistant danger, when it comes to nonmilitary hardware, but military hardware gets destroyed regularly. The exact dangers aren't enumerated just yet, but they are sufficient to make military use far too risky and dangerous until such time as we have managed to make this danger substantially lessened, if not eliminated outright."

Dr. Psche is ignored because he looks like a disco ball.

Sarah nods at Overclock. "Yes. There is a substantially better performance rate in cyborgs over unaugmented humans, and it's just generally easier to create, too. But the system does allow for people to turn off the lights in the kitchen from the living room to be able to do so without undergoing cybernetic surgery."

Sarah looks at Solstis, and frowns. "The system itself has limited danger to those using it. Yes, it can be infected with the virus, as can virtually everything mechanical, however humans hooking up to a device that's been infected will, at the worst, find that the remote connection doesn't work. It's no more dangerous then standing in a Viral forklift's control seat - perhaps even slightly less so, since you're not really that close to the Viral object."

Sarah looks at Durandal, and chuckles. "The SPIRIT system's specs have been published; I'll be happy to answer questions about it when I'm not center-stage, however."

Then eyes trace to Cinnamon. She nods, slowly. "It's still in early stages, so yes. It's...somewhat like early voice recognition software. If you don't think the command right, it may not parse correctly. Shouting didn't help back then; thinking angrily may only make the matter worse now. I'm of course trying to minimize this issue, but it's not easy to extricate individual thoughts from the jumble that's usually flowing through a human mind."

Prismatic Spider grumbles something about backlash.

Dr. Psyche is flabbergasted as he's overlooked entirely, " Oh, you'll be HEARING ABOUT THIS, MISSY! Don't think you can just take naughty photos me and get away with it! After all, you've not even seen my full portfolio. I can do so much more than dirt. There's impish, innocent, childish, mature, serious..."

This goes on for another few minutes.

[OOC] Dr. Psyche arghs. Photos OF me and much more than DIRTY.

Overclock thinks about this, too. He's heard of this kind of thing, but now there's a possibility to combine this research with his. It might even be promising.

[OOC] Dr. Psyche keeps leaving out letters.
[OOC] Chest says, "Is there security here or what?"
[OOC] Dr. Psyche says, "Chest? Do you remember last year?"
[OOC] Overclock says, "Yes, there is, but, well, he's just nuts"

Durandal fingersnaps. "But I don't wanna be paceint...awww, shucks. Okay, I'll be quiet." He slicks back down into his chair. Which is actually the control seat for an artillery turret that is part of his booth. A biiiiig artillery turret.

[OOC] Chest wasn't here last year. So no.

        Gate picks up the remainder of the chunk of recycled protein. He lobs it at Psyche. "Oh pipe down mushroom head."

[OOC] Dr. Psyche says, "GTSE is where we can all be nuts."
[OOC] Skadi says, "If you called security to get the nut out of here, they'd be hauling EVERYONE away"
[OOC] Cinnamon says, "Not me!"
[OOC] Solstis isn't nuts.

Overclock starts getting his own stuff ready. He sort of has butterflies...that's odd.

[OOC] Sewa is usually sane. Promise.

Tornado Onion continues watching, nodding now and then. However, he hates to admit it to himself but as interesting as her SPIRIT system is, he's beginning to lose interest in watching whatever is going on the stage right now. He looks around, ignoring Dr. Pyscho and then looking over the rest of the room, getting up and walking around, heading back over to Cinnamon and Gaudile.

Gaudile suddenly starts stroking his beak again. He leans in towards Cinnamon.

Gaudile mutters to Cinnamon: 'Do ... have ... camera?'.

Cinnamon feels just a little bit intimidated - but Sarah's answer confirms what she suspected, so Cinnamon looks less worried and more thoughtful.

        At least, until Dr. Psyche starts babbling again. And then she just glances over to Gaudile, leaning in as well to listen.

Cinnamon mutters to Gaudile: 'I think ... ... ... with ... supplies just ... ... I ... know ... ... allowed or ... ... ... are you thinking?'.

Dr. Light has connected.

Sarah nods, once, continuing to ignore Psyche, who continues to look like a disco ball on legs. She smiles at everyone, removing the control device from her cybernetics. "Thank you all for your time." She then moves off stage, surrendering the mic to the people standing by.

Gaudile mutters to Cinnamon: '... ... dear: ... Shop.'.

Cinnamon suddenly laughs out loud.

[OOC] Durandal stares at Gaudile.
[OOC] Dr. Sarah Fairchild says, "I caught all of that. But I don't know the context. ARGH."
[OOC] Dr. Sarah Fairchild says, "MY FACTION FOR E-SENSE. XD"
[OOC] Dr. Psyche can arrange that.

Skadi went out to put coins in the meter. Now she's back, and the Director is on stage. Did she miss something interesting? She works for the lady, and she still doesn't know how her flying doodads work. Skadi then sighs as she sees Sarah step off-stage, allowing for the next guy to come aboard.

[OOC] Shadow Man hears everything. It's really quite fascinating.
Retro Packrat has left.
[OOC] Dr. Sarah Fairchild says, "You keep your grubby paws off my faction, you overgrown disco ball."

"...sensual, playful-owHEY! " He turns, as he's smacked. " Geeze, isn't there any security here!? " He murmers, sitting down.

That was Dr. Psyche. Really.

Dr. Light has some more soda.

Cinnamon glances around at the security and the surrounding booths. Then, very carefully, she tiptoes over to the volcano, reaches in, digs around for a big, and pulls out... a digital camera.

        Which she then hands to Gaudile.

Yup...looks like she's done.

Overclock heads for the stage...pushing along in front of him the large cart that contains his computer equipment. No drone help for him, but, he's got the back for it. He shoves the cart up front-and-center, and gets ready to present. Brawler-looking type that he is, he wonders if he should have worn a labcoat today, or, maybe...
He looks out in the audience and eyeballs Dr. Psyche...
Switched to a transparent visible-brain dome?

Hm, a little TOO flashy.

He paces to the podium onstage, and rocks back on his legs...noticing now just how many people there are. To think that not even a year ago he was a college dropout with no future....
His legs feel as if they aren't suspended, his torso a bit heavy for them to support, and he blinks a few times. Who says Mavericks don't get stage fright?

Taking a slow breath, he flips down his visor, covering his eyes. Better already.

"Evening everyone. Guess I have tough acts to follow. For those that don't know--" He glances across the crowd. Looks at Doctor Light. Continues. "My name is Christopher Matheson." (No 'doctor' there. Solstis better not have nothin' to say about it.) "...In the Coalition, where I do my work, I'm called Overclock. About four years ago I began sincere and earnest study in the field of human cybernetic enhancement. Like all men of science... I stand on the shoulders of giants. It was my privlidge to become apprenticed to Doctor Sigmund Doppler a bit less than a year ago. In working with him, I've been able to further my work... not on the reploid net, which seems to be the hot-topic in design in most current circles..." He looks out to Prismatic now, and nods at him. "But on... improving the human brain."

Surprise? Is it really a Maverick project? Pressing a button on the podium in front of him, Overclock brings up a slide, projected onto the screen behind him. Those who have a weak stomach or weak knees may be displeased at the lack of prior warning: the image is of an open-brain surgery, as being performed on a young girl. The child is in fact very much wide awake, and seems to be smiling happily at the camera for this photo-op even as her precious meats are exposed directly to air.

Durandal looks around. "Psssst, Doctor Light?" He whispers without whispering to get the Doctors attention, then holds up a...can? With a string in the back? He gently tosses the can to Light and picks up a second can, this one has the same string tied inside the bottom. Durandal then procedes to whisper to Doctor Light from twenty feet away, via Can-Radio.

Dr. Psyche just stares....

[OOC] Shadow Man says, "Hahaha, he thinks you're a cyborg."

Durandal mutters to Dr. Light: '... ... Light? ... ... to ... ... ... did you bring ... extra food ... ...'.

[OOC] Overclock says, "Who does? :)"
[OOC] Shadow Man thought you thought Psyche was one, I may've misread.
[OOC] Overclock says, "I just think his head looks funny"

Gate smiles and sends a message to Durandal.

Chest takes a deep breath at the sight of the little girl having brain surgery. The smile certainly doesn't do anything to make the image look any nicer. The GNN bossman slumps in his seat slightly and scowls, wordlessly listening to Overclock's presentation.

        Solstis merely stood there, crossing his arms before his chest and smiling. There was his big bad daddy, for lack of a better word, and Solstis sure as Hell wasn't going to piss him off. Overclock would probably take his time repairing him if he did. Lots of time.

Dr. Light has disconnected.

Durandal mutters to Dr. Light: '... ... ... saw the stage ... not ... ...'.

Dr. Light has connected.

Solar Stega blinks and mentally icks at the brain surgery thing.. but.. it's not /so/ bad, because of the girl's attitude. She wonders why she is so calm and generally OK about it.

Dr. Light catches the can, and just smiles at Christopher, giving the Maverick a little wave that would make Vir Cotto proud. He listens to Durandal, and looks alarmed, nodding sternly.

A Lightbot beeps in the audience, and unicycles out of the building. Zounds! An emergency?

Crazy Yoshi cringes slightly at the screen. Robotics and programming were always his style, he doesn't go in for that gorey biology stuff. Even if his inventions and products are frequently responsable for it.

Because of drugs, of course.

Overclock swaps to the next slide: same surgery, view from the back. Being currently inserted directly to the brainmatter is a small series of microchips, which seem to be partially sewn into the soft cells.

"Cybernetic 'wetware,' or brain enhancement, is not unheard of in this day and age, and with the increasing number of power-armor pilots and direct-link internet 'hackers,' brain-direct chip installation for commerial and private use is on the rise. Global communication..." Overclock swaps slides, and now there is a picture of Planet Earth, which at least gets that brain matter off the screen... "Has been improved, or, destroyed, if that's your view, by international radio signals and satellite. While systems like Crescendo give humans...some of the gain, with none of the pain, reploids and androids have thusfar had an advantage that human beings have not. They can instantly, and easily, overcome the language barrier. Thus, these implants." And back to another surgery photo. Sorry, folks. "When these chips are implanted successfully, the subject can directly download languages right into their brains...bypassing traditional learning methods for instant and reliable translation. Since the brain itself does part of the translation work, translation quality is considerably better than any ordinary, non-intelligent computer can develop. Fluency in a language previously unknown to the patient can be developed in as few as three two-hour download sessions onto the microchip, and, if the patient has some familiarity with the language or language family, download is even shorter."

A pause. "As has been proven in several seperate research studies, the human brain learns languages the fastest before the hormonal changes brought about by puberty, when several neural pathways in the brains are rerouted for adulthood. As such... the implants have the highest success-rate when they are placed on a young patient, or, on a patient who began cybernetic upgrade sequences prior to puberty." Overclock coughs, pauses, checks reactions. Maybe questions. "Open floor."

Sarah stares, blankly, in a sort of mute horror.

She should've run longer. Maybe they would've had to close without letting this guy go. She's got a BAD feeling about this one.

        Solstis mused quietly for a moment, and then raised his hand. "Do I have the right alterations to download languages? I hate trying to figure it out."

        Gate gets up out of his booth, walking over to Sarah, and placing a hand on her shoulder supportively.

Tornado Onion stands and watches Overclock go onto stage, not moving anymore stopping halfway between Gate and Gaudile. He watches the maverick ascend to the stage and then to his surprise, watches him talk about the human brain, a child even being part of his presentation. He shrugs and thinks to himself however, everyone's different. He then watches politely.

Cinnamon winces and looks down at the ground somewhere. She'll listen, but looking at that...

[OOC] Solstis makes a note he's an IC example of Overclock's work too, in the area of wetware ^^

"Could give it a shot," Overclock says to Solstis, always willing to upgrade. "But I didn't try initially because of your age. Others?"

Dr. Light looks like he's regretting asking this question. "What happened to the girl, Christopher?"

Wire Sponge listens carefully, he remembered Overclock talking about this. Still, there is a mild look of amazement in Wire's eyes. You're looking at Overclock's psychologist right now.

Dr. Psyche even looks a bit perturbed, ' Uhm...oh dear....."

Gaudile takes the camera with visible pleasure, and tucks it away somewhere before many people see it. He then grimaces at the scene. However, let it not be said that Gaudile is rascist against humanity, for exposed wiring does get him queasy from time to time. At least, wiring exposed by wear and tear of things like combat and having girders meet your brain at terminal velocity. Quiet stuff like making new robotic individuals and repairing them doesn't.

Crazy Yoshi grins like a child informed that they've just won a shopping spree at the fire-works candy and puppy-dog factory, and his hand shoots up into the air like a student waiting to be called on. Remembering where he is, he puts it down after a moment and asks, "How much it cost?"

Dr. Sarah Fairchild frowns, deeply, not entirely sure what to make of this. It's...not really THAT bad. But...it's a Maverick. So it has to be bad. But...

[OOC] Cinnamon says, "He's a Maverick! But he's being helpful! But he's MAVERICK! But he's doing something good! Sarah's brain explodes!"

Durandal gulps and shakes his head. It's a good thought, but...the methods are /wrong/.

[OOC] Dr. Sarah Fairchild says, "Basically."
[OOC] Tornado Onion says, "Mah Head Asplode!"
[OOC] Dr. Light cough'Direct Sigma Virus download to the human brain'cough.
[OOC] Solstis says, "how do you think I got the virus? XD"
[OOC] Tornado Onion says, "I was going to ask that, "Hey Can it get the sigma virus?""
[OOC] Solstis says, "OC's cool though. ^^"
[OOC] Shadow Man says, "Die Juden tun kein gutes, so ist die Welt."

"The girl in the picture is Katina, Doctor Light," Overclock says, transitioning smoothly. "As to what happened to her, you'd have to ask Lady Fairchild over there." He points at Sarah, who is looking so perplexed. "It's not commerically available right now... in testing stages, so I can't say anything about cost."
"But, for additional information regarding cybernetic conversion in young children, I'd reccommend watching Dr. Doppler's presentation tomorrow, as the body designs for the same patients pictured here..." He flips to the next slide, a young boy, who is in fact made of metal and will look familiar to Dr. Fairchild and Interpol, "were designed by Doppler himself."

Things continue. "Outside the realm of full-conversion, it's difficult to come up with a suitable test-bed for cybernetic enhancements to the brain. That brings me to my next innovation, which... is sort of the main event, if I've got no more questions on the last."

Dr. Psyche isn't exactly your shining picture of good and justice, but...them's guts. Guts, I say. And he didn't sign up for blood and gore, and all that stuff. He seems faint looking, even....

[OOC] Solstis can't find an image of Dr. Psyche or Gaudile or Cinnamon ;.;
[OOC] Cinnamon points to her description!
[OOC] Solstis says, "Ooo thanks ^^"
[OOC] Dr. Psyche says, "One moment, I know of a site with all the artbook design specs..."
[OOC] Cinnamon says, "Do a google imagine search for Dr. Psyche, and it will pull up him and Gaudile both."
[OOC] Dr. Psyche says, "In fact, that's the very gallery."
[OOC] Dr. Psyche says, "It's wonderful."
[OOC] Overclock says, "You can ask, Tonion, or I can move on a bit"
[OOC] Gate knows of a site, too.
[OOC] Tornado Onion says, "I'll ask"
[OOC] Gate says, "Planet Megaman probably has it."

Cinnamon reaches over and squeezes Gaudile's hand again, actually looking unhappy for a moment.

Cinnamon mutters to Gaudile: 'We're coming ... soon.'.

Jazz enters the Fort York Expo Center.
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[OOC] Jazz :O
Prismatic Spider
[OOC] Prismatic Spider says, "wriovnworivn"
[OOC] Solar Stega says, "...what? o.o"

Gaudile squeezes back, and does some more mumbling.

Gaudile mutters to Cinnamon: 'Yes.'.

Cerveau has reconnected.
Cerveau has partially disconnected.
[OOC] Cerveau acks.

Tornado Onion decides to raise his hand, curious how no one's asked this yet. It is a touchy subject though, especially with the human body and all but as a reploid, he has no problems asking if a human can obtain the Sigma virus, as it's been asked of everything mechanical so far. He decides to speak up anyhow, Overdrive waiting for questions. "Yes! Teheh I'm wondering if the chips within the minds of these patients, since puberty you recommended, would be able to be inflicted with the Sigma Virus. ehhe.... I know this is a touchy subject though...."

"Not totally tested," Overclock says. He's completely lying. "Again... question for Sarah Fairchild." He points back to the crowd. "She did some analysis on the end-results of the wetware work I'm fairly certain. Anyone else?"

[OOC] Dr. Sarah Fairchild says, "dangit don't direct questions to me I didn't even know about! XD"
[OOC] Tornado Onion says, "Ah the Maverick Spirit..."

The Lightbot returns. With lunch! Lots and lots of lunch.

[OOC] Overclock is not a nice person :(
[OOC] Tornado Onion says, "Oh you are^^ just in your own way."

Nevermind that it's night.

[OOC] Dr. Sarah Fairchild cackles.
[OOC] Cerveau isn't either, just put on a good show of attempting to be.
[OOC] Dr. Psyche is a really bad man.
[OOC] Cerveau says, "If I ICly had my way, most of you all would be dead."
[OOC] Dr. Psyche doesn't even hide it.
[OOC] Dr. Psyche says, "Aww, that's sweet, Cervy."
[OOC] Dr. Psyche says, "I hope you rot."
[OOC] Dr. Sarah Fairchild says, "The power of Gate's and my love would repel your hatelasers."
[OOC] Dr. Sarah Fairchild is protected by a heart-shaped shield.
[OOC] Cerveau says, "Except maybe Light and Cossack."
[OOC] Dr. Psyche says, "You're gonna have sex in front of us until we kill ourselves, aren't you?"
[OOC] Cerveau says, "And perhaps DOOM."
[OOC] Gate says, "...."
[OOC] Dr. Sarah Fairchild falls over.
[OOC] Shadow Man says, "What about Crazy Yoshi? You wouldn't kill an old man, would you?"
[OOC] Cinnamon says, "Why do you think we brought a camera?"
[OOC] Tornado Onion says, "speaking of which I wonder when I'll learn of the relationship O.o"
[OOC] Cerveau says, "No, not him either."
[OOC] Dr. Psyche says, "Ah, so some evidence survives. I see."

Skadi recognizes this one Maverick cyborg, although she did not work on him herself. Overclock. She's not so shocked about the surgery scene, having been in more than one before. But the girl and the boy... Skadi feels the hackles raise on her back, and her hair is flying away like she's touched a Van DeGraff generator. The prickling of static makes her realize she's conducting, and she quickly squelches it. The white hair comes to rest, settling much like it was before. The demonstration and the questions allow her to calm down as they answer the questions that she had, especially Tornado's question, but it doesn't make her any happier.

[OOC] Dr. Psyche gets the protective goggles. " Commence with the rampant unprotected interfacing. "
[OOC] Gate grabs Psyche and starts choking him to death.
[OOC] Dr. Psyche gags, a la Bart Simpson.

Continuing his talk, Overclock walks to the supercomputer--the silver, space-age-looking box on wheels that he pushed up a while ago. It has a screen, which is smaller than the slide screen, and blank for now. "On," he says, and the screen lights up with green text. "This... here... is a computer. It's actually a second prototype in an invention series I've developed...utilizing the most powerful microprocessor heretofore invented by God or Man."

Overclock flips open the case of the computer, and, once the silver outercase is taken off, it's set aside. Underneath is a transparent, plastic case that holds the real processing power of the machine. And that processing power is, in fact, a living, organic brain. The brain twitches, moving and pulsing against the side of its container, smearing slime along the insides. Only Overclock's mouth is really visible of his face, but, it is smiling.

"The old urban legend is that a human being never really uses more than five percent of his brainpower at a time. Well, that's not exactly true..." a fairly warm chuckle... "But, there's still vast untapped potential in these organic parts. Stripped from such hangups as 'free will,' ''decision-making,' or 'personality,' the human brain functions at an unrivaled computing stability. The amount of data that only one such brain can store is a lifetime of human knowledge...but, when networked together digitally, the capacity of brain storage increases exponentially. This is one such brain. Developed from human cells, cultured, cloned, and relinked in a sterile lab, it has been hooked directly to computer output. The computational interface is a hundred-percent voice-activated."

"Though storage capacity is unparalelled, the primary advantage to the system, by far, is that its encryption protocols are virtually UNHACKABLE." He doesn't see Cyber Peacock around anymore, but that will be its final test. "Imagine, if you will...trying to download information directly off of a human brain, and you'll see already the difficulty in trying to access unauthorized information from organic cells."

[OOC] Cerveau doesn't know how he forgot Crazy Yoshi.
Retro Packrat enters the Fort York Expo Center.
[OOC] Retro Packrat returns from OOCness.

Cinnamon accidentally looks up.

        And just... stares.

        Gaudile will notice that his tiny little hand is probably now being quite firmly crushed in Cinnamon's.

Dr. Psyche blinks. A live human brain. Outside it's tough, gooey shell of life. That's a new sight.

Dr. Sarah Fairchild stares. And quickly starts issuing orders.

        Gate feels cold to the pit of his fusion core. His reaction is to immediately move behind Sarah and put his arms around her protectively.

Durandal's jaw drops open. "...that...that..." He stops himself from saying something untoward in front of all these dignified people.

Cerveau coughs, obviously rather displeased by this display. Then he mutters something into his visor radio.

        Only one person seems to applaud, and that is of course Solstis, who doesn't mind the sight one bit. He lost most of his humanity long long ago, and he isn't afraid to let others know that.

[OOC] Wire Sponge giggles.

Solar Stega blinks, too. "Oh my," she starts to say, and finishes it mentally, .oO(This will not go over well...)Oo.

[OOC] Wire Sponge says, "'lost his humanity'."
[OOC] Wire Sponge giggle giggle giggle snort.

Prismatic Spider frowns. Severely. He's not going to issue the commands that everyone else probably is, however. Not while he's here.

[OOC] Solstis shrugs.

Dr. Light frowns, deeply, at this entire concept. They've obviously let the Mavericks have too much free time. This will be remedied.

Sewa doesn't seem too freaked out. It's icky, but seeing brains outside of a human's body isn't -too- weird in Coalition work, especially when hanging around with some of the more militant Mavvies. But she is staring. She barely even listens.

Gaudile mutters to Cinnamon: 'Urk. ... dear. You know what I think I'll push ... ... burning up on ... ... of things ... ... when ... get back.'.

Tornado Onion he just watches the Brain never seeing one outside of the human except in books or data or the like .. but there it is .. moving ....inside a jar...or whatever. it doesn't matter to him, only the act it's there.

[OOC] Cerveau says, "Err, what's the mutter command again."
[OOC] Cerveau says, "?"
[OOC] Cinnamon says, "mutter person=blah"
[OOC] Solstis facepalms.

Cerveau mutters to Cerveau: 'This ... Cerveau ... complete data on ... Maverick ... ... "Overclock" upon my return.'.

Overclock seems to feel better now, and much less crowd-shy, now that he's gotten started talking. He's not a bad speaker once he gets warmed up.

"The original prototype for this computer was cultured from the brain cells of a ten-year-old girl." Overlock allllllmost reaches for the slide projector button again, but, it's a fakeout. He puts his hands behind his back. "Because my current methodologies are unpublished, I won't be going into exact detail, though I will be publishing records of my procedure in the scientific circles soon. ...Since every damn thing needs an ackronym or you don't get paid... I call the computer system NADIA: Networked, Artificially Designed Intelligent Anatomy." Overclock gestures to the second prototype, next to him. "Nadia is most useful to me as a 'desktop' unit, but, as I mentioned previously, she is also a wonderful place to test wetware installation before it is used on a live patient. Nadia herself speaks over a hundred seperate languages, which... well," another laugh, "is a good deal more than me."

He gestures to the box at his side. "With the second developed computer in her series, I've finally achieved true 'supercomputer' potential." He looks out to the crowd again...and sees Light there. "I've code-named the second computer, 'Tanaka,' but no explanation necessary there."

He rocks back on his heels, feeling better now that the presentation is done. "Other questions?"

Durandal has a question. But it's not for Overclock.

[OOC] Dr. Psyche eyes Overclock.
[OOC] Dr. Psyche <3 Anime Reference.

Cinnamon mutters to Gaudile: '... ... had ... ... to be sick I think I would be. We have ... ... -that-?'.

[OOC] Cerveau says, "What of my radio transmits did y'all see out of curiosity? :D"
[OOC] Dr. Psyche says, "None."

Crazy Yoshi stamps his feet angrily and rises out of his chair, the devices within his labcoat pocket banging against one another. You points a finger at Overclock on stage and narrows his eyes, practically snarlying as he speaks. "What is this... atrocity? You... would use the brain of a human being as a supercomputer? It is... unforgivable! The human population... is enormous! And the availibility! They practically produce themselves! They have no market value! Would you so easily sound the death knell of artificial intelligence, man's noblest and most profitable enterprise!?"

[OOC] Dr. Psyche says, "Unless anyone has intercept, they're totally silent now."
Isaac enters the Fort York Expo Center.
[OOC] Isaac returns from OOCness.
[OOC] Cerveau falls over.
[OOC] Cerveau says, "I mean, when I muttered it to myself. :D"
[OOC] Solstis says, "He muttered to himself due to a lack of internal radio system."
[OOC] Dr. Psyche says, "Oh. Well, you're a crazy old man. So there."
[OOC] Gate saw the mutter completely.

Dr. Light looks up at Christopher. He sips his soda, but mouths something-if Chris can lip-read, he'd get this.

'How's your mother?'

Dr. Psyche doesn't really know how to feel on this, so he thinks of of other fun things. Like people worshipping him as a God.

Psyche has a dumb grin on his face and a far off look in his optics...

[OOC] Wire Sponge peeks at Light.

Gaudile mutters to Cinnamon: '... yes. ... ... feel ... of ...'.

[OOC] Cerveau thanks Spongy for the actions of his alt. :D
[OOC] Cerveau says, "And I'm overusing that smiley."

Overclock slaps the cover down on his computer, which hides the brain. It's a good thing for Light that he doesn't see what was just said. A good thing indeed.

[OOC] Tornado Onion says, "Slick Light..."

Cinnamon mutters to Gaudile: 'Well... we'll just do ... ... ... ... ... bring ... ... ...'.

And yet, Solar can't help but think of a spinoff. Who says it needs to be an existing human's brain?... Why not something grown specifically for the purpose? Not that she has any idea how this might be done or how difficult it would be...
...To her, though, it doesn't seem wise to voice the idea now. Perhaps later, online.

Durandal's hand is dangerously close to the fire control panel of the artillery turret he's using as a chair.

Though his fingers do nothing more dangerous then drum rapidly on the fingerboard.

[OOC] Cerveau ducks and covers.

Gate mutters to Gate: 'And ... ... about my recycling tank.'.

        Solstis muttered something beneath his breath, though not due to a radio transmission, something he could quite easily send off internally and receive in the same manner. Instead he was muttering something so quiet that very little could hear it, although anyone near Solstis booth would notice that the drone beeped. Kitty was active if trouble started.

[OOC] Skadi glances at Gate.
[OOC] Cerveau says, "+finger kitty"
=================================== Kitty ====================================
Chartype:           Non-Player Character
Racetype:           Inanimate
Affiliation:        Neo Arcadia
Function:           Security Blanket
Rank:               (imaginary number)
Gender:             Neuter
Quote:    "..."

Profile:  Alouette's favorite stuffed toy, given to her by Ciel when she was 
recovering from her injuries by Zero's rampage in Shanghai. Kitty follows 
wherever Alouette goes, watching out for bad robots and misbehaving Neo 
Arcadian soldiers alike! Kitty also enjoys the advantage of being under the 
direct protection of Elpizo should anybody upset Alouette, and as such may be 
regarded as one of the most dangerous individuals for its connections, though 
it is not alive. It still remains as one of Alouette's foremost defenses 
against those 'bad machines.' However, being inanimate, it can only be thrown 
as an amusing, but ineffectual means of self-defense. It serves its purpose as 
Alouette's security blanket without peer, although its position is bound to be 
in jeopardy as Alouette grows older and wiser. Until that time comes, however, 
the two are inseperable.
Primary Weapon:     Flying Kitty
Weapon Type:        PWN
Buster Color:       Gray and Pink
[OOC] Dr. Psyche ...
[OOC] Dr. Psyche says, "I approve. So. Very. Hard."
[OOC] Wire Sponge says, "........"

Skadi didn't think that the Mavericks would do anything like that...SHE didn't even do anything like that during her time there. "You mentioned they were cultured...then cloned. Not much left of the original brain now, of course. I don't suppose they volunteered for this?"

[OOC] Solstis says, "For those with super hearing I muttered Kitty Power Activate."
[OOC] Solstis is insane! WOO!
[OOC] Chest bails.

Dr. Sarah Fairchild's frown could turn the stars to dust. Overclock is so very lucky he is armored against hate lasers.

Chest has left.
[OOC] Durandal says, "...hey. I'm not the only one with a PWN type attack anymore."
[OOC] Cerveau says, "Bubble Lead-WATER BLUNT PWN"
[OOC] Dr. Psyche says, "Bubble Man has a PWN type. BUBBLE LEAD."
[OOC] Shadow Man demands that this technology be dstroyed immediately. :(

Wire Sponge stands up from his booth and snaps his fingers twice once more. The Weather Tower picks itself up, and the globe on top turns into a single eye. Pincers appear as arms for the tower, and Wire watches the crowds carefully.

[OOC] Cerveau says, "Kitty is one of the most dangerous NPCs."

"...They didn't object, if that's what you're asking," Overclock answers blithely. Then he looks for other questions.

[OOC] Cerveau says, "For messing with it invokes the wrath of El Presidente."
[OOC] Wire Sponge says, "(That's the thing that is carrying said Kitty)"

As to the question of human value and profit margins.... Overclock looks in that direction. "My raw materials are plentiful. And I COULD sell the product. Looks like profit to me."

Sewa raises a hand thoughtfully, "Can this technology be useful in necromancy?" She asks.

[OOC] Isaac says, "o.o"

Crazy Yoshi sits down and grumbles to himself, practically smouldering. That's all very well and good for Overclock, but of the types of profit Crazy Yoshi is interested in, Other People's doesn't even appear on radar. He takes out another magazine and begins scribbling furiously, brainstorming ways to destroy this thing.

[OOC] Solstis says, "Sewa hates vampires."
[OOC] Jazz says, "Zombies are the worst."
[OOC] Jazz says, "</maddox>"
[OOC] Isaac says, "Raccoon city AGAIN NOO!"
[OOC] Dr. Light says, "We're not useing the z word!"
[OOC] Solstis says, "+finger chris redfield"

"Necromancy?" And then Overclock....seriously answers that question. "I haven't done a lot of experiments with dead tissue in this system, but it's on my list to try, along with reviving cryogenically stored human brains which also fascinates me. Of course I'd need additional grants for that research, but I find it very possible down the line."

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(New BB message (27/24) posted to 'Daily Spotlight!' by Cerveau: HeraCorp's darkest secrets!)

Tornado Onion walks back to Sarah and Gate, completely done with anything the maverick can say after that. He plans to make humans a profit? It seems as if the Mavericks want to turn the tables, the Reploids and these rest being in control, the humans seen as profit for other humans and reploids. If this is a way they want to attain Equality, their crazy. He sits down near His father and Sarah, noticing something between them but otherwise unsure...

[OOC] Cerveau says, "OC? Would you would get along very well with a Maverick concept I considered. :)"
[OOC] Cerveau says, "Wants to turn the tables by mass-producing humans via cloning."

Dr. Light shakes his head, firmly. "Now, now, you know Light Labs has the exclusive patents on all Dark Sciences, including the vile art of necromancy." Light sips his soda. "We use it to power the fridge!"

Dr. Sarah Fairchild has reconnected.
[OOC] Dr. Sarah Fairchild says, "..well that was odd."
Dr. Sarah Fairchild has partially disconnected.

Sewa seems satisfied with this answer, and then says, "Well, if you get an undead infestation..." in all seriousness, "You know, just in case something goes wrong? I suggest napalm. It works well." She looks at Dr. Light, "So that's why it tried to eat my hand?"

[OOC] Dr. Psyche says, "....this explains why it speaks the language of the elder gods at least."
[OOC] Solstis says, "Good god I think Tactical Raccoon would assassinate you if you cloned Humans o.O"
[OOC] Sov-Bot says, "He has people for that now."
[OOC] Shadow Man says, "Poor Solstis, he just doesn't get it."

Overclock will keep that in mind. If there are no further questions...he pushes offstage. Enough damage has been done. He feels... truth be told, a little smug about it.

Dr. Light nods. "We have Pavel do all the matience work, after that Halloween incident." Hey, there /have/ been zombies. Even if this is a little silly. Or they're undermineing the horror of Overclock's works through comedy! Or a little of both.

[OOC] Isaac says, "..."
[OOC] Isaac says, "Who is going to make DP's Dragon Shock Troops o.o"

Wire Sponge motions over to Overclock, "Stay with me."

Sewa might have had that intent. She is mysterious, after all. "A day-to-day battle...", she pauses, "Is that everybody for today..? I guess I was wrong."

Durandal looks over to Doctor Light, then back up to the stage. Back to Doctor Light, then back up to the stage. "...maaaaaaan." Clearly, this is the difficultly of being a hero. Duran can only hope that a girder spontaniously breaks loose from overhead, toppling down to crush Overclock, instead of giving probability 'a helping hand'.

Gaudile mutters to Cinnamon: '... guess it's ... ... ... ... up ... ... ... get the table ... ...'.

Gaudile doesn't move for a few minutes, but when he does, he grabs the plastic volcano from it's stand and begins to haul it to the stage, using some of his extra 'backhands' to beckon for Cinnamon to follow him. Once there, he waits for Cinnamon to set up for him. This may look like child labor for those who know their relationship, but hey, Cinnamon is /twice his size/. He has some right to do so.

Dr. Light has never been afraid to employ child labor!

Dr. Psyche just watches, amused. How cute. Gaudile's going to show off his volcano.

[OOC] Dr. Psyche says, "Damn right. You keep making your kids save the world."
[OOC] Cerveau says, "Volcano of pwn!"
[OOC] Solstis says, "Gaudile's a midget."
[OOC] Dr. Psyche nods. He's tiny.
[OOC] Durandal says, "He's only Size 2."
[OOC] Jazz says, "Isaac is tall as hell."

        Cinnamon walks across the lines of displays to the stage quietly; not really meeting anyone's eyes, just watching the waddling silhouette of Gaudile as she helps carry equipment to the stage. She takes a moment to wipe some more loose strands of hair away from her optics, taking a deep breath. Following a human-brain-supercomputer, huh?

        Here goes.

        The equipment is rested on the side of the stage; there's a moment as Cinnamon's feet kick onto the ground; and then, accompanied by the low hum of small antigrav generators, she lifts onto the stage and lands with a muffled, soft thud. The volcano display is set up again - and then Cinnamon quite firmly retreats behind both it and Gaudile, removing herself as much as possible from the public eye. Although when she thinks it's out of sight, Gaudile's hand gets one final squeeze and she flashes a comforting smile.

        "Everything will be -fine-," she whispers. "Let's do it!"

[OOC] Wire Sponge says, "..WHOA. Techno could beat up Gaudile!"
[OOC] Dr. Psyche says, "I dunno. Those Platypi are mean little buggers."
[OOC] Cinnamon says, "Oh, really?"
[OOC] Cinnamon knucklecracks.
[OOC] Gaudile says, "Yay for writing semi-spam poses two hours before you go on. :D"
[OOC] Gate says, "Male platypi have some of the most painful poison in the world. A platypus sting continues to hurt for years after injection."

Gaudile chuckles as he grabs a clicker and turns on the display to show a bunch of plants. Some have the 'x-ray' effect, which shows some metal-techno stuff inside the plant.

"Good day, gentle people of the Expo. I have come today to tell you about..."

He dramatic pauses. Could it be Force Metal? COULD IT?

"About mechabotany." Aw, man. "You have your plants. You then have your plastic and metal plants." He pushes his fingers together slowly. "And then we merge these togther to form..." Click. Picture now shows an actual rose, but looks like something off of the final episode of Beast Machines, it looks like a plant, but has discolored edges, and some parts look mechanical. "As you can see, we're still working on looks. But we have perfected the growth cycle. That's right, ladies and gentlemen, I've made mechanical plants that can grow like real ones. Observe." Click.

Video plays where a very very small palm tree grows with those speedy cameras and stuff. It looks like Gaudile's plastic volcano in the background. Once the palm grows to adulthood, Gaudile speaks. "It's still in the experimental stage, but it should revolutionize the industry of the people who like custom made plants." He pauses for a moment before continuing. "Now I'll pause for questions before I continue with caring for one of these new plants."

[OOC] Gaudile says, "Aaand my word wrap was disabled. Yay, hopefully it doesn't look too atrocious for those who have it on."
[OOC] Overclock says, "Looks fine to me!"
[OOC] Solstis says, "Quite fine."

Dr. Psyche just tries to stifle a laugh. Plants. He's presenting plants, oh the poor fool.

[OOC] Gate says, "Same here."
[OOC] Solstis has a question!

Prismatic Spider raises a hand. "Are the mecha-plants able to be harvested for any kind of usable resources?"

Overclock walks over toward Wire Sponge.

He considers activating his combat protocols. But, there IS a party after the presentations, right? It's an academic conference!

[OOC] Durandal says, "The platypus is an egg laying mammal, an aquatic mammal, has a pouch, webbed feet, poison, and a bill, encompasing all 6 of Australian's major freakish genetic mutations and qualifing it to be the National Animal."

The hand of the idiot Maverick Solstis rose once more, as he cleared his metallic throat and then spoke. "Excuse me, sir, but have you ever spoken with Spike Rosered? He is quite well knowledged, I believe at least, with botany when it pertains to robotic combinations, and Wire Sponge himself is also an amazing genius with botany, I believe," Solstis half-said and half-asked.

[OOC] Shadow Man says, "Gaudile is such a tease."

Tornado Onion smiles looking at the plants, really quite interested in them but having asked his questions before hand, just wanting to hear more about the wonder idea Gaudile has came up with, and perfected to a point. It may not cure anything or recycle like his dads, but it's effective and useful non-the-less!

Sarah leans back in Gate's embrace (if he's still there), and frowns. Continues to frown, to be more specific.

Then she smiles at Gaudile's presentation. "Well," she says, "this one seems pretty harmless. It's pretty interesting, too..."

"Yes. It's a refreshing change of subject," Gate replies, rubbing Sarah's shoulders.

Dr. Psyche intones, " Borrrrrrrrrrrinnnnnnnnnnnnng. "

Durandal scratches his chin. That's pretty neat. He raises his hand. "How will this affect future Bioroid development?"

[OOC] Cerveau says, "What's Overclock's real name again?"

Wire Sponge nods quietly, and he watches the Expo with a bit more reluctance. He /really/ didn't want to have to kill mobs at the moment, and he really didn't want to be banned from Torontreal for bringing in a Class Five hurricane.

Tornado Onion now definately knows somethings going on between dad and Sarah ... but curious to a point....

[OOC] Solstis says, "Finger him."
Cerveau has reconnected.
Cerveau has partially disconnected.
[OOC] Dr. Light says, "Should I ask my question, Gaudile, or wait until you've answered some?"
[OOC] Cerveau acks.

Crazy Yoshi yawns. Good lord, it must be well past midnight. He should've been in bed over six hours ago...

[OOC] Gaudile says, "Throw it at me, I'll pull a Sarah and answer you guys all at once."
[OOC] Dr. Sarah Fairchild is a verb now. Yay!

On one hand, Light kind of wanted to see Force Metal. Maybe he's a little too two-fisted adventurery today. On the other hand...Light steps forward. Unsure about any kind of doctorate, Light just goes with, "Gaudile." and, "If I'm looking at this right, you can basicly harvest safe oxygen-essentialy, be able to construct floating rainforests, allowing us to rebalance the planet's depleted natural oxygen stores, without sacraficeing the already developed land." Light runs a hand through his beard. "Also, you could make some really cool bonsai. Am I missing something important, or did you just help ensure that life continues on this planet indefinately, barring us blowing ourselves up?"

[OOC] Solstis says, "Pfft, cyborgs and robots could keep on living ^_~"
[OOC] Jazz says, "Or the sun going :( :( :( or some meteor come owning us."
[OOC] Jazz says, "Or California breaking off to go hang with Hawaii."
[OOC] Dr. Light says, "Hey, I said "help"."
[OOC] Shadow Man doesn't want to eat metal salad.
[OOC] Cerveau says, "A Guardian of ours would. =D"
[OOC] Gate says, "Not anymore, she has a new player."
[OOC] Cerveau says, "Alas."
[OOC] Shadow Man cannot be bothered with your bad or missing science!

Solar Stega oohs at Dr. Light's words. That would be cool. She conveniently forgets about the whole 'but I don't want to eat metal salad' thing.

[OOC] Dr. Light says, "Um. Sorry?"

Cerveau mutters something else into his radio.
Cerveau mutters to Cerveau: 'Anything you ... find ... ... History accomplishments combat abilities ... seems his real name ... Christopher ... by the way ... Tristan. ... so ... ...'.

[OOC] Solstis says, "Achto eh?"
[OOC] Solstis says, ">.>"

More muttering by Cerveau.
Cerveau mutters to Cerveau: 'Achto ... as soon ... ... ... I ... personally ... ... radio ... it ... not done ...'.

Cerveau continues his muffled radio conversation.
Cerveau mutters to Cerveau: '...'.

Overclock hears...part of his name. He glances over his shoulder.
The Arcadians. Well...that's quite all right. Ciel, of course, didn't seem so bad. A Supremacist, but not so bad.

Gaudile raises a finger as he attempts to answer Prismatic's question. For some reason, he didn't think of that, and he pauses in mid thought as he attempts to rectify his fault. "Well, ah, um. I haven't been able to secure, say, fruit bearing plants as of yet, so I don't know. However, I did take notes from Professor Gate's presentation and I would believe that this would work with his recycling tanks. I have not tested it with consumables. Otherwise, I think it might work. It might be slightly different, but I can't be sure at this time.

Gaudile then pauses again as he addresses Solstis's question. "No, I'm afraid I have not. I have heard of him over everyone's favorite frequency, though. It might be interesting to speak with him about it."

Durandal goes next. "Uhm...er...I, like the resources thing I mentioned, haven't tested it yet. I'll need to speak with someone who knows more about biodroids than I do."

Psyche is again ignored because of his disco ballish properties.

He has tested Light's question(s), and he raises a hand and ticks off Light's points. "It does help with oxygen production, yes. We'd have to work on engineering a place for a floating rainforest to float, but yes, it's possible. And yes, with the proper 'genetic programming'," Part genetics and part actual programming. "custom bonsai can be made. Yes."

He thinks he covered all the questions. "Any more questions before I move on?"

[OOC] Dr. Psyche says, "You people are a bunch of dirty era-ists!"
[OOC] Solstis says, "Era-ist?"
[OOC] Dr. Psyche says, "You discriminate because I resemble a disco ball!"
[OOC] Dr. Sarah Fairchild says, "Yes."
[OOC] Skadi says, "Everyone wants disco to die"
[OOC] Dr. Sarah Fairchild says, "Except Ebony Fox, of course."
[OOC] Durandal thinks the whole 'Evil' thing is also a factor, Psyche.
[OOC] Dr. Psyche says, "You just hate me because I'm pretty."
[OOC] Prismatic Spider says, "Precy cracked."

Cerveau more muttering, without realization of Overclock hearing him.

Dr. Light gives Gaudile a thumbs up, grinning. "Excelent. I think we might have alot to talk about, Gaudile. Perhaps a drink after today's sessions?" Dr. Light fears no scientific ettiquite. He punched out Shark Man.

Zero has connected.

Cerveau mutters to Cerveau: '... ... be ... ... ... person perhaps he's ... ... stable anymore.'.
Cerveau mutters to Cerveau: '... ... ... ... ... ... some of the greatest ... ... ...'.

Durandal glances over to Dr. Cerveau for a moment.

. o O (Man, he talks to himself a lot. Maybe...I shouldn't think of him so highly anymore...I don't wanna idolise any crazy people...)

[OOC] Sov-Bot says, "Dr. Cossack sneezes."
Crazy Yosho enters the Fort York Expo Center.
Shadow Man drops Crazy Yosho.
Shadow Man has left.
[OOC] Dr. Sarah Fairchild LAUGHS
Isaac has left.
[OOC] Dr. Light says, "Beat me to it."
[OOC] Dr. Sarah Fairchild says, "Have Doc Light do it IC."
[OOC] Dr. Sarah Fairchild says, "Do it. I dare you."
(New BB message (27/25) posted to 'Daily Spotlight!' by Chris Mainards: What Will You Do Next?)

Dr. Light sneezes.

Blues enters the Fort York Expo Center.
[OOC] Blues returns from OOCness.

Gaudile ponders. "Perhaps, Doctor Light. Perhaps." Assuming that there are no more questions, he continues. "Now, this new plant 'species'" Fingercurling. "also revolutionizes the feeding process. This new plant requires a fraction of the nutrients needed for normal plants, due to this not having as much organic material as normal plants. However, most organic plants can regrow lost limbs. These cannot, due to the delicate growth mechanisms in the plants."

He pauses before continuing. "You might be wondering what would be the use, if these plants can't grow back, why grow them at all? Well. Sometimes, even in this strange, strange world of ours, accidents can happen."

Click. A picture of Psyche in crayon, holding oversized clippers which are clipping a tulip larger than he is. His head is very, very big and lines emit from his head to represent his glowing bowl. Is Gaudile bitter? Nah, he can't be.

"I and another compatriot have discovered something called 'Force Metal'. This Force Metal technology have uses that will revolutionize metallurgy all over the world. Final testing on this Force Metal has yet to be completed, but studies show that it can, for lack of a better term, 'heal' reploids. We haven't tested it on humans or other orgainic materials, but we'll see about that. Now, a lot of you all have heard of Force Metal, and yes, botany is but a prelude to my real contribution to science. Questions again?"

Cerveau removes what appears to be some sort of data chip rather abruptly, and replaces it with a new one. However, in the process he jars his radio loose, revealing that perhaps he isn't just talking to himself.

[OOC] Dr. Sarah Fairchild DIES DIES DIES OH GOD
[OOC] Prismatic Spider says, "HAHAHAHA OWNED."
[OOC] Wire Sponge says, "..I don't get the sneeking part."
[OOC] Gate rolls.
[OOC] Wire Sponge says, "Sneezing."

        "A simple question, Gaudile," Solstis said, as he stared at the pictures and attempted to wrap his brain around the insanity of the platypus monster. "Where does Force Metal come from?"

Force Metal? He isn't...he wouldn't. But Psyche should of seen this coming from a mile away. You see, there is a 'legend' of sorts among scientists. Of that fateful day, long ago, in 2199...

It goes a little something like this...


Wily, Light, and Cain sit at a small, simple booth. Before them is a large mound of something covered by a cloth. A few men in labcoats walk by, " Now, what do you boys have for us this year. " Wily coughs slightly, and Cain avoids eye contact. Light cheerily unveils.....a volcano. " Oh, you know, the usual. Just a model volcano. "

The men raise eyebrows, and one comments, " I...see. "

Suddenly, a red gloved hand gropes out from under the table. " Dads, can I come out now? It's dark...." Wily kicks something under the table. " OW! NiceDad, MeanDad kicked me! " Light chuckles nervously, and Wily grumbles to one side. The men in labcoats move away slowly, while Cain leans in to Light. " We should of just made the damn furbies. "


" LIAR! " Psyche screams in rage, standing, striding forwards. " We make the greatest discovery since the BUSTER, and you're using it to HEAL!? TO HEAL!? Show them, Guadile. Show them what I /SAW/ in Force Metal that you refused! SHOW THEM! " He's screeching at this point, near uncontrollably.

Prismatic Spider blinks,and raises a hand. "Pardon, but did you just say heal Reploids? How, precisely, does the process work? And does this work on other robotic beings?"

Dr. Light mutters to Dr. Psyche: 'Buuuuuuuuuuuuurned.'.

Dr. Sarah Fairchild eyes Psyche. Frowns.

Dr. Sarah Fairchild mutters to Gate: '... ... ...'.

Dr. Sarah Fairchild mutters to Gate: '... thoughts. It'd ... easy.'.

[OOC] Wire Sponge says, "... *dies*"

Gate mutters to Dr. Sarah Fairchild: '... ... ... ... watching ... and myself all ... again. ... should ... ... ... ... ... her come to think of ...'.

Dr. Light makes another mental note to copywrite the words "Psychesaucer", "Pschyemachine", "PsycheDragon", and "Scone Woman", which will inevitably be Cinnamon's secret identitiy.

Dr. Sarah Fairchild mutters to Gate: 'I'd have ... you.'.

[OOC] Dr. Psyche ...
[OOC] Solstis laughs.
Cerveau has reconnected.
Cerveau has partially disconnected.

Durandal looks at the outburst, his question swallowed in a fit of shouting. "What...what /did/ he see in it?" Okay, this has his interest, sorry, Cerveau, you've just fallen behind Rudy Rudiger on Durandal's list of people to emulate, possibly never to regain your position.

Gate mutters to Dr. Sarah Fairchild: 'We ... ... do it.'.

[OOC] Solstis doubts you can get copyrights on names, however. Registered Trademark maybe >.>

Tornado Onion laughs to himself , not loudly but hearable. He watches the presentation and plays with the thought of a healing type of metal, something that to him seems a bit odd, but when combined with the plants he thinks it's a great idea, better than some of the ones ...

Dr. Sarah Fairchild mutters to Gate: 'I'm so ... ... ... ... 256-box ... ... ... ...'.

[OOC] Gate says, "This is why I've started patenting all my stuff."
[OOC] Tornado Onion says, "Some mutters work out in ways on wouldn't expect ... it's nice.."

Cerveau smirks at this latest development. It's a good thing he changed the chip, even it almost cost him exposing his radio, he wouldn't want to miss recording this. See, the visor does serve another purpose besides looking cool. He once again mutters something to his radio, gaining the stares of some sitting nearby.

[OOC] Solar Stega blinks at the mutter. You are /so/ 256-box, Sarah? :o
[OOC] Gate says, "Mutter is now my best friend."

Gate mutters to Dr. Sarah Fairchild: 'I think ... have a cocktail napkin I ... ... ... ... ... pen.'.

        Solstis leaned over and attempted to mumble something to someone at random, for he felt quite left out on the whole mumbling.

Solstis mutters to Sewa: '... ... to mutter ... ... ... ... a lot.'.

Gate begins searching his labcoat pockets for something.

Sewa mutters, "Yeah. That's for sure."

[OOC] Dr. Psyche says, "I'd like to note, at this point, the scene is closed. You will understand why in a bit."

Cinnamon glares around - okay, over Gaudile, to glare at Dr. Psyche. But she doesn't step forward or do anything; just mumbles quietly and then backs away again.

Durandal picks up his tin can radio and snaps off something to Doctor Light.

[OOC] Dr. Sarah Fairchild says, "Closed as in no new entrants, or closed as in 'please shut up'?"

Cinnamon mutters to Gaudile: '... ... ... ... ... ... going. Security ... handle him if ... ... ...'.

Zero has left.

Cerveau mutters to Cerveau: '... ... postpone the information ... ... the ... known as Overclock. A more ... ... has come ... light.'.

Durandal mutters to Dr. Light: 'You ... think ... ... ... break out do you? I've ... ... two ... ... on ... ... ... handle ... with. And...I'm still ...'.

Glyde Loath has connected.
[OOC] Dr. Psyche says, "As in no new entrants."
[OOC] Dr. Sarah Fairchild nods.

Sewa frowns a bit. It looks like it totally outdates her thing. But then she smiles again and raises a hand, "You mean like in video games? That's pretty awesome. And...well, I'll just say that's pretty awesome. I don't really have any questions, but that's...awesome. I hope many lives get saved."

[OOC] Dr. Psyche says, "Most of it's for assorted sanity purposes."

Cerveau mutters to Cerveau: 'Collect ... ... ... on ... ... One ... Gaudille and one ... Psyche. A ... which they ... ... made appears ... ... ... possible red ... threat to Atzlan ... counter-measures are ... taken.'.

Jazz slinks from backstage, still wearing the supercool picture swimsuit. She finds her way over to Dr. Light, tapping him on the shoulder and smiling, "Hi dad! Rigger made a /really/ cool invention thing."

Dr. Sarah Fairchild mutters to Gate: '... ... ... it'd look ...'.

Gate pulls a piece of paper from his pocket, and a pen, and begins writing something down.

Wire Sponge taps his foot briefly, and he glimpses back towards Overclock. He raises an eyebrow and he asks, "Why do I have a bad feeling about this?"

Overclock is overhearing some more stuff from Arcadia...but, well, he's also watching the presentation.
This seems sort of monumental in and of itself. What does he mean, though, by 'healing' reploids.

Sarah adjusts herself so that Gate can more easily search his pockets without having to do acrobatics.

[OOC] Blues has been here watching, to note. Apologies about not doing a whole lot. I'm the trenchcoated guy from earlier. But I'm not intending on doing a whole lot beyond that, and maybe muttering to Doctor Light in a moment, so don't mind me anyhow.
[OOC] Dr. Psyche nods. If you're here object wise already, I cound that, and you can still enter. I just don't want an OMGTPSTUFF Rush, among other things.

Gaudile begins with Solstis' question. "Well, I discovered a small deposit of Force Metal in the middle of the Pacific. I don't really know where it came from or how it was made. It's possible that water has it's hand in its natural creation, or it might've come from the skies and landed there. I don't know but it's possible I might have it recorded somewhere."

Psyche is again ignored. He needs a new head

Wait, wait. Psyche is acknowledged! Yay. Gaudile grimaces, implying that he knows full well what it does. "I have no idea what you're talking about."

Back to Sol. "But! But. Despite not knowing how it was made naturally, I have discovered an alternate way to create this new Force Metal, and I have built a generator to do such a thing."

[OOC] Solar Stega says, ""Well, I discovered a small deposit of Force Metal in"
[OOC] Solar Stega says, "Oops."
[OOC] Solar Stega says, "Obviously, it's from the Asgard ship that crashed there *flee*"
[OOC] Solstis says, "CURSE THOSE GREY MEN"
[OOC] Solstis says, "Needing to use the friction caused by uncontrolled reentry to destroy their ship and kill off Replicators, who in turn took over a Russian submarine!"
[OOC] Gate says, "It's actually EVIL ENERGY"

Skadi hasn't wanted to be here since after Overclock's presentation, but she's managed to stay here long enough to listen to all this. She raises a hand to Gaudile, "I assume if something like Force Metal can affect flowers, then cyborg implants in humans would also be affected?"

[OOC] Tornado Onion says, "will be afk for a bit."

The trenchcoated man who was commenting on Dr. Psyche's appearance earlier is still here! He's standing next to Doctor Light, eating popcorn with sugar on it. And muttering occasionally to the Old 'Mad' Roboticist.

Cerveau mutters to Cerveau: 'I ... currently ... ... ... most ... ... ... ... information ... ... ... ... which is known ... "Force ... ... ... ... ... for investigation ... ... ...'.

Blues mutters to Dr. Light: '... has ... Wily ... up with ... ... devastating ... that ... ... ... ... ... his or her weapon again? ... ... it Scott's turn again?'.

Glyde Loath has left.
[OOC] Solstis wonders what's with the Sov-Bot?

Dr. Light mutters to Blues: 'Not ... I think Albert's ... ... one. ... allergic ... irony.'.

"You need distributer?" asks Crazy Yoshi. This is accompanied by the Yoshibrow, a force which it iself enough to conquer lesser men and nations.

Cinnamon suddenly busies herself with cleaning up a bit of the mechabotany display, looking perhaps slightly unhappy. She, much like everyone else, is trying to ignore the raving Dr. Psyche, but almost instinctively she knows he's -not- going to go away anytime soon. At least the GSTE is significantly guarded - and besides that, she also knows that at least half the 'scientists' out there are qualified for fighting in their own right. And the little platypus-professor hasn't done anything to earn their wrath yet, unlike DiscoBallHead.

        She's still nervous, though. So Cinnamon fills the role of 'good little assistant' and busies herself putting away some of the video equipment.

Gaudile answers Skadi's question, as he already has before. "Well, I haven't tested it with willing humans yet. Hopefully someone could step forward so I could test Force Metal out on humans." Gaudile glances over at Cerveau subconsciously because of his earlier Atzlan comment.

        Quietly, Gate sketches a doodle of Berkana with fangs and frowny eyes, clutching her scepter in her hand, with the caption "I Like Rock's Butt" drawn in a speech bubble. He hands it to Sarah for her approval.

        Listening to Gaudile a bit more. Healing reploids. Can this be used to cure the virus - the new kind? He makes a mental note to acquire a sample of this force metal for testing purposes.

[OOC] Gaudile can just see getting gankhacked in the next week.

Dr. Light looks left. And he looks right.

And steps forward. "Why not?"

A generator? What? He finished it!?

Psyche seems confused for a moment, and then catches the glance from Cinnamon to Gaudile.

" Oh. Oh yes, I see now. " he says, looking around, and then to Cinnamon specificly, eyes narrowed. " It all makes perfect sense. You're still a sappy little coward. And you've made yourself a DAUGHTER. And not just, /any/ daughter..."

"...a daughter who generates Force Metal. "He suddenly becomes unstable once more, " AND SHE'S A PATHETIC LITTLE NURSEMAID! You fool, you stupid, ignorant fool! " His hands half clench as he shakes them in rage. " Fine! If you won't show them, if you won't give them what they need to recognize the POWER, and the GENIUS that is I, Dr. Psyche! " He turns, waving his arms towards the crowd. " Then I'll make her give a demonstration by FORCE. " Psyche returns to face Gaudile. " Mad Nautilus, ENGAGE! "

And he suddenly changes into something very, very different.
A red glow encompasses Dr. Psyche, and his form grows into that of the Mad Nautilus. OH SNAP, BOSSFIGHT!
The tentacled nautilus shell 'stretches' as it were, " Yes...the power....we'll see who's the genius! Now, get out of my way you stupid, yellow bellied pacifist..." A tentacle lashes out like a whip at the man.
Dr. Psyche strikes Gaudile with his Mad Whip attack.

Blues mutters to Dr. Light: '... the HELL.'.

Sov-Bot stops. A red exclamation point appears over its head, followed by a dramatic sting. Elsewhere, forty-nine other exclamation points appear in short order.

[OOC] Dr. Light says, "OH SNAP. 654!"
[OOC] Prismatic Spider says, "..."
[OOC] Dr. Psyche says, "The Sh*t has officially hit the fan."
[OOC] Dr. Light says, "Mis."
[OOC] Dr. Sarah Fairchild says, "oh snap"
[OOC] Dr. Psyche says, "Because it would certainly NOT be GTSE if it didn't devolve into a violent rampage."
[OOC] Dr. Sarah Fairchild says, "Of course."

Overclock looks over at this. Well, someone was giving their demo a little early, huh?

It might help if he made his retreat NOW. While, you know, everyone else was busy. He flares up his dashjets, and gets ready to push away the computer.

[OOC] Gate cheers for Psyche.

Overclock channels power, and charges up his systems to optimize for speed.

[OOC] Dr. Sarah Fairchild says, "Why do you think we all take WEAPONS here?"

And, of course, sheer pANIC ensues as people flee for cover.

[OOC] Prismatic Spider says, "Okay, folks."
[OOC] Dr. Light says, "Is punching okay, Madman?"
[OOC] Solstis says, "This is so going to end in a beatdown from everyone o.o"
[OOC] Prismatic Spider says, "This is the best thing ever. Know why?"
[OOC] Gate says, "?"

Skadi changes into her Summer Queen armor.

[OOC] Dr. Sarah Fairchild says, "Mad scientist convention and he just made himself a target?"
[OOC] Dr. Sarah Fairchild says, "...BIG G!"
[OOC] Dr. Sarah Fairchild says, "IT'S SHOW TIME."
[OOC] Solstis only has his drone ;.;
[OOC] Dr. Psyche would like to note, power armors, artillery strikes, etc., unless you actually can summon them from thin air, wouldn't be available.
[OOC] Skadi says, "Wrong! Wrong! Wrong!"
[OOC] Cerveau notes. Y'know my display? Turns out it has very unpleasant effects when used on Reploids. :D Also:dies at DOOM.
[OOC] Dr. Sarah Fairchild says, "Of course."
[OOC] Wire Sponge says, "Do we wait for Gaudile to respond?"

Gaudile is whipped and thrown backwards into the display, breaking it a little as he slowly begins to slide down it. He grunts a bit before attempting to get back up. "Ow ow ow." (No attacky)

[OOC] Dr. Psyche says, "You can pose responding in general (panicking, gearing up, etc.), but please do not attack me until both cinnamon and Gaudile have posed."
[OOC] Dr. Sarah Fairchild says, "Right."

Crazy Yoshi blinks. He begins to cough and wheeze, apparently once again remembering his age. He leans heavily on his cane, his face the picture of the pathetic old man. You wouldn't hit an old man, would you?

[OOC] Skadi says, "Doom can summon an artillery strike from thin air. She is Doom."
[OOC] Cerveau says, "She is the Dark Goddess."

        Gate engages 9* some odd courage as people begin to scatter and run.

        B****, you did not just put Sarah's life in danger.

        Note how the reclusive Gate spreads his plumage in defense of his mate, putting on an impressive display.

[OOC] Crazy Yoshi says, "Aren't we... indoors?"

Gate's body is enveloped in white energy as his shape begins to change, his labcoat becoming a cape, and his armor turning bright gold.

Prismatic Spider's eyes widen. "Oh no!" Raising his forcefield, the Spider Scientist scurries out of the way of the immediate panich, taking cover behind an edge of the stage. One hand pops out, however, and his voice rings out: "I call dibs on the disco ball!"

        Jazz is ignored by Dr. Light, but that's probably easy since OH SNAP GIANT MONSTER THING! The detective's clamps her jaw down, looking tough. She's going to have to take care of this. It was her duty as a Hunter! She raises one hand, which is now inexplicably holding a small pistol-type-thing without a barrel.

A flash of light emanates from the refractor on Prismatic Spider's abdomen, quickly dimming into a shimmering field that encloses him.

[OOC] Dr. Psyche says, "This rampage's soundtrack, " Mad Wing " by Ichiko Hasimoto (RahXephon OST 3)"
[OOC] Gate claps.

        As the chaos erupted Solstis calmly limped over toward his booth, leaving everyone behind. "Kitty, it's show time," Solstis muttered, as the drone in the middle of his booth arose, and started to stalk slowly out of it, emitting a slight warning beep every so often so people knew it was active. Solstis limped after it a few feet, hit a button which reactivated the Sigma Virus cannon, and then limped in the direction of the nearest exit. He'd let the stupid little thing get beat on and try to infect that monsterous death machine of Psyche's with his invention.

[OOC] Dr. Light will wait on Cumen. I mean, Cinnamon.
[OOC] Gate says, "Cinnamon and Sage Harpuia. WHERE WILL THE SPICES END>"

Wire Sponge furrows his brow suddenly as the whole entire GSTE goes into utter chaos. Wire Sponge motions to Overclock, "Go. I'll take care of this," The tower chirps hopefully, and Wire looks at it, "Leave this to the pros, chum," Wire claps his hands twice, and CACKLES highly. The flowers on the Sponge's head begin to shimmer and change various colors. Remember those clouds? Well, they're back. Except they aren't nice clouds. These are the kind of clouds you find smoking cigarettes when their moms aren't looking.

Electricity jumps from Wire's fingertips.

Sarah has the image in her hands and is stifling a full-on laugh...when HELL COMMENCES. Sarah glowers. She is not as mightily brave as her beloved beaux, but she is QUITE well-armed, and the SPIRITs rev up in preparation for combat. "This is so incredibly stupid. Doesn't he know he's gonna get CREAMED? This is practically a mad scientist convention! There's weapons /everywhere/, along with the people who built them!"

[OOC] Dr. Sarah Fairchild says, "Why, Mr. Pot, I never noticed before, but I do indeed appear to be black."

"... Wow."

Protoman says, as he continues to eat his popcorn, totally ignoring the fact that the shit has just hit the fan, "Eighteen years, and people are still going batshit insane and making superweapons so they can come here and try to blow things to itty bitty bits.", He says. If he's intending on getting involved, he sure doesn't seem to be showing it. He's wearing his armor beneath his coat, but he had neglected a few things yesterday. The only thing that interests him is whether or not this ... thing will yield a decent weapon.
Probably not, he thinks, though it might be a good idea to try to save the platypus guy.

Protoman glances over towards Doctor Light, and asks, "You're not going to go and try to punch it in the face, are you?"

[OOC] Prismatic Spider says, "Only when we get a Parsley, Rosemary, and Thyme to go with Harpuia."
[OOC] Dr. Psyche says, "Spicemachine Cabinet"
[OOC] Gate says, "You and your old songs."
[OOC] Dr. Sarah Fairchild FALLS OVER
[OOC] Prismatic Spider says, "Hey. The Queensrhyche cover of Scarborough Fair is one of my favorite songs!"
[OOC] Overclock says, "There were a few other Spice Girls in Command Mission."
[OOC] Overclock says, "Cumin, Jasmine, one other one."
Cerveau has reconnected.
Cerveau has partially disconnected.
[OOC] Gate says, "Cumin, Jasmine and Saffron."

The Sov-Bot in the center rushes back toward the scene of the fight, its priority the defense of Hunter personnel. The top of its head opens up like a flower, allowing a Bionic Commando-style grappling hook to shoot out, latch onto some part of the roof, and let it swing over the heads of the panicking populace and sail closer to Dr. Light. It lands with a *thump*, hook retracting and head closing, as it assesses the situation.

Elsewhere, the hive collective assists the Sov-Bot unit present in making rapid decisions based on available data. Combat simulations are run at full speed to determine potential courses of action. The feral intelligence of the swarm allows it to understand the field in a fashion no human-like brain could fathom.

"DR. LIGHT NEEDS TO SEEK DEFENSIVE POSITION," it radiates from its body, as the Sov-Bot runs what cursory scans it is capable of on the Mad Nautilus to feed the hive's need for information.

[OOC] Overclock says, "Yeah, that's the one. Saffron!"
[OOC] Gate n_n d

Tornado Onion watches as the huge machine appears and strikes The doctor on the stage at the time, Tornado irritated as he really liked his research. He goes to join the rest of them, and his father, in battle against the metal monster that Dr.Psycho decided to unleash upon them. Although he can't do much, he charges energy to make sure when the time comes, he'll definately be able to help without overloading his systems. "Teheh! He's getting over his head!"

[OOC] Solstis looks at an image of the nautilis and just...
[OOC] Solstis says, "...wtf?!"

The French doctor is far younger than many of the major scientists of the age, and as of right now, he proves that. Rather than rushing out in a hurried crowd like many of the others are, he instead performs a backflip over the chair behind him and draws the same pistol from his display out of his labcoat.

"Zut." he curses, preparing to defend himself if the need does arrive.

Cinnamon glances upwards, meeting Dr. Psyche's gaze.

        And in the back of Cinnamon's mind - well over 60% of it, in fact - her neural net is cranking away viciously, interpreting things such as breath, tone of voice, skeletal structure, and dozens of different implications, all subconsciously; rooting out from all these physical characteristics the basic nature of a person.

        Conclusion: Dr. Psyche is a -bad guy-.

        She can't react in time to the tentacle lashing out at Gaudile; Cinnamon only gapes in horror as the professor is picked up and flung backwards with pathetic ease. The display is suddenly crushed, and she barely gets out of the way in time, ducking bits of splintering wood. The volcano holds, though. That ain't no paper-mache. Cinnamon instantly tears into the debris, ripping it away frantically and completely ignoring the MAD NAUTILUS just offstage. "Daddy! DADDY! Hang on, I'll get you out of here!"

[OOC] Cinnamon says, "Where's the image?"
[OOC] Solstis says, "http://planet-megaman.com/gallery/displayimage.php?album=16&pos=39"
[OOC] Dr. Psyche says, "On that website yours is on. It's the one I have."

Dr. Light's eyes widen. "Oh snap." He motions to the Hunters, hidden or not, in the audience. "Maverick Hunters, time to abuse our 'Ignore Security' clause again! Stop that trilobyte!" Light's saucer is /outside/, crap, but he can't walk away without at least /trying/ to stop the next Dr. Wily from doing his thing. He grins at Jazz and Blues. "Of course not! I'm not that stupid."

Instead, Light tries to wound Psyche via a cane to the /face/. Or the side. But mostly the face. "But defensive positions are for suckers, and men named "Wily"! Scientist Dog Pile!"
Dr. Light strikes Dr. Psyche with his Cane Jab attack.

[OOC] Dr. Light primary's lol.
[OOC] Dr. Psyche ...
[OOC] Gate snickers.
[OOC] Cerveau wields his 9* Cou for a change.
[OOC] Gate says, "You and me both."
[OOC] Solstis isn't stupid so is leaving ^^
[OOC] Gate was stupid enough to call Berkana a bitter old dragon to her face. That's stupid enough.

"Dr. Light!" Sewa shouts, "Ack! Gaudile!", a pause, "Gah! Cinnamon!" She looks towards the Purifiers and says, "Stay back!", she orders before charging forward.

        "No!" A Purifier says, "Stop being suicidal, damn it!" angrilly.

        Sewa naturally doesn't listen. She attempts to leap onto the Mad Nautilus' back and stab it repeatedly with her dagger, "Jerk, Jerk, Jerk, Jerk! I HATE YOU!" She shouts angrilly, "YOU RUINED MY FIRST GSTE! YOU BASTARD!!! RAAAGH!!!", stab stab stab!

[OOC] Sewa decides to use the attack that's most aptly named.
[OOC] Cinnamon says, "Bah. I haven't given my name out yet. :D"
[OOC] Sewa says, "oh, sorry"
[OOC] Cinnamon says, "It's ok. :D"
[OOC] Sewa says, "'Miss Assistant!' then."
[OOC] Tornado Onion says, "Whenever wants to declare the "first turn over" let me know, I still have to charge=D if it stands.-.-"

Sewa strikes Dr. Psyche with her What A Catastrophe attack.

Skadi has a good mind just to leave with all the other screaming, fleeing people and let people who know how to use their weapons of mass destruction against this idiot. She'd miss a good show, so she lags behind, keeping an eye on the Nuttiest Mad Scientist here, and waving the crowds out to the proper exits.

[OOC] Dr. Psyche says, "Anyone else before I go again?"
[OOC] Jazz will.
[OOC] Tornado Onion says, "Let me charge then..."

Tornado Onion forfeits a turn to charge WE.

Durandal has disconnected.
[OOC] Cerveau will hold an attack until after you get to attack. :)
[OOC] Dr. Psyche says, "Tornado, you need to pose doing such before taking a combat action."
[OOC] Cerveau says, "Or something."
[OOC] Blues says, "I don't think it works until you've been attacked/attacked someone."
[OOC] Tornado Onion says, "I did."

"SUB-OPTIMAL COURSE OF ACTION," the Sov-Bot radiates, as Dr. Light whacks at the Mad Nautilus with his cane.

[OOC] Dr. Psyche says, "+OOC Oh, there it is."

"Don't you sass me when I'm being foolish!" Light insists.

        Jazz hangs back. She's still a little tender from the assault, so she's in no rush to get into range of this thing. Biting her lip, the detective skips lightly to the side, trying to find a way to attack the Nautilus and (1) bypass the armor, (2) not hit anyone. She can't shoot for the opening, because Dad and Sewa just threw themselves there! Oh, this was starting to wear at her nerves!
        Wait, what if she doesn't /have/ to bypass the armor? Jazz grins to herself, runs to the right, and raises a GAINT BAZOOKA. A rocket shrieks out, spiraling for the Nautilus before anyone can even ask the question that's surely on everyone's mind.

[OOC] Tornado Onion says, "yeah, sorry it wasn't right after, still new to the system.(WE that is)"

Sewa also shouts, "You could have waited until the following Sunday like Wily, but NOOOO! You couldn't even be that patient! Augh augh augh!"

Jazz strikes Dr. Psyche with her Where Did That Bazooka Come From attack.


[OOC] Dr. Sarah Fairchild says, "Jazz, you are my HERO. XD"
[OOC] Jazz :D

Solar Stega stares at Psyche's nautilus.. Then looks back around at her immediate surroundings and realizes pretty much everyone's trying to run away. While that does seem to be the most rational thing to do.. Heck, there's only one GSTE a year, and so far, only thus one scene of utter madness at the GSTE per year. She ducks behind a relatively secure-looking booth and peeks around the corner.

[OOC] Jazz, mini-Axl.

After getting another look at the sheer size of the power armor, Cerveau reconsiders his weapon choice. The Frenchman taps a few buttons upon a wristband, and moments later slides a bullpup machinegun out of one of his subspace pockets. Somewhat taking aim, he lets loose a stream of machine-gun fire toward the large crustacean-thing.

[OOC] Gaudile says, "Should you be Big-Axl since you came first?"

Cerveau strikes Dr. Psyche with his Fusil D'assault M.a.s attack.

[OOC] Gaudile says, "Shouldn't"
[OOC] Dr. Sarah Fairchild waits for Pysche's attack before opening fire.
[OOC] Wire Sponge same here.
[OOC] Jazz says, "Axl has more code than I do. ;_;"
[OOC] Cinnamon says, "Um."
[OOC] Cinnamon says, "Hang on, just a second."
[OOC] Dr. Psyche says, "Incoming area. Please wait until I get the code off before throwing attacks out further."
[OOC] Cinnamon says, "Hold up. :D"
[OOC] Cerveau will hold another attack until he gets adequate time to set one up.
[OOC] Dr. Sarah Fairchild says, "OK."
[OOC] Dr. Sarah Fairchild says, "Oh. OK!"
[OOC] Cerveau says, "Which will be longer than it takes for the area I'm sure. =D"
[OOC] Cinnamon says, "All better."
[OOC] Cinnamon says, "GO! GO! GO!"

Fight that? No way. Everyone else is doing a great job.
Overclock doesn't care about the demo slides--they survive or don't--but he hefts up the computer over his shoulder. Brains are hard to track down.

And with fire flaring up behind his legs, he makes ready to jet. Gotta love distractions.
Look on the bright side Sewa! Someone can use your solid-hologram medkit now. Overclock retreats from the area swiftly, outdistancing all pursuit and parting shots.

" C'mere girlie. Let's see just what' you're mAde o-ARGH! "

Light hits him, in the face. " You stupid ol-GET OFF OF ME! " And then there's Sewa, stabbing him. And those stupid red robots are getting in the way. " Stop it! STOP IT! You're ruining EVERYTHIN-*BOOM* "

And the bazooka strikes, causing the Nautilus to shutter in midair, bits of shell armor flying. " That is IT! DIE! ALL OF YOU DIE! " The tentacle spike tips begin to secrete an acidic compound, just before said limbs lash out, ripping through the crowds viciously.

A bystander cauhght in the battle would later comment, before being carted off to therapy, " His tentacles...there were EVERYWHERE AT ONCE..."

Because you positively, absolutly, CANNOT have a TinyPlot without mass tentacle violation.

[OOC] Prismatic Spider says, "HAHAHAHAHHAHAA."
[OOC] Cinnamon dies. Wonderful.

Crazy Yoshi simply tries to stay... out of the way. As long as /he's/ not being attacked, he doesn't see any reason why he should assault a scienist who appears to have a good head on his shoulders (figuratively speaking only, of course) and could potentially be a promising associate regarding this new breakout technology. Overclock's damn wetwear is going to ruin the AI business, and he has to keep up with the times!

[OOC] Dr. Psyche says, "Odd...did the attack code not go off?"
[OOC] Jazz says, "Nope!"
[OOC] Gaudile says, "Nope."
[OOC] Dr. Psyche says, "Wait a sec, anyways, something has to be fixed."

Cinnamon fails her attempt to cover Gaudile.
Dr. Psyche misses Blues with his Mad Ecstasy attack.
Dr. Psyche strikes Dr. Light with his Mad Ecstasy attack.
Dr. Psyche strikes Gate with his Mad Ecstasy attack.
Dr. Psyche strikes Sewa with his Mad Ecstasy attack.
Dr. Psyche strikes Prismatic Spider with his Mad Ecstasy attack.
Prismatic Spider's forcefield absorbs some of the attack and collapses.
Dr. Psyche strikes Tornado Onion with his Mad Ecstasy attack.
Dr. Psyche misses Cinnamon with his Mad Ecstasy attack.
Dr. Psyche strikes Gaudile with his Mad Ecstasy attack.
Dr. Psyche strikes Wire Sponge with his Mad Ecstasy attack.
Dr. Psyche strikes Dr. Sarah Fairchild with his Mad Ecstasy attack.
Dr. Psyche strikes Cerveau with his Mad Ecstasy attack.
Dr. Psyche misses Jazz with his Mad Ecstasy attack.

[OOC] Dr. Psyche says, "There we go."
[OOC] Dr. Psyche says, "Feeling DIRTY?"
[OOC] Solstis says, "Wow"
[OOC] Jazz says, "Mmm, ecstasy."
[OOC] Prismatic Spider says, "... That's it."
[OOC] Blues says, "You missed."
[OOC] Cerveau says, "Well, there went about half my end. XD"
[OOC] Gaudile says, "Mmm resist."
[OOC] Jazz dodged too, Blues! It's Light Family Awesome.
[OOC] Cinnamon says, "...you missed me, Jazz, and Blues."
[OOC] Dr. Psyche says, "Damnit. I missed Jazz AND Cinnamon."
[OOC] Gate resists.
[OOC] Gaudile says, "Good girl."
[OOC] Dr. Psyche says, "They were the PRIME TARGETS!"
[OOC] Tornado Onion says, "Hooooboy..... theres 1/5th of my life-.-"
[OOC] Wire Sponge says, "...Ow."
[OOC] Dr. Sarah Fairchild says, "Nasty, nasty Nautiluses."
[OOC] Dr. Sarah Fairchild says, "We have THINGS we DO to people who can't keep their HANDS TO THEMSELVES."
[OOC] Dr. Sarah Fairchild says, "(only Gate can touch me there ;_;)"
[OOC] Tornado Onion says, "ARGH!"
[OOC] Gaudile says, "My mind is bending."
[OOC] Gaudile says, "Thank you, Sarah. :D"
[OOC] Tornado Onion says, "Im happy for you Dad but-.-"
[OOC] Dr. Sarah Fairchild says, "I live to serve."
[OOC] Solstis says, "Wait until they're in schoolgirl outfits."
[OOC] Cinnamon asks that all you guys pose before I do, if it's OK. :)
[OOC] Dr. Sarah Fairchild says, "I'm on it."

<Public> Dr. Psyche says, "There."
<Public> Dr. Psyche says, "I've done my bit for the TP."
<Public> Dr. Psyche says, "I violated a room full of scientists with tentacles."
<Public> Clown Man laughs.
<Public> Io says, "Don't you feel proud of yourself?"

The tentacles lash out, and catch the Sponge straight in the chest. He ooghs painedly, and flies through the air with tentacles digging into his chest. He slams into several booths, and the clouds overhead lurch suddenly. Wire's lost his concentration for that brief moment. After the OHGOD mass tentacling, Wire Sponge stands up, and shudders. "First off. I'm a guy. You're a guy. We're both guys. YOU DON'T HENTACLE OTHER GUYS!"

"Second off. STOP COPYING SIGMA YOU DIRTY DIRTY WHORE!" Wire Sponge raises his hands and claps them together. His flowers puff up once more, and the clouds over head lurch again. Electricity builds up in the skies, and suddenly, like the hand of God, a lightning bolt arcs across the sky to SMACK Dr. Psyche upside the head.

Wire Sponge strikes Dr. Psyche with his Lightning attack.

        Jazz is trickier than she appears! When the tentacles start lashing through the crowd, she shrieks, and learns a lesson from Sigma's return: don't get in the way of tentacles. The detective leaps for the ground, letting the attacks flail harmlessly above her. Cracking one eye open, she yells, "Dad!", leaping for a half-trashed booth. She's got to do /something/ to save Dad, but what?
        The Lightbot sits and waits, one hand changing into a pink buster with a *fwoomp*. Pink dots of energy start to swirl around her, which can only mean one thing.

Jazz forfeits a turn to charge WE.

"Wait he's doing the Sigma thi-ARGH!" Dr. Light shouts, as a tentacle pierces his tender...

Shoulder blade. Ow. Light grunts, falling aside, and forces himself back up. Alright, time to fight smarter, not harder. Moving back a little, Light pulls out...a toaster. Grinning, Light tosses the toaster up, and down, and tosses it at Nautalus.

It explodes. This would be almost normal, but the explosion is emerald green.

        That small little Maverick drone kept chugging along while tentacles ravaged everyone, and then it stopped, and lowered down to the ground. Was it dead, was it incapable of doing anything. Was it a failure?! No, for as anyone who was noticing it could see a good portion of the drone literally lifted open and swung forward, forming a type of strange cannon. The drone beeped another warning, followed by verbal which clearly stated that the Sigma Virus was being unleashed, decontamination would be recommended. Then the emission device activated and out went the Sigma Virus through the air, although of a weaker strength than the like of what Sigma himself could do...although it was clearly aimed to attack the Nautilus(RPed).

The Sov-Bot takes the tentacle full on, being driven down across the floor. Sparks jump from the concrete below as the Sov-Bot tears down through the carpet, being shoved back all the way to the Cossack Foundation complex -- inside which, men wearing modified WWIII Soviet combat armor are silently preparing themselves for a last stand, praying as they load their Gauss slugthrowers.

The Sov-Bot pulls itself up afterward, dented slightly but not seriously damaged. The Servbotism frame of the creature does not yield so easily to violence. Engaging its dash jets, the Sov-Bot rushes back at the Mad Nautilus, blasting at it with a powerful laser to try to distract it from Doctor Light.


Dr. Light strikes Dr. Psyche with his Tossed Invention attack.
Dr. Psyche is temporarily disoriented by Dr. Light's Tossed Invention attack.


"You did -not-...", Protoman begins, before his form blurs off to the side, his dash boosters kicking in almost in reflex, "Just try to tentacle me, you Number Man reject.", He finishes, before he marches right up towards the 'Mad Nautilus', bringing his buster up. Under many circumstances, he would not even get involved.. and, in fact, he's in pretty bad shape to do so. However, he's not going to pull anything serious or considerable. No, when he fires his buster it is not the usual burst of plasma that comes out.

It's coffee.
Scalding hot, months-at-the-bottom-of-the-pot Anthem-Coffee.
Blues strikes Dr. Psyche with his Coffee Buster attack.

Sarah's juuust about to act when HOLY CRAP TENTACLES. They really are everywhere. Including...

Sarah suddenly SHRIEK, and her drones reflexively grab her booth in their grip and FLING it at Mad Nautilus. And in outrage she screams:

                         "DON'T YOU TOUCH ME THERE!!"

Dr. Sarah Fairchild strikes Dr. Psyche with her Spirit Gun attack.

[OOC] Dr. Sarah Fairchild says, "oops didn't mean to doublepost."
[OOC] Cerveau says, "DOOM."
[OOC] Cerveau says, "You fail."
[OOC] Cerveau says, "For ripping off not one, but two anime attacks."
[OOC] Cerveau XD
[OOC] Sov-Bot says, "The double post signifies the camera covering the attack from multiple angles."

"Waagh! Why are there always TENTACLES?!" Sewa says as she's pierced in the chest... with ACID TENTACLES. "Ow, Ow, OW.", her blood goes Eeeverywhere! And there are some sort of CHEMICALS in his belly!

        "Dr. Light!", she says, gasping again. "Nnn...This totally bites....", she ducks a bit before she draws both her blades, "Jerk, Jerk, Jerk! YOU RUINED EVERYTHING!" She yells before stabbing both her blades towards the Nautilus' back. Napalm bursts around the blades as they make impact.
Sewa strikes Dr. Psyche with her Tybault You Ratcatcher attack.

Tornado Onion is hit from the tentacle attack and ends up hitting the floor after charging, the energy obtained but at a cost, he gets up and stops becoming such a simple target to hit, initiating battle with the Nautilus by charging up his wind generator, they begin to hum, the spinning located in the dual generators at the front of his Onion self. A small cyclone begins in front of him, one generator creating the tornado the other charging it with electricity. he fires it at the Nautilus, it swirling, growing weaker from the distance but the charge covering more and more of the cyclone. "Eheheh! Leave My dad and his girl friend alone heeee!"

Solar Stega mentally swears and darts back fully behind the booth, watching the tenticles flail and pound the air before her. "Holy crap..." she eeps, and decides she'll stay back here for a little while...

[OOC] Tornado Onion says, "Okay Im stupid HOW am I supposed to attack him-.- it says theres no target named him..."
[OOC] Wire Sponge says, "Augh.. I don't know if I'll be able to stay away through this whole thing guys.."
[OOC] Dr. Psyche says, "Use my alias, Psyche"
[OOC] Jazz says, "attack psyche="

        Gate is smacked over by a giant tentacle. Fortunately his particular brand of shiny includes resistants to folding, spindling and mutilation with sharp things. He gets up, dripping with acidic tentacle goo.

        Sarah has been smacked as well.

        Gate narrows his eyes. No one. But NO ONE. Touches Sarah. LIKE THAT.

        He begins to radiate power around himself and tightebeams viral code towards Mad Nautilus. The effect, should the code be accepted, is to cause protected internal systems to overload and possibly explode.

[OOC] Dr. Light says, "Dr. Psyche, not Mad Nautalus."

Gate strikes Dr. Psyche with his Overload Codec attack.
Dr. Psyche falls to the ground, unconscious, due to massive systems damage.

[OOC] Wire Sponge says, "Would anyone terribly mind if I just sneak o--"
[OOC] Dr. Psyche says, "...."
[OOC] Tornado Onion says, "nevermind-.-"
[OOC] Gate says, "..."
[OOC] Dr. Light says, "Well, that was a quick final confrontation."
[OOC] Gate says, "Holy crap. What happened."
[OOC] Prismatic Spider says, "Double weakness?"
[OOC] Sov-Bot says, "You guys did that too fast."
[OOC] Gaudile says, "..."
[OOC] Cerveau says, "..."
[OOC] Cinnamon nods. Should we continue as RPed?
[OOC] Dr. Psyche says, "Part of it is that I got smacked twice for weakness right off the bat, Sov."
[OOC] Sewa is fine with continuing as rped.
[OOC] Gate says, "I would say so. Geez. I'm sorry. :"
[OOC] Sov-Bot says, "Let me reset his health."
[OOC] Tornado Onion says, "I'd have to atatck the dead guy O.o"
[OOC] Sewa says, "Psyche gets DOUBLE HEALTH."
[OOC] Cinnamon says, "That works too. :D"
[OOC] Sewa says, "because he's a boss, not part of the party"
[OOC] Dr. Light says, "Ruh Roh Raggy."
[OOC] Prismatic Spider says, "This is where he goes Second Boss Mode."
[OOC] Overclock says, "There are STILL some bugs in the new system, carry on! :)"
[OOC] Solstis says, "Second Wind Ability ^_~"
[OOC] Dr. Psyche notes, this is fine, I can work this in.
[OOC] Overclock says, "pay no attention to that admin behind the curtain"
[OOC] Gate says, "Apparently no one should tentacle Doom in front of me."
[OOC] Jazz says, "No, it's like when the boss goes, "NOW I COME BACK WITH A PALETTE SWAP.""

Tornado Onion strikes Dr. Psyche with his Shock Cyclone attack.

[OOC] Tornado Onion says, "weee alright I got it now."
[OOC] Sov-Bot says, "OK, Psyche, at the end of this round, do one of those fifth dimension things."
[OOC] Dr. Psyche doesn't follow.
[OOC] Dr. Psyche says, "IS that where I die, and then come back?"
[OOC] Sov-Bot says, "Yeah. Gate's attack is the one that puts you down (everybody else attack as normal this round if you haven't already). Die. Do the thing. Respawn."
[OOC] Gate feels special. He rides the short bus.
[OOC] Dr. Psyche noddles. Hit me, guys!
[OOC] Dr. Sarah Fairchild says, "...I cannot resist."
[OOC] Jazz is more stylish.
[OOC] Dr. Sarah Fairchild says, "...actually I can and will, but you get to see it later, Gate."

Wire Sponge frowns briefly, and he shrugs, "Eh. They have this handled. Adios, suckers!" Waddle waddle waddle waddle
Wire Sponge retreats from the area swiftly, leaving him open to pursuit or parting shots from Blues, Dr. Light, Gate, Sewa, Solar Stega, Overclock, Prismatic Spider, Solstis, Tornado Onion, Gaudile, Skadi, Dr. Psyche, Dr. Sarah Fairchild, Cerveau, and Jazz.

[OOC] Jazz says, "Besides, I already did my thing for this round. WE charge yay."

Cerveau gets smacked with the tentacle. Hard. The Doctor sails backward and crashes into an innocent bystander before standing back up. "That didn't go over well." he mutters, rushing in the direction of his half-packed display. "Achto Rodriguez, prepare to deploy the GoLeM immediately. "We will be engaging in perimeter defense protocol Beta." Cerveau states, grabbing his now bleeding arm. "We're going to demonstrate to Dr. Psyche the fighting strength of Atzlan."
Cerveau forfeits a turn to charge WE.

[OOC] Wire Sponge skitters off. I need sleep, badly.
[OOC] Dr. Psyche says, "Anyone else, before Cinnabon?"
[OOC] Gate hugs.
[OOC] Cerveau says, "Night Sponge."
[OOC] Gate says, "Cinnabun!"
Wire Sponge has disconnected.
[OOC] Tornado Onion says, "The charge worked ^^ I won't obliterate myself when I use my prim .....If psyche doesn't mind....."
[OOC] Dr. Psyche would prefer primaries not be whipped out so fast.
[OOC] Tornado Onion says, "Alright, I'll stay low."
[OOC] Dr. Psyche says, "Or I whip out my primary equiv. And someone dies."
[OOC] Solstis nominates Cerv.
[OOC] Dr. Sarah Fairchild says, "I call not-it!"
[OOC] Dr. Psyche says, "Their name starts with 'G'."
[OOC] Gate ...
[OOC] Dr. Sarah Fairchild says, "NO TOUCHY DA BOYFRIEND"
[OOC] Cerveau ...
[OOC] Dr. Light says, "If I die, you all know what happens."

One small problem with Prismatic's shield... It has no staying power, since he has a civilian-grade power core. The tentacles hammer at the shield, shattering it like so much glass before they surge forward, one large one impaling him in the chest. Mechfluid leaks out of the hole as the Spider Scientist gasps, and pulls away. Pulling away, Prismatic works his way up onto the stage itself, running over to Gaudile and his lovely assistant. "I am Commander Prismatic Spider of Repliforce. I am here to help you..." He glances down at the hole in his chest. "Let's get the hell out of here." He reaches down, helping to clear the debris with Cinnamon, and works to keep Gaudile out of the line of fire if he can.

[OOC] Gate says, "There's more than one."
[OOC] Tornado Onion says, "Got it, I'm laying off, I'll spin!"
[OOC] Sewa says, "(remember, Psyche is being teamed up on by like 6 people)"
[OOC] Gaudile looks at Gate.
[OOC] Cerveau says, "He becomes one with the Force."

"...'Ksaa!" shouts Crazy Yoshi, diving under some tables as the attacks begin. A tentacle rips through his labcoat and a whole year of magazine, piercing through his abdomen underneath. He screams out in pain, and quickly lifts himself back up. Clearly this monster is a threat to the innocent people here and must be defeated! On the other hand, who's to really say what /innocent/ mean? Crazy Yoshi decides that someone will certainly take care of it, while he hastily advances to the rear.

[OOC] Cerveau says, "And becomes more powerful than you can ever imagine."
[OOC] Jazz says, "It means he gets lots of WE."
[OOC] Tornado Onion says, "I need to app new attacks,I'm serious when I say my only lvl 2 is a stun..."
[OOC] Gate says, "I don't make weaklings."

        Elvis has left the building...
                        ...and nearly everyone else too. The convention hall is scattered with abandoned doctoral theses, broken booths, and more or less violated heroes.

Skadi doesn't try to join the latter group, but she does prepare for battle if those tentacles decide to get anywhere near her. Where she stopped the static charge from building before, Skadi is now bristling with it. She looks much like a hedgehog now, sparks dancing in her hair and clothes.

[OOC] Tornado Onion says, "My lowest attacks a 4 >.>"
[OOC] Dr. Sarah Fairchild says, "You do when the fuel system makes them unable to unleash their sassy powaz!"
Zero enters the Fort York Expo Center.

Gaudile grunts and groans a bit as more debris from the screen fall on top of his face. He quacks. "Ow."

[OOC] Gaudile says, "Shortpose, I know, but I couldn't think of anything that says "Gaudile sits there" in more than a line and a half."
[OOC] Prismatic Spider says, "Cinnamon and I were helping you up and trying to get you out of there though."
[OOC] Cerveau offers repairs if you someone manage to convince him to do so.(and etiquette allows) But I would assume that's Cinnabon's ob.
[OOC] Cerveau says, "Err, somehow."

        The tentacles lash out, wildly - all the screaming and chaos is horribly distracting Cinnamon. She manages to defend herself, rolling out of the way instinctively; unfortunately, this leaves Gaudile open. And he is hit, badly. Cinnamon slides partway across the stage on her stomach as more debris is tossed around, and stares for a moment in shock; first at Gaudile, then over to where Dr. Light is stumbling, then to the Mad Nautilus being pounded again and again and again, and -still doesn't fall-.

        And she scrambles to her feet, coughing and yelling hoarsely.

        "Enough! ENOUGH! I'll give you want you want!"

        The antigrav generators kick in. Cinnamon rises up above the stage, slowly at first, and low; then to six, a dozen feet, giving her a full view of the room and its inhabitants.

        And she starts -glowing-, green and gold orbs forming to hover around her.

        "You were right. The Force Metal Generator... is me."

        And Cinnamon can only pray this overdone display will draw Dr. Psyche's attention away from everyone else in the room; from continuing to lash out. Just a few seconds are all she needs. A distinctly pained look starts flitting across her face, however.

Cinnamon forfeits a turn to charge WE.

[OOC] Sewa says, "I think everybody in this room has jury-rig"
[OOC] Cerveau says, "Seeing he'll likely sit out as he gets his project ready to use again."
[OOC] Solar Stega says, "Except me, but I have refuel. ^^"
[OOC] Cerveau just has ironic repair skills.
[OOC] Cerveau says, "Mmm, irony."
[OOC] Solstis has no jury-rigness.
[OOC] Solstis says, "I make weapons, I don't fix people."
[OOC] Gaudile doesn't have jury-rig. :D
[OOC] Gaudile has the next best thing, though.
[OOC] Dr. Light says, "Robotics?"
[OOC] Gate says, "If you have Robotics, you have jury rig. ^^"
[OOC] Gaudile says, "Yeah, yeah. :D"

The Mad Nautilus is bombared once more, first by a boothe, and then...

...it's very systems begin to rebel. The whole Power Armor itself goes up in a cascade of explosions, crashing into a few abandoned booths with a final burst of flames.

And the terror is over...or is it

Dr. Psyche, burnt and broken, comes stumbling out. " Fools. " he murmers, and suddenly, grows once more with a red glow. Into a fresh, untouched Mad Nautilus.

" If any of you had paid any attention at all, like good little boys and girls, you'd of NOTICED the KEY WORDS IN MY BOOTH'S DISPLAY. "

The upper part of the shell pulls back, and the orb glows with an eerie green. The cannons light up as well, and begin to adjust.


And then Cinnamon moves forward, " Oh, brave little girl. You'd give yourself up, all for them? All to save them? " His voice softens, " Gaudile apparently gave you the backbone he never had, little one. " And for a moment, it seems the madness is over.

" I'll kill you last, and slowly, to make sure I can extract the generator in one piece. Now, be a good girl, and keep out of the way. " Energy Blasts cascade through the center, targetting most everyone save Cinnamon, apparently not seen as a threat.

[OOC] Solstis says, "Why do I have a feeling that Cinnamon is packing some major heat? >.>"
[OOC] Gate says, "Kitty. Paws."
[OOC] Tornado Onion says, "Because likely she is?"
[OOC] Dr. Sarah Fairchild says, "Watch, as she suddenly explodes and pwns EVERYTHING."

Dr. Psyche misses Blues with his Mad Energy attack.
Dr. Psyche strikes Dr. Light with his Mad Energy attack.
Dr. Light falls to the ground, unconscious, due to massive systems damage.
Dr. Psyche strikes Sewa with his Mad Energy attack.
Dr. Psyche strikes Prismatic Spider with his Mad Energy attack.
Dr. Psyche misses Tornado Onion with his Mad Energy attack.
Dr. Psyche strikes Gaudile with his Mad Energy attack.
Dr. Psyche strikes Dr. Sarah Fairchild with his Mad Energy attack.
Dr. Psyche strikes Cerveau with his Mad Energy attack.
Cerveau falls to the ground, unconscious, due to massive systems damage.
Dr. Psyche strikes Jazz with his Mad Energy attack.

[OOC] Cerveau dies.
[OOC] Dr. Psyche says, "Bitch. Slap."
[OOC] Solstis says, "So sexy."
[OOC] Dr. Psyche says, "I told you."
[OOC] Tornado Onion says, "told me what? Thank god for mah velocity. wait no, thank Gate."
[OOC] Gate says, "... I'm left unscathed?"
[OOC] Cerveau notes. You're dead, you KOed Light. Wrath from the Heavens rains down upon you.
[OOC] Cerveau says, "Have a nice day. :D"
[OOC] Dr. Psyche says, "Bring it."
[OOC] Sewa says, "yay!"
[OOC] Sewa says, "chances to use my medkit!"
[OOC] Gate says, "He's going to reserve something awful for me, I just know it."
[OOC] Cerveau says, "Yes please."
[OOC] Dr. Psyche waves a tentacle.
[OOC] Gate cries.
[OOC] Tornado Onion says, "Hit me not gate!!;-;"
[OOC] Tornado Onion says, "Slice da onion^^"
[OOC] Gate says, "No son. Daddy has to take his medicine. LIKE A MAN."
[OOC] Tornado Onion says, "Alright.."
[OOC] Gaudile says, "Mmm medicine."
[OOC] Dr. Sarah Fairchild says, "If Daddy goes down, Mommy will be the one killing."
[OOC] Gate says, "And then shower afterwards until his skin comes off. Now. poses."
[OOC] Dr. Sarah Fairchild laughs like a pirate.
[OOC] Dr. Sarah Fairchild then screams like a girl ow lasers.
[OOC] Tornado Onion says, "If daddy goes down I use prim-.-"
[OOC] Dr. Psyche says, "That makes sense, Tornado."
[OOC] Dr. Psyche expects you and Sarah to maim me should I kill Gate.
[OOC] Dr. Sarah Fairchild nods.
[OOC] Tornado Onion nods.
[OOC] Prismatic Spider says, "They'll Overlimit and bust out the Hi-Ougis."
[OOC] Prismatic Spider /ToS Geek.

Receiving a nasty blast of energy, Cerveau crashes backward into a stack of boxes containing assorted parts of his machine. The doctor lies there, obviously unconscious, as "Achto Rodriguez" looks on in horror and is forced to take cover.

"Well, only one second form, that's promis-" Light speaks too soon alot. Light's eyes widen as a blast of energy impacts right into him, slamming The Good Doctor into a wall, and he slides down to the floor, unconscious. Or maybe dead. Or maybe health and hearty after a fine tendercrisp sandwitch!

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Dr. Psyche transmits, "Attention World."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Ditz Pinkmouse transmits, "HI!"
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Dr. Psyche transmits, "Dr. Light is Dead. Cerveau is Dead."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Ditz Pinkmouse transmits, "Ok."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Dr. Psyche transmits, "The rest of your feeble excuse for a scientific community will follow shortly."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Solar Stega transmits, "..."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Feste transmits, "Long live the Cerveau!"
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Ditz Pinkmouse transmits, "Are they sick?"
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Dr. Cossack, in perfect English. "I'll see you in hell."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Colonel transmits, ".....Who /are/ you?"
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Ditz Pinkmouse transmits, "Someone said a bad word!"

        That poor little drone got battered by the energy blast, one side of it become opened up instantly merely due to the power that Doctor Psyche could unleash with his weapons of mass destruction. The assault with a Sigma Virus had seemed to do...nothing much, perhaps...yet the drone was a mindless device, and as Psyche came out with a new Nautilis the drone re-targetted him, and fired off a higher concentration burst of the Sigma Virus...which then caused the drone to shut down it's primary systems and leave only the audio and visual relay occuring.

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Prismatic Spider hisses. "He's insane!"
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Glaive transmits, "Ha ha ha, your funny. Please kill him Dr. Cossack."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Colonel transmits, "Do you need help there, commander?"
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Dr. Psyche transmits, "I am Dr. Psyche. I amt he one who nearly destroyed your precious American Internet. I am the one who discovered Force Metal. I AM THE ONE WHO HAS CREATED THE ULTIMATE ARMOR, THE MAD NAUTILUS!"

        To get to the point, Jazz is clobbered. With a shriek, she's enveloped by energy, her cover vaporized. The detective goes flying through the air, smacking hard into the ground, where she eventually skids to a stop.
        But she wasn't idle! Through the waves of doom comes a single lance of pink light. Maybe she aimed right, maybe she didn't. With the assault, it's unlikely she could steady her arm, but there's always luck.
Jazz strikes Dr. Psyche with her Laser Cannon attack.

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Colonel transmits, "You are a madman."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Chris Mainards transmits, "Shut up."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Ditz Pinkmouse transmits, "Wait, you mean I didn't break the internet?"
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Glaive transmits, "...Damn it, I wish I would have not played with Plant man, I wanted to shut this ****er up."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Sasha's voice is frigid. "If Doctor Light is dead as you claim, you will have to deal with me. I do not care who you are or how powerful your delusional fantasies have convinced you you are. I will kill you."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Overclock whistles innocently.
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Dr. Psyche transmits, "We'll see, little girl."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Chris Mainards transmits, "Oohhh I like this woman, even if she is a protector of Light."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Fliptop is silent for a long second, then emits something that nobody will understand, most likely. "Misser Cossack. M'can meet ya wherever y'want, if'n y'wanna do what we said'd happen, if this occured." His squeaky little voice is dead calm.
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Prismatic Spider transmits, "First, we're leaving. After that, half the planet is going to come here and dissassemble you, you bleeding lunatic."

[OOC] Sov-Bot will be spamming this round. I will wait until everyone goes.

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Dr. Psyche transmits, "Once I've killed them all, Gaudile's little girl and her power will be mine. And no one will stop me. After all, I doubt there's any means of reviving the fallen here...it's medically impossible to do so in time to halt me!"
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Ditz Pinkmouse transmits, "Santa Clause can do it!"
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Chris Mainards transmits, "You do realize there are /armies/, right?"
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Ditz Pinkmouse transmits, "We just have to rescue him from the elves first!"
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Dr. Psyche transmits, "SANTA CLAUSE IS DEAD."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Ditz Pinkmouse transmits, "..."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Ditz Pinkmouse transmits, "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

In motion very quickly, Protoman doesn't seem very inclined to just -let- the energy blasts strike him. Moving with a surprising amount of agility, his form leaving an afterimage as he makes his way towards -- Not Doctor Light, but the individual on stage: Cinnamon. He would only stop in front of her, at which point he would discard his now-ruined trenchcoat. Optics gleam, as he decides that sometimes, you just have to do what you have to do. Normally, one would expect him to turn his buster on the one who is actually responsible for this. But he does not.


Protoman says, as his buster is turned on Cinnamon, energy beginning to gather into the barrel. He trusts someone else to get to Doctor Light and 'save' him, half-expecting the Sov Bots to go deal with the situation. After he speaks out to the mad Doctor Psyche, he mutters something to Cinnamon.

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Prismatic Spider transmits, "You ARE a bastard."

Blues mutters to Cinnamon: '... personal ...'.

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Chris Mainards transmits, "I hate it when I can't get to my guns."

Gaudile is struck by light blasts. "Owowowow." He begins to struggle again but does nothing to maul the giant sea creature because he cannot. Sadness for Gaudile.

Sewa pulls away from the Mad Nautilus, before being BLASTED IN THE FACE BY ENERGY! She is slammed far away and collides into a wall near Dr. Light before sliding down it. She shakes her head a bit to clear it, staring with horror at Mad Nautilus...and then at Dr. Light! "Hey! Doctor Light!?" She withdraws a scanner from her pocket and runs it over Light.


        "Oh My God..." Sewa says. "Dr. Light's....", she looks about the room, "Dead...I..." Her eyes tear up and she bends over the body, "I'm sorry.... I'm sorry....I never had the chance to...Oh God, Thomas...." She doesn't assault Mad Nautilus. She's too depressed for the moment. Hopefully he won't be around once rage sets in.

Tornado Onion watches the second time as Pysche attacks, not generating this turn and is able to see what's coming and react in time. The burst of energy whiz's past him, growing angry, much more angry as his father AND his love interest are struck by said beam of energy. He rushes at the mad Nautilus, spinning to reach him then jumping out of his spin in the last second to kick the machine with Dr Psycho inside it. "Tehehe ..I GET YOU! Stop hurting my dad!"
Tornado Onion strikes Dr. Psyche with his Kicking It Up A Notch attack.

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Dash transmits, "Wait, Light?"
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Dash transmits, "What did you say you did to Dr. Light?!"
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Dr. Psyche transmits, "I killed him."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Ditz Pinkmouse transmits, "Guts Man!! Help!"
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Dr. Psyche transmits, "Because he got in my WAY."

Sarah snarls as the lasers pierce her flesh once again. Her body, carefully designed to deal with assaults of this sort, reroutes some of this energy through her and into her SPIRIT systems...but most of it just singes her arms and really most of her flesh. She takes a step back...and the silver drone hovers up in front of her, a reflective barrier field forming protection against further assault. Sarah snarls, unable to get her systems' energy back up to attack after putting up the barrier.
Dr. Sarah Fairchild brings her reflect system online.

        It seems like it's all over, until Psyche stands and somehow... reforms himself.
        How the hell. Mass Produced. Damn, why didn't /he/ think of that? The energy bursts lance through the crowd, striking the humans for what appears to be fatal blows. Light goes down and Gate's eyes widen, shocked. Sarah, too, is struck; yet, somehow, the blasts seem to just narrowly miss him, singing part of his cape instead of the man himself.

        "Pain and suffering is it? Pain is an old friend, allow me to introduce YOU to it!"

        Blues is about to do something needlessly cruel, and Gate feels he has to stop this for the girl's sake. He'd do the same for his own daughters. Charging up the codecs again he tightbeams another set of code into the mass produced wonder, this one aimed to elicit the most horrible sensations of pain, should they be accepted.
Gate strikes Dr. Psyche with his Agony Codec attack.

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Chris Mainards transmits, "This is a win/lose situation. On the one hand Light's dead, on the other hand we have to put up with this guy babbling about it."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Dash transmits, "goes silent for a moment."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Feste transmits, "You /have/ to put up with this guy babbling about it?"
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Dash transmits, "OOC: Meant to pose."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Feste transmits, "Are you aware that your radio has an off switch!"
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Dash transmits, "..."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Chris Mainards transmits, "OF course it does, but then I wouldn't be able to listen to things I actually /like/."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Ditz Pinkmouse transmits, "... it does?"

[OOC] Crazy Yoshi says, "You missed Blues, Professor."

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Ditz Pinkmouse transmits, "Someone find Santa Clause! Maybe if we get him on ice we can still fix him!"
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Tornado Onion transmits, "Chris you realize he just killed Cerveau?"

[OOC] Gate should have been more clear. he's trying to take down psyche, not blues. My bad.

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Feste transmits, "Oh, you fool."

[OOC] Gate says, "I was caught up in the moment!"

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Chris Mainards transmits, "Mm."

[OOC] Gaudile pats.

Solar Stega watches the fancy lighting effects from behind the tough booth. .oO(Wonder what's happening...)Oo. She starts to pay attention to the radio again, snerking slightly at something said, and then... "...What? Doc Light?... No way..."

[OOC] Cinnamon says, "Am I good to pose?"

Skadi joins up with the others this time, once the big name doctor goes down, and that Aztlan doctor too. She needs to get close enough to get Dr. Light out of there, since he didn't have the sense to do it himself. Skadi fires off a river of bright white sparks at the Mad Nautilus, which promptly explode into bright supernovas. She doesn't really pay attention whether it strikes, but heads straight to the Doc, with Sewa over his body. She picks the girl off very roughly, "Don't sit there! Help me get him away from here!"
Skadi strikes Dr. Psyche with her Bring On The Fireworks attack.

[OOC] Gate thinks so, after Skadi.
[OOC] Overclock says, "You're up!"

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Tornado Onion transmits, " Aiee this isn't the best time for me to be doing this! hheheh!"
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Tornado Onion desynchs.

[OOC] Dr. Psyche says, "Wait for SovBot, please."
[OOC] Dr. Psyche says, "He has a pose to do right before CInnamons."
Sasha enters the Fort York Expo Center.
[OOC] Dr. Psyche says, "OHSNAP."
[OOC] Sasha says, "My father has told me to kill you, Psyche."

Sewa shakes Skadi off, "DON'T TOUCH ME!" She screams at her. "HE'S ALREADY DEAD!", okay, so rage has set in now.

[OOC] Dr. Psyche notes, he's been asked to allow some Hunters in-considering I just killed Light, I really can't disallow it, but this will be the exception.
[OOC] Overclock says, "Got a few poses in the wings to slap down before, but otherwise you are good"
[OOC] Dr. Psyche says, "Bring it, lady."
[OOC] Zero would note he was IC'ly on his way back when the radio started screaming as well.
[OOC] Zero was waiting several rounds before doing so though.

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Global Cinnamon has connected.

The Sov-Bot keeps blasting at the Mad Nautilus, though it doesn't do much -- and then one of the Mad Energy blasts hits it, and blasts it against the wall of the Cossack Foundation defense bubble. It sticks there for a moment, then slumps downward, not moving immediately.

Dr. Light's biomonitor is interrupted. Signals are sent through the hive mind. Terminator signals engage. Locks are released. New directives are uploaded.

The red optic turns blue, and a faint beam, harmless to the Mad Nautilus, lands on it. Global Cossack Targeting System: LOCK.
BOOM. BOOM. Cracks form in the ceiling.

BOOM. BOOM. Cracks form in the floor.

BOOM. BOOM. Cracks in the walls.

Explosions tear down from the ceiling, up from the floor, and through the walls. Fifty Sov-Bots, equal parts from all quarters, rush up like the hand of God himself. Flying through their gravity generators, they swirl and churn, forming into a cloud, then a snake, that strikes down at the Mad Nautilus like a hundred Mega Men punching him all at once.

The Sov-Bots churn and orbit, powered by their nightmarish gravity generators, repeatedly crashing into the power armor. They ignore any other damage that comes their way, not caring if anyone else's stray shots hit them. They will attack the Mad Nautilus until it is destroyed, or they are.

Seek and destroy. Destroy. Destroy. DESTROY.

<Public> Chris Mainards says, "And a cheer went up as Cinnamon connected!"
<Public> Samurai Pizza Gatts says, "Huzzah!"
[OOC] Solstis says, "huggable"
[OOC] Tornado Onion says, "I concur."

Coruscating blasts of energy stream outwards, slamming into and THROUGH Prismatic, tearing his mechanical body away as he is sent backwards. Fully one side of his body is cremated, falling away in a sizzle of metal and wreckage as he screams the scream of suffering.

In a small lucid moment through the pain, he realizes something. Doctor Cossack really has the right idea when he convienently is not present, or is already in an optimum position for saftey when bad crap goes down. He really should work on that tactical thought and paranoia.

Regardless, Prismatic hisses out with a squeal of protesting joints, as his left arms prop him up so he can stand... "This... This... This is insane..." Staggering forward, Prismatic grabs onto Gaudile's shoulder as all hell breaks loose. Even more than it did before. "RUN! This fight is beyond us! RUN!" And once again, Prismatic attempts to pull Gaudile along, attempting to get him the hell away from the Mad Nautilus.

[OOC] Gaudile waits for Cinnamon before reacting.
Cerveau has reconnected.
Cerveau has partially disconnected.

Cinnamon grits her teeth, eyes narrowing. It didn't -work-. It should have, but it didn't, and now people are falling -everywhere-, and Dr. Psyche still isn't FALLING OVER. Dr. Light does, though. And Cervau does. And Gaudile might follow, if she doesn't do -something-. Cinnamon's golden wings flare suddenly - and the hovering green-gold energy forms into an odd spiral shape around her. She glances down to Blues, staring HEAD-ON INTO A BUSTER.

        And it might come as a surprise that the simple assistant just shakes her head. "Don't be foolish, please." Cinnamon then raises her head again, calling out to the Mad Nautilus clearly over Blues's shoulder.

        "This is the power of the Force Metal Generator, Dr. Psyche! And it's not a weapon! It's -HEALING-!"

        Even Cinnamon isn't quite sure how she can do this. It's all feel, all instinct. It tells her where Dr. Light and Cervau and Gaudile are, even with her eyes closed - and Cinnamon's eyes shut for just a few seconds. A few seconds are all she needed, and by not attacking, the Mad Nautilus has foolishly given them to her.

        And the spiral splits into three - the first to her father; the second to Dr. Light; and the third to Cerveau.

        And there's a resurrection.

[OOC] Overclock says, "Light? NOBODY on the hunter side had the new frequencies."
[OOC] Overclock says, "Other than Glaive :)"
[OOC] Dr. Light says, "...I said, like, three times."
[OOC] Dr. Sarah Fairchild says, "What?"
[OOC] Dr. Sarah Fairchild says, "No, I was using the new ones"

Cinnamon fully restores Dr. Light's systems with her Aid ability.
Dr. Light regains consciousness.
Cinnamon fully restores Cerveau's systems with her Aid ability.
Cerveau regains consciousness.
Cinnamon fully restores Gaudile's systems with her Aid ability.

[OOC] Prismatic Spider says, "O_O"
[OOC] Dr. Sarah Fairchild o.O
[OOC] Cinnamon says, "Aaand that didn't quite work like it was supposed to!"
[OOC] Jazz says, "Whaaaat."
[OOC] Cinnamon says, "But tada."
[OOC] Prismatic Spider says, "Holy BEEFSTICKS"
[OOC] Sewa says, "kickass"
[OOC] Gate says, "Awesome."
[OOC] Tornado Onion says, "Okay what WAS supposed to happen..."
[OOC] Cinnamon says, "Don't worry about it. Important point: Everyone's happy!"
[OOC] Tornado Onion says, "Psyche are you happy?"
[OOC] Gate says, "And Cerveau goes home going, "Holy ****, a robot saved my life.""
[OOC] Cerveau says, "Exactly."
[OOC] Prismatic Spider says, "And his heart grew three sizes that day!"
[OOC] Gate says, "From 0 to 2"
[OOC] Gate says, "Or 0 to 3, sorry."
[OOC] Cerveau says, "And so begins quite a complicated time for Q."
[OOC] Gate says, "It's character development."

Dr. Light is dead. Long live Dr. Light.

Even now, the Emergency Sceneario C, if Light falls at the hand of anyone other than a certin someone, is going on, Light's wear-on Concerto Node working on making a electronic copy of Light's brain pattern, waves, and thoughts, essentialy transfering Light's mind to three central computers in various Hunter strongholds. Light lies there, life leaking out of him.

And then, there is, ironicly, a flash of Light.

The Good Doctor gasps, his eyes shooting open and his body regenerateing. Light coughs, wildly, as he's brought back to life. "Oh...oh....oh God..." Light runs a hand through his beard. "It was...beautiful." Light pants, holding his head in his hands.

[OOC] Cerveau says, "Indeed. I am thoroughly pleased."
[OOC] Tornado Onion says, "YEY^^!"

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Dr. Light transmits, "I'm...not quite dead yet."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Ditz Pinkmouse transmits, "Yay!"
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Gate transmits, "Oh. Your. God."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Cerveau transmits, "Neither am I."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Ditz Pinkmouse transmits, "Then you can save Santa!"
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Dragonlady Sonata wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew. "Father!"
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Bullet transmits, "...."

Dr. Light looks over to Gaudile. "Sir, I think Force Metal works on humans." He notes.

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Glaive transmits, "...Heh heh, punch him hard Dr. Light."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Dr. Cossack transmits, "And now, Dr. Psyche. You vill die."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Bullet softly weeps. In relief.

[OOC] Solstis says, "I see, so the aid ability is basically robotics/heal except it covers both races."
[OOC] Dr. Sarah Fairchild says, "Spiffy."
[OOC] Solstis says, "It's lickable!"

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Glaive transmits, "...Good to hear your voice Bullet."

[OOC] Cinnamon says, "Nooot quite, but we won't get into that! :)"

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Ditz Pinkmouse transmits, "Don't cry lady, the nice man will save Santa!"

[OOC] Prismatic Spider says, "It's the pwnheal."
[OOC] Solstis laughs.
[OOC] Cinnamon says, "Moving on with the RP."

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Glaive transmits, "Yeah, Psyche. A thousand Zenny to whoever gets him first."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Dash transmits, "Dr.Light! You're alive!"
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Dash's voice sounds somewhat tearful.

Gaudile is enwashed by more light. This light, however, deals negative damage. Gaudile slightly expected this, but wasn't expecting it to work on him. He is amazed, and the healing/painkilling calms him enough to reply to Light as Prismatic begins to yank him away. "Apparently...so." He attemps to struggle to his feet as Prism takes him somewhere else.

[OOC] Gaudile says, "Clarification, 'wasn't expecting it to happen to him'."
[OOC] Jazz says, "Can we pose again? :O"

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Glaive transmits, "Pfft, what is with the crying. You act like anything could kill him?"

Oh yeah, nothing is going to please Skadi more than screaming that someone is dead before even *trying* resucitation. She's about to lay into Sewa, but Cinnamon sprinkles love and healing onto Dr. Light and the other fallen. Since she's next to Light, she watches as he shoots up on his own, and his wounds healing like a complete miracle. Funny how she doesn't believe in those miracle things, and that snaps her out of her shock. She gets right back to business. "Can you move sir? We're not exactly in a good place."

Gate is simply to stunned to do anything but watch as Cinnamon restores the life to Doctor Light.

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Bullet transmits, "That doesn't mean we don't worry about him!"

Cerveau coughs several times as he returns from death. The doctor nearly goes into shock as he realizes what happened. "That....reploid..." Cerveau stands suddenly, as he fully grasps the situation. "Achto Rodriguez, stop gaping and prepare the GoLeM. We are going to save that reploid, whatever the cost." Cerveau crosses himself before continuing issuing orders. "Oppose my order and I will have you undoubtedly demoted."

[OOC] Jazz says, "I guess that's a 'maybe'?"
[OOC] Overclock says, "It looks like Dr. Psyche's modem has died. This is a problem, so... I'm gonna quick run him as a few emits to get him out of the scene. ^^;"
[OOC] Dr. Light nod.
[OOC] Gaudile says, "Ouch."
[OOC] Tornado Onion says, "Alright."
[OOC] Jazz poses anyway! >_<

        Despite all the crazy stuff going on, there's a girl. A single girl.
        This girl is running. She dashes through the dust, appearing from the debris-clouded air. In her hands is a hammer. This hammer is huge. Larger than the girl herself.
        The girl eventually reaches Mad Nautilus, raises her hammer high over her head, and tries to slam it down right on something important that may or may not release a huge concussive blast that shakes the very core of the reploid power armor.
        This girl's name is Jazz.
        Viva la Light.

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Glaive sniffs, though muffled. "Hmph, I knew he was just fine thank you."

A slightly confused look crosses the face of Protoman, but he lowers his buster for a few moments, and steps aside, however, he does continue to charge it, making a point of doing so. He replies, to Cinnamon, "I see...", Before turning to look towards the Mad Nautilis, and Doctor Psyche. He frowns, and looks back towards the girl, then back towards Doctor Psyche, before he says, "... I seem to have misjudged the situation.", and then he considers his options. No, Protoman isn't always right, but he most certainly would have shot Cinnamon if he had thought Psyche would get ahold of her.

"So I guess I'll just cover you for now.", Protoman says.
Blues forfeits a turn to charge WE.

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Bullet transmits, "All I know is what I hear on this frequency..."

[OOC] Jazz won't code it, because, y'know, modem thing.
[OOC] Zero says, "Soon as psyche poses I'd like to make an entry pose if it's fine."

[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Glaive transmits, "Hmph, and Liese made a strict order against Dying."
[Radio: (A) Global Randomness] Shield transmits, "Since you can hear us Bullet, please remember this: Do not give up hope."

.... What? The Force Metal... undoing his work?! Psyche wouldn't be... couldn't be done that easily. He was a fool to ignore Cinnamon... and he wouldn't make that mistake now.

But he's got more problems than that to worry about, as the explosions start tearing into the shell of his powerful armor. "NOOOO...she CAN'T!" Clearly...the only solution, was to tear the Force Metal out of her core!

Tentacles whip out for Cinnamon, trying to grab onto her, lashing only at her now with their chemical-laced edges.

Sarah...sits there. Stunned. The Director and Doctor sits there, stupified at the sudden miracle her drones report and her eyes see. She drags herself forward, drones wheeling above, generating power in an idle state while Sarah makes her way over toward Light, and the others, unsure what to do or what to say.
Dr. Sarah Fairchild forfeits a turn to charge WE.

[OOC] Jazz says, "So, uh."
[OOC] Jazz says, "Should the rest of us just sit out and let the actors have their scene or what?"
[OOC] Tornado Onion says, "Good question^^."
[OOC] Gaudile says, "Prism has his mitts on me, so either he's still in or I'm out."
[OOC] Overclock says, "Sorry? I had a problem seeing all the poses? Because, um, I had to handle the emits."
[OOC] Gate is so exhausted he can't go on.
[OOC] Gaudile pats.
[OOC] Overclock is too.
[OOC] Overclock says, "So we can wrap up."
[OOC] Tornado Onion says, "Please."
[OOC] Cerveau calls his ride then.
[OOC] Dr. Light says, "Guys, we had to do a quick change. Have some patience with the situation, especialy since its Crazy Late."
[OOC] Sov-Bot says, "Considering that our Psyche player's modem died, and we're picking up mid-stream, and it's 3 in the morning, I suggest you put a big smile on your face and be grateful we're not just saying `OK, Psyche explodes, good guys win, everyone barbeques'."
[OOC] Tornado Onion says, "Oh of course^^!"
[OOC] Gate laughs.
[OOC] Gaudile says, "Oooh barbeque."
[OOC] Skadi says, "I want the bbq"

Sasha misses the ressurection. (Someone will have to rewrite it for her.) With a burst of white light, the Cossackbot appears in the room above the winding snake of Sov-Bots, Triple Rod already at the ready at her side. There's already quite a storm of people attacking Psyche--for the moment, she'll hang in the air over the entire scene, watching, monitoring, and waiting for her opening.

[OOC] Sov-Bot says, "Thank you. We appreciate your patience."

Zero's arrival.

There is a sudden bright blue flash on the very far wall, near a clear spot where there's no displays, and that section of the wall suddenly splits apart, under the passage of a certain beam saber. One -could- use the door, but that would involve running around to the other side of the building, and this particular person is not one to take the nondirect route.

Even as debris settles around, Zero strides in in a display that would make Guts Man, or Kool-Aid Man proud. Instead of 'Oh yeah!' being shouted however...

"...okay what the hell did I miss?"

[OOC] Sasha says, "And that's the /only pose I do/."
Dr. Psyche has disconnected.
[OOC] Sewa says, "quick change?"
[OOC] Tornado Onion says, "Sasha, it was nice ....."

        Cerveau is restored to life. Dr. Light is restored to life. Gaudile is healed. All of them are returned to safety.


        Rather ignominiously, Cinnamon stops hovering in the air almost instantly as her antigrav generators kick out again. She lands on the stage /hard/ on her knees, barely noticing Blues in front of her. Cinnamon wheezes harshly, bent over - and then the tentacles tear towards the heart pattern on her breastplate; the source of the Force Metal Generator. She -hurts-, but with Gaudile out of the way, the healing angel feels a bit more sure of herself; more confident and of course perfectly prepared for the onslaught. She Can Handle This.

        Cinnamon starts flailing wildly. "Hggk - LET GO! GET AWAY!"

Prismatic Spider continues to help Gaudile to the safest place in the GSTE: The Cossack Foundation Display. The Cossack is ready for anything, up to and including military assaults on supposedly neutrals scientific conferences. The power of the Force Metal is noted, and stored away... But in the horror of the fight, he can't dwell on it. It pains him to leave Cinnamon behind, but she apparently has plenty of people to back her up as well. Cmon Zero, do that cool slashy thing. We have the requisite tentacle-beast here for it.

Cerveau has reconnected.
Cerveau has partially disconnected.

The Sov-Bots keep up with the orbiting and pounding. Someone wearing WWIII Soviet combat armor pokes open a door in the bubble and waves Prismatic and Gaudile in with one hand, and keeps a particle beam cannon on his opposite shoulder.

[OOC] Cinnamon says, "Now playing: 'What I'm Made Of', by Crush 40."
[OOC] Tornado Onion says, "Yep."
[OOC] Solar Stega hehs. I actually have that. :o
[OOC] Gate has that too.
[OOC] Tornado Onion says, "I know not of that music, but if anyone wants some ...game music -.-..."

Dr. Light just almost died, and came back. He's...just going to sit here for a while, yeah. Oh man.

[OOC] Cerveau notes.
[OOC] Cerveau says, "Jazz won the bet on who'd wreck the expo."

The tentacle beast does... well, not EVERYTHING that tentacle beasts do to captive young girls; thank goodness Gaudile thought to put in that impervious metal skirt. But the Nautilus does hold Cinnamon rather tightly... lifting her up off the ground. "I'll take the Force Metal generator... even if I have to extract it the hard way!" Psyche is... quite obvlious now to the entrance of multiple hunters--too focused on his goal.

[OOC] Gate says, "Only Psyche is not Metal Sonic, Cinnamon. XD"

Zero obviously hasn't got much of a clue what's going on overall of course. He wasn't here for all the dramatics earlier. Go figure that he's standing here now, trying to process just what the hell is going on at -this- moment in time as well. His eyes fall on Cinnamon then, as the crazy Dr. Psyche wraps her up in tentacles like some sort of wierded out japanese monster.

Well at least he can make -some- conclusions.

"Well allright for starters..." he mutters, his dash jets suddenly igniting as he propels himself skywards, leaping over in a long arc, his beam saber following down as he literally passes right -between- the two, the blade slashing out at the tentacles. "....how about we unhand the locals!?" No sooner has he landed than he stands between the two, still...as if not quite sure what's going on.

[OOC] Gate says, "Who'd she bet on?"
[OOC] Cerveau says, "Unrelated third party. :D"
[OOC] Cerveau says, "Instead of RM or Mav."
[OOC] Tornado Onion says, "Ahhhh."
[OOC] Jazz asked Rigger who'd attack. Mavs, RMs, or independent evil party. And Jazz said independent evil party.

Sewa tries to hug Dr. Light and reopen his injuries. (No not really the injury reopening stuff). Naturally, if Sewa thought resuscitation of someone that dead was possible, she would have done something. She forgot about Cinnamon. But naturally, the Tiny Sparkles fix him, and Sewa ignored those too so she could hug the damnable old man. "Thank you, thank you!" She bawls like a little child. Since sometimes, you know, she -is- a little child. She's too injured to be very good at stabbing right now, which is good for Dr. Psyche, but then again there are like Fifteen people who want to kill him here now, so it doesn't really matte.r

Gate just protects Sarah. He's got a one track mind about these things. And this will allow his player to get that rest she's desperate for.

[OOC] Gate hugs all. That's it, I'm done, assume I'm just being a bodyguard. XD Awesome stuff, y'all.
[OOC] Dr. Sarah Fairchild says, "Later, hon."
Gate has disconnected.
[OOC] Skadi says, "Night Gate!"
[OOC] Cerveau says, "Alas, too quick. :o"

Sarah, trying to get close enough to be USEFUL in stopping the RAMPAGING ENGINE OF DESTRUCTION, finally gets to an angle where she can fire on the tentacles. And she does so. The SPIRITs all roll open, revealing various elemental-typed beam weapons that open fire on the Nautilus. "Let her GO, you lunatic!"

Cerveau waits with the GoLeM ready. If the need arises, he's ready to punch a nice hole in the Mad Nautilus with it. However, it looks as though Zero might have it under control.

Gaudile follows Prism into the bubble, and attempts to salute the combat armor man, fails to with his primary hands, but does the best he can with his backhands. Now that Cinnamon did her love and justice, Gaudile feels more fit to start brawling like the others. But, he hasn't the foggiest what to do, as he has no idea how he can actually help to maim. So he just sits there, hopefully looking out a window, assuming he can. He pulls a line from his native game. "Cinnamon..."

Tornado Onion after having attacked the Giant armor, backs up to where gate and Sarah are(were), protecting his father and his interest as best he can. Watching as the hunter takes care of business. He watches Sarah fire but conserves energy in case the weird thing decides to attack her, not wanting to let down his father.

It would seem as if Protoman is not content with simply standing aside, and does just as he said he would... though he moves out of the way, his buster is brought forward, completely charged. Enough so that he is safe in releasing a megablast. It is trained upon the tentacles at first, and then moved along so that he can target them nearest to the source, the Mad Nautilus, and Doctor Psyche. But he does not, at first, fire. His weapon systems begin to overload, buster crackling furiously as he begins to force-feed energy into it. His injuries from the previous night come into play, his currently-exposed 'spinal cord' causing him to lock up momentarily, as a great white light shines forth from his form.

The trademark 'overcharge' attack, often called the 'Big Bang Strike' is released, a great sphere of green energy shining brightly, the center of the blast looking almost akin to a miniature star as it travels along towards it's target, intensifying in it's brightness the closer it gets, fired along towards the base of the tentacles, and aimed so that it might have a chance to directly strike the machine itself along with the tentacles.

Immediately after this large release of energy, the Eldest Android drops into a kneeling position, using his 'free' hand to support himself.

[OOC] Blues also knows this part is not coded, however, is doing this to himself since he is both not at the appropriate energy levels, and injured from the prior battle with Enker that I never got repaired from.

Blues strikes Blues with his Proto Buster 5 attack.

"Stay down," one of the large Slavic guys says. Sandbags are being set up, with a tripod-mounted energy cannon being locked into place. "Let the big guns handle it."

Zero's energy slash strikes home on the tenctacle monstrosity...

And blasts from Sovbots, and the Spirits... slam into the sides of the shell. The tentacles are chopped, Cinnamon let go suddenly and dropped in a heap onto the ground.


And cracks start to form in the Nautilus side.

It just might be time for a tactical retreat, but Psyche wants to stick to the end...


For a second, the Bang Strike blings him, filling all vision, and overloading all of his systems at once. The floating shell...starts to fall out of the air. White light fills the air, streaming through the cracks of the armor, and a crazed shout comes from the Mad Doctor inside the shell.

And then, the blast, white hot, as the shell is disrupted.

Prismatic Spider, missing half his torso, is so not arguing with the soldier. Escorting Gaudile in, the Spider Scientist collapses in a nearby corner, grunting in pain. "She will be all right, Gaudile. Some of the best guardians in the world are there to stop Psyche."

And then the Big Bang Strike hits. "... That must have hurt."

Sasha makes a decision at this point. The others have more than handled the Nautilus itself, but Cinnamon's still in the threat range--and so the Cossackbot blinks out with another flash of her own white light, reappearing at the healing angel's side to stand between her and the wounded Nautilus. She snaps up her forcefield, providing a little bubble of safety from the sudden core overload of the damaged machine.

Dr. Light leans into Sewa's hug, the sobbing of the girl and the helping hand of the...other reploid girl. Someone. It wakes Light out of his daze, to see his sons(Zero is a son? Nephew? Stepson? Something.), niece, and friends tear Psyche's armor apart. There's something to be said for a sort of beauty in combat. "Thank you all..." Light says, sitting himself up, and shielding his eyes when the Natalus explodes, violently. It still dosen't hold a candle to the real light.

[OOC] Zero is just 'that guy'.

Gaudile nods and slides away from the window. He sighs as he responds to all who will listen. "I know, but...I want to do something. But I can't." He pouts a few more times before finally attempting to calm himself.

[OOC] Jazz is also apparently not a member of the family. >_<

Cerveau kicks into action now, in hopes of protecting the area from any more damage from that beast. He order Rodriguez to direct the field directly around the Mad Nautilus, in hopes of containing the blast, at least to a degree.

[OOC] Blues says, "Sorry, Jazz. You were adopted. We forgot to tell you."

And his daughter. I thought I put that there.

Obviously not ready to move quite yet. Skadi allows the old man his time to process what he just went through. She turns to guard Dr. Light and Sewa, although Dr. Psyche's attention is all on the miracle-maker herself. She's safe too, from the looks of it too. She's not a body-guard, but she shields the injured as the Mad Nautilus breaks open exposing its core.

        Tentacles are notoriously difficult things to wrestle with.

        And then, all of a sudden, easy - Cinnamon frantically throws the vile things away from her as they're severed multiple times - a beamsabre strike, fire and energy strikes from the SPIRIT drones. And if stares could do damage, they'd be cut another hundred times. The medic doesn't rise, however; looking a bit stricken up at Zero, then across to Blues, and then, in startlement, up at suddenly-appearing Sasha. Cinnamon shifts from kneeling to sitting, clutching at her chestplate and wheezing just a bit, despite the evident lack of external damage. From somewhere, though, she summons up a weak smile to the reploids hovering over her. "I'm - alright - "

        But she can't help it. Seeing the 'Big Bang Strike', Cinnamon's attention is focused not on the Mad Nautilus, but on Blues. Despite the sickening feeling that she is going to be -paying- for this in spades - Cinnamon extends herself yet again. It's far less showy; nothing more than a quick green/gold spiral from her hand to the center of his spine.

Cinnamon fully restores Blues's systems with her Aid ability.

Zero lands with that harsh *CLANK* of metal on metal that follows with any motion of an armored robot doing their thing. "That's better, now what's been going on he..." he states at first, before suddenly lurching to one side as Protoman's huge blast streaks past and slams into Psyche's body. It prompts him to turn, and seeing as how Sasha already has Cinnamon covered, Zero is pretty much on his own, raising one arm to shield his face. When the explosion goes off, he's standing a little -closer- than he would have liked to be...but he's made of stern stuff, even as pieces of debris and flames bounce off his armored form in the process.

"....guh. A little more -warning- next time!" His annoyed call follows a moment later as he lowers his arm and blinks away the spots in his visions.

Tornado Onion stays out of combat, allowing the others to get to it. He watches the slice from zero and then the explosion from Blues... standing near Sarah and his father..."Wow..hehh..."

Prismatic Spider shakes his head, creaking. "I understand the feeling, Gaudile. But not all people are all things. Some are fighters. Some are scientists. Some are teachers. Some are builders..." His head droops slightly, optics flickering closed a moment, before he stirs. "Do not lament what you can't do, Gaudile. Make the best of what you can do. Use your abilities to help build that better tomorrow we all want to come."

Gaudile nods silently, but does nothing else.

The light from the destruction clears away. Pieces of the Naultilus armor fall now, from the air, and crash onto the ground, and onto a few of the still remaining displays below.

...Is this the end of Dr. Psyche?

Perhaps not. For, as that shell splits, another familiar cackle issues from deep inside. And then..... that disco ball head emerges... on a tiny rocket.

The rest of the shell parts fall away, slamming onto the ground, and leaving just that behind. "...This isn't over...Gaudile... I'll get her YET!"

With a blast of light and, a FWOOSH!!! What's left of Dr. Psyche heads out a conveniently-placed crack in the cieling.... parting shots on his transparent dome notwithstanding.

[OOC] Prismatic Spider says, "Psyche needs a NEXT TIME, GAUDILE! NEXT TIIIIIIIIME! attack."

The explosion bounces off the dome, which apparently does more than keep rain out. Afterward, a cheer rises up from the soldiers inside the Cossack Foundation defensive position, but they keep setting up fortifications anyway. They like doing it.

"We'll get you some help," one of the Foundation medics says, and tries to signal for somebody who knows about Reploids to come over and help Prismatic Spider. They know humans, not robots.

[OOC] Gaudile snickers.

        When the explosions come, Jazz is ready. She leaps back and raises her GINORMOUS HAMMER as a shield, letting the debris and other nastiness rush past her as she hides behind the huge bulk of the weapon's head. When everything stops going BOOM, the detective peeps around the corner, checking to see if the coast is clear. It is! Mostly because she counted 'head on rocket' as 'explosion' and hid for that, too. Jazz leaves the hammer where it sits, running over to check on The Amazing Dr. Dad..

[OOC] Cerveau says, "I'll get you next time Gad...I mean Gaudile!"
[OOC] Gaudile ponders setting his alias to Gaudget.
[OOC] Cinnamon snickers.
[OOC] Skadi says, "Cinnamon needs a dog called...Brain? ;)"
[OOC] Dr. Sarah Fairchild says, "Overclock could pobably provide."
[OOC] Dr. Sarah Fairchild says, "He's got like dozens."
[OOC] Overclock says, "Well, I can put a human brain in a robot dog"
Cerveau has reconnected.
[OOC] Overclock says, "That'll go over big"
Cerveau has partially disconnected.

Dr. Light drags himself up, streching a little and feeling...oh so good. Ten years younger. He smiles at his family, normal and extended. "Thanks, kids." Well, maybe five. Light smiles at Gaudile and Cinnamon, and looks over Prismatic, beginning some basic field-work on the Reploid. He mentions to Gaudile, "We have a /lot/ to talk about, then."

[OOC] Solstis sniffles, can't present now ;.;
[OOC] Solstis says, "My presentation got trashed XD"
[OOC] Solar Stega pats. XD
[OOC] Overclock says, "Eh, people can still present tomorrow :)"

Blues rises to his feet, as he is 'healed' by Cinnamon. He would take his time in dusting himself off -- not really -- before he turned, to look towards the 'Force Metal Generator' reploid. His buster becomes a normal hand again, and he crosses either of his arms over his chest, before he asks, "Why did you do that?", as if he had expected the 'nurse'-esque reploid to hold some sort of grudge. In fact, he had, and probably wouldn't have blamed her for it: He did, after all, threaten to kill her.

[OOC] Cerveau scttles away back to Atzlan...for now.

Sewa lets go of Dr. Light, sniffling and wiping at her eyes every now and then. Every so often she murmurs 'Oh god'. She really thought he was dead forever.

[OOC] Sewa says, "maybe we can extend it another day if neccessary?"

Tornado Onion stands near his dad and Sarah(he's gone but technically He isn't ..right?) staying infront of them of at least father to deflect any of the shrapnel coming from the explosion and collapse of the armor, he can;t do much now, but decides it's best to stay close to his family.

[OOC] Sov-Bot says, "And then tomorrow Cossack presents."

Cerveau mutters to Cerveau: '... supply ... transport ... ... ... Achto Rodriguez. ... need ... sleep.'.

[OOC] Sov-Bot says, "I suggest everyone goes home tonight and reloads, because Doppler will either be presenting right before or right after him."
[OOC] Dr. Sarah Fairchild chuckles.

Sasha straightens up from being half-hunched over Cinnamon to protect her, watching the other girl extend her healing abilities to help Blues. At length, Sasha snorts quietly, shedding her protective flight-field bubble and stepping over to rest a hand on Cinnamon's shoulder--even as everything comes pattering down. She'll deal with Psyche when she catches him, later, for what he did. "You do not need to do that for him. He's tougher," she murmurs to Cinnamon, and prepares to offer a little support. This whole "working miracles" thing seems like it would take a lot out of a body.

[OOC] Gaudile says, "What can beat brainy supercomputer? :D"
[OOC] Tornado Onion says, "Oh, goody."
[OOC] Prismatic Spider says, "..."
[OOC] Cerveau heads out now, will likely be back tomorrow.
[OOC] Cerveau says, "Err, to GSTE I mean."
[OOC] Prismatic Spider says, "He's going to do something involving your stapler, isn't he."

Skadi stands back, letting the Doctor go about his business, and see about checking on her own boss. Undoubtily, the Director and Gate will be safe in each other's arms, but she would feel amiss, if she didn't say something to her.

Blues has reconnected.
Blues has partially disconnected.
[OOC] Solar Stega says, "Hey, Overclock, can I borrow one your brains? Mine broke from lack of sleep. D:"
[OOC] Overclock laugh :)
[OOC] Blues missed anything after his last pose.

Cerveau makes his exit during the emotional moments, he'll return to pick up the GoLeM some other time. Come Rodriguez.

[OOC] Tornado Onion says, "I've been practicing ...."
[OOC] Dr. Light says, "I'm out of cookies from last night."
[OOC] Cerveau frowns. Too many people to cookie.

Zero gets the ringing out of his ears a moment later as he straightens up, watching the figure shoot straight up, before giving a grunt and turning back to the others. His beam saber still crackles for a few seconds more before he deactivates it, satisfied that the 'danger' is gone. His eyes move to Sasha, checking first of all to see she's allright....which she is of course. And then he glances to the others gathering around Light in a hug-fest. "..."

The berserker sighs then, flipping his idle beam saber back up to clip onto his back.

"Could somebody PLEASE tell me what just happened? I feel like I walked into the middle of a movie here."

Cinnamon shifts to a sideways position, mostly so she can lean on one arm and the added help of Sasha. Both of the golden wings on her back are drooping rather pathetically; she's covered in mess from the multiple explosions, looks absolutely exhausted, and little random straggles of hair are blocking her vision. Hearing Blues, the Force Metal Generator takes a moment to wipe the hair out of her eyes, and manages a smile.

        "Why shouldn't I have? You shouldn't have fired, you could have broken your back - "

        Cinnamon exhales sharply, all of a sudden, and looks embarrassedly over to Sasha. "Sorry - I can't stand up - is everyone else alright? Where's professor Gaudile - "

[OOC] Cerveau says, "And I'm off. Sleeeeep."

Gaudile peeks his head out of the Foundation bunker thing. "Hmm... yes, perhaps." He either ignored Psyche or didn't see him at all. Poor disco ball. He then slid back down to the ground, happy that everything worked out okay. Or barring the hurtness and destruction, things worked out as well as can be. He keeps silent thereafter.

[OOC] Cerveau will have to thank unnamed Nurse reploid tomorrow.

Sarah growls at Psyche's retreat, shooting a few more blasts at him as he flees. She spits in anger, then stalks over toward the Cossack bunker flashing her badge so that she will hopefully be allowed through to tend to Prismatic and assist Light and the others.

Hopefully, they are not trained to kill Interpol agents on sight.

[OOC] Cerveau says, "Night all."
[OOC] Solar Stega says, "'night Cerveau. :D"
[OOC] Skadi heads out too.
Cerveau goes home.
Cerveau has left.

"Over at my father's booth," Sasha replies. "So he will be all right. Would you like me to carry you over there?" she inquires of the Generator--and glances up to meet Zero's eyes across the room. She smiles briefly at him, then looks back down at Cinnamon.

[OOC] Gaudile says, "I so misread Sarah as Sasha for a moment and was wondering why she was talking about Interpol."
[OOC] Dr. Sarah Fairchild says, "I adopted her."
[OOC] Dr. Sarah Fairchild says, "Along with Zero."
[OOC] Gaudile says, "It's so clear now."
[OOC] Zero says, "...I'm adopted?"
[OOC] Dr. Sarah Fairchild sagenod.
[OOC] Dr. Sarah Fairchild says, "Your hair, she sung to me."
Skadi has disconnected.
[OOC] Zero says, "Leave her out of this!"
[OOC] Solar Stega hasn't been able to think straight enough to pose for a silly long time. @_x; (darn determination to stay in to record the log) 's it all right with everyone if I just say I noticed Prism and Gaudile going into the Cossack booth and followed them in...?
[OOC] Sov-Bot says, "Go for it. They're just defending. If you aren't hostile, they'll let you in to help."

Tornado Onion watches as Sarah walks forward, knowing the dangers gone but not wanting to fail dad again. He stays near Gate, watching Sarah help Prism, figuring there's not much he can do.

[OOC] Sasha puts a desc on to cover her nakedness. *^^*
[OOC] Solstis says, "No need to rush."
[OOC] Overclock will be heading off. Thanks everyone. This was awesome. :)
[OOC] Tornado Onion says, "I'll follow suite."
[OOC] Solar Stega says, "Awesome indeed :D"
[OOC] Solar Stega says, "It's been like.. 12 hours, right? 3 pm to 3 am EST?"

Prismatic Spider is in a bad way. But that tends to happen when you take a Ride-Armor grade hit when you're using a civilian-grade chassis. He'll live. He's just going to need some fixing, whether here or back at the F3. By now he's gone into low-power mode. e.g. He's passed out. Makes it easier for the doctorly types anyway.

[OOC] Tornado Onion says, "yeah."
[OOC] Tornado Onion says, "theres a fortress 3?"
[OOC] Prismatic Spider says, "... F5."
[OOC] Tornado Onion says, "Sorry-.-"
[OOC] Solar Stega says, "no wonder I feel so dead XD"
[OOC] Dr. Sarah Fairchild says, "Nah. It was his mistake, he did type F3."
[OOC] Tornado Onion says, "I shouldn't have brought it up, I'm near dead also."

"I see."

Protoman replies to Cinnamon, and goes to say something else, but then /she/ points out the flaws in his own actions, to which he has nothing to say. He just frowns, and moves to get to her other side, helping her get about further if she needs the assistance, but not really speaking anymore. He looks towards Doctor Light, and Gaudile.

Maybe he should've just gone and grabbed the platypus instead of shoving his buster in the nurse's face.

[OOC] Prismatic Spider says, "I said F5. You didn't see the F3. I've certainly not gotten the ruins of the F3 and am rebuilding them into my secret lair from which I will deploy 8 powerful robots into areas in a bid to take over the world."
[OOC] Tornado Onion says, "Of course not!"
[OOC] Overclock always assumed your lair was underground and full of raw energon and you were uprooting the Nemesis down there.

Cinnamon nods very cautiously to Sasha. "I'd like that, if it's not too much trouble, please. Well - I could try. I'm not hurt too badly. Thank you!"

        Cinnamon slowly draws to her knees, leaning quite heavily on Sasha; wincing just a little bit at her dented and cracked knees from her fall. But Dr. Psyche is gone, and even if the expo center is totalled, nobody was hurt beyond a bit of fixing.

        Or they got better.

        Cinnamon smiles weakly at both Sasha and Blues, accepting his help without comment. Except for: "I never did get to say - hi, I'm Cinnamon."

[OOC] Sov-Bot says, "Because we're renting that to -- I say too much."
[OOC] Solstis facepalms.
[OOC] Solstis says, "Good night everyone ^^"
[OOC] Prismatic Spider peers at OC.
Solstis has disconnected.
[OOC] Prismatic Spider says, "Is that a Beast Wars reference?"
[OOC] Tornado Onion says, "energon? has to be transformers"
[OOC] Dr. Light says, "Cossack! Are you renting to the Predicons again?"
[OOC] Dr. Light taps his foot.

Zero continues to watch as this all takes place, then just sighs and shakes his head. He'll have to ask about it later.

Dutifully, he dusts off first one arm, then the other, before rolling his shoulders in a shrug. "Well if that's that, I guess I'll leave this to the cleanup..." his eyes move towards the section of wall he cut through to get in, and a few of the handlers of the expo angrily pointing in his direction. "...I think it's time for me to head back. Again."

[OOC] Prismatic Spider says, "<Light> He turned me into a corpse! <Blues> A corpse, sir? <Light> ... I got better!"
[OOC] Cinnamon says, "Prismatic wins the reference!"
[OOC] Tornado Onion says, "Awww."

Sasha looks over Cinnamon's shoulder at Blues, giving him a smile, too. Look, she's wearing her red scarf! If she just had sunglasses and a crash helmet, they'd be twins. But they're not, so instead she'll go back to steadying the nurse. "I am Sasha. It's good to meet you, Cinnamon. And thank you for your assistance." She at least /heard/ about the minor miracle, and is glad that she doesn't have to raze the world clean for her father in retaliation for Light's death.

(Continued in Day 2)

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