Some reploid/generic robot designs that I'm making available for people to use for their own characters, either directly or for inspiration. (If someone /does/ use an exact or near-exact form, please tell me so I can say here who the char now is and where sa is from? :3)

Click for a larger pic!

I'm not sure how useful the quadroped forms would be, but I'm uploading them anyway. :D;

What happened when I took a stab at drawing a Kikaider Animated Series-style robot..

Two sketches/drawings of a Musk Deer reploid. The first one has synthetic fur covering his face and lower arms. (He's not a fighter, so it's not like it would get in the way much.) The second is without synthfur (obviously), and a possible color scheme for his face. (I liked the first one I tried better, but it's not scanned at the moment. It was dark brown with some red.)

"Spear Saurus", or whatever you want. 'tis a sauropod!
Apparently he/she/etc looks an awful lot like Crane Diplodocus on M3. XD

A sketch of a lioness Reploid. As I noted on the paper, looks to be a comms officer and/or hacker. (Her tail could be a datatap. ;P) Probably for either Repliforce or STARS.

Sketch of another feline robot. Looks to be combat, but could be anything.

A cheetah-robot and what appears to be an evil duck with a monocle. APP. DO IT.

My second Secretary Bird design.. I'm still holding onto my first. ;)

I'm not really sure what he's supposed to be, but he's kinda nifty looking...

Incomplete sketches of a Starling and a Kirenjya. I think the kirenjya was meant to be Yakuza.

Incomplete dragon.. thought he looked nifty, so here he is despite being desperately incomplete. The guy talking to him is my OC Ayin by the way. :P

Bee Assassins are my favorite type of insect. So here's a design! App gogogo! MUSH needs more insectoid assassins!

Hugely incomplete, but an African comb duck would make a nifty robot, so I'm spotlighting it! The weird-lookin' words on the side are its scientific name, Sarkidiornis Melanotos.

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