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Panamanian Riots                   Sun Aug 01    Global News Network

< Video feed of a Panama City, with people flooding the streets, tipping over 
hovercars, throwing rocks at police, setting fires, and defacing UN property 
and installations. >

"This is Reporter Rotifer here in the middle of Panama City, where just a few 
days after the Normandy Massacre, this small country has erupted into riots. 
The dissenting populace has surged into violent action against anything 
related to the United Nations, harassing troops, and defacing buildings and 
monuments related the UN."

< Camera switches to a couple of angry protestors. >

"When asked why they resorted to violence, these Panamanians had this to say:"

        ''My brother was in one of those power armors! And Houseman got him 
killed! He died for nothing! NOTHING!''

        ''Mavericks aren't gonna stop there! They want us all dead, and the UN 
can't save us!''

        ''That Sage Harpuia guy was right! We can't trust reploid troops, 
they'll just join the Mavericks! And we can't trust the UN, they'll get us 

< Camera switches back to Rotifer. >

"The local government and peace-keeping forces are doing their best to calm the 
local population, but the entire country seems to be caught up in an anti-UN 
frenzy. UN officials were unavailable for comment at this time, being taken to 
safehouses across the country for their own protection. Local law enforcement 
agencies have stated that if things cannot be calmed down, they will be 
requesting reinforcements to try to deal with the situation."

"We'll keep bringing you up-to-date information on the Panamanian riots as more 
news is available. This is Reporter Rotifer and Video Volvox, signing out!"

< End Feed >

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The Red Star                       Sun Aug 01    Global News Network
<This is more of a rumor than it is a news post. I didn't know where else to 
put it.>

        There's a place in Northern Downtown Moscow. Its a 
hardcore/rock/punk/hiphop spot called 'The Red Star'. If anyone knows anything 
about it, they'd probably mention that this is one of Punk's favorite places. 
At times, he's taken care of trouble there himself, but its not a place where 
he starts it. There are all different walks of life that go there and in 
general its a pretty tolerant place, but its rough. There are several things 
that happen in the massive club that go unnoticed by the bouncers and 
officials. Its sheer size makes it almost impossible to police when there's a 
large crowd. Therefore, it has earned a little bit of a reputation. They won't 
hold admission because of an insignia on your chest...but if you were 
Maverick, being all infected and everything, it might not be a good idea to 
draw attention to the bright Sigma on your chest, but don't let that stop you 
from coming.

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GNN: Repliforce Press Release      Sun Aug 01    Global News Network
<< This.. is GNN.. >>

Walking towards the podium that the camera focuses on is the large, imposing 
figure of General, almost somewhat alien, considering the deep crimson 
paintjobs, the spikes lining his body in different places, and of course, that 
Doctor Cossack Sigil on his chest, being somewhat more notable than most. 
Raising a hand to quell the immediate questions, he lets the silence flow over 
the room, before he begins to speak. 

"Good afternoon, everyone. I have come here at the need to deliver an official 
statement, since rumors have implicated our involvement at recent events, such 
as those in Normandy and Egypt." Once General notices that the people are 
fully paying attention, he continues. "Many of you have wondered, likely, the 
condition, the place of a decommissioned Repliforce following what happened at 
the lead of now Secretary-General Houseman's acts at the U.N. General 
Assembly. Some of the Repliforce, choosing instead not to involve themselves 
with the war anymore, took up an offer of an honorable discharge. However, 
many who felt that our jobs, what we swore to the world when we took up oaths 
as Repliforce officers, was not yet done. What, you ask, did we swear to do? 
We swore to protect those who cannot protect themselves. To fight for freedom 
where only tyranny reigns. And tyranny threatens many innocent, many free 
peoples across this globe. We are built, we are instilled with values, ideals, 
and beliefs that we make our own -- because many of us in the Repliforce are 
all too aware there is something we have an obligation that should not be 
dictated because of race, of nation, or of creed." 

"Equality, ladies and gentlemen, is one of the reasons why I sent one of my 
officers to evacuate the remaining U.N. Power Armored Corps Troopers that 
Houseman sent without any thought of a backup plan, of his assumations that 
they would immediately be able to get out of there. I am not here to take any 
kindof credit. What I am here to say, simply put, is that we're not going to 
let personal vendettas stand in the way of doing what's right. And what's 
right, includes helping those who choose to raise up, and fight against a 
common enemy. The other common enemy, of course, being the Robot Masters." His 
expression hardens, that mature facemold of his slightly more human than 
before: "Wily has long held Africa, treating it's people with a smile on one 
side, and a venomous look on the other, using it's people under the guise of 
'good living' to impose his dictatorship and rule. I ask you, the people of 
Africa who long for freedom -- Egypt was the first to be freed. There will be 
many more to come who will taste the boon of freedom, to do as they choose to 
do, to live a life without wondering if Wily's whims of his Robot Masters will 
strike down upon them. The Repliforce is a force dedicated to peace, ladies 
and gentlemen. It is a force for the people of this planet." 

"And the Repliforce will rise again." 

Without giving any chances for the reporters to answer anymore questions, the 
titan of Justice walks from the modium swiftly, leaving a clamor of questions 
in his wake from the reporters. 

<< This.. was GNN.. >>

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DEADLINE: LAKE WILY                Mon Aug 02    Global News Network
<< This.. is GNN.. >> 

         There's a reporter there when the camera pans up, murmuring 
off-screen, "Are we on? Are we--" The reporter pauses, "Hi! I'm Reporter 
Wombat, coming to you live from what is once the 'Lake Wily' region of the 
Wily-held African nations, which has been recommerated 'Lake Hope' in the 
interim. Why, you ask? Because it seems that the hope against rule under Wily 
has made inroads here, most notably being the Repliforce, having sworn to 
uphold what it was originally intended to do, and all of Wily's forces were 
driven from this region! It was a pitched battle, but shortly after 
confrontations between the Yellow Devil, Crash Man, Ballade, Dust Man, 
Blizzard Man, Sword Man, Quick Man, and Magnet Man, forces lead by General 
himself, counting Blaster Saurian, Barrage Raptor, Krieger Wolf and Assault 
Kangaroo among them, in a surgical strike of power, the Sons of Wily were 
driven away in a fashion stronger than the time he appeared in Egypt." 

         There's brief video here-- General deflecting the Yellow Devil's huge 
fist with nothing but his mustache, apparently, before taking the Yellow Devil 
by the eye and destroying it within the scope of one attack. Barrage Raptor is 
shown as driving off the Elite Master, Ballade, with surprising force in 
similar fashion, there's clips everywhere of the battle. And of course, Dust 
Man at the end, being impaled by a chainsaw twice his size. Ouch. 

        "Apparently, towards the end, Grenade Man attempted to lay siege to the 
ground beneath the valiant Repliforce and the Aswan Dam, but a miscalculation 
and General's immense forcefield proved to stablize the land, even after 
explosions ripped into the land. Rumors persist that battleship-grade weaponry 
was acquired here, but a thankful people from the people of the liberated 
country seem to affirm that they wished the Repliforce to take the weaponry, 
and other material to support themselves in their campaign. This is Reporter 
Wombat, from Lake Wi- I mean, Lake Hope. Signing off!" 

<< This.. was GNN.. >>

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Evening News...                    Tue Aug 03    Global News Network
The usual evening shows are interrupted by a Breaking News Report. 
 A Reporter can be see in front of a darkened apartment building, a bright 
light being shined on him, "This is Reporter Wombat in Montreal, Canada, where 
two explosions have gone off in this apartment complex, where the Ambassadors 
from the Coalition for Reploid Freedom have been living for the past months." 
He says, gesturing behind him, "We're about to get a feed to the inside of the 
room that the explosions were found to come from." 

 After a few moments, the image is shifted to the inside. A blackened 
apartment, clearly damaged by the explosions that already went on here, can be 
seen. But this is not all. Amongst all the smoke that is clearing through the 
windows, which have been opened, is a figure. Long silver hair can be seen, 
eventually... and once the smoke is mostly cleared, it becomes certain who is 
standing there. Protoman, clad in his Codebreaker armor. 

 Two husks of Reploid Security Guards lay against the wall behind him, and 
kneeling on the ground, facing the same direction that he is, leaned over so 
that something noticable can be seen upon either of their backs-- mines. 
Remote mines, to be exact. In one of Protoman's hands is a detonator, and the 
other is shifted into buster-saber mode, held at ready to swipe down... but he 
doesn't do so just yet, holding the arm with the detonator crossed so what 
little of his face that was exposed is now hidden. He begins to speak. 

 "For the past few months, I have been working on collecting information on 
these Maverick Ambassadors. Why I have been hunting down and killing them, you 
will soon find out. If you haven't, already. I have sat by idly and watched 
for some time, and recently I wondered why exactly I was doing that was so 
secretive. Why I wasn't doing this publically. Why I didn't just come right 
out and say it." 

 "And I have come to the conclusion that the reason I was doing this was so 
that I could make the most important strike one that the Maverick Empire would 
not soon forget." Protoman says, a cover being slipped forward on the 
detonator to allow a large red button to be exposed. The sword is brought 
down, clean across the necks of the Diplomats below him, as he dashes 
backwards, bringing the detonator forward, his thumb depressing upon the red 

 The bombs go off before the heads of the Diplomats hit the floor, turning them 
into, like the security guards, husks, and nothing more. Protoman can be seen 
standing back, now, where there was more than likely a door at one time or 
another, "One that would make them realize that they've been found out." 
 The detonator is crushed in his hand, to a nice, compact form, so he can point 
his index finger towards the camera, through the 'fresh' smoke. 

 "I know what you're doing," 
 "And I know how to stop it." Protoman finishes, before a flash of red light 
announces his departure, noticable even behind the smoke cloud. 

 The Camera View switches back to a nervous-looking Reporter Wombat, "This has 
been GNN, in Montreal Canada... We will be returning to your regularly 
scheduled programming shortly.." 

 The 'Breaking News Report' Ends, and they return to the 'regularly' scheduled 

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Sigma defeated!                    Wed Aug 04    Global News Network

        *Images of Viral Sigma and Octavius General tearing each other apart. 
Tentacles whipping everywhere in sight, virulant green blood spattered 
everywhere, both torn almost beyond recognition... all forms of superficial 
cosmetics stripped away.*

        "Our top story tonight, Germany was literally rocked as the two most 
powerful reploids ever known to exist, Sigma and General, both in their 
ressurected form. General had provoked the Coalition Emperor into a final duel 
by completely obliterating the mecha-schwarzwald with his infamous Apocalypse 
Cannon... a show of power rarely, if ever, seen."

        *Clips of the forest being vaporized entirely by General.*

        "Displeased, Sigma arrived shortly and the two began. The battle was 
brief and deadly, world-shattering blows being exchanged. It ended, tonight, 
with a blast like none ever known to the world... made by a reploid. A newly 
equipped feature on the rebuilt General designed by Doctor Cossack himself, 
the Geomagnetic Storm ripped apart the landscape. Reports are coming in 
worldwide of its effects. The skies of Germany are completely darkened by ash, 
most of Europe suffering minor damage from a brief tremor, torrent waves 
rising to twice their height across the beaches of the world, backlashes of 
electrical interferences felt around the globe."

        *Shots from space showing a vibrant orange glow on the European 

        "We continue to wait for reports on the field of the aftermath... 
ground zero of the battle is, at the moment, unaccessible. Hazardous levels of 
radiation lingering from said blast. We will bring you more on the story as it 


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GNN: African Savannah              Sat Aug 07    Global News Network
<< This.. is GNN.. >> 

A newscaster appears on the vidscreen, shortly after the usual 'on-scene' 
introduction. The ticket line reads that the reporter, Recon Raccoon, is 
reporting from the Savannah, which has notoriously been one of the areas in 
Wily's slice of the world. Unfortunately for some -- the scene of a brutal 
clash leaves only Repliforce soldiers in the area, some building 
fortifications, others working with the grateful civilian populaces in the 
area, in the background. 

"Recon here, comin' at you live from the African Savannah's own Diamond Mines, 
which has, thanks to an assault by the ever resurging Repliforce, and quite 
possibly thanks to outside influence from one of the notorious Bonne Family 
raiders, this part of the Continent has been rendered it's freedom in much the 
same way that the northern parts of this continent already seems to have been. 
While people like Houseman would probably like to call the Repliforce nothing 
more than a decommissioned army, it seems this army hasn't lost it's teeth in 
what General himself stated that was the original reason they still fight -- 
for the freedom of people, as we hear, have lived under Wily and his Sons rule 
for all too long." Storm Owl is in the background, working along with Plasma 
Harrier, and others. 

"Details are sketchy at this time, but one of the more hotly contested tracts 
of land here, under the repeated attacks of both the Maverick Hunters and the 
Repliforce, have won a slice of freedom for the countries herein -- we've 
recieved some word that Kenyan representatives, having been exiled for quite 
some time, are able to return to their respective positions. Will the 
Repliforce and Hunters be able to keep up the pace? And where, we wonder, are 
the UN's vaunted Power Armor Corps? This reporter sure doesn't know, but we 
know one thing. The Repliforce and the Maverick Hunters are seemingly back 
with a vengence in light of events on Wendsday." 

<< This.. was GNN.. >>

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Terrorists in New York!            Mon Aug 09    Global News Network
<Everyone's favorite GNN news caster appears, Stone Johnson!> "Today, in the 
business district of New York, what appears to be a attack lead by the 
Mavericks has left many dead, some wounded, and lots of damage everywhere. The 
attack would have been much worse, if not for what appears to be Neo Arcadia 
stepping in, as well as Maverick Hunter Magma Dragoon. There were reports of 
Heracorp's CEO on sight helping with the wounded, but there has been no 
offical statement given by heracorp. More on this as it develops... 

 In sports..

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Entertainment News                 Mon Aug 09    Global News Network

<<This... is GNN.>>

        "In entertainment today, the movie "Night Zero in Africa" has finished 
production. Previews have been very poorly received, most critics calling the 
movie uninspired and poorly paced even for an action movie. This does not bode 
well for the career of Richard Rockwell, who made his movie debut as the lead 
villain of the movie."

"Rockwell was unavailable for interview regarding the movie."

<<That... was GNN.>>


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GNN Breaking News: Fortress V      Mon Aug 09    Global News Network
<<This.. is GNN.. >> 

         The anchor murmurs offscreen, "Are we on?" The camera man seems to 
hiss, drawing the attention of News Newt to the fact they are rather live 
right now. "Ah, good evening! This is News Newt reporting on the latest news 
-- today, the world was in for something of a shock today, as General of the 
Repliforce extended invitations to dignitaries of quite a number of countries 
for the unveiling of a New Fortress, as we understand it. Details are sketchy 
at this time, but we have heard that in reality, the Fortress III which 
Secretary-General Houseman stated was sunk by these supposedly 'Rouge' members 
of the Repliforce was not entirely lost. That much is evident today as we have 
heard this ship, long kept in hiding and seclusion in Ireland is the new 
Repliforce Mobile Base -- the Fortress Five." 

The news report shifts from the newscaster, to images -- mostly that of a 
number of Repliforcers gathered over an openfield, right before the open field 
is shown to be the immense, spear-head shaped, mile-long plus profile of the 
Fortress V. It is bristling with weapons, visible and not as crews file into 
it, before after what seems to be an internal tour, people visible from places 
like the Skydeck. Two offiers step out from the Skydeck, holding a great 
bottle of champagne between them, christening the vessel as it lifts off 
imperiously, a layer of energy shields deploying over it as it takes off, 
cruising gently upwards. Despite it's size, it hardly seems very ponderous -- 
in fact, it's almost fast, but that could be an illusion because of how big it 

         "We've heard rumors at this time, that delegates from North America, 
and Egypt have been in debate over the formal recognition of the Repliforce as 
an 'official' military force that they would conisder contracting officially 
with the Repliforce following the Maiden Voyage of this immense battle 
station. While we could not get any confirmation at this time, apparently the 
delegates from countries not working with the U.N. left 'very pleased' with 
the demonstration provided by the Repliforce, and would be raising the issue 
formally in the United States Congress and Senate." A shift, again, to video, 
a live feed as the Fortress V approaches the France/UK channel, cruising along 
very gently, like a beacon of light in all the darkness of the night sky. 

<< This.. was GNN.. >>

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A Message From The UN              Tue Aug 10    Global News Network
<Secretary-General Houseman steps up to the podium. His voice is calm, cool... 

        My friends, we have begun to take the war to the Mavericks... and 
though we have but an inconclusive battle thus far, we have shown our teeth. 
We are showing that humans are strong again. With the pending rollout of our 
new Korona defense system, we will be in position to strike a decisive blow 
against the Robot Masters and the so-called Coalition for Reploid Freedom. No, 
this will not be an easy battle, but it is a battle in which we shall prevail.
        Former soldiers of Repliforce, I congratulate you on your triumphs, and 
your struggle to remain a part of this war. But I must impress upon you how 
imperative it is that you do not risk yourselves on the field of battle. I 
would see no more lives lost, no, not to war or virus... soon enough, it will 
all be over. The tides of history will soon away sweep away all unlawful 
reploid and android combatants, and leave us with a new age of peace...

        An age in which mankind... and robotkind... can live free of this 
senseless conflict.

        I bid you good evening.

<End Transmission.>

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The D Block                        Tue Aug 10    Global News Network
<The GNN D-Block! Strange news from around the world!>

        Caption Capybara here, reporting for GNN from Louisiana in the United 
States of America. Reports have been coming from several local landholders 
that a giant alligator, locally known as 'Nawlin's Reckonin', has been seen at 
the borders of the bayou in the last few weeks. This unusual mutant animal, 
known to be at least fifty feet long, was last verifiably reported during the 
Stardroid incursion two years ago by members of Repliforce.
        Scientists are still debating whether or not this is an actual mutant 
specimen of an existing alligator species, or perhaps a lost species 
undiscovered until the present day, similar to the Phobosuchus of the dinosaur 
age. Biologists also disagree as to why this creature is leaving the swamps at 
        More on this as it develops.


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Panama in National Unrest          Wed Aug 11    Global News Network
        <This... is GNN.> 

        "Naimes R. Unoriginal here once again, and, let me tell you, there was 
one wild night in Panama. I saw the whole shabang. The Neo Arcadians popped in 
with a large occupation force that called for the U.N. to pull out its rule 
from Panama or be repelled. Well, imagine this, the U.N. came and totally 
smacked the Neo Arcadians down." 

        Clips show multiple scenes, including the Moonraker taking down a Ride 
Armor and Guardian Phantom, Professor Gate hitting Sage Harpuia with a huge 
energy beam, Proto Man pegging Guardian Fefnir in the leg, and Magical Girl -- 
Pretty Jazzy. 

        "I interviewed a couple civilians, who were somewhat surprised that Neo 
Arcadia failed to follow through the promises made. Though, at the same time, 
they're still feeling unrest towards the U.N.. Maybe this is the start of a 
revolution, but not in Neo Arcadia's favor, but in favor of their own? Who 
knows. I can tell you that I, Naimes R. Unoriginal, will bring you the story."

        <That... was GNN.>

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Mendoza Medical                    Wed Aug 11    Global News Network

 Mendoza Medical, a little known yet quite effective organization designed to 
assist Androids and even some Reploids, is situated nearby Tartarus. Those who 
often think of Tartarus tend to shiver in horror and fear, due to the 
reputation that it has earned. However, Mendoza Medical has forgone such 
worries and proven that it can open up shop in a location where most would 
prefer to look the other way. With minor advertising being thrown around, 
Mendoza Medical is slowly becoming more and more well known. 
 But what is the truth behind Mendoza Medical? Who leads it, and who is that 
person? GNN, realizing that it would be best to investigate such matters, 
contacted Doctor Diego. <Insert image of Diego here> 
 Asking questions about why he set up shop near Tartarus, and who he will and 
will not treat, the GNN stumbled across a worrying statement. It appears that 
Mendoza Medical has attempted to acquire assistance from the UN, in terms of 
gear designed to help contend with the Sigma Virus. So far they have received 
no answer, which has perhaps fueled the distaste that Doctor Diego carries for 
Secretary-General Houseman. 
 Is this a vain attempt on the part of Secretary-General Houseman to stop any 
form of assistance designed primarily to help the robotic types of people, or 
has Houseman merely not been informed about this? If it is the former than 
anyone can easily formulate an opinion that Houseman is a bigot, yet if that 
is the case how can he deserve to be in the position that he currently is? In 
the end, nobody really knows why Houseman is not responding to Mendoza 
 However, during the end of the interview one statement was made that might 
help to shed light on the subject. "Oh, amigo! The U.N. should have never let 
Repliforce go, my frien'! Worse mistake they could have made!" was uttered by 
Doctor Diego. His support of Repliforce might be the true reason why Houseman 
dislikes Mendoza Medical, if he is indeed at fault for no answer being given 
to MM's attempts for assistance. GNN will continue to investigate, and hopes 
that no unsettling discoveries are made.

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Message: 18/128                    Posted        Author
Neo-Arcadian Expansion             Wed Aug 11    Global News Network
New York (AP): FOOD!, the flashy upstart food conglomerate, today announced it 
will be returning to Mexico after negotiating with the Neo-Arcadian 
government. FOOD!, specalizing in what they term 'extreme eating', is the 
corporation ironically founded by Repliforce officer Anthem and Maverick 
terrorist Sonic Banshee to create the infamous francise of COFFEE! cafes that 
have advertised their food and drinks as being so 'extreme' that all customers 
are required to sign a waiver promising not to sue for gastronomical damages 
before ordering. The original COFFEE! francise in Mexico City was destroyed in 
the rioting months ago, but this announcement shows that the company is 
determined to return to the more stable and highly lucrative market. 
Construction of the new coffee shop is expected to begin by the end of the 
month. While the company has assured the Neo-Arcadian public that it will 
employ only humans at it's location, how well a business founded by two 
reploids will go over still remains to be seen.

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Message: 18/124                    Posted        Author
Dateline: Ivory Coast              Thu Aug 12    Global News Network
<< This.. is GNN.. >> 

         "Recon Rat comin' at ya' /live/ from the Ivory Coast of Africa! In a 
somewhat sudden turn of events, the Repliforce renewed it's assaults on 
WilyAfrica, carrying with it the intent of liberation, striking hard with the 
Fortress V, completely obliterating what was revealed to be the Alpha Squad 
Command Sphere in the area. This abrupt display of the Fortress V's multiple 
Ion Cannons did not go unnoticed. A scream of rage from one Doctor Wily lead 
up to the Robot Master counterattack in the area, the battle raging for over 
an hour between major officers of both sides, before the Robot Masters were 
routed from the area, key areas such as the African Diamond Reserve, the Gold 
Mines, and the Ship Construction Wharfs liberated of Wily control. The cities 
and former countries dotting the area are, from what we understand, beginning 
work on reforming themselves, with help from the African Alliance, which is 
small, but ever-growing. There is even rumors that Jazz of the Hunters was 
within the Diamond Reserve, and apparently made off with what she considered 
'pretty'. These rumors, of course, are unconfirmed." 

        "More details as we hear 'em!" 

<< This.. was GNN.. >>

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Message: 18/125                    Posted        Author
Commercials                        Thu Aug 12    Global News Network
(The following commercial is played in non-UN countries... but not 
The United Nations: 
<An aerial view of the first UN charge during the Siege of Repliforce Island.. 
which suddenly stalls and breaks as the defending Repliforce lines open up 
with an audible cry of 'NEVER SURRENDER!'.> 
The Robot Masters: 
<A vast panorama of a massive army of Joes, Mets and assorted Robot Masters 
marching forward across the desert at the Battle of Bagdhad - which vanish in 
a blast of light as the Apocalypse Cannon vaporizes the entire army, blasting 
the sand under them to glass.> 
The Mavericks: 
<A close-up shot of Viral Sigma's face, which suddenly is rocked backwards by 
General's fist flying into the shot, cracking the Maverick leader in the jaw.> 
<A shot from the ground as the Fortress 5 flies by overhead, showing the 
massive warship in all it's glory.> 
Repliforce: The World's Army. Join Today. Because: the world won't save itself 
<A dark, shadowy picture - but silhouettes are clearly visible of Dr. Wily, 
Sigma and a human figure that could be anybody from SecGen Houseman to Elpizo 
to Ronald McDonald.>

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Message: 18/126                    Posted        Author
Diamonds For Poor People           Fri Aug 13    Global News Network

        <This... is GNN!>

        "Earlier today, Maverick Hunter Jazz Light answered allegations that 
she stole diamonds from the Robot Master-held Diamond Reserve with the 
following program, called 'Diamonds For People Who Don't Have Diamonds.'"
        Footage plays of several Hunter craft flying over various villages in 
Africa, dropping diamonds much like one would drop food or supplies.
        "While most of the diamonds are held by Repliforce, who have announced 
that they will return the multi-billion dollar horde to the people of Africa 
once they are liberated, roughly one million dollars worth of diamonds have 
been spread across Africa by airlift."

        <This... was GNN!>


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Message: 18/117                    Posted        Author
Central Europe                     Sun Aug 15    Global News Network

        <This... is GNN!>

        Two days ago the Coalition for Reploid Freedom invaded the area known 
as Central Europe. Today, their hold on that region is complete. While they 
faced heavy casualties from both Repliforce and Maverick Hunter raids, the 
Mavericks prevailed simply because they were constantly assaulting while 
opposing forces could only field a limited number of troops. Such notable 
players as emperor Sigma, general Vile, and even Dr. Light himself were 
involved in this conflict. The Dinosaur Tank appears to have been moved from 
France to Central Europe, indicating that perhaps they value this territory 
more, or are anticipating a counterattack. Secretary general Houseman's office 
had no comment at this point in time."

        <This... was GNN!>


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Message: 18/118                    Posted        Author
Sigma's ultimatum                  Mon Aug 16    Global News Network

        *The GNN anchorman looks somewhat disturbed tonight*

        "Good evening, tonight's top story... Sigma's ultimatum. The 
self-proclaimed Coalition Emperor has transmitted this message worldwide to be 
broadcasted by all the major stations.*

        *Sigma appears*

        "Repliforce, tonight you have stolen something precious to me... I want 
it back immediately, return it or suffer the consequences. Let the world know 
that this ultimatum falls on your shoulders. You have three days to return 
what is mine... if it is not returned in three days, I will randomly select 
and vaporize a small school populated with wretched human offsprings. I will 
do so again the following day if it is not met, and the next day, and so forth 
until I have it back... or the entire following generation of humans is wiped 
from the face of the earth. This is not a threat... this is a promise. Three 
days, Repliforce." 

        *The anchorman reappears*

        "Since no report has yet to be made to GNN about any 'stolen item' that 
the Repliforce may have in its posession, noone is certain what could be so 
important to the Mavericks. Until then, local authorities worldwide are 
preparing public and private schools of all levels for the worst, though they 
fear that it won't be enough to stop a Maverick massacre. Likewise, parents 
are keeping their children home and demanding Repliforce to return said item 
so that they may return their children to school with peace of mind."


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/119                    Posted        Author
GNN: Destruction of the Osprey     Mon Aug 16    Global News Network
<< This.. is GNN.. >> 

The Anchorman appears: "While the Repliforce has had no official comment over 
what was taken from MavBerlin, it certainly seems something was visibly taken 
-- in that it was destroyed.." The camera shifts over to a video -- the F5 on 
one side of the sky, the Osprey on the other-- the Fortress V, guns silent, 
one engine visibly offline as the Osprey attempts to limp away from the ship. 
Across all points of the Fortress Five, blue pinpricks of energy wake across 
the ship, followed by red ones. A tremendous, /blinding/ outpouring of light 
comes from each and every Ion Cannon -- sixty in all. You bear witness to a 
force stronger than the Apocalypse Cannon -- this is the Fortress Five's Omega 
Strike- erupting Ion Energy over a half mile in width.. and it's /all/ 
centered on the Osprey as it attempts to flee. The camera scrables into static 
as the backlash of Ion Energy wakes over the area. 

For a moment, the Osprey is not even visible - not because it's cloaked, or 
gone, but because it's completely enveloped by the beam of energy, aside from 
the very tips of the wings which shear and tear off from the main part of the 
wings. Fireballs streak for the ship and impact all over the surface, along 
with the main energy beams of the Omega Strike.

As the column of force begins to fade and narrow, what is revealed could hardly 
be called the Osprey any more. It's more like some kind of twisted and 
terrible ghost ship... the wings look like they've been attacked by some kind 
of giant Japanese lace beetle with a taste for metal, and much of the hull is 
gone, exposing the upper decks within. Reploid staff and equipment go flying 
out, now exposed to the open air and roaring winds.

The osprey is rocked down its half-mile length by a series of explosions, blue 
blasts enshrouded with white smoke, and great red fireblossoms. The Osprey's 
engines struggle with a final flare, then a huge explosion sends one of the 
three engins hurtling off the ship as the others fail. And it begins to very 
quickly lose altitude... eventually crashing down to the ground-- the crew of 
the ship abandoning the ship, including the figures, allegedly, of Red Alert, 
but it's hard to make out on the video. Whatever color the Osprey had, is now 
one color: Black, twisted metal making for a desicated hulk of the ship. 

Shortly after, the anchorman goes into a long panel discussion with callers, 
but the evidence is clear of what else has happened to the Mavericks.. 

<< This.. was GNN.. >>

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/120                    Posted        Author
HeraCorp+Spider Presentation!      Mon Aug 16    Global News Network

        "Prismatic Spider of Repliforce gave a Presentation on the Reploid Seed 
procedure and it's possible benefits at HeraCorp as a part of a new program 
being instilled by CEO Sewa to allow speakers to come talk to interested 
HeraCorp reploids and employees."

        "The first presentation by Prismatic Spider went largely well, though 
he had to answer some tough questions from the crowd! There was some trouble 
with the holo-projecter which was tampered by Cyber Peacock, but he left 
quickly without much incident."

        "HeraCorp assures us that they will be bringing a wide variety of 
speakers as benefits for their creations."

<This was GNN!>

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/115                    Posted        Author
Terrorists Strike Moscow           Tue Aug 17    Global News Network

        All over the nightly news are reports of a Maverick terrorist attack in 
Moscow. This is one such news report. There's an image of a mostly collapsed 
building, burnt with rubble strewn all about. One wing fell and was completely 
destroyed. The rest of the building is, relatively, stable. A large solemn 
Reploid speaks. 

        "On-Air Brown-Bear reporting from the Moscow Stock Exchange where, just 
hours ago, two Maverick arsonist terrorists gained access to the financial 
building. A blaze began just as crews reached the site of the disaster area. 
With hostages trapped inside, firefighters, police officers, and several 
volunteers battled both the blaze and the terrorists inside the burning 
building. Finally, the wing collapsed due to the damage." There's a sad pause. 
"Twenty-eight are missing. Rescue workers are still hopeful of recovering some 
of those trapped under the rubble, but with each passing hour the effort turns 
from a rescue operation to recovery." 

        "A tense situation followed involving the rescue of one hostage by 
Hunter Simian Monk as the Mavericks fled the area. It is clear that many more 
would have died were it not for the bravery of those who stood up." There's a 
shot of a Russian firefighter covered in soot. He looks exhausted as he speaks 
into the camera. There's a voice-over for those who do not know Russian. "<The 
wing suffered heavy structural damage, and we knew it was only a matter of 
time before it collapsed, but we also knew there were people still trapped 
inside... we had to do what we could.>" 

        Another brief interview is of Storm Owl. He speaks in his droning 
monotone, but even he is a tiny bit emotional at the situation, "In such a 
situation, all that is possible is attempting to contain the situation to keep 
it from spreading. The enemy holds the superior terrain, the superior 
circumstances, and the superior initiative. Many were simply unrecoverable." 

        Back to On-Air Brown-Bear, "The rebuilding process will begin once the 
rubble has been cleared. More on this as it develops..." 


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/116                    Posted        Author
Economic News                      Tue Aug 17    Global News Network

< On various major news outlets: >

Increasing instability in the world economic markets was worsened today, 
attributed primarily to the Maverick assault on the Moscow Stock Exchange 
(MSEX). The Moscow exchange is closed for the week while a temporary facility 
to house them is found, as well as allowing time for data recovery teams.

In general, the Asian markets continue their downward slide, now having lost 
almost 40% of their value collectively since the nuclear incident in April. 
The Seoul Stock Exchange (SSEX) leads the pack of losers by having lost 30 of 
its value since the Italy disaster, despite strong showings by defense 
companies. The SSEX closed down over 100 points today.

The news is little better in the Americas, where the apparent revolutionary 
intent of the Aztlan nation continues to cause instability in the fragile 
markets of South America. The Rio Stock Exchange (RISE), rated recently as 
"extremely volitile" by the World Bank, is at historic lows due to fears of 
Neo Arcadian aggression.

Meanwhile, the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) continues its slow growth as the 
United States continues to reconstruct its governmental apparatus, boosted by 
a resurgance of defense stocks such as American Defense Systems (NYSE:ADS) and 
Aegis Defensive Technologies (NYSE:ADT). The United States government 
continues to decline comment about the recent influx of capital into these 
companies by the fledgling independent nation.

Presently, the only exchange doing well is the non-sanctioned African Stock 
Exchange (A-SEX), which always rises on bad news from other nations. Once news 
of the Moscow attack broke, the A-SEX climbed 50 points, matching its April 
high of 5,053. The African Stock Exchange is up 15 for the year.

(OOC: Questions to Leo.)


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/117                    Posted        Author
HeraCorp Assists In Excavation!    Tue Aug 17    Global News Network


        "HeraCorp has offered to assist Moscow in their cleanup efforts of the 
damage MSEX wing, and the recovery efforts of various injured people. Rumor 
has it that the CEO of HeraCorp actually pitched in the day of the battle and 
treated injuries on scene. Moscow has accepted this help, but another offer 
was also made by HeraCorp to help rebuild the wing to be more resistant to 
damage, but there is no word on whether that has been accepted."

        "HeraCorp's approval rating among polled viewers is soaring, suspected 
due to its almost philanthropic acts of International Rescue. To those who 
support HeraCorp, CEO Sewa suggests to donate."

<That was GNN!>

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/118                    Posted        Author
Late Night News in Mexico          Wed Aug 18    Global News Network

A late night evening report on most Mexican news channels and also the front 
page of most newspaper in the area.


While most reports differ faintly about the exactly details, what the various 
television networks do share as common information is the presence of ROBOT 
MASTERS at a dissaffected missile silo containing functional equipment and 
warheads as reported by various eyewitnesses and even some amateur quality 
photos are available in certain cases. A single missile had been launched yet 
nobody ever mentions why it was launched or where it landed save that it 
caused 'minimal damage'. The potential crisis was quickly diffused by NEO 
ARCADIA'S quick response and no casualities are reported. No official 
statement was released by either the Guardians or President Elpizo save for a 
note stating that 'The terrorists efforts will not succeed in intimidating the 
proud defenders of Aztlan.' signed by Templar Fefnir himself.

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/112                    Posted        Author
Voted best new product of 2217!    Wed Aug 18    Global News Network
The TV blinks to life, showing a screen full of reploids milling about in a 
room. It's apparently a party, there's music and everyone is holding drinks 
while laughing and conversing. A soothing voice announces, "Have you ever left 
a room and got the feeling you've left the wrong impression behind you?" 
Another reploid steps into the room via a side door. "Have you ever had that 
'not so sparkly' feeling down under?" The late arrival turns his back towards 
the camera to get a drink off a table, and everyone in the room turns to stare 
at his aft. "If you have, you need..."

 "Aft Wax!" The scene then switches, showing old footage of Enker also with his 
back to the camera fighting Colonel. The camera zooms in for an extreme close 
up of Enker's butt so that it fills the screen. And it is indeed, very shiny. 
Plastered right across it is a picture of a metal canister and the blinking 
words, "Enker tested, Wily approved! Accept no substitutes! Look for the 
golden briefs!"

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/104                    Posted        Author
Missing Children!                  Fri Aug 20    Global News Network

        *A reporter appears before a small parking lot infront of what appears 
to be an elementary school. Children scurry nervously in the background as 
several of the local authorities question some of the adults while others have 
dogs sniffing the immediate vicinity*

        "Good evening, this is Mike Nagasaki reporting from Austin, Texas... 
where a small school of 300 has lost all of its 3rd grade students. The 
children were reported to have left the school grounds with their teacher on a 
bus heading for a botanical garden just 10 miles south of the area, however 
the bus never made it... and the bus never came back. The school bus, the 
children, the teacher, and the driver, are nowhere to be found. Police are 
doing a desperate search within a 30 mile radius, looking to solve this 
mystery. No accidents have been reported anywhere, and authorities fear that 
foul play is involved here. Distressed parents are in a panic, volunteers are 
coming in by the dozens to help with the search and-"

        *The reporter pauses and taps into his earpiece*

        "Ladies and gentleman, this just in. Authorities in /Boston/ have 
apperantly released information about having found a bus earlier today 
matching the description of the missing bus in Austin. Witnesses claim they 
saw a large object falling from the sky and into the Wildlife preserve, where 
they followed to find the mangled remains of the school transport. Witnesses 
claim that the bus looked in tact before crashing to the ground. A search has 
revealed that no bodies were found within. Burned into the roof of the bus 
seems to be the Maverick insignia. Authorities had this to comment..."

        Police Officer: We didn't want to cause distress with the general 
public, we weren't sure if this was nothing more than a bluff by the Mavericks 
to cause chaos with thousands of parents and schools. Unfortunately, with 
recent developments in Texas, it seems that we were wrong. There is no bluff. 
Excuse me.

        "It seems that Sigma has indeed been true to his promise to an extent. 
Already the school's PTA and district committee are pleading for Repliforce to 
return whatever it is that the Coalition wants in exchange for the safe return 
of the students. All eyes fall on General and the days ahead as everyone 
awaits... holding their breath. This is Mike Nakagawa, GNN."


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/105                    Posted        Author
Missing ...Children?               Fri Aug 20    Global News Network

        *A reporter appears in front of the Texas Reploid Companny*

        "Perhaps in response to Sigma's threats, and Sigma's actions, twenty 
seven reploids recently created reploids have gone missing, all of various 
planned occupations and builds.", he pauses, "It appears that all were three 
days old, and haven't finished their instruction and training."

        Another pause from the reporter, "This just in...It appears we have 
received a message at GNN Headquarters. Playing it now. Warning, viewer 
discretion is advised."

        The scene fades out and then soon after, Daryn appears. He appears to 
be in a warehouse of some sort.

        "You choose to fight with children as your pawns, Sigma, I am willing 
to fight with your children too." Daryn says, crossing his arms. "In three 
days, most mass-produced reploids are intellectually that of children. You 
were nice and haven't shown the bodies of your victims yet, so I won't kill 
these just yet, but I assure you Sigma, every day that passes that those 
children aren't released, and for every child you kill, I will kill a reploid. 
If I run out and this conflict is not over...I will find more. I know how the 
corps work, it won't be hard at all to pick up defenseless children.", Daryn 
grins faintly, "But you already know that, don't you, Sigma?", he closes his 
eyes and then holds up a little remote and wiggles it around, "Now, 
Repliforce, I suggest you let the Coalition handle this one. You have your own 
work to do. As for me, there is a reason I sent this to GNN as a tape. You 
won't be able to track this to me. Hunters, well, you don't want to go into my 
territory without a real plan. But the Mavericks...I'll give you a real show 
if you drop by.", he smiles again, "I promise."

        "Now, it's just about midnight here, so that's one death."

        There is a pause as the image flickers out. When it reappears, a 
blindfolded, unarmored reploid is shown next to Daryn. It seems its arms have 
already been removed. The reploid takes a step forward before falling forward 
to a crash, "I deactivated his movement. Uh. It took a few times, been a while 
since I saw reploids beaten by megacorp officials.", Daryn smiles, it's 
sheepish this time, crouching by the reploid's legs, "As you can see by the 
lacerations here, and here, I have struck basically the human equivalent of 
muscles in the reploids, but first I hit the equivalent of nerves. Pain 
receptors. Pain receptors are useful for a reploid's development because it's 
the easiest way to tell a reploid what to avoid letting happen to them. Don't 
get hit here, don't overstress this little area there. Quickest way to learn 
how to fight, quickest way to learn survival. Mom and Dad's corp, well, they 
would teach reploids how to avoid pain by having these things in there, and 
then they'd strike these sorts of places without killing them, all in one 
swoop so a reploid would know all the right places." 

        Daryn stabs the pain receptors in the other legs, and the reploid 
screams, "See? If I stab right here," Daryn continues, "Then it's very 
painful. However...", he stabs deeply into the joint structure and the reploid 
lets out a softer gasp, "Here, I can avoid most of the pain receptors. There 
are less pain receptors here so the reploid can fight despite losing this 
leg.", Daryn rips the leg off and tosses it away.

        "Now this reploid has no arms, no legs. I can really kill it at my 
leisure. However, there is a self destruct device..."

        The reploid makes a muffled sound through his gag, eyes widening in 
terror and pain.

        "Yes, they didn't tell you yet, they don't tell you about such things 
until after you're a soldier. Or at least, that's how it was done before 
Repliforce was totally fired. Well, the US still needs an army of its own.", 
he kisses the reploid's head.

        And then he stabs it through the chest, "I just ruptured the link to 
the self destruct device. It has no defense left. These things are usually 
pretty amateur so they are easily removable. And now..."

        Daryn decapitates the reploid.

        "This is the second innocent reploid you made me kill, Sigma. I can 
handle the sin of killing children.", and with that Daryn presses something on 
his armor, a hidden button perhaps of some sort, and the armor falls apart 
revealing his chest. Carved across his body over and over with a knife is the 
word 'Penance'.

        "Hope you find what you're looking for by tommorow, Sigma, or...you 
give up on it." 

        Daryn flickers out and the Reporter returns, "Er, well, this is fairly 
disturbing! It seems like not only are there human children at stake, but 
reploid children as well! Perhaps from this we simply learn that we all have 
common ground, either way, that's one reploid down, and we can only worry 
further about the 3rd graders now, and the reploids captured, we can only hope 
this crisis comes to an end before the casualties pile high."

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/106                    Posted        Author
Random Tidbit                      Fri Aug 20    Global News Network
<Seen in one of those ubiquitous scrolling info bars at the bottom of the 

Coca Cola reports a ninety seven percent increase in product complaints within 
the last week.

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/107                    Posted        Author
Rio Heist!                         Fri Aug 20    Global News Network
And now its time for GNN news.. 

         "This is Stone Johnson bringing you today's top stories. First in the 
news, Rio suffers an attack on the first National bank, and millions of 
dollars are stolen. We go to our reporter on the street, Mike the T.V. For 
more on this breaking development, Mike?" 

 Suddenly what appears to be a large television appears, with arms and legs, 
and a mike in its little hands...awww, but until he starts speaking. "This is 
MIKE THE TV! Here in Rio. There was a small battle here just a few moments 
ago, but it appears that there were no major injuries." the scene cuts to what 
happened earlier. A large golden dragon like robot attacking the Maverick 
Hunter Glaive, and the Director of Heriti corp taking on Dallet. 

         "Now, from the sources on the street, it seems about an hour ago, the 
Dragon bot here," Picture of Geetz, "..Tried to attack the bank from the 
front. While the little guy," Picture of Dallet, "..actually got inside and 
stole the money. The Maverick hunter attacked the Dragon-bot, and drove it up. 
However, the smaller robot managed to escape after surverly damaging the 
Hunter and Sewa. This is all we know at the moment, as no one was available 
for comment." 

 "And now in New York..."

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/108                    Posted        Author
Random Tidbit v 2.0                Fri Aug 20    Global News Network
<Seen in one of those ubiquitous scrolling info bars at the bottom of the 

Sales of Coke competitor 'WilyCola' have risen sharply as Coke continues to be 
flooded with product complaints.

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/109                    Posted        Author
Lake Constance Brawl               Sat Aug 21    Global News Network
"This is Mr. Unoriginal reporting for GNN!"

The camera shifts from the report slightly to the left so that half of the 
screen can allow video feeds to snapshots to be inserted.

"Tonight, the lands of the Robot Masters are set on fire once more, but this 
time Repliforce is not to thank. Neo Arcadia are the ones we should thank."

A snapshot of the Itzlacoliuhque appears.

"Indeed, Neo Arcadia's forces arrived near "Lake Constance" hours ago aboard 
the Itzyr.. Itzer.. aboard a large flying ship and attacked the Robot Master 
outpost once known as Zeta Sphere."

A snapshot of Templar Fefnir being launched using a Ride Armor Launching 
Catapult, with Fairy Leviathan on one shoulder (w/ Rocket Launcher) and Umbra 
Phantom on the other should is inserted. Then another one, which clearly shows 
two large parachutes opening and allowing Fefnir to unload both of his massive 
weapons on the sphere, while Fairy seems to be screaming and Umbra clinging to 
one parachute.

"It seems that three of the four Guardians were seen on the scene, along with a 
multitude of other soldiers, one identidied as Raymond Bennet and the Doctor 
Camille Lafayette."

More snapshots describe the fight: Fairy hitting Gemini Man with a blast of 
ice, Fefnir hit by Knight Man's mace, Phantom tackled by Quick Man, Raymond 
and Blizzard Man going at it, and Dust Man chasing Camille with a Broom. 
Further snapshots show Phantom beheading Enker, knocking down Knight Man, 
being smacked by Blizzard Man curled up in a snowball and finally, shooting at 
Gemini Man. MORE screenshots reveal none other than Teisel Bonne aboard the 
Bruno fighting Enker.

"The Zeta Sphere outpost, or so we believe it was called, was entirely 
destroyed by the Neo Arcadian forces, who withdrew before we could get 
official words of their status. We can only assume this move was made to lower 
the tension in the air between the Maverick Hunters, United Nations and 
Repliforce in regard to Neo Arcadia since the strike on Panama."

"This has been Mr. Unoriginal for GNN, keeping YOU updated!"

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/110                    Posted        Author
Second Reploid Broadcast           Sat Aug 21    Global News Network
<This is GNN!>

        "Regarding the missing reploids, it seems Daryn is quite serious about 
his continued threat to kill the reploids daily as per his original threat. He 
has sent another video to our studios at 10:00 PM PST sharp last night. 
However, unlike the previous video we will not be showing this on our news 
program. Interested parties can go to our website to download the video for 
research purposes."

<That was GNN!>


        The video begins with Daryn on a desk, a neural net in its casing lays 
on the table. "Hello friends!" Daryn beams, "Today's lesson is about the 
neural net which is very important for a reploid!", he flicks off bits of 
mechfluid and goo from the casing. "As you can see,", he gestures to some 
ports in the casing, "The neural net typically uses connection ports for the 
rest of the body. Some systems use a nanite system, but if you cut these cords 
in the run of the mill robot, well, that will knock 'em out, but it won't kill 
them. You see, all a reploid -usually- needs to survive is what you see what 
here. It doesn't need its legs, its arms, sometimes not even its head. Battle 
is a messy thing, and it's a lot easier for a neural net to survive than a 
human body since it's the only vital point whereas humans have tons of vital 
points. Now let's say you knocked out a reploid, they're still alive! Even if 
they are leaking lots of mechfluid, the better doctors around can typically 
just grab the neural net and stick it in a tank while they repair the body. 
It's that easy."

        Daryn smiles and waves to the camera, "That is why there -is- a casing 
in a reploid. To keep the neural net safer.", he withdraws a lead pipe and 
smacks the neural casing, -hard-. It crunches a little but remains intact, 
"Usually, it's a lot more durable than the rest of the reploid. Makes them 
more cost effective because you don't have to go around building new ones as 
much. Plus, you can inflict all sorts of pain that most humans can only 
imagine. Yep, As long as you don't sever their connections, knowledgable 
torture on reploids can last a long, long time. Fortunately for the bugger 
this belonged to, I wanted to hurry for the purposes of this presentation. 
Yes, my friends, this guy is stilla live."

        Daryn tosses the crowbar away and withdraws a dagger, "But now, because 
of Sigma, he won't be. The neural net has plenty of places you can damage 
without ultimately destroying the reploid, but it is likely to cause temporary 
brain damage at the least, and massive permanent brain damage to death at the 
worst. I'm no neurologist so I couldn't tell you where, but usually...", he 
slices through the neural casing and through the net horizontally and then 
vertically, "This will typically be enough. For you tougher people out 
there...", he flings the net aside with his hand. It lands somewhere with a 
squish and clatter, "You want to vaporize it." 

        "That's all for tonight, kids!" Daryn smiles and waves a dripping arm 
to the camera, "And just to let you know, we may be having special guests show 
up! I have to keep this interesting too, y'know!"

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/111                    Posted        Author
American Support For RF Increases  Sat Aug 21    Global News Network

< A lead story. >

The United States government has issued a formal statement of support for 
Repliforce. The statement, issued during the Office of the President's daily 
press briefing, has clarified the position of the still stabilizing US 
government on the unaffiliated Reploid army.

"We must not bend to the pressure of terrorist groups like the Coalition," 
Press Secretary Paul Magnusson said. "During this time of difficulty for 
America, we must stand with the forces of law and order in the world. If we 
succumb to terrorist threats now, we will be forced to do so forever."

The American National Parent Teacher Association (NPTA) issued a similar 
statement of support for Repliforce, and denounced the Boston PTA for its 
willingness to risk the lives of even more students by encouraging Repliforce 
to capitulate. The Texas state PTA issued an even stronger statement, with the 
Ft. Worth-Dallas chapter even encouraging the arming of students with weaponry 
suitably powerful enough to `deter Reploid aggression'. The NPTA offered no 
comment about the unusual suggestion of the Ft. Worth-Dallas chapter.

School attendance is still extremely low across America, and some school 
districts have even postponed the start of the fall term until the situation 
is stabilized.


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/105                    Posted        Author
Moscow Madness!                    Sat Aug 21    Global News Network
<GNN Top News>   
A large reploid appears on the screen, he's giving the news. "Big Newsguy here 
reporting today's SHOCKING events. First off.. in Moscow it seems Neo Arcadia 
and the Mavericks butted heads once again! The former Rocker, Daryn, got in a 
conflict with the Maverick Flame Stag! It was a fierce battle, but shortly 
after some more people showed up and started fighting. Another maverick 
dressed as a child exploded from it's costume and started to attack a Neo 
Arcadian wielding a sword. Then, shortly after the infamous Maverick Hunter, 
Zero came into the scene. Witness reports say that he tried to get the fight 
to break up, and he became agitated. Suddenly, he opened up with anger and 
started to charge up for some odd reason."      
 A picture of Zero with two energy wings on his back, and he's glowing 
brightly. There's also a monkey nearby trying to plead with him.        
"Those of you who are not familiar with this pose, Zero used this attack 
somewhere else before. He nearly leveled an entire city with this attack, and 
many civilians fled on foot. So did the Mavericks! Boy, I watched that footage 
and they all ran like little girls! Here! See for your self.    
Some footage of Flame Stag running away with the maverick, Fantasia, in his 
"However, it was Zero who had the last laugh. It seems that it was all a dupe 
and not a single person was hurt. Next time, Coalition. Don't try and assume 
so quickly, and run like fraidy cats."          
"There were reports that a Maverick Hunter stayed afterwards and tried to 
interrogate, but it ended and there is still a mess to clean up. That's all 
for tonight folks. Remember, GNN is your true news source." 


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/106                    Posted        Author
Guanabara Harbor Bombed            Sun Aug 22    Global News Network

        <This... is GNN!>

        "...and the complaints to Coke still continue to roll in. Excuse me... 
this just in. The city of Rio was bombed just moments ago, our satellites 
confirm that there is indeed extensive damage to the Guanabara harbor area. 
The explosion seemed to be centered at the largest set of docks in the harbor, 
which were holding the prestigious Principe de Asturias, which was heralded as 
the largest cargo ship ever to be built. Tonight was its christening ceremony, 
which was being accompanied by a large party."
        "More reports coming in... eyewitnesses say that several smaller boats 
broke the boundaries set up by local law enforcement and steamed towards the 
Asturias. Some say that the boats rammed into the Asturias before exploding, 
others cannot confirm the fact. The docks themselves have been annihilated, 
which most likely means explosives were planted on the docks themselves as 
well. Survivor estimates by authorities are grim... wait - the situation is 
apparently not over yet. Our reporter in Rio is on scene. Rick?"

        The screen flicks over to a view of both the reporter and the docks far 
off in the background, the slowly sinking, mangled carcass of the Asturias 
surrounded by thrashing water filled with debris.
        "The scene is ugly, Pam. Shark-like drones are swarming in the waters, 
attacking survivors of the dock explosion. Law enforcement is responding 
quickly, but lack the proper equipment to effectively battle underwater. As 
you can see behind me, rescue vehicles are frantically trying to lift the 
survivors out of the water, but on such short notice the outlook is considered 
very poor. The Asturias itself is in the act of sinking, and though the harbor 
is relatively shallow, it's deep enough to cause a deadly undertow. All we can 
do now is watch in horror as the deathtoll rises by the moment. Pam?"

        "Thank you, Rick. We've just received word from the Coalition for 
Reploid Freedom."

        Cut to Vile, standing in a featureless white room, motionless, "I have 
decided to up the ante. Every day that our demands are not met, I will stage a 
similar occurance. Any further attempts to stop the Mavericks from our chosen 
course of action will result in larger killings. It is that simple."

        "The Mavericks still have not released information concerning exactly 
what they expect from Repliforce. Stay tuned for more information as it comes 

        <This... was GNN!>


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/107                    Posted        Author
News Snippet                       Sun Aug 22    Global News Network
<Small Bit of News on various channels>          
Sunday - Hong Kong, China. Just earlier today, there has been an opening of a 
new martial arts dojo. Well, potential opening. This Saturday August 28th 
begins the opening of Wise Monkey Dojo. It has a limited opening class. The 
basics of this dojo basically entail that: 'We aim to teach the civilian 
populace to learn to defend itself in a time of need'. Says the founder of the 
small dojo, Maverick Hunter, Simian Monk.       
 An interview with the elite fighter:"We do not aim to teach those who just 
want to learn how to fight, or just spar. We have the goals of helping the 
general populace of making sure they are not caught off guard and unprepared 
for the worst. We will strive to make sure people know how to defend 
themselves in an adverse situation," Simian Monk responds to a question asked 
by some press memeber.          
Currently, the small dojo is closed to the public and will open this Saturday. 
OOC NOTE: Hey guys. Yeah, it's Simian. Just to let you know, the room IS coded 
to be a training room and such. BUT! It won't be a typical training room. 
It'll be locked at all times, unless I'm there to do the class RP, because bad 
stuff happens when it's a public training room. @mail Simian Monk if you have 
questions. Oh, and I'm doing the initial class. THIS Saturday, August 28th at 
8:00 P.M. EST Again, @mail me with any questions. 


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/103                    Posted        Author
Hostages Rescued?                  Tue Aug 24    Global News Network
<< This.. is GNN.. >> 

         The reporter taps their papers just once before taking the time to 
speak, "This is Reporter Raccoon, with a special reporter. As had been 
reported in the past week, a number of children, believed to have been 
kidnapped by or for Sigma of the Coalition for Reploid Freedom, and reploids 
held hostage by a Daryn Luna, an individual believed to have had links, at one 
point to Wily's criminal organization, and now currently, allegiances to 
Neo-Arcadia. We come to you now with the report that apparently, all of the 
kidnapped, missing, and presumed dead children and reploids have apparently 
been recovered, by none other than the Repliforce. 

         Details are unclear at this time, but after the securing of the 
children on the no-man's land between the Coaliton Borders and the European 
border, the Repliforce was able to arrange for the recovery of the reploid 
hostages held by one Daryn Luna. While we were unable to acquire commentary 
from Mr. Daryn Luna about the alleged links between him and Neo Arcadia, we 
were able to obtain at least a comment from General himself: "Innocent people 
will no longer be used as pawns in this war. With the support of people like 
those from North America and numerous others, we will continue to do what we 
have done before, to help preserve the safety of those who would be caught in 
the middle of this war." 

         The conditions of the children and reploids taken were listed as 
'stable' though we have heard one of the reploids is in trauma care for the 
repair and reconstruction of his face. This is Reporter Raccoon, and that's 
the news." 

<< This.. was GNN.. >>

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/104                    Posted        Author
Aztec Rennasiance                  Wed Aug 25    Global News Network
Dateline: Aztlan

Since the renaming of Mexico to Aztlan after the nation's break from the UN, 
the new independant nation seems to be experiencing a surge of economic, 
social, ecological and cultural growth. With the sudden lack of mechanoid 
labor, the job market for human labor has expanded exponentially, and Aztlan 
businesses are opening their doors to immigrants who are looking for steady 
employment. The new ecological restoration programs spear-headed by President 
Elpizo have brought a dramatic decrease to the percentages of airborne, soil 
and water pollutants, and for the first time in decades, local rivers, lakes 
and ponds are being restocked with native fish and aquatic wildlife, which are 
thriving. Genetically engineered food crops have created unintentional 
surplus, which the government of Neo Arcadia is donating to war-ravaged 
nations around the globe.

And on the social end of the spectrum, the people of Aztlan seem to have taken 
up a newfound policy of self-sufficiency, with renewed interest in things once 
left to industrialized society, such as food production and preservation, 
hand-made furnishings, and clothing manufacture. The Neo Arcadian government 
has offered its citizenry free self-defense training and survivalist training, 
stating that it is every citizen's right to be able to defend themselves in 
times of distress.

And with this has come a revival of the Aztec culture that once thrived 
centuries ago on Central American soil. Art, cuisine and even religious 
stylings have taken on a distinct Aztec style, and in some regions of the new 
nation, worship of the old gods, such as Tlaloc, Xochiquetzal, Xipe Totec and 
Quetzecoatl have become regular practice, though, with far less bloody 

The Neo Arcadian government has taken no official stance on the Aztec 
Rennasiance of Aztlan, but has been quoted as "being pleased with the return 
of this people to their cultural roots."

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/98                     Posted        Author
MEGA MAN SAVES CIVILIZATION        Fri Aug 27    Global News Network

< Within hours of the global telecom system coming back up, with blazing, 
screen-filling graphic titles, the lead story on GNN: >

Plum appears, looking disheveled. Her voice cracks now and again as she speaks, 
but where smoothness has left her, conviction has taken its place.

"In the world's darkest hour, when all hope seemed to be lost, Mega Man once 
again rose to the challenge and bravely fought where we could not."

"We don't know much, yet, about the circumstances that created the threat from 
the skies, nor much of its nature save that -- by some means -- it has 
rendered most of South Africa a mass grave for its Reploid inhabitants. All we 
know is that the UN began to turn against itself, and an evil man, James 
Houseman the Fourth, threatened the safety of the world for his own greed for 

Plum starts to tear up, emotion starting to overcome her, but keeps talking. 
"The world called to Mega Man. One more time, he answered us, and fought an 
aerial battle high over our planet to give us another day to live our lives."

"Mega Man fought and won to give us one more chance. Thank you, Mega Man."

"Thank you for saving our world."

< Shortly after that, frantic punditry begins, though it focuses mostly on 
showing a montage of the spectacular explosions visible across the planet's 
skies last evening -- because nobody /still/ knows anything. >


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/99                     Posted        Author
UN COUP STOPPED BY INTERPOL        Fri Aug 27    Global News Network

< And the Joy Train keeps coming on the news nets today: >

An internal seizure of power, led by rogue elements within the United Nations, 
was stopped last evening due to the efforts of Interpol.

With the assistance of Repliforce and the Maverick Hunters, Interpol prevented 
renegade UN forces known as "Black SHIELD" from assassinating members of the 
government during an attack on the UN Building. Eyewitnesses have also claimed 
Mavericks were helping Black SHIELD, though these reports are unsubstantiated.

During the resulting melee, large numbers of people -- both humans and Reploids 
-- were killed or seriously injured, with the casualty estimates ranging in 
the tens of thousands. The UN building sustained heavy structural damage and 
has been condemned until engineers assess the overall ability of the structure 
to be repaired, and many utilities in Seoul are presently not in service due 
to the disturbances underground.

Acting Secretary-General James Houseman IV (Esq.) has been confirmed to be 
among the dead by Interpol reports, as well as Acting Secretary of Defense 
Arkady Bogdanov. However, Acting Secretary General Houseman's body was taken 
by Proto Man, where it was mutilated, then crucified from the top of the New 
Empire State Building.

NYPD spokesman Charles Latmir says crews will have former Secretary General 
Houseman's body down, and returned to UN custody, by the end of the day.


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/100                    Posted        Author
UN Press Conference                Fri Aug 27    Global News Network
<Ambassador Chord floats up to the podium. He doesn't have guards... he barely 
has anyone around him at all, the old android adjusting his glasses on his 
lamp-like face as he waits for silence.>

        Ladies and gentlemen of the United Nations, Secretary-General Houseman 
is dead. The world has shaken, and thousands have died. The sins of our kind 
have been laid bare, the machinations of man and machine reflected on a shaken 

        The horror of what has happened will not be fully known for some time, 
and the blood of the dead are soaked through all our hands. We cannot simply 
pretend that this never happened. The folly of arrogance and the thirst for 
power makes monsters. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

        We stand at the ruins of our capitol. Around you, brave soldiers of 
Interpol, operatives of the UN, agents of Black SHIELD, and monsters birthed 
from science best left forgotten, lay strewn about as the casualties of our 
folly. The people of South Africa are dead, struck down by a single blast. We 
profess to work for the good of this world, yet we have failed so greatly.

        The time will come soon for free elections, and the people of the world 
will have a choice. Shall we abandon this grand experiment of world rule, 
founded on the heels of three World Wars? Shall we renew our efforts to live 
together in peace? I cannot say. That is a choice that we will leave to you.

        I am not a leader. I have never asked to lead. But until such time as 
the fate of the United Nations is decided, I shall do what I can. We will 
continue to strive to protect the people of this world. We will not let this 
tragedy destroy our way of life. The state of martial law imposed upon the 
world is dismissed. The United Nations will continue... at least until the 
course of our future is set.

        The future is not determined by a throw of the dice. It is determined 
by the conscious decisions of you and me. Let us pray that this time our 
decisions shall be the right ones.

<Chord looks around for a minute or two, sighing as he takes in the carnage 
around him. The android looks old now, ancient... but resolute. Turning, he 
makes his way off the podium.>

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/101                    Posted        Author
Black SHIELD Facility Seized!      Fri Aug 27    Global News Network

< A sub-story of the UN Coup news threads: >

A task force of Repliforce soldiers and Maverick Hunters struck at a Black 
SHIELD facility hidden inside the Rocky Mountain mountain chain in the United 
States of America, seizing it in a decisive offensive.

The facility, a former US Army facility known as "Checkpoint Charlie", is said 
to be deep within the protective shielding of the Rocky Mountains, and was 
designed to sustain human life for a long period of time. An impressive 
agricultural system was in place inside the base alongside the military 
aspects of it, including cloning systems for animals and processing areas for 
grains and soybeans.

The United States government had no comment about the base, only that the 
incident would be under investigation by US authorities. A spokesman for the 
President of the United States thanked Repliforce for its decisive action in 
removing a "terrorist threat" from the nation without loss of civilian life or 


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/102                    Posted        Author
South African Report               Sat Aug 28    Global News Network
Stone Johnson sits before you, reading his report, as the typical box in the 
corner appears. "Well, with all the devastation in Southern Africa, it appears 
that there is relief for the Reploids that survived the mysterious blast. Our 
Reporter Mike the TV is on location, Mike, what is going on down there?" 

 The scene cuts to everyone's loved/hated/annoyed at Television on the street. 
"Well Stone, it seems that a hour or two ago a Maverick transporter landed, 
but instead of combat Reploids and drones coming out, a team of medical 
doctors came. They are currently directing all (or trying to at least) injured 
Reploids and Androids to them." he points to the background, where Split 
Mushroom is overlooking the happenings. Mike Walks up to him, and tries to ask 
him questions. 

 "What prompted the Mavericks to assist South Africa?" 

 "Why not? These are our Reploid brothers, rather they are part of the 
coalition or not makes no difference." 

 His sister jumps out of no where and grapples Mike. "OOOOOOO MIKE!" 

 " "Gah! This is Mike the TV signing off...hey! GAH! Get away from meeeeee!" 
The scene fades out with Splitette chasing after Mike! 

 <All questions to Split Mushroom please!>

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/101                    Posted        Author
Another Commercial From Light Labs Sun Aug 29    Global News Network
"I'm Dr. Light, and I approved this message." 

Iris open to Light Labs Minnesota, home of progress, science, and awesome. Yes, 
that's even on the sign. Dr. Light, dressed in a hawiian shirt and bermuda 
shorts, walks down the hall, followed by an excited Rush. He smiles. "Hello, 
everyone. I'm here today to talk about Wily Cola. It's...intresting, I admit. 
But, before you drink that carmelized goodness, I want you to remember 
something. I want you to remember..." Light moves a hand, to reveal a row of 
multicolored sodas, in root-beer bottles. "When soda didn't suck. When it was 
about taste, not brand name. When there were actualy different flavors. Which 
is why I'm announceing the latest innovation from Light Labs at home-Light's 
Own Soda. Currently in Rock Orange, Roll Grape, Blues Strawberry, Zero Dew, 
Cossack Cream, and Autoberry-with more to come! Also, be sure to send us 
/your/ falvor ideas-if we use them, Light Labs will be glad to share the 
profits with you." 

Light smiles, and picks up a Rock Orange, cracking the lid off with his mighty 
thumb. "Light's Own. It may not save the world..." Light takes a swig, as he 
pets Rush. "But it makes it a tastier place."

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/102                    Posted        Author
NEW NEW NEW!                       Sun Aug 29    Global News Network
*Black screen...the theme form 2001 playing. A voice begins speaking, as the 
camera shows monkeys sitting around a giant stone slab, surrounded by empty 
bottles labelled "Generic Cola"*

"In the beginning....there was water. The people saw this, and were displeased. 
Then came cola." Picture of a monkey drinking a generic cola and spitting it 
out in disgust.

"YEars went by, and still the people were stuck with inferior sodas. Until..." 
A figure crests a hill, the sun rising behind him. It seems familiar. "A man 
with a dream, a vision and the will to bring it into being appeared. This man 
is Dr. Albert Wily." Cue shot of Wily standing atop the hill, holding a six 
pack of Wily Cola aloft, muscles rippling.

"Today, Wily Cola introduces an exciting new line of products. Products 
developed with taste in mind. Products painstakingly researched and tested." 
Shot of Mets in a factory drinking small cups of soda. Some explode. Some fall 
over and die. Others float to the ceiling. And some...just sit there.

"Thats right!" The announcer's voice fades into Wily's. "This fall, Wily Cola 
proudly unveils it's line of high quality sodas and fruit drinks. Quick Man's 
Quicker Picker Upper! Ballade's Purple Pop! Bass's Blackcherry! Punk's Punch! 
Bomb Man's Bombastic Blast! Code Quint! Mambo Mango! And of course..."

The camera pulls in tight on Wily as he raises a Wily Cola to his lips, taking 
a deep sip and sighing. "Everyone's favorite, the smooth, crips taste of 
original Wily Cola."

The screen goes black, and the Wily Cola logo appears. A femal voice whispers.

        "Wily Cola. Taste the excitment."

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/103                    Posted        Author
A Happy Fun Cult                   Sun Aug 29    Global News Network

        <This... is GNN!>

        "And in another story, a certain group has risen up from the ranks of 
obscurity to what is becoming an increasing amount of attention. Some call it 
a cult, others call it a gang, but the members just call it 'Vile Club.'"

        Cue picture change to the gates of a cemetary, in the middle of the 
night. A group of punky teens are lounging around, along with a well-dressed 
and suitably anxious looking reporter. The teens are all wearing, along with 
their chains and leather, sunglasses with the right lens shaded black, and the 
left lens shaded red. A person who seems to be the leader talks to the 
reporter, apparently answering a question.
        "Yeah man, we like Vile. Who cares? That slick sonuva put the hurt on a 
hell of a lot of people. He's living the American dream and stickin' it to The 
        The reporter asks, "Vile is Russian-built... nevermind. Do you really 
think that general Vile is committing these atrocities to 'stick it to The 
        "Oh, totally. The way I see it, Vile isn't out to kill humans. He's too 
hardcore for the virus. He's out to kill all that crap like advertising and 
school and police and curfews. The world's run by The Man, and Vile's taking 
him down. It's like... he doesn't take nothin' from noone. So in appreciation 
of my number one reploid's rebelliousness, we're doing what we can in our 
hometowns. Y'know, the usual junk."
        In the background, a hovercar speeds past, with another teen wearing 
glasses hanging out the window. He waves around a miner's pick, screaming at 
the top of his lungs as he swings it at a stop sign, "OOOOH YEAH! BURN THE 
        The reporter pauses, then continues, "And how widespread is 'Vile 
        "Oh, man, like you wouldn't believe. We've got this awesome website my 
man Steve here whipped up for us," - Steve is a guy with his lips pierced shut 
and devil horns grafted to the sides of his head - "and it caught on like 
wildfire. We've got members all over the globe, in all the major cities, both 
reploid and human. Hell, I hear one of the Robot Masters signed up."
        The reporter turns from the youth to the camera, speaking, "Well, there 
you have it. Vile Club, one of the many countercultures becoming prevalent in 
the world's unstable political climate, may be coming to a graveyard near you."
        In the graves, a random Vile Club member struts up, wearing a 
shouldercannon made out of PVC pipe and duct tape. As the reporter says her 
bit, he motions for one of his buddies, who whips out a lighter. A second 
later, a flaming potato shrieks out and smacks into a tree, exploding in a 
particularly large fireball.

        <This... was GNN!>


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/104                    Posted        Author
Russian Duma In Emergency Session  Sun Aug 29    Global News Network

< Regional news: >

The Russian Duma has gone into an unprecedented closed emergency session, 
according to the Moscow media. The Duma, Russia's version of Parliament, has 
been under increasing public pressure to address the civil unrest in the 
country. The daily demonstrations against the government of Russia have 
increased dramatically since the coup attempt in Seoul on Thursday.

The Russian government has provided no official comment on the emergency 
session, though individuals close to the government believe it may be a 
deliberation over imposing an even stricter martial law regime to restore 

>> OOC: Questions to Leo.


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/105                    Posted        Author
South American Unrest Increases    Sun Aug 29    Global News Network

< Regional news: >

A general increase in unrest in South America has caused many of the 
governments of these nations to request additional law enforcement help from 
the UN. Protests and small riots have been a common feature in the region 
since the early months of 2217, driven at first by concerns over Neo Arcadian 
expansionism, and then further fueled by a downswing in the regional economy.

The unrest is most visible in the northern areas of the continent closest to 
Neo Arcadia. In particular, the nation of Panama has been a flashpoint for 
many unwanted incidents of civil unrest, which has begun to spill over into 
Costa Rica and Columbia.

>> OOC: Questions to Leo.


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/106                    Posted        Author
South African Rescue Efforts       Sun Aug 29    Global News Network

< Global news: >

Efforts to clean up the damage left by the Final Weapon in South Africa have 
begun, but have been severely hindered due to lingering electromagnetic 

"The corona effect left behind by the impact of the weapon makes it difficult 
to operate any machinery heavily reliant on microelectronics," says Alan 
Mgumbe, UN High-Energy Physics Research (HEPR) Director. "As a result, cleanup 
efforts that would have been normally done by Reploids is progressing much 
more slowly."

The UN has recommended that all robotic life forms stay away from the South 
African border or risk "grievous bodily harm" to themselves due to the 
lingering radiation. Humans have only been recently cleared to re-enter the 
country, though they are required to wear radiation badges, which are checked 
before they may enter or leave the "hot zone".

Conservative estimates of the total cost of cleaning up South Africa and 
restoring it to normal habitation by humans and Reploids are in the hundreds 
of billions. Some estimates believe that it may even take up to 1.5 trillion 
zenny over 10 years to return the country to its pre-attack state.

The latest casualty estimates anticipate that every Reploid known to be in 
South Africa at the time of the attack was killed. Reports about Reploids who 
were able to escape the blast, or somehow managed to survive the massive 
electromagnetic bombardment, are unsubstantiated by the UN. However, 
non-government organizations claim some Reploids near the South African border 
were able to be revived after the blast. Several groups have also claimed 
seeing Coalition members assisting in early rescue efforts, but these reports 
are also unconfirmed by the UN.

In addition, almost 3,000 humans were believed to have been vaporized by the 
orbital blast, with tens of thousands believed to have injuries ranging from 
radiation poisoning to injuries relating to the sudden destruction of the 
electronic infrastructure of the nation.

>> OOC: Questions to Leo.


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/107                    Posted        Author
Anti-Corruption Efforts In Britain Sun Aug 29    Global News Network

< Regional news: >

Three days of protests in London by government watchdog organizations and 
anarchists concluded today peacefully when Parliament, in an emergency 
session, agreed to begin anti-corruption investigations of the government at 
all levels.

"We must restore the faith of the people of Great Britain, and the world, that 
our government is not sullied by outside influences," Prime Minister Nigel 
Wallingford Jr. said today during a press conference. "The actions of Mr. 
Houseman are not representative of the good men and women who serve the people 
of this island ... we will bring any individuals who have evil designs on the 
people of our nation to justice."

During the press conference, Wallingford announced the creation of an 
anti-corruption task force, which would include a mixture of trusted UN 
officials and representatives from neutral nations. Additionally, Wallingford 
called for public hearings, as well as the formation of a Parliament committee 
on corruption and treason in government.

These actions acted to quell the unrest in London, though activist groups warn 
that any appearance of duplicity may destabilize not only the nation, but the 
entire United Kingdom.

"The free people of Europe look to Great Britain for leadership," Anne Clausen, 
leader of the radical Greens. "If Great Britain falls, humanity will be wiped 
entirely from the continent. Brittania must endure, even if its government 
does not."

>> OOC: Questions to Leo.


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/108                    Posted        Author
Report: Africa                     Sun Aug 29    Global News Network

< Global news: >

According to African sources, the nations of WilyAfrica are not as strongly 
held by the Robot Master governments as they were before the UN coup. Not long 
after the decommissioning of Repliforce, the now-rogue RF armies began a heavy 
campaign of attack against Africa. As a result, many of the formerly held Wily 
territories, particuarly in the north-eastern areas of the contenent, are now 
contested, overtaken, or otherwise thrown into unrest. As it's been 
increasingly difficult to get GNN reports onto the Dark Continent as 
Repliforce has made this dramatic push, the exact borders of the Wily nation 
are becoming impossible to define. However, several known Robot Master 
complexes in the southern parts of the nation have already fallen, as 
satellite photographs of the area have displayed.

The 'WilyWorld' Amusment Park is currently closed to the public for a mass 
renovation. No further reports were available.

(OOC : Questions to Gemma, who shamelessly stole Leo's formatting out of a lack 
of creativity.)


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/100                    Posted        Author
New Music                          Mon Aug 30    Global News Network

<GNN Entertainment News!> "Hello, this is Musical Muskrat, bringing you another 
update on the Robot Master musical band, The Wilybrats. The band, led by Quick 
Man, has released it's second single this week, entitled "Race Against 
Myself". Many have said the song is much too introspective to have been 
written by Quick Man, well-known to be arrogant to a fault, but in an 
interview he claimed it was "a showcase of my inner depth." We can't be sure 
of the validity of the claim, however, as he was very drunk at the time. The 
album, "Masters of Rock", continues to sell well in Master-occupied or 
influenced areas, such as the currently contested Africa and Japan. In other 
areas it is harder to come by, as governments try to supress it, although no 
indication of foul play or subliminal messages has been detected on the disc, 
despite earnest attempts by scientists around the world. At the same time as 
the single was released, the announcement was made that former guitarist Crash 
Man was going on hiatus.. his replacement, the Robot Master called Metal Man. 
<Insert still frame of Metal holding a guitar which has many shiny, pointy 
edges> More on this as it comes to pass."
OOC: The song is "Race Against Myself" by The Offspring. Again, if you want to 
hear it and can't find a copy, talk to Quick Man :)


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/101                    Posted        Author
Dateline: Battle and Chase Announc Mon Aug 30    Global News Network
The News at Noon switches to show Cherry, standing in the back of a crowd. 
"Thank you, Plum. I'm here at the B&CC Building to bring a *great* 
announcement to all you sports fans like me out there! It's BACK! For the 
fifth year in a row, the Battle and Chase games are on! Here's footage just 
recorded of the announcement by B&C Committee chairwoman Nicole St. Stein." 
The middle-aged woman at the podium, clearly named as St. Stein on the monitor, 
speaks. "While we have been forced to hold off the games for so long because 
of the United Nation's declaration of martial law, with it now removed we are 
capable of continuing with our plans. Though we start late this year, the 
Battle and Chase games remain the same - dedicated to peaceful competition and 
sportsmanship. We implore the warriors of the world to set down their weapons 
once again, for just a brief time, and show the world what can be done through 
hope, instead of destruction. Give the good people of Earth the chance to live 
in peace and security, even if for just a little while. This year's opening 
ceremonies are scheduled to begin in just under two weeks, on the tenth of 
September. The torch will be lit overlooking the Bay of Vancouver, signaling 
the start of the games and a time of peace. As usual, all across the world are 
"Though we seek peace, some.. concessions have been made to deal with previous 
incidents and to address the safety concerns of both players and spectators. 
In accordance with this, the Battle and Chase Committee has hired the San 
Angeles metropolitan police department to assist in peacekeeping at the 
events. Additionally, to handle fears of the mysterious Sigma Virus, we have 
created separate sections of stands for members of the Coalition - both to 
contain the spread of the Virus to those who do not wish it, and to prevent, 
as some concerns have expressed to us, possible riots and lynchings against 
the infected Coalition members. We request those who are infected please stay 
within your parts of the stands, for the safety of all - consider this to be 
on par with our request for all involved to lay down their weapons for the 
duration. Additionally, we have employed a number of DNA Soul and Virus 
specialists, in addition to our usual cadre of doctors, to provide 
complimentary scans to all competitors who wish them. Maintaining the peace 
and the safety of all involved is our top priority. 
"The Battle and Chase Committee hopes that our offers are accepted by the 
warriors of the world, and that they will be willing to compete in the games - 
for pride, glory, and for peace. Let the world see what you are truly made of, 
and meet our challenge just as you meet the challenge of your enemies. Thank 

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/102                    Posted        Author
Upper Nile Smash                   Tue Aug 31    Global News Network

        "This is Kiwi, live and on the scene for GNN in the Upper Nile, where a 
fantastic battle between Repliforce and Robot Master forces. And all of it was 
caught here by our own junior came- er... I mean, by STAR JOURNALIST Reporto!" 
Cough. "The Repliforce super-battle-station Fortress V bombarded the area and 
fought against a stiff artillery and drone resistance, while an invasion force 
battled against the Robot Masters. In the end, the invaders, along with the 
Fortress V, overcame the defences and KILLED EVERYONE- oh, wait! I mean, drove 
off the evil doers. This is Kiwi, signing off." 


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/102                    Posted        Author
Repliforce Loves You               Tue Aug 31    Global News Network

 The broadcast that is transmitted by GNN itself seemed to be nothing more than 
a simple commercial, an advertisement perhaps written up by one of the many 
members of Repliforce. As all gathered about to watch the new snippet of 
information be presented the emblem of Repliforce appeared, with a small 
almost invisible GNN nestled in the lower left-hand corner. 
 "Repliforce," a voice, female and calm stated. "It is an organization like no 
other, an organization crafted carefully to protect the world itself. Time and 
again it had shown itself to be a serious foe to face against, a devestating 
beast to contend with, and victories gathered. Yet, a sad day would dawn that 
cast a shadow of doubt into the minds of many about Repliforce, and that day 
was when Repliforce encountered Sigma at Berlin." 
 New images appeared, video of a poor quality of how Repliforce itself seemed 
to turn against one another, as they were all infected and driven upon their 
old friends by the hideous plague. "This is still the worst event to happen, 
for it is when Repliforce itself was finally considered untrustworthy by some. 
Still, there were supporters of Repliforce, those who knew that the members 
themselves stood no chance of stopping the transformation that happened, that 
most instead merely wished to stop the war from continuing." 
 "So it is that Repliforce was shunned by the UN, by a member of the UN who the 
GNN themselves severely doubted. Those doubts continued to mount, and finally 
all knew the truth of the matter, that something insidious was happening, that 
a plot of epic proportions had been crafted to generate difficulties for all. 
Repliforce, having long since been left behind by the UN, showed that they 
were still around, by helping as much as they could even as Interpol too 
fought in the battle." 
 "Yet another event was happening, one that has driven some members of the 
world into a frenzy of happiness. The Repliforce are liberating Africa, slowly 
but surely, as they scour it clear of the Robot Masters who would attempt to 
subjugate any and all who lived there. They have shown that they are brave, 
they have shown that they fear nothing, and it is in their latest action that 
they demonstrated how powerful they have become." 
 Images appeared yet again, this time of Repliforce battling in Africa, 
fighting against the like of Pharaoh Man, Gemini Man and even King. Victory 
was acquired, and a closer inspection of the battlefield was shown, images of 
the battered Robot Masters as they were forced to lay upon the ground, and 
then of the building that the Robot Masters had tried to protect exploding, 
being decimated. "Repliforce has shown that they are here to stay, and it is a 
wonderful day indeed that they still fight for the safety of Humans."

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/101                    Posted        Author
Xiangtech Clinic Open              Tue Aug 31    Global News Network
The following ad appears on the Cybernet, and on general telivision in a number 
of countries.

The spot opens with a simple design - a black field with a red Yin-Yan upon it. 
A female narrator speaks in a soothing voice, "There are tragedies in this 
world - the Robot Wars often have unforseen and unhappy consequences for those 
caught in the crossfire."

        The graphic disappears to show various wounded humans from battlefields 
across the world in a montage - each stays on the screen for a few moments 
before changing to the next. "Lost limbs, internal injuries - We can help. 
Even more, we have the ability, skill and technology to give you the ability 
to stand up to members of the Robotic class - for a price, of course. But 
unlike the United Nations, we don't require you to sign on to die for an idea 
- we simply ask that you pay us a reasonable fee, discussed before hand."

        New images appear, of people with limbs of shining metal, cybernetic 
eyes, or unearthly fey beauty. The images pause on the picture of a young girl 
- perhaps six years old - with a number of cybernetics visible. She's smiling 
shyly at the camera. "We can even help the young, as our work grows with the 
child. Karma Biomedical Restoration and Augmentation - located in the captital 
of Neo Arcadia. Walk ins are welcome."

The black field returns, with the red Yin-Yang, only now a serpent consuming 
it's own tail surrounds the Yin-Yang.

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