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Russian Government Collapses       Wed Sep 01    Global News Network

< Late-breaking international news: >

An armed group of disaffected Spetznaz soldiers and police executed a 
blitzkrieg raid against the Russian Duma during a late night emergency 
session. The soldiers, calling themselves the Socialist Liberation Army, 
captured most of the Duma and drove off the security forces guarding them with 
very few casualties, primarily due to the Socialist Liberation Army's use of 
less-lethal weapons.

The captured Duma representatives were taken away to a hotel on the outskirts 
of Russia which the armed group controls. Ransom demands to the families of 
the captured Duma members are expected within the day. The Duma members who 
may have managed to escape have alternately fled or gone into hiding, making 
an accounting of how many government officials the Socialist Liberation Army 
has in their custody uncertain.

Other armed groups have responded by taking their own hostages or seizing 
territory across Russia. Additionally, megacorporations which operate in 
Russia have been rumored to be making deals with cities and larger 
metropolitan services to maintain order until a new government returns 
stability to the country.

Neighboring nations in Asia have stepped up their security measures in 
anticipation of the unrest spreading toward their borders. An official UN 
statement is expected within hours.

< Punditry commences. >


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Catholic Church Calls For Calm     Wed Sep 01    Global News Network

< Regional news: >

The Catholic Church released a statement today through its press office 
denouncing the wave of civil unrest which has shook the world for most of the 
summer. The Church, having recently begun building a new headquarters in Rio 
de Janerio, Brazil, has remained silent on most issues ever since the 
assassination of the Pope earlier in the year.

"We must look to God to steer us through these trying times," Archbishop 
Guiseppe Fernandez of Rio said, in an address broadcast over the Vatican's 
Internet presence, as well as their basic telecom channel, Vatican TV. "His 
grace saw us through the darkest hours of this long, hard summer, and He will 
guide us through to a brighter day. However, we must stop fighting each other 
and rediscover our love for each other. It is through our love for our fellow 
man that God works through us."

Deliberations over a new Pope continue in an undisclosed location. The exiled 
Vatican administration claims that this is being done to make a Maverick 
strike against the Church leadership more difficult, though some in the Church 
-- speaking off the record -- find the situation uncomfortable.

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MORE COMMERCIALS OMG               Wed Sep 01    Global News Network
*This message has been brought to you by Light Labs.* 

Iris open to Dr. Light, smileing and petting Tango. "Hell, friends. I'm glad 
you have all liked Light Soda so much-now with new flavors like Axl Orange 
Cream, Alpha Vanilla and Chocolate, Liese Schreiner Sports Drink, Jazzberry, 
Sonata Root Beer, and Shaunybear's Happy Good Time Melon Soda." Light 
continues to smile, holding up a box. "But, Light Labs wants to do its part to 
help the turmoil around the world. Which is why I'm presenting you, people of 
the world, with a chance to show evildoers exactly how you feel." 

Light holds upen the box-showing donuts shaped like the heads of Dr. Wily, 
Sigma, Sheena, Dr. Doppler, Bass...and is that an Elpizo stuck down there? 
Hard to tell. Hey, Quint flavored! "All profits from these tasty treats go to 
aid for the chaos in Russia and South America. So.." Light picks up a Wily 
donut. "Take a bite out of evil!" 

Light bites on the Wily-headed donut, spilling a little vanilla cream. He 
winks, and gives a thumbs up to the camera. Iris out.

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Africa: Another Look               Wed Sep 01    Global News Network
<<A GNN Special, one of those wartime things. Royal Yaksman appears, standing 
in a calm plaza in what appears to be Casablanca. He smiles at the camera."

"Good evening. Royal Yaksman reporting live from Wily Africa, in the heart of 
the empire. Behind me, you can see the headquarters of Wily International. 
Much has been made of the Doctor's rule of AFrica. We've all heard the horror 
stories of oppression, torture and insanity. This reporter was sent to 
investigate these claims, and has found something quite different." He walks a 
few steps, passing a few average citizens. "The reality would seem to be, 
suprisingly enough, that the Robot Masters are good rulers, in their own way. 
Law and order has been much more strictly enforced in a region known for 
turmoil and bloody civil wars. In just a short time, the death rate has 
dropped almost fifty percent as random crimes and the outbreak of disease were 
brought under control."

        Now we cut to shots of various civil works projects in Wily Africa. 
"Just ask any African citizen, and most of them won't tell you about the 
supposed attacks by Robot Masters on their villages, or the brutality that 
they supposedly suffered. Instead, they will be more likely to tell you about 
the irrigation projects, massive farms, new housing developments and the 
technological infrastructure that the Masters have put into place." Cut back 
to the Yak, who is shaking his head. "The bottom line seems to be that the 
Robot Masters have done far more good for this continent than any of us had 
believed. This reporter, for one, is in shock. Indeed, my time here has left 
me with one very suprising question about Africa.....

        "Who IS destroying Africa? The Robot Masters? Or Repliforce? The RF 
would tell us somethign very different from the African people, I promise you 
that. From Africa, this is Royal Yaksman."

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Texas Independence Referendum      Wed Sep 01    Global News Network

< Regional news >

Voting began today throughout the state of Texas on a referendum on declaring 
independence from the United States of America. The referendum, the first of 
its kind in America, has gained political momentum in the state in light of 
the instability of the United Nations.

Exit polls so far show the initiative has a broad base of support among the 
electorate across both major parties. The voting will conclude on midnight 
Friday, with the results available by 5 pm Dallas time.

< Punditry. >


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Russian Standoff Continues         Wed Sep 01    Global News Network

< International news: >

The majority of the Russian Duma continues to be in the hands of the Socialist 
Liberation Army, encouraging other organizations to strike out in their own 
way. Criminal gangs have caused major unrest throughout the cities of Moscow, 
while more organized terrorist and organized crime groups are making their 
moves to carve out new territory and settle old grievances.

Premier Nikoli Tonkov has declared a state of emergency throughout Russia, 
authorizing the deployment of the armed forces to restore order. However, 
large divisions of the armed forces have openly declared their intent not to 
support Tonkov's regime any further, and have begun to fortify themselves in 
their bases in expectation of reprisal strikes.

Megacorporations throughout Russia have begun to secure the national resource 
infrastructure of the nation against terrorist attack or looting. The mixed 
Reploid and human troops in the employ of various companies have, so far, been 
able to prevent any major ecological catastrophe.

< Punditry. >

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Interpol Press Conference          Thu Sep 02    Global News Network
        "A week after the confrontation in Seoul and the Rocky Mountains in the 
United States against the Black SHIELD organization, Interpol has scheduled a 
press conference for this Saturday in which they plan to give various 
explanations and make an important announcement." 
The screen changes to Arthur Maxwell, the Interpol spokesman, on the Press 
Stand in the UN Plaza in Seoul. Usually he would make his announcements in the 
press chamber inside the UN Building, but as it can be seen in the background, 
it is currently inaccessible. 
        "All of us know that the world is eager to hear the whole truth about 
Black SHIELD, the organization that controlled the United Nations from the 
shadows and caused so much harm to the world during so many years. Now that we 
are free from their schemes and conspiracies, it is time we look back towards 
our work through all these years and think about what have we been fighting 
        "What is Interpol supposed to do now? What is the fate of the United 
Nations? How will the truth and the change affect the world? We must resume 
our way from the ruins left behind by this massive conflict, yet we must make 
clear the direction we will choose to advance towards. In order to do this, we 
have organized a press conferece of great importance for this Saturday, at 4 
PM Eastern time. I encourage people to attend or at least watch it and listen 
to what we have to say. Thank you." 
The screen changes back to the GNN central. 
        "Mr. Maxwell didn't give more details about this conference. It remains 
scheduled as previously mentioned, and our news team will as always provide a 
full coverage of it. In other news..."

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The Show Must Go On                Thu Sep 02    Global News Network
****A GNN Entertainment Report****

"Despite the turmoil in the United States, the entertainment studios and 
networks operating out of nuetral San Angeles have stated that the 'show' 
MUST, and WILL go on. The POX corporation, working on a new deal with the 
now-UN-liberated nation of the United States of America, are beginning 
auditions for their renamed, revival broadcast of 'American Pop Sensation:' 
based on a musical competition that was a cash cow for their parent network 
back in the twenty-first century. The East Coast auditions are being held in 
the Raven Dome in Baltimore, Maryland. Previous audition sessions have drawn 
literally tens of thousands of competetors, many of whom have had to wait for 
fifty consecutive hours or more for their chance in the spotlight. Those 
singers that make it on to the next round are promised their fifteen 
minutes... and more... until one Pop Sensation is chosen from all of the 
potential auditioners in America. The doors to the Dome open at 6 AM tomorrow 
morning, but Sensation hopefuls have been turned away at the gate since 
earlier THIS morning, and are likely to start arriving in the city well into 
the night. The stadium is making provisions to take care of those competetors 
who may be spending multiple nights on cold stadium floors... all for their 
chance, at the big time."

"POX reports that plans for a Houston, Texas, audtion, have, however, been 

"With entertainment news, this is GNN."

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Repliforce Press Conference        Fri Sep 03    Global News Network

<< As seen either Live, or played-back every other hour.. >> 

The standard 'GNN' sigil appears, before shrinking into the background to be 
replaced by a Repliforce Logo. The few, the proud, as it were. It too, shrinks 
away, revealing a mostly rebuilt, minus visible weapons of any sort, 
especially his wrist blasters. It appears to be held on the Skydeck of the 
Fortress Five, a podium present in front of General in all his glory. The 
clamor of reporters silences as General raises one hand for silence, before 

       "The world.. has had the ill consequences of too many secrets."        

Letting those words sink in for a moment, he continues. "The past days have 
been intense, between members of the Repliforce, Interpol, and Maverick 
Hunters working against the machinations of not only Black SHIELD, but those 
who threaten world peace, and the stability. The greatest, most spiting 
victory Black SHIELD -- an organization bent on nothing short but world 
domination, represented in part by former Secretary-General Houseman, is one 
that splinters the world. We are facing adversity in ways I don't think any of 
us can imagine. Some of you wonder, 'Can the Repliforce still be trusted?'. 
'Can the UN still work?'. Maybe it can, maybe it can't. But what I am here 
today to tell you is the time for secrets is over. The Repliforce has been 
forced to work without any sanctioning whatsoever, and sometimes, even in 
secret. We can no longer afford this luxury to commit ourselves to the oaths 
we took to defend the world against tyranny and injustice." 

He takes a moment to look down, as if clearing his throat, before looking up. 
"I have been discussing, if not drawing up an Accord. An accord by which 
member nations, be they United Nations, Alliances, may enter into, for us to 
act as their army, their Repliforce, with respects to the soverignities of 
other nations. We will not be used to war upon those of peaceful intent. We 
have been the Shield that would protect the world before. We are not acting on 
any orders other than our own desire to do what we feel is right. And what we 
feel is right, is to offer ourselves to countries like the United States of 
America, to defend her, and her people against the encroaching dangers of 
Mavericks, and Robot Masters alike. We ask the people of Texas, /not/ to break 
yourselves away from the United States so readily. Against the threats of 
tyranny brought against by increasing threats, like those of Neo-Arcadia -- a 
people who have inspired others to rebellion and would kill others just 
because of their beliefs.." He shakes his head. He knew this was inflammatory 
but.. "The Repliforce is born anew. No single country, should they choose to 
enter into the Accord with us, will be held above the rest. All will be 
defended equally, with the army that has done so much before. I offer to not 
only the United States, but the African Alliance, and numerous other countries 
who wish to have themselves protected, and their freedom fought for, to 
support us, and in turn, we shall support them." 

His expression hardens. "The Repliforce is prepared. Are you?" 

<< The reporters look on in stunned silence, General having exited the Skydeck 
for the time being. >>

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Vile fights crime?                 Sat Sep 04    Global News Network

        <This... is GNN!>

        "This just in from our offices in Neo Tokyo. Tokyo police have released 
a startling murder report, and Maverick general Vile has been identified as 
the culprit."

        Footage plays of a caucasian man in a shabby, old suit meeting with 
several younger Japanese men, all of which seem to be carrying automatic 
weaponry with complete disregard. Considering they're in an alleyway, and the 
camera seems to be too high up to notice, their ease may be understandable. 
The older man reaches into his coat, withdrawing a manilla folder - however, 
at that second, the entire screen explodes to white. Where there were 
previously only the normal sounds of city life, there is now the dull roar of 
a dying explosion. The light clears soon enough, revealing that there's 
nothing left but strewn, badly charred corpses.
        The interesting part is when Vile walks onscreen, kneels down next to 
the body of the old man, inspects his face, then disappears in the light of 
his blink system.

        "Startlingly enough, the men were later identified as members of a 
street gang that Neo Tokyo police say 'is under heavy suspicion of having ties 
to the Yakuza.' The older man you saw is actually James Georgeson, a former 
U.N. official who was imprisoned for accepting bribes and stealing 
confidential information. Georgeson was released from prison two days earlier. 
Police theorize that he was seeking to reinitiate his relationship with the 
Yakuza. The contents of the folder are unknown at this time, as they were 
destroyed in the blast."
        Representatives for Interpol's United Nations Internal Affairs 
Committee, when contacted, admitted that they had suspected Georgeson might 
attempt to re-establish his criminal ties, but would only say that "the matter 
is under investigation" when pressed for further details.
        A Maverick spokesman had this to say: "General Vile was in no way 
involved in that murder. The killer is obviously an imposter."

        <This... was GNN!>


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Texas Independence Vote Passes     Sat Sep 04    Global News Network

< International news: >

With 99% of all precincts reporting, the Independence Referendum in Texas has 
apparently passed by a 65% margin, giving the vote sufficient weight to allow 
the leglislature to fast-track the secession process without further public 
polling. Over 30 million people were said to have voted in the elections, 
representing almost 80% of the Texas population.

The Texas electorate was overpoweringly in favor of independence, probably due 
to rhetoric from the pro-independence groups about forming their own Power 
Armor Defense Corps.

The Maverick Hunter Bowie, a resident of Texas, compared the situation to that 
of the original Founders of the United States of America. "Benjamin Franklin 
once said, "We must all hang together or most assuredly we will all hang 
separately." Normally, Ah'd agree with his advice. Trouble is, Texas has 
already been left t'hang on its own, first by Seoul an now by Washington. If 
thay won't help protect us, then we'll just have t'protect ourselves."

Howard Vaughn (R-Dallas/Ft. Worth) was among the strongest voices for 
independence, and has announced his intention to run for the Presidency of the 
Republic of Texas once a new Constitution is drawn up, which is expected to 
begin after Labor Day. Governor Melendez has been rumored to be a potential VP 
candidate for Vaughn, though the Governor has remained silent on the issue 
during the referendum process.

< MASS punditry. >


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Auditions Disrupted                Sat Sep 04    Global News Network
****GNN News Report****

"Elsewhere in North America... the POX-sponsored American Pop Sensation 
auditions were disrupted, tragically, this evening, with a takeover attempt by 
the Robot Masters. Robot Master troops surrounded the Raven Dome stadium, 
pinning approximately 25,000 competetors and spectators inside, the largest 
hostage situation in history. After the gates to the auditions were barred, 
the Robot Masters began making demands, releasing hostages in a trickle, and 
claiming they would release the entire stadium if Dr. Wily was made President 
of the United States."

"Witnesses on-scene say they were honest, if slow, about releasing members of 
their audience as they recieved word that their sometimes-bizzare, fantastic 
demands were being met. However, the situation abruptly escalated when some 
unknowns on-scene attempted to rescue the hostages. The Repliforce arrived at 
the stadium slightly later, and began a mass exodus of the stadium, allowing 
the hostages a route to freedom. However, by the time that Repliforce 
commander General used his now-famous EMP weapon to halt the fighting on the 
field, the Masters had already begun taking lives. The death-toll tonight is 
believed to number approximately three-hundred, human and reploid. Those that 
were injured by the EMP shockwave number in the thousands...most are expected 
to recover."

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Business Report                    Sat Sep 04    Global News Network

"The McDonalds Corporation, as a result of mass demand, as well as demand on 
behalf of the Robot Masters, has announced that it is 'giving in,' and will 
begin producing the popular mint-flavored 'Shamrock Shakes' year-round. 
Compromising, they say, however, since this is no longer a seasonal item, they 
are considering a new name for the product."

"Likewise, the Starbucks corporation WILL start offering a 'Medium' size 
coffee, though their large size is still referred to as, 'Vente,' and the 
clerk will probably still act snooty at you if you actually use the word 

"The Abercrombie-Hilfiger company, however, says it will only, quote, 'turn 
down the damn music' if a sufficient consumer petition can be filed through 
the proper channels, making the demand official. Quote their CEO: 'We do not 
give into terrorism. We are slaves, only to fashion.'"

"There is no word here tonight from Dick Clarkbot, or the WWE, other 
organizations mentioned in Robot Master demands."

"This is GNN."

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Scuffle in Torontreal              Sat Sep 04    Global News Network
This... is GNN. 09-03-16

        Newscaster appears on the screen. "Good evening, I'm Shutter Bug with 
the evening news."

        Footage of two ice-motif eagles, (one of them recognizable as Hailstorm 
Eagle), one silver and red fox with three tails (Blaze Fox), one smaller 
version of said fox with nine tails (Cracker Kitsune), a watery-looking squid 
bot without his armor (Glaive), and a large, walking-armory-looking dino 
(Barrage Raptor), clashing in the streets of Torontreal just outside the 

        "A minor scuffle in the Torontreal teleporter complex disrupted usual 
business tonight. No civilians were harmed in the fight, although several 
witnesses reported one of the ice eagles attempting to recover the other..."

        Cut to a man-on-the-street shot, of a human male. "First came the plain 
one, with that fox chasing her, then came the second one, then Barrage and 
that squid. They all started fighting, then out of nowhere one eagle grabbed 
the other and ran, and that fox fled too shouting about getting revenge or 
something. It was pretty fast."

        Back to the newscaster. "We've managed to identify the reploids 
involved as Hailstorm Eagle and Barrage Raptor of the Repliforce, Blaze Fox of 
the Mavericks, and Glaive of the Hunters." They're indicated in the shots 

This... was GNN.

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Russian Hostage Horror             Sun Sep 05    Global News Network

< Screaming headlines around the world. >

Hundreds are believed to be dead, and scores of police and military personnel 
wounded, as a result of the hostage situation between the Russian government 
and the Socialist Liberation Army degenerated into violence late Saturday 

The hostage situation had reached an impasse on Saturday, with no additional 
ransoms being offered to be paid for Duma members and the demands of the 
government to release additional hostages in good faith falling on deaf ears. 
Hostilities began by an unknown agent entering the hotel structure and 
engaging in hand-to-hand combat with the interior forces, which brought 
accusations of bad faith from both sides. Suspicions about killing of hostages 
began to circulate, and gunfire was heard inside the structure.

Tense negotiations continued in an effort to avert further bloodshed. However, 
explosions heard behind the building in the vicinity of Russian police patrol 
boats escalated the situation on both sides -- the terrorists claiming they 
were being attacked from positions across the river, while the police believed 
the explosions were directed at them.

An assault against the building began, led by Moscow police loyal to the 
government and assisted by military operatives. The government forces 
initially seemed to be successful in taking the building and forcing the SLA 
into retreat. However, it was only a ruse to lure the police and military 
forces into the building, which exploded from the top down. The weight of the 
upper floors crushed the building downward in an implosion which is believed 
to have killed almost everyone left inside. Rescue efforts are ongoing, but 
estimates remain pessimistic due to the scale of the damage.

The SLA forces were able to escape by VTOL. Casualties on their side are 
believed to be moderate, and their current whereabouts are unknown. Heavy 
police and military casualties are believed, and the Duma members still inside 
are almost "assuredly dead", according to a police source who chose to remain 

Ten Duma members were able to be rescued by police and military personnel 
before the building toppled. In all, of the 550 Duma members, 25 were returned 
safely, either by rescue or payment of ransoms.

< MASS punditry. >

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LIVE GNN FOOTAGE!                  Mon Sep 06    Global News Network
Cut right to a cameraman in what looks to be a desert, with large imposing 
walls in the background. Voice overlap. "This is GNN, with an anonymous tipoff 
that something BIG is about to happen outside of Neo Arcadia. And...look, 
there...it looks like an aircraft is approaching. Shh, shhhhhh." 

A Robot Master VOTL lands not far from the walls, but still far enough to be 
considered 'comfortable'. Crash Man steps up to the opening door. "NEO 

What looks to be roughly thirty some odd hookers of advancing age shuffle out 
of the transport. All show signs of being roughed up by fisticuffs, black 
eyes, possibly missing teeth. 

DOLL IN COMPENSATION!" Crash continues to yell at the walls. "AND ONE LAST 
CATCH YOU ON THE FLIP SIDE, LEVIATHAN!" Crash Man then pelvic thrusts at the 
walls as the transport takes off and burns fuel.

================================== IC News ===================================
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Central Park Assault               Mon Sep 06    Global News Network
<< This.. is GNN.. >> 

The scene, reasonably enough, is at Central Park. Interpol and NYPD officers 
move in the background, though glimpses indicate that there is a large area of 
the second level of Central Park taped off by police tape. Mechfluid is seen 
splattered in violent directions, and one of the benches is splintered in half 
by the imprint of a large boot. "This is Reporter Raccoon comin' at you live 
at the scene of an assault that happened not an hour ago involving the famous, 
or infamous, if you will, Javelin Whitetail. According to eyewitnesses, the 
performer, also noted for her interesting choices in the world politic scene, 
had lent a hand in events defending Seoul from Black SHIELD, and was 
purportedly meeting with one of it's officers, Bluecoat T-Rex. It was at this 
time, however, she was viciously assaulted, and images of her assault are 
deemed too much to be aired on global television." 

The reporter looks back at the taped-off section, which just, on it's own, 
seems to carry it's own morose feeling. "Witnesses, while few, believe it was 
a Robot Master who assaulted her, confirmed later by Officer Bluecoat T-Rex 
who had confronted him just as Skull Man seemed prepared to deliver the 
finishing blow and kill her. Skull Man went on, but rumored not to have left 
Miss Whitetail without an optic, and most of her limbs and body." The reporter 
simply shudders." 

"While we have not been able to reach the new Director of Interpol, Dr. Sarah 
Fairchild, for comment, we do know this. As of this broadcast, we understand 
that Miss Whitetail is now in intensive care isolation at NYC Hospital, and is 
expected to make a recovery, but not in time for Battle and Chase's Foot Race, 
for which she had been reportedly signed up for. We send our best wishes to 
Miss Whitetail, and we advise our residents to be on careful watchout for 
suspicious actvity, wherever you are in the world." 

<< That.. was GNN.. >>

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Historic Military Accord           Mon Sep 06    Global News Network

< Headlines across the world: >

In a brief ceremony this morning, the President of the United States and the 
Repliforce Commander General signed an agreement allowing Repliforce to have 
military jurisdiction over the 46 continuous American states, excluding the 
recently sovereign state of Texas.

"This accord will allow Americans to enjoy the security of a world-class 
military while we rebuild our own forces," the President said. "The Repliforce 
has served with distinction ever since its inception, and it is our great 
honor and privilege to join with them in the war against global terror."

The President was asked repeated questions from the press about the status of 
Texas, as well as other distant American holdings such as Alaska, Hawaii and 
Guam, but declined to comment. The treaty is expected to be ratified by 
Congress by the end of the week.

< Punditry. >

>> OOC: Questions to Leo.


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Message: 18/104                    Posted        Author
Liberated African Nations Unite    Mon Sep 06    Global News Network

< In other news: >

Several former Robot Master territories in northern Africa have begun to 
organize a regional governing body in the spirit of the United Nations, and 
have declared their intent to create a continental government if other 
liberated areas wish to join.

Organized in Cairo by a diverse group of tribal leaders, former Wily-installed 
governors and mayors, and international corporations with African ties, the 
tenatively named African Regional Administration (ARA) is seen as having 
widespread support among the citizens of Africa.

"The African people suffered at the hands of the Europeans for millenia, and 
then endured United Nations mismanagment for centuries," ARA spokesman Kito 
Ngola said. "and while Dr. Wily's rule was little better, it finally showed 
the African people that joining together could allow us to do great deeds."

Work on a ARA Constitution is underway. The document is said to be consistent 
with the globally accepted principles of the UN Charter, while respecting the 
specific concerns of the African people such as the sanctity of tribal lands 
and the essential dignity and freedoms of the African citizen.

< Punditry. >

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Russia Severs Remaining UN Ties    Mon Sep 06    Global News Network

< Focus On: Asia >

In an announcement widely believed to be an attempt by the floundering Russian 
government to quell demonstrations and protests, the Russian government today 
severed its ties to the UN and declared itself fully independent.

The news comes as a surprise to international observers who believed that 
Russia would reinforce its ties to the UN in hopes of getting international 
support to stabilize the nation. However, seasoned observers of Russia said 
the political algebra was much more in favor of the government trying to solve 
its problems itself.

"Accepting outside aid would be perceived as weakness, possibly as even 
allowing foreign invaders into the nation," Boris Grishenko, spokesman for the 
Cossack Foundation, said during an interview on "Sunrise Russia" this morning. 
"The government is clearly trying to show its independence from foreign 
powers, and is trying to convey strength to the people of Russia."

However, international observers caution that this display of strength may 
cause the downfall of the current government, which has been functionally 
crippled by the loss of almost its entire legislative branch in a Socialist 
Liberation Army terrorist action on Saturday.

Some observers note that the involvement of foreign agents in Saturday's 
tragedy may have also encouraged the government to make its decision, but no 
government sources would go on the record about the accusation.

Following the government's announcement, the violence in and around the major 
cities of Russia appeared to be blunted. Curfews are still in effect for much 
of the nation, including Moscow, and there are no plans to raise it until the 
state of national emergency is declared to be over by the Premier. However, 
with the Emergency Powers Act in effect, many believe the Premier will more 
than likely maintain his powers until all political opposition has been 

"It's a return to the old days," a source close to the government said, "this 
is what this UN war has brought to us."

>> OOC: Questions to Leo.


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RUSSIAN GOVERNMENT DESTROYED       Tue Sep 07    Global News Network

< Screaming headlines: GNN Moscow reporting. >

A massive Maverick strike against the Russian capital of Moscow has resulted in 
the utter destruction of the executive and legislative branches of the Russian 
government. Hundreds are believed to be dead, including the Premier and the 
remaining members of the Russian Duma, and thousands of government workers and 
civilians are believed to have been injured.

The strike, led by Emperor Sigma himself, featured no less than two ride armors 
-- one of which being the hated Goliath, piloted by Maverick General Vile -- 
and a tank focused entirely on the Kremlin. Their intention appeared to be 
only to kill as many government officials as possible. The Russian police and 
army were powerless to stop the blitzkrieg assault.

A heroic effort was made by the Maverick Hunters to stop the assault. A 
Maverick Hunter ride armor known as the "Widowmaker", piloted by Russian hero 
Pavel Cossack, engaged Sigma in personal combat, but was defeated after a 
brutal close-quarters battle. Magma Dragoon was also sighted trying to repel 
the Mavericks, and members of Interpol were also present in the fighting.

The Maverick forces also struck at supply depots around Moscow during the main 
assault, but these attacks were not acknowledged due to the pressing threat in 
Red Square. The Mavericks are believed to have made off with large amounts of 
undisclosed raw materials, as well as fuel.

The Russian military has declared itself in control of the nation until some 
sort of political process can be restored. Fighting and riots have broken out 
across the nation as a result of the decapitation of Russia, with Reploids 
facing hate crimes from an angry and frightened populace.

< Massive punditry. Massive. >

>> OOC: Questions to Leo.


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/107                    Posted        Author
Ray Rampage                        Tue Sep 07    Global News Network
Shortly after the announcement for the Battle and Chase games is made, in the 
days to follow there are tons of various endorsements by Jet Stingray. They 
range from Poweraid to swimming trunks, most if not all saying they endorse 
the Battle and Chase games. 
 There is even a biography of him on E!, talking about how he went from a 
lifeguard to vigilante to Repliforcer.... As well as detailing his incredible 
racing career, recent movie career, and his reputation as fastest thing 
underwater, which helped him win two Battle and Chase medals. 

 Of course, the biggest thing is the commercial he does for some new athletic 
shoe, which parodies the Rocky Training Scene... Of course, it is all 

 Ah.... The joys of the media and marketing.

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/108                    Posted        Author
Robot Master Announcement          Wed Sep 08    Global News Network
During the Robot Masters' Equal-Air time sponsored on GNN, the following 
footage is shown. This begins with Gemini Man, standing in what appears to be 
a long, dingy, dungeon-like hallway. Behind him are rows of barred cells.

"Ladies and gentlemen of the world. THIS. Is the Skull Monument brig." Gemini 
gestures to the back, as if in illustration of the fact that there are indeed 
bars behind it. "Its real world location is in the basement of our TOTALLY NOT 
SECRET fortress... behind the acid pits."

Gemini walks up to one of these barred cells. Inside the barred cell is another 
Gemini Man. This Gemini Man is in black and white prisoner stripes rather than 
his usual uniform, including a little square hat. He bangs a tin cup against 
the interior of the bars, and looks out to his uniformed counterpart 
forlornly. The original Gemini continues the speech, gesturing to his trapped 
friend. "If we capture a friend of yours, that friend of yours will be here, 
in the brig. The brig is well-equipped. Captured people are, by policy, 
brought here..." Gemini snaps his fingers a few times, and, with each snap, 
the trapped Gemini-image changes into the image of someone recently captured 
thus. Sheena, Camille, Tengu Man. "No MAT-er, WHO, they ARE." Gemini waves his 
hand, and the trapped Tengu Man totally disappears.

"IF we have a friend of yours, and you want to come GET your friend, the place 
you need to look is ALWAYS: in the brig, in the basement, behind the acid 
pits. You are welcome to try and come in person to break OUT your friend, 
though assaulting our COMPUTERS is ill-advised, as it has no effect on either 
the basement or the acid pits. You should also bear in mind that this prospect 
is extremely difficult, and, as such, if you make this attempt, you may very 
well find yourself joining our captive..." This actually is said in stereo 
even though the second twin doesn't seem to be visible.... "...in a cell, in 
our brig, in the basement, behind the acid pits."

At this point, for no real logical reason, Dust Man walks by sweeping the hall. 
There is a long pause while this occurs.

Then Gemini continues. "We hope you found this little drama informative, and, 
in the future, will not ask stupid questions, or go on ridiculous fact-finding 
missions, as if you have NO IDEA where your friend/commander/ninja 
assassin/former roommate, etcetera, is being HELD. Goodday."

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/109                    Posted        Author
In Depth: Africa                   Wed Sep 08    Global News Network

 It came obvious to the Global News Network that there were incidents occuring 
in Africa which required our attention, and as such we of course made certain 
to carefully observe everything. With the recent events, mostly pertaining to 
the Repliforce and Robot Master spat, the innocent people who have lived upon 
the continent of Africa proved to be at the heart of the war itself. So it was 
that GNN investigated as to whether or not the Repliforce actions were for the 
good of the people, or merely to reach their own unknown goals. 
 The first step required to finding this out would, of course, be to converse 
with the people who live within Africa, or at least originate from Africa. One 
of the people talked with was a Doctor Sirius Viper, an intelligent man who 
previously worked with the United Nations before being dropped. The distaste 
for the UN most probably still exists within Doctor Viper, although in the end 
that has no overt impact on this investigation. When asked what he thought of 
the actions of Repliforce in Africa, Doctor Viper merely commented that the 
actions were criminal. Aside from that, he believes that the Robot Masters 
have been good for Africa, and that while their actions in what was once 
called uberGermany proved unwell, that Africa itself is another story. 
 The interview itself continued on, while information was acquired, and that 
mostly related to Repliforce being bad for Africa, while the Robot Masters 
were extremely good for it. This, of course, required that the Global News 
Network expand outward and therein interview others. 
 Perhaps some people would be surprised to learn that, when asked, most 
Africans speak of caring for the Robot Masters, while not truly being interest 
in Repliforce. This may seem surreal to those who believe the Repliforce to be 
saviors of the world, but when you look at the facts you begin to realize 
something painstakingly obvious. Africa has flourished underneath the tender 
care of the Robot Masters. 
 However, Serwa(Sera) Mwokozi had something to say toward Repliforce during the 
interview that she was a part of. "Do not 'conquer' if you have no intent to 
 While GNN attempts to maintain total neutrality in these sort of instances, it 
would perhaps be best if Repliforce itself also looked to the African natives 
and wondered if they truly wish Repliforce to do what they are doing. If they 
truly do wish Repliforce to intercede upon their behalf, and throw out the 
Robot Masters, then why is it that when given permission to speak freely 
African natives and the like maintain their belief that the Robot Masters are 
good for them? Overall, all GNN can hope for is some manner of peace and 
understanding amongst everyone around the world.

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/109                    Posted        Author
Mass Funerals For Russian Gov't    Wed Sep 08    Global News Network

< GNN Moscow Special Report >

In an unusual ceremony, mass state funerals were held for the Russian Premier 
and the Duma. The procession, accompanied by a full Russian military escort 
augmented by a division of the Swiss Ride Armor Guard, started early on 
Wednesday and concluded well into Wednesday night.

Private ceremonies for the families of government officials are expected to 
continue through the week.

< Lengthy funeral coverage. Various speeches were given by military officials. 
One sequence which gets a lot of coverage is a video clip of volunteer 
gravediggers filling in the enormous swath of fresh-dug graves for the members 
of the Duma. One of them is Dr. Cossack, jacket off, filling in a nameless 
grave with a dead look in his eyes. >

>> OOC: Questions to Leo.


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/109                    Posted        Author
Red Alert Statement                Fri Sep 10    Global News Network
<The following video clip of Red appears on various news stations, including 
GNN and POX, as part of their coverage of story of the destruction of the 
Dinotank and Red Alert's defection. He looks recently and not completely 
repaired, a large slash over the right side of his face, and his right eye 
socket empty.>

"Accepting a gracious offer from Repliforce leader General, Red Alert has 
negotiated a contract providing for service with Repliforce, and from this 
point shall be effectively a support unit for the Repliforce army. While I 
can't discuss the specifics of our contract, I will say that it is not a short 
term arrangement."

"Our prior contract with the Coalition for Reploid Freedom provided for 
compliance with Coalition law and granted all associated rights," he 
continues, "and the Coalition allows members of its military the right to 
leave at their own discretion at any time. Red Alert chose to exercise this 
right, and thus to terminate their relationship with the Coalition in the way 
provided for by our contract with them. The Coalition was notified of our 
resignation through the proper formal channels, although the proper channels 
are a bit slower than ideal. Red Alert is not and was at no point infected 
with the Sigma Virus. The Virus was not mentioned in any way by our contract 
with the Coalition."

"As Red Alert was and is also under contract with the Robot Masters to recieve 
payment for attack on Maverick holdings, and the Coalition was aware of this 
arrangement and at no point requested it terminated, Red Alert felt it 
suitable to perform this task once the Coalition contract was terminated and 
thus no longer prevented doing so. I would like to note that at no point have 
Red Alert's actions breached our Robot Master contract or our Coalition 
contract while it was in effect. We will be negotiating with our Robot Master 
contact shortly in regards to payment for the destruction of the Osprey, the 
Dinosaur Tank, and the Maverick Officer Ashriel."

<End clip.>

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/108                    Posted        Author
BnC: Opening Ceremonies            Fri Sep 10    Global News Network

        There's a spiffy graphic showing various scenes: Flame Stag carrying 
the Coalition standard, Rock and other Hunters (including Rush and Beat) 
riding atop Tesla Lobster with the flag blowing into Megaman's face while he 
blushes, Edward Hampton being blasted out of a box (I'm serious), Protoman 
flipping off the world, and finally Iris lighting the BnC torch. Finally, we 
see GNN Central's newsroom, focusing on Chest. 

        "Tonight saw the opening ceremonies of the 2217 Battle and Chase Games, 
covered live by GNN. Chairwoman St. Stein handled the direction duties for the 
traditional Games Parade. All factions participating in the games were well 
represented by their athletes, save, perhaps, the Robot Masters, who only had 
two of their numbers showing up. Interpol provided an impressive display 
/apparently/ cooked up in the span of 3 hours." Chest rolls his eyes in 
disbelief. "Next time we need someone blasted from a box, we know who to call. 
Other sights included the traditional Blues-Flips-Off-The-World (with a smooch 
from Bullet as an added... surprise) and the lighting of the torch, handled 
beautifully by Iris of Repliforce." 

        "We here at GNN wish all the factions good luck in the games, and I, 
personally, want to remind you all that this event is to create peace and 
understanding rather than war and violence like the rest of the year." Pause. 
"But I still plan on annihilating anyone who stands between me and my gold 
medal for GNN!" Chest quips before the news goes on in detail about the events 
and such. Hmm. 


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/105                    Posted        Author
Interpol Charter                   Mon Sep 13    Global News Network
Important GNN Political News! Hurrah!

Gathering in an undisclosed location following the conclusion of the Battle And 
Chase opening ceremonies, representatives from not only the United Nations but 
from all over the world met to begin discussing the new Interpol Charter. Only 
Neo Arcadia and its associated nation, the newly-rechristened Aztlan, and 
those nations under Maverick or Robot Master occupation or leadership declined 
to send delegations. This includes the embattled nation of Panama, which 
although seemingly ridden with political unrest from all sides, and under Neo 
Arcadia's sights, has sent a delegation nonetheless, its extant government 
citing a desire to "support the effort to cleanse the United Nations that this 
Charter represents." Several days of negotiation have already occurred, and 
things are progressing rapidly toward the accord many analysts are expecting: 
Interpol's assumption of policing duties the world over, with a few exceptions 
of areas already in possession of a noted and highly capable security force. 
Of particular note, Doctor Sarah Fairchild, the new Director of Interpol, 
while leaving the majority of negotiations to her staff, has been present for 
a good deal of the conference so far, no doubt in an effort to show the 
importance of this conference to the Interpol organization. More as it 

(Political Debate follows, as do some pictures of the events in question.)

<OOC: Contact Dr. Sarah Fairchild (DOOM) with questions>

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/102                    Posted        Author
GNN Sports: Heavy Weight Combat    Mon Sep 13    Global News Network

        As of 9:00 pm EDT, this is the posting on the GNN website's sports 
section. Corrections are to be sent to screwoff@gnn.com (page or @mail to 

Heavy Combat 
Storm Owl defeats Elec Man 
Blizzard Wolf defeats Punk 
Pharaoh Man defeats Ten 
Quint defeats Hard Man 
General defeats Sigma 
Blaze Heatnix defeats Dynamo Man 
Fefnir defeats Shield Shellfish 
Conduit defeats Barrage Raptor 
Spiral Pegasus defeats Axl 
Kiryuu Touga (Dynamo) vs Hien 


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/103                    Posted        Author
GNN Sports: Light Weight Combat    Mon Sep 13    Global News Network

        As of 9:00 pm EDT, this is the posting on the GNN website's sports 
section. Corrections are to be sent to screwoff@gnn.com (page or @mail to 

Light Combat 
Simian Monk defeats Assault Kangaroo 
Overclock defeats Dr. Matthews 
Glaive defeats Shark Man 
Edward Hampton defeats Moloch 
Cut Man defeats Milan 
Needle Man defeats Durandal 
Shadow Man defeats Noble Griffon 
Zephyr Gryphon defeats Gatts 
Gray defeats Junk Man 
Liese Schreiner defeats Orion Corth 
Sasha defeats Quantum Kitsune 
Locrian defeats Knight Man 
Raymond Bennet defeats Jared Kintane 
Harmony vs Flame Hyenard 
Seki vs Metal Man 
Ground Man vs Wild Fungus 
iBluegrass vs Veil Fox 
Anthem vs Fr. James Peterson 


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/104                    Posted        Author
GNN Sports: Fencing                Mon Sep 13    Global News Network

        As of 9:00 pm EDT, this is the posting on the GNN website's sports 
section. Corrections are to be sent to screwoff@gnn.com (page or @mail to 

Bradley Eildath defeats Flash Man 
Locrian defeats Soldier Stonekong 
Arctica Mantis defeats Blizzard Man 
Shadow Man defeats Hien 
Sasha defeats Sigma 
Sage Harpuia defeats Nathan Xiang 
Cerveau defeats Sera 
Sewa defeats Javelin Whitetail 
Drake Sunfire defeats Edward Hampton 
Mai Atsuki defeats Sheena 
Mimos defeats Tetsuo Sakizaki 
Fr. James Peterson defeats Jared Kintane 
Bravura defeats Durandal
Isaac defeats Gale Sorceror 
Dr. Light vs Dr. Wily 
Knight Man vs Glaive 
Zero vs Kiryuu Touga (Dynamo) 
Agile vs Cut Man 
Milan vs Dust Man 
Junk Man vs Ground Man 
Serdan Yildiz vs Simian Monk 
Pharaoh Man vs Orion Corth 
Ritz vs Veil Fox 


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/105                    Posted        Author
GNN Sports: Battlebots             Mon Sep 13    Global News Network

        As of 9:00 pm EDT, this is the posting on the GNN website's sports 
section. Corrections are to be sent to screwoff@gnn.com (page or @mail to 

Gale Sorcerer defeats Prismatic Spider 
Dr. Matthews defeats Chest 
Orion Corth defeats Data Raccoon 
Sewa defeats Revenant Cobra 
Shadow Man defeats Job 
Krieger Wolf defeats Jacob Grauswein 
Overclock defeats Higure Higsby 
Dr. Doppler defeats Dr. Light 
Gate defeats Dr. Sarah Fairchild 
Cut Man defeats Raymond Bennet 
Dr. Deo Darrius vs Dr. Sirius Viper 
Crescent Grizzly defeats Hard Man 
Dr. Cossack vs Number Man 
Milan vs Dr. Wily 
Junk Man vs Veil Fox 


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/106                    Posted        Author
GNN Sports: Virtual Combat         Mon Sep 13    Global News Network

        As of 9:00 pm EDT, this is the posting on the GNN website's sports 
section. Corrections are to be sent to screwoff@gnn.com (page or @mail to 

Virtual Combat 
Sage Harpuia defeats Dr. Sirius Viper 
Sonata defeats Gemini Man 
Revenant Cobra defeats Dr. Deo Darrius 
Fey defeats Data Raccoon 
Prismatic Spider defeats Alloy 
Cyber Peacock defeats Gabriel 
Techno defeats Iris 
Midi defeats Ebony Fox 
Dr. Wily defeats Dr. Light 
Number Man vs Higure Higsby 
Milan vs Magnet Man 
Norman Cassidy vs Drake Sunfire 
Dr. Nathan Xiang defeats Dr. Doppler 


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/104                    Posted        Author
HeraCorp Announcements!            Wed Sep 15    Global News Network

        Another press conference from your friends and mine, HeraCorp! This 
message has been circulating around since the opening ceremonies, but due to 
Battle and Chase, just really became 'out there' information recently.

        Sewa in her usual suit attire stands behind Mister Podium.

        And then she looks up and speaks.

        "I first off would like to apologize for the delays in our latest 
report. A lot has been happening as of late, and we have taken the beginning 
of Battle and Chase as a breather to allow us to reanalyze our procedure due 
to the recent catastrophes around the globe. They could have been a lot worse, 
but thankfully they were not, and we have Interpol, Repliforce, the Hunters, 
and of course Rock to thank for the current situation being as -good- as it is 
now. I should remind everyone that as bad as things have seemed, they could 
have been a lot worse, and it was only through the hard work of these groups 
that many of us are still around."

        "Keeping this in mind, one major policy change is that all HeraCorp 
facilities will be upgraded with EMP Shielding and Dampeners. We will strive 
to keep these upgrades up to date as time progresses, but if a massive EMP is 
used on the Earth in such a manner again, hopefully our facilities will be 
able to act as shelters.", she pauses, and then grins, "You may have noticed I 
said 'facilities' instead of 'facility'."

        "HeraCorp will also be expanding into Canada. HeraCorp has decided it's 
best to be widespread rather than focused in one specific country. While this 
doesn't mean more jobs for Americans, it will mean more jobs for Canadians, 
and don't worry, our facility in the US will remain our main base of 
operations. We have not yet designated a supervisor for our Canada Locale, but 
unlike our US facility, it will be focused entirely on reploid repair and 

        "Finally, the last major announcement are two developments underway to 
help better the world and our nations, respectively. HeraCorp is funding the 
formation of an International Rescue Team inspired by the recent events in 
Russia. The purpose of this team, the tenative name of which is 'Team Virtue', 
will be to save civilians stuck in combat situations, held hostage, ect. Their 
purpose is -not- to assist in the war effort, but rather to mitigate the 
damage it does. We will leave the war to the professionals, okay?"

        "Secondly, we are working on a method to bring quick medical care to 
citizens of Canada and the US, it will not be a free service due to the 
expenses neccessary to run an operation, but we are still working on the 
details. Once we are done, we will submit our procedure to the US and Canadian 
government officials. If Texas likes, we can expand this second concept over 
to them due to their close proximity, but as a foreign nation, we have no 
plans of providing this service there unless their goodwill allows it."

        "Finally, some minor announcements. As you may have seen in Battlebots, 
we have plans on a new drone type. Exploding Penguins. Cheap and easy to 
build, we can sell individually or in bulk. More details are available for 
prospective customers."

        "Finally We wish you all a happy Battle and Chase, and wish you luck in 
the following rounds." 

        <end message>

        OOC: Information on Team Virtue and repostings of the HeraCorp stuff 
coming soon. Questions to Sewa.

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/103                    Posted        Author
More Commercials?                  Sat Sep 18    Global News Network

        <This...is a GNN commercial. Hah, fooled you!>

        A simple voice-over at the beginning, by a gentle Irish lilt. "D'ye 
ever feel confused about th'brands of products out nowadays?" Images pass 
by--in order to avoid copyright infringement, they're named things like Axle 
Rose's Fruit Punch, 1/0 Dew, Rhythm and Bluesberry, and Bass Line Razzberry, 
among others. 

        "No matter where your tastes lie--there's always one flavour t'depend 
on." Shots of green hills of Ireland--and then everyone's favourite 
faction-hopping Deer herself, holding up a little clear bottle. Another 
narrator, male, takes the voiceover spot as Javelin drinks STRAIGHT FROM THE 

        "Presenting a new line of drinks from Javelin Whitetail. Now available 
in: whiskey, whiskey again, more whiskey, and whiskey-flavoured whiskey. And 
try the new clear-coloured whiskey! Mix them with your favourite drinks for 
that special taste of Ireland." Javelin lowers the bottle and gives a 
thumbs-up, eyes twinkling. 

        Then the screen drops into the typical health warning for a few 
seconds, including ones that mention spontaneous combustion and caustic 
side-effects upon reploid internals.

        <That...was a GNN commercial. Hah, fooled you again!>


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/102                    Posted        Author
Breaking News: A Sad Day in Japan  Sun Sep 19    Global News Network
At 10:36 a.m. this morning, Hikonaru Satoshiro, Emperor of Japan for the last 
thirty-six years, passed away from a heart attack. Sources close to the 
Emperor have noted his failing health in the past few weeks and say that this 
tragedy is not unexpected. A funeral service for the Emperor will be held 
tomorrow in Neo Tokyo but open to all peoples of the world. Emperor Hikonaru's 
successor will be declared at the end of the ceremony according to his last 
will and testament as has been the tradition for the last 150 years.

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/103                    Posted        Author
Former Empire To Sign RF Treaty    Sun Sep 19    Global News Network

< A topic of interest on Sunday morning news programs. >

Great Britain, as well as its former territories of Australia and Canada, will 
sign a military accord with the Repliforce on Monday for the purposes of 
national defense. The signing of the accord has been expected by international 
observers for some time, as the former Empire has always had strong ties with 
the Repliforce.

"We look forward to ushering in a new era of cooperation and mutual assistance 
with this treaty," embattled Prime Minister Nigel Wallingford Jr. of Great 
Britain said. "Repliforce has taken it upon itself to be the great arsenal of 
democracy, and as the grandparent of world democracy, Great Britain must 
support it."

The coalition of Great Britain, Australia and Canada is also expected to issue 
a statement of strong support for the UN on Monday to allay fears of these 
relatively strong nations breaking away to form their own political alliance.

"Our agreement with Repliforce does not cancel our sworn dedication to the 
United Nations," Prime Minister Michael Thompson of Canada said in his weekly 
Internet address. "Canada, with its partners Great Britain and Australia, 
believes in the mission of the United Nations, and will not abandon it in its 
time of need."

< Punditry. >

>> OOC: Questions to Leo.


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/104                    Posted        Author
World Economy "Troubled"           Sun Sep 19    Global News Network

< Another topic of interest on Sunday morning news programs. >

Economists worldwide have issued stern warnings to governments around the world 
of "dire consequences" unless stability can be returned to the monetary and 
trade systems of the planet.

"The instability caused by the past six months will continue to have economic 
reprecussions for years to come," said Edward Durand, spokesman for the World 
Economic Forum. "A commitment to economic conservatism and political order 
needs to be made by the leadership of the great nations of the world. 
Otherwise, we and our children, and our children's children, face dire 

The World Economic Forum, itself recovering from a major military strike 
against its members by Mavericks, has typically provided counsel to the 
nations of the world out of the public eye. However, the seriousness of the 
situation forced them to make a public announcement, said Durand.

Fortunately, the renewed militarization of the United States has provided some 
economic boosts to companies worldwide. Blue chip stocks such as American 
Defense Systems (NYSE:ADS) and the Umbrella Corporation (NYSE:UMB) have 
brought up the New York Stock Exchange, which has had a positive ripple effect 
on regional economies. However, other stocks reflect the uncertainty of the 
people of North America about a potential land war between Aztlan and the 
United States, continuing to hover near historic lows.

< Punditry. >

>> OOC: Questions to Leo.


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/105                    Posted        Author
Russia In Full Civil War           Sun Sep 19    Global News Network

< In other news: >

After a brief respite in full-scale fighting at the beginning of the Battle and 
Chase games, street fighting between factions has resumed in the major cities 
of Russia. International observers claim that all semblance of law and order 
has broken down in the urban areas across Russia, with the military being 
hard-pressed to enforce curfews or distribute humanitarian supplies to 

The Socialist Liberation Army (SLA) is reported to have successfully claimed 
territory in St. Petersburg and Rostov, and is alleged to be engaging in 
privateering of cargo ships in the Caspian and Baltic Seas to resupply itself. 
Other criminal gangs have taken advantage of the SLA's sea piracy by imitating 
them on other waterways, usually managing to steal shipments without firing a 
shot based on reputation alone.

Anti-Reploid activities, spurred on by the Maverick strike against the Kremlin, 
have also increased in Russia. The UN has issued an advisory for any Reploid 
in Asia to avoid Russia's urbanized areas, particularly those in the east, 
where Skinner-like activities on the parts of militants are said to be their 

International observers say there is no end in sight to the fighting. "There is 
no central figure for the majority of the Russian people to rally behind," 
Marek Kadlec, a UNICEF aid worker in Moscow said. "They have all broken into 
factions ... Russia will break apart like this if something isn't done."

The United Nations issued a statement condemning the violence in Russia, but 
has no immediate plans to intervene in the beleagured nation.


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/106                    Posted        Author
Dateline Japan: Surprise Announcem Mon Sep 20    Global News Network
This morning public funeral services were held for former Japanese Emperor 
Hikonaru Satoshiro, including a nationwide minute of silence. However, more of 
international interest is the late Emperor's unexpected decree of 
successorship, reprinted in many newspapers and online media, translated into 
whatever language as appropriate. The English version is shown here:

"As I reflect on the status of my homeland, and think towards its future, I am 
somehow saddened by the reality of events. Our economy is strong, and our 
people are strong, but our empire lies weak and forgotten. These Robot Wars 
have turned Japan to nothing but a backdrop or a footnote, while real world 
power is held by the four military factions, divorced from land or ancestry. I 
will not have my ancestors look over a world world where their descendants 
have forgetten what it means to truly take pride in their homeland.

Thus, after careful consideration, do I bequeth the title of Emperor of Japan 
to Dr. Albert W. Wily, if and only if he accepts this condition: To make Japan 
the capital state of his empire. If Dr. Wily does not accept this condition, 
then I bequeth the title to my son Kikero, to take effect on his 18th birthday 
and be administered by his tutor Natsutashi Jikare until then."

                        -Emperor Hikonaru Satoshiro, April 22, 2217

Prince Kikero has stated his outrage at this decision and told reporters that 
he plans to take legal action to challenge Dr. Wily's right to the throne, but 
political analysts say that there is no legal precedent to challenge a decree 
of successorship, as the title has been previously bequeathed to a noncitizen 
successfully. No official reply to this decree has yet been made by Dr. Wily.

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/107                    Posted        Author
Dogstar Industries Stocks Plummet  Mon Sep 20    Global News Network
        In the midst of an otherwise normal business report, the stock analyst, 
Account Ant, reports the following:

         "Holders of Dogstar Industries' stock panicked today due to a report 
that middle aged Owner/Founder/Director, Dr. Sirius Viper, had a minor stroke 
on Sunday. Although he is expected to recover, with the situation in Africa, 
and their Director in the hospital, on top of the fact that one of the 
company's main production facilities is located in an area of Africa that is 
currently contested, many stockholders are concerned. All of these factors 
have contributed to the Dogstar stocks plummeting to near worthlessness... 
beyond the paper they were printed on... assuming you had hard copies that 
is...." *Chuckles* "Hard copies, I crack myself up...." 

         Following this report was nothing else out of the ordinary, in the 
business world anyway.

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/108                    Posted        Author
New Product Line                   Tue Sep 21    Global News Network
The Red Alert symbol floats into view.. then begins to fade into the view of a 
small child. He looks so lonely. He kicks at his toys. "I wish I had a 
friend.." Then.. Hyenard appears. "KID!YOUCANBEMYFRIEND."

Ensue videos of carnival going.. video games playing.. and street hockey! Then 
the child looks sad. "I have to go home now." Flame gives a thumbs up. 
A hyenard reploid pup pops into view, dopily chewing at his leg. It then looks 
up and yaps and lets out a really loud 'BUWNTODAGWOUND.'

The child proceeds to yay and lead a warm and successful life. Flame Hyenard 
gives a thumbs up and the words pop up.

"Do you want your own Flame Hyenard?! Buy one now from your local friendly Red 
Alert Corp! BUY FIFTY! They will make your children HAPPY!" 

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/108                    Posted        Author
The Emperor's New Groove           Wed Sep 22    Global News Network

Doctor Albert Wily appears on screen, dressed in a formal suit. A somber 
expression is on his face as he looks into the camera and begins to speak. 
"People of the world, and most importantly, citizens of Japan. I was greatly 
saddened to hear of the passing of Emperor Hikonaru Satoshiro. He was truly a 
great man and I'm sure I speak for the entire world when I say that we all 
mourn his loss. I was also, as I'm sure some of you were, suprised to hear of 
his final request." Wily shakes his head sadly.

"After great deliberation, I have decided that it is time to give my response 
to this great man's final wish." His expression strengthens with resolve. "I, 
Doctor ALbert Wily will accept the title of Emperor of Japan. I will make 
Japan the capital state of my empire. And I vow that I will do everything in 
my power to restore the strength, power, and honor of the Japanese Empire. For 
the memory of Emperor Satoshiro, and for the good of the citizens of Japan."


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/109                    Posted        Author
African Memorial                   Wed Sep 22    Global News Network

 Voice over:"Today, a memroial was held in Casablanca for those that died in 
recent fighting there.

The camera fades in to a blasted and ruined street. Constructoin and recovery 
efforts appear to have been halted. An area has been cleared and a stage set 
up with a podium in the center. A crowd of somber looking citizens form a 
huddled ball in front of the stage. A man takes the podium and clears his 
throat gently. "People of Casablanca. Today, we gather here to remember the 
valiant defenders of our city. To remember those who fell protecting us from 
the senseless violence and cruel oppression of the Repliforce and Maverick 
Hunters!" The crowd hisses at the mention of those two names. "Today, we pray 
for those who were lost, and we also send a message to the Repliforce. Leave 
our country! There was no death, no violence, no destruciton before you came 
here. Take your war of hate and leave. We have no use for you those as 
heartless and evil as you!"

Voiceover: Strong words today in Africa. Now, weather.


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/108                    Posted        Author
C's Editorial: Japan & Dr. Wily    Sat Sep 25    Global News Network

        And on the evening news, there is a segment which has been long since 
absent: Chest's Editorials. As always, Chest is sitting behind a big, clean, 
totally unlike his real desk. Behind him are cases full of thick books. This 
is because it makes people think he actually reads them, and thus is smarter. 
Amazingly, these sorts of things pretty much always work. Chest is smoking a 
cigar, as usual. Similarly, he doesn't look terribly pleased. 

        "And so," he starts off, briefly taking the cigar from his mouth. "We 
were all surprised by the choice of Emperor Hikonaru Satoshiro, who was laid 
to rest just five short days ago. The choice, naturally, is selecting Dr. 
Albert W Wily as the next ruler of Japan." Chest throws his hands up into the 
air, "Was the decree of succession real? Was this all a Robot Master plot? Did 
the Emperor - may he rest in peace - simply fool his friends, his son, and the 
rest of the world?" 

        "As always, GNN went right to the source to bring you, the viewer, all 
the facts! We spoke with Prince Kikero." Cut to the Prince for a series of 
sound bites. "Father and I had our differences, but I never saw this coming." 
"I don't completely DIS-believe it, but I have my suspicions." Chest: "When 
asked if he's willing to accept Wily as the legitimate ruler, he said he would 
fight this for as long as he could. Kikero certainly believes the Doctor would 
be bad for Japan and result in the loss of its soul and heritage. The polls 
seem to agree - they have the average Japanese citizen scared and worried 
about what the Doctor's rule might bring. However there are some who look 
forward to Wily in control, based on his rule in Africa." 

        "Of course, Prince Kikero's animosity towards Wily might simply be that 
of a jealous loser. His father picked another man to lead their country 
instead of trusting him. The Prince did remind us that the Emperor and Dr. 
Thomas Edward Light of the Hunters were excellent friends. Would Satoshiro 
betray him by selecting his nemesis?" Chest leaves the question unanswered. 

        Chest begins holding up a finger for each point he gives. "Lets look at 
the evidence: 1) The Emperor's personal will, as opposed to the decree of 
succession, did not even mention Dr. Wily. 2) The Emperor was a great friend 
of Thomas Light. 3) The Emperor and his son had no unusual arguments and had a 
typical relationship between a parent and their teenager. 4) The Emperor has 
never given any sign - at least, that GNN could find - that Kikero would not 
be named, as was expected. 5) By tradition, the Emperor's decree of succession 
is kept secret, and thus nobody can confirm that he did write it." Chest puts 
down his fingers. 

        "None of these points are conclusive: Maybe the Emperor changed his 
mind at the last minute. Maybe he just didn't have anything to say about the 
Doc in his personal will. Maybe he thought his son was a brat. Who knows!" 
Again Chest throws his hands up into the air. "But I suggest we find out for 
certain. As the new Emperor, Albert Wily, I would suggest allowing a 
completely independent investigation into the matter. If it's legit, then the 
world can rest easy. If it's not, then we need to know that too." Chest smirks 
and addresses Wily personally. "Otherwise, there's always going to be 
lingering thoughts of doubt, Doc. Might as well put out the smoke before it 
turns into a fire. It'd be the right thing to do as the new Emperor, and would 
demonstrate that you're on the up and up with this." 


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/106                    Posted        Author
CD (OMG SPAM)                      Sun Sep 26    Global News Network

        As per the usual, Javelin Whitetail has produced another set of music 
based on her own experiences and the accounts of others; this time entitled 
"World War IV". The case itself is a stark black, the only decoration being 
the title and her own name imprinted in plain gold lettering on the side. 
Featuring well into seventeen hours of music, the following compositions are 
some of the ones included: 

        The Fairy and the Doctor
Double-orchestrated piece in bizarre, disjointed harmonies that gradually form 
a single solid melody line--but one half-step off from each other. Purportedly 
based on an overheard radio conversation between Dr. Sigmund Doppler and Fairy 
Levithian, a Neo-Arcadian member.

What starts off as a typical rock song quickly degenerates into nothing more 
than utter chaos; the sound of a nightmare. Thought to refer to the attacks at 
the UN Plaza in Seoul, and the composer's specific experiences. 

The name of this piece is a clear reference to the recently-deceased Director 
of Interpol. Javelin's relationship with him is unknown, except that he was a 
consumer of her music and of the classical genre in general. This piece stays 
true to the classical requiem form in every aspect.

A complex song using standard harmonies found in rock songs, perhaps the only 
outstanding feature of this piece--and the must publicly contested--is that it 
is impossible to be played by human hands.

        Musique d'hyčne
Based on the contemporary classical techniques of the early 22nd century, this 
piece uses saxophone, piccolo, and acoustic guitar in a disharmonious trio 
true to its name. 

        Red Alert
This piece uses fractured tones, break ranges, reed squeaks, and other 20th 
century contemporary classical techniques to disguise the instruments being 
played. Only at the end do the sounds resolve into the natural instrumentation 
of a nine-member orchestra.

        Returning Flame
An eerie, slow dirge using piano, neutral-syllable vocals, string orchestra, 
and assorted SFX. Who knows what this piece actually refers to? Nobody, that's 
who, because there's no notes on this piece, no visuals, nothing--just the 
title. Not even length--every other field is left blank.

        Black and Bluecoat
An extremely short piece, actually less than two minutes long; piano and string 
underscore. Once again, a piece with little reference behind it, unless you 
count the rumours of those two spotted watching the stars together in Eurasia.

        World War IV
This piece takes up the majority of recording time on the disk; approximately 
eight hours worth. There are visuals accessible on it by playing the piece in 
a holo-player, or inserting it directly into a graphics-compatable reploid 
diskette drive. Taking the musical styles from each country or former country, 
it is an audio-visual tour of Europe before, during, and after the chaos of 
the Fourth World War. Some are even personal clips of the composer's own 
experiences. Included are scenes from Whitetail's initial conscription at 
gunpoint; Sigma's return in Germany; and the attack at the UN plaza and Seoul. 
Donated fragments are there as well, from the Rockies; even from smaller towns 
and areas of the world that experienced riot during Houseman's announcement. 
The ending of the piece is trailing, with images of Africa and Japan 
flickering into static, signifying the incomplete aftermath of the war.

        This tribute to recent times is provocative and moving; but all critics 
agree that it is not Javelin Whitetail's 'final project' that rumours have 
been milling about. Also, a small portion of each holodisk sold is being 
donated; to handpicked charities--those by the UN, unaffiliated organizations, 
and even Maverick-run ones.


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/106                    Posted        Author
Medical Breakthrough Reported!     Mon Sep 27    Global News Network
In a surprise announcement, Revenant Cobra of the Maverick Hunters has reported 
a medical breakthrough in the field of Reploid design. She has claimed to have 
altered the physical structure of a living Reploid to render the subject 
nearly impossible to kill by force, and to have done without the limit of a 
physical neural net, with the assistance of Commander Prismatic Spider 
(Repliforce). In her words, it "renders force less and less relevant to the 
world as we know it - what is the point of a war if the combatants cannot be 

Further information, a demonstration and a question and answer period will 
occur tomorrow, Tuesday the 28th, on Eurasia. It is a public presentation; 
many doctors of Reploid health are expected to attend.

(OOC: Tomorrow evening, hopefully around 7-8 Eastern time.)

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/106                    Posted        Author
Interpol to Investigate Decree     Thu Sep 30    Global News Network

        Chest faces the camera and reads the much advertised main story of the 
evening. "Our top story: GNN has discovered, straight from the source, that 
Japanese Emperor Albert Wily shall be allowing an independent investigation 
into former his predecessor's decree of succession. In a candid, short 
interview with the Doctor, he revealed that Interpol will be allowed to 
conduct the investigation. GNN shall be on the spot to cover the story as it 
unfolds, as Dr. Wily has promised us access in order to fully document it. 

        Chest pauses to light up a cigar. What, did you think Chest would just 
read the news without giving his own opinion on the matter? "I believe this is 
a good move by the Doctor. It'll clear the air once and for all; if Interpol 
can't find any dirt, then there's either no dirt to be found... or the Robot 
Masters are even better at hiding things than I think they are. Dr. Wily has 
not spoken with Interpol Director Fairchild concerning this as of yet, but I 
hardly think she'll decline the chance to snoop around." Chest winks at the 
camera. Yeah that's right; GNN knows about what Interpol'll soon be up to 
before Interpol does. 

        "Dr. Wily also spoke of why Emperor Satishiro might have chosen him to 
lead his country, mentioning that the welfare of his country would be more 
important than his friendship with Dr. Light, and the... ah, positive rule in 
Africa gives the Doctor the required experience." Don't think Chest won't be 
checking out /that/ little question mark. 

        "Apart from the controversial decree of succession, Emperor Wily spoke 
of his losing battle in Africa, admitting that he will likely be forced to 
leave the continent in order to spare the Africans a prolonged war. He stated 
that he expects Repliforce to meet resistance from the African population to 
their occupation of the country. We'll have to wait and see." Chest has a 
differing opinion, but he doesn't bother saying so. "GNN will be keeping with 
this story as it unfolds." 


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