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ARA Assissted                      Sat Oct 02    Global News Network
"Some unusual news out of the newly united nations of Africa today, where the 
new African governments, united under the fledgling ARA, or African Regional 
Administration, recieved a substantial grant from Japan-based business Mikage 
International. The purpose of the grant is, quote, 'to aid this new union in 
establishing proper facilities for government, as well as an improved 
communications network to reach the people of Africa.'"

"Serwa Mwokozi, the African-born CEO of Mikage, had this to say about the 

(Cut to image of Sera, at a small press conference in Cairo:) "I applaud the 
efforts of the African people toward self-government. In respect for my 
heritage here, and in order to further efforts toward African peace, my 
company is happy to make this charitable contribution, to better the lives of 
the peoples of all nations. No longer should Africa be called the 'third 
world,' a category of lesser nations that have no world power. Her people 
deserve better. With a new government, and new facilities, perhaps they will 
grow and prosper as they richly deserve."

(Back to news:) "Sources say the exact amount of this initial donation is 
upward of fifty-million zenny, though that may be only a drop in the bucket 
where rebuilding African infrastruction is concerned."

(OOC: Ask Sera your questions!)

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RETURN TO THE MILITIA!             Tue Oct 05    Global News Network

        Announcement from Wily Africa (or what's left of it!)

        A manly voice over intones, as if this were a movie, "Long long ago, He 
defended Africa from the Invading White 'Ploid. Though he was of German 
descent, he found a culture and though it was not his own, he praised it, and 
sought to not only protect it, but to teach our Great Citizenry how to protect 
themselves with Gemini Man and Flame Man." An image throughout this voice over 
plays of Robot Masters working with Militiamen in training, which doesn't look 
brutal in any way shape or form. It's quite nice, really.

        "With the aid of the Robot Masters, he taught us how to fight in 
adverse conditions, in deserts, in jungles, with gravity-boosted spears, and 
vibro-enhanced blades. We learned to blend with the shadow, and hide under the 
sand so that we could take our enemies unaware. We became pioneers in enhanced 
cybernetics, and soon our little force of volunteers became a Militia." 
Another series of images. Proud warriors fighting with spears and swords, as 
well as some more conventional weaponry, like high-grade plasma cannons! 
Uniform and tight-knit, the African Warriors stand strong.

        "But then He left, on a secret mission to the depths of a recently 
constructed Empire. Though hastily constructed, and declaring themselves as 
our enemy, He sought only to learn from these people, and understand their 
motives." A Shadow of a well-built man is shown before the light surrounding 
it blinks out entirely.

        "And then he departed that nation, and Daryn Luna has returned to fight 
once more by the side of the African Militia! And you can too! In these 
desperate times, we must become stronger, and more resiliant to the Savage 
Hunters, and the UN Pawns! Join the African Militia! Save the Peace and Honor 
Wily granted us! The Robot Masters have given us a taste of freedom, now it is 
time to show him he deserve it!" Several units of African Militia in 
parade-esque formation stand tall with flagbearers, weapons, some in tribal 
gear, others in more official wear. They all look quite proud. 

        Daryn appears once more, facing the camera cleanly, "Neo Arcadia wasn't 
really that bad of a place, but the leadership doesn't follow the heart of the 
Nation! It doesn't follow the soul! I could not continue working with such 
people. Just like the Coalition, they destroy their souls to protect their 
dreams, but they do not realize thta there are choices out there that can let 
you follow your dream without turning to genocide! To removing all qualities 
in yourselves that you wish to protect in others. That's just not the way!"

        "I've made a few friends in my stay, I think they are really what Neo 
Arcadia needs. Really, Neo Arcadia doesn't want to be a pack of genocidal 
losers, they just want to be good men and women who don't want to see people 
die. They're going about it the wrong way, though. I still think Wily is 
perhaps the only chance for peace, everybody else just keeps falling into the 
same old traps, and my visit to Neo Arcadia just confirms it. Not to harp on 
those guys or anything, it was a mission purely out of love and peace." 

        "I'm looking for heroes, people who will stand by this nation, who 
won't be taken back by corrupt forces. You think Repliforce is all goody now 
that they no longer work for the UN? Yeah right! The UN was bad enough, but 
with Repliforce no longer having any chains, how long till they all go 
Maverick? They are trying to take a nation that doesn't want them, that sounds 
pretty much like the old UN agenda to me. Looks like things haven't changed. 
But I'm looking for Heroes to stand by Africa, to make a great stand against 
the Oppressors. I want people who will respect Africa while protecting them, 
to fight alongside them. And you can be one of those heroes."

        The voiceover again, "This announcement was paid for the Rockers For 
Wily Institute."

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Chest's Editorial: Africa          Wed Oct 06    Global News Network

        Chest appears on the screen for another of his segments. On his 
unrealistically clean desk is a small stack of papers that are just for show, 
a cigar and ashtray, and a glass of a purplish liquid. Although there's no way 
to know, it is a glass of Roll Grape. 

        "Now I'm sure you've been hearing all sorts of stories about what's 
going in Africa - I know I've heard a few whoppers from the Robot Master 
propaganda machine." Chest pauses to take a sip of his drink. "Wily would have 
us all believe Repliforce taking over was the worst thing that ever happened 
to the Africans. Repliforce says otherwise." 

        "As usual, it is up to GNN to navigate through the waters of propaganda 
and bring YOU, the viewer, the truth!" Chest lights up his cigar at this 
point. "We went to Africa, we interviewed the people, we got the information. 
First, the pro-Wily news: Life expectancy of the average citizen jumped by 
25%; health care became more accessible; there was free food and water for any 
who needed it; and overall quality of life went up by leaps and bounds. Think 
communism here, folks." 

        "But of course, there was a downside: Rights and freedoms were 
curtailed; people speaking their mind against the Doctor 'vanished', never to 
be seen again. These were hundreds of brothers, sisters, fathers, mothers, 
sons and daughters, killed for a right that the rest of the world takes for 
granted." Chest is silent for a few moments, letting that sink in. "And then 
there's the fact that some African people simply did not like the fact that 
their ruler was bent on enslaving the rest of the world." Chest shakes his 
head. "I can't speak for everyone, but I wouldn't give a damn if San Angeles 
Mayor Edgar Friendly treated me like a saint if he then turned around and 
killed and harmed thousands in other parts of the world." 

        "But now the 'safety' of Wily is gone for the Africans. Many are upset 
that the man who took care of them isn't there anymore. But others are glad 
they're no longer under the rule of an evil, evil man." Another puff on his 
cigar. Chest then stares directly into the camera, leaning forward as if 
telling the viewer a secret. "To the African people: I know a lot of you are 
scared that your protector is gone. I know you're uncertain about what 
Repliforce can and will do for you. But I know you're also excited about the 
possibilities. You're now free to do what you want and say what you want. Soon 
you'll have elections, choice, and real freedom. No longer will an evil 
dictator rule you - even if he did help out every so often. These are your 
first steps into a larger world, my African friends. Make the most of it." 

        Chest leans back into his chair, and then says just before the end, 
"And to Repliforce: Don't <bleep!> this up by proving me wrong." 


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Propaganda                         Wed Oct 06    Global News Network

        After Chest's editorial, during the Robot Master's allowed 'equal 
time', a commercial plays. It starts out black, some peaceful guitar music 
playing. The scene slowly fades in. It's a peaceful park, somewhere in Africa. 
The sun is shining. A few butterflies pass by the camera. The grass is green, 
and it looks like someone has spread out a picnic. The whole scene has that 
glowing, super-nice look to it.
        Suddenly, Dr. Wily runs into view. He's in jeans and a t-shirt, and not 
looking at the camera. He's looking behind him. Something flies out to his 
hands.. it's a football! The camera pans over, and several Robot Masters come 
into view! They are all in civilian clothes, out of their armor. There's Quick 
Man, in jeans and a T-shirt, the one who just threw the football. He's 
grinning and looks happy. Crash Man and Metal Man can be seen as well in the 
background, throwing a frisbee. Sitting on the grass under a tree is Magnet 
Man, playing some kind of portable game system. Even Bass is there, leaning 
back against a tree, a can of beer in his hand. Out of his armor, he looks 
like just a normal human! They all do. The scene is one of astounding 
normalcy, a true family out on a picnic. If one didn't know, one would think 
they were all just humans.
        The scene fades to black. Fading in are file photos. First, a shot of 
Barrage Raptor, bristling with weapons. Then, a shot of Crescent Grizzly, 
holding out his drill-claw hand menacingly. Third, a picture of Burn Dinorex 
flashes up, showing him roaring menacingly towards the camera.
        These pictures too fade to black. White words slowly come into view. 
They read, "Who are the real monsters?" At the same time, a little girl's 
voice speaks the words aloud. The screen then fades to black again, and the 
programming resumes.


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OOC: GNN + Propaganda              Wed Oct 06    Global News Network

        OOC: Just for the future, GNN does not show any commercials from any of 
the team evils. Good guys, sure. Hunters, Repliforce + their sidekick 
factions, etc. The exception being the one hour a week that the Mavericks and 
Robot Masters get. You twits can do whatever you like during that! :-D If 
you're unsure, feel free to page or @mail Chest. 


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Entertainment News Gossip: Hot New Fri Oct 08    Global News Network

<<Cue handsome anchordroid and perky female android co-host on camera, along 
with snazzy theme music and glittering set.>>

Man: "Good evening ladies and gentleman, I'm your host Chet Smarmington!"

Woman: "And I'm Mary Heartless! And welcome to Entertainment Global News! Our 
top story tonight: Word on the street in Japan has placed the Robot Master 
Fire Man and the former pop culture icon Bullet as being the hot new couple in 
Neo Tokyo! Reporters spotted the two of them on a date at Tetsuo's Bar and 

<< Insert Images of wide-eyed, shocked looking Bullet with a bowl of soup in 
one hand, sitting at a table across from Fire Man, who has one eyebrow raised, 
staring at the camera.>>

Chet: "Could this be Bullet's chance to grab the limelight in Japan once more, 
or is Fire Man flaunting his new position as as an Imperial Prince to get 
himself a sizzling new lovelife? Both Bullet and Fire Man refused to answer 
questions, however, and our camera crews were forced to flee for their safety."

<<Insert images of Enraged Bullet shoving camera up reporter's nose.>>

Mary: *vacuous laughter and 100000 megawatt smile* "Well Chet, I think it's 
obvious that Bullet is trying very hard to keep this torrid afair secret. 
After all, imagine the career-damage it could cause if something like this got 

Chet: "And that's why the viewers at home can be assured that Entertainment 
Global News will have live and up-to-date coverage on the fiery pair as we pry 
into every aspect of their lives!"

Mary: "Next up on EGN, we'll be reviewing Aqua Man's line of fashionable 
accessories for men! It's truly FAAABULOUS!"

Cut to commercial of Perky Pets caffinated kibble....

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B&C Closing Ceremonies             Fri Oct 08    Global News Network
        <A shot of the B&C torch, blazing away. All the lights around it are 
out, leaving it as the sole shining light source. A platform rises up, with a 
shadowed figure on it, who lights a hand-held torch on the flame. As the 
platform moves away, the great cauldron of flame decends... and decends... and 
finally disappears into the waves of Vancouver Bay, the torch extinguished by 
the waters. Now, the only light remaining is the hand-held flame, that lowers 
to the ground. Holding it high, the torchbearer runs into the night's 
darkness, leaving the stadium and disappearing.> 
 "Thank you all, for your hard work in this year's Battle and Chase games. For 
the Committe, this is Chairwoman Nicole St. Stein. Your work has once again 
shown that peace can reign in our world, at least for a time. I implore all to 
try and uphold that, even after the truce ends in an hour. But even if you do 
not - thank you for at least giving it this small chance, and letting the 
world sleep peacefully for a time."

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Flaming Guy Hyenard in Seoul       Sat Oct 09    Global News Network

        "...Turbo was later quoted as saying that he thought the cop was a 

        Chest turns to face another camera. Geez, this day is never going to 
end. We're into the fluff parts of the news now. "On the lighter side of 
things, the United Nations Plaza once again became the centre of attention. 
But this time it was due to a... cough... mini-Flame Hyenard that assaulted a 
group of reporters in the area, including yours truly..." There's footage of 
one of these little bastards chasing after people. Shadaro and Bluecoat are 
trying to fend it off with limited success. Chest and Edward Hampton are 
watching and eating hotdogs, clearly amused. 

        "The toy was trying to return to its owner - one Javelin Whitetail, 
currently undergoing Virus detection here in Seoul. Finally the mini-hyenard 
was captured and returned to the entertainer. Ten out of ten witnesses 
interviewed were quoted as saying that 'this was the stupidest thing that they 
had ever seen'." Chest quickly adds. "I was the tenth." 


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Masters raid Convoy!               Sun Oct 10    Global News Network

        "...animal abuse officials apologized for the error and said that Rush 
would be just fine." 

        Chest turns to face another camera. He's wearing a light scowl. "In 
other news, with Battle & Chase over, the war has once again begun. Robot 
Masters, operating on the Ivory Coast in Africa, seem to have learned of a 
Repliforce supply convoy and attacked it. GNN has learned that a Repliforce 
task force was sent to bolster the defences. Repliforce officials have been 
tight-lipped about the results of the battle, but our sources indicate that 
the convoy suffered at least some moderate damage before the Robot Masters 
were forced to retreat, heavily damaged. Eye-witnesses also stated that one 
Bon Bonne was seen in the area as well along with several of the Bonne family 
Servbots. What they were doing is unclear at this time. GNN will stay with the 
story until you change the chan-" 



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Hot Ads from Habanero Cloths       Sun Oct 10    Global News Network
This is Guava with GNN, and a late breaking story, as a modeling contract 
supposedly gone bust has sparked into one of the most succsssful clothing ad 
campaigns ever seen. Nikole Nimick, a modeling agent who had made a 
withstanding contract with the little-known company Habanero Clothes, and then 
having dissappeared from the world picture, apparently made a sudden 
appearance last night at with the model she had promised. The commercials, 
which were made in record breaking time, aired this morning, and Habanero 
Clothing Stores across the globe have witnessed a sudden increase in sales, to 
the point of having to close early due to a lack of merchandise.

The commercials in question very much border on the fine edge of taste, but 
still have proved extremely popular even among the more critical watchers. 
Quick accusations of effective subliminal messages have proved false, and it 
appears that driving force behind the commericals is the model found by Ms 
Nimick, who's... shapely form has caused the buying binge of Habanero brand 

< Two pictures of the model flash on screen: one of her in some skimpy 
lingerie, and then another of her in an evening gown with a -very- happy 
looking man talking to her. The Neo Arcadians will recognize her as their very 
own Dr. Camille Lafayette. >

No one is quite sure where this model came from. Both the mysterious model and 
Ms Nimick have refused to meet with reporters, leaving many only able to watch 
in wonder.

(OOC: Questions, and requests for merchandise (Swimsuit calander available 
soon!) talk to Foreshadow Ferret.)

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Message: 18/102                    Posted        Author
Habanero Marketing Genius          Sun Oct 10    Global News Network

        "Habanero Clothes continues to reap the rewards of their very 
successful commercial campaign, and has extended their advertising efforts to 
more unorthadox methods."

        < Insert footage of the Mysterious Model, who some might recognize as 
Dr. Camille Lafayette, running through the streets of Sydney in lingerie while 
being chased by a horde of men. >

        "The model, still unidentified, disappeared into local teleporters and 
was thusly not available for comment. Her agent, Ms. Nimick, is still 
unavailable. Habanero Clothes admitted that the stunt was somewhat 
inappropriate, but stands firmly behind their advertising department and plans 
on continuing their ad campaign."
(OOC: Questions, orders for swimsuit calendars? Talk to Foreshadow Ferret.)

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Message: 18/103                    Posted        Author
Jewel.. or StarDroid Egg?          Sun Oct 10    Global News Network
This is Obnoxious Lizard reporting for GNN from the New York Wall Street sector!

During the evening, an unknown thief managed to break within a small exposition 
of rare and exotic artifacts. One of these, a large gem from Queen 
Hatshepsut's Temple (see: Egypt), was stolen with little effort. The gem, 
recently acquired by the owner of the exposion, is apparently worth a small 
fortune by itself. However, deeper researches reveal that the current owner of 
the gem did not pay for it; indeed, the man simply hired bounty hunters to 
retrieve the gem after killing its past owner, something which, according to 
the files authorities found, was a very good way to save money. Back on topic, 
security guards engaged the thief, but were quickly outrunned.

An InterPol Agent, William Fetcher, was present when our interrogators arrived. 
He is here right now to describe the event--

So, Mister Fetcher, what happened exactly?
        "Well, I wasn't with the security guards. I just happened to be here, 
and then I noticed this man running from the cops with some round thing-- 
which I quickly identified, with great success if I might add, as a StarDroid 
Egg. Anyhow, I engaged the thief and ran after him, until we reached the 
rooftop of that apartment over there. I managed to take the Egg away from him, 
but then he took it back and left. I wasn't fast enough to follow him."

Did you just say.. StarDroid Egg?
        "I actually believe that New York in itself is the breeding pit for 
these beasts. This Egg is one of many proofs-- it's not a gem. I mean, 
whatever those people told you, it wasn't true. It's a proof that those 
infernal Aliens are planning on colonizing this planet sooner or later, and 
New York is one of the various areas chosen to hold their Eggs."

That's.. very interesting.

To conclude, the thief's identity is unknown, and pictures are not available at 
the time. We urge anyone who knows who this.. jewel.. thief might be to 
contact Agent William Fetcher (<phone number here>) with any information 

This was GNN, reporting live from New York!

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Battle in Germany...               Sun Oct 10    Global News Network
A 'breaking news alert', interrupting normal programming, Reporter Ferret being 
on-scene in Germany, "Late in the evening tonight a fight broke out between 
the Maverick Emperor, 'Sigma', and Doctor Light on the border of Germany." A 
short video of the Gunslinger unloading it's arm-cannon into Sigma, and then 
missing him with Gauss Machine Guns after the arm is twisted is shown. 

 "After a fairly long fight, Sigma disabled the Gunslinger and Thomas Xavier 
Light struck him in the face before being impaled by Sigma with the remains of 
his scythe." 
 There is a (relatively) short clip of the Gunslinger being disabled, and 
Doctor Light getting out, proceeding to punch Sigma in the face, before Sigma 
runs Doctor Light through with the remains of his scythe's shaft. 

 "The Maverick Hunter 'Protoman' appeared on-scene and retrieved Doctor Light, 
while the Maverick Hunter 'Axl' retaliated, and was struck by Sigma with a 
plasma-based assault, before Sigma retreated within a medical vehicle." A 
pause, as another clip is shown of Axl getting struck with a jet of plasma 
from a rip in Sigma's chest, appearing to be an unchecked reaction, along with 
Sigma retreating in a transport guarded by Tactical Raccoon and a squad of 
others (OOC: Drones?). 
 "The Maverick Hunter 'Protoman' retrieved Axl, and another member of the 
Maverick Hunter Organization was spotted overhead, before retreating along 
with the other two. The Ride Armor was left behind in the field." There is a 
shot of Bullet retreating, and the Gunslinger laying wrecked on the field. 

 "The current status of Thomas Xavier Light is unknown. Further updates as they 
arrive... Now, back to your regularly scheduled programming." Reporter Ferret 
says, before the television goes back to whatever garbage they were showing-- 
and we all know that Sunday Night programming is horrible. 

 (OOC: Sorry if I missed anyone present at the time, or made mistakes with who 
was where.)

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Message: 18/100                    Posted        Author
Anchorage Weather Report           Fri Oct 15    Global News Network

<The GNN logo spins for a moment, before cutting to a badger reploid in a wool 
coat, hood up, holding a mic.>

        "Hey, folks, this is Frostbite Badger reporting on a freak snowstorm in 
Anchorage, Alaska. Meteorologists didn't even see this one coming, but now the 
people here are definitely feeling old man winter's grasp. Right now, it's 
definitely windy, with speeds of up to 35 miles an hour. Snow is still thick, 
but the hail that's been pounding this poor city for the past day and a half 
seems to have stopped. Damages seem to be minimal, but we don't know what this 
thing will throw at us next. Either way..."

<As he talks, a man-sized android can be seen in a building's window. Lettering 
on the window reads, "Silent Dragon, Incorporated." The robot takes a small 
sign that reads "Open" and places it in the window.>

"The good folks of Anchorage are going to have to put up with this storm, as 
radar shows that it won't be letting up for at least a couple of days. This is 
Frostbite Badger, and I'm going to go get warm. Back to you in the studio."

<OOC:Anybody who wants some Good Strider related things done, page or @mail 
Hiryu. That's all.>

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Message: 18/101                    Posted        Author
Fire at GNN Central                Sat Oct 16    Global News Network

        "...and so, scientists successfully proved that the secret ingredient 
to Unobtainium is, in fact, love." 

        Chest is once again reading the news. He has a rather smug look on his 
face. "In other news, a fire broke out here at GNN Central in beautiful San 
Angeles. The fire originated in the office complex due to a device I refer to 
as 'A Damn Dirty Devil Spawn Mini-Flame Hyenard'. Thankfully, the fast-acting 
San Angeles Fire Department was on the case and successfully put out the 
blaze before it could spread outside of... er... my office." Cough. 

        Chest continues onward, "Nobody was harmed in the blaze, and the 
mini-Hyenard was recovered safely. Tragically, however, the mini-Hyenard was 
later killed when it somehow got run over sixteen times with a news van." 
Chest smiles and shrugs as is to say 'whoopsie'. 

        And so, onward goes the news. 


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Message: 18/101                    Posted        Author
News Update: Hong Kong             Sat Oct 16    Global News Network

<< News Update: Hong Kong >>

Camera crews in Hong Kong's Park district this evening recorded signs of an 
armed struggle between two robots near the 2213 memorial.

<< Images of Bullet and Gemini Man fighting; Bullet tossing Gemini Man into the 
air, two Geminis shooting Bullet at the same time, One Gemini shooting a large 
charged blast a Bullet knocking her into a brick wall and collapsing it, and 
exploding a chunk of the monument, Bullet rising out of the bricks and hitting 
a single Gemini Man with a massive plasma-encased ram attack. >>

Local authorities identified one of the robots as the Robot Master Gemini Man, 
while his opponent was identified as Japanese android Bullet. Rock Star Daryn 
Luna was on the scene immediately after, apparently trying to confiscate the 
incapacitated Bullet; Protoman arrived on the scene and engaged Luna in combat.

<< Scenes of Protoman dodging Luna's Vibrokatana, and Bullet being used as a 
bludgeoning object. Scenes of Luna yeilding to Blues, and vanishing with 
Bullet. >>

The status of Protoman, Gemini Man, Bullet and Daryn Luna are unknown at this 

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/93                     Posted        Author
The Truth: Silenced?               Sat Oct 16    Global News Network
The camera is facing the Sheol pit, where traces of blood and large puddles of 
mechfluid (and various pieces of Sigma) are being cleaned by highly protected 
employees. The news reported gets in front of the camera.

        "This is Trulax Ebola reporting for GNN from the Tartarus Arena. Today, 
the Maverick Emperor himself, Sigma, met an InterPol Agent's challenge, the 
Agent William Fetcher, known for his senseless theories."

        An archived picture of Fetcher doing the boogie is placed on-screen, 
before an archived picture of Sigma being badass is put over it.

        "The fight was rather short. The final few minutes of the fight were 
more than decisive."

        A movie is played here; Fetcher pelts Sigma with sonic shockwaves; the 
Emperor dashes towards him, but missed with a flurry of blows with his Sabre. 
The InterPol Agent sends towards the Emperor yet another blast of sonic and 
gravity waves as pieces of Sigma fly off everywhere-- and then Sigma stabs 
Fetcher. The end. The blade just goes through him. Hence why Sigma is awesome.

        "The Emperor's status is rated as critical, according to what we have 
seen here. The InterPol agent was literally inches away from victory, but the 
Maverick still triumphed. He blinked out immediatly after as an unidentified 
man took Agent Fetcher away. The status of either fighter is currently 
unknown, but rumors say that Fetcher can be found at the Seoul General 

        "This was Trulax Ebola for GNN!"

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/94                     Posted        Author
Confirmation of Rumour             Tue Oct 19    Global News Network

        And yes, rumour was spelled /correctly/. 

        Tickets go on sale tomorrow for a sudden and rather unexpected concert, 
presenting new music from the classical artist Javelin Whitetail. The 
projected date is Saturday the 19th, beginning around 9 PM EST, which is who 
knows WHAT time on Eurasia. It's /IN SPACE/. The population has less than half 
a week to rearrange their schedules if they wish to attend; and many in the 
music world well might. Rumours fly fast and hard over whether this is 
Javelin's debated 'final project' or not--and the Deer herself doesn't confirm 
or deny a thing, refusing to speak at all to reporters, when she can even be 
found between rehearsals. Thanks to the all-reploid orchestra, they go on for 
nearing twenty hours a day this week; every member has signed a non-disclosure 
agreement, so information is still scarce. 

        However, tickets DO go on sale tomorrow; prices ranging from a few 
hundred zenny for the edge seats to nearly three thousand for the reserved. 
Whatever this is, it's plenty showy. Also note--this date is ONLY A 
SUGGESTION. If there's a faction thingy going on that night, tell me and I'll 
change it. =) I don't want to interfere with anything. 


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Message: 18/95                     Posted        Author
Huston Maverick attacks!           Wed Oct 20    Global News Network
"Stone Johnson reporting, and it seems that the people in Houston can't seem to 
catch a break. Neo Arcadian attacks, and now a Maverick attack. On scene is 
everyone's favorite reporter, Mike the TV!" 

 The scene cuts to a slightly damaged downtown area of Houston, the damage 
looks rather light, figuring a Maverick attack happened. Mike appears on 
Camera, as he starts talking. "Well, Stone, it seems that a Maverick," insert 
Picture of Reif Falcon "Attacked the populace of Houston, The fight was 
relatively short. The Maverick hunter known as Glaive was on scene, and 
quickly stoped the rain of terror the Reploid tried to unleash." 

 Pictures of Glaive on a ride chaser shooting Reif, more pictures of Glaive 
counter a blast of missiles with a wave of acid, and then the Maverick 
Unleashing a storm of Missiles, which caused the damage. There is another 
picture of Glaive, jumping through the fire, and sending the Maverick in full 

 "Luckily there were no fatalities, and some minor injuries. Glaive was also 
reported leaving the scene after the rescue workers arrived, helping only 
slightly, most think to get his injuries repaired. Back to you Stone!" 

 "Next tonight, the secrete to regrowing lost hair..."

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/90                     Posted        Author
Fastest Fight in the East          Fri Oct 22    Global News Network
<The anchorman. He speaks.>

        "Good morning, everybody. Last night was the scene of a vicious one on 
one battle between the two speediest land robots involved in the war; Agile 
and Quick Man. The Maverick challenged the Wilybot to a duel on the radio, and 
our crew sped out as fast as they could to try and get good footage. We have 
tape of the events, so let's roll it!

<Tape: The view is of a forested region, moving quickly past the camera. It 
turns, showing the inside of a van, where a reporter Reploid is looking 
outside the window, trying to get a glimpse of /something/. He turns to the 

        "Hi folks, this is Rocky Salamander, coming to you with late breaking 
news! Apparently, Agile and Quick Man have agreed to duel in the Russian 
wilderness, and we're trying to get out there to get some awesome footage of 
what most think will be an amazing fight. I think that we're getting close, so 
we'll..." (The camera man yells something and points out the window) "Ok! 
We've found them, let's get out there and try and get a close up!"

<The reporter and camera man jump out of the van and begin running towards a 
point where a purple and red blur can be seen whipping around. As the get 
close, there's a giant explosion of noise and a clump of trees are ripped out 
of the ground and go flying."

        "All right! This is getting good! It seems that...one of them...it's 
really hard to tell, has blasted the other with a sonic boom! I'm sure glad I 
brought my noise reducers, as this tactic is to be expected. Allright, now, 
let's try and get a close up on one of the fighters!" (He turns, looking at 
the battle, just in time to see the red blur streak away into the distance. 
The purple blur stops for a moment, laughs, and speeds off in the opposite 
direction.) "Um...right. Ok, it looks like the fight's...over. Well, shoot. We 
managed to get here in..."(He looks at his watch)"...four and half minutes, 
and the duel's finished. Just goes to show you how fast these two are. Not 
quite sure who the victor was, either. Damnit. Stupid fast robots and their 
stupid fast fights...I'm trying to get a damn promotion and their not letting 
me get any damn footage..." (He trails off, muttering. Then the camera shuts 

<This was GNN>

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/82                     Posted        Author
Stock Report                       Thu Oct 28    Global News Network
A news brief on the little ticker at the bottom of the news screen scrolls by, 
'Coffee King Coffee shares are up 10.3 percent. CKC announced plans to 
crossbreed sugar canes and coffee plants to create sugar covered coffee beans. 
This new naturally sweet coffee should be on the market in time for 
Christmas.' The next news brief starts to scroll by, '8 fanboys hurt at anime 
convention by fangi...'

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/73                     Posted        Author
Mall of America attacked!          Sat Oct 30    Global News Network
dateline: Bloomington, Minnesota, USA. 

        The Mall of America, the original mega-mall and largest shopping 
district in North America, became a target of Maverick terrorism tonight. An 
air skimmer recognized as the Swordfish broke through the skylight above the 
central square, then landed in the garden below. Several known Mavericks took 
part in the attack, including Flame Stag and Shyster, plus a possible cyborg 
and an as yet unidentified ferret. Eyewitnesses report seeing Dr. Doppler as 
well, though this has not yet been confirmed through security video. The 
Mavericks were repelled by the Maverick Hunters and former rock star Daryn 
Luna. Mall of America General Hospital report 37 injuries but no fatalities as 
of the time this report was filed. Property damage is estimated in the 
millions of zenny.
        The reasons for the attack were not clear. Mall of America Police noted 
that the attack interrupted the celebration of the grand opening of the Pasta 
Presto! store, the 15,000 store to open in the compex, but they believe that 
the timing was coincidental.

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