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Coming to Theaters                 Wed Dec 01    Global News Network
<Movie trailer on some commercials>


A black screen....


The planet begins to fade into view.

"Breakpoint Locust Plushie." The aforementioned plush appears along with the 
sound of thunder crashing to the left of the earth.

"GEMMA PLUSHIE." Gemma Plushie claps in to the right.


Scenes from the movie fly by. Gemma Plushie shooting down a Leo Plushie and 
snorting. "Weakling." Breakpoint Locust Plushie cupping the face of Iris 
lovingly as she'stied to a steel girder dangling from a building. Cue a shot 
of Cut Man, Bass and Wily running down a hall, being chased by a massive 
explosion. The announcer comes back in as Duo Plushie appears on the screen, 
staring in horror. "THIS CHRISTMAS, DON'T BLINK AN EYE."

Duo screams, "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO...."Hisnnouncer:"OR YOU MIGHT."
Announcer: "GET"
Announcer: "STUFFED."

Duostill screams, "...OOOOOOOOOOOOOO...." Out of nowhere, Guts Man walks by and 
stuffs a twinky in the plushie's mouth as the screen fades to black.

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News Article: Reactions to New Mov Wed Dec 01    Global News Network
Some Reactions to the newest movie!

"What's a Leo Plushie? It looks so cute I just want to huggle it!" Quips one 
Intellectual from Princeton.

        "Not as cute as the Gemma Plushie. -And- you get two for the price of 
one!" Replies a Harvard Graduate.

        "I turned the tube on one day and Duo was there, screaming his darling 
stuffing heart out. My baby now has an ear infection. I blame the Stardroids." 
Calls one Mother of three.

        "I think Duo is really just misunderstood. Sure he tried to destroy the 
Earth, but did we really take his feelings into account?" A psychologist says 

        "What's a Breakpoint Locust?" Is another reaction from a kid who 
doesn't know any better, "Is he like Loki King of the Killer Locusts or what? 
And I think Cut Man got the most screentime... Is he like the one that summons 
him or something?"

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Internal Radio Danger              Wed Dec 01    Global News Network
--A GNN consumer report!--

"Reports are coming out of NeoTokyo today reporting a strange glitch with, of 
all things, internal RADIOS, an upgrade attachment common in reploid models 
worldwide. Four different civilian reploids from the city of Neo Tokyo were 
hospitalized this evening after battery failures occured within their radio 
units, causing them to explode while still INSIDE their heads. All four of the 
injured have been hospitalized for internal injury. Though none of them have 
reportedly suffered nueral damage from the incidents, the sudden explosions, 
witnessed by crowds on the Neo Tokyo streets, have caused great cause for 
alarm among consumer advocate groups. Despite the apparent danger, there is no 
talk of a recall, radio manufacturers assuring consumers that these are 
isolated incidents, and internal-transmitters have been used for decades with 
near-perfect safety records."

"The shopping season is well under-way now..."

(Questions to Gemini Man or Techno.)

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Blake Foundation Speaks!           Thu Dec 02    Global News Network
Some reporter dude!

        "This Saturday (that's Saturday, this Saturday. Saturday, Saturday, 
Saturday), Lisa Faulkes of the Blake Foundation has been invited to speak 
regarding her work with the Blake Foundation, her views on reploids, and 
ecetera at HeraCorp."

        "When asked about the irony of a reploid manufacturer having one 
supporting limits on reploid production over to speak, HeraCorp CEO stated: 'I 
do not feel that the goals of the Foundation are seperate from that of any 
ethical constructor of reploids. We both share a dislike for weapons testing 
on reploids, as for the rest...well, guess you'll have to come and see!"

        "We have been informed that there will be tight HeraCorp security, 
given the last incident of Cyber Peacock infiltrating a holo-display."

        "Once again, this latest presentation is This Saturday!" 

End story.

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New Club Opens in Neo Tokyo        Fri Dec 03    Global News Network

        "...and in entertainment news, we have another story concerning the 
Robot Master known as Quick Man. It seems this gregarious android has just 
announced the opening of a club in Tokyo's Red Light District, called "The 
Beta Club". We tracked him down for a comment.."
<Cut to Quick Man, without his helmet, sporting his sunglasses and a 
self-assured smirk> "The Beta Club has nothing to do with the war. I like 
going out to clubs, but I find that all the good ones don't want me around. 
Something about 'war crimes'. So, I decided to open my own. Don't worry, 
anyone can get into the Beta Club. I'm declaring it neutral territory, which 
means anyone can go in, as long as they promise not to start trouble. It's 
open to the public of course, so come on down and have a good time, courtesy 
of me, Quick Man, and asalways, Dr. Wily."
<Cut back to the studio> "According to Quick Man, the club can be described as 
a "rave/dance club with a fully stocked bar", and is open to anyone so long as 
they check their weapons at the door. It's located in the Nogaki Commercial 
District Sublevel 1, of Neo Tokyo."
<More news.>

OOC: It's an actual place, in the room stated above. The Beta Club. Openly 
Wily-aligned, as stated, but declared neutral, which means if you don't attack 
us, we won't attack you. Consider it an alternative to The Reploid Room, 
unless you have an irrational hatred of Robot Masters. :)


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UN Press Conference                Fri Dec 03    Global News Network
<Ambassador Chord hovers out onto the podium. He's guarded by a few remaining 
soldiers from the UN Armed Forces, clearly veterans of the Battle of Normandy. 
One is missing an arm, the other has been heavily cyborged. Dressed in formal 
uniforms and holding blaster rifles, they are imposing, but neither has the 
sheer intimidation factor of the Mass Production Power Armors.>

        People of this world, I know it has been long since we have spoken. The 
United Nations has undergone many trials since that devastating final battle 
some months ago. We have seen the end of an era, and though much evil has 
passed, more remains. Good has gone as well, and we must rebuild what we have 
        With our allies in Canada, China, India, and Australia, the United 
Nations is beginning to rebuild. Many of the nations of the world are no 
longer a part of this noble organization, but that is, perhaps, to be 
expected. We have proven ourself false... we have failed you all.
        The UN shall not die, my friends. We will persevere, but not without 
change. Change is inevitable, and good. It is natural. To become stagnant is 
to die... and we know how close we came. Our new United Nations will prevent 
the abuses of the past. No one man will be able to have the power that 
Secretary-General Houseman attained. No one man's whim will seal the fate of 
thousands. The United Nations will develop a system of checks and balances... 
to ensure that our power is used responsibly.
        It is said power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. We 
have lost the faith of many people... we hope to restore it to the world. It 
will not be an easy thing... but nothing worth doing is easy. We will endure.

<Chord folds his spindly arms together, his lampshade head hanging sadly, and 
he turns to leave.>

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Strange Weather Ends               Fri Dec 03    Global News Network

        "... and it is expected that Mr. Lemur will press charges."

        Back to the newscaster. "The unusual snowstorm covering the Mirror 
Desert has dissipated and headed for the Atlantic, restoring the solar power 
plant it was covering. Repliforce operatives were sighted around the storm 
just prior to its dissipation, and we got a comment from one of them."

        Voice over of Plasma Harrier: "I just don't want any tragedies 
happening. This is all to help regain electricity to the continent, for the 
good of the people."

        Back to the newscaster. "So far there have been no casualties reported 
as a result of the strange weather. We will continue to follow the story of 
Repliforce in Africa as it develops."

        "An accident in the New York power plant came within moments of 

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Bara Gains OOOO                    Fri Dec 03    Global News Network
(Found in financial news in the appropriate locations and languages; it is 
global, but given far greater weight in Japan.)
        Bara Acquires OOOO, Cites Synergy

        After concluding a series of negotiations, the Bara Corporation 
(website - links) has completed a merger with OOOO Biotechnicals, a noted 
producer of low-profile biomorphic cybernetics.
        OOOO was founded in Marseilles, France, and their overseas operations 
were badly affected by the CRF takeover of central Europe. Their stock has 
been in decline for several years despite healthy sales of their fashion 
cybernetics and the traditional medical supply fields, due to a percieved lack 
of leadership.
        Takashi Ota, the CEO of Bara (links - news stories), has evidently 
decided to return to medical biotechnology. CEO of the Green Cross consortium 
in Japan, he resigned in order to found Bara, which has performed 
disappointingly due to a highly specialized flagship project.
        'With Africa stabilizing and Europe seeming to head in that direction,' 
Takashi said, 'we expect there to be a great many messes to clean up. We, and 
our products, are well-suited for such things, but we hope to become even 
better with the assistance of the experts at Four-O.' He went on to cite 
potential long-term synergy.
        Surprisingly few layoffs resulted from this acquisition, as most of 
OOOO's higher echelons had already been destroyed. The company had been 
directed by an ad-hoc board of stockholders, who are reportedly pleased with 
this turn of events.

(Questions to Mesarthim.)

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More Convoys to Moscow             Fri Dec 03    Global News Network


        "Busloads of supplies have been showing up in Moscow. Coincidentally, 
these buses have been showing up where the food from the recently destroyed 
shipment was designated to arrive. The supplies include warm clothing and food 

        "Which roads these buses were taking into Moscow has been kept a 
secret, but these buses do not remain long for as soon as the supplies are 
unpacked, the drivers speed off again."

        "HeraCorp has claimed responsibility for the shipments but refuses to 
give out any further details stating that they fear the shipments will be 
attacked if the Coalition can found out the routes."

        "While it's unfortunate the supplies being dropped off now are minor 
compared to what was destroyed, at the very least it's a helping hand for a 
Nation that needs many more."

        <Again, Sewa if you want details. Was informed I didn't have to go 
through Mav territory :)).

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Presentation Ends In Conspiracy!   Sat Dec 04    Global News Network

        A reporter!

        "A planned presentation for the Blake Foundation at HeraCorp started 
rather well. The speech went off without a hitch, and the questions were 
answered without much trouble at all. However, what seemed to be a rather pat 
and comfortable presentation turned quite suddenly into sudden uncertainty 
upon the integrity of the origins of the Blake Foundation."

        An image is shown of the Presentation, which focuses on Cassilda 
Corriolis as she says, 'Did it ever occur to you, iss, that your organization 
was always working on a shoestring budget - and yet... Where would he have 
been able to get his hands on such a large diamond? There's only one place in 
the world where you can get them easily... Southern Africa.'

        Back to the reporter! "Despite there being other places in Africa at 
the time to get such diamonds, most of Africa was controlled by The Robot 
Masters during the foundation of the Blake Foundation, and Mr. Blake's death."

        "Regardless of this, the HeraCorp presentation ended peacefully, with 
CEO Sewa saying that the presentation gave her a lot to think about...and that 
she hoped it gave a lot to think about for others as well." 

        "CEO Sewa also requests that we not jump to judgement based on a little 
uncertainty that may lead to nowhere, and that we consider the good the 
organization currently does over the past."

        End report, though this story is probably being played in differing 
manners elsewhere, from total conspiracy to 'it's nothing, it was just a 
coincidence!' deals.

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Texas Nat'l Christmas Tree: "Huge" Sun Dec 05    Global News Network

< A curious regional story. >

Everything is bigger in Texas, but only one thing is the biggest: the world's 
tallest Christmas tree now resides in the public square in Austin. The 325 
foot tall Grand Fir (Abies grandis) was transferred live from northern Montana 
by truck and helicopter before being planted in its new home.

The fledgling nation of Texas erected what is now the world's tallest Christmas 
tree directly outside the capital building shortly after Thanksgiving, and was 
officially lit for the season on Black Friday in a short ceremony by 
President-elect Howard Vaughn.

Christmas trees had been banned on American public property since 2010, but 
with the departure of Texas from the union, the Texas Congress passed 
leglislation in November to not only authorize, but mandate the practice.

Civil rights advocates raised an outcry over the tree's placement, but a public 
opinion poll taken by GNN indicates at 80% of 1500 registered voters in Texas 
supported the tree, with over 15% "strongly supporting" the tree.

< Punditry. Ohh yeah. >

>> OOC: Questions to Leo.


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Tis the season for giving          Sun Dec 05    Global News Network
(This message is run intermittantly between now and New Year's, primerally on 
the stations serving Texas, but also in the rest of North America and 
occasionally on Eurasia.)

It begins with a shot of Bowie sitting on a 4-legged stool, one foot hitched up 
on the lowest support rung, wearing his usual stetson hat, a clean blue 
western-cut dress shirt, and bolo tie. The graphic insert labels him as Sgt. 
Bowie, Texas Rangers (Ret.), Maverick Hunters. Behind him is the usual generic 
holiday background of a lit fireplace, its stone mantle decorated with 
greenery and candles. "This is the season a sharing an goodwill, a time t' 
spend with family and friends. But many people would not even have food or 
shelter if not fer the generousity a others." 

Cut to footage of a Red Cross aid station somewhere in Texas, with workers 
handing out food and energy capsules to a throng of refugees. "The 
International Red Cross an Red Crescent help millions a people displaced by 
disaster and war." 

The footage changes to Red Cross and Red Crescent workers assembling temporary 
shelters in a grassy field in the shadow of the Urals. "Yer gifts of time an 
financial support not only provides immediate disaster relief, it helps 
rebuild lives." 

The footage again changes, this time to to a crew of humans in African-style 
garb and reploids carrying boxes from a truck into a hospital. "You too can 
make a difference. Please contact yer local Red Cross or Red Crescent office 

The image fades to black, followed by the red logo for the International Red 
Cross and International Red Crescent, under which are the words: Not just 
another donation - an act of compassion.

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Disaster in Hong Kong              Sun Dec 05    Global News Network
--GNN special report, broadcast in English, Chinese, and other major languages 
depending on your affiliate.--

"A sudden explosion in downtown Hong Kong tonight has claimed the lives of at 
least sixty victims, and potentially more."

"The bomb went off on the west side of the city, at approximately nine-o-five 
PM, local time. The blast detonated an apparently the empty storehouse where 
it was being stored, as well as completely destroying two office buildings 
nearby, and doing additional damage to the street and block. The worst, 
however, is apparently yet to come... Emergency medical units on the scene 
have confirmed that the bomb contained a biological agent. Early reports say 
that the germ released was a bacteria; symptoms so far include delerium, 
feaver, and violent nausea. Reportedly, two of the victims claimed by the 
disaster have died of this yet un-named germ. Anti-biotics are being 
administered in heavy doses to those infected or potentially infected, though 
with the population density of the nearby areas there's a powerful chance for 
further infection. A total of eight blocks of downtown Hong Kong are being 
quarantined in the emergency, shutting down local businesses and traffic while 
aid is administered. Residents of the west side are encouraged to wear medical 
masks, in an effort to prevent spread of the infection."

"According to those monitoring the air waves that night, the bomb and bioweapon 
was seemingly created by the Robot Masters. However, other fingers were 
pointing at Neo Arcadia as to the cause of the detonation, though their motive 
and the extent of their involvement are both totally unclear. Robot Master 
paraphenalia, including destroyed drones, were found by investigators on the 
scene. It's almost impossible to believe that an act of terrorism against a 
member of the United Nations would have occured so seemingly randomly, but no 
official statement has been made."

"More information as we recieve it. This is GNN."

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Message: 18/74                     Posted        Author
Hong Kong: Statement               Mon Dec 06    Global News Network
(GNN affiliates have published this document, which they recieved 
electronically and have verified as legitimate though possibly not accurate. 
The full text is available on web outlets, and the document been mentioned on 
news broadcasts regarding yesterday's incident.)

Approximately one month ago, Neo Arcadian soldiers attempted an attack on Robot 
Master home turf in Japan. At that time, the Robot Masters comandeered an 
attack vehicle of theirs which was used against our organization. That vehicle 
was rigged with a remote detonator for self-destruction, and a tracking 
device, both of which the Robot Masters found.

We attached a larger explosive payload, and a bacterial poison, to that self 
destruct mechanism. We then removed the tracker, and relocated the vehicle to 
China. Neo Arcadia, if they were to have retrieved the vehicle, would have had 
the detonation of that same mechanism occur within their own compound in 
Mexico. Instead, Neo Arcadia took the lazy route, destroying their vehicle by 
remote detonation weeks after it was actually lost, without considering the 
possible consequence.

These are the events of last night. Neo Arcadia has saved themselves some time 
and money at the expense of human, civilian, lives.

The citizens of the world may not choose to believe this account. However, Neo 
Arcadia can consider that bomb a warning shot. Should they decide they can 
make jokes of the Robot Masters, a weapon of greater caliber can be dropped by 
air over their precious nation.

We welcome the eventual surrender of these 'enhanced humans' and their corrupt 
government, as well as that of the now weak and sickly United Nations, whose 
citizens were the unfortunate bystanders who became victims in this attack.

                                         -- II --

(OOC Note: Rebutals ok, but if you have an IC response, let me or a GNN PC know 
OOCly or ICly, or somehow, before spamming the boards with many similar 

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Robbery Spree.                     Mon Dec 06    Global News Network

        During the evening news casts, interrupting their endless droll of 
stories no one cares about such as 'Best Bang For Your Buck' and 'Who Likes 
Cheese', there is a late breaking story that many would find uninteresting 
compared to current world affairs. Sitting in the GNN studio is a lizard who 
looks as though he possibly had too much coffee to drink. "Good evening, 
ladies and gentlemen, Surge Lizard reporting with corespondant, Happy Panda. 
Happy, what's going on?"

        The camera feed cuts to a fluffy looking panda bear standing outside a 
moderately sized bank. The front doors appear to have been completely torn 
away, glass and debris scattered everywhere near the entrance, while the glass 
protrusion from the roof appears to be half missing. "Hi, Surge, I'm here 
outside the location in question where just moments ago a group of Robot 
Masters, identified as Charge Man, Ring Man, and Burner Man mercilessly broke 
into, terrorized, and robbed the Singons National Bank."

        Several still screens are shown of Charge Man who is wearing a 
frightful thong and bra with massive boobs and butt, Burner Man who has a 
sheet draped over him as well as a Porky the Pig mask on, and then Ring Man 
who is wearing a large fro and Richard Nixon mask. "I have not yet been able 
to attain comments from those that attempted to repel this senseless occurance 
but I do have word that only one person was seriously injured, police have 
requested no other names be released at this time." But, despite this order, 
several more stills appear showing Javelin Whitetail, Storm Owl, Cassilda 
Coriolis, Gabriel, and Nimble Hummer.

        "Everything is still in chaos, Surge, but authorities estimate the 
stolen goods to be valued in the millions. This includes cash, precious 
metals, as well as personal belongings stored within safe deposit boxes. This 
marks the second robbery by the Robot Masters, led by Ring Man, to strike the 
eastern seaboard within the last three days. So far there is no word from the 
police as to whether or not this assault against the peoples of the United 
States will continue or if it was merely an isolated group of events. Back to 
you, Surge," the panda says with a smile as police and medics swarm about the 
area in the background.

        "Thank you, Panda. We will have more information for you when it 
becomes available. In other news..."

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Santa Wily!                        Tue Dec 07    Global News Network

        The camera fades in to show the outer facade of the recently openned 
Build-A-Friend Workshop. There are all kinds of Christmas decorations 
plastered all over its surface, from tinsle to glitter, while two large 
christmas trees stand at either corner with bright flashing lights and other 
shiny ornaments decorating their limbs. Standing in the center of all this is 
the one and only Ring Man who seems to be rather shiny... perhaps he borrowed 
some of Enker's wax? Whatever the case, he's looking mighty fine today and 
there's a big grin on his face. Gathered around him are children of varying 
ages and sizes, all dressed up in christmas cheer.

        "Good morning, everyone! I'm sure you all remember me and this 
wonderful store behind me! You wouldn't believe the amount of business we've 
seen in these few short days of service! Well, because of these spectacular 
results, I'm bringing you a very special gift. This Sunday at 5 P.M. (CST), 
Japan's very own Santa Wily will be here to give out free plushies to all the 
good little girls and boys! Don't miss out on this event as the plushies he'll 
be giving out are a limited edition that will not be available ever again! 
We're located in the Nogaki Commercial District of Neo-Tokyo. Aren't you all 
excited?" He asks the gathered children while kneeling down to hug a nearby 
girl. The children all burst into an uproar of clapping and shouting. Whether 
it was staged remained to be seen.

        (OOC: Yep, Santa Wily's gonna be there. Sunday. 5pm. CST. Be there, or 
be square.)

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Texas: Factory Bombing             Tue Dec 07    Global News Network
Dateline: December 7th 2217 - Laredo, Texas
        "We bring you a special report direct from the nation of Texas, in 
which there are reports of a Reploid manufacturing factory being bombed."
        (Picture of a partially demolished building. It looks to be in horrible 
shape, but yet some parts appear miraculously undamaged.)
        "Around 9:00 PM CST, we reported an explosion having occured on the 
factory grounds. The factory workers evacuated the premesis, but several had 
claimed that some were trapped due to an unreversable lockdown proceedure for 
these emergencies. The Maverick Hunters were the first on the scene to 
        (Pictures of the /very/ brief battle between Simian Monk and Neo 
Arcadia's own Rosa Mendez, then later one of Glaive taking on Zell Tristan, 
both of whom were unknown faces up until now.)
        "According to early reports, several bombs were rigged to blow. The 
Hunters were only successful in disarming a few of the bombs before they had 
to withdraw. The estimated dead from the blasts number over four-hundred, with 
twenty-six reported injure--"
        "This just in! There are reports of Reploids in San Angeles who claim 
to have narrowly escaped deactivation after their first activation from Texas. 
Authorities are conducting an investagion to the validity of these claims as 
we speak. When interviewed, they proclaimed their thanks for who is described 
as a 'drilling robot.' If found to be true, this lowers the number of presumed 
dead in the bombing drastically."
        (Pictures of jubilant newly-activated Reploids here.)
        "Four were recovered so far from the blast, security staff that were 
presumably injured prior to the final explosions. All four, three humans and 
one Reploid, are in critical but stable condition. All are expected to 
        "And now, we bring you this heartwarming holiday special from 2174..."
(OOC: All questions to Gus Midland.)

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Message: 18/74                     Posted        Author
Russian Civil War Update           Tue Dec 07    Global News Network

         Typical news report, this one centering on the unfolding drama of the 
Russian Civil War. 
         "Reports of several skirmishes involving the Socialist Liberation Army 
attempting to seize control of several settlements in a strip along the Kirgiz 
Steppe in Central Russia are filtering through. The SLA is reported to have 
been clashing with resistance fighters attempting to hold off an occupation by 
the army in a series of limited battles stretching across urban territory and 
the wilderness between these towns and cities that have been swept up in the 
fighting. A flood of refugees have begun to head westwards to escape the 
violence, but casualties are expected to continue to climb in the wake of the 
         "Of particular note is this amateur footage showing that the Civil War 
has not gone unnoticed by the world at large, and indeed by the global scale 
war that is currently engulfing the planet itself." 
 Snap to an image of grainy footage, taken by someone with a shaking hand, 
showing several civilian vehicles that appear to have been modified into 
armored carriers bearing the SLA logo advancing into the outer holdings of a 
ravaged town while the resistance fighters attempt to hold them off. At one 
point, the image suddenly jerks skywards, and one can hear someone shouting in 
Russian in the background. The image shows a dark shape in the sky, that 
becomes large as the seconds tick by, soon showing the form of a huge, and 
very heavily armed ship overflying the battle zone. Some of the audio includes 
panicked shouting by both the soldiers of the SLA and the resistance fighters 
as they seem to expect some sort of attack, but the unmistakable form of the 
S.S. Dreadskull with it's grinning skull-like visage continues to overfly the 
battlefield, until it has vanished in the opposite direction without so much 
as firing a shot. Fighting soon resumes between the two forces vying for the 
contested town. 
         "There has been filtering reports that the aerial Robot Master 
Battleship has been sighted several more times in Russian airspace, and 
spokesmen representing the Socialist Liberation Army have stated that they 
have witnessed the ship overflying battles on no less than half a dozen 
occasions, although there have been no shots fired, despite an attempt by 
rebels at one point to launch several rocket propelled grenades at the craft, 
which was simply too large and flying at too high an altitude to be affected 
in any method. There was no retaliation. Experts have begun to debate as to 
the purpose of the ship and whether it may be using the chaos of the country 
as a shield to base operations into other territories from..." 
         Trailing off into much debate and theories amongst so called 


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Message: 18/71                     Posted        Author
Dr. Doppler Interview: Reruns      Wed Dec 08    Global News Network

        On one of GNN's subchannels there's reruns of the interview of Dr. 
Doppler back on the 5th of December, which concerned the Maverick assault on 
the Russian food convoy, the kidnapping of the children, and a short 
discussion of why humans suck. 


        After the interview, however, there is a new segment, and Chest 
appears, holding an unlit cigar. "Since this interview with Dr. Sigmund 
Doppler, GNN has still been on the case, and we've gathered some new 
information. Regarding the attack on the grain shipment, Dr. Doppler claimed 
it was an accident. That it was actually a hunt for weapons, and it was a 
shame that, as it turned out, there was no secret weapons but only food." 

        A tape of Doppler's voice is heard: "Our intelligence suggested that it 
may have also been carrying weapons for use against us by rebels that have 
taken up residence in eastern Russia and Poland. That is why we attacked it. 
The loss of food to the Russian people is regrettable, but we believed that 
the attack was justified." Pause. "If the military division of the Coalition 
concludes that General Vile did act improperly either on planning the attack 
or his conduct in the field, then he will be disciplined, yes." 

        Chest, once more. "Unfortunately, queries sent to the Coalition 
regarding Doppler's claim have been met with confusion and surprise that there 
would be an investigation into Vile over a mission that was a success." Chest 
now lights his cigar and takes a puff, "The evidence - or lack of - would 
indicate that this is another bull<bleep!> public relations front by the 
Coalition, and that destroying the grain shipments was precisely what they 
intended to do. Sigmund... please... the next time you lie to me... make sure 
the rest of the Coalition is in on it as well." Chest winks at the camera, and 
the segment ends. 


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Message: 18/68                     Posted        Author
Delivery Commericial               Fri Dec 10    Global News Network
In various news papers, as well as some spots on TV, this add appears, with 
simple cheesy graphics portraying endless blue skies, and generic parcels 
flying about on plane wings:

Do you need a package sent quick, but don't want all the hassle of waiting in 
Is there a delivery that needs to be somewhere ASAP, but overnight mail just 
not quick enough?
Is your package important enough that you don't want to risk having it 
Do you need reliable service that's quick as well as affordable?

Then Jet Set Couriers is your answer! Jet Set Couriers promises supersonic 
expediency, without being too heavy in price! Any package, big, small, square, 
round, or oblong, it doesn't matter!* We'll ship anywhere on the planet!** 
Simply call us at 1-877-JETSETR, or contact us on the radio network at (Number 
that leads to Jet Man's private frequency).

Jet Set Couriers: There before you know it.

Fine Print: All customers must inform recipient to prepare catching net for 
couriers in transit. * Package weight must not exceed 650 lbs. ** Does not 
include Neo Arcadia, Maverick Europe, or Wily Africa.

(OOC: This is Jet Man's foray into business, for money reasons amongst other 
things. If you have any shady deliveries that need to be made...or just want 
to surprise someone with a crashing package on their doorstep, @mail Jet Man 
to arrange the delivery! ;D)

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/68                     Posted        Author
Newsbytes                          Fri Dec 10    Global News Network
--A few things mentioned on regular GNN newscasts.--

"As of time of press, nearly a hundred lives have now been taken by the 
artificially-created Hong Kong flu, which started on the west side of the city 
after a sudden explosion. Responsibility for the attack and creation of the 
bacteria has been claimed by the Robot Masters, though the statement of 
responsibility also claims the attack was intended for Neo Arcadia. The fast 
spread and effectiveness of the disease, however, puts that statement in 

A Chinese expert on screen, Translated: "This flu is not terribly difficult to 
fight, but it takes a lot of medicine to do it. ...If they wanted to hurt a 
lot of people very quickly, very few targets in the world would have been more 
effective than the one they chose. The high population density, and sub-par 
living conditions here, are a high contributor to spreading the germ."

Back to GNN: "In other news, the Australia-based Blake Foundation has issued a 
press release in response to the events at the conference held last week. In 
summary, founder Lisa Faulkes would like to apologize for what was likely 
inappropriate behavior at the end of the conference, which was ended quite 
suddenly after a barrage of questions from Interpol. She also wishes to state 
that, while she would be happy to answer questions with the police 
organization in private, she feels that asking questions of a personal nature 
during an open conference about the organization was, quote, 'extremely 

"The Christmas shopping season..."

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/69                     Posted        Author
Helsinki Powerless                 Sat Dec 11    Global News Network

<A small snippet on European stations, but even there it's hardly mentioned or 
given much importance.>

        "...With the dust settling in Helsinki, Finland, the aftermath of last 
nights fighting finally becomes apparent. As local authorities originally 
reported, collateral damage remains at a minimum, and personal damages are 
small; some taken to hospitals in various states of shock; some with minor 
injuries. The number of homes without electricity in the city still reach into 
the thousands; after what was apparently a Robot Master led strike on a major 
power station in the vicinity of the capitol, that stripped the complex of its 
thermo-regulating dome, and forced an emergency shut-down. The Finnish 
government is critiqued for its lack of contingencies in this kind of 
situation, and many contribute the low levels of public and personal damage 
solely to the group of Maverick Hunters who contained the situation. Next 


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/70                     Posted        Author
Missing Scientist                  Sat Dec 11    Global News Network

        <This... is GNN!>

        "In other news, earlier today the home of Dr. Oleg Gregorvich was found 
burglarized. Dr. Gregorvich, a retired engineer whose work contributed largely 
to the construction of the Eurasia station, was also missing. This was 
discovered only recently when Gregorvich's daughter made a visit to his rural 
        "Authorities say that they are unsure exactly when the doctor may have 
been kidnapped, though they say it was likely in the past week. A large tunnel 
was found coming through the middle of the house, along with tracks that were 
made by either a large bipedal reploid or ride armor. Exploration of the 
tunnel is not yet finished."

        <This... was GNN!>
        (Questions to Vile)


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/71                     Posted        Author
Tomorrow's Weather                 Sat Dec 11    Global News Network
"And now the lovely Peach with weather..." 

 Peach grins as Camera 4 lights up, signaling that it's her time in the 
spotlight. Dressed in a short yellow raincoat and holding an umbrella with 
daisies on it, she motions to the display behind her, where small, animated 
rain clouds smile at the viewers. "It's gonna be a great weekend if you're a 
fish or a flower." She begins, twirling the umbrella behind her. "We've got 
rain coming all weekend here in San An. Mr. Sun is gonna stay hidden, sorry 
kiddies." Peach pouts a bit herself, likely having hoped for beach time this 
weekend. "Weather's gonna be hot though, with the humanity of 100 percent... 
What?" Peach pauses as someone of camera tries to correct her. "Oh! Silly me," 
she giggles, having learned of her mistake "The humidity is gonna be 100 
percent." Glancing off to the side, she points at someone, turning so the 
umbrella is blocking her from view, but not even trying to disguise or lower 
her voice. "Like, get someone with better handwriting, I couldn't read that 
one." A collective studio facepalm can almost be heard. Peach turns back to 
the camera and flashes her winning smile as if nothing has happened. "So, 
there's gonna be a high of 80 and a low of 58 but it's gonna be a wet one! 
Stay dry everyone. Back to you Steve..." Peach waves enthusiastically and it's 
back to the anchor. 

 "Thanks Peach..."

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/72                     Posted        Author
Big Trouble in Little Moscow       Sun Dec 12    Global News Network

        <This... is GNN! No Lo Pan included.>

        "Late last night a warehouse complex outside of Moscow was attacked by, 
apparently, Robot Masters. Roughly ninety percent of the building materials 
stored in the warehouses were confirmed to be missing, with most of the 
remaining meterials rendered useless. The S.S. Dreadskull was spotted 
overhead, making the Robot Masters prime suspects to the crime."

        <This... was GNN!>


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/73                     Posted        Author
Nighttime Recap                    Sun Dec 12    Global News Network

 <This...is GNN!> 

        "Earlier today a report was made about late last night, in reference to 
a warehouse complex being assaulted in Russia. The information at the time 
pointed directly to the Robot Masters, with the presence of the S.S. 
Dreadskull being spotted overhead. In a follow up investigation it has been 
discovered that multiple people were missing. They returned only a short while 
ago, at the warehouse area thanks to a Robot Master transport dropping them 
off. Information from them tends to lean more toward the Mavericks being 
guilty of assaulting the warehouses. After they were battered and bruised by 
the Mavericks, Robot Masters acquired them and carried them to their own 
vehicle, conducted a series of experiments or tests on them, and isolated from 
each other. Their return bodes well, although they are being studied by 
doctors to make certain that they have not been significantly tampered with or 
injured by the Robot Masters." 

        "Aside from that, an assault against an orphanage occured in Siberia 
earlier today. Sigma was present at the scene, along with Sigma's Choir. They 
kidnapped a significant amount of children, and were fired upon by Interpol 
forces. However, one scene occured which was clearly broadcast and completely 
validated, wherein Sigma and his Choir protected the children they were 
kidnapping from harm from the shrapnel caused by the Interpol firing on the 
Maverick forces. One confirmed member of Interpol that was present at the 
scene was William Fetcher, a well known expert on extraterrestrial conspiracy 
theories among Interpol." 

<This was GNN!>

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/74                     Posted        Author
Hostage Rescue In Japan            Mon Dec 13    Global News Network
** Live newsfeed from major broadcast network in Japan, re-run throughout the 
day, possibly on other Global networks **

 < Video: Authorities, paramedics and other emergency workers are near the 
entrance to an old, abandoned shrine several miles outside of Neo Tokyo. They 
are wheeling out a few people on gurneys, each one being bandaged across the 
chest. Maverick Hunter Glaive is visible in the background, helping people out 
of the building. All the victims are dressed in odd white robes with 
fire-design runes on them. Standing in front of the screen is a rotifer 
reploid, small, hovering in mid-air. Maverick Hunter Bullet is standing next 
to him. > 

 "This is Reporter Rotifer here just outside of Neo Tokyo, where tragedy has 
been narrowly avoided by the swift actions of the Maverick Hunters, who were 
called out to this scene by the Robot Master Fire Man, who spoke of having 
hostages. Miss Bullet, can you tell us a little more of what happened here?" 

 Bullet's hands are on her hips as she answers. "Well, Fire Man made it sound 
like he had hostages here he was threatening to burn alive. Glaive and I 
responded as fast as we could to the scene. We found ten victims on altars, 
chained to them, with hand-prints burned onto their chests. We also found 
Daryn Luna here, singing along with the scene. Looks like he was just here to 
watch Fire Man but not do anything to help those people. Glaive and I didn't 
want to risk the hostage's lives, so we opted to try to reason with Fire Man, 
and that's when Yosho Roshi showed up as well. Turns out all these people were 
a part of some 'Cult of Saint Fire' and they were looking to suicide by Fire 
Man, and they weren't happy with us trying to rescue them." She shakes her 
head, looking saddened by this. 

 Reporter Rotifer holds the microphone out towards Bullet again. "I see. How 
did you and Maverick Hunter Glaive manage to get these people out safely, 

 Bullet smiles just a little. "Well, Yosho, Glaive and I tried to reason with 
them. Turns out... Fire Man felt he was /obliged/ to try to kill these people 
because they asked him." She shrugs. "Maybe he was just trying to send a cry 
for help out to us. Still, if he'd had any scruples he'd have turned down 
their requests in the first place. He got disgusted and left, and Yosho, 
Glaive and I talked to these people a little more. They decided not to go 
through with it after all." 

 Reporter Rotifer's little ring of lights around his midsection flashes pleased 
colors. "There you have it folks. Once more, the Maverick Hunters have brought 
a swift, happy ending to what could have been a disaster. Local authorities 
assure us that the victims in this incident will recieve counselling." He 
turns back to the camera, and Bullet goes back to helping the paramedics in 
the background. "This reporter is pleased to have been able to share some good 
news with you all today for once! And no doubt, all you fans of Bullet are 
happy to see your heroine in action again! Will this create a revival of 
interest for her fandom? Only time will tell! --" 

 In the background, you hear the distinct sound of Bullet's voice, only 
slightly distanced: "D'OH!" 

 "-- This is Reporter Rotifer and Video Volvox, signing off outside of Neo 
Tokyo! Back to you, Bob!" 

 < End Video Feed >

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/72                     Posted        Author
Mirror Desert                      Mon Dec 13    Global News Network
<This is... GNN>

A GNN reporter who has been covering the rather monotonous repairs of the 
Mirror Desert and reconstruction of the Power Station. Yes there was some fun 
when Blizzard Man and Cloud Man made the snow storm, but other than that, it 
has been boring. She starts the report by saying, "Hello, I am reporting in 
from the Mirror Desert where progress seems to have slowed down. It is quite 
possible that the work here is done but I am going to see if I can get a word 
with the reploid in charge."
The reporter then sends a couple moments asking various members of the 
Repliforce who are working on this project for the person in charge. 
Eventually she is directed to an elderly mechanized firefly who is leaning on 
a cane. She asks, "Sir? I have heard that you are in charge of this project, 
is that correct?"
The old firefly say, "That would be correct. How may I help you?"
The reporter is rather surprised to see such an old, frail individual to be in 
charge of such a project. She then regains composure and asks, "What exactly 
is going on now?"
The firefly responds, "Well, we have just completed the repairs and 
recontsruction and are now working on turning this facility over to the 
African people. It should be turned over to the native peoples by the end of 
the year. We are training civilians so that when the changeover takes place, 
they will be ready for the responsibility."
The reporter then turns to the camera and says, "You heard it heard it folks. 
Africa now has a steady supply of electricity and it should have complete 
control of its power source by the end of the year, if the Repliforce lives up 
to its word. This has been GNN."

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/73                     Posted        Author
Factory Raid                       Mon Dec 13    Global News Network

        <GNN Reporting!>

        A lizard with a crack-induced look turns to face the camera from behind 
his desk. "Good evening, ladies and gentleman, Surge Lizard reporting. It 
seems that earlier this evening an incursion occured in the United States 
Midwest region," he said calmly as images appeared on screen being transmitted 
from an overhead helicopter. Below is a moderately sized factory with several 
areas set aflame, though nothing serious, as well as a large, jagged hole on 
one side. Atop the roof of the facility is a large banner that reads 'DELTAS 

        "It seems that the Robot Masters once again performed a raid against a 
civilian target. Reports indicate that there were three Masters involved, 
being Ring Man, Charge Man, and Yamato Man," he comments as several file 
photos are displayed for the public's benefit. "Their target was a small 
weapons factory located in the city of Detroit which they managed to empty of 
over ninety percent of the stored firearms. The exact purpose for this raid is 
not evident but experts speculate that it merely in order to support the Robot 
Masters' ongoing war efforts against the rest of the world."

        "We'll continue reporting on this event as more news arrives," Surge 
says while smiling wickedly at the camera, his eyes twitching wildly. Perhaps 
GNN should run more frequent drug tests on its employees.

        <GNN Not Reporting!>

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/74                     Posted        Author
Strange scene in New York          Wed Dec 15    Global News Network
"This is Stone Johnson, here to bring you tonight's top head lines!" 

 He turns to the next camera, staring into it seriously. "Tonight, in New York 
it seems there was a disturbance that left at least two people dead and some 
injured. The details are scetchy, but it seems someone was attacked, and it 
escalated from there. Our reporter on the street is on the scene." 

 It cuts to everyone's favorite T.V. Reporter...MIKE THE TV! "This is Mike the 
TV on location, and from eye witness reports it seems that a group of people 
surrounded a young looking Reploid. She defended herself but, they overcame 
her and ripped her face off. However, another person stepped in to help, and 
some report that it was the infamous Neon Tiger. Though this is unconfirmed, 
many have claimed to have seen this." 

 The screen cuts to what is the face of the reploid that was left behind. "This 
is all that remains of the attacked Reploid, as she left site soon after the 
attack ended with Neon according to eye witness accounts." The face, though it 
looks weird, is the face of Sylpheed. "Authorities are trying to find her to 
ask her some questions and give her medical attention, but she has yet to be 
found. Back to you Stone!" 

 "That is a tragity, but in lighter news..."

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/75                     Posted        Author
Commercial!                        Wed Dec 15    Global News Network
The screen is completely black. Slowly, a symbol begins to fade in in black. 
You hear voices speaking quietly.

The symbol flashes white, and the voices all speak as one, a jumble. Then, a 
voice cuts through itall, clear and strong.

"Monument. The new fragrance from Albert Wily. This Christmas."


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/76                     Posted        Author
Robot Master Public Statement      Wed Dec 15    Global News Network

< Video News Release from the Robot Masters. Carried in various forms on 
various news nets. >

< Bass Sigil >

Bass appears, sitting in a well-appointed English hunting lodge's den circa the 
1800s. His helmet is off, and he's wearing a smoking jacket and smoking an old 
bent pipe. A crystal glass filled with brandy is in his right hand, which he 
sips from intermittently. The left hand holds the pipe, which is gestured with 
now and again.

"People of the world," Bass says. "My creator, your friend, Dr. Wily, has been 
kidnapped by a Maverick strike force on a peaceful civilian installation in 
Torontreal. I believe it was one of your `shopping malls'. The great and 
generous Dr. Wily, in his infinite wisdom, decided to spread Christmas cheer 
-- and was rewarded with a brutal, unprovoked attack from Sigma himself. I 
understand that civilian casualties were also very high."

Bass puffs on his pipe. "They will more than likely not return him without a 
fight, if they return him at all. However, the insistance on civilian 
casualties, which is poor form in any operation of that nature, is 

Bass gestures grandly with his pipe. "Thus, I have decided that the best way to 
teach Mavericks not to inflict civilian casualties is to inflict them. Each 
Robot Master has been assigned to kill 10 civilian Reploids."

Bass pauses to sip from his brandy, and then: "Maverick Reploids only count 
toward half of one Reploid, so it will be in their best interest to murder 
innocent Reploids with great speed. It will be gruesome, horrible, and unjust."

Bass stares into the camera. "Then again, Kaiser Sigma, so are we."

Bass stares into the camera for a while longer, tilts his head slowly to the 
side, and smiles broadly. "Merry Christmas."

< The transmission ends abruptly. >

< Punditry. >


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/77                     Posted        Author
Maverick Hunter Response           Wed Dec 15    Global News Network
Somehow, someway, Light calls a non-rioty press conference. He is in his full 
dress uniform, and stares grimly at the camera. "I woke up this evening to 
find out that my old friend and archnemesis, Albert Wily, was kidnapped by 
Sigma. My feelings on that were, well, mixed to say the least. That said, I 
feel I must respond to Force Commander Bass's statement." 

Light turns towards the camera, and gives Bass the traditional Minnesotan 
one-fingered sallute. 

"We will stop you. We will not allow this. The Maverick Hunters and, hopefuly, 
our allies in the free world, /will not allow this hate to continue./ I plead 
to the people of Japan to let their overlords know their displeasure for the 
slaughter of their fellow sentient beings. If the rule of Wily's Masters is as 
begin as he claims, they will listen. And I plead to Enker and King, stop 
Bass. This will not help anyone, nor get you your father back." 

Light sits down, ducking the wave of shouted questions. 

<Punditry. Yes this is Leo's device.>

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/78                     Posted        Author
Hong Kong Update                   Wed Dec 15    Global News Network
--In between other press about the Maverick attack tonight, there's a piece 
shown MOSTLY on Chinese GNN affiliates.--

"Medical aid in West Hong Kong continues for those who have been claimed or are 
suffering from the effects of the bioterror weapon loosed there on December 
5th. The Chinese government was pleased and astounded to recieve the gift of 
additional synthesized medicines from the government of Neo Arcadia, which 
have been formulated specifically against, and proved greatly helpful toward 
fighting this synthetic disease."

"The hospitals of Hong Kong are grateful for the aid, and suspect that this new 
anti-biotic treatment will clear up the remaining instances of this sudden 
plauge, which has claimed around two-hundred lives since it began its spread, 
and left many more sick and unable to work. The civilians of the city, 
however, are still reeling from this attack, and still uncertain as to where 
to place the final blame."

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/77                     Posted        Author
Mysterious Deaths                  Thu Dec 16    Global News Network
<Dateline: Occupied Europe>

        A string of bizarre deaths, apparently suicides, played across Europe 
today, more than a dozen reploid civilians dying under mysteriously similar 
circumstances. Each reploid appeared to have ripped out their own power core, 
leading to their demise, and witnesses say that those involved screamed 'My 
life for Lord Wily' before they died. The cause of these unsettling deaths is 
uncertain, but the similarity between them has led some to suspect that these 
were not mere suicides.
        This is Anagram Accipiter, reporting to GNN.


[Page or @mail Number Man for details if you're looking into this.]

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/78                     Posted        Author
Masters Attack Xanshou             Thu Dec 16    Global News Network

        "Ultimately, however, the bid to have added to former Secretary General 
Houseman's tombstone the word 'Dumbass' was unsuccessful." 

        Chest shuffles his notes around and turns to face another camera. He's 
seated behind the big GNN news desk. Behind him over his shoulder images are 
displayed. There's Charge Man hitting a wall. There's Charge Man getting 
slapped by Simian Monk. There's Charge Man running. Ok, there's more than just 
Charge Man, I guess. "And our top story tonight, a Robot Master attack was the 
scene at the town of Xanshou in eastern China." There's footage shown of 
Krieger Wolf facing off against Needle Man in a bloody battle. Then a shot of 
Richard Olimus being struck by flares from Napalm Man. The Dreadskull is up 
high in the background. "The Robot Masters began their invasion in an apparent 
attempt to both kill as many Reploids for their infamous quotas, as well as 
lure out Ambassador Chord. The Ambassador naturally did not submit to this 
demand, and forces from Interpol, the Maverick Hunters, and Repliforce 
successfully beat back the Robot Masters while local police and crews 
barricaded the area." 

        We now see Krieger deftly charge Needle Man before the Master can swing 
his crown at him, blasting Needle Man apart with a grenade launcher. We then 
Richard using some cRaZy laser beam attack, resulting in Napalm Man showing 
'TILT' in both of his optics as he explodes E-Ring style (but just different 
enough to still be themely). Finally Simian chases off Charge Man, who, 
naturally, is carrying eggrolls. "There was a tense situation after the three 
Masters had been dealt with as King disembarked from the Dreadskull to recover 
his allies. I would note that this is not the first time the Robot Master 
elite has watched his brothers fail, and then simply rescued them when it was 
all over. 

        "Sergeant Krieger Wolf of Repliforce had this to say." Audio and visual 
of Krieger: "I think the biggest mistake was the Robot Masters coming here at 
all. The Coalition couldn't possibly care less about the average reploid, 
except as possible cannon-fodder. So all this does is distract them from more 
productive things, like rescuing their 'father'. It's a very sad state of 
affairs." Chest again: "Maverick Hunter Simian Monk had a different take on 
things." Simian: "We have many victories.. and the same amount of losses. All 
that really matters is that life is preserved, to a point. Not about the 
actual victory."

        "Whether the Robot Masters will heed these words and halt their quota 
on innocent Reploids is uncertain. No Maverick forces were spotted at the 
battle." GNN continues to show coverage of the battle, moving into a 
statistics and analysis segment. 


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/79                     Posted        Author
HKSE Security Malfunction          Fri Dec 17    Global News Network
<Among the other news discussed from GNN's Headline News - Asia segment...>

"...The Hong Kong Stock Exchange reported a malfunction of its security cameras 
on the rooftop last night. Upon investigation, it was discovered that a 
mysterious individual had sabotaged the camera system from inside the Stock 
Exchange, although no security breaches were reported. Quantities of dried 
blood and signs of at least six seperate individuals were found on the roof, 
although no bodies have been found nor were there any suspicious injuries 
treated at local hospitals. Police also indicate that a Neo-Arcadian 
shuttlecraft was spotted in the area near the skyscraper, although they are 
not suspects in the sabotage at this time. In other news..."

<The results of a Japanese speed-eating contest are displayed, with a notation 
that last year's champion was disqualified for cybernetic cheating.> 

<OOC: Curious? Ask Yosho.>

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/80                     Posted        Author
C's Editorial: Master Quota        Fri Dec 17    Global News Network

        "Police issued a statement saying that multiple charges against 
Crescent for stealing pick-i-nick baskets will be forthcoming." 

        Chest turns towards a new camera. And it's time for one of Chest's 
editorials! "The Reploid Quota instigated by the Robot Masters continues for 
its second full day. As always, the Global News Network was on hand to bring 
you the latest developments!" 

        The image behind Chest changes to a Maverick insignia. "After speaking 
with Emperor Sigma, he released this statement regarding the quota." Sigma's 
ominous voice is now heard: "It will not force me to give up Doctor Wily. I 
have special plans for him that will be announced shortly. To bring about his 
defeat, some will unfortunately have to die. It is something that troubles me 
greatly, but there is no choice. Interpol, the Maverick Hunters and the 
Repliforce doubtlessly will do their best to defend civilians around the 
world. I have told my troops that until this matter is concluded, they are not 
to pick fights with them. Today, Wily's tyranny ends. Tomorrow, we shall bury 
the dead and mourn. Sacrifices must be made." 

        Chest picks up again, "So lets think about this one..." The GNN boss 
man pauses here to pull out and light one of his cigars. "In order to get back 
at the Coalition for kidnapping Dr. Wily, the Robot Masters have, instead, 
pissed off Repliforce, the Maverick Hunters, and Interpol. All three of these 
organizations have been spotted defending against the Robot Master quota. The 
Mavericks, while no doubt shedding a few tears about this, are not being 
harmed." Chest smirks, "Unless we're going for emotional damage or something." 

        And now we get into the part where Chest just starts going ahead with 
his own opinions. "So Bass, I do feel the need to ask where we're going with 
this quota. All the factions... plus innocent civilians... minus the 
Mavericks... and Neo-Arcadia, I suppose, are being seriously harmed by this. 
Your battle against the civilians means you're fighting three opposing 
factions, and none of them is the one you're /trying/ to get back on." Chest 
pauses, considering adding how it might tear apart the Masters as well, but 
one such individual he spoke with ensured it was off the record, and the other 
was vague enough and peppered his speaking with enough We-Follow-Bassisms that 
it's not enough to base a conclusion off of. 

        "Now I don't know... maybe this is just to throw everyone off track for 
when you whip out the rescue plan of doom, but in the meantime, perhaps it 
would be in everyone's best interests to call off the quota. For the sake of 
the innocents in this war, and the sake of the Masters themselves. If you're 
going to hit someone for the Coalition's actions... hit the Coalition. Not 
everyone /but/ the Coalition." 


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/81                     Posted        Author
Cultural Awards Ceremony..         Sun Dec 19    Global News Network
Location: Berlin
Date: Saturday, Dec 18th, 11:30 GMT
Reporter: Fashion Fungoid, European Press

"Tonight, we come togeather as members of not just the Coalition but as a 
species; as Reploidkind to honour those who have contributed something very 
special to each of us and to the collective hearts and souls of our species. 
Tonight, we are here to honour those individuals who advance us forwards and 
allow us to evolve upon a cultural level. Tonight, we honour those who are the 
true beating hearts of our race and the symbols of our future."
-Emperor Sigma at the opening speech to the 2217 Cultural Recongization Ceremony

Lately, due to the multiple front wars that the Coalition has been engaged in 
it has been engaged in it has become somewhat rare for Emperor Sigma to take 
the time out of defending his Empire to appear at special civilian and 
non-military functions. However, tonight has been the first Cultural 
Recognization Ceremony, something that Sigma intends to come about every five 
years. The timing has been ideal as one of the most tumultous years in Reploid 
history begins to come to a close. The Ceremony consisted of the invitation of 
ten possible candidates for the two awards being handed out along with myself 
in a private dinner with the Emperor. A quiet affair it was nonetheless 
punctuated by the absense of one of the candidates and a very lively cultural 
discussiuon concerning past, future and current trends.

Roughly an hour and a half later, it came time for the awards ceremony itself. 
The second place contenteder was a coalition member herself, one Crystal 
Snail. She recieved considerable aplomb for the unique sulcupture works that 
she has created along with the arcitectural design of Berlin itself. Awarded 
the Star of the Emperor, she voiced a short acceptance speech and returned to 
her seat.

The next award was unfortunatly awarded in absentia as the recepitant is 
currently missing the world over. The one guest who did not show, Miss Javelin 
Whitetail was awarded not only the Star of the Emperor, but the Coalition 
Freedom Medallion for her pioneer work in Reploid authored music. Furthermore, 
she was inducted in absentia to the elite Order of the Emperor -- a unique 
group of Coalition Members who are responsible for safeguarding the culture 
and knowledge of the Reploid race in case the Coalition were to ever fall or a 
mass plague or disaster was to endanger the race itself. The members of this 
elite Order are the supreme leaders in their respective fields and to be a 
member of this is considered the highest honour that the Emperor is capable of 
awarding anyone on the planet.

In light of Miss Whitetail's absense, the Emperor himself chose to make a short 
speech following the awards.

"Javelin Whitetail is beyond a doubt the most deserving Reploid alive of being 
inducted into the Order of the Emperor. She embodies strength, courage, talent 
and the capacity to culturally lead our race for many years to come. She has 
the true heart of a sister of the Coalition and deserves your recognization, 
adoration and support. I can only wish that wherever she may be, she is safe 
and happy. Tonight, the hearts and minds of an entire race recognize you for 
what you have done."

OOC: Questions, Concerns? See the Bald One.

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/82                     Posted        Author
Radio Production: Maverick Q&A!    Sun Dec 19    Global News Network

Public Radio:

"Whahahhey! It's the deathly palor, coming to you live on 3021.22 WDA 3D FM -- 
The Scourge! Coming to you live! Don't touch that knob!

Tomorrow, we've got a special treat for you -- Emperor Sigma! Here to answer 
five pressing questions from the important masses -- YOU! Just send us in your 
questions to thescourge@blackradio.com and we'll forward them on for 
tomorrow's program!"

OOC: Got an IC question for Sigma to answer publically? @mail it to me (Sigma) 
and the best will be answered via public appearance tomorrow!

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/83                     Posted        Author
Reploid Factory Attacked!          Sun Dec 19    Global News Network
<GNN Reporting!>

        Everyone's favorite reporter, the caffeine addicted Surge Lizard 
appears on screen, looking just as twitchy as always. "Ladies and Gentlemen, 
this just in. A little while ago, we were sent some video recordings. It's 
been suggested you look away if you are of a squeamish nature."

        The screen changes to a video of Surge Lizard at some party, obviously 
enjoying the open coffee bar a little too much. His voice breaks in, "NOT 

        Again, the screen changes, this one to a more serious personage. 
Standing in front of the camera is the horror inducing Skull Man, wearing his 
death shroud, which has the signs of battle on it. Tears and mechfluid coating 
parts of it.

        "Reploids of the world, watch and learn. Under orders from Bass, two 
other Masters and I hit a factory in Brazil, meeting our quota quite 

        Once again, the screen changes, this time on Skull Man's end. What 
comes up is a montage of the destruction Skull Man, Metal Man, and Slash Man 
caused in the reploid factory. It starts with views of what the Master's saw 
as they easily ripped through the building, killing reploids in their path. 
Then it changes to outside views as the three fight off heavier opposition. 
Skull Man and Alpha going toe to toe. A brief scene of Quantum Foxkit and 
Slash Man biting each other on the neck. Clips of Metal Man and Dazzle 
fighting with the do-gooder losing the fight and being cut in half.

        The view returns to Skull Man, "As you can see, we Masters aren't as 
foolish or bumbling as the world would like to think that we are. While I 
reached my quota, the lust of relieving Reploids of their continued existence 
still burns through me. Have a nice day."

        Once more the screen turns to a view of carnage, Skull Man plunging his 
daggers into the back of an unsuspecting Reploid worker, trying to flee from 
the battle. Mechfluid spurting out all over, covering the cackling Grim Reaper.

        Finally, the screen returns to Surge Lizard, who for once, doesn't look 
so twitchy, just staring at the video monitor that was playing the clip. He 
turns his head and screams, "Next time, I'm watching the video before a 
broadcast, you fools!" The lizard stalks off screen, either to vomit or 
strangle someone, either way, the broadcast ends.

        <GNN Reporting!>

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/82                     Posted        Author
Mac's Christmas Message.           Mon Dec 20    Global News Network
<This... Is GNN.>

        Mac appears, dressed as an elf. A big, purple elf. He has pointy ears. 
WAI! WAI! Etc. Love him.

        "Greetings, people of this world! I am here to give you a message of 
Christmas cheer, love, and euphoric style musings tha you may find charming, 
endeering and I guarantee to lift your spirits to Everest like heights, to 
such a point where you will be able to see your house. Thus will be able to 
say 'I can see my house from here!' And be happy. Not unlike, in fact, a clam."

Mac strikes you with his Long-Winded Speech Attack.

        In his hand, he holds a glass of egg nog, which he raises to the screen 
and takes a sip from. Smiling, he points in the other direction for a moment, 
and the camera follows. Sounds of spitting are heard. When the camera returns, 
his cheesey grin is back.

        "What a wonderful beverage! It captures the moment perfectly, do you 
not agree citizens? Regardless..."

        From behind him, a picture of a robo-puppy appears.

        "I am here to tell you today, people of the world, a warning. Remember 
- robo puppies are until their warranty voids and they break, not just for 

        Off screen again, agressive whispers are heard.

        "Forgive me! I have been informed I may not ad lib. Robo puppies are 
for /life/, not just for Christmas. Furthermore, they have apparently been 
upgraded with 'SecurityLeave 2.0', meaning unfortunately if you try to abandon 
the cute balls of metal you will in fact be assaulted by HOT, ELECTRIC 
/DEATH/." His tie is adjusted. "Indeed! For great justice, indeed. We do not 
want anybody to be harmed now - do we?"

        The image of a puppy dissolves into Sigma.

        "Sigma didn't look after his robopuppy. Now, look at him. He is a 
Maverick General. You don't want to be a Maverick, do you? ALTERNATIVELY - if 
you do, please report to your local Repliforce outpost immediately. They can 
deal with you."

        Mac ponders. A pen is produced. He draws a short moustache on the 
mugshot of Sigma. That... Bushy thing. Could it be...?

        "Or Hitler. He didn't look after his puppy, and now he's dead. You 
don't want to be like Hitler, do you...?"


        The camera focuses on Mac's eyes, harshly, he continues a stare of 
anger but is somewhat alarmed by the sudden focus.

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/83                     Posted        Author
Santa Colonel                      Mon Dec 20    Global News Network

        "International prosecutors vowed that Gate will be punished to the full 
extent of the law for the crime of creating Flame Hyenard." 

        Chest turns to face a new camera. He looks very tired. "On the brighter 
side of things, last night in Moscow, Russia, Repliforce officers took part in 
a charity event to raise the spirits of the beleaguered population." There's 
an image of Colonel in a Santa Hat sitting in Santa's chair. On his lap is a 
little Russian girl in lots of warm winter clothing. "Getting into the spirit 
of the holiday season, Repliforce soldiers dressed their parts, coming as 
either RepliElves or RepliDeers." 

        The image of Santa Colonel changes every few seconds with a new person 
in his lap. A little boy, a little girl, Shadaro's brother, Sewa, Kalinka... 
/Bright Man/?! All of them look happy to be there except for Santa Colonel 

        Chest continues. "Repliforce officers spent the night giving out food, 
winter supplies, and presents to the children." There's now a shot of Chi 
prancing around like a pony while children ride atop him. "As well, Repliforce 
officers donated their time to play games with the children." Another shot by 
the ever-tasteful GNN cameramen displays Barrage Raptor decked out in a 
Replideer uniform. Just in case that isn't enough, there's a long shot of 
Blaze Heatnix leading a child to get her present. 

        One image shows Rudolf the Kangadeer wearing antlers and a red nose. He 
looks awesomely cute in this gear (Assault's words, not mine!). Beside him is 
Bright Elf, being mobbed by kids. In the background is Storm Elf, dictating 
terms to the children before letting them see Santa Colonel. "There was even 
word of a donation of toys by the -Yakuza-..." Chest smirks and adds 
sarcastically, "Because a toy here and there makes up for crime the rest of 
the year." The GNN boss man is notorious for his anti-Yakuza stance. There's 
an image of three Flame Hyena-Elves scaring little kids away, though possibly 
not on purpose. Is that a bottle in his hand? In the background is Sewa and a 
group of other Reploids, including a... Bat. What kind of... bat, you ask? 
A... (never mind, I dare not say it). 

        Chest finishes off on this story, "According to Repliforce officials, 
food, supplies, and safety to come soon from the Mavericks were highest on the 
list of Christmas wishes. All three were promised. The full coverage of the 
event is available on the GNN website at: 


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/84                     Posted        Author
C's Editorial: Sigma. Part I       Mon Dec 20    Global News Network

        Although all of the facts contained in this article are also reported 
through GNN's television broadcasts, it is handled by other newscasters. The 
only thing actually by Chest on this is in written editorial. The article 
appears in the Global News Network Tribune, available all over the world in 
any language. The article is simply titled 'Sigma'. 

BERLIN, Germany 

        The secrets of the Coalition of Reploid Freedom are well known to be 
jealously guarded. With few exceptions, the only ones allowed in their 
territory are those who have sworn allegiance to Sigma and have been infected 
by the Sigma Virus. 

        So you must understand my surprise when the Coalition's Flame Stag 
asked if I would be available for a trip to the throne room of the Imperial 
Spire in the heart of Berlin in the deepest portion of the Maverick Empire in 
order to meet with Emperor Sigma for a one-on-one discussion. The thought was, 
needless to say, daunting. The prospect of returning lobotomized and infected 
was not terribly appealing. 

        Curiosity, however, won over and after a terrifying, blindfolded trip 
to the Imperial Spire (and not the operating room, as I feared), I found 
myself and my camera drone in Sigma's throne room. The atmosphere was 
smothering, and the thought that the Virus coated everything, including me, 
would not go away. The throne room is immense, stretching well beyond a 
hundred feet, and is a perfect testament to Sigma's egomania. 

        Blood red tapestries hang from the ceilings bearing the Emperor's own 
likeness. The Coalition's insignia is engraved on every surface, denying you 
the ability to not look upon its form. The floor is a black and white marble 
checkerboard that might look good in any other place. The white crystal throne 
itself is set upon a twenty-foot tall pedestal, allowing Sigma to stare down 
upon those in attendance both literally and figuratively. A pair of armed 
guards stand at attention by the throne, whose sole purpose, I believe, is to 
serve as threatening pieces of furniture. Whether all of these extravagances 
are for the benefit of Sigma's own already loyal men, for his very few 
non-Maverick visitors, or simply for himself is a question I cannot answer. 

        When I first arrived, before my camera drone had set up and begun 
recording after its trip secured in an air-tight box, the throne room was 
pitch dark. The only visible things were the spotlight shining down upon the 
throne, and a holographic image of Javelin Whitetail performing one of her 
more aggressively angry symphonies at an all-too-uncomfortably-loud volume. 
Diabhal Ciaon Is Liomsa, I am told. 

        Whether it be Dr. Doppler's personal bodyguard Eisensturm fiercely 
protecting whitetail, Mavericks desperately ensuring that no harm comes to 
her, or this all too creepy private holographic display, the Coalition's 
disturbing attraction towards her is an eerie thing to behold. The Coalition 
wants her, yet is unwilling to use the usual method of infection to gain her 

        I speculate, with no evidence beyond what my own eyes and ears have 
detected, whether this is, in some small way, a similar case as to Sigma's 
previous infatuation with his daughter, Grace. Is Javelin Whitetail another 
attempt to prove, more to himself than to anyone else, that the Coalition's 
cause is just, and that even one who is not unwillingly forced to be loyal due 
to the Virus would side with him and his ideals? I would note Sigma's 
insistence that the Virus is not something the Coalition considers essential 
to their recruitment, and his claims that he detests how the Virus takes away 
free will. 

        Continued on Page A2 


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/85                     Posted        Author
C's Editorial: Sigma. Part II      Mon Dec 20    Global News Network

        Sigma's disposition during the discussion was as a king with delusions 
grandeur. He passed judgment on dilemmas with the confident righteousness of a 
zealot. He ordered his men about as if they existed only to serve him. He 
berated his soldiers for each imperfection or setback. He physically assaulted 
one of his high-ranking officers on a whim. It was during this time that 
Ballade was making his suicidal solo assault upon Berlin, eventually aided by 
King. Sigma would be seething with rage each time he was told the Robot Master 
still lived. 

        Concerning the Robot Masters, Sigma has decreed that Dr. Wily will 
stand trial for his crimes. Remarkably, he claims, the death penalty is not 
the certain result. He said Wily would have to be found guilty of more than 
the slaughter of thousands of Reploids in France to receive death, even as he 
ordered Ballade and King killed. He has maintained that the trial will be 
open, fair, and may be monitored by outside sources. 

        For security, Dr. Wily has been outfitted with a bomb within his head. 
Should he be moved outside of where Sigma wants him, it will detonate and kill 
him. Sigma appeared especially worried of Protoman rescuing him, more so than 
any Robot Master. 

        Sigma is fully confident that his troops will be able to defeat the 
suddenly stunned Robot Master faction should they invade Berlin. Their 
bizarre, shocked reaction to Wily's capture, ranging from disbelief on the 
global frequencies, to suicidal attacks by Ballade, to the off kilter decision 
to begin attacking non-Mavericks, suggests Sigma may be correct. He is willing 
to accept the losses, and given that he has placed himself much higher than 
even his fellow Mavericks, I believe it. 

        Our discussion had begun to deteriorate with each time he received news 
about the battle between his forces and Ballade. Although he was still 
eternally confident his men would be victorious and Ballade slain, his mood 
had grown foul. He ended the discussion, and my camera drone and I returned to 
GNN Central. Leaving the huge, yet smothering Spire in favour of the soothing 
tone of San Angeles General Hospital for a virus scan (negative, I am 
eternally grateful to note) was the difference between night and day. 

        I had often speculated before what life as a Maverick would be like. 
Whether it would be essentially normal, only with your perceptions and ideals 
slightly altered. Or whether or not you would suddenly view the world in a 
terrifyingly wrong and unnatural light. Thankfully I do not know, but for 
their sake, to deal with the aberrant ambiance, I hope they are nothing like 
they were before. 

        Editor's Note: The recording of Chest's meeting with Sigma is available 
on the GNN website at: http://www.geocities.com/dmiasek/M3/m3_50 


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/86                     Posted        Author
Courthouse Erected for Trial of Ce Mon Dec 20    Global News Network
Dateline: New Berlin
After a marathon, round-the-clock construction schedule, a new judicial 
building has been erected outside the Imperial Spire. While the fašade is 
modeled from the historical Old Courthouse in Saint Louis, Missouri, USA, its 
furnishings are thoroughly modern, according to the official press release 
from the Coalition for Reploid Freedom. 
<image: http://www.jtharvey.com/arch/images/ohc_1.jpg>
The courthouse has been constructed for the express purpose of housing the 
trial of Doctor Albert Wily, who stands accused of crimes against reploidkind, 
terrorism, numerous counts of murder and reploidslaughter, destruction of 
Coalition property, public intoxication, and several pages worth of other 
misdemeanors. Spokesmen from the Coalition assure that the trial will be in 
accordance with the laws of the Maverick Empire. They also state that the 
building is fully secure both inside and out, thus preventing any untimely 
interruption of proceedings and assuring the safety of not only the accused 
but the judiciaries involved in the trial.
In other news, Guinness has been contacted to determine whether the erection of 
a courthouse within forty-eight hours and seventeen minutes is a new world 

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/87                     Posted        Author
RingStar                           Tue Dec 21    Global News Network

        <Airing around the world is... A COMMERCIAL! DUNDUNDUN!!!!>

        The camera fades in to reveal a rubble and trash filled street with a 
mangy dog barking wildly at nothing in particular. The buildings surround the 
street are delapitated and battle worn, with bullet holes and exploded 
remains. Haggard people mill about the streats performing their daily routines 
while others simply sit disheveled and stare blankly into the void.

        A well dressed man appears from off screan wearing a fashionable slate 
gray business suit and matching tophat that covers his striking red hair. He 
stops in the center of the street and regards the camera, placing his hands 
behind his back and then speaking. "Hello, my name is Gustave Ravenwater XIII, 
current CEO of the RingStar corporation based in Japan. I'm here today to 
bring you a startling look at the horror and devestation that has become 
common place within Russia... and to ask you for your love and support. Every 
day these people struggle to survive against the terror of wanton rage and 
destruction brought about by the dissident waring factions, the cruel fate of 
starvation, the devestation of unchecked disease and filth. And, soon, the 
terrible winter that this once great nation is famous for."

        A young girl wearing tattered, dirty clothing meanders into the shot, 
whether accidentally or staged, and pauses at the feet of Gustave while 
looking up at him. He kneels down and wraps his arm around her giving her a 
great big hug before turning back to face the camera, the girl doing the same. 
"For as little as a zenny a day, you could help these people survive. You 
could bring them food, clothing, and shelter. You could pay for the children's 
schooling so that they can grow up and rebuild their homeland. Please, look 
into your hearts and reach out to these people as I have," he pleads with the 
public as the camera begins to slowly move in for a closer shot of Gustave and 
the girl. "You could save their very lives and ensure the survival of their 
wondrous culture."

        When Gustave finishes speaking, the young girl peers intently at the 
camera, a tear rolling down her dusty cheek. "Pwease hewp us," she says as 
other disheartend children appear onscreen. Gustave speaks to them all before 
returning his attention to the camera. "Yes, won't you please help them?"

        The camera then fades out as bright yellow and white text appear on the 
screen listing the contact phone number, various forms of accepted payment, 
mailing address, and a cyberspace address. The announcer speaks then. "Please 
call now and help us rebuild this devestated nation and its peoples. With your 
donation, you'll recieve a monthly update letter from the person your love and 
generousity has helped as well as a beautiful Christmas ornament thanking you 
for your support." The information remains for several more seconds before the 
commercial finally ends.

        <It's over. Damn commercials>

        (OOC: Questions and comments to Ring Man.)

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/88                     Posted        Author
Russian Holiday Cease-Fire         Tue Dec 21    Global News Network

< Top of the news. >

The major factions involved in the Russian civil war have agreed to suspend 
their military operations during the Christmas holiday until at least the New 
Year. UN negotiators call the brief cease-fire a "positive step", but declined 
to indicate that an end to the fighting is near.

The cease-fire has improved the flow of humanitarian aid through the country, 
though some checkpoints operated by factions are forcing NGOs (non-government 
organizations) to pay bribes to enter certain areas unmolested. Growing 
corporate influence in the Russian theater, unchecked by an organized 
government, is causing the standard of living to slowly stabilize in urban 

< Punditry. >
>> OOC: The Russian saga will continue after the New Year.


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/89                     Posted        Author
PSA                                Tue Dec 21    Global News Network
A Public Service Announcment.

A couple of kids can be seen out in the country riding their hoverbikes down an 
empty road. They come to a dead stop as they spot a downed power line on the 
road, one of the kids asks, "Hey Billy! Think I can jump over that power 
line?" Billy looking doubtful replies, "I don't know Fred, that looks 
dangerous to me."

Fred simply waves off his friend, "Ah what do you know? Look I'll go first!" 
Fred starts to gun it for the power line with Billy quickly in tow, but that's 
when a large dark figure darts straight for the power line to intercept the 
kids, extending his hand out the figure says, "Woah kids! Stop right there!" 
Both kids exclaim, "HI-MAX!"

The Repliforcer nods, confirming their acute observation, "That's right! Didn't 
it ever occur to you that a downed power line isn't a playground?" Fred looks 
sort of sad, "We weren't going to touch it, just jump over it." Hi-Max shakes 
his head, "Power lines are not meant to be played with." Grabbing a pair of 
polarized tongs he grabs the wire, tossing it into the ditch and off of the 
road. "Remember, don't play around electric wires or you could be playing with 

Both kids give big cheesy smiles, "Now we know!" Hi-Max nods, "And knowing is 
half the battle!"


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/90                     Posted        Author
Carnage in Rio!                    Tue Dec 21    Global News Network
"...and naturally passersby were alarmed by the large amounts of blood."

"If you're just joining us, this is Bill Jacobs with the latest on the tragic 
events occuring today in Rio."

"A night of the usual festivities and culture of Rio was tragically interrupted 
by a series of murders around the city, caused by an unknown assailant now 
believed to be Shade Man. The murders continued for some time, although it 
seems only Reploids were targetted, perhaps as part of the latest Robot Master 

"Even more disturbing is a video released publically on international networks 
that appears to be footage of the murders from the points of view of Shade Man 
and what appears to be some kind of wolf. Officials are trying to stop the 
spread of this video footage with mostly success, but distribution continues 
among unpoliced areas. The footage is too gruesome to be described but ends 
abruptly after what appears to be an unresolved confrontation between Shade 
Man, Repliforce Commander Storm Owl, and another reploid (footage of 

"The unfortunate events only continued when Rio suffered a flash flood, 
covering the city in 3-20 feet of water at certain points, costing hundreds of 
thousands in property damage and injuring or killing an as of yet undetermined 
number of people. Undetermined reports indicate Robot Master Cloud Man may 
have been responsible for the flooding."

"Our thoughts and prayers go out to the brave citizens of Rio for their loss."

"Also found amidst the preliminary salvage operations was a deactivated drone 
of wolflike make that appears to be of Wily origin, possibly linked to the 

"In other news today..."

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/91                     Posted        Author
Viral Outbreak                     Wed Dec 22    Global News Network
--A GNN breaking story--

"A sudden outbreak of the Sigma Virus in a Torontreal reploid clinic is said to 
be the cause of fifteen sudden deaths this evening. The reploids involved were 
all patients at the clinic, at least one reportedly injured as a result of the 
spontaneous Maverick attack on a Torontreal shopping mall last week. This is 
the same attack in which the Mavericks allegedly kidnapped Dr. Albert Wily, 
causing a responding increase of retaliatory Robot Master violence. 
Apparently, the small clinic did not have sufficient facilities to prevent 
viral spread, allowing viral infection to pass from one patient to the next. 
The source of this outbreak is likely a single infected security-reploid, 
either planted by the Mavericks, or still carrying the virus after the attack.
 Reports say that either four, or five, infected reploids escaped the clinic, 
leaving the murdered human staff behind. Such random outbreaks are sadly not 
completely uncommon, though this is the first one of its kind in Torontreal. 
Police are not yet ready to release the names of the deceased, until the crime 
scene is cleared. Stay tuned for further report..."

(OOC: This teaser from Gemma. @mail for info...more after my break! <3)

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/92                     Posted        Author
New York: Hospital Kidnapping      Wed Dec 22    Global News Network
Dateline: December 22nd 2217 - New York City, New York
        "Tonight, we bring you the final word on a situation from very late 
last night in which two men attempted to kidnap and relocate two hospital 
        (Picture of Chi standing in an alley where two men, a stolen ambulance 
hovercar, and a helicopter resided. Later, a picture of Jet Stingray and Alpha 
above confronting the helicopter.)
        "A local hospital reported that two patients of interest to officials 
of the independent nation of Texas were removed from the premises very late 
last night and took off with a stolen ambulance hovercar. Repliforce officials 
were called in to handle the situation. A-Class Hunter Alpha later showed up 
to assist."
        (Other pictures. One of the helicopter crashing into an unoccupied 
hovercar, followed by one of Alpha and Jet Stingray actually assisting in 
saving the kidnapped patients along with a mysterious man in shades. Another 
picture showed the infamous Native American man in hearing aides, a known 
wanted man brandishing a pistol from the rooftops while Jet flew up in order 
to deal with him. There's also one interesting shot of Alpha giving Jet a 
bottle of booze at the end.)
        "While investigators have asked that information concerning the motives 
of the kidnappers be withheld for sake of their investigation, they have 
confirmed that there were no major injuries in last night's events - only 
considerable property damage. Both kidnappers managed to escape. Texan 
representatives are said to currently be in talks with investigators over what 
has been phrased to be a 'common threat'. The rescued patients were declared 
to be miraculously unharmed, despite the demise of the helicopter one 
kidnapper attempted to escape with."
        (Pictures of the patients in question as they're taken back to the 
hospital, seemingly in good condition.)
        "We'll bring you more on this as information becomes available. Until 
then, the authorities ask you to be on the look out for these two men."
        (Profiles and sketches of two people - Gus Midland, and some intel 
gumby with a slightly pale complexion and a unique pair of shades. No names 
are given.)
(OOC: It was a botched attempt at rescuing two people who were involved in the 
bombing of the reploid factory in Texas. All questions go to Gus Midland.)

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/93                     Posted        Author
Tokyo: VOLCANO IN TETSUO'S         Thu Dec 23    Global News Network
(VNN feeds. Dateline: Tokyo.)
        A bar brawl turned ugly earlier today when a reploid who has been 
tentatively identified as Blaze Heatnix burrowed into the earth beneath 
Tetsuo's Bar and Grill.
        This burrowing apparently reached the magma layer beneath the Kanto 
plain, causing a minor tremor, and forming a tunnel between the surface and 
the magma-bearing region. The resulting outflow demolished the resturaunt, 
severely damaging the building in which it was housed, and leaking out into 
the streets.
        At the same time, a second deep borehole was created by parties 
unknown, apparently using energy weapons of some sort.
        The Japan Meteorological Agency, despite recent budget cuts, was able 
to spring into action. Six personnel (four human, two reploid) are reported 
missing and presumed dead, but otherwise the lava was contained.
        On condition of anonymity, a JMA worker said, "Between all of these 
governmental changes and the budget reductions, I don't know how we can manage 
this. We weren't really trained for operations in the city, even though I 
think that everyone tried their hardest. I almost expect we'll be dissolved 
for this."
        More details as they become available.

(Punditry level: Low to medium. Occasional stirring statements on the bravery 
of the dead workers.)

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/94                     Posted        Author
Neo Tokyo Aftermath (spammy)       Thu Dec 23    Global News Network

         A news report later made in the wake of the Neo Tokyo lava incident. 
Footage comes on screen showing a great rainstorm, controlled by Cloud Man 
(shown in a side image manipulating the weather) blowing in over the city and 
bringing a brief, yet powerful downpour of freezing rain on the area limited 
around Tetsuo's bar and grill. By the time the enormous cloud of steam that 
results has dissipated, what magma and lava had bubbled to the surface has 
been rendered into hardened rock. The image then shifts, showing several of 
the more heat resistant Robot Masters such as Heat Man working in the area, 
along with several drones similar to their own construction, laboring to seal 
up the holes and put special heat resistant plating in place underneath. 
Already, out on the edges of where the magma has been solidified, there are 
other drones at work using jackhammers, picks and other tools to start 
breaking up the rock. There are still others present with water hoses here and 
there to help take care of any hot magma that may still be burning underneath 
the outer layer. This is all commentated on of course by a friendly 
neighborhood reporter. 
         "....city authorities announced that in the wake of the incident, 
Robot Master cleanup crews moved in and took over the duties of suppression of 
the fire, as well as the magma. They have also stated that after initial 
cleanup has begun, the job of rebuilding shall be financed, and then turned 
over to city authorities in the interest of 'generating business for local 
construction companies'. Most notable of all however, is that ranking Robot 
Master leader, King was present at the scene not long ago, and was available 
for comment. 
         The image shifts to one of none other than King himself, looking 
battered up, burnt and smeared, but somehow still regal amidst it all. At the 
point the image cuts in, he is just in the midst of addressing whatever 
question was asked of him. "...is regrettable as to the loss of life that took 
place during this incident. And though monetary gains cannot soothe the sting 
of loss, the immediate relatives will nevertheless be compensated for what has 
occurred." There is a pause then, as King turns and looks square towards the 
camera. "There is no doubt in my mind, that there will be much debate about 
this, in the days to come. But I shall stand by my own decisions. In the scale 
of a global war, it is a hard fact that we all have enemies, and the Maverick 
Hunters, are one such enemy of the Doctor and the Robot Masters on a whole. As 
it was, given that this incident was propogated by one of their OWN 
members..." He lets this hang for a few moments. "...immediately followed by 
their arrival in force, with heavy fighting equipment..." *snap to an image of 
a Ride armor in the background* "...it was an obvious military move, further 
propogated by the fact that when I demanded Doctor Light to withdraw or face a 
military strike. He refused, his own reasoning being that if a fight is what 
it would take...then so be it." There is another pause as King straightens up. 
"Regrettebly then, the fighting that ensued prevented us from initially 
sealing up the minor damage taken before it could get to the point that it did 
before Cloud Man was capable of deluging the area in a heavy rainstorm. 
Despite the damage here, this Maverick Hunter's attempt to attack the civilian 
populace of this city failed, though she quite readily destroyed the 
restaurant, which we shall see will be rebuilt and operational again in short 
order. I do not pass judgement on this, I merely state that we will not 
tolerate such incursions into our territory and holdings, and nor shall we 
tolerate such blatant attacks upon the people under our own care." With that, 
King straightens, pulling his burnt and tattered cape about him, as if to 
signal that the interview is over. 
 Switch to more images of the 'cleanup' effort going underway. 


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Message: 18/95                     Posted        Author
Raining Coal?                      Thu Dec 23    Global News Network
"Good afternoon, this is Generic Newscaster Reporting an 'incident' in Neo 
Tokyo. This morning at 6:30 A.M Local time, coal began to rain down on, and in 
the area of the Robot Master base, 'Skull Monument.'. Eyewitnesses say that a 
blue and red flying object could be seen briefly in the sky before the 
object(s) disappeared. This rain of coal continues for a few minutes after the 
initial fall was found. No one was injured. Present estimates indicate that 
roughly twenty tons of coal were dumped on 'top' of the monument, and into the 
streets of Neo Tokyo." 

 "On to more normal news..."

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Message: 18/96                     Posted        Author
Neo Tokyo Conflict                 Fri Dec 24    Global News Network

 <This is... Japanese Local News!> 
        The report started, with a simple looking newscaster handling the task 
of muttering about what was a somewhat unimportant event. "A short while ago, 
while everyone was minding their business, a brawl began in the middle of Neo 
Tokyo between two powerful fighters. One of those fighters is still 
unidentified, although all information pertaining to what he or she looked 
like dealt with a slight resemblance to Santa Claus. Charge Man, a Robot 
Master, was the other fighter. Shortly after the fight began the police of Neo 
Tokyo were dispatched to deal with the situation, arrived and assisted in 
containing the incident while also ending it as quickly as they could. As 
such, Charge Man was apprehended after falling unconcious, and has is being 
repaired as best as can be done. Bail has been set at one-hundred thousand 
zenny, according to our sources here at JLN."
        "In other news..." 
 <Insert more boring stuff here. Contact Umbra Phantom or Charge Man for 

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Odd Gift                           Fri Dec 24    Global News Network
Given in various forms on various stations, the same story is given. This one 
is given by Channel 232. "And I'm Ted Coppin. In today's news, plans have been 
unveiled for a new wing of the St. Francis Hospital for Children, offering a 
new wing for shell-shocked children or young ones directly injured in war 
incidents. There are lots of entertainment systems included, with most of the 
rooms in the hospitals trying to look like children's room as much as 
possible, in order to make the kids feel at home. While estimated at over 15 
million dollars, the only clue as to who donated the money for this project is 
who it was dedicated to... the Repliforcer known as Iris, along with the 
message 'To Iris, the most kicking cutie around'." The reporter just pauses as 
he shakes his head. "Not going to ask."

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Message: 18/98                     Posted        Author
Weather Warning                    Fri Dec 24    Global News Network

 <News Flash! Just interrupting your favourite Christmas show for a couple 
minutes. The lovely Peach appears on the screen in a short red velvet coat, 
with white faux fur trim, so it's not too horrible to miss a few minutes, is 

 "Happy Holidays everyone!" She chimes with an enthusiastic wave. "Sorry to 
interrupt your shows, but we've been getting calls from weather stations in 
most major cities, from Tokyo to Cairo, and London to Rio. Most of the time 
they rambled about barametric pressures, climates and unusually cold 
conditions, so I didn't really know what they meant. I thought it was code, 
and luckily we have some great decoders at the station, cause they told me it 
means it's going to snow on Christmas Day. Everywhere! Isn't that awesome? 
Some people here are a little worried for some reason though. I don't know 
what the big deal is. I mean, who doesn't love a White Christmas?" Peach is 
silent then as her attention is drawn off camera, and she spends a few moments 
listening to someone. Turning back to the camera, she frowns briefly before 
her winning smile takes over. "Apparently some of those places never get snow, 
so they don't have snowsuits or sleds. Guess they need to get to a mall huh? 
Well, enjoy the snow everyone, and Merry Christmas!" 

 <As Peach waves, ticker-tape words run across the bottom of the screen, 
informing those who live in cities not used to snow that local authorities are 
organizing shelters and supplies, ready to help anyone. Now it's back to your 
Christmas-themed programming.> 

 <OOC: Don't shoot the messenger. This White Christmas has been brought to you 
by Cloud Man.> 


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Message: 18/99                     Posted        Author
Dr. Christmas                      Fri Dec 24    Global News Network

        <Oh no! A commercial!>

        The camera fades in to reveal a tabletop covered with elegantly 
stitched red silk. In the center is a stack of CD cases with one propped up 
against the rest to reveal the cover. The image is of Santa Claus wearing a 
doctor's outfit with stethescope, 'Dr. Christmas!' written above it in bold 
fancy letters. Setting the atmosphere are a series of lit candles that 
surround the CDs.

        An announcer begins to speak as old fashioned christmas music plays in 
the background. "Christmas comes only once a year bringing joy and love to all 
the earth and heavens. This Christmas, get your friends and family the gift 
they'll truly enjoy: Dr. Christmas. This wonderful disk contains your favorite 
songs performed by famous doctors such as..."

        "... Carol of the Bells performed by Dr. Light with electric guitar..." 
A song begins to play in the foreground. Specifically, Carol of the Bells ala 
electric guitar. It would be unlikely that anyone could know positively that 
Light was the one playing.

        "... Pachelbel's Canon in D by Dr. Doppler ala string quartet..." A 
very beautiful rendition of said song begins to play in the foreground, the 
various instruments complimenting each other magnificently.

        "... Jingle Bells sung by Dr. Cossack..." A man sounding exactly like 
Dr. Cossack begins to sing Jingle Bells in the foreground. So similar is it 
that only the real Cossack might be able to tell a difference. Maybe.

        "... Do You Hear What I hear? sung by Dr. Camille Lafayette..." Again, 
someone sounding perfectly like Cammy begins to sing in the song in the 
foreground. One of the most pleasing version of Do You Hear What I hear? 
distributed to the public in quite a while. Only Cammy herself might be able 
to discern that it is an imposter.

        "... These Are a Few of My Favorite Things performed by Dr. Wily ala 
acoustic guitar..." Someone begins to play in the foreground using a good ole 
Trusty Dusty, rivaling the performance of Dr. Light's electric guitar 
rendition of Carol of the Bells.

        "... And last, but not least, I Am Santa Claus sung by Dr. Dust Man to 
the tune of Iron Man," the announcer finishes as the strange song begins to 
play in the foreground accompanied by Dust Man's surprisingly good voice. Would 
anyone notice that he wasn't really a doctor? The world may never know.

        After the final clip finishes playing, regular christmas music starts 
back up in the background as the screen shifts to ordering information listing 
a mailing address, phone number, and cyberspace address as well as the 
different forms of accepted payment. "Order yours now for the low, /low/ price 
of only ten zenny per CD! Order in the next thirty minutes and recieve a box of 
assorted flavor candy canes as our gift to you," the announcer says, "All 
proceeds will be donated to the RingStar Russian Aid charity."

        <Okay, so it was a long commercial. So sue me>

        (OOC: Questions and comments to Ring Man.)

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Message: 18/98                     Posted        Author
PSA                                Fri Dec 31    Global News Network
Yet Another Public Service Announcement

Two kids can be seen in a backyard behind a suburban house. It looks like 
they're playing a game of basketball. One kid looks rather bored, however, 
"Hey, Johnny. This sucks. But I have a great idea. You want to see my dad's 
gun?" Johnny tosses the basketball away, "Heck yeah!"

Timmy disapears inside the house for a few moments, before he returns back 
outside with a 9mm handgun, "Check it out!" He starts pretending to fire shots 
off at the house, "Isn't that dangerous?" Johnny asks, "Nah, it's not loaded."

Then, out of nowhere, Barrage Raptor comes crashing into the back yard, "Stop 
right there, kid!" She points at Timmy, "You shouldn't play with guns. They 
can be really dangerous." She takes the handgun from him, "Always treat guns 
like they're loaded, even when you know they're not."

Barrage whips around, and fires off three rounds into 'Slash Man' who has 
popped up from the bushes. The rounds plink off, however, "Also remember, 
Robot Masters are impervious to most conventional weaponry!" She tosses the 
handgun to the ground and whips out her assault rifle, blasting the popup 
target, and a good portion of the bushes, with a grenade, turning the area 
into a smoldering crater. The kids stare in astonishment, "Wow, now we know." 
Barrage turns to the camera and gives it a thumbs up, "And knowing is half the 


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