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Interview with the man!            Sun May 01    Global News Network

A very excited reporter sits in the chair, beaming brightly at the screen. 
"Today, we have a reploid of the famed director George Lucas here with us to 
talk about his new movies, Star Wars 9: Every Last Penny, Hidalgo 2: A Horse 
Named Revenge, and Indiana Jones 5: Nuking Germany. Isn't that right, George?"

He turns to a hologram of Lucas' head floating in a jar, "Glad to be here." And 
smiles for the camera.

During all of this, the attentive eye may be reading the bottom text news 
scrolling past the screen, one of the entries being: A young African woman was 
found in a London Hospital. She appeared on the waiting room couch, with no 
wounds whatsover, but diagnosis revealed extreme exhaustion and mental trauma. 
Name is believed to be: Yumna Mwokozi.


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Mine Cave-In                       Sun May 01    Global News Network
<An article from the Yellowknife Yapper newspaper.>

Saturday night, True North Gems Inc. received a distress signal from their 
emerald mine at Selwyn Mountains in the Northwest Territories. A cave-in was 
first suspected as the cause of the distress signal until video footage 
clearly showed a trio of Robot Masters, now identified as Cut Man, Ice Man and 
Guts Man on the premise. Video footage also shows Cut Man assaulting the 
company's security guards before the surveillance system themselves were 

        Of the two security guards patrolling the mine's entrance, one was 
killed in the initial assault, while the second guard remains in critical 
condition. From his hospital bed the man could only say that a trio of heroes 
who he could not identify did show up to battle the Robot Masters.

        The injured man also reported seeing the Robot Masters and the 
unidentified robots exit the mine at various points before and after a 
cave-in. The guard could not account seeing the Robot Master known as Guts Man 
exit the mine before being whisked away to a hospital. As of this moment Guts 
Man is presumed either trapped or crushed beneath the rubble.

        Funeral service for the fallen security guard will be held come 
Tuesday. Workers at the mine are expected to return to work Wednesday morning.

        Although the Torontreal Stock Exchange is closed for the weekend, many 
analysts predict that True North Gem Inc. will see a decline in the company's 
stock value come Monday morning.

<End article.>

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Incident on Eurasia                Sun May 01    Global News Network
<This...Is GNN.>

"Authorities on Eurasia today reported a minor altercation between the Robot 
Master Skull Man and Mikage International CEO Serwa Mowkozi. Reportedly, Ms. 
Mwokozi was seen throwing Skull Man against a tree and throwing a knife in his 
eye, although Ms. Mwokozi's attorney, Chet Ralf, claims that Skull Man 
attempted to use an optic-based attack on the CEO, and then provided video 
evidence to prove Skull Man had such an attack, from Skull man's defense on 
the Ministry of Defense during the assassination of Japanese Minister of 
Defense Kenji Mifune. The CEO has reported been released for questioning, and 
they are still searching for Skull Man. The Captain of the Eurasian Guard has 
not yet commented."

<OOC: Questions? @Mail Chet, Sera, or Skull Man.>

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Gang Violence in Houston!          Mon May 02    Global News Network
<This...Is GNN.>

Gang violence erupted in Houston yesterday between the Los Dragones, a united 
series of Mexican gangs that is rapidly becoming a crime syndicate, and the 
Vagos, one of their rivals and a holdout in the Houston area. The Vagos were 
attacked at a bar they were reported to frequent, El Sombrero Rojo, by four 
cars worth of enemies using what are reported to be assault-caliber weapons. 
An as-of-yet unidentified Reploid was at the scene, and was reportedly 
initiated into the Vagos after successfully fending off the assault. Several 
suspects have been captured, but many more were left dead, most of the 
casualties on the side of the Vagos.

<OOC: Questions? @mail Chet or Sewa.>

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C's Editorial: Damnit, Japan       Mon May 02    Global News Network

        Another of Chest's editorials. This one is in regards to Japan's policy 
towards the Robot Masters. It accuses the Japanese government (and Fujita 
Garou specifically) of being too soft on the Masters, and takes calls from 
various people including Mr. Garou himself and King, speaking on behalf of Dr. 
Wily. The editorial is available on GNN's website. 



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HeraCorp Director Fired!           Mon May 02    Global News Network

"HC-Canada's Director, Dr. Julia Schwarvald, was laid off today for attempting 
to force a reploid into Repliforce service through intimidation tactics and 
threats. The reploid, whom shall remain anonymous, in fact wished to join the 
Robot Masters. Due to the booting out of Africa of Wily, HeraCorp stated that 
it would be unable to send the reploid to Wily directly due to the simple 
inability for direct recruitment for the Robot Masters." 

"However, HeraCorp has promised to send the Robot Masters the location of this 
reploid if they wish to contact him."


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BREAKING NEWS IN INDONESIA!        Tue May 03    Global News Network
*This is REPORTER RACCOON with breaking news!*

"Thanks Bob! Today we have JUST Recived word that the current Politcal Leader 
on the Island of Kalimantan has stepped down sadly! While we have no word from 
him, as his aids are saying he has no words with which to say that he is doing 
what is best for his people. FOR Now, the Assitant Leader has stepped up to 
take his place for now, to continue the export of thier new resources which 
have been provided from the Factories that were the source of such Ecological 
controversy when they cut down thier own forests to make way for them. IN 
other news.....

**Reporter Raccoon goes on to speak about the signfigance of the REAL Power 
that cheese has.**

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May Day Violence: Maverick Attacks Wed May 04    Global News Network

< Information that begins circulating on Tuesday and reaches a coherent level 
during the day on Wednesday: >

Reports of a large scale Maverick action in Tartarus and an unexplained 
explosion near the Phillipines is allegedly the result of Maverick actions 
taken against the Maverick Hunters.

The Coalition for Reploid Freedom is taking credit for numerous explosions in 
Tartarus that caused extensive damage to parts of the slum district, as well 
as the apparent fusion nuclear bomb detonated in the Phillipines. The Tartarus 
attack apparently was an action taken against a forward Hunter position, 
according to the Coalition's releases, while the explosion nearby the 
Phillipines was the main Maverick Hunter facility, the "Fort Sam Houston".

Satellite photography of Sardinia supports the accounts provided by the 
official Coalition sources, though no direct sattelite coverage of the 
coordinates the fusion nuke was detonated in was possible. A flyover by UN 
officials showed the standard rapid decay of radioactivity typical with fusion 
weaponry, as well as a strip of black glass which was apparently the epicenter 
of the detonation.

Additionally, numerous destroyed drone components and unusual objects have been 
washing up in the Phillipines since early Tuesday. Among the unexplained items 
are cylindrical objects constructed of some sort of metal which is unable to 
be damaged by normal means. These objects have no apparent seams or pouring 
points, but show signs of a latent energy signature. Scientists are puzzled as 
to their origin or purpose.

< Image of a blackened, vaguely reddish cylindrical object >

Additionally, rumors have begun to circulate that Dr. Pavel Cossack, Maverick 
Hunter scientist, may have been killed or kidnapped during the enemy action. 
The Coalition for Reploid Freedom had no comment on that matter. Queries about 
Dr. Cossack's status to the Maverick Hunters were not answered.

OOC: Questions to Sigma, Dr. Light, and/or Leo


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Business News - Kansas             Wed May 04    Global News Network

The Kansas City Chamber of Commerce announced today that they have putting out 
major orders for spaceworthy drones from HeraCorp, that claimed the bid 
earlier today. Chamber represenatives were concerned at first to allow one 
company to handle the job but Negotiator Ghislain managed to calm these 
worries by revealing several new HeraCorp drone construction facilities 
throughout the U.S.

In response to this, HeraCorp has made a limited public stock offering. They 
can be found in international stock exchanges under the symbol '>"<'. 

<End GNN!>

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Kansas Business News               Wed May 04    Global News Network
(GNN business news.)
        Mishima Heavy Industries has reported an anticipated great increase in 
profits this quarter, going from an anticipated 2.5% to an unprecedented 12.3%.
        The cause is a rush order for what was described as "high durability 
cabling" from the Kansas City Chamber of Commerce.
        No further details were forthcoming.

(Questions to Mesarthim.)

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News Of The Weird                  Wed May 04    Global News Network

< A minor item during `News of the Weird' segments. >

The mysterious black cylinders which have been gathered by natives of 
Indonesian islands have apparently been stolen by an unknown person or 
persons. The burglars managed to invade each home or business, take the 
cylinders and leave without being noticed.

Mysteriously, the burglars also rearranged the furniture of the homes they 
broke into. Some homes were also dusted. No damage has been reported to any of 
the homes, nor has anything been reported stolen aside from the cylinders.

Government facilities also housing the cylinders have faced similar 
difficulties; offices mysteriously rearranged overnight, and unusual 
energy-based holes in walls and doors that could not have been opened 

Authorities are investigating.

OOC: Questions to Leo.


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Murder in Switzerland              Wed May 04    Global News Network
"And tonight a family in Switzerland was found murdered in their home. Police 
on-scene were reported as stating the sight to be grisly, and the most 
unnerving sight they've seen in years."

"It was so disturbing," one officer is quoted as saying. "There was... Blood, 
everywhere. You couldn't tell where the blood ended and the bodies began. And 
then in the middle of the room, in this small spot, was this untouched pile of 
bread! It looks like an entire loaf was just shredded and put there!"

"As of yet detectives are unsure of why the family, immigrants that had escaped 
from Berlin when the Mavericks invaded, was targeted. Due to the nature of the 
killing DNA matching is being used to identify each of the victims."

OOC: To investigate, contact Nova for a scene. Investigate. That means this is 
ongoing and not-as-of-yet solved. Do not be afraid of Girly Hat, she does not 

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Official Eurasian Incident Respons Wed May 04    Global News Network
Video feed of Captain Nova sitting at her desk with her fingers laced together. 
She's not smiling today.

"Recently there was an incident on Eurasia, one I would like to make a few 
remarks upon now. Firstly--I am not 'Captain of the Eurasian Guard.' I am 
Captain of Eurasia Station. There is a severe difference."

"Secondly--I would like to apologise to both the CEO of Mikage International, 
and her lawyer for the grievious lack of skill my staff has shown in handling 
this situation. In the future they have been instructed to handle it as per 
our regulations. Be assured that if such a situation arises again, it will be 
handled properly, and you will not be released from custody. Our laws are here 
for a reason and they will be upheld. For those who seem to be unsure as to 
what our main laws are, allow me to clarify."

"Eurasia. Is. Neutral. As such we do not accept crimes commited on Earth to be 
of consequence. Everyone on Eurasia has a clean slate /until such time as they 
forfeit that status by commiting a crime on-station./ We are a no-combat zone. 
Period. End of story. Infractions will result in sentences to both parties 
regardless of the childish 'who started it' arguments I keep receiving."

"I expect to hear from both the CEO, her lawyer, and Skull Man to resolve this 
issue in the proper manner."

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** News! **                        Thu May 05    Global News Network

 <GNN Logo.> 

        "Earlier tonight an announcement was made about an incident occuring 
that was causing bank accounts within the Pacific Rim area, being mostly of 
the Asian and Oceania locals, were being siphoned off to unknown other 
accounts. This robbery was being committed by a variety of "Drones" that were 
doing their evil via the Cyberworld. They easily outnumbered and overpowered 
the Cyberguards." 

        "The infamous Matrix Duck(Image of Gaudile's avatar posing here) showed 
up, as did...a giant cat. They then commenced with fighting the semi-known 
Hydrostatic(Image of Solstis avatar here), and then a fourth person 
entered(Ring.EXE here). The battle raged on while the Drones continued their 
stealing, and for a moment it seemed all was lost for the thieves when a new 
avatar appeared(Chet's here)!" 

        "The battle then started to lean toward the direction of the crooks, 
though the giant cat, which had changed into a dragon, followed by multiple 
cats and finally a beautiful looking lady who resembles Sewa of HeraCorp, 
defeated the one that seemed to use rings. Matrix Duck unleashed a powerful 
attack after the lady fell, and it was so great some of our computers are 
still on the fritz due to the damage of merely /viewing/ it. All in all he was 
victorious, the leader! The winner! We love you Matrix Duck!" 

        "In business news a large amount of the stock that is being offered by 
HeraCorp has been purchased by someone. The Coalition for Reploid Freedom's 
Electronics are the number one sellers currently in the world, for 
electronics, due to the Vindictas Virus that is still causing problems for 
people around the world. Various hospitals, businesses and power plants have 
reported a necessity to replace their entire electronics systems due to the 
VV. Statements from scientists saying "They're working on it" have been met 
with grumblings from most people." 

 <GNN Logo! OOC: Sewa, Ring, Chet, Solstis and Gaudile went nuts! Fear!>

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Hawaii Horror!                     Thu May 05    Global News Network

< The usual `Robot Master Attack' graphics appear. >

Tens of people are dead and hundreds others are injured today after a Robot 
Master attack unexpectedly struck Oahu during one of the last episodes of 
Global Idol. Oahu, the largest island in the Hawaiian chain, is a tourist 
destination for citizens of cold-weather nations, and a popular site for 
outdoor events because of its stunning natural scenery.

The Robot Masters attempted to steal large volumes of pineapples and livestock, 
but were repelled by Repliforce soldiers and Maverick Hunters. However, the 
battle took its toll on the area, with several city blocks being left in ruins 
by the intense robot battle.

< Punditry. >

OOC: Questions to Bass


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L&L Discuss Bolero                 Fri May 06    Global News Network
The GNN music plays as the cameras focus on Lemon and Lime. They are sitting 
behind a table in such a way that they face both the camera and eachother. 
Lemon starts off, "Good evening folks," Lime continues, "And welcome to this 
special edition of 'Politics In Action'. Lemon folds his hands and leans 
forward, saying, "The purpose of this special edition show is to alert the 
general public of a threat to the safety of the general public that has 
arisen." Lime says, "GNN was alerted to this threat by the Commander of the 
Fortress V, Storm Owl."
        An image of Storm Owl, who looks a little plumper than usual, perhaps 
just after eating some of Rolls cookies and cake, appears as a recording of 
his voice says, "Bolero, a high ranking Repliforcer, has gone AWOL and is a 
threat. We believe he has the Sigma Virus. Folks in Repliforce chartered 
countries shouldn't accept his authorities, and Repliforce is doing all they 
can..." The sound byte fades off and it almost sounds like someone says 'yadda 
yadda yadda' at the end, but that could be a glitch in the transmission.
        The image then switches back to the camera feed of Lemon and Lime. Lime 
reads from the paper that was given to her when the camera was not one them, 
"GNN would also like to say that it is advisable that civilians who see Bolero 
should run away in terror, contact GNN, contact the Repliforce, and get a 
viral scan. In that order." She then tosses the paper behind her and says, 
"This most certainly is an interesting situation that the Repliforce has found 
themselves in."
        Lemon has a serious expression and says, "Yes, but I have to wonder if 
this is not one that they could have easily avoided. Bolero, for a long time 
now, has been something of a public relations nightmare for the former U.N. 
military force. It would seem like it would be intelligent for them to let him 
go before he did something really extreme, such as what has happened now."
        Lime shakes her head and leans forward saying, "While Bolero was a 
loose cannon at times, I believe that there are numerous people who were far 
worse and yet they are kept on factions that are generally viewed as those 
fighting for truth, justice, and all things fluffy and cuddly."
        Lemon then interjects, "Right and I am saying, that for the sake of all 
things fluffly and cuddly, these factions should do serious evaluations of 
their standings and contemplate letting some of them go." 

Coming up in the next post: Lime retorts, Lemon responds, and more!

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L&L Discuss Bolero Pt. 2           Fri May 06    Global News Network
Now that the commercial break is over, Lime retorts, "The point of being a 
'good' faction is typically that you hope that some individuals can change for 
the better, and try to hinder their actions while you wait. Sending off 
troublesome members will not solve the problem. A loose cannon that is not 
tied down can be influenced by anything, even something as simple as a dental 
plan. It is best to keep them, and try to guide them to betterment."
        Lemon chuckles and responds, "Very well, perhaps letting them go is not 
the best idea, and putting them down would probably go against their 
self-righteous moral code, but at the very least, they could have taken 
precautions, like decreasing the individual's fire power so he can't take a 
small army by himself, or get him psychological help. The Hunters have taken 
on a full time psychologist in their group and they seem to be doing better 
because of it. Perhaps the Repliforce or Interpol should follow similar 
actions." He then sighs and thinks about the nonexistant dental plan that GNN 
offers and concludes, "Ultimately, I am saying that if a faction does not like 
how one of their members are acting, they should actively work towards 
containing and remedying the problem rather than letting it fester and blow up 
in their faces."
        Lime, realizing that the man behind the camera waving his arms around 
is trying to tell them to wrap it up, says, "That may be true, but the 
statements 'would have', 'could have', and 'should have' have no place here 
today. What has transpired cannot be fixed by thinking how things could have 
been different in the past. Once again, for those of you who are just now 
tuning in, it appears the that Repliforce Officer Bolero has been infected 
with the Sigma Virus and has gone AWOL. If you see him, get as far away from 
him as possible."

The closing music plays as the image fades and ads for the sponsors start 

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Federal Reserve Heist              Sat May 07    Global News Network
<GNN-NY Anchorman News Gnu>

        In what some are calling a daring online raid, a hacker with 
connections arranged for the theft of several million dollars in pure gold 
from the New York Federal Reserve Bank. Reports are still sketchy, but police 
say that a teleporter pad was delivered unexpectedly to the building via 
private courier this evening, at about the same time that their systems began 
going haywire. Before being shut out of the building, Reserve employees 
claimed that the automated drones that guard and handle the gold stored in the 
vaults began to set up the teleportation equipment in the vault.

        While Federal agents and, it is reported, Interpol hackers attempted to 
solve the problem, some gold was stolen: the government is not giving exact 
estimates, but unofficial reports are putting it in the millions. It was 
clearly not a complete success... police investigators found the smoking 
remains of several drones and the teleporter system, as well as gold embedded 
in the vault walls, floor, and ceiling, clear signs of a teleporter mishap.

        And now, the weather...


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Message: 18/143                    Posted        Author
Central Bank                       Sat May 07    Global News Network
        Last evening, a daring individual attempted to rob the Central Bank, 
located in New York City. The individual was described as- <Cut to J. Random 
Civilian> "So Totally A Ninja." While the suspected ninja managed to make it 
out of the building with some five hundred thousand Zenny in large bills, the 
local police department caught up with him, forcing the suspect to drop his 
booty and flee after a minor incident. Despite the suspect being a lone ninja, 
there were no serious injuries, and no reports of him totally flipping out and 
chopping off heads.
        In related news, during the incident with the suspect ninja, an 
unidentified hacker infiltrated the Central Bank's local server, successfully 
corrupting account data for hundreds of bank members. Members with banker's 
insurance will be reconciled, though those who opted to not pay $19.15 a year 
are S.O.L..
This is G.N.N.!

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Alamo Triple-Max Incident!         Sat May 07    Global News Network
<This...Is GNN!>

"Today, at Alamo Triple-Max Prison in Red County, Texas, a large-scale prison 
riot occured. Prisoners were allegedly released by a hacker who came to the 
prison identifying himself as 'Chet Love', although the identity has 
subsequently been proven to be false. A second man arrived in a helicopter 
after all the prisoners were released and a riot began <Picture of Gordon 
Grinderman and Chet on the roof of the prison>, the man in the pink suit 
<Gordon> identifying himself as 'Gordon Grinderman'. The two freed prisoner 
Burn Rodent, an alleged top enforcer in Los Dragones, a Mexican street gang 
that's been gaining strength and operational superiority in Texas, especially 
in Houston. A member of the Repliforce, Spiral Pegasus, was nearby and crossed 
the border to assist, halting the major rioting and then attempting to stop 
the three from escaping. All three suspects escaped in a helicopter, although 
Texas authorities have thanked Spiral Pegasus for stopping the riot in a 
mostly non-violent faction and saving many lives. The Texas Rangers have 
offered Spiral an honorary badge, although the legal implications of a 
Repliforcer recieving one are hazy at best. In other news, the use of the name 
'Chet' has dropped dramatically in new-baby-naming..."
<Other news. OOC: Contact Chet, Gordon Grinderman, or Spiral Pegasus with 

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Message: 18/97                     Posted        Author
Former UN Researcher Fired!        Sun May 08    Global News Network

<GNN Sunday Morning News Feed>

"In a press release late last night, InterPOL officials have confirmed that 
former UN Researcher and InterPOL Research and Development head Gate has been 
fired from the organization. While Gate has not been able to be contacted for 
comment, UN officials state the reasons for his termination from the 
organization as being research practices that infringe upon Internation law, 
as well as the creation and use of viral weaponry."

"Gate, made famous for his cure of the Maverick Virus just last year, has been 
noted by friends and officials as becoming more "unstable" since the release 
of Sigma Virus and the KORONA incident. InterPOL and UN officials have been 
seen in the Reploid Research Center in Seoul, but no comment has been made as 
to their presence."

<OOC: For more information, or RP concerning this, contact Gate!>

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Message: 18/98                     Posted        Author
Russian Press: Find The Body       Mon May 09    Global News Network

The Russian press refuses to publish, print or broadcast any assertions that 
Pavel Cossack may be dead, despite the overwhelming trend of the world press 
to do so. They continue to refer to him as `missing', which many international 
journalists believe to be foolhardy and inaccurate.

"We will say he is dead only after we have seen the body," says Vladimir 
Potemkin, editor of the Moscow Times. "Not before."

Almost ten days have passed since the attacks on the Maverick Hunters. During 
that time, no word has been heard regarding Pavel Cossack's present status 
from the Maverick Hunters, Light Labs, or the Cossack Foundation. Most of the 
world press began claiming he was "more than likely" deceased after three days 
without confirmation.

Dr. Cossack, widely believed to be the greatest humanitarian in the history of 
Russia, is beloved throughout the turbulent nation for his good works for 
widows and orphans, the disabled, the chronically ill and the desperately 
poor. He is credited within the nation for protecting Russia from Robot Master 
and Maverick aggression through his policies of massive retaliation, and his 
determined anti-Maverick stance has made him into a folk hero among the 
population. His difficulty with his creations and his daughter are chronicled 
within the nation's tabloids, but in spite of -- or due to -- his personal 
failings, he enjoys widespread favor among his people.

The Socialist Liberation Army has offered a bounty of 10,000 zenny to anyone 
who has information about the current status of Pavel Cossack. Other forces 
have offered similar rewards.

< Punditry. >


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Message: 18/99                     Posted        Author
Positive Economic News For USA     Tue May 10    Global News Network

< GNN Economic News >

The beleaguered economy of North America appears to be on an upswing, 
according to economic analysts. The good news is driven by the increased sales 
of defense products to the fledgling independent government of the United 
States of America, which has promoted a renaissance of both human and Reploid 
employment across the nation.

Along with the decrease in unemployment brought about by new defense-based 
jobs and growth in the aerospace sector, there has also been an increase in 
consumer confidence. Economists feel this is very positive for the North 
American economy, as consumer confidence has been threadbare due to the 
aggressive behavior of the Aztlan government.

President Seers discussed the improving economy during an appearance at a newly 
opened aerospace development laboratory in Kansas City today. "Our economy is 
recovering well from the shocks it has sustained over the past few years. 
America is pulling itself up, brushing off the dirt from its shoulders, and 
getting back to work. The American worker is the heart of our great nation's 

< Punditry >

OOC: Questions to Leo.


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Message: 18/100                    Posted        Author
Africa United?                     Tue May 10    Global News Network

< GNN Regional News >

The African Regional Government (ARG) anticipates fully incorporating the last 
nations on the continent into itself by the first of June. Talk of renaming 
the administrative unit has already been heard on the floor of the legislative 
branch, with the front-runner at the moment being the African Continental 
Government (ACG).

The ARG has faced setbacks over the past several months. The departure of the 
United African Corporation from South Africa forced the young regional 
government to step in to aid the newly unemployed and homeless, which taxed 
its resources considerably. The World Bank has provided over a billion zenny 
of aid to the ARG in addressing that situation, as well as several other 
matters requiring immediate administrative attention.

"While the United African Corporation's departure was violent and uncalled 
for, we are used to the politics of betrayal," a spokesman for the ARG said 
during a recent press conference. "If the UAC, or any of the companies who 
were supporting the UAC, ever want to do business in Africa again, we will 
demand suitable compensation for the pain and suffering they have caused."

Slowing the growth of the ARG is the stigma associated with having many of its 
top-ranking leaders being associated with Dr. Wily and the Robot Masters. The 
ARG is quick to deny any linkages with Wily's conquest of Africa, though many 
of its member nations still see Dr. Wily as both liberator and savior due to 
his extensive reforms. "We will not help Dr. Wily, though we acknowledge the 
good he has done for us," says a press release from the ARG. "Occupation by 
violence is morally wrong, and we cannot accept or tolerate the actions of the 
Robot Masters around the world."

< Punditry. >

OOC: Questions to Leo.


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Message: 18/101                    Posted        Author
New Pope: Theodore III             Tue May 10    Global News Network

< GNN World News >

After a lengthy period of uncertainty, Pope Theodore III has been officially 
announced to be the new leader of the Catholic Church. Catholics around the 
world were finally informed as to their new spiritual leader early today when 
a video news release was uploaded to the Vatican's web site.

The Church had been very hesitant to announce a new Pope for fear of 
assassination attempts by Maverick insurgents. The lengthy interregnum period, 
while not unknown in the history of the Church, was unusual by modern 
standards. Only after the Church had formally relocated to Rio de Janeiro and 
reestablished some degree of normalcy did the election process begin. The 
lengthy deliberations were caused in no small part by many of the Cardinals 
choosing to remain in hiding for fear of attacks against them.

Theodore III, formerly Cardinal Juan Delgado Castillo of Spain, is a more 
conservative Pope than his predecessor. He was not particularly enthused with 
the outreach program of the Church to Reploids, and favored more segregation 
between Reploids and humans. His adherence to orthodoxy made him popular among 
his constituents, who called him the moral anchor of Barcelona before it was 
overrun by Maverick forces in recent years.

Spanish expatriates in Brazil were among the most vigorous celebrants when 
Castillo was officially elevated today. Celebrations are expected to continue 
throughout the week.

< Punditry. >

OOC: Questions to Leo.


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Message: 18/102                    Posted        Author
German News: Ecosystem revival?    Tue May 10    Global News Network
This is Magenta Rose reporting for GNN. Startling scenes in Germany today as a 
massive restoration effort takes place in Germany to revive it's absolutely 
shattered ecosystem. Spike Rosered was seen leading the charge as the 
Mavericks spent a massive amount of resources flying in genetically engineered 
plants of the botanists own making and started planting them en masse in the 
severely eroded landscape of Germany. Botanists all over the world are in a 
buzz as Spike Rosered launches this amazing field experiment into his 

Critics of the Mavericks believe this to be a revival of the dreaded Mecha 
Schwartzwald and other social commentators are wondering if the Repliforce 
will continue it's armed aggression into Germany to destroy the Coalitions 
seemingly hard work into restoring Europe.

GNN will follow this story as it develops, this is Magenta Rose signing off.

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/103                    Posted        Author
US/Texas Defense Agreements        Wed May 11    Global News Network
<GNN feed.>

        AUSTIN - President Vaughn of the Republic of Texas announced earlier 
today that a mutual defense agreement has been brokered between Texas and the 
United States.
        "We may not live in the same house any more," Vaughn said, "but the 
Republic of Texas and the United States of America are still brothers, and 
there is no reason why brothers would need to be at odds with each other."
        The Seers administration confirmed the announcement simultaneously in 
Washington. Tensions between the USA and the breakaway Republic have been 
high, but the potential menace of the Aztlan Neo-Arcadia regime has provided 
them with the advantage of a common enemy.
        Both nations affirmed their warm feelings towards Reploid citizens, 
which are considered by some to be the new swing constituency due to their 
mushrooming numbers and relatively new political freedoms. Both nations have 
waived the age restriction on voting rights as applied to Reploids, although 
the US requires a basic concepts test and Texas requires that the reploid have 
been active for at least eighteen months.
        Details have been sketchy, but reports indicate that a great deal of 
focus was placed over easing aerospace traffic restrictions as well as 
coordinating border patrols and intelligence exchange.


(Questions to Mesarthim.)

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/104                    Posted        Author
What the heck?                     Wed May 11    Global News Network

 <A small little snippet in the digital newspaper> 

        Earlier today various countries announced that a message had appeared 
above them. The clouds had altered, forming into words that were carefully 
controlled by an unknown individual. The message was:
        "Worship Doctor Wily, for he is your Lord and Master." 

         Yeah. Weird.

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/105                    Posted        Author
Moscow Farms Attacked Again!       Wed May 11    Global News Network

< GNN Russia >

Tens are dead and hundreds are injured from a Maverick attack in the 
production district of Moscow. Several acres of wheat were burned or damaged 
by petroleum contamination, as well as by explosives.

Further, the Mavericks targeted crop production facilities, destroying the 
contents of one grain silo with an incendiary device as well as destroying 
several harvesters. One grain elevator was also severely infected with the 
Sigma Virus. The estimated damages caused by the Mavericks are in the hundreds 
of thousands of zenny, which does not include damage to surrounding buildings 
caused by the fierce counterattack by local security forces.

Maverick Hunters and Interpol operatives responded to the attack swiftly, and 
were able to contain the damage caused by the Mavericks. Numerous Maverick 
drones were destroyed, and several Maverick operatives were grievously 
wounded. Ultimately, the brave actions of the Maverick Hunters and Interpol 
forced the Mavericks to retreat.

< Punditry. >

OOC: Questions to Tactical Raccoon or Sylpheed.


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/106                    Posted        Author
Jersey Disruption                  Thu May 12    Global News Network
--GNN News!--

"The Jersey suburbs of New York were disrupted today by a small-scale Robot 
Master attack. Two Robot Masters, shown here:" (Generally grainy, 
amatuer-spectator footage of Gemini Man and Ring Man in a large card shop) 
"were helping themselves to the contents of this Jersey gift shop. Responding 
to police requests for backup, the Maverick Hunters..." (More footage now 
shows Wild Fungus and Mirror Orange, though it's the same 
jerky-cam...apparently GNN is not everywhere at once today) "...managed to 
drive the Robot Masters away. No civilians were injured in this incident; 
damage to the store, and potential losses, are said to be minor, but are still 
being tallied at our time of broadcast."

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/107                    Posted        Author
Dynamic Consulting                 Thu May 12    Global News Network

        Got a problem? Need a solution?

        Dynamic Consulting is here for your independent contracting needs. 
Fees are negotiable, and Duelist Cavalier will see to your contracting needs, 
from protection, enforcement, retrieval, to other duties available upon 
request. Simply contact Duelist Cavalier by personal comlink for a private 

<Dynamic Consulting! Insert Comm Number Here!>

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/108                    Posted        Author
Porn Bomb!                         Thu May 12    Global News Network
<GNN's own Reporter Rotifer, on Screen:>

"Citizens in both Japan and Neo Arcadia were shocked today as missiles were 
launched from the top of the Skull Monument in Neo Tokyo."

<Image of several Skull-headed missiles firing from the top of the monument, 
and traffic screetching to a halt in the streets nearby>

"GNN sources and global weather satellites pinpointed the missile's trajectory 
as being Neo Arcadia, the capital of the Nation of Aztlan. However, the 
missiles were not loaded with standard ballistics material but rather--" 
Rotifer's single red eye floats down through his jelly body, 'blinking'. "... 
/pornography/." You can hear him aside to someone: ("Is this some kind of 
joke? Wait, you're not kidding? -- OH! Right, right still on the air!") 
Clearing his throat (despite not having one), he continues.

<Video feed of magazines, holovids, DVDs, books, and a whoooole lotta blurry 
mosiacs, falling from the skies onto the streets of Neo Arcadia>

"Shortly after the Neo Arcadian government issued a biohazard warning, advising 
all citizens to stay indoors, citing that the offending material may be laced 
with biological or chemical agents. Pantheon troopers quickly filled the 
streets and began scooping up the pornography and burning it in designated 
dumping zones."

<Image of Pantheon troopers and 'resistance'-style officers with shovels and 
flame throwers. Far in the back you can make out one or two soldiers stuffing 
magazines under their vests and mouthing "THANK YOU" to the camera, with big 
grins and thumb up.>

"The Neo Arcadian Government has opted not to retaliate against the Porn Bomb, 
and the official statement coming out of Neo Arcadia is for Doctor Albert Wily 
to "grow up and get a girlfriend.""

<Images of more porn being burned in giant bonfires. And one of the 
porn-hoarding soldiers being punched in the face by his uniformed girlfriend.>

"We'll bring you more on the Porn Bomb Crises as it develops."

<End Feed>

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/109                    Posted        Author
New York tragedy!                  Sat May 14    Global News Network
"...And that is the secret to where Epsilon is.." 

 "Next this evening," continues Stone Johnson, "in New York today, a flying 
Maverick laid waste to the Brooklyn area, causing massive property damage and 
hurting several innocent bystanders. The target of this Maverick assault was 
the infamous 'M' it seems. During the assault, this 'M' was caught in a large 
explosion set off by the Maverick, and the only traces left were pink pieces 
of armor..and a large crater." 

 <Pictures of Sylpheed laying waste to a slightly blurry picture of Marino> 

 "Red Alert responded to this, as Tornado Onion, Friend of all children, came 
to defend the streets and drove off the Maverick. No one was available for 

 <Questions to Sylpheed, Marino, and Tornado Onion!>

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/110                    Posted        Author
Torontreal Terrorist Attack        Sat May 14    Global News Network
*This is a GNN news broadcast*

        "Reporting today is Zen Puma." he pause for a second..."It seems that 
today Torontreal's commercial district was attacked by a strange new maverick 
<Various images of Phantom Spectre>. Nearly 3 building were destroyed, but the 
body count is said to be at around 80 and rising. Torontreal's very own police 
force responded only to be slaughted and force to retreat. Responding to the 
threat was Maverick Hunter Glaive who fought the maverick in a very long drawn 
battle <various images of Glaive and Spectre battleing>. Glaive held out long 
enough for other hunters to arrive on the scene to lend a hand in stopping the 
Maverick and aiding the wounded <images of Liese whose boobs are censored out, 
Alpha, and Mirror Orange>. After a small scrimmage with the hunter Liese 
S....What a big last name. Well anywho after a scrimmage with Liese the 
maverick manage to escape by the skin of his teeth as he was shot at by Liese 
and Alpha." Zen pauses once more to catch his breath and to read the next cue 
card. "It is also reported that Princess Audrey was on the scene. It's said 
that she suffered no significant wounds and was only shaken up." "The current 
estimate for the damages are still to be totaled." He stops to point at the 
camera, "This is Zen Puma reporting from G-N-N news!."

<Questions to Phantom Spectre, Glaive, Liese Schreiner, Alpha, Mirror Orange, 
Audrey Grimaldi>

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/111                    Posted        Author
Japanese Assault on the Mavericks  Sat May 14    Global News Network
<This...Is GNN!>

"In a raid that shocked the world today, the nation of Japan launched a 
retaliatory strike against the Mavericks in Germany, for the destruction of 
the Special Robotic Tactics Service's base, Firebase Ito. An SRTS taskforce 
accompanied by Japanese military advisor Skull Man breached the Maverick 
border in Southern Germany, attacking a major munitions plant located deep 
behind enemy lines. SRTS casualties were reported in the twentieth percentile 
range, while the munitions plant was successfully destroyed by the SRTS. The 
man who led the assault, Captain Chet Brown, issued a statement saying that, 
"I hope the Mavericks have learned their lesson about attacks perpetrated on 
the sovereign nation of Japan."

<End Message.>

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/112                    Posted        Author
DEMOLITION DERBY                   Sat May 14    Global News Network
(Announcement in various forms distributed throughout various media. This is a 
summary; the actual material varies in form and language.)

        The Chamber of Commerce of Kansas City Invites YOU


        In order to raise funds for charitable causes, we have taken a district 
slated for urban renewal and are going to open it up for public recreational 
demolition, in exchange for a small entrance fee. No massive-regional attacks 
or persistent effects allowed... but otherwise, ANYTHING GOES.
        Entry fee is 200 zenny and includes access to basic tools.

        BIG PRIZES.

        (Contact information.)

(Questions to Mesarthim.)

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/113                    Posted        Author
Tokyo Assaulted!                   Sat May 14    Global News Network

 <GNN Logo spins about for a moment...and then settles into the lower corner 
while the newscaster appears and speaks> 

        Today Neo Tokyo was the victim of a brutal terrorist act by the 
Coalition for Reploid Freedom. While nobody knows for certain who orchestrated 
the plan there are at the moment three suspects. Sigma, (Image of Gray) or 
(Image of Solstis)."

        "Whether or not one of those three was the main culprit behind this is 
mostly unimportant, for as it stands there is a gross amount of injuries and 
damage to the surrounding buildings. One of the smaller Police Stations within 
the Nogaki Commercial District is completely destroyed, and following that 
multiple people were dispatched." 

        "Dispatched to deal with the fake Sigma. After it fell easily it became 
appearant that it was a drone...and then an army appeared. Multiple people 
appeared to try and put a stop to the slaughtering of the Tokyo police, 
including many known Robot Masters such as Bass, Gemini Man and Quint. Javelin 
Whitetail of Interpol was noticed, as was one Hunter that goes by the name of 
Rush Raccoon. Others were also present(Grisha, Knight Man, Spark, Mai, Daryn, 
Xianghua images here). The second nearby police station was saved from imminent 
destruction by the actions of two people, Gemini Man and (Image of Grisha)." 

        "Following that Bass unleashed one of his most powerful attacks, 
destroying the remaining drones and leaving a large crater in the middle of 
the commercial district. Also, reports have come in that another bomb was used 
to blow up one of the businesses in the district." 

<OOC: Thanks to everyone for showing!>

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/114                    Posted        Author
Russia Worsens: Unrest High        Sun May 15    Global News Network

< GNN Asia >

A sharp increase in civil unrest in Russia has been attributed to increased 
Maverick activity, as well as the uncertain fate of philanthropist and 
Maverick Hunter Pavel Cossack. Violence in and around Moscow and other major 
cities has been on the increase over the past week, with SLA forces making 
important inroads in port cities and along critical pipelines out of the 

Neutral attempts to arbitrate a settlement between the various warring factions 
have broken down, according to reports from UN peacekeepers in the area. 
Neighboring countries fear an overall disintegration of social order may begin 
to spill over into their nations, and have begun closing their borders to 
Russian refugees. Further, fears of the Maverick virus have caused many 
businesses to scale down or remove their operations in European Russia, 
increasing the civil unrest as more and more Russians find themselves 
unemployed or homeless.

Many Russians have begun to take sides in the conflict out of a desperate need 
to survive. Some are joining the New Russian Army for the opportunity to earn 
a steady paycheck and feed their families; others have affiliated themselves 
with the Socialist Liberation Army in an attempt to recapture the former glory 
of the World War III-era Soviet Union. Additionally, roaming criminal gangs 
operating on the wastelands of Europe have begun to intrude into Russia, which 
has many riches to plunder.

< Punditry >

OOC: Questions to Leo.


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/115                    Posted        Author
Robot Masters: College Bound?      Sun May 15    Global News Network

< In `News of the Weird' >

Could your child be going to college with a Robot Master? This may happen to 
you if your child is attending the University of Eurasia, which is processing 
an influx of applications from Robot Masters led by the Supreme Force 
Commander Bass.

The applications, apparently driven by the recent announcement of Professor 
Gate's teaching position there, have caused controversy among the university's 
Board of Regents, which has tried -- and failed -- to find a method by which 
to ban the Robot Masters using what few restrictions they have placed on 

"The University of Eurasia must be open to all, even the enemies of democracy," 
a public statement released by the Board said. "So long as they obey our rules 
and accord themselves as scholars, we must allow them to attend."

The Robot Masters have allegedly been in talks with local property owners to 
find a property to occupy on the station. Additionally, an application for 
official recognition of the Robot Master fraternity "Rho Mu Omega" has been 
filed by Bass Wily, and appears to be imminently accepted by the university.

Eurasia and the Robot Masters have had a turbulent history, with the station 
facing a takeover attempt by Dr. Wily during its initial opening. However, 
Eurasia maintains that it will remain neutral in the continuing conflict on 
Earth between the Robot Masters and the rest of the world, which has forced it 
to regularly accept Robot Master visits to the station.

OOC: Questions to Bass.


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/116                    Posted        Author
Update on Bolero                   Sun May 15    Global News Network
Picky Panda apprears on the screen and gives the following report for GNN,

"Hello, and thank you for tuning in. You know that little line of text that 
runs at the bottom of the screen? Well apparently nobody pays attention to 
that... well, nobody except me because you all MISS SOMETHING BIG! You know 
that renegade Repliforcer, Bolero? Well, there was a quick blurb THREE DAYS 
AGO and this is what it said:"

"Bolero has been caught and is being held by the Repliforce."

"AND ALL OF YOU MISSED THAT! So, now that I am done venting my utter disgust at 
people and their lack of competence (And my own laziness to post things when I 
hear them), you may consider yourself informed. Good day."

That was GNN...

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/117                    Posted        Author
Sydney Massacre Stopped!           Tue May 17    Global News Network

 <POX Symbol> 

        "The infamous Suploid was sighted today as he defended Sydney from an 
attack by an alleged member of Neo Arcadia. Liese Schreiner was also 
supposedly present, and an image of her kneeing the Neo Arcadian is already 
out there for people to see!" 

        "Suploid managed to ram another person into the ground, defeating them 
with the greatest of ease and then whisking off before anyone could speak with 

<OOC: Chris Mainards, Drake Sunfire, Pineapple and Liese! YAY!>

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/118                    Posted        Author
Late Night Junkie Pundity          Tue May 17    Global News Network
 THe political reel running at 3 AM, and POX knows it's audiences. 
 There's a long faced, red nosed, deeply furrowed russian man drooping in a 
grey suit from behind a baby blue desc, with a baby blue piece of cardboard 
behind him. In beautiful 4D holorealism. 
"Guud eeff-unink. I am, Igor Ivanovanoslovakinovastarkinov, unt in O'sheeeanik 
noose, Puppoco Ratiff, ees announsink the Kingk uff Steel Toe Tournament. An 
event that will be invitasheeon only, unt will be yet anutherr bludsport 
tournament, yet ve suspekt this one may be more personal. Puppoco Ratiff, ees 
the diktator of Despolisporia een Indonesheea, and did have his name bandied 
about in relation to Black Shield as a minor funktionary he was purported as 
 <The broadcast distorts, turns pale blue and then winks out of existence, POX 
has been having trouble with their transmitters lately, the cheap pricks> 
 <OOC : Rajura Doji, some of you know who you are, anyone curious can contact 

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/119                    Posted        Author
Benefit concert announcement       Tue May 17    Global News Network
(Official Press Release from the Consulate General of Monaco, Torontreal, 

        HSH Princess Audrey Grimaldi and Light Labs Inc. are pleased to 
announce an upcoming benefit concert to support reconstruction efforts in the 
Principality of Monaco.

        The concert is scheduled for the evening of 21st May, 2218. Dr. Light, 
MC Cain, and Princess Audrey will be the emcees for the event, to be held 
outside the Prince's Palace in Monaco. Due to the space limitations of the 
venue, the concert will be simulcast on several entertainment channels 
world-wide. Please check your local listings.

        All proceeds from the concert will be donated to charity.

(OOC: The scene will begin Saturday evening, time flexible. all questions to 
Audrey Grimaldi and/or Dr. Light.)

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/120                    Posted        Author
Ch-ch-changes!                     Wed May 18    Global News Network
" And that's how Zero really came into existance. "

" In other news, the Church of Amun-Wily has undergone mysterious changes over 
the past few days, shutting down entirely, only to re-open. Their official 
statement is a 'conversion' due to revelations of their leader, Pharaoh Man, 
and a mass conversion to Redipsism. This belief system apparently states that 
while Wily is the creator of the Robot Masters, 'Amun-Redips' is the true 
chosen, and will deliver the people of the world to a utopian age. "

" Other religios institutions of the world mostly looked the other way and 
tried not to giggle. "


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/121                    Posted        Author
RF funeral & Is RF losing the war? Wed May 18    Global News Network

        This... is GNN. Chest appears on the screen, looking grim-faced. Over 
his shoulder is an image of what appears to be a coffin draped in a Repliforce 
flag. "Tonight Repliforce honoured those who have fallen in their war with 
Neo-Arcadia. The military ceremony was held out on deck of their Fortress V 
war vessel." 

        We see footage of the ceremony. Red is up at a podium while thousands 
of troopers look on. "Many of these brave soldiers have been with Repliforce 
for many years, fighting alongside us to make the world a better place. I knew 
many of them. They weren't just soliders, pawns in a game. They were people, 
each with their own hopes and dreams. They were friends, families, and more. 
And they have been taken from us too soon." 

        Cut to Shining Firefly. "You could argue that they died fighting a 
greater evil so that others may be free, but then why did that specific 
individual have to die? Why couldn't it have been somebody else? Why couldn't 
he or she have lived just a little longer? These are the questions that war 
brings to us, and it is times like these that make us think." 

        Barrage Raptor. "So I ask, simply, that all of you take the Marine 
motto to heart. Remain faithful. Remain faithful to yourself, and to your 
friends. Remain faithful to Repliforce. Because the loyalty of our troops, the 
morale of our troops, and their faith in their leaders, that is what will win 
the war for us. Thank you." 

        <to be continued...> 


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/122                    Posted        Author
RF funeral & Losing... Part: 2     Wed May 18    Global News Network

        The clips of the funeral continue. We see Assault Kangaroo, decked out 
in white. "I mourn these individuals... those who gave their life to protect 
our planet from many evils, natural and artificial... and who served as fine 
examples of the bravery found in the Repliforce army. I give my condolences to 
the families of all who have died... not only on my own behalf... but on behalf 
of us, the army who recruited them to serve a just employment as a protector of 
the world. May these men and women rest in peace, their names remaining in the 
memories of all of us living today." 

        'Chief' R, wearing his old Repliforce uniform. "...I wish you godspeed 
in accomplishing this difficult task for when there is no other option but war. 
For Russia. For Central America. For any other front in which Repliforce is 
required to fight for everlasting peace." 

        Finally we see a shot of the Fortress V firing a twenty-one gun salute 
off into the horizon. We return to Chest in the studio. "Repliforce has 
announced the death toll of their soldiers to be at 753, prompting many 
military analysts to question their ability to handle Neo-Arcadia. Some 
believe that Repliforce is losing what has become a war of attrition." 

        "President Elpizo had these comments regarding the theory that 
Repliforce is losing the war." We hear Elpizo's voice. He sounds pissed off at 
having to talk to Chest. "If it is doomsaying, it is doomsaying. If it is 
fact, it is fact. According to -my- statistics it is currently at a firm 
stalemate. We may have victories at various instances, but we both have lost 
and won the same amount of battles." 

        Back to Chest. "Stay tuned to GNN for full coverage of the war in 
Central America. Full footage of the funeral is available on the GNN website." 
The URL flashes by. http://www.geocities.com/dmiasek/M3/m3_64.htm 


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/123                    Posted        Author
NY Power                           Thu May 19    Global News Network

 <POX Spinny...plus /music/! Oooo> 

        "Earlier tonight the New York power plant owned by NYSEG reported that 
it was having issues with producing it's power. Subsequently various areas of 
New York are now without power, and brownouts are occuring in other spots. 
Some of the Eastern Seaboard is also suffering from a decreased amount of 
electricity, although other plants are currently working to try and help in 
covering everything lost." 

        "Investigations into what caused this indicate that the infamous Cyber 
Peacock plus (Hydrostatic's image) were present, causing a large viral surge 
which disrupted the power plant. There are reports that some people attempted 
to stop this, but all indications are toward that a failure in doing just 

        "NYSEG has reported that it will require at least a week to finish 
repairs to the power plant's system." 

<OOC: Cyber Peacock, Solstis, Snipe Anteater and Digital Ringhals! Thanks for 
all of you showing!>

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/124                    Posted        Author
Fireworks Over North America!      Sun May 22    Global News Network
*This...is GNN.* 

"And that's why Dr. Cain is no longer welcome in New Ampsterdam colony. In 
other news, the Hunters seem to have gone from presumed dead to a steady limp 
this week, preforming several of their infamous "stunts". Most noteable was 
Dr. Light mysteriously apologizeing to Dr. Doppler about a cable bill, before 
numerous near-orbit explosions caused a giant train of fireworks to go off." 

The picture changes to just that, the whirling, flameing Hunter Symbol burning 
above North America! The reporter continues, "The Mavericks are rumored to 
have responded in force, but there has been no conformation from either 
vigilante organizationon the matter, though an anymous source blames Dr. Wilys 
recent fall from power as having 'Finally caused the old man to snap.'. More 
punditry at eleven!" 

Commercials follow.

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/125                    Posted        Author
Murder Spree Continues             Sun May 22    Global News Network
"Reporter Drone #5, here with more on the serial killing spree! Country 
borders seem to be no barrier to this killer. The first were reported in the 
United States, then Switzerland, and now in Africa as well! Of course it took 
us longer to hear of it given Africa's current state of political unrest, but 
we dug it up!"

"Two more families have been slaughtered, and following the pattern of the 
killings in Switzerland there was a strange marker left behind. A pile of 
breadcrumbs spelling out 'idiots!' in the middle of the carnage. Apparently 
the killer is not only sadistic, but ridiculing the authorities as well!"

"Speaking of which they have no word on any progress in this case. Or any word 
on it at all. Local authorities report that no one has contacted them in 
regards to solving this heinous slaughtering of families." Reporter Drone #5 
does a Walter Croncite paper-tap against his desk. "Curious indeed."

To participate in this investigation plot, contact Nova. To fight someone you 
can't kill, go throw rocks at Bass.

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/126                    Posted        Author
Tokyo Attack                       Mon May 23    Global News Network
--GNN reporting from Neo-Tokyo...--

"A sudden Maverick attack on the Akata Medical Clinic, Neo-Tokyo, has left 
eight dead tonight, with twelve others in critical condition. According to 
eye-witnesses, a Maverick stylized like the Grim Reaper arrived in the clinic, 
and, when he appeared, began attacking targets at random. He got only as far 
as the lobby before he was stopped by concerned citizens...perhaps 
surprisingly, a few of them Robot Masters. Other eye-witnesses also report the 
presence of two human fighters carrying swords--a man and woman--who attacked 
the Maverick and caused him to retreat. Cleanup has begun in the interior of 
the clinic, with those patients who may have been displaced by this incident 
being transferred to Namura General."

"Witnesses have no ready explanation for the small meteorite which fell from 
the sky in a seeming cosmic attempt to stop the Maverick attack. Some assume 
it was a miracle, if an odd one, though others were quick to rebut: 'But, it 
missed.' More skeptical citizens believe the attack may have been staged to 
make the Robot Masters seem heroic... citing the presence of holographic 
disturbance on the scene before the Maverick spectre departed."

"GNN will bring you more as this story unfolds."

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/127                    Posted        Author
Reruns: Interviewing R             Tue May 24    Global News Network

        Shown on one of GNN's sub-channels are reruns of Chest's interview of 
R, whereupon the changes the organization have undergone are discussed. As 
well, R fries Chest's brain, and the horrifying question of The Parrot is 
asked. It is also available on GNN's website. 



================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/128                    Posted        Author
Report!: Battle In Russia, a Death Thu May 26    Global News Network
**It's Reporter Drone #4453! on the scene of an attack in Russia... a small 
village. With FOOTAGE*

"Hello, Viewers... We are on the scene of the aftermath of a vicious Maverick 
attack! Led by the Maverick Known as Storm Eagle! The attack seems to have 
been vicious! Luckily...very little people have been hurt, and the Machines 
infected by these...Drones are now being taken care off by the local 

*Scenes of things being loaded in by trucks*

But...it was'nt without price that these people were saved...it was not 
Repliforce....it was not The Hunters. No... It was a ex-Hunter, as recent 
developments have shown.. Glaive *Stock footage of Glaive* who came to the 
rescue of these people... who fought bravely...and, paid the Ultimate price. 
His own Life. His Body..was found smashed and scored by the likes of Electical 
Weaponary, and his plates pried open. His core was found smashed nearby....His 
Body has been transported to a Russian Hopsital, for fear of infection."

there is a moment of silence.

"We..at GNN, would like to give our Thanks to Glaive....while brash..and a 
loudmouth... he always did..what was right..." he begins to tear up.."I'm 
sorry...p..please.. take care, good evening..and good night..." with that the 
report ends.

(Questions? Storm Eagle or Glaive!)

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/129                    Posted        Author
Glaive's Dead? A GNN Correction    Thu May 26    Global News Network

        "Further evidence has suggested that Glaive, earlier reported as having 
been killed at the hands of Storm Eagle, has in fact survived, and in fact 
joined the Coalition for Reploid Freedom. Whether this was all an elaborate 
hoax by Glaive and Storm Eagle, or something else, is as of yet undetermined. 
It would seem the thanks to Glaive was very premature. The Capcom Global News 
Network regrets the error." 

        Questions to Chest. 


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/130                    Posted        Author
Pressure for RF vs MH?             Fri May 27    Global News Network

        <This... is GNN> 

        Chest appears on the screen. He's behind his newscaster desk, as 
opposed to his editorial desk. Thus, the whining coming from him should be at 
a minimum. "With Dr. Albert W. Wily having been ousted as leader of the Robot 
Masters, Presidents, ambassadors, and other world leaders are calling on him 
to stand trial for his vast number of crimes. Diplomacy Squirrel, Indonesian 
Ambassador to the United Nations, has been particularly vocal." 

        We cut to a shot of a smallish, grim-faced Reploid. "I can't see why 
Repliforce hasn't done their job and taken Wily. Their original mandate was to 
defeat Dr. Wily, and as far as I know that goal hasn't changed. Just because 
Wily is now in the hands of the Hunters doesn't mean he's off the hook for 
the horrible things he's done to this planet." 

        Back to Chest. "President Howard Vaughn of Texas noted in a speech 
earlier today that 'Repliforce needs to stand by their convictions'." Cut to 
a shot of President Vaughn. "I understand how it is for Repliforce - they see 
that their friends, the Maverick Hunters, have Wily, and that's good enough 
for them. But it isn't good enough for the rest of the world. It's often been 
said that Repliforce is just a weaker, yet bigger version of the Hunters. 
That, when push comes to shove, General and the rest of Repliforce is willing 
to bend backwards on behalf of their Hunter allies does not help their case." 
Vaughn shakes his head. "I thought the idea was that Repliforce was the ones 
looking out for international law and justice. Things like this is why Texas 
has chosen not to sign the Repliforce contracts." 

        <To be continued> 


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/131                    Posted        Author
RF vs MH? Part: 2                  Fri May 27    Global News Network

        Back to Chest. "Dr. Light of the Hunters had no comment on the issue, 
and we are looking forward to hear from the Repliforce about this issue. 
Diplomacy Squirrel of Indonesia has said that he will continue to put pressure 
on Repliforce to secure Dr. Wily." 

        Another shot of Diplomacy. He looks kind of sad. "I respect the Hunters 
and all that they've done for the planet, but we need to remember that these 
are vigilantes who ignore the law when it suits them. Repliforce is meant to 
be the paragon of law and order... of respecting the rights of a just 
governing body. But the way they seem to be rolling over for the Hunters is a 
disgrace." Diplomacy smirks, and then says sarcastically, "If we wanted to 
make a contract with a group that does what they want, we'd just work straight 
with the Hunters and save a level of bureaucracy." 

        Chest once more. "GNN will follow this story as it develops." 


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/132                    Posted        Author
Maverick attack!                   Fri May 27    Global News Network
"...and that is what Chief R's parrot is really used for." 

 "And now to world news. Today it seems the Neo Tokyo harbor was attacked by a 
Maverick assault. This latest assault was much more focused than the others. 
The attacked was initiated by, <picture of Phantom Spectre>, who attacked a 
ship, killed many civilians and police before anyone could respond. Another 
Maverick was spotted <Picture of Blaze Fox> Who started to set things on fire, 
including the water! 

 However, civilians responded. <A Picture of Feste, Joyeuse, and Dr. Takeshi 
Shinchiro>. Not the Masters, not the Hunters, not the Repliforce. Regular 
people. However, one of them was reported yelling the name 'Yakuza'. True or 
not, these people should be commended for their actions. However, they were 
still civilians, and quickly put down by the Maverick assault unit. However, 
another Maverick was discovered." <Picture of Glaive impaling Feste> "However, 
Hunters were quick to show up on scene to help the civilians." 

 <Picture of Zero and Alpha> 

 "This Hunter was reported carring a civilian away, and Zero soon came on scene 
to support. However, they were too late, as charges set by the Mavericks 
exploded, causing intense damage to the Harbor of Neo Tokyo." <Pictures of the 
destroyed harbor, the water on fire, Ships capsized and sinking, and the Main 
ports being sunk and on fire on top of this.> 

 "Damage is recorded at the millions of Zenny, if not billions as this will 
effect the transportation and goods service of the Megacity." 


 <Contact Glaive, Blaze fox, Phantom Spectre, Feste, Joyeuse, or Dr. Take for 

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/133                    Posted        Author
RF vs MH? Repliforce Replies       Fri May 27    Global News Network

        There's a very short taped radio interview between Chest and General, 
detailing Repliforce's reply to its critics. It's just a touch too long to 
post on the boards, though. Sound byte: "If the Hunters don't want to be in an 
alliance anymore, which would a shame, then Repliforce will probably have to 
act upon the fact that they have a military base in the United States." The 
taped response is also available on GNN's website. 



================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/134                    Posted        Author
The Ashigaru Project               Fri May 27    Global News Network
<This...Is GNN!>

"Mikage International has announced the summation of a project that's been in 
the work for at least one year, and has promised a demonstration of the 
'Ashigaru Warrior', an all-purpose fighting machine meant to supplement the 
Japanese Defense Force, presently made up entirely of Robot Masters. The 
Ministry of Defense has made no public response to the offer yet, although a 
deal is reportedly in the works behind the scenes. A public unveiling of the 
Ashigaru Warrior, named after a class of samurai in Japan elevated from the 
rank of peasant soldier after showing great valor in battle, has been promised 
by the Mega-Corporation. No comment has been made yet on what type of 
mechanoid the Ashigaru will be, although Mikage International has promised 
that it will be 'resistant to Maverick conversion', quelling many fears among 
the Japanese people after recent Maverick attacks. Manufacturing plants are 
already in place to begin building the Ashigaru, and once the Japanese 
government decides to finalize the deal, Mikage International estimates that a 
full fighting force capable of defending Japan will be arrayed in just over a 
month's time. In other news..."

<OOC: Questions? Contact Chet.>

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/135                    Posted        Author
KCDD: Part One.                    Sun May 29    Global News Network
(VNN net feed. Film is available for download; it is too specialized to have 
aired live. It shows lots of totally awesome robot violence against innocent 

Style winner: Massimo Cavallo
Runner-ups: Alpha, Cacophony Timberwolf

Demolition winner: Guts Man
Runners-up: General, Cacophony Timberwolf

Grand Winner: Cacophony Timberwolf

        (note at the end of the page in rather small text: Enjoy this... next 
event will be LIVE)

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/136                    Posted        Author
Bonne Attack in Japan!             Sun May 29    Global News Network
<This...Is GNN.>

"Today, a notorious sky pirate affiliated with the Bonne Pirate Family <insert 
of Baba Ranga> attacked Neo-Tokyo's First National Bank, causing severe damage 
to the vault and the bank. The Robot Master Hard Man arrived to stop him, and 
successfully drove him off before any casualties were inflicted. The damage to 
the bank is reported in the tens of thousands, although the bank's insurance 
policy will no doubt cover the damages.

<OOC: @mail Baba Ranga with inquiries.>

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/137                    Posted        Author
Murders in Neo-Tokyo!              Sun May 29    Global News Network
<This...Is GNN!>

"Gangland violence against struck Neo-Tokyo as a man known as Shinji Kawada, 
reportedly affiliated with the Japanese crime organization known worldwide as 
the Yakuza, killed another allegedly Yakuza ringleader only going by the name 
of 'Amano', in broad daylight. He made claims about Mikage International CEO 
Serwa Mwokozi's links to the Yakuza after killing the man, although Mikage 
International has come out and publically denied any such claims. Still, after 
the scandal involving former CFO Rajura Doji's complicity with the death of an 
Interpol constable, the media has begun digging more and more to find links 
between the nefarious Yakuza and the once highly respected Mikage 
International. The Wilysaucer was seen at the scene of the crime afterwards, 
as a shooting took place across the city in Tetsuo's Hibachi Bar and Grill - 
the name of the victim has been told by witnesses as 'Arago', another alleged 
Yakuza. The corpse was incinerated by a second man, and both fled the scene 
before police could arrive. Investigations have already begun, with 
notoriously lazy and corrupt Japanese police being urged forward by the 
Japanese government to find the real story behind this series of bizarre, 
gang-related crimes."

<OOC: Questions? @mail Rajura Doji.>

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/138                    Posted        Author
Neo-Arcadia Defeats Repliforce     Mon May 30    Global News Network

        Chest is at the news desk, looking very grim. Over his shoulder is a 
small photo of the Fortress V. The battle platform has massive battle damage, 
and holes have been ripped along its hull. Several of its cannons are missing, 
and fires have broken out in several places. There are dots all around the 
ship, which are most likely either attackers or defenders. 

        "Repliforce was dealt a crushing blow today by a Neo-Arcadian attack on 
their headquarters, the Fortress V. Initial reports indicate that the 
Neo-Arcadian army struck at 8:32pm Eastern Daylight Time both with an invasion 
force and online in cyberspace. Be warned, these shots may offend sensitive 
viewers." We see a series of videos with a shaky camera. It's a little tough 
to tell what's going on aside from it being an aerial shot of the battle. But 
the sounds, oh, the sounds are of metal tearing, explosions roaring, heavy 
energy weapons firing, and both mechanical and organic cries. 

        "GNN has discovered that a full Repliforce retreat has been ordered 
throughout their lines, with their forces being routed south towards the 
Panama Canal." We see a map of Central America. A blue wavy line represents 
the Repliforce front, and a red wavy line represents the Neo-Arcadian front. 
"Our military analysts say it is too soon to tell for sure, but these appear 
to be the new borders." Both red and blue lines suddenly shift /way/ down. 
Repliforce is now just north of the Panama Canal. 

        Back to Chest. "Both Repliforce and the Neo-Arcadian government have 
released statements." We now hear the voice of President Elpizo: "The 
Repliforce should not have been so arrogant as to assume that the Aztlan 
Nation would not take an opportunity such as this, to push them out of this 
land." Then, speaking on Neo-Arcadia's goals, he adds, "To continue our 
campaign to bring humans back to their proper position, and eliminate the 
threat of Mavericks... Continue a strategic push to against the Repliforce 
front lines, and to expand our infrastructire." 

        We now hear the voice of General of Repliforce: "It is nothing more 
than further proof of the terrorist orientation of Neo Arcadia, and that they 
don't mind assaulting medics and medical areas if it means they can gain a new 
foothold. Repliforce can and will remain no matter how many times Neo Arcadia 
kills off their own soldiers so Elpizo can rule more and more land." 

        Back to Chest. "General was referring to Repliforce claims that 
Neo-Arcadia purposefully attacked the medical bay on board their Fortress V 
war vessel. Either way, their ship clearly suffered massive damage in the 
loss, although the full extent is not yet known. GNN will be covering this 
story throughout the night." 

        The rest of the night, and even the next morning and midday, consists 
of military analysts and other talking heads discussing this development. 


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/139                    Posted        Author
Bank of England Robbed!            Mon May 30    Global News Network
<This...Is GNN.>

"Today, several individuals attacked the First Bank of England in Westminster, 
London, killing three guards and numerous civilians. Mavericks were on the 
scene, as well as several individuals identified as being affiliated with the 
nefarious Yakuza. An estimated five point six million zenny was stolen, and 
thousands of dollars of damage was done by Maverick drones. The 
Hunter-turned-Maverick Glaive was on the scene, as well as a mysterious 
individual with a pumpkin for a head. Lt. Chi of Repliforce, reknowned Hunter 
Steel Massimo, and Interpol PA specialist Max Armour arrived to stop the 
theft. However, it was too late, as several individuals got away. Two men 
affiliated with the Yakuza were arrested in the chaos, and are being charged 
with armed robbery and accomplice to multiple homicides. Neither of the men 
would finger who led the attack. In other news, ten thousand gallons of gravy 
were stolen from a ship waiting in Guanabara Harbor..."

<OOC: Questions? @mail Chet, Glaive, or Jack Lantern.>

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/140                    Posted        Author
Exploision in Hong Kong            Mon May 30    Global News Network
(On your television screen a few times today may be variations of this report. 
The announcer talks over a compilation of footage of a modern building with 
thick smoke pouring out of the windows... a street crowded with ambulences... 
Chinese firefighters pulling a few broken bodies out of rubble... and other 
such images.)

        "Rescue workers were on-scene in Hong Kong today when a large and 
deliberate explosion struck one of the floors of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. 
You're viewing footage now from Building 65 of the Exchange, the epicenter of 
the blast. Witnesses say that the bomb was somehow placed at a support pillar 
on the large floor of the building, collapsing part of the floor above. 
Investigators believe that the blast was deliberate, and may have been caused 
by an unidentified suicide-bomber. The current estimated death count is around 
forty human, fifteen reploid, though survivors are still being rescued."

        "Building 65, built in 2204, was built to modern safety codes, and the 
building itself, and those around it, still stands thanks to the relatively 
small size of this explosion. What the Exchange was not prepared for however, 
was the intense heat that followed after the blast, as well as the effects of 
a biochemically-enhanced smoke that clouded the immediate area. Researchers 
are still trying to determine if the spore-like biocontaminent, which seems to 
grow quickly in warm conditions, will have lasting effects after human 
exposure. As a precaution, the building and all adjacent are closed for 
business at this time, leaving some businesses and brokers unable to work. The 
Stock Exchange itself will resume business tomorrow, with the affected firms 
relocating temporarily to safer buildings, though early price reports from the 
exchange today have closed...less than favorably."

        "Reports came not long after the explosion that reploids and electronic 
near the blast's center were being infected with another type of 
contaminent... the Sigma Virus, possibly, or a near-equivilent. Surviving 
reploids are being treated and precautions are being taken... though this 
evidence clearly points to Maverick involvement, there are still many 
questions unanswered."

        "GNN, Hong Kong."

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/141                    Posted        Author
Mad Deer in Torrontreal!           Tue May 31    Global News Network

<This... is GNN>

"...the dog was quoted as saying 'I didn't know it wasn't bacon!' In a less 
interesting story on loud drunks, we take you to Satsuma, in Torrontreal, 

And sure enough, it's Satsuma! The currently brown-haired, hazel-eyed (it 
looks hazel, anyway) reporter is in a blue blazer and skirt. "Thank you, Skip. 
This evening, in a massive parking garage on the corner of Fifth and Elm 
streets in Torrontreal, garage attendants reporter sightings of a 'mad deer' 
on parking level two, carrying an immense scythe." Cut to footage of Javelin 
Whitetail, in her Interpol uniform, and completely smashed, wandering around a 
parking garage while dragging Skull Man's scythe behind her, then raising it 
above her head and slamming it into one of those metal posts sticking out of 
the ground that serves no other purpose than to annoy drivers, before 
struggling to remove it.

"The mad deer appeared to be none other than Javelin Whitetail, former 
musician-turned-Interpol agent. While she appeared to be mostly harmless, 
aside from the wanton destruction of annoying metal columns, she was quite 
clearly inebriated. Her actions managed to draw the attention of several 
others, who appeared on the scene in short order." Insert footage of Flare 
Phoenix bursting through a door dramatically, and Feste advancing on Jav from 
behind the camera with his Hammer of Slightly Less Indiscriminate Justice, so 
that his face is never seen. Feste slams the hammer into the handle of the 
scythe, freeing it from the ground and sending it into a nearby SUV.

"GNN has managed to identify the other Reploid as Flare Phoenix of Interpol, 
while the man with the hammer fled before he we could get a good shot of him." 
Satsuma continues, "We do know, however, that he is known to associate with 
ninjas. Ms. Phoenix carried Javelin away after the occurance, as well as the 
scythe, without incident. Eye witnesses were interviewed, but none of them had 
anything interesting to say. What may have sparked this bout of drunking 
wandering, after Ms. Whitetail's public show of quitting her consumption of 
alcohol about two months ago, is unknown. Back to you, Skip."

Skip appears to have a question of his own. "Satsuma, what are you doing 
reporting on drunks in Torrontreal when you're supposed to be in Russia?"

The question catches Satsuma by surprise, and she blinks for a moment, before 
saying, "Uh, well... oh, will you look at that, I'm late for an interview. 
Seeya!" She zips off camera, and the focus goes back to the generic anchorman.

"Riiight... and now, a word from out sponsers."

<That... was GNN>


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/142                    Posted        Author
Space Object?.....                 Tue May 31    Global News Network
**On the news! from the Station!**

"Good Evening Folks! Well today, a new object appeared around the earth 
today.... Scientists are baffled but belive it can only be the work of the 
Robot Masters!..."

"A Asteroid has entered Earth's Orbit...and is in a Geosynchrous orbit over 
the Asian Contient. But not ANY Asteroid, It's in the shape of the head of the 
current leader of the Robot Masters, Redips!"

<<Shot of the Asteroid up close...it's in the Shape of Redips head. It has 
Flaming Red Text Emiting from a nasal Holoprojector that states "Obey Redips!" 
and other such nosense.>>

"We will have more on this as things develop!"

**The News Report ends**

((Questions: Astro Man!))

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/143                    Posted        Author
RF vs MH? Ehhhh.                   Tue May 31    Global News Network

        In the wake of Neo-Arcadia sending Repliforce and their flagship 
packing to the Panama Canal, calls for Repliforce to confront the Maverick 
Hunters with force in order to acquire Dr. Wily have dimished somewhat. 

        Questions to Chest. 


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/144                    Posted        Author
Economic Update.                   Tue May 31    Global News Network

        The Toilet Paper industry is recieving a boon. Whether this has 
anything to do with the release of 'Robot Masters On Parade' is as yet 


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