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Message: 18/146                    Posted        Author
Salt Lake City Disaster            Fri Jul 01    Global News Network
--GNN Special Report--

"Violence filled the streets of Salt Lake City, Utah, today, as it was the site 
of what authorities believe to be a completely random Robot Master attack. The 
Masters, lead by Dust Man at the time, were rampaging through the city for an 
unknown cause, damaging property and injuring civilians, before the arrival of 
Repliforce and the Maverick Hunters."

Footage of General and Enker fighting, and General throwing Enker through a 
building. Followed up by footage of Alia taking a pot-shot at Dust Man with 
Silver Tomahawk, and gunning him a few times while he's down. "The Robot 
Masters were driven off, though the damage to the city itself spans over a 
block. Injuries and casualities are still being determined at this time." 
Footage of a giant sucking attack blowing down a few buildings, before it 
stops completely.

"GNN will be on the scene until the area is clear... at this time, there is no 
speculation as to why the attack might have occured, other than an excuse for 
Robot Master mayhem."

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Message: 18/147                    Posted        Author
Press Release from the FV          Fri Jul 01    Global News Network

        Repliforce HQ, currently located in the Panama Canal, issued this 
statement, released by Fortress V Commander Storm Owl: 

        At present time it is the belief of Repliforce that the Robot Master 
attack was motivated purely out of spite and amusement, particularly by the 
leader of the attack, Dust Man. The Repliforce suffered no fatalities, and our 
injured, including the General, will make full recoveries. Repliforce Intel 
believes that the threat of the upgraded Dust Man has ended permanently. 
Repliforce extends its gratitude to Alia of the Maverick Hunters, Hiryu of the 
Striders, and Constable Fetcher for their assistance. The Repliforce shall be 
sending troops to assist with the clean-up effort, and our dedication to 
defending the innocent shall continue unabated. 


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Message: 18/148                    Posted        Author
Terrorists Attack Canberra Fusion! Fri Jul 01    Global News Network
<This...Is GNN.>

"Today, a Maverick that Interpol suspects is actually the notorious Red Serpent 
'Chet', attacked the Canberra Nuclear Fusion Plant, and attempted to set a 
bomb in the reactor room. Luckily, an Interpol team lead by Maiko Kamiya 
stopped the sinister plot, and successfully disposed of the explosive. The 
alleged Maverick was not apprehended, although Australian authorities are now 
reportedly investigating links between the 'People's Front' terrorist group 
and the Japanese Mafia. In other news..."

<End Message.>

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Message: 18/149                    Posted        Author
France: More Neo Arcadian Activity Fri Jul 01    Global News Network
<During the news..> 

"And that is what happened when Duo came to Alpha centuri." 

"Ahem, Now on to breaking news. In France, Neo Arcadian clean up has continued, 
as reports of industrial transports over the destroyed nation floated into our 
headquarters. It seems that these transports are transporting crews to the 
wave of destruction caused by the Robot Masters on their path to Berlin last 

<Images of Guts Man making the giant W in Paris, miles of dead Reploids> 

"It appears they are cleaning up the sight like one might clean up a landfill. 
Though one can argue the rights of the dead, some agree that this is the best 
way to clean up what is nearly almost a hundred miles of ecological disaster. 
Neo Arcadians were not available for comment, but one Julian Meyer was noted 
saying: "We must rebuild this land at all costs, as inhumane as it may seem to 
you, this is really the only way." 

"Now on sports.."

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Message: 18/150                    Posted        Author
Mavericks Threaten Australia       Fri Jul 01    Global News Network

Several Coalition-affiliated Internet sites have claimed that Maverick 
insurgents are responsible for the attack against the Canberra Nuclear Fusion 
Plant. The stated reason behind the attack was to damage the human population 
of Australia, who are "complicit in the continued oppression of our Reploid 
brothers and sisters", according to a statement circulated among many web 

The statement, believed to be written by the People's Front, claims that more 
acts of violence against major targets will continue until Australia backs off 
of its present restriction of Reploids in the nation.

The government of Australia has responded to these threats by convening a 
special closed meeting of Parliament to fully discuss the issue. Sources close 
to the government claim that the meeting will continue into the weekend and 
the following week if necessary. "National security is clearly at stake," a 
highly placed government source claimed. "We will not allow the Mavericks to 
kill and destroy freely in Australia. We remember Sydney. We will not forget 
what they have already done to us, and we will not forgive."

< Punditry >

OOC: Questions to Leo.


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Message: 18/101                    Posted        Author
Neo Arcadia Repels Hunter Raid     Fri Jul 01    Global News Network
<This... is GNN.>

"This evening, a team of Maverick Hunters lead by Bossa Nova attacked a Neo 
Arcadian smelting plant on the border of the Aztlan. Sources connected to the 
Hunters have alledged that the smelting plant was being used to melt reploids 
alive into ammunitions and other materials, however Neo Arcadian sources have 
admantly denied this assertion and stated only reploid corpses were smelted."

"President Elpizo himself happened to be on factory inspection at the time the 
Hunters made their assault, and he and several Neo Arcadian soldiers disabled 
all of the Hunter attackers. The factory suffered structural damage from 
weaponsfire, most notably from the Hunters' Gyrfalcon, and the Neo Arcadian 
panthean suffered numerous injuries."

"A global outcry was raised against the Neo Arcadian defenders after President 
Elpizo killed the Hunter Bossa Nova, allegedly ripping out his power core and 
dumping the remainder into a melting vat. Despite outrage on all sides, 
President Elpizo stood by his actions, having this to say:"

<Sound Byte> "Oh, Hunters. Do pass on a message to Thomas; That his children 
are no longer safe, and I will strike closer, next time."

"The death of Bossa Nova marks the first Hunter death since the Battle of 
Berlin over a year ago. It seems it can safely be said that in contrast to the 
recent Repliforce treaty, a state of war continues to exist between the 
Hunters and the nation of Aztlan. No word yet on how this will effect the 
Repliforce-Aztlan treaty or Hunter-Repliforce relations."

<Other news>

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Message: 18/102                    Posted        Author
Neo Tokyo Tattoo Parlor            Sat Jul 02    Global News Network

 Gathered from eyewitness accounts, put together footage and plain old word of 
         "Late last night, the Nogaki Commercial district sublevel 1 in Neo 
Tokyo was the site of a chaotic scene. Eyewitnesses report that a winged 
robot, apparently somewhat matching the description of known berzerker and 
Maverick Hunter Zero landed in the street, crushing a parked car and without 
warning, unleashing a devastating blast into a tattoo parlor set on the other 
side of the street. Reports that follow are sketchy, but it appears that after 
Zero entered the building, shots were heard fired, and armed people eventually 
came out, engaging the angered robot in battle. Other figures arrived to 
intervene (insert images of Singularity Shrike, Nymph and Nix.), capturing one 
of the fighters in the process, though two are confirmed dead, their bodies 
found in the wreckage. Some are calling this a gross display of slaughter, 
though some whisper about possible criminal connections with the building 
itself. Such claims are of course, uncomfirmed, and either way, the parlor 
came under intense firepower that levelled it in the process. Comments from 
officials and law enforcement are still pending." 


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Message: 18/103                    Posted        Author
Lawsuit!                           Sat Jul 02    Global News Network
<This...IS GNN.>

Chet Ralf, a blond-haired attorney with sleek black sunglasses, a Texan beard 
and mustache, and a draw-string tie, stands in front of a podium. Behind him 
is the burnt wreckage of Kotetsu Tattoo Parlor, an ambulance parked off to the 
side for effect. "My name is Chet Ralf, attorney for the owners of Kotetsu 
Tattoo Parlor. We are pressing a lawsuit against the so-called vigilante 
'Zero', who destroyed the owner's shop in flagrant violation of property laws, 
and could have seriously wounded innocent civilians that may have been inside, 
recieving the artist's work. This Tattoo Parlor has been in operation for 
thirty-seven years, and has passed hands from one artist to the next, offering 
the some of the best tattoo-work in Neo-Tokyo. Zero, for reasons unclear to 
us, attacked the Parlor without notice nor reason. We are also considering 
lawsuits against the Repliforce and Interpol, who failed to even attempt to 
prosecute Zero for this. We call for a full investigation and charges from the 
Japanese Government on behalf of 'Zero' - he could come after your business 

Photographs flash and reporters begin asking questions, before Chet Ralf turns 
to the side and departs. 

<OOC: Questions? @mail Chet.>

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Message: 18/104                    Posted        Author
Lawsuit public re.                 Sat Jul 02    Global News Network

 Public press release in response to lawsuit filed against Maverick Hunter 
 Legal Representative for Zero: Zero 
 Attached is a printed out image of a hand with a middle finger clearly raised. 
This is put in a public response to the lawsuit talks. 


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Message: 18/105                    Posted        Author
Re: Lawsuit - RF Statement         Sat Jul 02    Global News Network

        This statement was released from Repliforce HQ, signed by Commander 
Storm Owl: 

        While the Repliforce abhors any action against civilian targets, we do 
not at present have any authority in Japan. They are currently considered a 
rogue state for harboring Dr. Wily and his Robot Masters. Japan has not signed 
on with the Repliforce charter. Our obligation to defend enemy states does not 
exist. Repliforce considers this evidence that the Japanese government should 
rethink their position on Repliforce and the Robot Masters, thus allowing the 
Repliforce to defend their citizens. 


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Message: 18/106                    Posted        Author
Interpol Lawsuit Response          Sat Jul 02    Global News Network
<Official Response to Press>

Gabriel, head of Interpol Investigations, has responded to the accusation of 
being unwilling to prosecute Zero.

"Unfortunately, we have no way of knowing as Interpol that Zero truly did 
attack Kotetsu Tattoo Parlor. We are currently willing to investigate the site 
of the attack and if the Robot Masters will be gracious enough to not 
interfere with our work, we will happily search the scene for evidence that 
Zero, in fact, did attack the Tattoo Parlor. For all we know, it is a spy 
pretending to be Zero. If he admits to such crimes, I suspect that it is 
Wily's influence or control. He sometimes takes over his body, after all."

"Considering the lawsuit against Repliforce, Chet Ralf apparently doesn't 
realize that Japan is Repliforce's -enemy-. We, however, understand that it is 
our duty to assist Japan against criminal activities. I have my people 
investigating just what happened at the battle already." 

"We request that if Japan wishes to form a lawsuit against us, they do not 
tease us with this Chet Ralf who clearly doesn't even know Law, as my 
background checks haven't found anything about him knowing any and he doesn't 
act like he knows anything. I am willing to provide a competent lawyer, as is 
also our obligation as Interpol." 

"We will also be investigating the new video on the net. We believe it was 
slipped onto the net by a recent hacker infiltration on the Hunter 

"I will be glad to handle personal calls regarding this tragic event."

<end response>

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Message: 18/107                    Posted        Author
The Japanese Government            Sat Jul 02    Global News Network
Slow to move, especially bogge ddown as they are by their sham of a political 
leader, who even if he were legitimate would have been killed by his people 
for incompetence by now, have finally formed an official national response to 
this Tort Law fiasco. "Chet Ralf, we don't know who Chet Ralf is. We 
appreciate the lengths the Maverick Hunters have gone to to try and perserve 
peace in our country when we have so little to cling to. Thank you Maverick 
Hunters, and thank you InterPOL we owe you nothing but gratitude." 
<OOC: This message was influenced politically behind the scenes by Rajura Doji, 
questions comments concerns welcome.>

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Message: 18/108                    Posted        Author
Repliforce Press Release           Sat Jul 02    Global News Network

 The camera flickered on, and the scene was a section of Repliforce's Fortress 
Five, though it was difficult to tell exactly where. Those who actually lived 
and knew it by heart, however, would be capable of telling that it was the 
Medical Area, although it seemed like the large General was seated off to the 
side, drapes hanging behind him and a window peering out at the morning light 
of the sun. "Hello everyone," General rumbled out, his hands settled on the 
arms of the massive chair, optics locked onto the camera itself. 

 "As you all know there has been a death of a Hunter, and this is a horrible 
loss," General said, sounding as sincere as he could, a somber look adorning 
his face. "Bossa Nova was a great man, and I am quite saddened by his 
departure from this world, as I am quite certain others are. Those within 
Repliforce who knew him are allowed to take time away to gather their 
thoughts. I would, however, like to inform the entire world that Repliforce 
will not be attacking Aztlan as a result of this." 

 "Perhaps this shall cause an outcry, but Repliforce stands by any contract 
that it signs. That is why we are trusted by the countries we work for, and 
that is why we can be trusted to uphold a ceasefire against the Aztlan 
military. I would also like to inform people that while I do not agree with 
Elpizo all the time, and I am of the belief that he has broken many 
international laws and treaties, that what he did to Bossa Nova was within his 

 "When you attack a person's country they will defend it. When you attack their 
/home/ they will defend it to the point of being a cornered animal, vicious 
and dangerous. Repliforce understands this, and has subsequently attempted to 
avoid attacking Neo Arcadia Proper. Do I agree with how he killed Bossa Nova 
and then mocked and ridiculed the Hunters, acting like a pompous individual? 
No. Will Repliforce be moving against Aztlan territory? No. Will Repliforce 
attack Neo Arcadians who are outside of Neo Arcadia Proper? Only if they do 
something criminal." 

 "Repliforce is not like the Hunters. We are not vigilantes who rely heavily on 
instincts and emotions to decide our course of action. We are, however, their 
friends and allies, and Repliforce is quite ready to assist the Hunters in any 
action that doesn't involve attacking Neo Arcadia Proper."

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Message: 18/109                    Posted        Author
Tiamet Oil-Mikage Jakarta!         Sat Jul 02    Global News Network
<This...Is GNN.>

Analysts are expecting a boom in the economy of Indonesia, as refineries on the 
isle of Sumatra belonging to Mikage Jakarta's subdivision Mikage Oil have 
recently become operational. Commodoties refined from oil, such as mechfluid 
and plastics, are being sold at ten percent below the global price, causing 
civilians to protest in some nearby countries. Nonetheless, this deal is 
expected to be very lucrative for Mikage Jakarta. As for Tiamet Oil, their 
reasons for selling crude at such a rate are unknown, although the deal has 
certainly worked out for both parties. Mikage Jakarta, in addition to 
operating refineries, specializes in fisheries and cargo transport - their 
air-freight business employs a number of floating super-tankers, which make 
bi-monthly runs from their airbase in Saudi Arabia near Tiamet extraction 
sites, to the Indonesian isle of Sumatra. In other news..."

<OOC: @mail Chet for questions.>

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Message: 18/110                    Posted        Author
Rebels Brewing in South America?   Sun Jul 03    Global News Network

        <This... is GNN... the fruitiest news on the planet> 

        Chest is at his newsdesk. "And in another story, the Global News 
Network received a tape claiming to be from a group called the People's United 
Reclamation. The man on the tape, allegedly one Aragones Torres, declares 
himself the General of the radically anti-robot group. In it, he claims 
Neo-Arcadia has failed in their vision to eradicate all mechanical life. The 
following is the tape itself. A warning, however, as this may not be 
appropraite for sensitive viewers." 

        The video begins with a large, Brazilian man standing center screen; 
with a large flag (Brazil's national) emblazened on the wall behind him. His 
arms, equally as large in comparison to his own size are accented with large, 
metallic, cybernetic forearms, which are crossed over his chest.

        It goes without saying that the man looks very angry; this attitude is 
confirmed as he speaks in a deep, strongly accented voice. "This message is 
being sent to the World Media. My name is General Aragones Torres, leader of 
the People's United Reclamation." He glances to his right, nodding to someone 
off camera, "We are not a new organization. We have lived amongst you all for 
some time now, watching to see how "Neo Arcadia" would progress in their 
goals. I will not lie to you, we support their efforts fully." He pauses, 
"But," his teeth grit, "Neo Arcadia... has become -weak-. They have been a 
laughing stock of the world... they have little success in their military 
efforts.. and now, regarding Repliforce, they seek treaties of /peace/ with 
the Machines." He shakes his head, "This.. is quite unacceptable to me and my 
people. To us, Neo Arcadia is a dead land... they have failed in their time 
and now it is /ours/."

        He raises a fist, then points off to his right. The camera swivels 
around, revealing the outer portion of a small camp, somewhere in a fairly 
dense jungle. Here, a large group of ragtag rebels lift their weapons high 
into the air and begin cheering and shouting. In the middle of the group is a 
Reploid, beaten and battered--even, presumably, tortured. Torres's voice could 
be heard in the background, "Repliforce's grasp does not extend entirely 
throughout South America.. we will start in these countries, eliminating every 
responsive piece of machinery we come across... be it Reploid or talking car." 
And then, Torres stalks out from the background, kneeling on the ground in 
front of the reploid. He reaches behind his back and withdraws a large 
blade-hilt; which he switches on to cause a humming blade of energy to leap 
from. "The People's Reclamation will succeed where Neo Arcadia has failed. I 
promise this."

        In a very quick motion, the large Brazilian grabs the reploid by his 
head---but before anything else can be seen, the picture goes to static. 

        <To Be Continued> 


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Message: 18/111                    Posted        Author
Rebels Brewing in SA 2             Sun Jul 03    Global News Network

        Back to Chest. "GNN has reviewed the tape extensively. Argones Torres, 
the individual the man on the tape claims to be, is a General only by his own 
self proclamation. For the past three years, he was a member of Brazil's 
national police force. There were allegations of him looking the other way 
when Neo-Arcadian interests were dealing in his area." 

        Chest really hates reporting on people dedicated to kill him. But he 
makes it a point to do it himself nonetheless. "Seven months ago Torres was 
arrested for manslaughter while attempting to insight a riot at a bar in 
Aztlan. He escaped custody later and his whereabouts are unknown beyond what 
was on the tape." 

        "The self-described People's United Reclamation have reportedly been 
attempting to gain supporters through recruiting drives in South America. GNN 
will continue to pursue the story as it develops." 

        Questions to Zell Tristan or Chest. 


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Message: 18/112                    Posted        Author
Animated PSA #1                    Sun Jul 03    Global News Network
< During Sunday Morning Cartoons that you can bet every child and sometimes the 
occasional adult is watching, the show cuts to a commercial just as Megatron 
is about to destroy Optimus Prime! Don't you HATE that! >

**A Repliforce Animated logo BLAZES across the screen with a catchy rock tune! 
Telling you this a completelt Handrawn commercial featuring animation! it 
isn't live action! followed by the words "Knows!" So "Repliforce Knows!" Yes. 
So lame! >

**Two Animated Reploid kids are playing a game of football outside in a park** 
"Hey now Bill, Catch!"

The Kid throws the ball...Bill fails to catch the ball. it goes into a bush. 
"Oh Gee Joey! Go get it!" Bill says Joey Humrphs. "Okay...Fine!"

He goes into the Bush when a Reploid Cat suddenly lunges out of the bush and 
bites him hard on the wrist. Joey Ows and shakes his wrist. "Gee, Joey! What 
happend! Are you okay..."

"Yeah, I'm alright Bill Nothing to worry about, lets continue playing..."

*WOOOOSSSSSHHH* A blaze of Greem Camo appears! leaving a trail of fire as it 
comes to start! It's Coporal Rush Raccoon! The Kids stare in awe! "Repliforce!"

The Animated Rush Raccoon gives a cheesy salute "Now thats not smart Billy and 
Joey!" (Yes! he Magically knows thier names!) "That is daangerous! That 
Reploid Animal could have been infected with the Sigma Virus! Remeber! if you 
are even bitten or attacked by a strange Reploid! Tell an Adult!"

The Scene fades out to Billy , Rush and a Doctor in a Hospital Room! Billy's 
getting a full checkout! "Thanks Repliforce! Now I know!" 

 Rush Salutes again "And Knowing is Half the Battle!"

 < The PSA ends with the same Repliforce Logo and Rock Music as before! >

(OOC: Yes, Rush Raccoon is ICly in charge of overseeing some PSA's as part of 
an Animation Company's Job to fill a Public Service Quota. Expect a new PSA 
with a new Repliforcer every so often! )

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Message: 18/113                    Posted        Author
Brave Hunter Bullet Museum         Sun Jul 03    Global News Network
*GNN-Entertainment News (World)*

" And in entertainment news, a small museum displaying what has been described 
as the world's most impressive collection of Sailor Bullet merchandise and 
memorabilia has been slated to open in a month in Iowa, not far from the 
current Hunter HQ 'The Tower of Light'. Sailor Bullet, a japanese cartoon 
based off the JDF Android Bullet, soared to popularity a decade ago, and still 
holds a strong cult following. Since her death while fighting with the 
Maverick Hunters, the fandom has seen a sort of revival as it's members have 
rallied to continue the memory of the robotic defender. "

" While no one knows exactly who or what is the driving force behind this 
musuem, much less the capitol needed to bring together such a collection, word 
has it the Bullet Fan Club's International President, the enigmatic S.B. Panda 
is the owner. However, all attempts to contact him have met with wrong numbers 
to recordings of an actual panda, no doubt a means of throwing off inquiry by 
the president in a cruel play on his last name. "

" Most notable, however, is the announcement that the musuem's entire profit 
margin shall be donated to a variety of charities, including, yes, you guessed 
it-The Panda Preservation Project, a Japanese organization dedicated to 
continuing the life of the endangered giant panda. Also on the list are the 
Maverick Victims Relief Fund, European Restoration Organization, and The Anime 
Archival Project. "

<OOC: Questions to Quiet Man.>

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Message: 18/114                    Posted        Author
Space Elevator Fireworks!          Mon Jul 04    Global News Network
(GNN/POX/lesser feeds.)

        Residents beneath the nearly-invisible thread in the sky of the 
rapidly-developing Space Elevator were awoken briefly at the stroke of 
midnight, Central Time, when the fireworks began.

        The display, mounted on several rapidly-moving transit cars in a 
well-timed test of the electrogravitic transport system on the 
lower-atmosphere leg of the Space Elevator's route, sent streamers of light 
and flashing color into the sky. While too high to be heard once about thirty 
kilometers south of Kansas City, the staggered rocket patterns left vast 
wreaths of color in the air.

        Other transport cars had low heat-index lasers mounted, illuminating 
the vast wreathes of smoke and stray gases that the earlier fireworks had left 
behind. The display was protested by several amateur and university 
observatories, but was otherwise generally acclaimed, pausing only at sunrise.

        The automatic loading/unloading systems will resupply the launcher 
cars, and a display of equal or greater prominence is guaranteed for the 

        The Republic of Texas celebrates July 4th as part of its "common 
heritage" with the United States, citing the precedent of the Confederate 
States of America. When asked, President Vaughn said, "As we've said before 
and are going to keep saying until people get it, we don't think of ourselves 
as the enemies of the United States - we're just like a whole other country, 
you might say."

(Questions to Mesarthim.)

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/115                    Posted        Author
Moon Ogled; Found Comely           Mon Jul 04    Global News Network
(GNN/POX/lesser feeds.)

        Lunar exploration teams have been working steadily and successfully for 
the last week. Composed primarily of specially-designed Reploids travelling to 
the lunar surface with exposed high-powered gravity craft, they have been able 
to chart numerous fractional changes in the Moon's crust since the last truly 
thorough survey in the early 21st century.

        The most notable of these changes, of course, is the large 'W' which 
was engraved on the Moon's surface with a high-powered energy weapon. While 
made less prominent over time as the vaporized regolith settled back down to 
the Moon's surface, the pattern is still distinctive through any sort of 
magnification. The deep channels carved in the highlands have revealed rocks 
with high concentrations of valuable minerals, while also creating 
"superhighways" over the dusty maria by glazing powder into a glasslike 

        Certain ecological pressure groups, including the small but aggressive 
bioroid 'Verdant Mind' organization, have lobbied the United Nations to 
restore the Moon to its former state, a move echoed by hard-core anti-Wily 
groups and nations. Proposed plans would reduce the Earth-based visual impact 
with simple drone labor.

        While it has not been thoroughly investigated, the abandoned Maverick 
lunar base has been reconnoitered by Texan Space Commission agent Spectroscopy 
Lobster and discovered to remain abandoned. This has furthered speculations 
that, despite the persisting threat of the new strain of Maverick virus, the 
organized "Coalition for Reploid Freedom" may be on the wane for good.

(Modest punditry. POX plays brief music stings from 'Ding Dong The Witch Is 

(Questions to Mesarthim.)

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Message: 18/116                    Posted        Author
Repliforce & You                   Mon Jul 04    Global News Network

        The camera flickered on, the visual being that of a dark section of an 
unknown spot, a single head visible though the hulking form of the body can 
barely be seen admist the sea of shadows. General's face peered toward the 
camera, upon the leftside a scar running up and even cut into the optic 
itself, a reminder of Ballade's boomerang attack, and evidence that he hasn't 
been fully repaired yet. "Greetings, world." 

        "Most probably you are somewhat amazed by what has transpired, the 
destruction of Skull Monument, a location that contained a whole slew of 
terrorists labeled Robot Masters by Doctor Wily," General intoned, before he 
closed his eyes for a moment and breathed in deeply, and then smiled and 
opened his optics once more. "The monument is gone. Repliforce is currently 
assisting with the repairs and salvage of anything and everything in Tokyo, 
and I personally apologize to the people of Tokyo for what has happened. 
However, now that the country has been freed from what they did not want 
Repliforce's legal specialists will be assisting with the ascension of a new 
Emperor, if it is so wished by the people of Japan." 

        "Aside from that, Repliforce will be assisting Europe as well. You see, 
most of Europe is currently uncontrolled, outside of the roving bands of 
psychopaths and the remnants of society that barely cling to life. Repliforce 
will be dispatching squads to investigate the areas and to deal with the more 
dangerous individuals, while attempting to help the people who are still 
there. Aside from that, Repliforce will be helping the Juggalos in their 
ownership of certain sections of Europe, by assisting them in gaining a more 
governmental organization that can, hopefully, demonstrate an ability to 
handle the task of recovery." 

        "Attacks on people for no reason will not go unpunished. I have already 
heard reports that someone who was burying deceased individuals was fired upon 
unjustly by terrorists. This will not be allowed until such a time as the 
governments of Europe are re-consolidated. Due to the fact that the original 
owners of Europe have all fled it the European Coalition of United 
Countries(E.C.U.C.) should subsequently be created to help in deciding who 
owns which countries, and also perhaps serve to help foster companionship and 
solidity where it is most needed. The Juggalos, seeing as they legally own a 
good swath of Europe, will be approached to assist in setting up other 
individuals in Europe. The French Foreign Legion will be approached as well, 
since they will most likely serve as the military for France, once the 
government for it is set up."

        "Basically, Repliforce wants to help get governments set up in Europe. 
If you feel that you have a right to any of the countries that are vacant 
please inform us immediately, and we will most likely help you in setting you 
up and assisting in training your military."

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/117                    Posted        Author
Okinawa Prefecture Abandoned       Mon Jul 04    Global News Network

        The day after the fall of Skull Monument, the Okinawa Prefecture, under 
the control of Bubble Man, released this statement: 

        The time has come for the Robot Masters to move onward. I've had a 
great time exploiting the lot of you, but now I'll have to do it somewhere 
else. All factories and drones have been removed from Okinawa. I'd like to 
formally thank everyone in Okinawa and Japan for giving me the ability to skim 
millions upon millions of taxpayer Zenny for the glory of myself and Dr. Wily: 
Thanks! My old fortress shall remain where it is until someone gets the bright 
idea to tear it down. Or enter it. Whichever. 

        GNN was unable to get an interview with Bubble Man as the Robot Master 
cited a 'Death Laser related illness'. OOC: Questions or reactions to Bubble 


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Message: 18/61                     Posted        Author
4th Of July Attack                 Tue Jul 05    Global News Network
 The Camera focuses on the News Desk. The Words 'Detroit Attack' are displayed 
in a box to the top right of the screen. 
         "Yesterday, on July the 4th, The City of Detroit fell under attack 
during the Independence Day celebration by This Maverick" The Camera switches 
to the video of a 10 foot tall Falcon-like figure setting a demolition charge 
on the base of a building, then standing up as the figure looks over at the 
camera and darts off right after seeing it. "The Maverick was later identified 
as Crimson Falcon, who placed Demolition Charges on 3 buildings sponsored by 
'Light' Labs. American Eagle soon appeared at the scene and fought with 
Crimson, though we do not know the outcome as both American Eagle and The 
Maverick we're gone by the time we we're able to get in to Detroit. Damages 
are estimated at a high rate of Zenny on 'Light' Labs from the explosions of 
this Maverick, who we now tell worked alone on this attack." 
         "In other news..."

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/62                     Posted        Author
Eurasia Construction               Tue Jul 05    Global News Network
Beware of the orange safety cone brigade and possible delays in your visits to 
Eurasia! The station has announced that, in light of the near completion of 
the Space Elevator, they will be remodeling their stardocks. "We believe," The 
Captain is quoted as saying, "The Space Elevator shall increase the amount of 
traffic in space exponentially. Eurasia remains the largest well-established 
unit currently in orbit, and as such we realise that expanding our docking 
facilities will aid in the growth of this newly emerging form of industry."

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/63                     Posted        Author
July Fourth Incident               Wed Jul 06    Global News Network
<GNN News-Americas>

" In local events, Mayor Achmed Mohammadan denounced the Maverick Coalition 
today for their attacks on a day which celebrates the very principles of 
freedom which they claim to adhere to, calling it 'cowardly' and 'foolish'. He 
also attributes damage to the city property as 'utter carelessness' by 
Repliforce and Hunter units on sight, and claims that bills for the damages 
have been sent to the respective offices of each organization. He had this to 

*Achmed Mohammadan while walking up some steps of the Detroit City Hall*

"....they were careless and sloppy. No organization has a right to call 
themselves our protectors with the damage they allowed to happen in their 
activities. It's bad enough we had Mavericks, but then Repliforce and the 
Hunters had to join in. Unnacceptable. I blame those squatting Juggalos 
outside of the city for the leak in security by our police forces. We just 
can't watch them and keep the city safe at the same time. Now, if you'll 
excuse me..."

*Mohammadan Walks Away*

" While it is unknown as to whether or not further action will be taken to 
remove the Juggalo Camps, many speculate the Mayor will make some effort to 
gain assistance from the state's Governor and the aid of National Guard in 
possibly dispersing the camps off of public land. "


(OOC: Contact Pharaoh Man for details.)

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/64                     Posted        Author
Elevator Progressing Well          Wed Jul 06    Global News Network

Work on the space elevator continues steadily, with support from almost every 
industrialized nation in the world speeding its construction considerably. 
With the use of the Gateway teleporter system, large loads of frieght that 
would have normally taken months to get into orbit can be inserted within a 
matter of minutes.

A name for the elevator has been debated between the principals of the project 
since its original constitution early last year. Unofficially, the endeavor 
has been named the Jakob Project, in honor of 17th century German 
mathematician Karl Jakob. Jakob's proofs about elliptic functions and 
generalized coordinates allow the basic technology of the space elevator to 
function. Jakob is alleged to have won out over other competitors such as 
Isaac Newton and R. Buckminster Fuller due to a strong desire to honor the 
German scientists who worked for free during the early days of the project to 
(literally) get it off the ground.

Despite the strong positive feelings surrounding the elevator, the project has 
not been without its setbacks. An early morning computer crash at NASA 
believed to be caused by malicious hackers stalled coordination efforts for 
several hours on Tuesday, forcing restoration from the previous night's 
backups. Maverick harassment has also been a problem for many of the workers 
in Kansas City, which has necessitated more military support from both the 
United States and the Republic of Texas. However, in spite of these problems, 
it appears the elevator will be operational either on time or only slightly 
later than expected.

< Punditry. >

OOC: Questions to Leo


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/65                     Posted        Author
Moon Not #1 For Irregulars         Wed Jul 06    Global News Network

Protesters representing the Irregular political movement began protesting the 
Verdant Mind's protesters today in Houston, as well as a seperate small march 
through Seoul. The Irregular movement claims that a complete cleanup of the 
Moon should not be done due to the historic importance of events which 
occurred on the Moon.

The impetus of the Irregular counter-protest is a square of the lunar surface 
known as 45N245W, located less than a kilometer away from the former Irregular 
encampment known as "Skull Shantytown". Within that area of the lunar surface 
is a small memorial to the Irregular iLuz. The memorial is claimed by the 
Irregulars to have a footprint of approximately two meters around her 
human-sized grave. Verdant Mind proposes moving the grave to a neutral site on 
Eurasia to restore "the natural state" of the moon in that area. Additionally, 
Verdant Mind offered the Irregulars an undisclosed cash settlement in return 
for their cooperation, which was rejected by the Irregular leadership.

"We are willing to part with our former facility on the Moon for a fair 
settlement," according to the main Irregular media relations site. "but the 
martyr iLuz's grave cannot be disturbed. To do so is to disrespect her great 
sacrifice in saving Proto Man from Sigma's deadly fallout. The Irregular 
movement will not compromise on this issue. We believe others would feel 
similarly were it the resting place of one of their own fallen warriors."

< Punditry. >

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================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/66                     Posted        Author
Juggalo Tent City Grows            Wed Jul 06    Global News Network

The Juggalo encampment outside of Detroit is reaching a critical mass, say 
observers, which may have already become uncontrollable by Detroit authorities 
or the Michigan National Guard. Up to ten thousand Juggalos, some arriving 
from across the region, have begun to settle in and around the tent city, 
creating a ragged perimeter around Detroit ranging in thickness from colorful 
pup tents sporadically appearing along the northern border to the large tents 
along the southern border of the Detroit area -- some the size of city blocks. 
Enormous bonfires burn within the compound in the evenings, with effigies of 
Achmed Mohammadan being burned alongside popular icons such as Mickey Mouse 
and Mr. Moneybags.

Despite these violent shows of defiance, the Juggalos remain fairly peaceful. 
Handfuls of arrests have been made by regional authorities for minor 
infractions, but the majority of the Juggalos are behaving within the letter 
of the law -- if not its spirit. Obscure ordinances dating back to the 1920s 
have been invoked by the Juggalos to prevent state authorities from 
demolishing their encampment, and civil rights groups have begun to file 
lawsuits on the behalf of the Juggalos with the city of Detroit and the state 
of Michigan.

While no one has been turned away from the Juggalo encampment, residents of the 
area have begun to voluntarily route their traffic around the Juggalo city. 
The traffic in the city has steadily worsened during rush periods, and 
pressure is being placed on the mayor's office to do something about the 
issue. However, as the Juggalos are outside of the city limits, the Detroit 
police are powerless to improve the situation. As of yet, MDOT has not issued 
a statement about possible long-term plans to handle the Juggalo concentration.

< Punditry. >

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================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/67                     Posted        Author
Periods Of Lag Unexplained         Wed Jul 06    Global News Network

Several severe periods of network lag experienced on scholarly networks have 
yet to be explained by system administrators. Databases ranging from the 
American Smithsonian to the United Nations' collection of public domain 
content have slowed down dramatically at unusual and seemingly random periods 
throughout the past week, with no end in sight predicted by observers.

"We believe we may be the victim of some sort of denial-of-service attack, 
possibly from Maverick forces," said a spokesman for the United Nations' 
Education office. "Normally these servers are capable of handling traffic 
double their average capacity, but our server load has been far greater than 
we can explain."

Whatever is causing the lag is less important to researchers than trying to 
stop the inconvenience. Download times in excess of five minutes have been 
reported by some unfortunate net users, slowing research efforts down to a 

< Punditry. >

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================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/68                     Posted        Author
Colonizing Europe Peacefully       Wed Jul 06    Global News Network

<GNN Special Interest Report>

While the nations of Europe strive to climb out of the rubble left behind in 
the wake of the Maverick regime collapsing, many of the world's powers have 
come forth to lend assistance in these trying times. Among them is a tiny sect 
of unusual people sharing a singular vision: the Lightwalkers. Having 
originally formed just after Mega Man announced his retirement to the world 
just over a year ago, not even his subsequent re-activation has been able to 
shake their faith in their role model. Not much more than two hundred strong, 
the Lightwalkers nevertheless have drawn attention to themselve with their 
unique view as they assist in the rebuilding and recolonization of Europe.

"We continue to follow the Path of Light," says Jacques Merreille, one of the 
founders and public representatives of the Lightwalkers. "The Path of Light is 
one of forebearance and understanding without the need for excessive force. We 
do not feel the need for wanton destruction as other members of the world seem 
to embrace. We offer assistance to all as Mega Man himself has done in the 
past, and seek to uphold the basic tenets of truth and justice in an otherwise 
lawless land." Proudly wearing the Lightwalkers' traditional two-tone-blue, 
excessively long striped scarf, all of the members of this near-cult of Mega 
Man have sworn never to raise a hand against aggressors, instead choosing to 
rationally discuss and work towards a peaceful resolution of problems that 

Merreille, however, is at least honest about the Lightwalkers' success: "While 
we embrace a non-violent way of life, we know that many would find us 
pacifistic and as a result, we have lost a few members to those hostile to our 
views. This will not keep us from our mission, however." When asked about Mega 
Man's return to the battlefield and if this changes how the Lightwalkers view 
the Blue Bomber, he replied: "Mega Man has been forced back into active combat 
because the world will not listen; we will walk the path and speak his message 
for him until he is able to lay down his weapon for good, and help to resolve 
problems peacefully, ending further loss of life."

Currently, the Lightwalkers have situated themselves in France, working with 
relief efforts in the ravaged country to rebuild the infrastructure in the 
once-proud nation.

<OOC: Questions? Shoot 'em at Rock or Dr. Light>


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/69                     Posted        Author
Repliforce Speaks                  Wed Jul 06    Global News Network

 < The Camera activated, General looming in the camera > 

        "Good day, everyone," General stated from the inside of some sort of 
generic looking room, hands clasped behind his back and golden body shining 
brightly in the lighted interior of the Berlin home. "As you all know on the 
Fourth of July an incident occured wherein bombs were used by the Coalition 
for Reploid Freedom, otherwise known as the Mavericks, a well known and feared 
terrorist organization that wishes to kill or enslave all Humans." 

        "Due to the fact that the bomb was placed, and that President Seers has 
contracted with Repliforce to handle attacks against his soil by such groups 
as the Mavericks, Repliforce responded. In that response Iris became injured, 
her optics destroyed to the point that she has been blind for at least the 
past day. She nearly sacrificed her life attempting to deal with that potent 
explosive, and the response from the Mayor was not one of respect or at least 
any sort of kindness, but Mohammadan declaring that Repliforce needs to pay 
for what happened." 

        "If Repliforce had to pay for damages caused in the heat of battle, in 
a monetary fashion, Repliforce would be suffering from an extreme amount of 
bills, due to the fact that Repliforce specifically fights people who aim to 
destroy the places, or subsequently destroy it by their mere rebellious 
actions. Repliforce is sorry for what has happened, and the organization will 
assist in cleaning up, but I would recommend that Mohammadan talk with Seers 
about this." 

        "On a side note, the fact that there was damage is actually a blessing 
in disguise, due to the fact that it means contractors will be hired to fix 
the damage, and thus people will be hired, decreasing unemployment and 
increasing the flow of zenny throughout the area." 

        "As for the Juggalos, Repliforce is only going to ask that they please 
refrain from killing people. If they do that, and act peacefully, Repliforce 
has no reason to step in." 

        "As for Europe...Repliforce is requesting the Juggalos assistance with 
Berlin. I will, of course, look forward to talking to one of their 
representatives in the Northern area of Berlin."

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/70                     Posted        Author
Detroit Sues Repliforce!           Wed Jul 06    Global News Network
<GNN Worls News-Evening Edition>

" Just in from our North American Offices, word has it that legal action is 
being taken by the City of Detroit in dispute of the Repliforce Contract held 
by the United States, claiming the clause which grants immunity to charges for 
damage caused by their presence within the country to be inapplicable due to a 
failure in the agreed upon services Repliforce is to provide. While Mayor 
Mohammadan was not available for comment, his offices did state that the 
action was being taken on the basis that Repliforce had acted 'Recklessly and 
without concern for public safety' in their actions, and that the city would 
'fight tooth and nail to see to it that justice is done'. Experts suspect a 
long and drawn out legal battle to follow."


(OOC: Questions to Pharaoh Man)

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/71                     Posted        Author
RF Responds                        Wed Jul 06    Global News Network

 < It's all in Text > 

         In relation to the lawsuit that has been filed against Repliforce I am 
at a loss for words. Repliforce members nearly perished attempting to stop the 
bombs. Repliforce responded as quickly as they could. Repliforce contended 
with a sudden event without warning, and managed to keep the death toll down. 

         The contract is the contract, however, and it dictates that Repliforce 
does not have to pay for the costs caused. Repliforce is even quite ready to 
assist with manual labor in relation to clearing out anything from the 

         On a side note, Repliforce is requesting, respectfully, that Achmed 
Mohamadan be investigated by Interpol, and that President Seers look to a 
potential temporary Mayor for Detroit due to the fact that he is currently in 
danger of having his city swarmed by a potent group of individuals(Juggalos). 

         Repliforce has no interest in having to hurt nor kill any Juggalos, 
Repliforce has noticed that they are capable of being nice toward robots. Thus 
I, General, am of the belief that it would be best if diplomacy was deployed 
since the Mayor of Detroit is simply ignoring the Juggalos.

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/72                     Posted        Author
An Open Letter                     Wed Jul 06    Global News Network
(Sent to the Detroit Free Press as well as several Michigan-related news 

To Whom It May Concern,

        I apologize for not having been able to do more to defuse the weapons 
used in your city recently. I believe the emergency services were tied up with 
the holiday celebrations, as I was unable to recieve an answer.

        I exercised my best judgment, and in coordination with several others 
attempted to disarm the demolition charge. I failed, but I do not know if the 
charge could have been held stable until a bomb disposal crew arrived... I 
thought the gamble was worth it.

        I'm sorry I failed. Please don't blame the Repliforce for my own errors.



================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/73                     Posted        Author
Jet Stingray Foils Pirate Plot!    Wed Jul 06    Global News Network
<This...Is GNN!>

"Today, a sky pirate who identifies himself as 'Baba Ranga' attempted to rob 
the Croftus Luxury Skyliner, while it was over the Sahara desert. Luckily, 
Repliforcer Jet Stingray was aboard! Jet Stingray handily drove the pirate off 
after a short altercation, and the ship was saved! No fatalities were 
inflicted in the attack, although several security members were reportedly 
seriously wounded. Reportedly, Jet Stingray has been offered a free pass from 
Sky Luxury Inc., allowing him to ride any of their skyliners for free, and 
soak up the sun! Especially if that means dissuading pirate attacks. In other 
news, a local man was seen naked while..."

<OOC: @mail questions to Baba or Jet Stingray.>

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/74                     Posted        Author
Mavs hit Berlin; Chest wounded     Thu Jul 07    Global News Network

        A deep baritone voice rumbles, "This... is GNN." 

        We open up to Chest's news desk. However instead of the familiar face 
of GNN's boss, we see a female Reploid with light beige hair done up in a bun. 
She has thin reading glasses and a futuristic business suit on. "Papaya 
filling in on behalf of Chest tonight, who has been critically injured while 
on assignment," she explains briefly. 

        "Tonight Berlin was the scene of violence once again as Repliforce and 
Maverick forces clash." We see surprisingly good video of the fighting. Flame 
Stag and Singularity Shrike are going at it. We see Singularity throwing a 
spear at Flame. Papaya voiceovers. "Repliforce soldiers were stationed in 
Berlin securing and repairing the city. GNN's very own Chest was on the scene 
on investigation." 

        We now see a shot of Solstis leaking and spitting at Rush Raccoon. I'm 
serious. "GNN's investigations determined that the target of the Maverick's 
raid was to acquire the cornerstone of the foundation of the Imperial Spire, 
recently destroyed by Maverick Hunter forces." We see a zoomed in close-up 
shot of Overclock. He's rummaging through rubble. He finally finds the 
cornerstone and lifts it up on his shoulders. We can clearly see the 
dedication plaque on it, written in German. 

        "During the battle, GNN Owner and Manager was savagely attacked by 
Javelin Whitetail for reasons unknown," Papaya continues. We do /not/ see any 
shots of this. "Corporal Floral Skunk, in command of the Berlin recovery 
operation at the time, led the effort to drive them off. The Mavericks 
departed with their cornerstone." 

        "Chest was rushed to San Angeles hospital where he underwent surgery to 
repair structural and severe internal damage. He is listed in stable, but 
serious condition. On behalf of the the staff here, we wish his recovery the 
best. Neither he nor Corporal Skunk were available for comment." 

        And, because it wouldn't be Papaya otherwise, she adds, "The Capcom 
Global News Network shares are down fifteen points on the news due to concern 
for their owner and CEO's health. This comes at a particularly bad time for 
GNN, which is set to soon open its second largest branch on the space station 

        And on goes the news. 


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/75                     Posted        Author
Diamond Returned!                  Thu Jul 07    Global News Network
Authorities were baffled late last week when a piece of the 'Two Hundred Year 
Collection' of diamonds was returned to Buenos Aires. The returner of the 
diamond, a reploid woman, would not give her name, only saying that returning 
the diamond was 'the right thing to do', that the diamond 'was a gift for some 
reason or another', and that she 'didn't know the diamond was that valuable'. 
She did not claim any other reason other than altruism, nor did she claim who 
it was a gift from. 

Museum curators were later said to be suspicious about potential other motives.

<OOC: Contact Joyeuse for info.>

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/76                     Posted        Author
Dynamo Murder Case                 Thu Jul 07    Global News Network
<GNN news notice>

"Interpol has sent a notice to our GNN headquarters that Dynamo was cleared of 
all charges regarding the Eurasian murders some time ago due to his alibi 
being proven, though Interpol would not hand over more information. 
Commissioner Gabriel stated 'no comment' in regards to the identity of the 
true killer, nor if Interpol has any idea who it is." 

<end message>

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/77                     Posted        Author
RF Press Release                   Thu Jul 07    Global News Network
This Press Release was let out earlier today and has been circulating through 
newspapers, radio news and television. Speculation on what the US Government 
will do usually follows.

To the citizens of Detroit and the citizens of the United States,

We of Repliforce were, earlier today, presented with a bill for damages caused 
by the Coalition for Reploid Freedom. While Detroit's sentiments are 
appreciated, we will not be paying this. We are the contracted defender of the 
United States, and therefore, our presence in Detroit was perfectly legal 
under our defense agreement. We do, however, offer assistance to the city of 
Detroit in making repairs to the damaged structures.

We will continue to serve the United States, and the rest of our contracted 
countries with all of our might. Tyranny will not win. We do hope that the 
Mayor of Detroit does realize that we are only here to help, and wish no one 
under our protection harm. Indeed, we do our best to keep civilians safe, and 
we will continue to do so. We will not pay what Detroit asks, and indeed, we 
would hope that the United States Government will look into the actions of the 
city and see that we are allowed to do as we need to if there is further 
trouble there in the future.

--Repliforce Command

<Questions to Colonel>

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/78                     Posted        Author
Tiamat Takeover                    Thu Jul 07    Global News Network
<Business News section of GNN or other news shows> 

"It was a big move for Tiamat Oil today, as the once fledgling oil company has 
flourished from the business alliance with Mikage Jakarta. In another daring 
move, Tiamat has made a friendly takeover of Saudi Plastics And Oil, a 
descendant of Saudi Aramco, one of the world's largest oil companies two 
centuries ago during the peak of oil production. SPAO, and all it's holdings, 
will now become part of Tiamat Oil. Critics of SPAO have speculated the 
company's financial troubles at the start of the Robot Wars have helped to 
weaken it to the point of it being unable to sustain itself. This move has 
sent a ripple of worry through Tiamat's competitors within the Middle East and 
abroad, especially among those who originally believed Tiamat and it's 
founder, Omar bin Ali al-Ataman. 

<OOC: Questions? Contact Flame Man.>

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/79                     Posted        Author
Michigan: Juggalos OK              Thu Jul 07    Global News Network

The state of Michigan has been thrown into turmoil through the continuing 
dispute between Detroit and the Juggalos, bringing the normally reluctant 
governor into the conversation. Governor Jane Sheehan (D-MI), known for her 
`hands off' governance, has been repeatedly petitioned by civil rights groups 
and lawyers representing the Juggalo Nation to act. With the threat of a class 
action lawsuit to be filed against the state of Michigan, Sheehan issued a 
public statement to try to quell the impending disturbance.

"The actions of [Mayor] Achmed Mohammadan have crossed the line which separates 
the powers in our system of government," Sheehan said. "I have signed an 
executive order authorizing Repliforce and Interpol forces unrestricted access 
to Detroit to protect its citizens from Maverick attacks, such as those this 
past Fourth of July. As they are charged with the defense of our nation 
through a treaty signed by the United States government, any dispute with 
their entry into the city would need to be handled by the Congress as per 
Article I of the US Constitution."

"With the full support of the state legislature, I have also authorized the 
Michigan National Guard to enforce the return of the Juggalos into Detroit as 
of 8 AM Friday morning. Any Detroit police officer who attempts to obstruct 
the return of the Juggalos to their homes, or violate their civil rights in 
any way, will be immediately dismissed from duty. Charges will be filed as 

An additional statement issued by the US Department of Defense followed 
Sheehan's remarks, which cited the pertinent sections of the US Constitution 
which prevent the city of Detroit from filing a lawsuit against Repliforce 
directly. The Supreme Court of the United States has pre-emptively declined to 
take the case.

The Department of Justice had no comment about any investigations taking place 
into the Juggalo affair.

< Punditry. >

OOC: Questions to Leo


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/80                     Posted        Author
US President: Repliforce OK        Thu Jul 07    Global News Network

President Seers made remarks in the Rose Garden today in support of 
Repliforce's actions in the United States and abroad. Seers, known for his 
vivid public speaking, was in his usual vigorous form.

"Repliforce is the arsenal of democracy," Seers said. "Standing behind 
Repliforce means standing behind freedom for all people, human and Reploid, 
and justice. Their actions on this recent Fourth of July holiday shows the 
true nature of their character. As we celebrated freedom and independence, 
Repliforce rose up to defend it as they always have."

"The United States of America will always stand behind Repliforce. The actions 
of one renegade mayor in one city in America cannot halt the rising tide of 
freedom. I will reinforce this here: Repliforce is welcome in our cities, our 
towns, our fields and our mountains. We should treat them as if they were 
American citizens, because they support the best of our ideals even when the 
light of freedom strains against overwhelming darkness."

"It will be our great honor to one day fight alongside Repliforce when our own 
armed forces returns to their previous level of strength. Until then, we will 
support Repliforce unconditionally with our dollars, our good will, and our 

Seers' statements follow a rising tide of support nationally for Repliforce, 
with approval of the army reaching a 6-month high of 80% in a recent Gallup 

< Punditry. >

OOC: Questions to Leo.


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/81                     Posted        Author
Mohammadan Responds                Thu Jul 07    Global News Network
<GNN-United States>

" Mayor Achmed Mohamadan responded today to the recent actiosn taken by 
Michigan Governor Elect Sheehan, dropping the city lawsuit with Repliforce. He 
has, however, declined to comment on the Juggalo situation. "


(OOC Questions to Pharaoh Man)

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/82                     Posted        Author
Pirate Busted!                     Thu Jul 07    Global News Network
<This...Is GNN.>

<Video of Baba Ranga, damaged from combat and his hands locked behind him, 
being escorted into a police van. He's terribly drunk, and ranting. Lightning 
Liontaur proudly stands nearby.> "In Cairo today, the sky pirate 'Baba Ranga' 
was arrested by Interpol Officer Lightning Liontaur, while attempting to 
purchase two hundred zenny's worth of hard liquor with bills stolen in a bank 
heist months earlier. Interpol credits action on behalf of the store clerk for 
the bust. In the fighting, Baba Ranga lit several store fronts on fire, and is 
being charged with resisting arrest, multiple homicides, several cases of 
grand larceny over fifty thousand zenny, illegal weapons possession, illegal 
cybernetics possession, several charges of destruction of property, attempted 
murder, assault and battery, assaulting a Repliforce officer, assaulting an 
Interpol officer, and at least twenty different occurances of public 
drunkenness. When asked to comment, Baba Ranga said 'go screw yourself', 
before vomitting on the reporter. In other news..."

<OOC: Baba is in jail! OH NOES.>

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/83                     Posted        Author
Chest thanks RF                    Fri Jul 08    Global News Network

        A written release from San Angeles General. 

        I would like to formally extend my personal gratitude to the Repliforce 
soldiers and engineers that defended Berlin from the recent Robot Master raid. 
In particular, those that were responsible for saving my life from an 
unprovoked Maverick attack upon my person. Of note, Corporal Rush Raccoon, 
Private Singularity Shrike, their leader, Corporal Floral Skunk, and my two 
body guards. Without their aid, my eventual recovery would not be possible. 



================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/84                     Posted        Author
Attack In The Midwest              Fri Jul 08    Global News Network
<Local Stations>

        Violence struck a small town in Minnesota this evening, as a Maverick 
stunt apparently designed to attract the attention of the Maverick Hunters 
turned violent. A Maverick cyborg, tentatively identified as Solstis by the 
Maverick Hunter officer who responded, attacked a small home and seriously 
injured a young woman, holding her younger brother as a hostage.

        Maverick Hunter and Repliforce members arrived on the scene, and the 
Maverick was driven off with no further casualties. Maverick Hunter Michael 
Eildath was the first on the scene, and had the following statement for our 

        Michael Eildath: "The Maverick Hunters do not negotiate with 
terrorists. Let this serve as a warning to any members of the Sigma's army who 
would try to hold hostages against us. We will respond with deadly force if we 
have to in order to preserve the life of anyone you threaten."

        Medical officials are not discussing the exact nature of the injuries 
sustained to the woman at this time, though they say they're not 
life-threatening and thank Repliforce member Iris for her assistance in 
stabilizing her condition. Reports that she is being sent to Switzerland for 
advanced treatment are unconfirmed at this time.

<More News>

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/85                     Posted        Author
Race for the Presidency!           Fri Jul 08    Global News Network

        "This is Political Pangolin reporting from our station here in San 
Angeles. It seems that the Robot Master Quick Man has today declared that he 
is running for "President of the World." His ticket, as it were, is composed 
of himself, Gemini Man as Vice President, and Dust Man as "Janitor of the 
World." Although no one has ever heard of this election or the office prior to 
this announcement, Quick Man has assured the Associated Press that voting 
booths WILL be available worldwide on the date of the election, which has yet 
to be announced.
        Responding to this announcement, the Maverick Hunter Steel Massimo also 
jumped in the ring, declaring his own presidency, although we were not able to 
reach him to confirm it. Although there is no precedent for this election, GNN 
has decided to devote at least 8 hours a day to covering every nuance of all 
the issues, as soon as we find out what the issues are. In the meantime, let 
us bombard you with political commercials at every oppurtunity. And now, 


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/86                     Posted        Author
Battle in the Undercity!           Fri Jul 08    Global News Network
<This...Is GNN.>

"This is Desk Whale, reporting for GNN," a cetapod anchorman begins. "A major 
Interpol raid occured tonight at Happy Kitty Deliveries in the Lower Nogaki in 
Neo-Tokyo, beneath the grand megacity. A massive battle was reported, with 
criminals all over the city converging after the alleged head of a group 
called the 'Shadow Hunters' - a notorious assassin named 'Red Serpent', whom 
Interpol identifies as an android named 'Chet' - announced a half million 
zenny bounty on the heads of all Interpol, Repliforce, and Hunter personnel 
within the city. The fighting left at least seventy-two people dead, and 
scores more wounded, before Interpol fled. Mavericks were also reportedly on 
the scene, causing destruction, and are still being fought by Repliforce 
elements that accompanied Interpol. We will keep you briefed on this story as 
it develops."

<OOC: @mail Chet with questions.>

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/87                     Posted        Author
Prime Minister of Japan KIDNAPPED! Sat Jul 09    Global News Network
<This...Is GNN.>

"Following the public humiliation of Mikage International by law enforcement 
authorities, ninjas allegedly working for the Yakuza kidnapped the Prime 
Minister of Japan, Minister Kaga, from his summer home in Hokkaido. He was 
thought taken to Mikage Corp, MikIntl.'s headquarters located in Hokkaido. Mad 
cyberneticist Takeshi Shinchiro and the android Chet demanded pardons from an 
international court in exchange for the Prime Minister's life, but were 
instead assaulted by an SRTS taskforce, which took serious casualties. An 
Interpol team composed of Director Fairchild, Billiard Wolf, and Commissioner 
Gabriel, assisted by Major Iris of the Repliforce, freed almost a thousand 
Mikage Corp workers that had been trapped in the factory, as well as some 
security guards forced to fight for the Yakuza. The hostage was rescued, but 
it was revealed that it was not actually Prime Minister Kaga...His 
whereabouts, at this time, are unknown. The Bonne Airship, Geselschaft, was 
also on the scene, as was a Maverick transport. We will bring you more on this 
dramatic, breaking story, as it develops..."

<OOC: Questions? @mail Chet or Tako. THE PRINCESS IS IN ANOTHER CASTLE.>

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/88                     Posted        Author
Chinese President Assassinated     Sat Jul 09    Global News Network
The President of China, his bodyguards, and strangely enough his two assassins 
were found dead in a Villa near the border of Siberia. Chinese officials say 
that they believe that the President was assassinated while his guards were on 
routine patrol, and that his bodyguards walked in just after the assassination 
and that they killed each other in a bloody gunfight. GNN's sources tell us 
that the assassination was committed by the Russian mafia and was motivated by 
the fact that the President apparently intended to announce a proposal to 
crack down on Crime Syndicates outside of Japan that his nations intelligence 
services had located and that extensive evidence was found to support this at 
the scene of the Crime.

This is GNN signing out.

(Contact Shadow for details)

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/89                     Posted        Author
Tiamat Oil Severs Mikage Ties!     Sat Jul 09    Global News Network
<Headline News, and not just Business News> 

Today, Founder and CEO Omar bin Ali al-Ataman of Tiamat Oil, severed all 
business ties with Mikage Jakarta, the Indonesian extension of Mikage 
International. At a press conference held just after this statement, al-Ataman 
said his company will be more careful of their dealings with foreign 
shareholders, saying "We will not disgrace ourselves again by dealing with 
foreign criminals we were so blindly doing business with." al-Ataman further 
denied having any knowledge of Mikage International's shady dealings. Tiamat 
Oil will be absorbing the Jakarta Oil site to be used by themselves, and 
expect business to continue to run smoothly. 

<OOC: Questions? Contact Flame Man>

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/90                     Posted        Author
Kaga Rescued!                      Sat Jul 09    Global News Network
<This...Is GNN.>

"This is Grapenut, reporting on the developing 'Yakuza Inc.' scandal. Prime 
Minister Kaga was rescued today via the actions of Director Sarah Fairchild of 
Interpol, who also arrested the head of the Yakuza's enforcers, the 'Shadow 
Hunters', Chet. Chet is expected to stand trial for numerous crimes, including 
homicide and terrorism. Several former Mikage International employees have 
also turned states' evidence in exchange for deals, and over two hundred 
suspected Mikage International / Yakuza criminals, Serwa Mwokozi among them, 
have been indicted in absentia already! However, many executives, scientists, 
and book-keepers are reported missing, although various agencies are working 
hard to locate them - Serwa Mwokozi and Rajura Doji are two high profile 
figures that are missing. The Diet will be convening soon to discuss special 
measures to bolster Japan's economy, as Mikage International's operations 
comprised a significant portion of the market. In addition, the Diet is soon 
to discuss 'The Ashigaru Project', a programme for the defense of Japan by a 
Reploid army, which was also created by Mikage International. These next few 
weeks will certainly be tumulteous, as the true depth of the Yakuza 
international conspiracy are uncovered, although there have been hundreds of 
arrests worldwide related to the Yakuza Inc. data captured by an Interpol 
team. The press is expecting a statement from Prime Minister Kaga, after he 
recovers from his kidnapping ordeal at the hands of 'Chet'.

<OOC: Questions? @mail Chet.>

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/91                     Posted        Author
Moon Exploration Continues         Mon Jul 11    Global News Network
(VNN news feeds, relatively low priority levels.)

        The Moon surveying operations have been continuing at a steady pace. 
The vacuum-sealed reploids, working from their gravitic transport craft, have 
been hard at work. New information on the exact composition of the Moon's 
surface has been found, especially in the regions that had been lased by 
Doctor Wily; underneath the superficial "repair" work, the fragmented upper 
layers of bedrock have been easily explored.
        Due to the Moon's lack of surface water and biological activity, as 
well as a lack of volcanic activity, the surface is relatively poor in mineral 
ore veins. However, a large concentration of pyroxene and olivine in surface 
rocks appears to be universal, along with the iron-titanium oxide ilmenite. 
Several exploitable veins of "KREEP" rocks - minerals containing potassium, 
phosphorus, and rare earth elements - have also been located.
        As well, the sub-surface water ice in the southern crater zone has been 
verified to exist, and is estimated to be in the billions of tons, improving 
the prospects for lunar colonization, although carbon and nitrogen remain 
        This new information hasn't come without a price, however. The 
relatively slow-moving survey reploid team has suffered two losses, both 
Spectroscopy Lobster and Geologic Crab having been out of contact for the past 
48 hours.
        The Texas White House commented, "They're built to last, and we expect 
that it's just radio trouble."

(Questions to Mesarthim.)

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/92                     Posted        Author
Thailand Thievery                  Tue Jul 12    Global News Network
<POX World News>

        "This is Muck Kouprey reporting live from Bangkok at the Wat Traimit 
temple. Earlier today this temple was the site of a battle between a trio of 
Robot Masters against Interpol and Repliforce. According to our news source 
the infamous Cut Man, Elec Man and Guts Man forced their way into the temple 
after tearing the temple's gate off its hinges. Once inside the temple the 
trio began plundering it of its riches even as the temple's security system 
was triggered.

        "A few short moments after the temple's alarm went off the trio of 
Iris, Jet Stingray and Tornado Onion quickly responded as well as Interpol 
officer Riot. A short battle erupted within the temple's walls as the Robot 
Masters fought the combined forces of Interpol and Repliforce. Casualties were 
had on both sides but as of this moment it is unknown if any of them were 

        "The battle seemed to have been in the Robot Master's favor as the 
Alphas were fending off their attackers without much resistance but thanks to 
Iris and her Vanguard Armor the tide of the battle quickly shifted. The Robot 
Masters were then ordered to leave the temple; without protest they did so 
dragging away the temple's famous large Golden Buddha Image as well as several 
smaller treasures.

        "With a weight of 5 tons, a diameter of 12 feet 5 inches and a height 
of 15 feet 9 inches from the base to the crown, the Buddha Image is the 
world's largest Golden Buddha Image in existence. More than 900 years old the 
Image is considered a valuable treasure of Thailand and Buddhism. The Image 
was last appraised as having a value of 25 million Zennies.

        "In other news Hammer Knievel is set to jump the Grand Canyon on a 
hovercycle this coming August..."


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/93                     Posted        Author
RHS Challenges Irish High Court    Tue Jul 12    Global News Network

        Only a very minor blurb in the world headlines, this article is of more 
interest in Europe; specifically Britain and Ireland. 

        In a situation very similar to the one approximately two hundred years 
ago, the plotting of a major national highway has been challenged -- although 
not by environmentalists this time, but by the Royal Historical Society. 

        The Royal Historical Society (RHS), designed to preserve elements of 
British and Irish history, demands the re-routing of a proposed four-lane, 
two-level highway designed for both traditional vehicles and the more recent 
style of hover-vehicles. The planned roadway would once again take a major 
route over the Hill of Tara complex and the multiple archaeological sites 
contained there. Supporters of the plan insist that the highway is necessary, 
providing a desperately-needed mode of transportation across the northern part 
of Ireland. While much of Ireland has remained unchanged in the past several 
hundred years, Ulster has become significantly modernized -- enough to 
participate in the world market of reploid production and the use of low-level 
teleporters to provide transport between Ireland and Britain. 

        The RHS, however, insists on the re-routing of at least seven miles of 
highway to accomodate the Hill of Tara and its associated sites. Known as 
'Temair' in Irish Gaelic (Gaelige), the hill has existed since at least 2500 
B.C. In the twenty-first century the landmark was endangered by a proposed 
highway, but the plans were challenged and the idea was eventually rejected. 
In 2195 the Mound of the Hostages, a megalithic passage-tomb located on the 
hill, suffered from a partial collapse and the years since then have been 
spent attempting to prevent further destruction to these national landmarks. 
The RHS states that the National Monuments Act, created in 2004 and renewed 
twelve times since then, is flawed and unconstutional and cannot properly 
protect Ireland's historical sites. Together with various other historical and 
environmental groups the RHS has demanded construction be halted while the 
issue is under fire. 

        (Page/@mail Deer for further info.) 


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/94                     Posted        Author
Lightwalker Relief Camp Active     Wed Jul 13    Global News Network

TOULOUSE, FRANCE (GNN) -- The Lightwalkers have been active in the south of 
France as of late, one of their founders is proud to report. Jacques 
Merreille, a public representative for the curious group that has worked 
towards the peaceful rebuilding of Europe, announced the encampment active at 
1800 GMT and have begun receiving aid from various private organizations

The Lightwalkers are currently distributing said relief in the forms of food, 
clothing, tools and building supplies for citizens that wish to rebuild their 
homes, and are offering as much assistance as their small organization is able 
to give. Many displaced citizens have clustered around the relief camp and are 
currently living their as their homes are rebuilt, turning the relief camp 
into a small tent-town.

<OOC: There's an object in France that can be RPed around. Any questions can be 
sent to Rock or Dr. Light.>

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/95                     Posted        Author
Convoy Ambush in Russia!           Thu Jul 14    Global News Network

This... is GNN!

Damaged trucks can be seen behind the reporter, a seemingly prepubescant 
Reploid girl with large audial wings. Her brown hair is tied into a ponytail, 
and she's wearing a camo-colored parka. The bar across the bottom ID's this 
reporter as... War Correspondant Satsuma!

"Satsuma here in The Middle of Nowhere, Russia, where a Socialist Liberation 
Army supply convoy was ambushed. With all of the conflict in Russia at the 
moment, it is difficult to determine just who was behind the attack, but 
insignias upon a suit of Powered Armor that appeared implicate certain members 
of the Oligarchy. Roll the clip."

The clip that follows shows a monster of a mecha, twelve feet tall and looking 
rather angular and menacing, with More Weapons Than God on its arms, fighting 
none other than Suploid, hero of heroes! The clip continues for a few seconds, 
with the PA firing missles at Suploid, before the frame freezes and zooms in 
on Oligarchy logos on the mecha's shoulders. The picture shifts back to 
Satsuma, who's jacket has shifted to bright orange, and her brown hair is now 
a brilliant blue (which matches her suddenly bright green eyes).

"GNN has already sought answers concerning this, as the implications this 
attack has towards the current ceasefire in Russia are staggering. An 
Oligarchy spokesman has been quoted as saying, 'We do not endorse this attack 
against the Socialist Liberation Army, and we continue to stand by the 
ceasefire.' We have yet to contact the SLA for their opinion on the attack, 
but this reporter believes that the already tense situation in Russia is only 
going to become worse.

"And to complicate matters even further, the Robot Master Crystal Man was 
spotted on the scene, and attacked Suploid after he drove off the 
Oligarchy-marked PA. A battle didn't ensue, however, has Suploid blinded the 
Master, then made his escape." Satsuma sighs wistfully, her hair shifting to a 
multi-colored rainbow. After a moment, she remembers she's still on the air, 
sort of. "Crystal Man loses ten Cool Points for attacking a superhero when he 
was injured from one-on-one combat."

With a cough, she concludes, "This is Satsuma, in Russia, signing out."

That... was GNN!


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/96                     Posted        Author
Texas Comments On Moon Tragedy     Thu Jul 14    Global News Network
(VNN and other feeds.)
        The Texas White House has issued an announcement today regarding their 
lunar survey team.
        The mission had met with disaster in the process of discovering the 
presence of Maverick forces on the Moon itself. Of the original team of eight, 
one is missing and presumed to be Maverick, and another was retired by the 
Maverick Hunter Zero while attempting to attack the survey crew's base of 
        The surviving crew members have all be decontamined several times for 
the sake of security, and have been placed on temporary leave. Preliminary 
investigations have cleared the mission commander, Unity Urchin, of any 
        President Vaughn issued a brief statement, citing "the tragic cost of 
any new frontier" and condemning the Mavericks for their occupation of the 
celestial body. "As if they haven't made enough of a mess on this planet, they 
have to try and move to the Moon," Vaughn continued, "and you know what, I 
think that the people of Texas are against that. All of them, human, robot, or 

        In other news, the Texas White House issued a letter of thanks to the 
Maverick Hunter organization, causing mild diplomatic tension due to the 
general policy of "don't see, don't stop" that many nations have towards the 
vigilante group. Washington and Seoul insiders, however, remarked that this 
may have just been another aspect of Texas trying to forge a unique national 
identity after being a subsidiary component of the United States for hundreds 
of years.

(Questions to Mesarthim.)

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/97                     Posted        Author
Animated PSA #2                    Thu Jul 14    Global News Network
*This Begins like the last one! At the end of Transformers: 22xx during 
Afternoon Cartoons! It's the same Rock Music! "Repliforce Knows!" Blares 
across the screen*

Here we see Billy and Joe! A Reploid and Human Kid watching TV! They're 
watching "Wrestling" with wide eyes! in between the middle of the Wrestling 
Match it blares "Don't try this at home kids!" of course...Billy and Joe get 
up "Hey! Lets go play Wrestling!" "O.K.!".

The Kids go Play Wrestling, and they are really about to get into it something 
firece! When suddenly a voice yells... "Stop!" it's Captain Assault Kangaroo! 
The Kids stop as they fumble to the ground. "Wow! it's REPLIFORCE!"

The CAPTAIN KANGAROO begins to explain! "You Should'nt copy the Violent acts 
you see on TV! The People on TV are trained Professionals, and it is all 
Make-Belive! You two could have got really hurt!" the Kids awwwww. "Okay! We 
Understand!" "And now we know!" Captain Kangaroo raises a fist.. Taekwandoe 
Style. "And Knowing is Half the Battle!"

 < The PSA ends with the same Repliforce Logo and Rock Music as before! >

(OOC: I'm still putting these out every so often at peoples request when I get 
the urge! ~Rush )

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/98                     Posted        Author
Chaos in Sydney                    Fri Jul 15    Global News Network
<Fairly Standard news report stuff>

Madness in Sydney today, as former Repliforce soldier Barrage Raptor, seen 
here: <file photo of Barrage Raptor>, crashed a hovercraft into a skyscraper. 
Authorities assume the hovercraft was rigged to explode, as it took down the 
building. Interpol agent Laura MacKenzie engaged Barrage Raptor, and was 
sucessful in rendering her unconcious, however, the Maverick's escape was 
aided by fellow Maverick Agile. More on this story, and the casualty rates as 
the story develops.

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/99                     Posted        Author
SLA Convoy Obliterated!            Sun Jul 17    Global News Network
<This...Is GNN.>

"Another SLA convoy was attacked in Russia today, by a brown power armor with 
Oligarchy markings. Although the Oligarchy has officially denied all knowledge 
of this attack, the armor nonetheless had Oligarchy markings <Snapshot of the 
Red Star power armor>. An Interpol power armor pilot, Constable Laura 
MacKenzie, arrived to battle the power armor, but was defeated in battle. The 
power armor then decimated what was left of the SLA convoy before leaving. 
Although the Civil War is slowing down, it appears there's still fighting 
going on in at least some parts of Russia. Constable MacKenzie is reported to 
be in stable condition, although she was badly injured during the fighting. In 
other news..."

<OOC: Questions to Yuri Mikhailov or Thrash MacKenzie.>

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/100                    Posted        Author
Public Service Announcement        Sun Jul 17    Global News Network
<<Shown in various NA-supporting or related countries.>>

"The city of Hokkaido, Japan. The country has suffered for months under the 
oppression of Dr. Wily and the Robot Masters. The fighting has receded, but 
the stain remains."

<<Pictures of Dust Man's drone factory in Hokkaido. Images are shown of the 
junk, the shop floor where mechaniloids are produced, and ranks of drones.>>

"The Robot Master prescence in Hokkaido persists, their factories pumping out 
hundreds of mechaniloids to fuel the Master war effort."

<<Snapshots are seen of Skull Man wrapping his chain arm around a struggling 
Jane Moya, Pirate Man barraging a spray of mines, and the Green Demon looming 
over Hirondelle.>> 

"Among those who claim to fight the Masters, the brave citizens of Aztlan put 
their lives on the line to fight the Robot Masters."

<<Insert images here of the large NA Ride Armour blasting Green with the Eye of 
Heaven, Kilalu Inada opening fire on Pirate Man, and Umbra Phantom tearing 
apart Redips Joes.>>

"But to free Japan and mankind from the grip of Master oppression, they need 
your help. Support Neo Arcadia, and guarantee a future free of fear from 
machine terrorism."

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/101                    Posted        Author
Commercial                         Mon Jul 18    Global News Network

        The camera fades in to reveal a group of kids playing with the latest 
in technological gadgets, seemingly bored out of their minds. One off to the 
side goes into convulsions and a medical team rushes to his aid. All of a 
sudden a disembodied voice speaks. "Are you ready for the coolest toy since 
Stab Me Elmo?!" The kids, including the medical team and convulsing one, all 
look up with excited looks on their faces and nod their heads. 

        "Then take a sedative and get ready to change your shorts cuz we've got 
the /coolest/, /rulest/, /droolest/, uh... /STOOLEST/ toy to hit the market in 
yet! INTRODUCING the new Robot Hamsters!" Suddenly, a horde of hamsters begins 
to scurry out amongst the kids, each one looking a little awkward and 
different from the rest.

        "WHOA! Check it out! There's Burner Ham gettin' ready to terrorize the 
neighborhood!" The announcer says as the camera zooms in on one particular 
hamster. His fur is dyed red and two small capsules have been strapped to his 
shoulders. There's a candle whick on his forehead that burns a bright green 
just like the real Burner Man. He sits up on his hind legs and begins grooming 

        "LOOK OUT! Ice Ham is on the prowl!" The camera quickly shifts from 
Burner Ham over to another hamster who is particularly fat and clothed in a 
tiny blue parka. He has a large nut in his hands which he munches on 

        "ARR! Thar be Pirate Ham ready to plunder some booty!" Announces the 
disembodied voice in his best piratese. The camera quickly changes view to a 
hamster dressed in a purple admiral's coat and matching oversized hat. He has 
a black eyepatch over one eye and his right paw has been replaced by a tiny 
metal claw.

        "AMAZING! Bass himself has come out to lead these troops to victory!" 
Once again the view shifts to another hamster, this one's fur dyed a deep 
black. He has two fish fins grafted onto his head and his eyes appear to be 
permenantly crossed. He scurries across the ground with a tiny Treble figure 
tied to his rear paw.

        The camera finally zooms back out to reveal the entire group, which is 
going nuts over the little hamsters and having a hard time not stepping on any 
of them. The voice speaks up once more. "Order yours /NOW/, while supplies 
last! You can find us online and in select cities near you! ONLY /29.95/ EACH! 


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/102                    Posted        Author
New Drink!                         Tue Jul 19    Global News Network
<An advertisement pops up.>

Several people are shown outside an office building, as it rains outside. They 
huddle under a canopy, smoking cigarettes. One of them breaks out in a 
coughing fit. "Tired of being left out in the cold to smoke? Tired of risking 
mouth, throat, and lung damage, from inhaling the noxious fumes in cigarettes? 
Tired of smelling like smoke, and having your teeth yellowed? The New African 
Tobacco Company offers a solution!"

The screen changes to a bright orange splash, with a narrow, red can zooming in 
from the background, hitting the screen and then rebounding. A smiling face is 
printed on the can in white. Below the can, the logo for the hot new drink, 
'Nico-Cola', appears. "Nico-Cola! Offering the same nicotine content as a 
cigarette, now in a soft drink form! With no taste of cigarettes whatsoever, 
Nico-Cola offers you cool, fresh enjoyment while you get your fix, in five 
fruity flavors!" Four more cans slide in from either side beside the can, in 
purple, blue, yellow, and orange. "Nico-Cola! Get your fix the fresh way!"

A warning appears on the bottom: Nicotine is still considered to be a toxic 
substance. Consuming ten cans of Nico-Cola within an hour may cause health 

Cheery music plays.

<OOC: Questions? @mail Chet.>

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/103                    Posted        Author
Rio Aftermath                      Tue Jul 19    Global News Network
...and now our report from Rio.

Plum is seen with several wrecked building in the background.

"Clean up crews are still working around the clock in the aftermath of a battle 
between the Robot Masters and a combined team of Maverick Hunters and 
Repliforce." Camera scans across the wreckage...

"According to reports, it started when Robot Masters Punk and Gutsman decided 
to start causing property damage here in Downtown Rio. Repliforce <Stock Image 
of Unit Neried> and a Hunter <Stock Image of Masquerade> responded. Combat 
ensued, as reinforcements for both sides arrived. <Shakey Footage of 
Singularity Shrike and Astro Man high above the Rio skyline> The combat 
continued until Astro Man caused some major damage to the area with his Astro 
Crush attack. The Robot Masters then fled." Plum is seen walking to another 
wrecked building.

"The clean up crews are still working to make the area accessable to traffic, 
with help from Repliforce." <Shots of Singularity Shrike breaking space rocks, 
which are then hauled out by mechaniloids.>

"Now to Cherry for sports."

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/104                    Posted        Author
Capcom War Victims Foundation      Tue Jul 19    Global News Network

        *And in other news, Chest, owner of the worldwide Capcom Global News 
Network Corporation, held a press conference to announce the formation of a 
corporate sponsored charity to help the victims of the Robot Wars. This was 
his first public appearance since being released from the hospital over the 
weekend after suffering injuries during a Maverick/Repliforce battle in 
Berlin. Chest noted that any such effort is likely a drop in the bucket, but 
was quoted as noting 'but hey, what else are we going to do? Right? Right? 

        We see an excerpt of the press conference. Chest is at a podium with a 
cigar and a microphone. "It's high time that some of the major Corporations 
out there took some responsibilities to give back to the communities. Thus, 
the Capcom Global News Network, along with Synth-Tech, GL Enterprises, 
HeraCorp-" Chest goes on to list some NPC corporations that we don't care 
about, "-are sponsoring the formation of a new charity known as the Capcom War 
Victims Foundation." Chest pauses. Yeah, he likes the sound of that. "At this 
stage we're still negotiating the finances and beginning to build the 
structure of the foundation." 

        "What I'm envisioning is something with low bureaucracy. Buying 
supplies for doctors, mechanics, and engineers to visit war-torn areas like 
Russia, Japan, and Europe. There's going to be a lot of volunteer work 
required. I'm hoping that most of the money will be for medicine and spare 

        One of the journalists in the gallery asks a question, but it can't be 
heard very well, so Chest repeats it. "What is our affiliation stance? 
Entirely neutral. The only thing we aren't tolerant of is intolerance. This 
means that the Capcom Foundation will be helping AI and humans alike. Any 
volunteers will have to accept that. This isn't meant to be a chance for 
Mavericks to help out Reploids while leaving humans in the dust, or vice versa 
with Neo-Arcadians." 

        The excerpt ends. *Chest is a self-described businessman, topnotch 
helicopter pilot, ace Battlebot controller, and is listed as being within the 
top ten richest people on Earth. HeraCorp is a robotics construction megacorp. 
Synth-Tech is a computer manufacturing and drone production corporation. GNN 
is the world's foremost news agency. GL Enterprises is a megacorp owned by 
industrialist Glyde Loath* 

        OOC: Questions to Chest. 


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/105                    Posted        Author
Classes Canceled!                  Tue Jul 19    Global News Network
Late night blurb in the news.

        Both students and teachers alike were shocked when they checked their 
email accounts this evening. Professor Gate of the University of Eurasia has 
announced that he has cancelled _all_ of his classes. The reason given was 
that the Professor 'needs time to focus on his research' at that classes would 
'resume at the earliest convience'. However, the President of the University 
had this to say, 'Professor Gate's cancellation of his classes was not 
sanctioned by University administration, nor has the Professor gone through 
the proper channels to do so. While I /am/ rather upset by his actions, I do 
intend to speak with Professor Gate and hear his reasons. If I approve of 
them, then I'll allow this to stand, though I do expect that classes will 
resume as normal in a few days.'

Punditry commences.

<<OOC: Contact Gate for info>>

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/106                    Posted        Author
Reruns: The Prophet of Epsilon     Tue Jul 19    Global News Network

        Played in clips, and in its entirety on several of its sub channels all 
around the globe in every imaginable language is the GNN exclusive speech and 
short Q&A with the being known only as the Prophet of Epsilon. It is also 
available for download off the GNN website:



================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/107                    Posted        Author
In Business News...                Wed Jul 20    Global News Network
<This...Is GNN. With business anchor Brit Hume-bots.>

"Today, entertainment start-up 'Mogul Media' merged with the African Tobacco 
company and several other corporations located in Africa and the United 
States, forming United Goods. United Goods reportedly is expecting a 
profitable quarter, their various ventures including a new solo album by 
musician 'Daryn Luna' with a world tour, their new line of nicotine soda 
'Nico-Cola', and their supposedly blockbuster game 'Street Samurai'. 
Reportedly, they also plan on investing in Japan, whose businessworld has been 
blown open by the fall of Mikage International, with many former Mikage 
International subsidiaries being put up for sale at low prices, in the midst 
of an Interpol investigation into the 'Yakuza Inc.' mega-scandal."

<OOC: Questions? @mail Chet.>

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/108                    Posted        Author
Interpol Says: Japan Stabilizing   Wed Jul 20    Global News Network

        While the removal of Dr. Albert Wily and the Robot Masters is still 
fresh in the minds of many, details concerning the unearthed dirty dealings of 
the megacorp Mikage International and other such situations are hard to come 
by. Earlier this evening, a representative from Interpol issued a statement.
        "We apologize for keeping silent on our investigations, but this was 
necessary to ensure their success. What we are pleased to announce is that in 
recent studies, the crime late of Japan has lowered drastically - one due in 
part to organized crime centralizing their operations in Neo Tokyo, which has 
since dispersed - and the other, due to numerous connections we have made 
throughout Japan's criminal underworld and many high-ranking political figures 
within the nation held together by what appeared as a legitimate front. The 
short of it is that, after many years of suffering under crippling corruption, 
the nation of Japan is effectively free of the choking hold of organized 
crime. We are in the process of weeding out the last of those with ties to the 
criminal element from political power. It may not sound like much, but what 
has been going on is truly a monumental undertaking that is bearing fruit in 
ways many believed not possible given Japan's historical troubles with crime. 
This is a cause in which to be optimistic."
        The critics to these statements say that although they appear to be 
true, it is difficult to say just how much of this was Interpol's own doing, 
given the disaster of a trial against Dr. Albert Wily's claim to Emperorhood 
and how it took military intervention from the Repliforce and Hunters (though 
Interpol is credited for helping to evacuate the citizens from the city) in 
order to dislodge him in the first place. Another concern is in the 
skyrocketing unemployment rate, as the fall of Mikage International has forced 
many Japanese out of work and much of their stock holdings in Mikage 
International utterly worthless. Some suspect such will soon be the rise of a 
new criminal element to take its place where the last left off. A number still 
remain optimistic that a bright future awaits Japan once the latest turmoil 
settles, as factional violence is also still a problem - as is true for most 
of the world today.
        Individual names of those being indicted are still being withheld as to 
not compromise ongoing investigations, although word of mouth has quickly 
spread as seen in earlier news broadcasts.
(Questions to Chief R.)


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/109                    Posted        Author
More Business News                 Thu Jul 21    Global News Network

        <Surge Lizard presents breaking news from Japan!>

        "Good evening, I'm Surge Lizard with GNN. This afternoon in Neo-Tokyo, 
admist the subsequent chaos from Mikage International's fall, dozens of 
ex-Mikage subsidiaries were removed from the market after being bought by a 
single buyer. Following this spectacular boon to the Japanese economy, all 
ex-Mikage employees who held stock in the purchased companies were offered 
pre-crash prices for their shares. Economists and other businessmen are 
baffled by this turn of events, feeling both exuberant and wary of the 

        "We managed to catch up with the individual who was responsible for 
this massive expenditure and, when asked what his motives were, had this to 
say." Surge Lizard adjusts his papers as the video feed switches to a 
previously recorded video. There are dozens of reporters surrounding two men, 
one obviously some sort of security official, the other a young man with short 
blonde hair and piercing blue eyes. As the reporters spew forth a torrent of 
questions, the young one raises his hands to try and quiet them. Once they had 
calmed down, he spoke.

        "I'm sure you and many others in the world are wondering just what's 
going on and why I have spent so much wealth today. Frankly, the Japanese 
economy is in danger now that such a large part of it has collapsed. Not only 
has the stock market been hit hard, but thousands of workers have found 
themselves either bankrupt or out of a job or /both/. This cannot be allowed 
to continue, as this great nation is a valuable part of the world's economy 
and affairs."

        "Not only am I purchasing these companies, once subsidiaries of Mikage 
International, but I am offering the ex-employees both their lives back and a 
future. All of these companies will continue to operate at full capacity and, 
in the future, will be expanded. As such, we have extended job offers to many 
in order to facilitate this growth and we hope to fill the gap, at least to 
some degree, that Mikage left behind."

        The feed switches back to Surge Lizard in the studio. "The individual, 
identified as Theodore Cray, an independant businessman from the United States 
and owner of Cray Shipping & Construction, had nothing further to say on the 
situation and has since been unavailable. In other news..."

        (OOC: Questions to Pirate Man.)


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/110                    Posted        Author
Fallout From Vile Palace           Thu Jul 21    Global News Network

< GNN Americas >

Construction has resumed on the Jakob Project with the destruction of the 
Maverick base on the moon known as "Vile Palace". The elevator is expected to 
open for business by early September, barring any further incidents. Security 
has tightened around the site in anticipation of Maverick retaliation, but 
supporters are confident that the project is far enough along now to be 
defensible against all comers.

The lunar installation, alleged to contain Force Metal, was destroyed by a 
coalition of Repliforce and Maverick Hunter forces. It is unknown how much of 
the material was acquired by the Mavericks before the facility was destroyed. 
However, even as discussion of potential Maverick gains continues, excitement 
is high among elevator supporters that any Force Metal on the moon could begin 
being harvested within months.

"The potential economic benefits of Force Metal are considerable," said 
President Seers of the United States. "Once we determine a method to handle it 
safely, we can begin looking into positive uses. It may be possible that this 
strange material could allow us to expand our space exploration program and 
begin colonization of the other planets in our solar system."

< Punditry. >

OOC: Questions to Leo (or people who were actually at the scenes)


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/111                    Posted        Author
ACG Debates RF, Interpol           Thu Jul 21    Global News Network

< GNN Africa >

The African Continental Government (ACG) has begun debating formally joining 
the Repliforce treaty, as well as the Interpol treaty. A decision is expected 
to be made on both matters by early August. Continental security is a 
significant issue for inhabitants of Africa, with the shadow of old Maverick 
Europe and the ruins of the Wily Empire scattered across the continent. There 
is strong grassroots pressure to quickly establish a unified defense plan.

Experts on African politics note that external groups like Repliforce may not 
be what is ultimately decided on. Reploids have become distrusted by the 
African people due to the spread of the Sigma Virus. Public sentiment about 
Interpol in particular is dim because of the numerous high-profile incidents 
the agency has been involved in, including Professor Gate's Nightmare Virus 
and the failure to find terrorist mastermind Dr. Wily guilty in Japan. Many 
Africans support a proposal to build up an internal defense corps utilizing 
power armor technology supported by a professional ride armor corps.

Lobbying from Repliforce and Interpol has been intense. Numerous closed-door 
meetings with ACG leaders continue to be held. However, nothing has been 
offically stated on the matter.

< Punditry. >

OOC: Questions to Leo.


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/112                    Posted        Author
Indonesia Seizes Mikage Assets     Thu Jul 21    Global News Network

< GNN Asia >

Indonesian officials publically announced today the seizing of Mikage 
International assets within the nation after further revelations about the 
extent of their corruption became known to the government. An undisclosed 
number of individuals have been arrested or held without bond by the 
government in a continuing investigation of Mikage International and its 
possible ties to Maverick terrorism.

The government credits timely intervention by anonymous tipsters to uncover 
several well-hidden financial connections between Mikage and The People's 
Front. While it is unclear whether or not the linkages were established by 
Maverick theft of Mikage resources, the government has pre-emptively sealed 
the resources before they could be used for any further attacks.

"Fighting terror requires action on many fronts," a spokesperson for the 
Indonesian police said. "To stop these monsters, we must cut off their 
supplies so that they cannot carry out violence."

< Punditry. >

OOC: Questions to Leo.


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/113                    Posted        Author
Australia Expels Reploids          Thu Jul 21    Global News Network

< GNN Australia >

In a shocking move which has prompted outrage from international Reploid rights 
groups, the Australian government has overwhelmingly passed a law requiring 
all Reploids to leave the country by 1 September.

The law was the result of almost two weeks of closed meetings of Parliament, 
authorized under the Special Powers Act of 2205. The SPA, always a 
controversial element of Australian politics, was fully reactivated and 
expanded early Thursday morning. This is the first time that Reploids have 
been directly disenfranchised by a governmental body since the fall of the 
original United Nations.

All Reploids with Australian citizenship will be relocated to neighboring 
countries, with their moving expenses paid in full by the government, before 
being disavowed by the nation. Further, all new Reploid construction has been 
banned by the Australian government, and Reploid visitors to the nation will 
have to be authorized with special visitor documentation at all ports and 
telepoter hubs.

Supporters of the expanded SPA claim that it is a natural response to securing 
the infrastructure of Australia against a dangerous, uncontrollable 
Reploid-borne disease. "With the Sigma Virus, all Reploids are potentially 
Maverick," said a spokesperson for the conservative majority party in 
Parliament. "While we do not wish harm to Reploids, we must not allow our 
citizens to be at risk."

Lawsuits have already been filed by several Reploid rights groups and Reploid 
construction firms, but are expected to have little traction in the generally 
anti-Reploid Australian courts. A referendum making the law permanent has 
already been challenged, but is expected to go before the citizens of 
Australia in September.

< Punditry >

OOC: Questions to Leo


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/114                    Posted        Author
Australian Punditry                Thu Jul 21    Global News Network
--The usual chatter that follows the information about the Australian ban on 
reploids has a bit of interest to it. A human correspondant reports...--

"Political action groups in Australia have been showing either remarkable 
support, or dissidence, to today's nationwide ban on reploid citizenship. A 
press release was issued earlier this afternoon by the Blake Foundation, 
penned by its chairwoman Lisa Faulkes, in response to the new legislation. She 
writes, in part:"

"The measures taken to ban reploids from our nation is probably a more extreme 
stance than the Foundation was willing to persue, but, we find the news to be 
overall welcome. As long as additional reploid production is halted, then new 
reploids will not have that chance that they will die as soon as they are 
created, due to exposure to the Maverick Viruses. I find it a shame that the 
Australian government is not making a differentiation between current reploid 
citizens, and new reploid production, since banning already-created reploids 
from the country was never a Foundation agenda. Nevertheless, the Foundation 
has said its peace in Australia, and will be continuing to pursue bans and 
limitations on /worldwide/ reploid production until the threat of the Virus 
has completely passed, or until a cure is found. Human beings do have the 
courage to fight, and part of that is the will to preserve the lives of a race 
that should be considered our equals, for future generations, even if it is 
not convenient to the present. In support of those Foundation members who are 
reploids themselves, the Foundation main offices will be moving to London, so 
that our work can continue to spread."

The newscaster stops reading, and adds: "The full text of the release is 
available on the GNN web site."

(OOC: Gemini Man is the person to bother for info on Lisa, the Foundation, or 
if you want to see the 'full text' of the press statement.)

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/115                    Posted        Author
C's Editorial: F*** you, Australia Thu Jul 21    Global News Network

        Cue Chest's editorial music. Cue Chest at his editorial desk. Cue a 
lengthy message about how these opinions are that of Chest's, and not GNN. 
Chest has his cigar all lit and ready to go. He looks unhappy. 

        "The latest, biggest news, of course, is the brazen display of 
intolerance and malevolence spewed by the Australian Parliament under the 
cowardly and pathetic excuse of 'security'." Chest's voice is raised and he's 
jabbing his cigar accusingly towards the camera, and evidently at the 
Australian government in particular. His face is a few shades towards red. 
"Lets dissect this idiocy, shall we?" 

        "First is this awful mentioning of protecting their citizens. How did 
they put it?... ah, yes, 'while we do not wish to harm Reploids, we must not 
allow our citizens to be at risk'." Chest snorts, "It would seem, people of 
Australia, that your government is all too willing to -abandon- you at the 
first sign of trouble. Better be careful - it might be YOU that the government 
suddenly decides to both disown and persecute just for s<bleep!> and giggles. 
I'd like to ask every single member of Parliament that voted for this travesty 
something. I'd like for each and every one of them to stand up and explain to 
the Reploids - to their *citizens* - exactly why they're no longer fit to be 
protected by their country's Constitution. Why they didn't have the -guts- to 
stand up for what is right." 

        Chest rolls his optics sarcastically, "Oh but wait. It's because 'all 
Reploids are potentially Mavericks'. A bigger crock of nonsense I haven't 
heard since 'I have had an emotional regulator installed'." Chest angrily 
pauses and takes a puff from his cigar. Hopefully he won't explode. "As long 
as we're outlawing people for something they /might/ do, how about we start 
roundin' folks up because they /might/ go out and murder someone. It'll be 
great!" Chest exclaims sarcastically. "We can just pick random folks off the 
street and haul 'em in jail! And if humans don't like it? Well then, we can... 
lets see, what does this new idiot law do to Reploids? Deports them? That's 
lovely. Good to know the Special Powers Act is being used responsibly and with 
input from the public. Oh, wait, this law was made in /secret/." 

        "But of course some will point out that the Sigma Virus is a dangerous 
condition, and that extreme measures are unfortunate, but needed." Chest 
gestures with his cigar again, still ticked. "And to that I have to point out 
that the ratio of uninfected Reploids to Mavericks is massive. This disease, 
while terrible, is a horrible excuse for intolerance and injustice against an 
entire race. You are destroying lives with this, Australia," Chest snarls. 

        "I would also point out that the Sigma Virus is quite beatable. Other 
countries have successfully dealt with the issue. I point to Eurasia, which 
even allows infected Mavericks onto their station. I haven't heard of any 
recent outbreaks there, eh? It -is- treatable, after all. I point to San 
Angeles, where again Reploids and humans from all walks of life are accepted. 
And yet, surprise surprise, San Angeles is one of the safest places on the 
globe." Robot Master attacks notwithstanding. "It's times like this I'm very 
proud I was programmed and compiled in San Angeles. I'd be ashamed if we ever 
instigated such policies against an entire race." 

        To be continued... 


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/116                    Posted        Author
C's Editorial: F*** you, Aus. 2    Thu Jul 21    Global News Network

        Chest throws his hands up into the air, exasperated. "And then there's 
the whole /purpose/ behind this move. To protect Australians from Mavericks." 
Chest lets that sink in a bit. "Yes, because I'm sure Sigma is sitting up in 
his throne right now and thinking 'gosh, I guess we /won't/ come beat the 
f<bleep!> out of Australia since Repliforce, half the Hunters, and half of 
Interpol can't do jack to stop me'. I'm sure Dr. Wily has nothing else on his 
mind than how he had better avoid the soon-to-be defenseless Australia." Chest 
snorts and shrugs, "Well, actually, on that last part I might be right: Wily 
/might/ hold off on attacks... at least until this idiot law survives any 
challenges. Cossack only knows what Sigma's going to do." He doesn't mean 
Cossack literally. 

        "So lets sum up what we have, shall we?" Chest sticks his cigar in his 
mouth and holds up a finger for each point. He speaks through clenched teeth. 
"We have a law that's punishing an entire race of people for a virus that 
affects only a select few. We have a law that's built on intolerance and fear 
rather than compassion and logic. We have a law that's going to make the /bad 
guys/ in the world happy. We have a law that could be handled differently and 
better; like Eurasia, San Angeles, and the various -sane- governments of the 
world are capable of doing. And finally, we have a law that goes down the path 
of hate and racial war; when people look back at this moment, Australia, it 
will be with shame." 

        Chest takes out his cigar sighs, winding down. He's more sad than angry 
now, "Five minutes before I came out here to do this editorial, I had to 
hastily make plans to begin transferring all GNN AI out of Australia to see if 
we can't find them jobs elsewhere. These are good, hard working people who 
have done nothing wrong, but will be punished if this law is not overturned. 
Hell, even the Lisa Faulkes of the /Blake Foundation/, dedicated to stopping 
construction of /all/ Reploids worldwide, realizes how stupid it is to pick on 
your own citizens." Chest picks up one of the papers on his desk. It is the 
full text of Ms. Faulke's statement. Chest reads, "'I find it a shame that the 
Australian government is not making a differentiation between current Reploid 
citizens, and new Reploid production'." Chest sets the paper down and once 
again jabs his cigar accusingly at the screen, "Or, in non-political words, 
'It's a stab in the back to every robotic Australian citizen that is being 
punished for this!'" 

        "Thankfully, Australia, you have a chance to correct this grievous 
error in September. You have the chance to reverse this hateful law in a 
referendum. Your government didn't have the courage to stand up for what was 
right. I hope that you, as reasonable people, do. Vote to overturn the law 
banning Reploids. Vote to overturn hatred." 

        Questions to Chest. 


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/117                    Posted        Author
RSPA Sponsor Speaks (1)            Fri Jul 22    Global News Network

< Video News Release >

Thirty Australian members of Parliament are seen standing on a stage with the 
Australian flag draped behind them. A brown-haired woman stands in front of 
them at a lecturn, wearing a three-piece business suit. She appears to be of 
mixed Indonesian and European heritage, with dusky skin and blue eyes. Her 
name, Sandra Hatta, appears at the bottom of the screen; she is apparently the 
majority leader of the conservative party in Australia's Parliament.

"Good morning," Hatta says. "As the sponsor of the Revised Special Powers Act, 
I would like to take this time to briefly clarify what it was that is 
contained within the bill."

"Many individuals have construed this as a racist act. This is not so. Reploids 
have been afforded all the rights and privileges of Australian citizens 
throughout this process. The Revised Special Powers Act is in full compliance 
with the Constitution. Extra care was taken during the construction of the Act 
to respect the dignity and individual freedoms of Reploids."

"Of specific interest to many are property disputes, which are being handled 
through United Nations standard eminent domain procedures. Fair compensation 
will be provided for all Reploids as we transition them to other parts of the 
world. We have made arrangements with neighboring countries to expedite the 
acquisition of housing and medical services for those Reploids who wish to 
remain in the Pacific Rim region."

"The issue is not that we believe ourselves superior to Reploids, but that 
Reploids are the most common carriers of the Sigma Virus. The Sigma Virus 
presents Australia with an imminent threat that cannot be ignored. It is 
negligent, and unjust, to allow an uncontrollable plague to sweep through 
Australia's electronic infrastructure and threaten our citizens. We are 
unconvinced that the present detection and treatment methods are effective 
enough to justify the risk. Even our extremely stringent monitoring methods 
were unable to stop repeated Maverick incursions from all corners of the 


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/118                    Posted        Author
RSPA Sponsor Speaks (2)            Fri Jul 22    Global News Network

"Australia is proud to lack the magnitude of hubris and corruption seen on 
Eurasia which allows it to be relatively free of Maverick-driven conflict. We 
are proud to stand against the Mavericks rather than to bribe them with an 
unrestricted recruiting ground safely away from just military intervention. If 
Eurasia is to be the example we are to be held to, we gladly fail to meet 
expectations. We similarly decline to follow San Angeles' example of shameful 
neutrality, and urge them to stand with the just nations of the world in 
condemning the Mavericks."

"Many across the world have condemned us for these actions. Others have been 
concerned that we will be unable to defend ourselves against threats. We 
assure the world that Australia has been preparing to stand on its own two 
feet ever since the decommissioning of Repliforce, and has an adequate 
defensive force sufficient to repel terrorists whenever they enter our 
territory. Australia will defend itself and its neighbors from aggression of 
any kind."

"I would challenge any of those who weep crocodile tears for Australia's 
national defense to debate the justness of forced Reploid conscription into 
Repliforce, which member nations of the Repliforce charter subsidize with 
their tax dollars. Our army consists of volunteers who were given free choice 
rather than an artificially constrained set of options designed to `encourage' 

"In the end, the referendum put before the people of Australia will show the 
world how the Australian people, both native-born and recent European 
immigrants, feel about their national security in a turbulent world. I, and my 
conservative colleagues, are confident they will make the correct choice. 
Thank you, and good morning."

< Punditry. >

OOC: Questions to Leo


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/119                    Posted        Author
HeraCorp Offers Aid To Ausploids   Fri Jul 22    Global News Network

"Heracorp is offering to lend aid to Australian Reploids today by providing new 
jobs for those who are being removed from the country and homes in the US who 
do not desire to remain in neighbouring countries."

"'We are in no business to tell Australia how to run its nation,' 
Vice-President Ghislain said, 'But we find it our responsibility to make this 
forced move as easy as possible for these reploids whose only crime is being 
susceptible to a certain kind of illness.'"

"Sewa herself was less kind with her words, "'Forcing people from their homes 
is despicible. If they want to stop reploid construction in Australia, I 
support that fully, but throwing out who is already there is a step too far. 
There is more to a home than monetary concerns, and I hope HeraCorp's offer of 
assistance to any reploid who is being ejected will dampen some of these 
concerns. On the other hand? If Australia wants to chuck you guys out, there's 
better places out there to go.'"

"'Naturally what Mother means is that we will do everything in our power to 
make the new homes of these reploids as similar as we can to their old, to 
make the transition as easy as possible so that the pains of deportation are 
as mild as possible. Of course, we can't heal all the wounds.' was Ghislain's 

"This has been....GNN." 

<End message>

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/120                    Posted        Author
Eurasia Response to Poo-Poo Heads  Fri Jul 22    Global News Network
        The screen opens up showing a simple, plain room with Eurasia's flag 
filling the background. Standing at a podium in the center stage is Captain 
Nova looking remarkably calm. She offers the camera and the viewers a polite 
smile before begining.

        "For centuries the nations of Earth have ruled over their respective 
territories. Some with little success, others having lasted throughout the 
ages as shining examples of the ability for mankind to live together in peace 
and harmony."

        "Eurasia remains a new country given these lofty standards. Our 
conception was within the past five years. While many still percieve us as an 
experiment or corporate project we of Eurasia know that is hardly the case 
with this, our home and country."

        At this point Captain Nova grips the edges of the podium to lean 
forward glaring at the screen with a smile gone tight and unpleasant. "In 
light of Australia's recent decision and explaination for their chosen course 
of action I must thank them. Thank you, Majority Leader Sandra Hatta. Thank 
you Australia. We of Eurasia appreciate the help, and guidance expressed by 
our national older brother. Truly we are in awe of the maturity and respect 
they have demonstrated towards us. We only hope to be able to demonstrate the 
same kindness, impartiality, and truthfullness that they have expressed in 
their onanistic remarks."

        "However we do feel the need to address some issues that they felt the 
need, for whatever slanderous and unsubstantiated reason, to bring up. By 
Eurasia by-law number 937-A, 'No nation, organization, or association with 
known ties to any Earth-side conflict shall be allowed to solicit citizens or 
visitors for enrollment, enlistment, or donations to said associations. This 
excludes those organizations dedicated to charitable aid, such as the red and 
blue cross.'"

        "Now that this unpleasant business has been concluded, allow me to 
extend an invitation to those who have been driven from their homes out of 
fear and predjudice by a hypocritcal nation. Eurasia is, and always shall be, 
neutral and seek to aid those exploited by issues of war and politics."

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/121                    Posted        Author
Australian Opinion Polls Re: NA    Fri Jul 22    Global News Network

        *In light of recent events, GNN has taken and released these unofficial 
Australian public opinion polls among the human population concerning 
Neo-Arcadia. GNN claims they are correct to at least one decimal place.* 

        *When asked whether they felt their views and ideals concerning robots 
corresponded with that of Neo-Arcadia's, 40% responded 'mostly' or 'strongly' 
yes. 52% said 'seldom' or 'rarely'. The rest were in between.* 

        *However, when asked if they would support joint military ventures with 
Neo-Arcadia, a mere 32% responded favourably. 46% felt that their government 
should publically distance themselves from Neo-Arcadian involvement, and the 
rest were content with how close they are with Neo-Arcadia.* 

        *When asked if they felt that Neo-Arcadia would have Australia's best 
interests in mind should their two governments become closer, a pathetic 23% 
responded favourably. 59% felt Neo-Arcadia would be in it just to gain power 
over Australia. The rest were undecided.* 

        Questions or plots regarding Australia to Cygnus. 


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/122                    Posted        Author
RF & Australia                     Fri Jul 22    Global News Network

        The infamous GNN logo appears for a short while in the one corner, 
twirls about and then vanishes even as the camera flickers on and General can 
be seen, standing somewhere within the Fortress Five before a large window 
that looks out on a beautiful sunset with multi-colored clouds. General was 
smiling, staring out at the sunset itself, arms crossed before his chest...and 
then he turned and looked at the camera. 
        "Goodday, everyone," General said, as his arms uncrossed and his hands 
settled behind him. "As all of you know Australia has recently banned Reploids 
from living or even being within their area. That is respectable, in so much 
as one can respect a discrimination against a specific race. However, one 
statement stood out there and made me shake my head and cluck my tongue." 
        "Forced conscription? Excuse me? I feel almost insulted that people 
think we have that, which of course we do not anymore. Forced conscription 
only existed during the beginnings of Repliforce and were shortly thereafter 
negated thanks to Reploid Rights and the decommissioning of Repliforce. While 
that may have affected our numbers I feel that it is for the best that we have 
only volunteers working for us." 
        "Aside from that," General said even as he stopped smiling and simply 
shook his head in slight disgust. "What is Australia going to do to the 
Reploids who refuse to leave? Shoot them? At which point do they cease to be 
comprehending of basic rights, at what point will Australia cross the line and 
simply be Neo Arcadia without Elpizo? For all we know Elpizo was one of those 
who decided to go through with this, helped to coax it all along and make 
certain it occured. Can Australia be trusted anymore than Japan could have 
been when Wily was Emperor?" 
        "Besides that it seems to me that Australia has forgotten some 
information about the Sigma Virus. Primarily, the Sigma Virus does not simply 
affect Reploids but anything mechanical. Androids are as capable of being 
infected as any Reploid, and Cyborgs can have their parts infected at which 
point they'll either fail to work correctly or become mentally altered due to 
brain augmentations via cybernetics. Will these two be banned next? And what 
about vehicles and computers and other such gadgets? Those can all be 
contaminated by the Sigma Virus, at which point they can potentially cause 
problems for people. A computer that fails to work adequately might generate 
issues if it's part of a Power Plant handling the temperature control, and a 
system of devices that help in a hospital that cease to work correctly can 
therein generate deadly results." 
        "So before anyone starts saying that Australia is brilliant for banning 
Reploids due to the Sigma Virus, simply ask this one simple question: Why is 
it that Australia isn't simply allowing free viral scans and free viral 

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/123                    Posted        Author
Aus. Developments & Re: General    Fri Jul 22    Global News Network

        Australian Parliament Majority Leader Santa Hatta released this 
statement, covering an incident in Australia today, as well as a reply to the 
General of Repliforce. 

        Hours ago a Maverick operative, accompanied by a squadron of Maverick 
drones, was detected attacking an electronics store in downtown Sydney. The 
Australian Defense Force swung into action, and within fifteen minutes of the 
incursion, the Maverick forces were either destroyed or had fled. The Maverick 
had taken hostages. All of them survived the ordeal and are responding to 
treatment. Several have suffered permanent respiratory or damage to their 
vision due to exposure to a potent and concentrated type of tear gas. 
Mavericks in Australia are not tolerated. 

        Secondly, while we respect the Repliforce's General's opinions and 
decisions, we request that he similarly respect ours. All Reploids being 
deported will be dealt with on a fair and humane basis. Furthermore, the 
Australian government has never and still do not condone the violent acts 
taken by Neo-Arcadia in the past. To suggest that President Elpizo is 
responsible for our executing our lawfully given right is preposterous. To 
respond to the General's concern, the Australian government currently has no 
plans to ban Androids and other AI as they do not pose as much of a risk. 
Finally, we do not feel that offering free viral scans and viral disinfections 
is enough of a step to protect our citizens. 

                Sandra Hatta 

        OOC: Questions to Cygnus. Note that Australia is currently well 
defended, and are not a soft target at the moment. If you wish to attack, 
speak with, or do other things with or against Australia, let me know. 


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/124                    Posted        Author
SUPLOID: New hero or new threat?   Fri Jul 22    Global News Network
<<An internet story on the GNN website.>> 
 Friday, July 22 - About three months ago, a reploid was seen fighting a 
Maverick in London who was terrorizing the local populous. While such things 
are common, what is different is that this reploid is neither from the 
Repliforce or the Hunters. Answering to the name of Suploid, this new reploid 
has begun to face Maverick and Robot Master alike over the months working on 
what seems to be almost entire on his own. While he seems to be acting only to 
defend the innocent, there are some that wonder what his true intentions are. 
 Gale O'Hare, someone that has been following Suploid activities had this to 
say about Suploid: "Suploid might be thinking that he is helping people, but 
in the end, all he is doing is encouraging vigilante activity. While the 
Hunters might engage in similar activity, there is NO accountability for his 
actions. What happens if he decides to attack a government because he 
disagrees with it? Not only that, but having some public viligante only 
encourages the common people to 'deal their own justice'. We don't need 
another era of the 'Wild West'." 
 In a rare chance to speak with Suploid, this reporter was able to get the 
following quote: "A lot of people wonder why I work along, when clearly I have 
the capabilities to work in either the Hunters or the Repliforce. Right now, 
the reason is clear. I've seen in the last few years policies that have 
sickened me. The Hunters attacking the Repliforce with the help of the 
Mavericks, the Repliforce refusing to help people because they aren't in a 
treaty, the UN and the scandals they have gotten themselves into. I don't want 
to be caught up in anybody's politics or ever be stopped from doing the right 
thing. I just want to help people, and that's what I intend to do." 
 Recently, Suploid has shown an eager willingness to work with others, first 
with the rather loose organization the 'Righteous Acquaintances' against the 
Robot Masters and their ally in a museum raid, the Hunters against the Robot 
Masters in a petrified forest, and most recently, saving the Repliforcer known 
as Ten after she was defeated by Skull Man. While it is too early to tell if 
Suploid is a true hero, it is clear that he is becoming a well known persona, 
and who will likely only continue to grow in the public eye as time goes on. 
 <<At the end of the story, there are links to pictures and videos. There are 
two videos, the first footage of Suploid fighting the Oligarchy Power Armor 
that was previously covered awhile ago, the second one of Suploid fighting 
Skull Man in the streets of Neo-Tokyo, tackling him and wailing on him a bit 
and then knocking away Skull Man's arm cannon away before wailing on him some 
more. There are also pictures of Suploid fighting Skull Man and Pirate Man 
with the help of Cinnamon, as well as pictures of him stopping rather 'normal' 
crimes like purse snatchings and such.>>

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/125                    Posted        Author
Famous Researcher Fired!           Sat Jul 23    Global News Network
Front Line GNN Coverage.

"Earlier tonight, Mr. Jackson Carlyle, the President of the University of 
Eurasia, announced that Professor Gate was formally fired. President Carlyle 
was quoted by saying that, '<Professor> Gate's research has proven to not only 
be detrimental to the students that eagerly signed up for his classes, but 
also dangerous to the university as a whole. We don't want a repeat of the 
debacle that got him fired from Interpol. As such, the board and myself feel 
that it is best to terminate the Professor now, before any serious damage can 
be done. We're saddened that it came to this, but we feel that it is in the 
best interest of the University as a whole.' When informed of his termination, 
Professor Gate flew into a 'towering' rage, and locked himself in his 
laboratory, refusing to let himself be moved. The standoff lasted for a mere 
hour, at which point campus security intervined." 

Cut to footage of Gate being carried, kicking and screaming, before being 
(literally) thrown off campus grounds. Papers scatter everywhere. Gate 
attempts to pick them up, dropping one for every two he picks up in his anger. 
It's rather degrading.

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/126                    Posted        Author
Famous Researcher Fired(2)         Sat Jul 23    Global News Network
<<Continued from previous>>

"Professor Gate, known equally well for his lofty successes, such as the curing 
of the Maverick Virus, and for his titanic failures as well as his 
questionable and often suspect ethics, has taken up a commission from the 
University of Alaska. Citing reasons for this is that it is both 'a step 
forwards', and a 'great opportunity', as well as 'more funding then even the 
U.N. ever gave him to work with.' However, the University of Alaska is a small 
college that is far outstripped by the far more modern University of Eurasia. 
It has a reputation for as a party school for those that prefer skiing to the 
beach, and has had a declining academic reputation for three years now. Some 
have gone so far as to theorise that the University had not withdrawn the 
commission out of desperation. When questioned further, Professor Gate only 
had this to say."


"Speculation continues on just what Gate's latest project is, other then some 
form of reploid. Those that have tracked Gate's career thus far predict a 
'team' of at least 6 reploids, though theorists haven't ruled out the 
possiblity of a vaccine or cure for the Sigma Virus."

<<OOC: Mass punditry. Questions to Gate>>

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/127                    Posted        Author
Hope for France?                   Sat Jul 23    Global News Network
+bbpost <This is serious squid floating eye in the sky for POX! Something about 
the bags under his eyes and drunken appearance, somehow dominating his visage 
though he is a blue and purple squid reploid with two big disks for optics and 
a little beak. > 
 Some interesting things happened last evening folks, and POX is proud to be 
delivering the scoop on this one first. First a Juggalo convoy was spotted in 
the French wastes, following the road to the Lightwalker camp, when it became 
apparent they were coming to the relief camp, Yosho Roshi was called in as he 
was allready working on some big thing in Europe. And him and this Juggalo, 
<Insert footage of Bjorn, Big tall ground black pitch into his skin with white 
clownpaint and a huge main of bright yellow hair> Named Bjorn 2 Kill fought 
the Master Yosho Roshi for a few quick rounds where they matched moves, Yosho 
landed an extra hit or two but the kid was parrying some of those moves, we're 
looking to see more from this loony tune , Him and Roshi quit their 
misunderstanding quickly, as Rock who was helping the Lightwalkers, was 
suddenly fighting Elpizo and Yosho and Bjorn came to the assistance with the 
Juggalos making aggressive passes at the Neo Arcadians, Elpizo defeated rock 
however, but I hear the man is part machine, so I'm not sure if he'll ever 
prove anything. The Lightwalkers were evacuated safely, and have returned and 
are actually being assisted by the Juggalos in carrying out their relief duty. 
 "Mr 2 Kill has agreed to say a few words with us about all this, <Insert 
recording of B2K> 
 "My nake is Bjorn 2 Kill and I am Juggalo, I do not speak for the Juggalos, 
although I do speak to the Juggalos, I believe in God, Juggalose 
(hugh-ga-lozay and this is only for God Juggalose) and I have a destiny to 
fulfill. I brought the Dark Carnival here to help the Lightwalkers, Elpizo had 
come to use with money, weapons, told us to mess with the Lightwalkers. Well 
we decided we'd just go down and protect them, I don't speak for all juggaloes 
and juggalettes our there in TV land, but these Juggaloes are here to help. 
And you punk Jugahos gotta know this Chicken Turkey world politics just ain't 
cool, Keep up the good work everyone, we can prevent the apocalypse." "Clown 
Luv, and.... 
 Luv Master Roshi." 
 Serious Squid comes back on, "Well there you go proof I ge tthe Blist crap." 

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/128                    Posted        Author
Nico-Cola Coffee                   Sat Jul 23    Global News Network
<Commercial Time>

A group of teachers can be seen sitting around a table in the teachers lounge, 
a voice over quickly follows. "Tired of laws that prohibit smoking within 
public buildings? Do kids drain away your energy? If so Nico-Cola Coffee may 
be the answer that you're looking for!

Unlike cigarettes Nico-Cola Coffee can be consumed within public buildings 
without the fear of polluting the air that other people breathe. Nico-Cola 
Coffee will also give you that extra burst of energy you need first thing in 
the morning."

Footage shows a tired looking teacher drinking Nico-Cola Coffee, a few seconds 
later he sits up and zips off to a classroom full of what appears to be 
cardboard cutouts of Thugbots.

"With Nico-Cola Coffee there's no need to buy cumbersome cigarettes or inferior 
COFFEE!, Nico-Cola Coffee will save you money and give you energy while 
calming your nerves. Nico-Cola Coffee is only available at remaining Coffee 
King locations and thru mail order for the low low price of $19.95 per 
Nico-Cola Coffee can. For those doubting the benefits of Nico-Cola Coffee 
we've talked to a scientist regarding its benefits."

Quick shot to a random looking scientist, "Is it true that Nico-Cola Coffee is 
filled will all the nutrients and vitamins needed in a single day?" Close up 
of the scientist, "Uh well..." The shot shifts back to the teacher in the 
classroom full of Thugbots, he can be seen zipping around the room like a 
hummingbird. The voice-over comes back, "There you have it, proof from an 
actual scientist! So remember, Nico-Cola is the only drink you need first 
thing in the morning. Nico-Cola Coffee is intended for all age groups and 
scientific studies show the benefits of drinking Nico-Cola Coffee at a young 

A silly jingle plays and then the commercial cuts off.

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/129                    Posted        Author
GNN: Wild Goose Chase Continues!   Sat Jul 23    Global News Network

        -GNN Australia-

        Human GNN Correspondents pick up and run a blurb in GNN newscasts and 

        More mutterings are coming from the Australian Defense Forces about 
what are starting to be called 'Bonne Fire Drills'. The disruptions the Bonnes 
favor to employ before they raid locations has continued throughout the night 
and day, reportedly driving some of the human defense forces all night long to 
obscure locations across Australia. These disruptions include rerouting 
traffic away from target areas, reporting false plasma leaks, and other such 
things to drive people away from a target area.

        Representatives from the annoyed Australian Defense Forces have 
repeatedly stated they can keep up the game as long as the Bonnes can. 
Parliament Majority Leader Sandra Hatta was quoted as saying, "Given that the 
Bonnes claim that they inform people of an attack in order to 'safeguard 
innocent lives', but are now simply using it to further their own motivations 
and - we assume - to keep us off guard, shows them as nothing more than common 
mercenaries willing to do whatever it takes to achieve a profit."

        Speculation as to why the Bonnes are causing this disruption is 
rampant. Given the past stance of the Bonne Family with involving Reploids, 
people are questioning the fickle nature of the Pirate Family, especially with 
such actions as helping the Robot Masters sack Repliforce Island, extreme 
Anti-Maverick sentiments, blowing up a Reploid Production Factory in America, 
and reported selling of weapons and black market goods to Neo Arcadia under 
their belts. Most believe that the Pirate Gang, often viewed as just an 
annoyance with people like Sigma and Wily around, are just doing this to 
escalate an already tense situation and try to profiteer on a nation divided 
by inner turmoil.


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/130                    Posted        Author
TEXAS GIVES ULTIMATUM              Sun Jul 24    Global News Network
(GNN/POX feeds.)

        The Texas White House and President Vaughn have issued a statement that 
can be best defined as "furious" in response to a recent attack on a facility 
in Galveston.
        Citing Interpol intelligence that the minor sabotage attack on a ship 
carrying components eventually destined for Reploid manufacture was done by a 
Neo-Arcadian operative, Vaughn has demanded "full and complete reparations and 
a public apology within the next seventy-two hours," with unstated penalties 
in case this demand is not met.

        "While we respect the rights of our neighbors to the south to organize 
themselves as they wish," Vaughn said, "this right ends at the borders of 
their nation, whether they like that or not."
        Citing maritime law, this act was classified by the Texas government as 
terrorism rather than piracy; the ships in question were within Texas 
territorial waters at the time of the assault.
        Vaughn went on to comment that the attacks, aimed at raw materials, 
were "no better than an attack on a maternity ward that's still getting built; 
reasonable people can disagree about the continued heavy production of 
reploids, but these things must be done within the law instead of by military 
force on a defenseless trade ship."
        Several papers were issued by the White House office of public 
relations, including a formal letter of thanks to Interpol and notices to be 
sent around the state to activate military reserves. The Texas Rangers, 
generally responsible for domestic protection and border guard duty, have been 
placed on full alert.

(Punditry ranging from "Texas is crazy" to "Seers should negotiate a 
settlement" all the way to "crush the pusillanimous Neo-Arcadians".)

(Contact Mesarthim for more information.)

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/131                    Posted        Author
Neo Arcadian Press Release         Sun Jul 24    Global News Network
<GNN Feeds>      
Tonight, in response to the Texan call for apologies, Neo Arcadia offers its 
full and sincere apology for all travesties against the sovereign nation of 
Unfortunately, President Elpizo was not available for direct comment, due to 
being in the hospital, but a representative was chosen to speak for him.        
A Mexican woman appears on the screen, and she begins to speak with an accent, 
"We, Neo Arcadia, are sincerely sorry for any and all damages caused by the 
renegade, Morgan Thatch. He has been detained, and will be executed, as his 
trial was already held. Good day."      
A picture of the perp appears, and then disappears.      
Neo Arcadia will be handling all reparations, and is currently held under 
privacy. However, all damaged were paid for. 


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/132                    Posted        Author
Commercial                         Mon Jul 25    Global News Network

        The camera fades in to show some kids happily playing with a set of 
Robot Hamsters, a disembodied voice suddenly booming out. "We came to the 
world through supernatural means! We saw the pathetic toy market and it's 
/crappy/ toys! AND WE CONQUERED IT WITH THE ROBOT HAMSTERS!" All the kids 
suddenly look up with over-excited looks on their faces, mouths open wide in 
anticipation. "NOW, we bring you yet another release of the acclaimed toy, 
hailed by parents and children alike as a godsend!"

        The camera suddenly shifts from the children to some hamsters nearby. 
"WHOA! You'd better eat your vegetables, cuz Skull Ham is on the loose!" 
Zooming in, viewers are treated to the sight of a bleached hamster skeleton, 
obviously dead for quite some time. It doesn't move.

        "Get yourself a /JACKET/! It's Blizzard Ham!" Quickly jerking to the 
right, the camera reveals a white hamster who's had its entire body encased in 
a white foam ball. There's a set of popsicle sticks glued to the base with a 
pair of toothpicks sticking out the sides.

        "2+2=3, it's NUMBER HAM!" A rather scrawny looking hamster scurries 
onto the scene, a ball with flashing lights surgically attached to its 
cranium. It has a crazed look in its eyes and drools profusely.

        "HOLY CRAP! Look at Quick Ham go!" Diverting away from the mentally 
damaged hamster, viewers see a more plump hamster with bright red fur, 
obviously dyed, and a yellow 'boomerang' sewn to its forehead. It quickly runs 
over to a nearby whiz-wheel and climbs in, starting to run with all its might. 
The video speed begins to pick up, rapidly increasing to the point that the 
running hamster in nothing but a red blur.

        The camera zooms back out as a mass of children converge on the newly 
introduced Robot Hamsters. The booming voice returns. "So run out and pick up 
yours /TODAY/ or be left in the dust playing with those /OLD/ things called 
computers! Robot Hamsters are here to /KICK/ /YOUR/ /BUTT/!!!" A disclaimer 
appears at the bottom of the screen listing available purchase areas.


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/133                    Posted        Author
Okinawa Movie Studio Fire          Mon Jul 25    Global News Network
<GNN Spinny!> 
         "-have been named as the top three signs for determining if your cat 
is, indeed, a dog in disguise. 
         "In other news, fire broke out today on the island of Okinawa; the 
blaze apparently started in an empty movie-studio, abandoned six months ago 
after the completion of filming 'The Karate Kid XXVII', and quickly 
incinerated the entire building. Fortunately, the damage was contained within 
the single building, leaving the surrounding structures untouched. Witnesses 
at the scene claim to have spotted hovercycles belonging to Robot Masters Punk 
and Guts Man *respective images flash onto the screen*, leading some to 
believe the blaze was started by the two androids. At this time, no statement 
has been made by the Robot Masters or their creator, Dr. Albert Wily *image 
replaces those of Punk and Guts*, either affirming nor denying the charges. 
The studio was owned by a privately-owned contractor, who has chosen to remain 
anonymous, and who stated that, as the building was scheduled for demolitions 
regardless, there seems to have been little actual harm done. 
         "This just in: Scientists in San Angeles have apparently discovered a 
way to prevent that crumbly mess that's left at the bottom of your bag of 
chips. Their discovery, when we return." 
 <GNN Spinny!>

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/134                    Posted        Author
THE FUTURE OF BUTTER.              Mon Jul 25    Global News Network
<A commercial running during soap opera times.>

Several kids arrive home, to see a standard mom preparing lunch. "Hi, mom! 
What's for lunch?" The mom offers them a smile. "Why, grilled meat toast!" The 
kids blink. "Meat toast? What's that?" The mom offers them an even wider 
smile, as she passes them grilled cheeses in slightly differing colors. "Just 
try!" The kids bite into the sandwiches, blinking. "WOW! MINE TASTES LIKE 

The screen is replaced with a yellow logo, through three sticks of slightly 
brown-ish butter, with one bright yellow stick in the center. "United Goods 
brings you a new line of products - THE FUTURE OF BUTTER. BUTTER THAT IS 
voice rumbles. The screen suddenly explodes in a fireball, with red letters 

<OOC: Questions? @mail Chet.>

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/135                    Posted        Author
GNN Special Report                 Mon Jul 25    Global News Network

-GNN Special Report!-

        Last night the Australian Defense Forces isolated the Bonne Hacker 
responsible for the rash of highly annoying 'Bonne Fire Drills'. It was Tron 
Bonne herself, and using a powerful cyberspace avatar that had shredded the 
Australian Defensive Firewall.
        Calling herself 'Cyber-Tron' and appearantly working with a chilly, 
unnamed accomplice, fought against the Australian Defensive Force 
Anti-Intrusion Software, lead by a mysterious individual known only by his 
avatar, Cyber-Steve. The Avatar is named, it is believed, for the former 
Zookeeper who later became Prime Minister of Australia in the 2020s.

        The Australian lead hacker, Cyber-Steve, had this to say, "Crikey! Now 
'at's what we call a feisty one. She was a beaut, too. 'Er and 'er pups put up 
a vicious fight, but I managed to wrassle 'er to the ground! The Australian 
cyber-outback's as safe as kin be again! Next up, I'll be explorin' the outer 
islands to see if any of their drones survived. Maybe we can run us up a Robot 
Mastah avatar or something REALLY nasty! Only time will tell."

        The 'Bonne Fire Drills' have ended and the ADF have returned to their 
normal monitoring routine, though increased anti-Bonne sentiment has been 
heard. Others, not in favor of the deportation of the Reploids, consider the 
Bonnes to be simply protesting in their own way.

        The situation in Australia still remains tense.

-This... was GNN-

(Questions to Cygnus or Tron)


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/136                    Posted        Author
STREET SAMURAI DEBUTS!             Tue Jul 26    Global News Network
<GNN Gaming News!>

"A sensation is sweeping the land, called Street Samurai. One of the few games 
to debut over a month /before/ the scheduled release, this game has come out 
during a time where there is traditionally a lull in game sales - being before 
the holidays. However, it has generated a wave of positive reviews, with an 
expansive environment with single and multiplayer support. The character is a 
fully customizable 'street samurai', searching for honor and money in the 
streets of 'Mega-Tokyo', a massive, mostly slum-ridden city where the rich 
cavort in an upper district called 'Magic Land', while the dregs of society 
fight for their place in the streets below. Players can buy property and run a 
large range of criminal operations, or work for the police and bust these 
operations. Most critics report that the game is much more fun as a criminal, 
however, as the police only offer honor and money - not interactive criminal 
operations that the player can even micro-manage, if he or she chooses. The 
player can earn money to get cybernetic enhancements, new weaponry, learn new 
special techniques or martial arts, and even build and train a gang of loyal, 
fellow street samurai! The game is compatable with all VR consoles as well as 
traditional computers, although the interactive VR experience is nothing but 
mindblowing. The game is rated M for maturity and bloodshed, as it is designed 
to appeal to a primarily adult audience. The multiplayer experience is 
especially promising, with what many describe as 'Online Grand Theft Auto: 
Laser City', allowing players to form their own gangs, and participate in 
plots run by the administration. Online play comes at ten zenny per month, 
although the multi-server hub is crowded already, so competition is fierce. 
Talks of new areas being ready for download have already resulted in two new 
martial arts and the ability to purchase helicopters, if one has the cash! 
It's an all-out war in Mega-Tokyo, and only the blades of the samurai will 
solve it! United Goods subsidiary Mogul Media reportedly got together the best 
programmers in the world, and put an enormous amount of money into this 
project - money which has apparently borne fruit."

<OOC: Yes, GNN Gaming News did get some shiny promotional material, that 
couldn't be considered a 'bribe' at all. ;) The Mega-Tokyo server is located 
in Southern Cross Web. Make up your own rules, do crazy shiznet! Fight it out! 
@mail Chet with any questions.>

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/137                    Posted        Author
Maverick Rally                     Wed Jul 27    Global News Network
<This... is GNN>

This evening, the Mavericks held a rally in Lothlorien, New Zealand, where 
thousands of Australians in addition to other reploids were in attendance. 
Repliforce response on-sight confirmed that the Mavericks had made 
arrangements with the local authorities, although they had not consulted 
officials on the national level.

After a few introductory speaker, "Emperor" Sigma himself took the stage, 
beginning to appeal to the disenfranches Australian reploids on behalf of the 
Mavericks. In an unusual move, Sigma called Repliforce Commander Storm Owl to 
the stage to discuss the Repliforce's stance. The commander vehemently refused 
Sigma's offer of joint military action, restating Repliforce's already 
well-established response. Sigma suggested that the Repliforce would take 
immediate action if it were humans being expatriated, on which Commander Owl 
had no comment. Colonel then took up the debate with Sigma, restating that the 
Repliforce will always oppose any organization which supports genocide. When 
Sigma rebutted with Repliforce's Neo Arcadian treaty, Colonel stated personal 
disagreement with that decision.

The highlight of the evening, however, was when Zero leapt onto the stage and 
challenged Sigma. After an exchange of words, Zero attacked Sigma, but the 
Mavericks Serges and Agile covered their leader from his attacks. Zero shifted 
to his dreaded Absolute Zero form and continued pressing the attack, but was 
unable to get past the X-Hunters, and was eventually stunned by Sewa's taser. 
Footage of the rally shows that the Mavericks never returned fire.

Upon Zero's attack, Sigma ordered the civilians moved to safety, and publically 
ordered for the decontamination teams provided by Repliforce Commander Storm 
Owl to be escorted with them. Commander Owl pointed out that the Mavericks had 
no authority in New Zealand or over his team, and ordered his Emergency 
Response Team to keep the civilians away from the Mavericks while he conducted 
his own evacuation.

In the end, there were no injuries and no damages. Repliforce, clearly caught 
off-guard by the swiftness of the rally organization, has stated an intent to 
file a formal complaint with the New Zealand government over the handling of 
the situation.

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/138                    Posted        Author
Formal RF Complaint                Wed Jul 27    Global News Network

        GNN: Spamming your sorry asses since 2200. 

        Repliforce has issued a formal complaint to the New Zealand government, 
indicating that their handling of the Coalition rally was poorly conducted. An 
excerpt reads: "Allowing a group of known terrorists responsible for countless 
deaths and war crimes to conduct an operation without first informing the 
Repliforce, currently contracted to protect New Zealand, was irrational and 
dangerous to the New Zealand citizens in the area." Another excerpt reads, 
"That the local government knew about the operation but never contacted us was 
unprofessional and rash. Matters would have been much simpler had Repliforce 
not needed to find out about the Coalition mission on the news. Their decision 
to side with the Coalition over Repliforce harms our ability to protect 
serve." Another excerpt reads, "Protecting New Zealand requires both the 
effort of Repliforce *and* their own government. If their government is 
unwilling to work with us to keep their citizens safe, instead choosing to 
favour an genocidal organization over Repliforce, Repliforce will have no 
choice but to avoid renewing our contract with New Zealand." 

        General opinion of this range from 'Repliforce is a bunch of whiners' 
to 'The New Zealand government is retarded and deserves to be beaten over the 
head by Mavericks'. Questions to Storm Owl. 


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/139                    Posted        Author
Maverick Hunter Skirmish in Washin Thu Jul 28    Global News Network
<And here's Potato, with the news.>>

"Reports are coming in of a skirmish in the park district of Washington DC. 
Eyewitnesses report the Robot Masters Colour Man and Clown Man being driven 
off from the main park, and clean-up crews are moving in to repair a small 
impact hole and chemical paint. Maverick Hunter Cinnamon was reported as 
explaining, "Colour Man and Clown Man tried to execute a 'prank'-" she 
defeated them after suspecting they were trying to distribute and detonate 
balloons filled with chemicals to children, but the balloons were later 
examined to contain foul-smelling albeit non-toxic gas."

<<And now, Carrot, with the sports.>>

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/140                    Posted        Author
Bonnes Raid Australian Town        Fri Jul 29    Global News Network

        GNN: Interpol, but with less guns and more brains. 

        Chest is at his news desk. Over his shoulder is an image of the Bonne 
family ship, the Gesellschaft, from a stock photo. "The famed Bonne pirates 
attacked the small Australian mining town of Walkabout Creek earlier this 
night in a raid that claimed the lives of 13 Australian soldiers. The attack 
came after a series of 'Bonne Fire Drills' - false alarms and other 
distraction methods - throughout the country, as well as another attack on the 
Australian cybernetic grid." 

        "The Australian Defence Force responded, along with Interpol Sergeant 
Dash." We see a full image of Dash. Dash is holding Tron in his arms, and the 
pair are lip locked in a giant SMOOCH. Chest is silent, letting the image 
speak for itself for a bit. "Dash was successful in taking advantage of the 
Pirate Tron Bo- I mean, of defeating Tron Bonne." 

        "Also participating in the defense was Repliforce trooper Rain Turtle, 
pictured here." We see a picture of Rain Turtle, giving a thumbs up and 
grinning. Another stock footage. The presence of Rain has sparked harsh words 
from the Australian government to Repliforce. We see a quick conference by 
Prime Minister Lachlan Cooper. He's a balding man with brown eyes. He is 
speaking forcefully. "Australian Forces repeatedly ordered the Repliforce 
trooper to depart and not engage in military action on Australian soil, and 
was repeatedly denied. It was only through the compassion of the Field 
Commander in charge that we did not open fire on the illegal combatant. 
Australia will not put up with Repliforce's bullying within our own borders." 

        We now see images of Teisel's Bruno fighting against Rain and an 
Australian Swiss-made Ride Armour. They're both kicking Teisel one really 
hard. Now we see Bon Bonne swinging a statue at some Australian Power Armours. 
"Australian authorities have stated that the thirteen soldiers were killed 
when their transport was fired upon by the Pirate vessel Gesellschaft and 
crashed. The Prime Minister has issued a day of mourning to honour them, and 
flags will be flown at half staff. The Bonne raid was successful in stealing 
raw gold ore from the mine. As well, citizens noted that the Bonne drones were 
seen kidnapping local wildlife - kangaroos, dingoes, etc. The purpose of this 
is not yet known." 

        We now see an image of a Japanese boy of about 16 years old. One of the 
witnesses? "I would say The Bonnes looked really cool, and the turtle looked 
like Mecha-Godzilla!" he exclaims. Back to Chest. "Sergeant Dash and the 
Bonnes had no comment in regards to the raid/battle/wildlife stealing/make out 
session. GNN offers its heartfelt condolences to the families of those lost, 
will continue to pursue the story." 


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/141                    Posted        Author
Reports Coming In                  Fri Jul 29    Global News Network
<<And here's Artichoke, with political news.>>

"Following the 'Bonne Fire Drill' last night which left 13 dead and many 
seriously injured, a commonly heard rumour was that mysterious benefactors 
approached the ADF with medical aid. Although some refused to allow the 
assistance, many were eager to accept additional medical supplies from these 
benefactors. They were heard as quoting 'The people must stand firm against 
all threats to their nation's protection, both robot Resistance and 
oppurtunistic cyborg pirates.' Is this linked to recent rabblerousing and 
rumours that someone is trying to approach the people of Australia?"

<<And now Passionfruit, with celebrity gossip.>>

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General Speaks                     Fri Jul 29    Global News Network

        The camera turned on, and thus it was that people were brought an image 
of General standing before a large window that looked out across the Japanese 
lands, his optics peering outward and studying the way that the sun was 
settling down across the horizon, shadows becoming more drawn out and darkness 
beginning to set in. General turned, smiling toward the camera, hands clasped 
behind his back and golden armor glistening in the light coming down from 

        "Hello," General said, his voice rolling out and sounding hardly as 
harsh or deep as most might anticipate from a massive individual. "Yesterday a 
member of Repliforce took it upon theirself to assist Australia with the Bonne 
incident that was occuring. Australia did not care much for that, and ordered 
the soldier to leave the battlefield, whereupon the soldier did not follow 
through with that. Yes it is horrible that a Repliforce soldier didn't listen 
to an Australian military officer, but in the end it is also a tad interesting 
that Australia never approached me about it and asked me to deal with it. I 
wasn't hidden away, I wasn't even overtly busy with paperwork and my line was 
quite open, yet Australia, rather than talking with the commanding officer of 
Repliforce, merely grumbled."

        "That's too bad, but overall I apologize to Australia for having a 
Repliforce soldier take it upon himself to step in and try to deal with a 
criminal element from destroying property and overall acting villainous. 
However, Australia has forgotten how people feel when places are attacked and 
they're told to merely stand by and watch. Australia was once a place where 
Repliforce lived, where we socialized and mixed with the people, where we 
enjoyed the company of each other and helped one another. It is a place which 
Repliforce once protected, took care of like a youthful child and helped 

        "Then we were told to get out and stop protecting it by Australia. Like 
a rejected fatherfigure we had to move along, yet still some of us linger and 
hope for a better Australia, one which will demonstrate a lack of racial bias, 
one that will not mind the assistance of a Repliforce soldier from time to 
time. Repliforce has no interest in setting down a base within Australia, it 
has no need to house itself there, but overall we still want to help, help in 
ways that the average citizen of Australia can not. Is it now a crime to help 
your fellow man?"

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General Speaks(Part 2)             Fri Jul 29    Global News Network

         General stood there, silent for a while as he awaited for people to 
comprehend that, and then he began to speak some more. "I don't believe it is, 
but I will respect the wishes of the Australian government. Repliforce members 
are to not go to Australia anymore, no matter what happens, so long as 
Australia remains steady against having Repliforce assist them in repelling 
murderous individuals from their domain." 

        "Moving away from that, I would like to inform everyone that Repliforce 
will be taking a more active role in disabling the monetary flow of certain 
terrorist organizations. This means that certain companies might find 
themselves having trouble making their normal amount of money, due to the fact 
that they either heavily support said terrorist organizations or are entirely 
made up of said terrorist organizations. Repliforce will not stand by idly 
while the nations we were contracted to assist have their freedoms ripped away 
from them and their economies are abused to fuel the hateful groups out there 
which wish to harm us all."

 < Camera off! :OOC: Questions/Thoughts to General >

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More Aussie Opinion Polls          Fri Jul 29    Global News Network

        *New polls from GNN are in. Statistics for Neo-Arcadia remain mostly 

        *When asked whether they felt that the Australian Defence Force has 
been capable of dealing with the various threats to their country, 51% said 
yes. 36% said no. The rest were undecided or in the middle.* 

        *When asked how concerned they were about the Maverick rallies just 
outside their borders, and whether rejected Reploids might seek revenge, 58% 
were either 'concerned' or 'strongly concerned'. Only 21% were 'unconcerned'.* 

        *When asked if they felt that their government's policy of not letting 
foreign armies, such as Repliforce or Neo-Arcadia, operate on their soil 
without permission, a very high 71% said they 'agreed' or 'strongly agreed' 
with it. Only 20% said they 'disagreed' or 'strongly disagreed'.* 

        *And finally, when asked if they were confident in the mysterious 
Cyber-Steve's ability to defend the Australian section of the internet, a 
mind-boggling 84% said 'confident' or 'very confident'.* 

        Questions or plots to Cygnus. 


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Disturbing Footage                 Fri Jul 29    Global News Network


An anchor.

"GNN has received, from an anonymous source, digicam footage from the recent 
Repliforce and Maverick altercation outside London in which Repliforce XO, 
Colonel, was said to have been seriously wounded. Viewers are warned that the 
following images are extremely violent and viewer discretion is advised."

The anchor disappears to show a scratchy, grainy, and soundless video feed of 
an up close and personal Colonel. To Colonel's side is the easily identifiable 
form of the X-Hunter, Agile. The montage of grainy shots shows Colonel with 
his beam sabre activated charging at the 'cameraman', then flashes to a back 
view of Colonel as a green blade is plunged straight into the XO's back. From 
over the shoulder, flashes of Agile can be seen accompanied by soundless 
screams from the XO as the X-Hunter's blade terrorizes the frontside while 
being impaled on the glowing green weapon from behind. The next shot is a huge 
cannon beam impacting with Colonel, and the final shot is him standing there 
weakly, body stricken, charred, smoldering and sizzling. He stands, broken, 
for several seconds before one footfall lands... And then Colonel facefaults 
straight forward to crash into the Earth, immobile and leaking, his body 
barely recognizable.

"More news as we have it."


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News Blurb                         Sun Jul 31    Global News Network

        <Typical Business News>

        "With its recent acquisition of numerous ex-Mikage International 
subsidiaries, Cray Shipping & Construction has made a move to merge several of 
these businesses into one larger company, which will become a subsidiary of 
the parent."

        "Officially dubbed 'Cray Munitions', this newly formed conglomerate 
will be responsible for the manufacture and sale of ammunition, various 
assault vehicles, military grade drones with a substantial range of 
functionality, and a diverse array of weapons and armor ranging in scale from 
personal to artillery."

        "The different outlets and factories for these items currently operate 
within their respective nation's legalities. However, the spokesperson for 
Cray Munitions has stated that the company will be creating an independant 
online distribution center where customers may go to shop freely and, at a 
much greater cost, purchase custom made goods."

        <News is F-U-N FUN!>

        (OOC: Questions to Pirate Man.)


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Gamers Have This to Say            Sun Jul 31    Global News Network
You are watching POX, one of those between the show bits, where people can go 
into the phone booth and talk to the camera. This guy is wearing a black cloth 
hood so who knows. 
 "Oh noez! cries I, DEATMASTER_69, one of Detroit's foremost authorities on 
video games. It's stupid That if a child is psychotic, it's not because they 
played 'Street Samurai' or whatever, it's because their parents were stupid 
enough to not teach little Johnny the difference between right and wrong and 
don't want to take the blame. Just because I like to n00k countries in games 
doesn't mean I like to shoot people in real life. That's false data! So just 
relax and let the kids play their games, hey? Besides, Video games don't start 
violence, JUGGALOS start violence. Jeezus, where do you think we live anyway. 
Renaissance France or something?"

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