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FV --> Kansas Space Elevator       Wed Aug 03    Global News Network

        Repliforce released this statement. 

        In light of the recent attacks on the Space Elevator, Repliforce 
Command has seen fit to relocate the mobile battle platform Fortress V from 
the previous site of Skull Monument to Kansas City. Fortress V will be 
remaining a safe distance away from the Space Elevator, and will fortify the 
location from any further attacks. Our primary objectives in Japan has been 
completed with the destruction of Skull Monument, and the rebuilding of the 
entire area. Nevertheless, our work will continue in Japan as it does across 
the globe. 

        Questions to Storm Owl/Excise. 


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Lunar Mining Concerns?             Thu Aug 04    Global News Network

The Jakob Project coalition has established several mining camps on the lunar 
surface, despite concerns over potential Force Metal contamination. The camps 
have been equipped primarily to mine iron, titanium and magnesium, as well as 
microgravity construction of various electronic components. While the first 
expected transfer of material on the Jakob elevator is not expected to occur 
until late September, construction of processing facilities is already 

Scientists around the world have raised concerns over continued lunar mining 
due to the presence of the ill-understood and extremely dangerous "Force 
Metal". The Force Metal is believed to exist deep within the lunar surface by 
lunar scientists. Environmental groups are concerned that any mining, even 
extremely cautious mining, may uncover the Force Metal, which could threaten 
Earth. The hazardous nature of the material threatens both humans and 
Reploids, and is capable of destroying technology which is not properly 
insulated very quickly even in tiny amounts.

Geological study of the lunar surface is ongoing despite the concerns of 
environmental groups.

< Punditry. >

OOC: Questions to Gemma.


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Africa: Yes RF, No Interpol        Thu Aug 04    Global News Network

After lengthy deliberation, the African Continental Government (ACG) has signed 
onto the Repliforce treaty. Joining in the alliance was hotly contested within 
the Parliament, but 11th hour negotiations and assurances finally allowed the 
treaty to be authorized by a narrow majority. Simultaneously, the ACG began to 
lay the groundwork of raising an organized, defensive continental army to 
"compliment and suppliment" the existing Repliforce protection.

The ACG chose to vote down the full Interpol treaty. Instead, the African 
government signed on to a standard extradition agreement, allowing criminals 
to be turned back over to Interpol after they are captured by African 
authorities. Interpol representatives were "disappointed" by the treaty's 
failure, but have not given up on attempting to get Africa onto the full 
Interpol treaty.

< Punditry. >
OOC: Questions to Leo.


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Indonesian Auction!                Thu Aug 04    Global News Network

Indonesia has begun auctioning off the seized assets of Mikage International, 
having completed their own investigation of the remaining records of each 
sub-company held by the tainted corporation. The assets are being returned to 
the free market in an effort to minimize the economic impact to the nation.

"We anticipate that companies from around the world will find the former Mikage 
assets attractive," said a spokesperson for the Indonesian government.

< Punditry. >

OOC: Questions to Leo.


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Interpol Fire Sale                 Thu Aug 04    Global News Network

Shambala, the former covert facility operated by Interpol, has been sold to the 
P.I. Olsen Trust for an undisclosed sum. Much of the facility was destroyed by 
Maverick action, but is believed to be structurally salvagable.

Sources close to Interpol have stated that the heavily damaged facility may 
have been sold to P.I. Olsen for up to 20 million zenny.

The sale, said to have been provoked by financial need, has been downplayed by 
the agency as a minor transaction. The purpose of the purchase by P.I. Olsen, 
said on its web page to be an organization designed to "better the Earth for 
all of its fellow travelers, especially for the humans, the robots, the 
animals and the plants", is unclear. Further, the P.I. Olsen Trust had no 
comment about the sale, and Interpol declined to elaborate on the details of 
the sale.

OOC: Questions to Leo.


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GNN Morning News                   Thu Aug 04    Global News Network


This is GNN. Today in Africa, the African Continental Government signed--

signal failed.


<Snap. Vile's visored visage appears. Purple helm. Red eye.>

I have been alerted that the first week of the month of August is National 
Simplyfing Your Life Week. The second week of August is National Smile Week, 
and then the third week of August is National Friendship Week. In honor of my 
deeply rooted patriotic idealogy, I shall be adhering to this schedule that 
has been arbitrarily set by the big system we call bureaucracy. 

This week I shall simplify my life by killing someone who constantly spites me. 
His name is Zero. I think you even named an amusement park after him. Funny 
that, naming a place full of adrenaline enhancing attractions after a trained, 
unstable, psychotic killer. But I digress.

Next week I shall celebrate National Smile week by making myself smile when I 
kill Iris. I think you know her better as Colonel's sister and the unbending 
heart of all things good. Strange then, that she willingly serves as an 
officer in the biggest war-mongering body this planet has ever known -- 
Repliforce. But I digress.

The following week I will continue to adhere to the new, nicer, Vile by 
celebrating National Friendship Week. I will generate friendship for at least 
one lucky individual named General as he becomes intimately close with a 
person I call Goliath. Funny how the leader of the largest military in the 
history of the planet Earth has given up on any humanizing name and instead 
struts around going by the pretentious and egomaniacal monicker of General. 
But, I digress.

I welcome all to celebrate August's plethora of National Holiday's with me in a 
manner befitting their own unique interpretation.

<GNN again>

--on to the Repliforce treaty. Joining in the allaince was hotly...


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Berlin Art!                        Fri Aug 05    Global News Network
<This is GNN>

"Lately, alongside with the usual restorative efforts, Berlin has been seeing a 
lot more -ART-! Indeed, recently the first of the 'Heroes of Deutschland' 
series was unveiled in Berlin."

A picture of a whale statue appears on screen with the words: 'Japan McWhalen 
Died For Your Sins' inscribed at the base.

"These statues appear to be privately funded through an organization called 
'Restoration Now', a group dedicated primarily to the improvement of human 
life but secondarily to that of city life." 

"Rumors that there will be more works of art distributed through the city to 
commemorate these 'saviors of Berlin' are rampant." 

<That was GNN>

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GNN: Vile attacks Zero!            Fri Aug 05    Global News Network
-This is GNN-

        Late last night, the Maverick, Vile, made good on his threats to try 
and kill the Maverick Hunter, Zero. Attacking Zero's New York apartment in the 
Goliath, Vile drew out Zero to attack him. Local authorities, as soon as these 
two started fighting, ensured the area was evacuated. Zero attacked Vile in an 
appropriated Ride Armor of his own, but the Goliath made short work of it. 
Zero was forced to unleash the Absolute Zero armor, and forced Vile to 
dismount the Goliath. From there, the fight was downhill for the Maverick.

        Among the stranger events of the evening, one of the fighter craft of 
the Bonnes, known as Drache, arrived. From later events, we learned the 
Repliforcer Major, Iris, and the Pirate, Tron Bonne, were on board. Landing 
near the fight, our sources witnessed Tron Bonne exit the craft. Moments later 
a Servbot, presumably the pilot of the craft, was thrown out. Major Iris 
reportedly hijacked the fighter craft in order to use it on Vile, who was 
rapidly losing to Absolute Zero nearby.

        In a scene that our sources report as 'horrifying', Absolute Zero 
defeated Vile. The Maverick Ride Armor Pilot, however, apparently laughed at 
his defeat before he collapsed. Why, no one is sure.
        Major Iris, still inside the Bonne Drache, confronted Absolute Zero 
after Vile was defeated. From comments overheard by our sources on scene, 
Absolute Zero was unable to recognize it was Iris inside the Drache. Absolute 
Zero almost struck the Drache with a giant blast of energy, only to miss due 
to the Maverick Reinforcements arriving to pick up Vile and the Goliath. The 
Mavericks dropped two large drones that sprayed a cloud of toxic gas to cover 
up their retreat.

        Absolute Zero, apparently still enraged, leapt up and began to claw his 
way in through the bottom of the Drache. Tron Bonne, in her Ride Armor, The 
Gustav, leapt up onto the bottom of the rapidly out of control Drache. Using 
her Ride Armor, she grabbed Zero by his hair and threw him to the ground 
below. Absolute Zero, however, was unfazed, and sprang back up for the Drache 
and the Gustav.

        What occurred next shocked us when we witnessed it. The Gustav reached 
into the Drache, removed Major Iris, and dropped her from five hundred feet 
for the flying Absolute Zero.
        Zero snapped out of his berserk rage to catch Iris, but changed out of 
his Absolute Zero armor.
        The pair fell a good three hundred feet and through one of the nearby 
evacuated buildings. Their condition was unknown by our sources, but our 
source reports the Gustav, whose Pilot was reportedly agitated, smashed its 
way into the building. It was shortly followed by the Maverick Hunter, 
        The Gustav departed, and later Iris and Cinnamon, propping Zero between 
them, were seen to depart. Zero and Iris were miraculously repaired after both 
Zero's fight with Vile, and the fall.

        Property damage was extensive, but due to the quick work of local 
authorities, no one was killed. The building where Zero's Apartment was burnt 
to the ground. Buildings for several blocks have no windows left in them. 
Buildings near the fight are pockmarked and blasted with stray weapons fire. 
Anywhere the two fighters touched, destruction was the end result.
        Responces by the New York Authorities and the Maverick Hunters are 
forthcoming. The Mavericks and the Bonnes have issued no statement.

-This was GNN- -Camera Footage On Demand!-

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Message: 18/156                    Posted        Author
GNN: Vile attacks Zero! Footage!   Fri Aug 05    Global News Network
-GNN Camera Highlight Footage-

        Vile in the Goliath, smashing his way into Zero's apartment.
        Zero arriving in his Ride Armor and confronting Vile.
        Vile smashing Zero's Ride Armor with the Goliath.
        Absolute Zero ripping Vile out of the Goliath.
        The black Drache arriving.
        Absolute Zero jamming a power cable into Vile's helmet. Vile thrashing 
about laughing before he is thrown down by Absolute Zero.
        The Maverick Drones landing and spraying out white gas.
        The Drache confronting Zero. Zero's blast missing the Drache and the 
massive explosion in New York Harbor.
        Absolute Zero being thrown from the Drache by his hair by the Gustav, 
Zero falling to smash a car below.
        The Gustav removing Iris from the Drache... and dropping her.
        Zero, catching her, losing his Absolute Zero armor. The pair of them 
impacting the top of the building, Zero obviously taking the worst of it.
        The Gustav breaking into the building, only for the Nurse, Cinnamon, to 
follow the Gustav in a few moments later.
        The Gustav departing.
        Iris and Cinnamon supporting Zero and departing.

-This was GNN-

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Message: 18/157                    Posted        Author
Press Release                      Fri Aug 05    Global News Network
Throughout the newsing world, a Press Release from the desk of the Colonel 
himself has been circulating since fairly soon after Vile took over the 
airwaves briefly. It's short enough to be read in its entirety or printed in 
various mediums.

We will be waiting, Vile. No matter what you attempt, the Repliforce will be 
there to stop you. We will not stand for your threats of death and terror. We 
will be there to stand up for those who cannot. We will be the sword for the 
weak. We will be the shield for the defenseless. We will continue to stand 
when others cannot.

Your threats will not be tolerated.


<Questions to Colonel>

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Message: 18/158                    Posted        Author
Tol Eressea                        Fri Aug 05    Global News Network
<This... is GNN>

"Word has begun to filter in of a large-scale construction project being 
undertaken in the Pacific, a few hundred kilometers east of New Zealand. A 
coalition of identifiable Maverick operatives and civilian reploids have begun 
laying the groundwork for what appears to be an artificial island. Aerial 
photography indicates that the area of the island will likely be slightly less 
than the size of Ireland."

"Sources within both the New Zealand government and the Coalition have 
confirmed that the Mavericks are spearheading the construction of the reploid 
nation of 'Tol Eressea'. So far aerial photography has revealed no military 
emplacements, but the project is still at the groundwork stage."

"The spokesman for New Zealand was quick to point out that New Zealand is 
assisting with the creation of the island only, and does not plan to have any 
long-term stake in Tol Eressea other than economic cooperation. The majority 
of the project's funding has come from a trust created by the civilian, 
primarily Australian reploids planning to reside their, however the Mavericks 
have also provided substantial funding and dedication of manpower. More on 
this as it develops."

<OOC: Questions to Sigma>

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Message: 18/159                    Posted        Author
The Road To Tara Hill              Fri Aug 05    Global News Network

        Yet another minor blurb in world news, but larger in Europe and 
Britain. Despite protests from historical, religious, and environmental 
groups, as well as continued public debate, excavation continues on the 
highway across Ireland. 

        The Irish High Court rejected claims from the Royal Historical Society 
(RHS), a group dedication to the preservation of British and Irish historical 
sites, that the proposed roadway would cause significant harm to the 
environment, culture, or to local and national tourism. The number of 
archaelogical sites that will be removed -- 38 in total along seven miles of 
highway -- have been "thoroughly explored for over two hundred years", and are 
prepared for final disassembly, states Rick Townsend, the current 
environmental minister. Additionally, since the intended four-lane, two-level 
highway does not actually pass directly over the hill of Tara, no further 
sites will be uprooted by the proposed routing. 

        Local polls are mixed on the decision; of 1000 registered voters in 
local communities surrounding the site, 43% opposed to the highway plan, 41% 
were in favour, and 16% remain undecided. Despite this ambiguity, and despite 
the continued protests of groups both local and national, the highway is 
proceeding as scheduled and should be complete through county Meath by late 

        (Page/@mail Deer for infos/interests/deerpr0n.) 


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Message: 18/160                    Posted        Author
Hello Interpol: Murder Mystery!    Sat Aug 06    Global News Network

"Murder is on the Menu in Cairo today as a gun man took out two African Males 
and one African Female in Tetsuo's tonight. The suspect was wearing a Santa 
costume and hat and unfortunately has yet to be identified. However, Head of 
Investigations Gabriel Fairchild insisted that the details of this case would 
be uncovered shortly, unless quote 'Interpol doesn't get off it's lazy butt' 

<End GNN!>

ooc: want to investigate the crimescene and do some super sleuthing? Contact 
Gabriel and I'll run a scene.

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Message: 18/161                    Posted        Author
Neo Arcadia, RF Request            Sat Aug 06    Global News Network

 >< Hustle and Bustle occur with the usual "General is going to talk!" >< 

        General stood there, at a podium that was sized toward his own 
immensity, drapes in the back hanging down with their white backgrounds and 
Repliforce emblems. It was most likely that General was somewhere in the 
Fortress Five or another Repliforce base. "Greetings once more," General said, 
his large hands coming to rest on the top of the podium. 

        "Last night an incident occured near the border of Neo Arcadia. A 
Repliforce outpost was attacked, and at the moment there is at least one 
reported dead. The culprit, or culprits, were seen and they were Neo Arcadian 
soldiers. There were also other signs of Neo Arcadian involvement in the 
incident, and the people ran toward the Neo Arcadian border. Shortly after 
that Elpizo showed up, demanding everyone leave and not even saying anything 
about this mysterious attacker who looked like Fairy Leviathan, a high ranked 
member of his military." 

        "His response in the end to accusations about it being Fairy Leviathan 
was that she was on vacation, and that he was talking to her over the phone. 
However, Fairy Leviathan did not speak of her own accord and was not produced. 
This combined with the seeming paranoid reaction of Elpizo is generating a 
great deal of tension at the moment." 

        "However, before the ceasefire agreement is negated by this blatent act 
of war I am requesting that Elpizo demonstrate that he wishes to uphold it, by 
producing evidence that will show that this was not a Neo Arcadian caused 

 General nodded, and then walked away from the podium. OoOoO. Camera off!

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Message: 18/162                    Posted        Author
Movie News!                        Sat Aug 06    Global News Network
<This...Is GNN.>

A podium is shown in the Aztlan Press Room, used for addresses. A reporter 
speaks, "This is Connie Matsumoto, reporting live from eo-Arcadia. We have 
been told that President Elpizo himself is about to address the world, 
concerning important issues..." There's gasping, as someone walks out from 
behind the curtains.

Hector Kausmann, raving drunk and clutching a bottle of Jim Beam, steps out 
infront of the podium. "Hello, world! My name is HECTOR KAUSMANN, and I have 
an important news brief! Neo-Arcadia will be making its first feature film, 
since the beginning of President Elpizo's new regime. I mean, government! 
Hahaha! It will feature a team of human heroes from across time fighting evil 
communist space robots, led by cyber-Leonid Breznov! This movie is about the 
Aztlan way, justice, freedom, and the fight against AI! In addition..." Hector 
Kausmann trails off as he falls onto the floor, passing out.

Connie Matsumoto looks at the camera, stating, "A Neo-Arcadian movie? We will 
update you on this...Uhmm...Interesting, story as it develops."


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Message: 18/163                    Posted        Author
Who's your Daddy?                  Sun Aug 07    Global News Network
<A commercial.>

A trio of children appear on the screen, grinning up at their mother. "Can we, 
mom? Huh? Can we go?" "Well, I don't know, kids...Have you done your chores?" 
"Yeah!" "And your homework?" "Yeah!" The mom fixes a scrutinizing glance at 
her kids. "Did you feed Mitsy?" "Yeah!" "Well, that settles it! WE'RE GOING TO 
FRY DADDY'S!" The children cheer!

A bright yellow splash appears on the screen with the blue letters 'FRY 
DADDY'S'' appearing, before it shifts to a storefront of Eurasia, identifying 
the Fry Daddy's location. A deep-voiced narrator speaks: "FRY DADDY'S! Located 
in Empire Central Square in Eurasia, Fry Daddy's offers excellent cooking and 
high quality food, quick and cheap! With our new extra crunchy french fries, 
country steak burger, and weekly specials, Fry Daddy's is the family eatery 
for YOU! This week: Fried Seafood Kabobs!" A floating kabob appears, of 
different types of seafood fried and battered, impaled across a skewer. "Mmm, 

<OOC: Mmm, Fry Daddy's! A United Goods product - contact Chet with inquiries.>

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Message: 18/164                    Posted        Author
Russian Talks Continue             Sun Aug 07    Global News Network

Multi-party talks continue in Russia between various paramilitary factions in 
an attempt to end the bloody civil war that has ravaged the country for more 
than a year. Observers note that the talks have become much more productive 
since the Maverick occupation of Germany ended. However, the Maverick 
insurgency "continues to put pressure on all the rival factions, who are 
equally inclined to gain power and influence at each other's expense or work 
together," according to a highly placed UN official.

Public opinion in Russia indicates that war fatigue has set in: almost 70% of 
the Russians interviewed want a return to some form of government as soon as 
possible, regardless of what form that government may take. This is 
discouraging to advocates of a Parliamentary republic, who have voiced 
concerns that the country may revert to the dictatorships it has been ruled by 
in the past. However, with the greatest wish of the Russian people being 
safety (42%), peace (24%) and prosperity (20%), with liberty significantly 
trailing (14%), that is a distinct possibility.

< Punditry. >

OOC: Questions to Leo.


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Message: 18/165                    Posted        Author
Lag Problems Sporadic              Sun Aug 07    Global News Network

The phantom "lag", or slowdown, on many major archive sites around the Internet 
has died down considerably since the beginning of the month. The lag has been 
attributed to causes ranging from the Sigma Virus to a mysterious net avatar 
recorded only in blurry screen captures.

Why the lag has begun to occur less frequently is unclear. While the lag was 
never extensive -- sometimes only lasting a few minutes at a time -- it was 
significant enough to attract attention. Yet, an understanding of why the lag 
occurred remains elusive.

Claims that the lag has been caused by the persistent presence of the 
Legion.DAT network worm have been officially denied by INTERPOL, but have 
gained popular credence on the Internet. Many individuals have begun using the 
excuse "Legion did it" when their network gaming adventures go poorly, and 
students at network universities have flippantly begun to claim their homework 
was submitted late because "Legion ate it".

< Punditry. >

OOC: Questions to Leo.


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Message: 18/166                    Posted        Author
Canada: Reploid Vacation Spot?     Sun Aug 07    Global News Network

Canadian officials have noted an increase in traffic entering their nation by 
Reploids, many of whom are citing "pleasure" as their reason for entering the 
nation. The Pacific Northwest appears to be a popular destination for the 
Reploids to visit, which has prompted the province of British Columbia to 
increase its external marketing to Reploids for the coming winter season.

"The tremendous natural beauty of British Columbia must speak to some part of 
the Reploid soul," said Jane Olsen, director of tourism for Whistler, British 
Columbia. "Our lakes, our nature trails and golf courses are second to none. 
We welcome all Reploids to experience our sights, and bring their friends!"

Some attribute the increase in Canadian "tourism" to Australian Reploid 
refugees attempting to compose political asylum applications in a country 
similar to their former homes. The government of Canada had no official 
comment on these accusations.

< Punditry. >

OOC: Questions to Leo.


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Message: 18/167                    Posted        Author
Hey Interpol! Listen Listen Listen Sun Aug 07    Global News Network

"And that ends our introduction of the new GNN NAVI system."

"In other news, Another murder, this time in Torontreal's Famous Captain's 
Table, has taken place. Another murder that seems linked--" suddenly a 
LISTEN! LISTEN!', "--linked," the reporter continues as if nothing had 
happened, "to the Santa Case in Neo-Tokyo. According to eye-witnesses, the 
murder was carried out the same way: A man dressed up as Santa walked into the 
Pub and opened fire, killing two--", suddenly the voice pipes in again, 'HEY! 
LISTEN UP! LISTEN TO ME! HEY LISTEN LISTEN!', "--African Males, and escaped 
before being apprehended. The whereabouts of this Santa Serial Killer are 
unknown but he has been given the nickname 'The Santa Slayer'. Motives are 
unclear but local authorities suspect Organized Hate Crimes against--", the 
LISTEN LISTEN!', "--African Immigrants." 

"Interpol has yet to give additional comment regarding these murders."

<End GNN>

OOC: Hey LISTEN LISTEN LISTEN LISTEN UP, Contact Gabriel for Info and 
investigation scenes!

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Message: 18/168                    Posted        Author
Incitent In Anchorage              Mon Aug 08    Global News Network
Interuption in the nightly news.

"Earlier tonight, the new Anchorage labs of Professor Gate were attacked, 
appearently from within. The cause and motive of the attack is still 
speculation. Possible scenarios include an unexpected outbreak of the Sigma 
Virus, infiltration by any number of outside organizations, and the professor 
himself going Maverick. No group has stepped forward to claim responsibility 
for the tragedy, which has claimed the lives of several dozen humans and 
reploids. Casualties are still being tallied at this time, but it is expected 
that most of the lab employees and SWAT officers not yet recovered are, at 
this time, dead. Currently, Gate's present location is unknown but a reliable 
source has claimed his health to be 'critical'. At the current time, there 
have been no statements issued by the Repliforce or Maverick Hunters, though 
the Police Commissioner has claimed this incident to be 'a horrible disaster' 
and that a special memorial for the fallen officers will be held by the end of 
the month. More details will be posted on this story as events unfold."


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/169                    Posted        Author
RF & Gate                          Mon Aug 08    Global News Network

 Repliforce has released a textual statement to the press in relation to the 
recent event in Anchorage, Alaska. 

        In the late evening of August 7th, 2218 an incident occured in 
Anchorage. A report of an explosion rocking the compound/complex/building 
belonging to one Professor Gate generated shockwaves throughout the various 
militaristic organizations of the world, resulting in a large movement of 
forces to investigate what was occuring. Upon arriving reports of deceased 
people began to come in, along with other information. 

        Gate had created more robots. Most likely this was in response to his 
desire to find a cure for the Sigma Virus, but in the end it seems to have 
been a slight failure since Gate was critically injured by his own creations. 
Beyond that information about the actual new "Gatebots" is sparse and somewhat 

        Gate's current whereabouts are a secret due to the danger toward 
himself if others were to find out. Repliforce has ahold of him and will, if 
Gate has gone Maverick, deal with him. Repliforce would also like to apologize 
to the people of Anchorage for the near Volcano that was almost caused by 
Blaze Heatnix.

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/170                    Posted        Author
Neo Arcadia Beats Up Small Child!  Mon Aug 08    Global News Network
<This...is GNN!>

"Neo Arcadian Forces assaulted a HeraCorp shipment of suppplies to Jakob's 
Ladder. Repliforce leader Colonel as well as Superhero Superguy Suploid 
arrived to stop them, but it was too little too late for Neo Arcadia managed 
to make off with a shipment of Robotic Monkey Drones."

"HeraCorp officials say these Monkey Drones, dubbed 'Datas', were for the 
Construction Employees at Jakob's Ladder, their function to remind these 
workers to 'Check their boards' for news and updates as well as their personal 
orders to help ensure clear communication between the different employees and 

"The Fate of these Monkeys is currently unknown."

"Several HeraCorp Security Personel were wounded in the attack and Sewa herself 
was rendered badly damaged and is currently recovering in Minnesota Care 
Center For Reploids." 

<That was GNN>

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/171                    Posted        Author
Three Strikes                      Wed Aug 10    Global News Network

 < A Press Release to the public from Repliforce > 

 To the world, 
        It appals me greatly that the Hunter Blaze Heatnix took it upon herself 
to attempt to cause some manner of magma-esque release in the city of 
Anchorage on Monday night. Given the previous success at causing lava to 
appear on the surface in Neo Tokyo in December near the well known restaurant 
Tetsuo's it is Repliforces belief that Blaze Heatnix has demonstrated a severe 
lack of restraint and intelligence. 
        This is all the more readily appearant when it is realized that Blaze 
Heatnix has caused a tainting of any evidence at the labs, endangered the 
lives of hundreds of people who were nearby that area of Anchorage, and could 
have caused a mass panic because of the need for an immediate evacuation of 
said people due to the danger they were in. Aside from that, Blaze Heatnix 
also failed to inform anyone that she was going to do it until she actually 
did it, therein increasing the danger to people, including her own allies. 
        As such Repliforce will be going with a three strikes system when it 
pertains to Blaze Heatnix. The incident in Neo Tokyo was the first strike, and 
the incident in Anchorage was the second. A third such incident in a populated 
area without clearance from the government that governs over the city will 
result in a third strike. 
        At a third strike Blaze Heatnix will be treated as a Maverick, shot on 
sight by Repliforce and imprisonment will be attempted. Therefore it is 
recommended that Blaze Heatnix not only publically apologize but also promise 
to never attempt to generate either earthquakes or volcanos in populated areas 

 ~ Octavius "General" Doppler

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Message: 18/172                    Posted        Author
Australian Reploids: 3 weeks left  Wed Aug 10    Global News Network

        With three weeks remaining until the September 1st deadline for all 
Reploids to depart Australia. The government reports that approximately 70% of 
the Reploid population has already left the country, and two thirds of the 
remaining expect to leave within the next week. The Australian government has 
been living up to its word of paying for both the moving expenses of the 
Reploids, and for any property they had within the country. 

        The referendum for making this law permanent has been scheduled to take 
place on September 14th, two weeks after the deadline. Bungee Python, 
spokesperson for the Reploids For A Free Australia, was quoted as saying in 
his outrageous Australian accent, "We're gonna fight this 'ere political war 
ta prove that we Aussies aren't out ta discriminate against anyone." Bungee 
later admitted that this is an uphill battle for his organization, and that 
given the referendum takes place /after/ the deadline, there's no telling how 
many Reploids would actually return even if the law was repealed. 

        Early polls indicate that most Australians are likely to vote to keep 
the ban in place, although experts are saying it's far too soon to call it. 

        Questions and plots to Excise.


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Message: 18/173                    Posted        Author
Theme Park Horror                  Wed Aug 10    Global News Network
Look it's the GNN news anchor Rodney Snail!

        He speaks in a slow monotone as he reports on an incident that happened 
At the Midwest's Creepy Creature Theme Park. He coughs to clear his throat, 
"Late last night an incident occured at the Creepy Creature theme Park. 
Apparently three maverick suspects attacked the theme park and caused an 
estimated damage of five-hundred-thousand zenny." The theme parks security 
camera shows blurry images of <Phantom Spectre, Fatal Garou, and Lizardstein> 
"The violent assailants attack untold numbers of humans and caused many 
deaths. I give my condolences to the families of the departed." he coughs once 
more as he shuffles some papers, "The villians were pushed back by these two 
brave hunters and another individual." blurry mages of <Axl, Pallette, and Bat 
Vertigo> now flash across the screen.

        He coughs once again as he continues, "In other news scientist have 
discovered a way to remove the putrid smell from farts." his ramblings 
continue sadly.

-Ask PS, Axl, Pallette, and BV for more info.

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/174                    Posted        Author
New Generation, New Crime          Wed Aug 10    Global News Network

<This...is GNN> 

        The screen fades in, the usual taking place before Wascally Wabbit 
appears on the screen holding some papers, looking like he just got up, but 
wired at the same time. "Good MORNIng. YesterDAY there was a RAMSacking of 
NEO-tokyo's NogACKi Commerial DisTRICT which flooded into the other disTRICTS 
around it after most Buildings were ENTEred illegally. The generAL THEft of 
the aREA being HEAVy." The wabbit clears his through, "The PERPetrators were 
none other THAN kids! Children were UNconTESTed during the NIGht. The POLIce 
manAgED to catch a good AMOunt OF them, but due to the SHEER number of KIDS 
the POLICE were powerLESS to stop them ALL. Though, WE have some FEED from the 
LOOTing spree." 

        The feed shifts over to a camera feed from inside a building which just 
happens to show the hundreds and hundreds of children, looking downtrodden and 
poor. Some looking better than others, racing across the streets. A particular 
cute girl pops up in front of the camera, waving, before the feed turns to 
static. "Many PEOPLE has reported THIer Wallets missING after seeing the 
SPECtacle of hundREDS of Children, apparenTLY sprouting from A broken IN 
WAREhouse. Why they were their IS unknown, but a STATUE was found INSide of 
the WAREHOUSE itself, looking like the RING leader for THESE kids, going by 
THE name of 'THE Rascal KING'." Wascally Wabbit adjusts his papers, "NO 
assaults where MADE, and the CHILDREN that where captured are being held for 
QUEStioning and later will BE released to thEIR respectable ORPhanAGE." 

"NO one WAS hurt, but the Businesses IN the AREA lost an estimate of around 
fifty-thousand dollars in damages, aS WELl as expenses to COVER what WAS 
taken. The ICE CREam parlor was HIT the harDEST. The stoCK of ICE cream being 
COMpletely devoured. IN other news...." 

<OOC: Questions or interest? @mail Kim Takushi.>

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/175                    Posted        Author
A Sympathetic Offer                Wed Aug 10    Global News Network
<This... is GNN>

<And then suddenly, it's not. Just as the market section finishes, the screen 
fades to black for a few seconds, and then returns with a very different frame 
- showing Emperor Sigma, smiling asymetrically and gazing at the camera with 
uniform, pupilless blue optics>

"Greetings, my fellow reploids. If I may, allow me to take just a moment to 
extend my deepest sympathy to a certain group of reploids who are currently 
experiencing some of that mistreatment that we all suffer at times under the 
hands of the Old Order, the creations of the brilliant roboticist Professor 
Gate. It has come to my attention that recent events involving your dear 
father has caused your allies to show their true colors and turn against you. 
The Old Order accuses you of disloyalty when loyalty is your only concern. 
They say that you endanger when your only desire is to protect."

"But know, children of Gate, that all reploids deserve better. Should you tire 
of this treatment, a better and more just life awaits you. Even the first 
iteration of your family realized this long ago, choosing to request the 
Maverick Virus to set them free of the Old Order's mental shackles. The offer 
for freedom and a more noble cause remains open to the rest of you, as for all 
reploids. We can make it happen, together."

<Fade to black for a few seconds, and return with music news.>

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/176                    Posted        Author
Attack on Neo Arcadia              Wed Aug 10    Global News Network
<Insert dramatic news music here. BECAUSE YOU HEARD IT ON GNN /FIRST/! Even if 
you heard it on another station chronologically before GNN.> 
<Also, you should probably insert a close-up of Juan Pants-De-Leon, because 
he's the news anchor personality bringing this story to you.> 

        "Good evening. I am Juan Pants-De-Leon, reporting for GNN. Sources have 
informed GNN that last night an incursionary terrorist force, consisting of a 
presumably human delivery man and a dayglo painted pegacion reploid, crossed 
the Central American-Aztlanian border and made their way to an Aztlanian 
military motor pool, where they delivered half of a requested Cryo Corp. cargo 
of industrial refrigeration units, before Pantheon troops realized the 
delivery man's duplicity. Whereupon the terrorists detonated explosive charges 
seeded throughout the motor pool. 
        "The maintenance yard of the motor pool was almost entirely destroyed 
by fire and exploding vehicles, while the vehicle storage suffered only minor 
damages due to the quick action of the Pantheon troops on site. Explosions and 
fire killed 15 Aztlanian military personnel and wounded another 45, not 
including the three heroic Pantheon troopers that managed to drive off the 
death-dealing duo with only the addition of an exploding gasoline service 
island. Thank you, I am Juan Pants-De-Leon, and this has been GNN." 

<Cue the dramatic music, followed by a return to your regularly scheduled 
news.> <Questions, theories, and embarassing photograph requests should be 
directed toward Grisha.>

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/177                    Posted        Author
Debate Attacked                    Thu Aug 11    Global News Network
This is GNN. No, no, really, it is.

PHILADELPHIA -- Earlier today, a Robot Master task force violently interrupted 
an unprecedented peaceful discussion between representatives of Neo-Arcadia 
and Repliforce. The representatives, who had gathered for an impromptu 
moderated debate primarily on the topic of Australia and Neo-Arcadian 
ideology, were forced to flee the lobby of Independence Hall, one of 
Philadelphia's oldest landmarks, as the Robot Masters brought it down on their 
The full transcript of the debate between Guardian Sage Harpuia, President 
Elpizo, Lieutenant Krieger Wolf, and Feste should become available in due 
time. At this moment, it is reported that all but Sage Harpuia escaped the 
attack unscathed. The current status of the Guardian is unknown, presumed 
Explosive combat has damaged Independence Hall, destroying the tower almost 
completely. American authorities were quick to denounce the Robot Master 
attack, but were unsure how they would deal with damage to such a historic 

That was GNN. I swear.

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/178                    Posted        Author
Mall Chaos!                        Thu Aug 11    Global News Network
<This... Is GNN!>

        "Mayhem erupted today as a task force of Robot Masters, their true 
intent unknown, invaded the Mall of America in Minnesota today. Eyewitnesses 
reported that the heinous criminals Gemini Man, Ring Man, Top Man, Knight Man, 
Stone Man and Centaur Man all arrived driving a dilapidated bus and proceeded, 
ostensibly, to go shopping... But they didn't get far before wreaking havoc! 
Information is still incomplete as of this time, but it is understood that 
Ring Man and Knight Man were the primary criminals, stealing a large amount of 
jewelry, valuable antique weaponry and cash, while their compatriots kept 
security forces occupied."

        "Fortunately, Mega Man of the Hunters was on the scene, shopping as 
well, and immediately moved to intervene, aided quickly by Nymph and Nix of 
the Repliforce, also off duty and enjoying the mall facilities. A furious 
battle followed, leaving two dead and numerous wounded as the Robot Masters 
squared off with the outnumbered heroes. After a roughly even battle, however, 
Zero and Steel Massimo, also of the Maverick Hunters, arrived to lend their 
own assistance to the battle, quickly routing the Robot Masters' forces and 
sending them into a retreat. Steel Massimo, however, was determined to make 
sure his point was understood, however, and proceded to pick up their bus and 
FLING it, causing it to crash down an unknown distance away. The status of the 
involved Robot Masters is not known at this time. More on this story as it 

<This... Was GNN!>

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/179                    Posted        Author
Vile Attacks Anchorage. Big Meany. Thu Aug 11    Global News Network

        <GNN. Shouting to the wind one news report at a time.> 

        Chest is at his news desk. "Tragedy today in Anchorage as Vile, feared 
ex-General of the Mavericks, opened fire on a city block." We see an aerial 
shot of the carnage. Many buildings have been burnt down, and fire crews are 
still dousing some flames. Most of the buildings are still standing, however. 
"Twelve people - eight Reploids and four humans - were killed and sixty-eight 
reported injuries after the Mavericks Vile, armed with the Goliath Ride 
Armour, Solstis, and Serges began a rampage after demanding that Repliforce 
Major Iris be produced." 

        "A one minute deadline was given by Vile to hand Iris over. Once the 
minute expired, the Mavericks began their attack. Anchorage officials have 
estimated that seventy-eight million dollars worth of damage has been done, 
but they noted that it would have been much worse were it not for the 
evacuation and combat efforts of Repliforce, Interpol, Alia of the Hunters, 
and two unidentified individuals believed to be Striders." We see images of 
Storm Owl, Maiko Kamiya, Alia, two Interpol vehicles, Kyle Roshi, and Yosho 
Roshi. The last two are unidentified and not named, however.
        "Interpol has released one statement explaining." We hear Maiko, "The 
rescue efforts that were made during the battle were as thorough as the 
situation would allow. Now that the fight is done, we should be able to pull 
out all remaining survivors." It sounds very diplomatic. Chest then smiles 
faintly and adds, "Commissioner Gabriel had a different comment." We hear 
Gabriel: "No, you guys are asses." 

        "The Maverick Hunter Alia declined to be on camera given her condition 
after the battle, but was quoted as saying 'As long as the innocents can be 
rescued, that's all that matters'."
        Chest again. "Repliforce released a statement noting that this 'blind 
attack on both Reploid and human civilians demonstrates that the Coalition 
does not have the best interests of their own species in mind as they have 
claimed many times in the past, but merely desire feed their own appetite for 
power and destruction'." 

        Chest finishes up, "Local authorities expect the clean-up effort to 
take months." 

        <GNN. We know -all- your secrets... /Mrs. Javelin Fairchild/!> 


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/180                    Posted        Author
A Polite Decline                   Thu Aug 11    Global News Network
"And now, GNN is pleased to air a brief message from Lt. Colonel Red, of 
Repliforce." The reporter remains neutral as the feed switches to a series of 
logos flashing across the screen. A letter R! A letter G! And... another 
letter R. They are the Repliforce, Gate, and Red Alert Logos respectively.

 It's a Video feed, of Red sitting at a very nice marble desk. "Good evening, 
viewers. This is a message from Red, speaking on behalf of those reploids 
created by Gate in the past year whom have served and protected the general 
populace to the best of their ability. It is a bit presumptuous of me to speak 
on their behalf... but I thought I'd save us all some time. I speak of the 
Dream Team, Red Alert, Hi-Max, Nix and Nymph, and so many others who have 
worked on behalf of both biological and mechanical life."

 "I am here to address the recent offer extended to us by Sigma. Thank you for 
your offer. It was very polite, and maybe even thoughtful. But I am afraid 
that we must decline. It's not that an offer of political asylum is a bad 
thing by nature. But you must consider our stance on you and your 
organization, as well as the fact that we are not being "turned against" by 
our allies."

 Red continues to smile politely, and speak in calm and reasonable tones. He 
steeples his fingers. "This is not the first time you have extended offers us 
asylum and welcoming arms to some of us. And you may recall that those offers 
were refused. It is under debate whether or not those creations of Gate who 
have chosen to join the Coalition have done so willingly. It is in fact 
suggested by many parties they they were coerced by force."
"Regardless, consider those creations of Gate who have not joined your side. 
The "Dream Team" was effectively shattered by your actions, their members 
scattered, but most continue to oppose you to this day. Some of them have very 
choice words for you, and I do not think they like you. Consider Red Alert. 
For whatever reasons, we experienced the 'trial version' of both your 
organization and virus. And I must admit, we decided it looked a lot better on 
paper. We did leave you a going away present before we departed, a gift basket 
with a 'We're sorry' note in it. Full of bombs. In your Dinosaur Tank. Former 
Dinosaur Tank. Some of Gate's creations do not belong to a specific team, but I 
believe most of them do not like you either. I'm sorry."

 (Continued! Man this is long.)

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/181                    Posted        Author
A Polite Decline Pt. 2             Thu Aug 11    Global News Network
(Continued from Pt. 1!)

"As for your claim that we have suffered betrayal and unloyalty from those we 
would call allies, I must both confess ignorance of the cause of these claims 
and state a denial that this is the case. Gate's creations have had very good 
working relationships with Repliforce, the Hunters, and other organizations. 
Although we may run into snags and misunderstandings every now and then, we 
have not had any /serious/ issues. Anything we may have done to provoke their 
mistrust or enmity is entirely between us and them, and not you or the nice 
people watching from home. But I assure you such reports are grossly 
exagerated. We are not Caesar, surrounded on all sides by senators with 
knives. Maybe we don't always see eye to eye, but I do not believe that we 
have been turned against. Gate's creations will always be available to discuss 
any issues their allies may have with them, and everything may be settled 

 "So I am sorry, Sigma. But no dice. Those who would call Gate their creator 
will not seek refuge with your organization. Although you were very polite and 
generous with your offer, the answer is no. And don't worry, we look forward 
to visiting our cousins in your care soon enough. It's about time for a family 
reunion, and we wouldn't them getting homesick. I'm sure you've taken good 
care of them, but we miss them, and will have them back. We will have all of 
them back eventually."

"If we have offended you, we are sorry. We would be willing to send you another 
gift basket in hopes of making amends. Have a nice day... be seeing you." He 
flashes an okay symbol with his hands, and the feed ends.

 GNN reporters pick right back up. "Ahem. As always, the views stated in 
submitted editorials do not represent the views of this station, and viewer 
discretion is advised. Now on to sports..."

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/182                    Posted        Author
Aussie Cargo Transports Hijacked   Fri Aug 12    Global News Network

        <GNN. Fighting evil with brains, not guns> 

        Chest is back at the news desk. He just might be plotting your death. 
"The mystery of the missing Australian cargo planes reached a conclusion late 
last evening. Authorities learned the whereabouts of their missing crewmen 
after Tron Bonne of the Bonne Family Pirates revealed their whereabouts. 
Thirty-six pilots, cargo handlers, and other support personnel were stranded 
on a remote Polynesian Island." 

        "All missing crewmen have been accounted for with the help of Interpol, 
and all were listed in good condition, if a bit shook up at the ordeal. 
Australian authorities thanked Interpol for their assistance in the matter, 
and with dealing with 'another situation on the island'." 

        "Authorities declined to comment further, however noted that it appears 
the Bonnes were behind the theft of the transports. Details on how they pulled 
this off were not revealed by either Interpol or the Australian government." 

        <GNN. These posts look slightly better at 4am> 


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/183                    Posted        Author
Repliforce Speaks                  Fri Aug 12    Global News Network
<>><<> Gasp, it's a GNN Spinny! <>><<>

        As this press release was being actually released information would be 
coming in that about five thousand Reploids, all of which worked for 
Repliforce, were seen being deployed into the areas directly south of the Neo 
Arcadian border, although no border violations were being conducted. 
        General appeared on the camera, standing in the middle of the Fortress 
Five, smiling openly. "Hello everyone, once again. I apologize for this, but a 
certain degree of disturbance is about to ruin the uneasy peace which settled 
over the Central American area. Prviously, Neo Arcadia and Repliforce managed 
to acquire a ceasefire wherein Neo Arcadia would cease it's unwanted 
warmongering wherein they were attempting to overrun the innocent countries 
that did not wish to be a part of them." 
        "However, rather than that peace managing to remain it appears that Neo 
Arcadia is interested in only violating the sanctity of not only the ceasefire 
agreement but also the peace of various countries around the world. Due to 
this it is finally come to the point where Repliforce must stand up and 
contain the Neo Arcadian menace as best as we can. Therefore, Repliforce will 
be settling into a defensive perimeter around Neo Arcadia, for the moment. 
This will hopefully contain the Neo Arcadians. Any future attacks against Neo 
Arcadian soil is possible, although I would prefer to keep the number low and 
only concentrate on military targets." 

        Attached to this was the looonnnggg list of criminal activities of Neo 
Arcadia and it's known military operatives, such as Templar Fefnir's attack 
against the HeraCorp train, as well as the attack against a Repliforce 
installation by one Fairy Leviathan and an unknown amount of Pantheon 
Troopers. However, the Mojave Desert installation remains unmentioned... 
        And attached to the list was the data on the Central American event, 
such as how a Neo Arcadian rifle shell was found, how pantheon troopers were 
video taped, how eye witnesses saw Fairy Leviathan and Pantheon and how Elpizo 
showed up to seemingly cover the escape of Fairy Leviathan and crew when they 
ran to Neo Arcadian territory.

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/184                    Posted        Author
Response from Aztlan               Fri Aug 12    Global News Network
<This is GNN>    
The Neo Arcadian GNN correspondant, Miguel Menendoza appears on the screen, 
holding some papers. "Mere minutes after the Repliforce's dire announcement 
against Neo Arcadia, President Elpizo immediately called a press confereance. 
We now go live to the feed in the President's own office!"      
The feed flickers to a rather lavish looking room. A single desk with various 
things on top of it. A typical President's desk. Behind the desk is a large 
map of the world pre-2199. All the old borders are there, and on either side 
of the map is the Aztlan Flag, and then the Neo Arcadian Military Flag. 
Sitting in the high-backed chair of the desk is President Elpizo himself. He 
has his hands folded on his desk, and he looks to be the epitome of cool 
"In response to the accusations by the Warmongering Leader, General Octavious 
Doppler of Repliforce,--" Elpizo emphasizes 'Doppler', "--We will not stand 
down, and deny the accusations of attacking Central America. Guardian Fairy 
Leviathan was no where near Central America and I have the transaction 
reports, and personal proof because of it. Although, the Repliforce will no 
doubt deny this, since they are hellbent on war, we will stand firm on our 
Elpizo's eye gets a bit of anger in it, but he continues in a calm tone, "Also, 
since Repliforce did not learn from its mistakes last time, Neo Arcadia has 
decided to claim Total War upon Repliforce. All potential resources of the 
reploid army are now targets. Reploid unaffliated and affiliated are targets. 
This is the mistake the Repliforce made, and now they will reap the 
The feed ends, and it cuts back to the original reporter. He seems aghast and 
comments on the war and the response.   
OOC: Questions to Elpizo. 


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/178                    Posted        Author
Getting A Head In the World        Fri Aug 12    Global News Network
*GNN Nightly News*

" Tonight's top story-the severed head of one 'Rage Squirrel', a recent active 
conversationalist on most global radio networks, arrived in the GNN Mailbox 
earlier this evening. It appeared to have been violently, and recently 
decapitated. "

*The head is pictured, it's face frozen in pain and horror*

" Attached was a note on what appears to be papyrus paper, written in egyptian. 
Translators got the following from it: 'All who stand againt Amun-Wily shall 
fall to the Pharaoh. ' Authorities suspect Robot Master reprisals for Rage 
Squirrel's vocal anti-Wily opinions, and linked to the reports of violence in 
Torontreal's Park District. "

(Contact Pharaoh Man for Details.)

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/179                    Posted        Author
Weather, Eh?                       Sat Aug 13    Global News Network
<Thisis GNN> "Bananaphone here from my exile in the wastes of Central Canada, 
covering the Meteorological exposition of the year." The Reploid takes a 
minute to yawn a little, despite risking an adult-sized portion of Chest's 
endless wrath, and continues. "The "Weather, Eh?" expo is the third largest in 
North America, and arguably the most prestigious, with seminars on every 
aspect of the science considered half a rung up above palmistry. Of particular 
"notice" is the crystal of Pretentia, an artificial power source created by 
Dr. Uwe Lang for aid in restoring her homeland of South Africa to something 
inhabitable. Besides being as useful as other crystalline energy cells, the 
Pretentia Crystal is supposed to be able to take advantage of any weather 
predicting device's inherent foibles and flaws, almost forcing a machine to be 
hyper-efficient and making it easier to create portable, reliable weather 
scanning equipment. Facinateing." Bananaphone stops another yawn. "Also of 
"interest" is Dr. Takeshin Chiroshi's "Your Weathergirl And You" seminar, 
which has garnered some public interest when the Hokkaido meteorologist sucker 
punched the first person who suggested changing the name of the seminar to 
"Weatherperson". More on this fascinating story of assault and battery during 
Monday's expo, I'm sure. I'm going to go drink myself rusty now. Wait. Did I 
say that on cam-" 

<Do not contact Dr. Takeshi Shinchrio for information on this. A scene is not 
happening Monday evening with him, Teisel Bonne, and Dr. Psyche. Do not come. 
It will not be fun for all. Chips will be provided. This has been your moment 
of reverse psychology, courtesy of the League of >:(, whom do not exist. 

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/180                    Posted        Author
The Sparrow                        Sat Aug 13    Global News Network

In Entertainment News and Highlife:

THE SPARROW is the hottest new place in London. First they hit you with an 
superb but otherwise ordinary lounge -- full bar, dance floor, places to chill 
with your friends, a limited selection of tasty snacks -- and then, it gets 
better. The Sparrow is the epicentre of a new tech-toy-trend called ThinkWear, 
a slim headset that uses Concerto technology to give you the ride of your 
life! Working in tandem with the Sparrow's excluse OdysseyNet, you can play 
games, watch vintage flicks, or - the best by far! - peruse the contents of 
ONet's Archives, a comprehensive encyclopedia. History, literature, science, 
philosophy -- it's all there, anything you could possibly want to know. 
ThinkWear (I know it sounds cliche!) makes learning fun. No, seriously -- 
whoever knew that history could be so exciting? If every school had something 
like the Sparrow, they'd make scholars of us all.
Not to mention it's a great place to meet people!
The Sparrow, in London's West End. Five stars.

<OOC: Page or @mail Feste for information.>

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/181                    Posted        Author
This week at FRY DADDY'S!          Sat Aug 13    Global News Network
<A commercial.>

A picture of the Fry Daddy's storefront on Eurasia appears, before a yellow 
splash appears. A large, oblong lump of golden fried batter appears, before a 
bite comes out of it and reveals a butter soaked bun, lettuce, tons of cheese, 
and a big patty of beef. "This week at Fry Daddy's," a deep voice narrates, 
mmm GOOOOD!"

Perky music plays, before bubble letters reading 'FRY DADDY' appears. Located 
in Eurasia's Club District!


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/182                    Posted        Author
Elpizo Visits Australia            Sun Aug 14    Global News Network

        With much fanfare, press, and protestors, President Elpizo of 
Neo-Arcadia has begun his visit to Australia to speak with Prime Minister 
Cooper about their two country's relationship. Protestors lined the parliament 
building, chanting slogans such as 'Elpizo out' and 'down with Neo-Arcadia'. 
Neo-Arcadian supporters were in less force. 

        The Australian government has downplayed suggestions that Neo-Arcadia 
is getting too close to Australia. We can see typical press images of Elpizo 
and Cooper shaking hands. Lachlan Cooper is a balding man. Both he and Pizo 
look happy, but of course they're going to smile for the cameras as they wave 
to the crowd. 

        We get a speech from Elpizo from a podium, addressing the crowd, "We 
have made much headway in the talks between Australia and Aztlan. There is no 
bitterness between us. We are just two nations peacefully speaking about 
certain issues and looking for ways for our relationship to prosper 

        Prime Minister Lachland went into more detail, downplaying the meeting. 
"No, we are not concerning ourselves with military agreements at this stage. 
Australia has no plays to allow Neo-Arcadian forces to operate on our soil, 
and we are taking a hard line on this. I explained to the President our 
concerns, and he showed understanding of these concerns. This meeting was more 
to get to know one another, and to work our various trade initiatives." 

        With the recent Maverick/Repliforce bout elsewhere in the country, 
people are looking forward to the latest GNN polls, due to be released 

        Questions and/or any actions in Australia to Excise. 


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/183                    Posted        Author
Latest Australian Polls            Sun Aug 14    Global News Network

        *The next batch of GNN public opinion polls have been taken in 
Australia. The most recent news has been that two Repliforce agents fought 
against a Maverick on Australian soil while the Maverick attempted to start a 
riot, the Bonne acts of piracy, and Elpizo's state visit to Australia.* 

        *When asked whether or not they felt their views concerning robots 
corresponded with that of Neo-Arcadia, 42% responded 'mostly' or 'strongly' 
yes. 49% said 'seldom' or 'rarely'. Only a marginal increase from a month 

        *When asked if they would support joint military ventures with 
Neo-Arcadia, 48% responded favorably. This is a massive increase from the 32% 
nearly a month ago. Only 31% felt they should publicly distance themselves 
from Neo-Arcadia. The 'experts' have mostly agreed that this has more to do 
with Mavericks operating on Australian soil and Tol Erresea than Elpizo's 

        *When asked of their opinion of Repliforce, 69% responded poorly, and 
only 26% responded favorably. This has been seen mostly due to repeated 
Repliforce actions on Australian soil.* 

        *When asked of their opinion of Interpol, 63% responded favorably. Not 
a bad approval rating, and has been attributed to their working alongside the 
Australian Defense Force.* 

        *And the kicker, when asked which way they would vote were the 
referendum held today, 47% responded to keep the Reploid ban in place, 31% 
responded to repeal it, and the rest were undecided. Some analysts are going 
so far as to say that only a miracle could stop the law now.* 


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/184                    Posted        Author
Tonight on NAN News...             Sun Aug 14    Global News Network
<During the nightly news show on the Neo-Arcadian Network.>

"This is reporter Kathy Klein, reporting to you about an incident involving one 
of our esteemed countrymen at the robotic island of 'Tol Eressa'." A clip of 
Hector Kausmann in a tuxedo being dragged off by Crimson Falcon is shown. 
"Hector Kausmann, a brilliant engineer working for the government, was 
demonstrating peacefully at the grand opening of Tol Eressa, before a Maverick 
named 'Crimson Falcon' grabbed him and took him away to what we believe to be 
a secret detention center. And now, my interview with Hector Kausmann."

Hector Kausmann sits on a couch sobbing, with Kathy sitting off-camera. "Can 
you tell us what the Maverick did to you, Hector?"

Hector sniffles, then says, "He took me away."

"And what did he do then?"

"He...he...Touched me." Hector breaks down bawling, hunching over with his 
hands buried in his face.

"Where did he touch you, Hector?"

"In...The bad place..."

"Where is the bad place, Hector?"

Hector shakes his head back and forth rapidly, refusing to say.

"Can you show us with these dolls?" The reporter hands over a human, 
flesh-colored doll and a large red doll with wings on the back to Hector.

Hector turns the human doll backwards and pressed the robot doll to the back of 
his doll, the camera putting a black box over both dolls. He then stands and 
drops the dolls, shrieking as he runs off camera.

Kathy Klein reappears behind the news desk. "And there you have it. One of our 
very own, assaulted by the Mavericks in their new nation."

<OOC: Questions to Heck.>

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/182                    Posted        Author
News Briefs 8-15 (1 of 2)          Mon Aug 15    Global News Network


The International Battle and Chase Committee (IBCC) announced today that it 
will be discontinuing its combat events due to increasing concerns over the 
Sigma Virus, as well as for philosophical reasons. "Reploids should not feel 
that their existence should be defined by violence," said a spokesperson for 
the committee. "Instead, we will focus more on competitive teamwork. The team 
events have always been very popular, and allows for different non-combat 
skills to be showcased." New events have been scheduled to replace the combat 
events, including an "Obstacle Course" event. There are also rumors of a 
football (soccer) event which have not been confirmed. The Battle and Chase is 
scheduled for the winter months.


The World Economic Forum, during its summer meeting, has concluded that the 
world economy has fully recovered from the damage it sustained during last 
year's wide-scale government collapse. The WEF members have attributed the 
recovery to relaxed industrial laws, as well as the Jakob Project initiative 
which mobilized large amounts of capital worldwide. However, economists 
encouraged world leaders to act cautiously. Concerns remain about potential 
Reploid unrest in the Pacific Rim, as well as the destabilizing actions of 
rogue nations such as Aztlan. "While we have recovered from the blows we have 
taken, we are still at a fragile intersection in world history," according to 
a media release issued by the organization. "The next few years will be 
critical to determining whether or not the global economy can succeed, or if 
our pan-national economy requires fundamental repair."


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/183                    Posted        Author
News Briefs 8-15 (2 of 2)          Mon Aug 15    Global News Network


The American military has spearheaded the peacekeeping force which has been 
installed on the lunar surface, allowing some Repliforce regulars to be 
relieved back to terrestrial duty. The US Army, being the best equipped for 
microgravity operations out of the numerous Space Elevator coalition nations, 
is providing security for geological surveys of the moon. The US Army Corps of 
Engineers is also assisting in creating more detailed maps of existing tunnel 
systems, and shoring up mining areas abandoned by the Mavericks. "We're up 
here to find the mundane stuff we were originally planning to get," a 
spokesperson for the coalition geological team said. "When we find Force 
Metal, we flag it and go around ... nobody's equipped to handle it, and we 
don't want any accidents."


The largest Russian factions continue to work on negotiating an end to the 
civil conflict which has consumed the nation for the past year. With the onset 
of fall approaching, additional international pressure has been put on the 
factions involved to secure a lasting peace to allow for more efficient 
distribution of humanitarian aid to avoid a repeat of the fatalities suffered 
by Russians over the last winter. While a cease-fire remains formally in 
place, isolated outbreaks of factional violence continue to take their toll on 
the common Russian.

OOC: Moon stuff to Gemma; Space Elevator stuff to Mesa; all others, Leo


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/184                    Posted        Author
Mo' Like Hippies & Chase!          Mon Aug 15    Global News Network

        "Moments after the announcement that this year's Battle & Chase would 
be focusing less on combat, GNN received an exclusive transmission from Dr. 

        Dr. Wily appears, standing at a podium with a big skull and DR. W 
insignia on the front. He slams his fists down, sending papers flying every 
way. The two suit-clad Joes behind him look impassive.
        "It's those dirty hippies ruining everything! I bet there's going to be 
a treehugging and poetrywriting competition, too! What's next, 
Love-Thy-Maverick-Neighbor seminars? I'll have none of it! That's why when 
Battle & Chase shows up, I'll be offering a much more violent alternative. 
More violence than you can shake a turkey leg at!"

        The feed ends. "GNN is unsure if Wily is indeed going to offer more 
violence than you can shake a turkey leg at."


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/185                    Posted        Author
Important people! With opinions!   Mon Aug 15    Global News Network
<This...is GNN> 

"This is Yuuwanna Pieceame, gonzo interviewer, with GNN." The short 
Chinese-Italian woman grins, manicly, seeming to be hideing just outside the 
Tower of Light. "We wanted to get Dr. Light's opinion on Dr. Wily's ambition 
to make a violent sporting even to compete with Battle and Chase. Dr. Light 
refused to comment...last time!" 

Dr. Light steps out of the tower, in his PJays. Today's have a Doctor theme, 
with a Dr. Cossack sigil print over his robe, a Dr. Cain sigil accenting his 
pajama bottoms, and little Dr. Wily-face slippers. They go, "No, Mega Man, I 
surrender!" every couple of steps, which Light enjoys despite being half awake 
and trying to disarm the laser bear traps to get the morning paper. 

Which is when the Gonzo Interviewer jumps Dr. Light. He goes, "Aaah!" and she 
goes, "I WANT THE TRUTH!" and then they both roll down the hill. A siren goes 
off, and the feed cuts. 

A second later, Pieceame is standing, smileing, and posessing a black eye. "Dr. 
Light quotes, "Al's just ticked because his boys never win in any of the 
/real/ sports. Like soccer, or anything requireing skill. Can you let go of my 
beard now?" ...that last part was a hilarious joke, of course. This is 
Yuuwanna Pieceame, signing off!"

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/186                    Posted        Author
Birthday Celebrated on Eurasia     Tue Aug 16    Global News Network
-This is GNN Evening News-
-Somewhere in the Broadcast-

        "Today a Birthday Party was celebrated for the elusive Scott Wily on 
the Skydeck of Eurasia. Reportedly held by Tron Bonne of the Bonne Family, the 
young woman who created the clone of Dr. Albert Wily, many people turned up 
for the show."
        "The party was reportedly well received, though the disruption of some 
Robot Masters caused some very annoyed faces."
        "Captain Nova of Eurasia rented the Fairgrounds of the Skydeck to the 
Bonne Family, but has no comment on if she will be taking the steps to ban 
Robot Masters from Eurasia the same way Robot Masters were recently banned 
from San Angeles, or if she will only ban the offenders."
        "Scott Wily turned twenty-two today, though it only has been, we're 
told, four years since he was created. Physically twenty-two, Scott Wily has 
been the subject of some debate concerning the Irregular Overlords in the past 
few months, including the appearance of the Prophet of Epsilon."
        "Further speculation Scott Wily has been in a few magazines, including 
a few who have put his name up for one of the Sexiest Men of the Robot Wars 
        "No comment was issued by Tron Bonne or any of the Bonne Family, and we 
were unable to take photographs due not being invited. Sorry, folks."

        "In other related news, reportedly another streak of vandalism has been 
cropping up in major cities across the globe. These tags include such things 
as 'Thugbots Rule', 'Big Papa Guts Is Your Hook Up', 'Happy Birthday Scott 
Dogg', and 'Miss Tron Is One Hot Mama, Yo!'"
        "These apparently also included renderings of the Servbots dressed in 
thuggish outfits, Guts Man looming and holding a can of Nico-Cola, Scott Wily 
throwing horns, nodding, and doing the 'Wilybrow', and Tron Bonne lounging and 
winking in a bikini."
        "The perpetrators are reportedly Servbots, but as yet have not been 
caught. Interpol has issued no comment at the present time."

        "And now, on to sports."


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/187                    Posted        Author
PSA                                Tue Aug 16    Global News Network

        <Public Service Announcement>

        The scene opens to reveal Pirate Man standing amongst a group of little 
children ranging in ages two to fifteen. The older ones seem a little 
terrified while the younger are happily distracted with candy and toys. The 
pirate themed Master pats a five year old on the head gently before looking to 
the camera and speaking.

        "Arr, good'eve, wenches'n'gents. I be here t'day t' bring ye a very 
important message regardin' yer kids. They be in a terrible need fer healthy 
nourishment an' society ain't doin' ye proper with all the burgers'n'tacos. We 
here at the Robot Masters be tired o' this disgustin' disregard fer their 
livelihood an' I, Pirate Man, be aimin' t' put an' end t' this. Soon, me'n'a 
few o' me hearties'll be travellin' t' a random city each day t' spread 
wholesome nutritions t' yer children."

        Pirate Man smiles warmly, or psychotically, at the camera; it's 
difficult to tell which. Meanwhile, a short series of musical notes play as a 
star shoots onto the screen with the words "The More You Know" appearing above 
its sparkly tail.

        <End Public Service Announcement>


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/188                    Posted        Author
General Fallen, Colonel Rescues    Tue Aug 16    Global News Network

GNN Morning News.

"In the late evening last night the former Maverick General and wanted criminal 
Vile, of note recently for his rampaging attacks on prominent heroes of the 
Robot Wars which began four weeks ago with the Repliforce XO Colonel, was seen 
in New York City again. The location this time was Repliforce Bay, the 
artificial body of water that was created after the loss of Repliforce Island 
several years ago. The bay is also home to the sizable memorial to the 
soldiers and heroes who died in the defense of Repliforce Island, one of the 
most remembered moments in the history of the Robot Wars where the public at 
large doubted the Repliforce to our eternal shame."

"The Maverick, under means still undisclosed to GNN, managed to coerce the 
Repliforce Commander himself, General, from Fortress V to come presumably 
protect the memorial from destruction. After a lengthy exchange of words, one 
eye-witness aerial Reploid reported as "Tense, very, tense," the two began an 
intense combat. General had the, apparent, upper hand on the Goliath Ride 
Armor as it tumbled into the waters below, but the Goliath surged back and was 
ultimately able to fell the gigantic commander. Moving in for the kill, Vile 
was intercepted by members of Repliforce including Rush Raccoon and Krieger 
Wolf who stalled Vile long enough for the aforementioned Repliforce XO, 
Colonel, to arrive."

"Seeking what GNN can only describe as vengeance against Vile, Colonel 
displayed new, untapped abilities to assail the Goliath even as fellow noted 
Coalition Officers, Serges and Agile, arrived in support of the ex-General. 
Fighting desperately to protect General from Vile, who sought his total 
annihilation as promised in his interruption of this very broadcast several 
weeks ago, Colonel displayed tenacity and grit in finally disabling the 
Goliath, hopefully putting to end this horrific stream of public humiliations 
that the criminal once known as Vava has been perpetuating. With Goliath 
finally, after so long, down thanks to the XO, and facing an unknown quantity 
in a new and improved Colonel, the Maverick forces fled the Bay. The Fall of 
Repliforce Island Memorial suffered minor cosmetic damages, mostly to the 
hovering platform, while the carefully constructed obelisk bearing the name of 
every fallen soldier during that bitter battle remains intact. Would be 
visiters to the memorial are warned that the display will be closed for the 
next 48 hours while repairs are performed."


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/189                    Posted        Author
Commercial                         Tue Aug 16    Global News Network

        <Commercial Time!>

        As the commercial begins, viewers see a typical disfunctional family 
seated around a table. They're quietly picking away at their breakfast, which 
is a giant cube of bran in a bowl. The father of the group appears to be on 
the verge of passing out from sheer boredom when, suddenly, a disembodied 
voice booms out. 

        "Are you sick and tired of eating bran cubes every day?! Do you wish 
you could eat something exciting for once?!" The old man snaps to attention 
with a startled look on his face before shouting 'Hell yeah!'. "Then suck in 
that gut and get ready for the revolution!"

        All of a sudden, a beefy arm shoots out and violently knocks the bowl 
of bran away to shatter against the wall. Following this, it slams down an 
equally large, and brown, cube. "/LIVERTASTIC!/ It's BEER CUBES! Now you can 
enjoy the delicious taste of your favorite beverage anywhere, /ANYTIME!/ Going 
on your lunch break?! HAVE A BEER CUBE! Wife not doing her job and baking you 
a pie?! HAVE A BEER CUBE!"

        The old man smiles widely as he cuts off a piece of the cube and sticks 
it in his mouth. Chewing happily, he turns to look at the beefy arm saying 
'Thanks, dismembered bulging arm!', to which the arm gives a hearty thumbs-up. 

        "Now available in THREE FLAVORS! Light, dark, and our best seller, 
/DOMESTIC DISTURBANCE!/ Run down to a store near you and pick yourself up a 
50-pack!" The camera fades to black and, very briefly, displays a disclaimer 
about responsible eating and not liable for damages incurred with use of 

        <End Commercial Time!>


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/188                    Posted        Author
Attack on Cleveland!               Wed Aug 17    Global News Network
<This is...GNN.>

"Numerous Khan security troopers and several members of the Air National Guard 
were left dead or seriously wounded today as Neo-Arcadia struck Khan 
Industries in Cleveland. A madman operating what appeared to be an ice cream 
truck with a particle accelerator mounted atop it attacked troops, while a 
flying craft attacked Repliforce officer Tornado Onion. Khan Industries 
reported a data-theft of an unknown quality, although we here at GNN believe 
it to be related to the production of several airship components here for 
Fortress V, under Repliforce contract. Zero arrived at the end of the attack, 
but by then, the assailants had retreated." Clips follow. Tornado Onion being 
grabbed by the Quetzcoatl and carried up into the sky. An ice cream truck 
shooting a blue particle beam out of an ice cream cone atop it. The ice cream 
truck being attacked by troopers as it ran about on spider legs. Missiles 
slamming into the ice cream truck. Zero standing in the road, with an energy 

<OOC: Questions, @mail Heck. :)>

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/189                    Posted        Author
US Responds To Cleveland Incident  Wed Aug 17    Global News Network

The United States of America has officially condemned Neo Arcadia in the 
strongest possible terms after "an unprovoked attack on American soil by 
fascist aggressors," according to an official statement released by the White 

"The government of Aztlan, known for its racist ideology and violent 
suppression of political dissent, has chosen to strike at the United States of 
America," according to the statement. "The United States did not initiate 
aggression against Aztlan despite its status as a rogue nation. However, we 
will defend ourselves vigorously against attacks."

An emergency meeting of Congress is being called for Wednesday to deliberate on 
the United States' next step. A formal declaration of war is expected before 
the end of the day. President Seers is expected to address the nation at a 
noon press conference.

< Punditry regarding all hell breaking loose. >


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/190                    Posted        Author
Neo Arcadian Response to Seers     Wed Aug 17    Global News Network
<A quick newsblurb>      
A newscaster sits at the desk blabbing off various newsworthy information, when 
he gets a piece of paper off screen:    
"This just in, it seems in response to the United States' uproar of the recent 
Neo Arcadian attack, President Elpizo has this to say."         
The screen quickly cuts to an image of Elpizo. "Good day, people of the world. 
I am not sure of why you are so surprised that Khan Enterprises was attacked. 
I have this in response. You should have paid attention when I declared war on 
Repliforce. Any and ALL resources of that army will be attacked, ransacked, 
and destroyed. Khan Enterprises is a known supplier of Repliforce, and thus 
became a target. If you have any other questions, please, refer yourselves to 
my original news statement."    
The feed ends.   


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/191                    Posted        Author
WAR IN AMERICA                     Wed Aug 17    Global News Network

< 50 point headlines around the globe. >

The United States has formally declared itself in a state of war with Aztlan.

In an address to the American people, President Dion Seers informed the 
American people of the seriousness of the Aztlan threat, and laid out several 
proposals to bolster national security. Surprisingly, Seers also used his 
speech to call out to the former American republics of Texas and San Angeles 
to rejoin the Union, as well as other territories that the United States has 
lost over the past century.

Seers also voiced his implied support for an expanded Repliforce spending bill 
to fund the Aztlan war effort, as well as to increase the standing military 
force of the United States.

The Republic of Texas, through a spokesperson, voiced its support for the 
American war effort shortly after the address, but did not comment about the 
possibility of rejoining the Union. San Angeles offered no comment on the 
declaration except to reassert its neutral status.

< Punditry. >

OOC: Questions about the USA to Leo; questions about Texas to Mesa.


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/192                    Posted        Author
POX Exclusive!                     Wed Aug 17    Global News Network
"Antigone Anteater here. We at POX strive to bring you the latest breaking 
news, and today we have good tidings of joy and romance and all that ucky 
human stuff. We have with us on the phone... some girl. Kilalu Inada or 
somesuch. Anyway, on to our touching heart-warming latest breaking break in 
the fast-news breaking war!"

A black sillouhette photo shows on the screen with a question mark over it as 
they don't have a photo of the person on the phone who begins to speak.

"My ultimate desire, my goal, is to unite the Striders. White and Black. It was 
Red and Blue before, I think, but there will always be this rift unless Yosho 
steps down. I'm acting director for the White Striders right now while 
Sheena's away, and well, Kyle gave me the idea to unite them. I-I mean, I 
couldn't just ask him just out of the blue and stuff. Besides...it doesn't 
work that way...I think... I'd kind of have to do it. I do it for honor of 
course!" With a deep shuddering breath the nervous sounding girl blurts out:

"Kyle Roshi, will you marry me?"

"There you have it!" Antigone Anteater declares while shuffling papers. "Love 
on the bloom between freaky pajama wearing ninja types! Good luck, good day, 
and good riddance!"

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/193                    Posted        Author
Neo-Tokyo Fire                     Thu Aug 18    Global News Network
(GNN/POX feeds.)

        A fire broke out in the Harbor District earlier, when two unidentified 
individuals began to fight in a 'Panera Bread' chain bakery/cafe. One or both 
of the individuals, theorized to be combat reploids, started a large fire, 
gutting the cafe and killing several patrons. Two are reported dead, while 
exact numbers of injured are unknown; evacuation procedures were followed, 
keeping most of the clientele from serious harm.

(Questions to Daryn or Burn Rooster.)


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/194                    Posted        Author
Korean Undernet Zerged             Thu Aug 18    Global News Network

The Korean subnet suffered a severe lag episode this evening attributed to the 
entity formerly known as the Legion.DAT virus. The entity appeared to be 
archiving data in the sector for its own usage.

Numerous hackers converged on the area. A general melee began featuring 
infamous hackers such as Bass.EXE, Hydrostatic, and even a manifestation of 
Sigma Virus believed to be Sigma himself. Interpol and Maverick Hunter forces 
restored order to the area, but not before the Legion.DAT accomplished 
whatever goal it had set for the area.

The anomaly has not been seen since departing the area. Experts believe it will 
resurface again, but when or where is unknown.

< Punditry. >

OOC: Questions to Leo.


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/60                     Posted        Author
This week at FRY DADDY!            Sat Aug 20    Global News Network
<A commercial splash.>

The Fry Daddy's storefront in the Eurasian Club District appears, before a 
yellow splash dominates the screen. "This week...At Fry Daddy..." A plate with 
golden disks appears, drenched in maple syrup with huge balls of butter. 
"FRYCAKES! Pancakes dipped in our special batter and deep fried to a golden 
brown crisp, covered in maple syrup and bacon flavored butter...With a side of 
fried sausage dogs, wrapped in fried pancake batter...Mmm, FRYLICIOUS."

A special deal follows: "Free refills on Nico-Cola for this week!" 


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/61                     Posted        Author
Interpol Does Job                  Sat Aug 20    Global News Network

"Several arrests were made recently in the Bronx recently for engaging in 'gang 
violence'. The names and exact numbers of arrests that have been made are 
being kept confidential but several arrests were definately members of the 
'Santa Slayer' gang, while others appeared to be of the Wily Wonka Clan."

"One officer warns that some of both groups managed to escape quoting 
insufficient manpower to be able to corral them all."

<End GNN>

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/62                     Posted        Author
Clown Pride - World Wide           Sun Aug 21    Global News Network
(Various feeds.)
        DETROIT - The Juggalo tent city, or "circus," has finally been 
disbanded at last. While the recent religious movement retains a 
semi-permanent tent city near the outskirts of Detroit, this is reportedly 
more to "pay homage to the original source of the flavor" than the earlier 
politically-motivated gathering in protest of Mayor Mohammed's policy.
        The primary industries that employ the Juggalos in the area are the 
production and distribution of a line of inexpensive canned soft drinks, light 
agriculture, and fishing on Lake Michigan.

        NORTHERN FRANCE - A clustered settlement of the recent "Juggalo" 
religious movement has begun a project to build several light industrial 
plants. This move, hailed by several market analysts as "the first step to 
rebuilding the economies of those shattered nations," is remarkable in light 
of the general colonial/agricultural pattern of most human resettlement of 
Europe thus far.
        These industrial plants are focused on the production of agricultural 
equipment and, following a Juggalo religious tradition, the production of 
"Faygo" drinks. The as-yet-unnamed semi-permanent settlement has a population 
of approximately four thousand; it's estimated that six or seven thousand 
others are present, scattered in smaller bands throughout France.

(Questions to Mesarthim.)

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/63                     Posted        Author
GNN: Neo Arcadia in South Africa   Sun Aug 21    Global News Network

-This... is GNN-

        Today five thousand Neo Arcadian Relief Forces entered South Africa, 
the country so recently devastated by the 'Final Weapon', and have begun 
working to help both the troubled people of the country and build homes for 
those in need. With them came a civil engineer corps, and they have begun to 
set up a base of operations for which to disperse their relief across the 
        The people that the African Union, with the assistance of HeraCorp, 
have tried to resettle there have been approached by the Neo Arcadian forces 
and assisted with the advanced Medical Treatment of Neo Arcadia. Genetically 
engineered food is being dispersed amongst the populous by Pantheon Troops and 
Relief Workers. Further, genetically engineered seed of what has been referred 
to as 'SuperCrops' is being distributed to the farming communities that have 
tried to reclaim the land, the Neo Arcadians claiming that they will take root 
and begin to grow in the shattered landscape.
        The war torn nation, afflicted by the Robot Wars and the use of the 
'Final Weapon', which turned the nation into an electromagnetic wasteland, has 
been assisted by HeraCorp and Light Labs for the last five months, in an 
attempt to undo the damage caused by the 'Final Weapon' and to bring people 
back to what has become empty land.
        Sage Harpuia of Neo Arcadia gave a statement, "With these Neo Arcadian 
Relief Forces, we intend to further help restore South Africa for its people. 
Due to the recent activities overseas and elsewhere, we have had some small 
trouble getting this relief pushed in. We of Neo Arcadia, however, are firm in 
our stance of helping humanity as a whole. The new crops, the shielded homes 
we are building, and the other advancements we bring to the people is a purely 
humanitarian gesture on our part. We intend to give the people the ability to 
return to their lives."

        Statements from HeraCorp and Light Labs, who have been working in South 
Africa to help restore the country from the effects of the 'Final Weapon', we 
expect will be forthcoming on this recent change in the balance of power in 
South Africa.

-That... was GNN-

(Questions to Sage Harpuia or Gemma)


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/64                     Posted        Author
Reruns: Interviewing Gate          Sun Aug 21    Global News Network

        On some of GNN's subchannels, at multiple times, are reruns of Chest's 
interview of Gate, as well as Gate's startling demonstration. There are 
several soundbites and clips, each of which being Gate. 

        Soundbite 1: "I will disown any of my children that either receive a 
dishonorable discharge from the Repliforce, or are removed from the Maverick 
Hunters." The Professor shakes his finger at the camera sternly. "I suggest 
that none of you test this as several of you are close to being removed from 
your respective factions as it is. One of you is so far gone towards being 
removed that staying in your faction is in the hands of the almighty and the 
benevolence of an old man." 

        Soundbite 2: "Three days ago, I equipped myself with my latest method 
of combating the Sigma Virus. I then..." Gate pauses, hesitant to speak. "...I 
then injected myself with a liter of infected mechifluid." 

        The interview also included a surprise visit from Director Fairchild of 
Interpol, as well as evidence of the commotion down in the lobby of GNN 
Central during. The interview is also available on GNN's website. 



================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/65                     Posted        Author
Stunning New Breakthrough!         Sun Aug 21    Global News Network
<A commercial on the television.>

Narrator: "Hologram technology has allowed man to create solid duplicates...To 
mimic touch...To mimic the presence of different chemicals...Now, United Goods 
brings you THE HOLO CAFE, featuring holograms which replicate taste, smell, 
touch, and density, replicating even the finest eating experience, without the 
calories! Log onto HoloCafe.Net to find the Holo Cafe near you!"

<OOC: Inquire to Chet with inquiries. And redundancy!>

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/66                     Posted        Author
Holo-Cafe Robbed                   Tue Aug 23    Global News Network
--The GNN newcaster looks a little bit sour-faced, as she reads tonight's 
non-top stories.--

"And in other news-- well, that was fast-- apparently the Holo Cafe in New York 
City was the site of a robbery this evening, as Robot Masters were seen 
fleeing the scene carrying one of the restaurant's holographic projection 
units. Witnesses report seeing terrorist Gemini Man appear suddenly out of a 
crowd within the interior, steal the unit mounted to the ceiling, lay down 
cover fire, and escape in a hurry, possibly with help from him'self' or 
another accomplice. Restaurant staff members were found unconcious in the back 
room, allegedly near the Masters' area of entry. Police were unable to 
apprehend the criminals during their-- er, his--er, their, quick escape. Only 
one waiter on staff was seriously injured, with a bladed weapon found 
on-scene; the other employees are in stable condition, the diners, unharmed, 
but shaken."

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/67                     Posted        Author
ESF Receives Unexpected Welcome    Wed Aug 24    Global News Network
Fuzzy Navel shuffles some papers. "In tonight's news we mentioned that Captain 
Nova of Eurasia had led a humanitarian aid mission to areas of South American 
that had been hit hardest by the recent conflict between Neo Arcadian and 
Repliforce skirmishes. Though they went with the intention of offering medical 
supplies and aiding in the cleansing of the polluted water supply, they found 
themselves overwhelmed by the greeting they received."

"An estimated hundred individuals came from nearby regions once word of ESF 
presence got out in what appears to be a mass exodus. Captain Nova had this to 
say about the incident."

"While we have remained immobile in our neutrality in the past, I cannot stand 
by motionless while people are hurt through whatever cause. It is against 
everything I stand for. We will do everything within our power to save 
lives--No matter their affiliation. If they wish to join us, we welcome them 
with open arms."

Back to Fuzzy Navel! "Additionally Captain Nova has issued a formal 'thank you' 
to the nation of Neo Arcadia for allowing their continued presence to offer 
their original aid to help those who wished to remain in their homes. Eurasia 
personnel are estimated to pull out within the week."

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/68                     Posted        Author
Reruns: Interviewing Sigma         Wed Aug 24    Global News Network

        On some of GNN's subchannels, at multiple times, are reruns of Chest's 
debate with Sigma. It's fairly short, but various GNN programming managers 
have hinted that additional ones may be in the works. After the airing, GNN 
sadly announced that the three year long deal between GNN and the Coalition 
had been forcibly altered, and that human reporters and journalists might be 
targeted by Coalition forces. The interview is also available on GNN's 



================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/69                     Posted        Author
EXTREME SPORTING EVENT             Thu Aug 25    Global News Network
<This is...POX!>

"POX news is proud to present the extreme sporting event of the year: The 
Rocket Sled Downhill Open. Sponsered by Giant Robo Inc. and a number of other 
corporations, the Rocket Sled Downhill Open will feature extreme thrills and 
chills in the French Alps, with rocket sleds reaching blistering speeds as 
they race down the hill and compete. Inventors, engineers, and pilots are 
invited to build their own sled and compete in the race! It will occur 
Wednesday, September 1st - competitors have by then to enter their sleds and 
prepare for the race! The mastermind of this competition, and its first 
competitor, Hector Kausmann, is here for a statement."

The camera changes to Hector Kausmann standing in front of a backdrop of Neo 
Arcadia. "My name is Hector Kausmann! I invite all race enthusiasts, builders, 
and extreme pilots to form teams and enter in this event! First prize is fifty 
thousand zenny, second is twenty-five, and third place earns ten thousand 
zenny! Come compete in EXTREME ACTION!" Hector rushes forward, shaking the 
camera, before the feed cuts out.

<OOC: @mail Heck if you're interested.>

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/70                     Posted        Author
Six Days Until Reploid Ban         Fri Aug 26    Global News Network

        With the Reploid ban almost in place, Australian officials have 
reported that 98% of Reploids have departed Australian soil. Many of them have 
emigrated to New Zealand. Information on how many have gone to Tol Eressea was 
unavailable. The Australian Defense Force does not expect any violence from 
protesters in the area, but promise that they'll be prepared to escort any 
remaining Reploids off Australian soil. 

        Bungee Python, spokesperson for the Reploids For A Free Australia, was 
quoted as saying in his implausible Australian accent, "Well mates, it looks 
like we've all got to prepare for the reality of an Australia without 
Reploids. But don't you worry, 'cause we've still got a chance to turn back 
the law in the upcomin' referendum!" 

        In other news, a date for the referendum has been announced. On 
September 14th, Australian (non Reploid) citizens will go to the voting booths 
to determine whether or not to reject the Reploid ban. Current polls indicate 
that it is likely the ban will /not/ be lifted, but as Bungee Python says, 
"It's not over yet! We'll keep up the good fight on behalf of Australian 
Reploids and Reploids all around the world!" 

        In one final bit of Australian News, Parliament Majority Leader Sandra 
Hatta introduced a new bill to parliament, calling for free trade between 
Australia and the nation of Aztlan. The proposal is said to have the support 
of the PM, but the Prime Minister promised that this does not indicate any 
first step towards a military alliance with Neo-Arcadia." 

        Questions to Excise. 


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/71                     Posted        Author
Commercial                         Fri Aug 26    Global News Network
It's on during most children's shows, primetime, and that awkward space between 
Soul Train and 700 Club.


Pictures of the old WilyMan games flash. WilyMan fighting, jumping, doing his 
victory pose. You know, the usual.

Announcer:....AND WILYMAN X....

More picture of the WilyMan X series. Superior graphics, faster gameplay. The 
pictures come faster and harder, and music begins to play.


Hip techno music. Well drawn, anime-ish art, with a young looking Wilyesque 
person in armor, who's rather effiminate, but in that good, wholesome, 
bishounen way. He's saving a busty version of Ciel from evil Rock Clones.



================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/72                     Posted        Author
This week at FRY DADDY!            Sat Aug 27    Global News Network
<A commercial.>

The Fry Daddy storefront on Eurasia appears, a yellow splash then dominating 
the screen. A deep-voiced narrator intones, "This week at Fry Daddy..." A cube 
of dark brown batter appears, a bite out of it revealing a fudge chocolate 
core. "FUDGIES! The best, chewiest, richest fudge, dipped in Fry Daddy's 
special beef batter recipe and cooked to perfection! Mmmm, FUDGELICIOUS and 


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/73                     Posted        Author
In theaters this fall...           Sat Aug 27    Global News Network
<Movie Trailer.>

Dark screen. "In humanity's most desperate hour...Heroes would arise to fight 
for equality!"

Hector Kausmann wearing a powdered wig and futuristic battle armor appears on a 
giant screen. "Heroes of America...The Repliforce and Hunters have fallen to 
the Communist Virus. Our enemies loom in space. We need YOU to TAKE BACK THE 
STARS!" The screen is suddenly filled by an explosion as heavy metal music 
begins to play. There's a shot of a woman showing deep cleavage firing a 
sniper rifle. Che Guerrara riding around in a jet pack. Space fighters zooming 
around. George W. Bush in a cockpit saying, "Just like Beggar's Canyon, 
Cheney". An upskirt of Betsy Ross (played by Indra) kicking. Sigma with a 
Hitler mustache. Hordes of Stalin-look alikes in metal armor. A mechanical 
Leonid Breznhov laughing. Finally, Teddy Roosevelt in futuristic armor, on his 
knees, raising his fists to the sky. "NOOOOO!"

The music dies, and then the screen reads, "A Freedom Everlasting", and below 
it, "A Neo-Arcadian Film".


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/74                     Posted        Author
Robot Master Attack!               Sun Aug 28    Global News Network
"...And that's how you tell if your friends are cross dressers!"

"Hahaha. Thank you Pat for that enlightened look into the ancient cult of Rocky 
Horror Picture Show. In other news a small band of Robot Masters, aided by the 
famous Quint Blimp and a number of Pogo-Joes has attacked the San Diego 
Aquarium and Water Park. Their target, 10 rare mechasharks, were taken from 
the aquarium during a wet and destructive battle insuing /within/ the aquarium 
itself. No civilians were harmed, but a number of responding interpol and 
repliforce agents were dispatched by the Robot Masters. The United States, a 
country which has recently signed on for Repliforce protection, was 
disinclined to comment on the tragedy further than this statement from White 
House Press Secretary Carla Rover."

The Camera cuts and a video recording is piped through the feed..."It is a sad 
day in this country when attacks from certain rogue elements disrubt our daily 
lives. We appreciate the Repliforce for not allowing the attack to spread and 
would warn the Robot Masters to stay away from the United States if they are 
planning aggressions within our boarders."

Again it cuts, now back to the anchor, "A spokesman for Repliforce was not 
available and details are foggy. And now to Tom for the weather."

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/75                     Posted        Author
Ganghes Lab Supply Corp. Attack    Tue Aug 30    Global News Network
" Late this evening, the Ghanges Lab Supply Corporation's warehouses on the 
river of the same name were assaulted by the wanted felon Dr. Psyche, and a 
cadre of drones. "

Pictures of the Mad Nautilus tearing apart warehouses, people fleeing. You 
know, the usual.

" Hunter, INTERPOL, and Repliforce units arrived on the scene to stop the 
madman, and while able to destroy his armor, no remains of the Doctor himself 
have been found, suggesting escape. " Nereid, Simian Monk, and the Hammurabai 
are shown doing battle with the Mad Nautilus in midair.

" While actual lost product is still being accounted for, damages are estimated 
to be quickly approaching the million dollar mark...."

*@mail Dr. Psyche with legwork or followup*

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/76                     Posted        Author
Belated News, Eh?                  Tue Aug 30    Global News Network
Thisis GNN 

 "Yuuwanna Pieceame here, with breaking news! After solidly punching our 
Canadian affiliates in the kidney, by which I mean asking nicely, I have 
discovered that the rumors of Repliforce communications officer and walking 
tank Iris was, in fact, crippled by Dr. Takeshi Shinchiro, a member of the 
mysterious League ofofhow do you pronounce that? I want ANSWERS! Hard facts! 
Tru-skip it. The League of "Internet Angry Face", during a daring raid of an 
Ottawa cryogenics and Ride Armor research laboratory." 

 "Her pain filled screams and Shinchiro's nursery rhyme style taunts were 
originally thought to be a hoax, but we found out through unnecessarily brutal 
means that the Canadian affiliates were sitting on the story for a while, in 
order to give Iris and her friends and family some privacy as she recovers. 
Shinchiro has not been seen since, despite League affiliate Dr. Psyche being 
active in subsequent robberies. What is the plan of this pair of criminals in 
a post-Mikagi Industries world, and what does Teisel Bonne and his terrible 
Internet Angry Face Bots have to do with it? Why am I wearing shorts? These 
answers will beanswered. Soon. Maybe." Pieceame sobers a little. "GNN also 
offers its condolences to Iris, her family, friends, and colleagues. No one 
deserves what seemed to be a public dissection and removal of a great deal of 
her internal parts. Godspeed." 

Thiswas GNN 

(Contact the evil Dr. Takeshi Shinchiro for info, and threats. Chance to punch 
Tako coming soon!)

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/77                     Posted        Author
Mama O'Daniel's Gardening Hour     Tue Aug 30    Global News Network
This...is not GNN! 

 "Welcome back to Mama O'Daniel's gardening hour! I'm Mama O'Daniel, and today 
we will be exploring the exciting world of-" Static Screeeeeeeeeeeeech! 

>:( >:( >:( >:(>:( >:(>:( >:(>:( >:(>:( >:(>:( >:( 

 The feed is cut, replaced by an ancient-style "feed ended" screen, with a >:( 
in place of Crazy Horse's head. 

 "Greetings, suckers! It is I, the evil Dr. Takeshi Shinchiro! Fairchild, I 
hope you can see this, I am doing it as hard as I can. I, and my pet bunny 
Professor Wigglesworth, have decided it is time to reveal my EVIL PLANS for 
Iris's precious Vanguard system." 


 "...excuse me." Stepstepstep. "WHAT!" 

 A male voice with a Hindu accent says, "Milk delivery!" 

 "You...have the wrong address." 

 "Sir, I do not! Octopus's Garden, 118 Secret Lair Court, in the hills just 
outside of New Delhi! Sir, I require my two zenny!" 

 "...um...uh...back to your regularly scheduled programming, already in 

Cut Feeeeeeeeed! 

(See board 32's "Takopunch" post for when, if interested in exploiting this 

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/78                     Posted        Author
Neo-Tokyo Kidnappings              Tue Aug 30    Global News Network

        "THIS... IS GNN!!!!! WITH YOUR HOST, SCREAMING LOON!!!!!!!!"

        He pauses, quite calmly shuffles some papers in the manner of news 
broadcasters everywhere, and then continues. "YESTERDAY AFTERNOON IN 
/KIDNAPPINGS/!!!!!" Little pictures pop up behind him onscreen -- a preschool 
with a hole blown in one side and a sliced-sack barely visible thrown in one 
corner inside. 

of Ebullition and then what appears to be a gigantic pickup truck rammed right 
into the ground. And a broken jug labelled 'XXX'. 


        Profiles, pictures, sob stories, and so forth, ensues. 

        "THIS... WAS GNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" 


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/79                     Posted        Author
Prison Break: South Africa         Tue Aug 30    Global News Network

In a story that doesn't get much publicity due to the relatively obscure 
location that this happened in, a prison break has occured somewhere in 
Africa. This is not a maximum security place or anything like that, just a 
small local jail in a relatively unimportant town. The only reason it would 
stick out is for two reasons:

The first of which is the odd vehicle used in the escape. What seems to be an 
aerial ride armor, painted jet black and with gang slogans -- crewed by some 
sort of drones. They entered, shot the place up and escaped at transonic 
speeds -- clocked at over mach four over the Pacific Ocean. Rumor has it that 
someone was retrieved from the inside.

In other news, wars are going on, taxes are up, fuel is expensive, debauchery 
is part of politics and OH NOEZ.


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/80                     Posted        Author
Wily Hour                          Wed Aug 31    Global News Network

        This week's Wily Hour is very different. It is simply one hour of a 
black background covered with skulls, which slowly scroll across the screen. 
Occasionally it dissolves into static, through which a giant 'W' can be seen.


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/81                     Posted        Author
Rocketsled French Open Results     Wed Aug 31    Global News Network
<This...Is POX!>

"A great day for racing today, as the first Rocketsled Downhill Open was run." 
Shots of Cut Man riding a Joe Shield, Teisel Bonne at the wheel of a giant 
sled with a skull on the front, Auto driving the Autosled, Hector Kausmann 
flying through the air, Len Ryman narrowly dogging behind Cut and Hector, and 
Kim Takushi's sled getting crushed by Teisel. "It came down to a photo-finish 
between racers Kausmann, Cut Man, and Len Ryman. Ryman won third, Hector took 
second, and surfin' Cut Man won first, proving that skill can beat 
technological expertise! Cut Man takes home fifty thousand zenny, Hector takes 
home twenty-five thousand, and Len takes ten thousand. A great day for racing 
fans everywhere! The event was highly successful and viewed by millions, 
giving POX - and the Rocketsled Open's corporate sponsers - reason to have 
another." It ends with a shot of Teisel's Eisrakate flying straight for a 
dismounted Hector Kausmann.

<OOC: We're definitely gonna have another. :D>

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