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Museum Looted                      Sat Oct 01    Global News Network
Thisis GNN. 
After a couple of new reports, one comes on that is more attention grabbing 
than the rest. 
"This is Journalism Gerbil, reporting live. Just a few hours ago, the Robot 
Master known as Tengu Man attempted to steal some of the valuable treasures 
kept here, in the Art and Science Museum, here in the midwest. Eye-witness 
reports confirm the Maverick Hunter, Bolt Kraken, was already at the scene, 
and he challenged Tengu Man. Reinforcements arrived from both sides, in the 
forms of Icewater Narwhal for the Maverick Hunters, and Magnet Man for the 
Robot Masters. Sadly, the Robot Masters were able to fight off the brave 
Maverick Hunters, and managed to get away with over twenty pieces of valuable 
artwork. What was left, however, is thankfully undamaged. It is thanks to the 
bravery of the two Maverick Hunters that the Robot Master did not steal or 
damage any more relics, as they delayed them until the police arrived. This 
was Journalism Gerbil, reporting live from the Midwest." 
The news then continues as normal, followed by sports and weather. 
OOC: Contact Tengu Man, Magnet Man, Bolt Kraken, or Icewater Narwhal for more 

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Rocketsled Bonanza                 Sat Oct 01    Global News Network

"This is sports correspondant Arthur Brown, reporting on the second Rocketsled 
Downhill Open! A course has been laid out on Mt. Kilamanjaro in Kenya, through 
the ruins of an old Master facility. It will be longer, faster, and more 
deadly than the last competition, which took place in the French Alps and was 
won by Cut Man! Inventors, pilots, engineers, get your applications for this 
great sporting event in TODAY! The African Rocketsled Race is scheduled for 
this Tuesday, October Fourth! BANZAI!"

<OOC: @mail Heck if you're interested. It will be taking place at 6 PM EST, in 
Africa. CHAOS.>

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Daring Bonne Raid                  Sun Oct 02    Global News Network

        "...Bright Man was later quoted as saying that 'he thought the cop was 
a prostibot'." 

        Chest shakes his head and turns to face another camera, "In other news, 
the famed Bonne Pirates-" cue stock images of Bon, Teisel, and Tron giving 
thumbs up to the camera. "-made a daring raid on the Smithsonian sponsored 
museum tour carrying old military artifacts, doing battle with the Repliforce 
flagship Fortress V." We see a picture of a train out in New Mexico. The train 
is stationary, and obviously a huge battle has been waged around it. Several 
cars on the train are decimated. 

        "The Bonne vessel, the Gesellschaft, attacked the train with their 
Bonne Joe and Servbot forces, along with the pirates themselves." Cue images 
of them fighting Repliforcers. Samech is also there. "In what seemed to be a 
miscalculation, however, the Repliforce war vessel was evidently making an 
unannounced relocation from Kansas City to New Mexico." 

        "The Repliforce and Bonne ships fought a withering battle against one 
another while Bonne raiders assaulted the transport train." We see shots of 
Gareth, the Repliforce Ride Armour Eagle (piloted by Fractal Dragonfly), and 
Sol Wyrm battling Bon Bonne and Tron Bonne in the Gustav. Also images of the 
Fortress V attacking the Gesellschaft. These shots are pretty bad, as the 
Bonne's cloud cover effect is masking any decent camera shots. 

        "In the end, the Bonne raid was driven off, but not before a hefty 
amount of artifacts were looted. Repliforce and Smithsonian officials are 
still working to tally the damages, but noted that some of the artifacts were 
'priceless in terms of historical value'. Repliforce also released a statement 
saying that they believed the Gesellschaft would be out of commission for some 
time. They declined comment on the status of their own vessel, saying only 
that 'thirteen brave soldiers were killed in the defense'." 


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West End Robbery                   Sun Oct 02    Global News Network
<GNN Reporter in front of a bank in the West End of London, London West 
Commerce. A haberdashery, Pott's Hats, is next door. Paramedics and police are 
in the area.> 

"Much commotion has been raised in the West End today, as London West Commerce 
on Hungry Boulevard was robbed by a very unusual looking robot." Cut to a 
security camera video of Bowl Man having tellers fill a sack up with money. 
"It has just been learned that this is none other than 'Bowl Man', one of the 
newest creations by Dr. Wily. Before police could arrive, the Robot Master was 
engaged by an unknown individual with an unusual blade, wearing a black 
trenchcoat. The man was soon defeated in an unusual battle, and subsequently 
rushed to the nearest hospital by paramedics." 

Cut to the scene, police talking to bankers. "This has been the first anyone 
has seen Bowl Man in action, although reports of him bowling in various 
American alleys have surfaced since his creation. Some bystanders expressed 
both their fear and their awe at his unorthodox style of 'combat bowling'. The 
amount of money stolen has not yet been confirmed, but officials estimate it 
to be in the thousands, perhaps even close to a million."

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Museum Exhibit Opening!            Sun Oct 02    Global News Network
-This is GNN: Culture Watch!-

        "Good evening."

        "One of tonight's top stories is the dramatic announcement by the San 
Angeles Museum of Art."
        "It seems a new exhibit will be opening in the next few weeks for what 
is termed; The Salvation of the Greatest Works of Art in History."

        "As many of you know, during the sacking and destruction of Paris by 
the Robot Masters over a year ago, the Louvre was destroyed. During this 
attack the notorious band of thieves, the Bonne Family," A picture of Teisel, 
Tron, and Bon is shown. They are standing around looking 'cultured', "raided 
the abandoned Louvre and rescued many of the works art once housed in the 
Louvre. Such works as the Mona Lisa, the Venus De Milo, and other great 
classics by artists of the past centuries."
        "For a long time the world mourned for the loss of the Louvre as they 
mourned for Paris. However, the Bonne Family recently approached our Mayor, 
Edgar Friendly, and the curator of the SAMOA, Sebastian Hammerwrite, with a 
deal." Pictures of each are inserted as they are named.

        "The Bonnes," picture of the Bonnes shown again, "claim they only 
attacked the Louvre during the sack to rescue world treasures for 
preservation, being part French themselves. Further, they have made 
announcements that, if the Louvre is ever restored, the works of art they 
salvaged will be restored to their rightful places."

        "So the announcement only minutes ago came as a shock to everyone; The 
Bonnes have made a deal. All the pieces they rescued from the Louvre are going 
to be displayed in The San Angeles Museum of Art."


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Museum Exhibit Opening! pt. 2      Sun Oct 02    Global News Network

        "The Louvre Exhibits will be opening in the SAMOA in the next few 
weeks, starting first with the Leonardo Da Vinci Exhibition. The Bonnes and 
SAMOA report that only one of the works of Leonardo's that were rescued from 
the Louvre will not to be displayed; the famous Mona Lisa. The Bonnes claim 
it is currently under the possession of the Maverick Hunters who recovered it 
from Bonne hands some weeks ago."
        "Other works announced to be put on display in the Da Vinci Exhibit 
include; The Battle of Anghiari, Saint John The Babtist, Lady with an Ermine, 
Ginevra de' Benci, Madonna of the Rocks, and The Last Supper."

        "'Much of the proceeds of these events will be donated to the 
restoration of Paris as well as select charities to help victims suffering 
from the Robot Wars,' quoted Curator Sebastian Hammerwrite."

        "When Miss Tron Bonne was spoken to by one of our reporters on the 
scene, she gave us this quote,"
        A short video of Tron Bonne plays. She is in her usual outfit and 
smiling, standing out in front of a museum, "The treasures of the Louvre 
belong to everyone, most especially the natives of Paris. At Until such time 
as Paris and the Louvre stand again, the works of art that survived that 
terrible time will have a permanent home in the care of the citizens of San 
        "As a native born citizen of San Angeles, I was a bit predisposed to 
see the works put up here rather then anywhere else. Further, in neutral 
territory with the amount of protection San Angeles possesses, the objects of 
art of the Louvre that were saved are in the best hands. I have been assured 
by Mayor Friendly that the full support of the city's police will be on hand 
to protect these works. Paris will live again one day, and at least its people 
can now visit some of the beauty that made it great. Thank you." The video 

        "Curator Hammerwrite also announced that he would be approaching 
Eurasian Museum officials, with the consent of the Bonne Family, to have the 
works rescued from the Louvre set on a rotating schedule of display between 
both neutral cities."

        "And now... on to our next story on the works of---..."


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This Week at FRY DADDY             Sun Oct 02    Global News Network
<A commercial.>

A big yellow splash appears over a Fry Daddy storefront in New York City. "This 
week, at FRY DADDY..." A bowl of brown, crunchy-looking chips appears. 
"MOZARELLA CHIPS! Discs of gooey mozarella, fried to perfection and 
accompanied by zesty marinara sauce. Come to Fry Daddy and GET YOUR FRY ON!"


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Misc News                          Sun Oct 02    Global News Network

        <Business News>

        "Earlier today, Cray Shipping & Construction, parent company of the 
recently established Cray Munitions, announced the formation of another 
subsidiary. Designated as Cray Biological & Chemical Sciences, or Cray BioChem 
for short, this new company will be responsible for the research, production, 
and sale of pharmaceuticals and other medical supplies. In addition, 
individuals within the business have stated that a department will be created 
to research various military applications for use by their partner company 
Cray Munitions."

        "In other news..."

        <End News Blip>

        (OOC: Inquiries to Pirate Man.)


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Video Gaming News                  Mon Oct 03    Global News Network
<This...Is GNN.>

"Today, we feature 'Sewers of MegaTokyo', an add-on pack released by Mogul 
Media. A twenty zenny expansion pack for Street Samurai, this game introduces 
hundreds of feet of sewers and hidden passages beneath the city. Filled with 
mutants and the undead, samurai can roam the sewers looking for booty, 
experience, or on missions from the police to contain infestations of mutants 
or zombies. The expansion pack comes with graphical updates as well as new 
control settings, to offer optimum play. Initial reviews have been very 
positive, leaving people wondering if a sequel is in the works."

<OOC: Mogul Media is owned by United Goods. Contact Machiavelli with inquiries 
- the online server is in Southern Cross Web.>

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Russian Production District        Tue Oct 04    Global News Network
<GNN reporters John Jingleheimer and Jacob Smith appear on the screen.> 

"Well, Jacob, what do you make of the mysterious fire aboard the floating grain 
field in Moscow's Production District?" 
"Frankly, John, I am at a loss to explain it. Several sources report there 
being some sort of multiple fireball attack aimed at taking down several other 
production platforms at a higher altitude, but a number of purple energy 
knives were launched to destroy them. It could be the fall out from an aborted 
terrorist attack." 
"But Jacob, who would be so crass and apallingly depraved as to attack Moscow's 
Production District like this? Don't they realize that by destroying the 
Russian agricultural infrastructure they'll cripple themselves as well as 
their opponents?" 
"That is, of course, assuming that the possible terrorists were related to the 
Russian Civil War. With all of the psychopaths running around these days, I 
really think it could have been anyone, John." 
"That is true Jacob. Reports from the first responders to put out the fires 
claim to have seen a shrouded, shadowy figure fleeing the scene with a 
"That... Almost narrows it down. There are still a number of Mavericks and 
Robot Masters that could have been involved, though we shouldn't rule out 
anyone from one of the other factions that has a significant amount to gain 
from Russian anarchy. Though there are sketchy reports of a large man in a 
wife-beater style shirt and a leather jacket of launching the energy knives 
and climbing an elevator shaft to access the agriplatform that was ignited. 
Which could rule out the Mavericks and Robot Masters..." 
"That is true, Jacob. However, some of GNN's confidential Russian sources have 
indicated that the man in question fits the description of a vigilante that's 
been intermittently saving the day in Russia. Assuming, of course, that the 
man in question was actually there." 
"Good point, John. More on this story as it develops. Up next: A thousand and 
one ways to serve olive loaf!" 

<Cut to commercial. QUICK! CHANGE CHANNELS! Or @mail your questions to Grisha 
and Skull Man.>

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Rocketsled Downhill Open!          Tue Oct 04    Global News Network
<This...Is POX Sporting News.>

"The Downhill Rocketsled Open in Mt. Kilamanjaro, Kenya, was conducted today, 
with several competitors - among them the sport's founder, Hector Kausmann, 
the winner of the Alps competition, Cut Man, and the Robot Overlord, Shark 
Man. A HeraCorp employee by the name of Baroque took the first prize of 50,000 
zenny, Cut Man won second and earned 25,000 zenny, and Hector Kausmann came in 
third, winning 10,000 zenny. The event's promoter, Giant Robo Inc, reportedly 
grossed a considerable profit off advertisements and admissions, and plans to 
host another next month."

<OOC: Rockets!>

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Casino                             Tue Oct 04    Global News Network
"...in other news, a man calling himself Christopher Thomas Allmann has 
recently bought up a large plot of unoccupied land in Westminster. 
Construction has begun on what Mister Allmann has written shall be the 
greatest and most educated and cultured casino since the beginning of mankind. 
Very little else has been said, other than that the casino's tentative name is 
the Peria Corona."

OOC: Talk to Crystal Man for more information!

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FORCE METAL IN VANCOUVER           Wed Oct 05    Global News Network

< Screaming headlines across the news nets. >

The Canadian government has announced that Force Metal deposits of "a 
considerable amount" have been discovered in the ruins of Vancouver. The 
highly dangerous radioactive material was discovered by a National Resources 
Canada (NRCan) team studying suspicious ecological deterioration in the area.

Prime Minister Sandra Appleman made the announcement in an extraordinary 
national address delivered from the capital this evening. The exact amount of 
Force Metal present is unknown, but is apparently embedded below the ruins of 
the city. Scientists only recently found the material after a geological 
survey of the water-filled crater was approved by the government.

Appleman said the Vancouver area has been secured by Repliforce operatives to 
pre-empt any attempts to raid the site by terrorists or mercenary corporate 
entities. A request has already been submitted to the Parliament by Appleman 
to increase the funding level of Repliforce to ensure that Vancouver remains 
controlled by the Canadian government and not "bands of thieves".

"Providence has gifted our country with this strategic asset," Appleman said. 
"but also a great burden. This Force Metal will attract terrorists, and so we 
have the duty to manage this material wisely -- not only for our own national 
welfare, but for the good of all who live on this world."

Parliament has already begun to draft mining regulations to specifically 
address the unique nature of Force Metal. Corporations and other groups 
interested in refining the material are expected to have to contribute 
significantly to social welfare and ecological improvement programs, as well 
as adhere to very strict environmental regulations. However, analysts believe 
even with the expected regulatory difficulties, the terrestrial discovery of 
Force Metal will have a dramatic positive impact on the North American economy.

< Punditry. >

OOC: Questions to Leo.


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Commercial in Australia            Wed Oct 05    Global News Network
<A commercial in Australian.>

A housecat Reploid with a plug in his forehead appears on the screen, speaking. 
The Australian flag hangs behind him. "My name is Convertor Calico, and I am 
speaking on behalf of all displaced Reploids in Australia, when I ask the 
Australian public to vote to return us to our home country. In the 1940s, 
Adolf Hitler killed more than six million people because they were Jewish. The 
United States detained tens of thousands of citizens because they were 
Japanese. What if while the United States was fighting the war on terror, they 
deported their entire Muslim populace? Or if Northern Ireland had deported all 
the Catholics? Freedom is dear to all living beings - but it must be defended. 
Please, support the rights of all sentient beings to live and be free."

<OOC: Paid for by the Australian Front for Freedom, covertly funded by 

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Repliforce Decontamination Project Wed Oct 05    Global News Network
"Shortly following the news of the discovery of Force Metal in Canada, 
Repliforce released a press statement outlining a project to use a Force Metal 
fuelled anti-radiation device to remove lingering radiation from the islands 
of Papua New Guinea. The area, which was irradiated in the third World War, 
has been uninhabitable for decades due to extensive radioactivity in the soil, 
water, and air. However, the Force Metal-powered device, invented in joint by 
Repliforce's Shining Firefly and lunar technician Terra Wolf, has shown the 
ability to reverse radiation damage and remove ambient nuclear radiation, 
allowing Paupa New Guinea to be re-terraformed into an inhabitable state."

"The announcement of the project is good news for many reploids excised from 
the nation of Australia, who believe a free reploid nation close to home may 
develop on these now-uninhabited lands. Many reploids were forced to move far 
from their Australian homes following the national ban on reploids, as heavy 
Coalition activity on the nearby islands of New Zealand make some reploids 
wary of the area. The announcement is also expected to have effects on those 
still looking to gain Force Metal fuel, since this previously undiscovered use 
of the metal may be applied to other war-damaged areas all over the world."

"GNN News."

(OOC: Contact Shining Firefly for more info-- Terra Wolf is an RF NPC run by 
Gemma, who can also answer questions.)

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News                               Wed Oct 05    Global News Network

        <Yummy Business News>

        "In mere days after announcing the formation of Cray Biological & 
Chemical Sciences, the growing company has announced the establishment of yet 
another subsidiary. This new creation, dubbed Cray General Goods, will be 
handling production and sale of various assorted goods that one would find 
common place among the general public."

        "Along with this announcement, high ups in Cray Shipping & Construction 
have stated that the parent company's roles will be handed over to Cray 
General, leaving one to wonder just what function the business will serve now 
that all its functions have been passed on to its subsidiaries."

        <End News>

        (OOC: Questions to Pirate Man.)


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Eurasia Offer                      Thu Oct 06    Global News Network
Eurasia's Captain has issued a press release making an astounding offer.

"To any and all whom may be interested in leaving the tyranny of Earth's 
nations behind: I apologise. If immigration continues on the magnitude it has 
been within the past year, soon we, as a nation, will be unable to handle the 
growth of our citizenry without severely overpopulating the station and 
ultimately expending our resources."
        "Our forbearers, well intentioned as they were, made no plans to 
account for the population massive increase we have sustained recently. We are 
reaching a breaking point. The time has come where our government has 
suggested we close our doors to new citizens."
        "I have no intention what-so-ever of turning anyone away. To those 
seeking a new life: I will not turn you away. To those seeking a place safe 
from the conflict of war: I will not turn you away. To those with no place 
left to go: I will not turn you away."
        "We are expanding our territory to include a colony on the moon which 
has already begun construction. While it does not offer the assured security 
of Eurasia prime it will not go undefended. I make this offer here and now: To 
those willing and capable of taking on the opportunity to be the first wave of 
colonists, Eurasia's university will be offering free education and training up 
to a maximum of 300 individuals."

OOC: The moon colony when built will be an attack-OK location so combat *can* 
occur there. Mining of Force Metal a possibility. Science types are going to 
be highly sought in this instance, as well as others. If interested, @mail 
Nova to discuss possibilities.

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Eurasian Event - Reploid Pride!    Thu Oct 06    Global News Network
< This.... is G. N. N.>

"...and Repliforce's Storm Owl says if anyone calls him Storm Eagle again, he 
will most likely be very displeased and feel unstatisfactory."

"Now onto Daily Events!"

"Within the next coming weeks, a Repliforce Sponsored Event, the "Reploid Pride 
Day Fair" will be happening on Eurasia! A Ehibition of the positive aspects of 
Reploid and all Artificial Life Cultrue! Wether your Reploid, Android and 
Semi-Sentient Drone!"

"Proceeds will go directly to charities, with many Charity events being held 
throughout the length.. a Repliforce Bachelor Auction is already confirmed."

"Those wishing to Exhibit Musical Talent.. Art, Displays of Science .. whatever 
they deem worthy of Expressing may contact Repliforce Major Rush Raccoon at 
RPDfair@Repliforce.mil (OOC: @mail) with the Subject header: Exhibitor: <Name 
- Idea>!"

"Now.. onto Entertainment!...."

< This was.... G. N. N.>

(OOC: Time to get this going! @mail me (Rush Raccoon!) if you are intrested in 
doing something during it! Read the Global Broadband post about this for more 
info that'll be posted shortly!)

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NATV Commercial                    Fri Oct 07    Global News Network
<A commercial running on NATV.>

"Brought to you by NATV and Hector Kausmann...THE BATTLES OF THE ROBOT WARS: 
KAUSMANN VERSUS GLYDE LOATH! That's right!" A clip is shown of Hector swinging 
drunkenly at Glyde. "Hector Kausmann!" A clip of Glyde kicking Hector in the 
groin while he's on his back. "Glyde Loath!" A clip of Hector getting kicked 
in the ground while on all fours is shown. "ULTIMATE BATTLE!" Hector puking on 
Glyde is shown. "Which one of these titans will reign triumphant, for beer and 
money?! Order now from www.botfights.az, for the low low price of five zenny, 
with two additional zenny for shipping and handling!"

Heavy metal music plays.

<OOC: @mail Heck with an e-mail address if you want the log.>

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Critics' Corner                    Fri Oct 07    Global News Network
<This...Is GNN.>

"This is Mario Cantolone, reporting on the film from new director 'Hector 
Kausmann', 'A Freedom Everlasting'. The first movie produced entirely within 
Neo-Arcadia, it features a team of American 'heroes', with futuristic 
weaponry, fighting a league of space communists and fascists, lead by Templar 
Fefnir as 'Cyber-Breznov'. The acting is amateur, the effects are flashy and 
sometimes inappropriate, and the plot is nearly incoherent. Writer-director 
Hector Kausmann was reportedly on a great deal of drugs at the time of the 
making of this film, and the crew was recruited from the bars of Hollywood; 
both these factors show. The movie was shown in very few theaters besides 
Neo-Arcadian ones, and does, as expected, portrays mechanical life as 
villainous and evil. Despite this movie's popularity among youth, particularly 
Japan, I give it a D-. Don't even get it on video, even if you're drunk."


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/132                    Posted        Author
Movie Announcement                 Fri Oct 07    Global News Network
                        COMING SOON!

In history, few events are remembered. This is one such. A gripping tale of 
passion, fanaticism and deception. Humor, lies, pain...and, of course, the 
weight of history. All of this, in the gripping saga...


Release date unknown. Created by Omniversal Studios.

A Crystal Man Wily Production.

There is a string of images to go with this, ending with the fallen head of 
Number 16. Yeah, they were apparently taping the feed.

OOC: Yeah, talk to Crystal Man, but this isn't a big plot or anything, just a 

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Message: 18/133                    Posted        Author
GNN: The Prophet Unmasked! ...and  Fri Oct 07    Global News Network
-This is GNN-

        "Tonight's top story is the series of unfortunate events that lead to 
the unmasking and death of the being known as The Prophet of Epsilon." A 
picture is shown of The Prophet giving an oration, "Tonight, The Prophet 
requested an automated GNN Camera to come to the crater of Vancouver where he 
could give another of his speeches. A battle was raging even then between the 
IO and the Repliforce in the crater below. We do not yet have details on that 
battle but we will be bringing it to you as soon as possible."
        "The Prophet began his oration normally, and all seemed to be going 
well until a figure stepped out from behind The Prophet. At first it was 
mistaken to be Tron Bonne in the fog, only to have it turn out to be the 
Maverick and newest creation of Professor Gate; Lumine."

        Images are shown then. The Prophet on the edge of a precipice, fog 
rolling in around him. The Prophet turning. Lumine stepping out of the fog and 
hitting The Prophet with a massive cross with the words 'Overwrought Religious 
Symbolism' on it. The Prophet falls and then Lumine rushes behind him and 
holds him with his Buster to his chin.

        "After assaulting The Prophet of Epsilon, Lumine then unmasked him. We 
warn you, the following footage contains graphic violence and may be 
unsuitable for small children and young robots."

        Footage this time. Lumine reaching up and pulling back the immaculate 
white hood, revealing a cylindrical, yellow head and childlike face. Dark 
eyes, between which and above burn a violet mark that is the symbol of 
Epsilon, gaze back at the Reploid holding him. Lumine laughs, then proceeds to 
vaporize the body of the Servbot with an intense plasma blast, shearing off 
the back half of his head and sending the rest flying. The nerpium alloy body 
is vaporized by the intense plasma. The Servbot's head lands in a pile of 
debris, and smiles sadly with large, sad eyes. He mouths some words that can 
be analyzed to be: 'Goodbye... my... family...'... and then it closes its eyes 
and dies. The symbol on its forehead fades out.

        "The Servbot, before his death, identified himself as #16. He claimed 
to have been 'Marked by Epsilon' to be his herald and prophet. And, until the 
death, stood defiant and unafraid of the Maverick. We at GNN pass no judgment 
on the nature of who the Prophet was, but the act of blatant murder we 
witnessed chilled many of us."
        "Neither the Irregular Overlords nor the Maverick Empire have issued 
statements regarding this event. It was reported that Tron Bonne, the creator 
of the Servbot, was 'very emotionally distraught' on Global Radio."

        "Our sympathies go out to the Bonne Family for the loss they have 
suffered tonight. As for the loss the Irregular Overlords have suffered in the 
death of the self proclaimed 'Prophet' of their leader, Epsilon, that remains 
to be seen."

        "The full recording of tonight's events is available by request from 
any personal GNN Feed. The call sign is: Proph16."

-You want Punditry? You got it.-

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US & CANADA LEAVES INTERPOL 1      Sat Oct 08    Global News Network

        Chest is at the news desk. On his right is a glass of orange liquid. 
Those that know him will know it's Rock Orange. On his left is a cigar, 
waiting for him. Those that know him will know it's a cigar. 

        Regardless, Chest has a relatively neutral look on his face, as if he's 
not quite sure what to think about the news he's going to deliver just yet. 
Over Chest's shoulder appears three intertwined images: The Interpol insignia, 
a red white and blue star, and a red maple leaf. "And our top story this 
evening: A GNN source has indicated that both the United States of America, as 
well as Canada, have pulled out of the Interpol Charter." 

        The image changes to a piece of paper meant to represent said document. 
"Both the Canadian and American governments have confirmed the news. The 
Office of President Dion Seers released a short statement, noting that with 
what appears to be the beginning of a new arms race, they would be 'relying on 
Repliforce for protection', and felt they 'needed to withdraw from any 
unnecessary arrangements towards this as of this time'. A representative of 
the Office of Prime Minister Appleman commented briefly, saying that they 
would be 'increasing funding to the Repliforce, and to compensate for this 
will cease their part in funding Interpol'." 

        Chest turns to face another camera. An image of the Vancouver crater, 
now the site of much interest, appears over his shoulder. "Both governments 
indicated that a full statement would be released shortly. Both Director 
Fairchild and the Office of Director R released short statements." 



================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/135                    Posted        Author
US & CANADA LEAVES INTERPOL 2      Sat Oct 08    Global News Network

        A stock photo of the Interpol insignia covers the screen. At the 
bottom, the words 'Office of Co-Director R' can be seen. A man's voice is 
heard: "Interpol has had faced many difficulties even after becoming a fully 
independent entity from August 26th, 2217 onward. We are currently discussing 
how the current political climate will be affecting further operations where 
we are contracted in order to deal with the ever present problem of 
international crime." 

        Still R's representative: "Many of our branches in territories where we 
are no longer contracted were operated in conjunction with local police 
forces, and as such many of our officers have transferred their jobs from 
Interpol into local law agencies where applicable. It is unfortunate that the 
Interpol entity will not be able to fully operate and perform police work upon 
the continent of North America in the foreseeable future in the face of the 
political intrigue in this region and the problems that come with it, but 
these were decisions we believe both governments have weighed with utmost 

        Shift to another angle of the Interpol insignia. Now the words 
'Director Sarah Fairchild' appear. We hear her voice: "I am of course saddened 
by these countries' decisions to separate from Interpol, but I am in no 
position to lay blame on the matter. It is my hope that someday they will see 
the necessity of Interpol's duty and doctrine, and return to the Charter and 
the organization. On another note, I wish to assure the people of both nations 
that per Charter clauses on pulling out of the agreement, currently open 
Interpol cases in both countries will remain open until resolved or closed. 
This will include the ongoing rampages of the Rainbow Devil." 

        Back to Chest. "Neither office commented on Interpol's financial 
situation beyond noting that they are assessing the figures. GNN will continue 
to cover the story as it unfolds." 


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/135                    Posted        Author
BATTLES OF THE ROBOT WARS!         Sat Oct 08    Global News Network
<A commercial, run predominantly on NATV and in Japan.>

"The child of Albert Wily, Spark Man, clashes with the child of Scott Wily, 
GHOST MAN!" Shots of Ghost Man and Spark Man charging at each other, lightning 
bolts flying around, Ghost Man shrieking, all play, as the narrator continues. 
"Who will emerge triumphant when old blood challenges new?" The entire Sheol 
Pit exploding in electricity is shown. "Straight from Tartarus! Go to 
www.botfights.az and order your copy of this fight for five zenny, with two 
zenny shipping and handling! Brought to you by NATV and Hector Kausmann!"

<OOC: If you want a log, @mail Heck with your e-mail.>

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/132                    Posted        Author
Brazen Assault in Torontreal!      Sun Oct 09    Global News Network
<This...Is GNN.>

"This evening in Torontreal, in what authorities call a 'brazen attack', the 
Torontreal Yellows staged a massive assault on a rival gang in the area, the 
Eastside Bloods. The Yellows went so far as to use what are reported to be 
mortar rounds to attack their enemies, before pulling up in vehicles. At least 
thirty people, many of them innocent civilians, were killed, and at least 
fifty to sixty more were badly wounded. The Yellows, using assault rifles and 
accompanied by two large robots, acted without fear of Torontreal police. The 
gangbangers, just as in their last major action, used a virus that knocked out 
Torontreal PD's dispatch and shut down all the traffic lights in the city. 
Hunters Roll and Auto Light arrived, one of them in a ride armor, as well as 
an Interpol agent, and a squad of Repliforce soldiers. The Yellows retreated, 
and both robots were reported disabled, although their whereabouts are not 
known at this time. At least fifteen people have already been reported 
arrested, although authorities report that none of them were 'big fish' in 
either gang."

<OOC: Questions? @mail Machiavelli.>

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/133                    Posted        Author
A New Drug Epidemic?               Sun Oct 09    Global News Network

        "And from the streets of London comes some rather unsettling news. A 
new controlled substance seems to be hitting the streets in alarming 
quantities. What makes this new drug alarming, however, is that it is 
apparently only useable by robots, both Reploids and Androids. This is a new 
innovation: in the past, drugs have largely been the domain of humans.
        The substance goes by the street name Amp. Analysis of samples taken 
from arrested Reploid criminals show that it is actually a form of 'system 
mod', or even 'virus' if you will, although nothing on the scale of the 
dreaded Sigma Virus. Instead it temporarily disables the protocols for feeling 
pain, as well as disabling power-regulation safties. The result is a potent 
'high' for the robot as more-than-safe quantities of energy flood it's 
circuits, making the user both more energetic, focused, and invincible feeling 
for several hours. The downside of this, of course, is that it can damage 
sensitive circuits by exceeding safety limits of power flow. Over time this 
can lead to erratic behavior and even addiction, much as with human drugs.
        Although relatively new, Amp useage seems to be growing rapidly among 
lower-class Reploids and Androids in London, although it has yet to spread 
outside of that city. Officials are concerned, as the drug has been linked to 
several shadowy new street gangs, but as of yet no source for the material has 
been found. Police investigations have all turned up dead ends. We'll bring 
you more on this as it comes in."

(OOC: See Quick Man or Gemini Man for questions. Interested in having your 
character get his/her hands on some Amp? It can be arranged. Good guys and bad 
guys welcome.. it could lead to some very interesting RP, especially for good 
guys seeking something to 'enhance their performance' on the battlefield!)


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/127                    Posted        Author
RF Comments                        Mon Oct 10    Global News Network

 The following was sent out by Repliforce in response to the drug Amp. 

        Any member of Repliforce found to be using the drug will be removed 
from service immediately. Repliforce does not agree with the usage of any sort 
of mind altering "recreational" drug, especially one that has a potential for 
causing deaths. 

        Anyone found to be using Amp or selling Amp in Berlin will be removed 
immediately. If Repliforce uncovers locations pertaining to where Amp is 
coming from they will notify Interpol immediately. 

        Repliforce urges that anyone who knows anything about who's behind Amp 
come forward and give their information to the police. 

 ~ Octavius "General" Doppler

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/128                    Posted        Author
Press Release                      Mon Oct 10    Global News Network

        Airing in the evening news is a live press release, opening to the view 
of a raised platform and podium with several men and women in suits standing 
off to the sides. Spread across the rear wall is a giant red flag with a large 
black symbol in the center, which is eerily similar to the Nazi Iron Eagle. In 
fact, the only difference is that, instead of a swastica, there is a simle 'X' 
in the wreath's center. Surrounding the base of the platform are dozens of 
reporters, both respectable and not, chattering busily amongst themselves.

        After a few moments, a blonde haired man with intense blue eyes steps 
out onto the stage and makes his way over to the podium, which quiets the 
gathered reporters rather quickly. He looks up with a smile and clears his 
throat. "Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. Many of you may know who I am 
already, but for those that do not, I am Theodore Cray, owner and director of 
Cray Shipping & Construction. You may be wondering just why I have called you 
here today."

        "To answer that question, I have requested your presence so that I may 
make an announcement. Some in the world may have noticed the construction 
effort that recently occured at the site of the former city of Le Havre in 
Normandy, France. Those efforts have been concluded without incident resulting 
in the creation of New Haven, a shining jewel in the wastelands of Europe. I, 
Theodore Cray, will be acting as the city's governor with a parliamentary body 
to be elected by those who have migrated to this city."

        "My corporation, renamed Cray Trading Company, will be moving its 
headquarters to New Haven along with all its subsidiaries. These companies 
will be responsible for producing the items necessary to turn this massive 
port city into a global trader. To this end, we will be actively seeking trade 
agreements with the various nations of the world with the promise to 
manufacture whatever products needed or desired, so long as it does not 
threaten the safety of the New Haven people."

        The reporters begin to bustle loudly, trying to ask the man hundreds of 
questions. After several moments, Cray finally manages to calm them down and 
resume speaking. "Currently, entrance into the city is strictly regulated to 
prevent any terrorist actions against its people, but we do hope to relax this 
security in the near future. For now, bear with us as we try to establish a 
place for ourselves in what is left of this once great continent. Thank you 
for your participation, ladies and gentlemen. I will now take any questions."

        The press release returns to the regularly scheduled news as the 
gathered reporters set about bombarding Cray with their questions.

        (OOC: Questions and whatnot to Pirate Man. Also, a cookie to the first 
person to get the 'X' referrence.)


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/128                    Posted        Author
Commercial                         Tue Oct 11    Global News Network
<A commercial.>

A squid robot is shown at a nightclub. Brown, wavy lines rise off him, as 
everyone holds their noises and avoids him. "Got a dirty job? Leaky lubricant 
valves? Been a while since your last cleaning?" The robot looks at the camera 
and nods. "Then Power Guard is for you!" A metal can with an aerosol spray and 
a blue logo zooms into view. "POWER GUARD! Destroys nasty odors, prevents 
synth-flesh perspiration, and provides you with an umbrella of protection 
against foul smells! Now in New Car, Fresh Brass, Nail Polish, and Tropical 
logo - a big, white U and G - appears. "A product from United Goods."

<OOC: Questions (if any) to Machiavelli.>

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/125                    Posted        Author
Tofu Reserve Saved!                Wed Oct 12    Global News Network
*This...is GNN* 

"Oh snap! This is Ohemgee Dubyateeff with breaking news! Quiet for almost a 
month after mauling Iris of the Repliforce, the evil Dr. Takeshi Shinchiro has 
emerged again! The madman declared that he would rob the Japanese Tofu Reserve 
and, using an unprecedented knowledge of late night Hokkaido traffic, he 
nearly did it! The Professor of Crime used glowing cybernetic equipment to 
control empty industrial equipment," Shots of Takeshi commanding a few cheap 
industrial rides, which are quickly rendered useless when Shinchiro's directly 
attacked. "And seemed to have planned this elegantly, foiling the attempts of 
the Righteous Acquaintances," Shots of Suploid and Grisha taking on a 
moving...almost living building, while Bat Vertigo is jumped by a robotic 
cover band of DeathDaryn, "And Interpol!" Shots of Sarah Fairchild being cut 
off by a mysterious Squid-colored SUV, trapping her in the traffic. 

 "Indeed, the Tofu itself seemed to save the day. A mysterious piece of tofu in 
a beret, rumored to be called Survivor Tofu, attacked the mad doctor himself. 
The two engaged in melee, and the presumed bioroid caused Shinchiro to 
retreat-escaping with two trucks full of precious reserve Tofu, but ultimately 
foiled in his insidious plans to cripple the Japanese emergency defense 
protection concern. Interpol rescued the workers and guards, saving the lives 
of a few that Dr. Shinchiro seriously wounded in his initial seizing of the 
area, while the Righteous Acquaintances warded off the oddest companion of 
Takeshi Shinchiro's League of...of...Mean, I guess, a self-proclaimed living 

 "Souichi Arima, head of Arima Security Concerns, the group in charge of 
protecting the reserve, had this to say." The sweating man smiles, weakly, and 
nods. "I wished to say thank you, to Interpol, to the Righteous Acquaintances, 
but most of all, to the mysterious ronin tofu. The future of the Concern is 
uncertain, but we will always be thankful that this disaster had no cost in 
human life." The man sniffles-despite the bizarreness of it all, this 
obviously means a great deal to the middle aged rent-a-cop. "Thank you all!" 

 The feed cuts back to our favorite reporter. "And that's the story from 
Hokkaido. No word from the Japanese government on the effect of this attack, 
if any. We'll keep you posted!" 

*That...was GNN*

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/123                    Posted        Author
New City Over Vancouver            Fri Oct 14    Global News Network

        NEW HOPE, BRITISH COLUMBIA - The Canadian Government announced today 
the contracts that mark the creation of a salvaging and mining operation above 
the ruins of Vancouver. The flying structures that will house the effort are 
being moved in over the weekend, and this temporary city, officially named New 
Hope by Canada, is meant to be the first step in what many hope will be the 
final resolution to the disaster that created the Vancouver Bay five years 
ago. The discovery of Force Metal at the site has added to the speculation 
over the mining that is now commencing, and thousands of reploids, many 
displaced from Australia, are waiting to get jobs at the new city, 
unofficially dubbed 'Giga City' by these hopefuls.

        Five contracts were awarded to companies from around the world, and 
they are already setting up shop around the site of New Hope. The Lagrano 
Group, a Canadian salvage company, and the Washington-based Ulfat Recycling 
Company, are the primary contractors, and are fronting most of the money for 
the construction of the city itself. The African dredging consortium known as 
the Vanallia Company has already been at the site, and was considered a 
shoe-in for a contract before they were announced. The final two contracts 
were awarded to the Brazilian Gimialla Mining Company and European Melda Ore 
Company, recently repatriated to Europe from its exile to Eurasia.

        Prime Minister Appleman has announced that further contracts would be 
awarded in the future, and that smaller companies will be contracted for work 
not dealing directly with Force Metal. As before, humans are warned not to go 
to Giga City, as shielding against the effects of Force Metal is not in place. 
For now, it seems, this is a reploid-only settlement.


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/122                    Posted        Author
To Dr. Light.                      Fri Oct 14    Global News Network
< As Part of the Irregular Overlord Airtime for this Week. >

        Fade in.
        Scott Wily is sat in a lawnchair with shorts, shades and a black, white 
and red floweprint shirt on. So relaxed is he, that he's actually sipping a 
        "Hate to say I told ya so."
        Moving his left hand, which had previously been lazily resting on his 
leg, up he displays the two horned 'rock' hand gesture.
        Fade out.

< 59 minutes left of IO broadcasting. Use it, people... >

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/123                    Posted        Author
Hall-Mark Attack!                  Sat Oct 15    Global News Network
"...the leader was quoted as saying that he fully intends to pursue the largest 
bird he can find for Thanksgiving, and that his team has already made plans to 
catch and roast Storm Owl."

"In other news, Robot Masters Gyro Man and Gate Man attacked a large Hall-Mark 
chain store in Rhode Island, citing a desire for holiday gift and greeting 
solutions, and a refusal to exchange zenny for the goods. Hunter and Interpol 
members responded to the incident, and attempted to subdue the destructive 
RMs. The incident ended on an unfortunate note, with Interpol's Dr. Barrel 
Caskett being severely injured by Gyro Man. Gate Man and Crane Diplodocus were 
both reported as being "Highly Distraught/Angry" at this turn of events, and 
the Robot Masters quickly fled the scene of the crime. Authorities are still 
searching for additional reasons behind the attack, and Dr. Caskett is 
reportedly safe in Interpol care. Even staunch Interpol critics have admitted 
that the response time and handling of the situation were both very good, and 
everyone prays for Caskett's quick recovery."

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/104                    Posted        Author
Commercial                         Sat Oct 15    Global News Network
A short commercial on the POX network.

Generic announcer, "Are you tired of teenagers loitering in front of your store 
in the evening? Shouldn't they be somewhere else instead of on your property? 
Are the rent-a-cops you've hired too busy eating donuts instead of chasing 
these young criminals? If you've answered yes to any of these questions then 
perhaps you need to hire a professional. We here at GutsCo will gladly help 
you with your teenager problems, just call our number and one of our 
exterminators will be on site within minutes. Our prices are very reasonable. 
Every trespassing teenager that we kill will only cost you the meager sum of 
$10! What a bargain! Imagine a world without teenagers, a place where the 
elderly can safely walk down the streets and gain access to your store to 
spend all that cash they've accumulated over the years, the type of cash that 
they want to spend before they die! Call now and receive a free Coffee King 
Coffee sampler kit! Supplies are limited so order now!"


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/105                    Posted        Author
Neo-Arcadian Television...         Sun Oct 16    Global News Network
<This...Is GNN.>

"NATV, Neo-Arcadia's state-sponsered primary television station, is slated to 
begin showing what is described as an 'Anime Battlecartoon' on Saturday 
mornings. The brainchild of amateur director and actor Hector Kausmann, he is 
voice-acting and writing episodes for 'Happy Go-Go Man', a show about a 
superhero with futuristic technology fighting Professor Wirey and his evil 
'Robot Men'. A team of top animators have been reportedly been hired for the 

<OOC: @mail Heck with inquiries.>

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/106                    Posted        Author
Animu Relplods Confirmed!          Sun Oct 16    Global News Network
<This...is a commercial.> 

 Some terrible, peppy, Frankensteinian mixture of techno, hip-hop, and j-pop 
cleverly disguised as theme music begins to play, as flashing pastel lights 
fill the screen! Two silhouettes, with assets feminine, appear. A quick drum 
beat, and they leap around, revealing- 

 "Hyper-Multicultural Rescue Angel Ranger Force Go!" 

 "Rosie!" Is a Reploid fashioned in the matter of a cute young Black girl, who 
giggles and winks at the audience. 

 "Fritzi!" is another Reploid made to look like a younger, but far more serious 
looking Asian girl with inexplicably blue-green hair. She smiles in a "I spend 
a lot of time at the library" way, as the beat kicks up. 

 "Fighting crimes and sa-ving the day, WAI!" 

The song fades out, as the GNN rep nods at the screen playing the theme. "And 
that's Hyper-Multicultural Rescue Angel Ranger Force Go!, premiering on local 
channels in a scant few weeks. This series had a little controversy getting 
out, as a hasty legal arrangement was made when Light Labs noticed just how 
similar its stars are to Jazz and Sonata, two of Dr. Light's later creations. 
While company representatives refrained from comment, rumors are that the 
parody defense was just shaky enough that Dr. Light ultimately refused to 
pursue a lawsuit out of fear of trapping his "children" in a legal circus. The 
creator of the story, Ms. Mimi Mimimimimimi, continues to claim that the fact 
that the company was allowed to produce two Reploids to serve as promotional 
managers-" Read, living booth babes. "-proves that they are original 
creations, and Dr. Light needs to get over his fatty self. Next: Dr. 
Dopplerworld's most eligible bachelor?" 

 <This...was really GNN. Fooled you!> 

 (OOC: This is a set up for a plot. @mail Dr. Light or Jazz with questions and 
what not. Away!)

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/107                    Posted        Author
Happy Go-Go Man!                   Sun Oct 16    Global News Network
<A cartoon running all week on NATV, mostly during children's hours.>

"It's Happy Go-Go Man!" Hector Kausmann announces, standing in a colorful set 
that looks like it's out of a cartoon. "Today's dance of the week is...THE 
CRANE! Watch, and dance at home, kids!"

The camera shifts to Hector standing opposite a Japanese go-go dancer. Each of 
them keep their right arm at an angle, with their left hand behind their back, 
as they move to the right, then move their hand down, act as if gripping 
something with a claw. They lift back up, bring it to the center, and waggle 
their heads left and right.

The episode then airs.


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/108                    Posted        Author
Arrests in Torontreal              Mon Oct 17    Global News Network

        <News Blip>

        "Earlier this evening, the Torontreal Police Department recieved 
information from an anonymous source that has lead to the arrests of dozens of 
Eastside Blood members, including several individuals who the police believe 
may be significant authorities within the organization. The District 
Attorney's Office has already arranged court dates for these individuals and 
feels confident of sweeping convictions and believe that plea bargains will 
lead to even more arrests."

        <End News Blip>

        (OOC: Questions to Blitzkrieg.)


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/109                    Posted        Author
Big Giant Tarp: Just The Beginning Tue Oct 18    Global News Network

 A floating top hat and monocle addresses the GNN-hungry crowd. "Quite! Hello. 
Magical Monocle here with the only slightly belated quietly report! Some of 
the most interesting movement is from Light Labs, which largely acted through 
HeraCorp and other affiliated companies during the spring and summer months 
this year. Doctor Light seems to have taken a firmer hand in running his 
company, as a major international campaign seems to have been cut off with, 
well-lets watch." 

 Footage of a giant, rotating platform moving over the British Colombian 
scenery, only to be dwarfed by Giga City...and the Fortress V. The platform 
itself is chock full of a grayish, reflective material, and the shot quickly 
clicks back to the Reploid. "Yes, Dr. Light has invented a material he refers 
to as "Anti-Erosion Mesh", and began his fiscal initiative with the very 
public donation of a massive tarp for. Repliforce spokesreploids explained 
that the tarp is going to be used to reinforce the area around the lake, 
working as a buffer against possible seepage of Force Metal radiation into the 

 "Light Labs is also marketing an Anti-Erosion suit to any and all companies 
working with the material, though the models gifted to each of the 
corporations allowed to work in Giga City by the Canadian Government have not 
been revealed to the public as of yet. How Light Labs intends to mass-produce 
this difficult to work material remains to be seen-but stocks have risen in 
many of the megacorp's subsidiaries and secondary departments, with Rock 
Orange and the new lemon-n-lime flavored "Zero" leading the popular Maverick 
Hunter-themed sodas, though Aliaberry has taken a surprise third on the sales 
charts. Rumors of these being the first in a new line of inventions from Dr. 
Light are unconfirmed, but the good old green and yellow L has been seen in 
surprising places! More as this develops. Next-Khan, a paper tiger?" 


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/110                    Posted        Author
Restaurant Explodes, Chili Suspect Tue Oct 18    Global News Network
"....and in local news, the Chilly's at Fifth and Main, in downtown Detroit, 
exploded suddenly today shortly after a fire alarm went off. Occupants 
evacuated in time, and only minor injuries occured. Fire officials say 
evidence suggests a kitchen fire too close to a gas line was to blame, but are 
looking into it."

" While the City Hall was evacuated for safety purposes, Mayor Achmed 
Mohammadan and the Chief of Police assure citizens this was a freak accident, 
and not an attack. "

"Now, for the Weather..."


(OOC: Questions to Pharaoh Man)

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/111                    Posted        Author
Convoy Attacked                    Tue Oct 18    Global News Network
GNN news story, buried somewhere in the middle.

        "In other news, a convoy carrying drilling equipment headed for the 
Space Elevator and, eventually, the moon was attacked tonight. The Robot 
Masters Enker and Elec Man ambushed the five car convoy by disabling the lead 
vehicle, but thanks to quick responce by the Repliforce, damage was minimal 
and nothing was stolen. There were also no civilians casualties, but four 
brave Repliforcers lost their lives in the ambush. Our hearts go you to their 
loved ones."

More news.

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/112                    Posted        Author
This week at FRYDADDY!             Wed Oct 19    Global News Network
<A commercial.>

The Eurasian storefront of Fry Daddy appears, with a yellow splash popping up. 
A bowl full of golden brown fried balls appears, with a little bucket of 
marinara on the side. "This week at FRY DADDY...SPAGHETTI BALLS!" Two balls 
rise up, one getting a bite out of it to reveal coiled, fried spaghetti 
inside, the other getting a bite out to reveal a meatball. "Juicy, big 
meatballs, and hot, tender, buttery spaghetti, shaped into deep-fried balls 
for YOUR ENJOYMENT! Stop on by! This week, get one free Nico-Cola with every 
combo value meal purchase!"


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/112                    Posted        Author
Attempted Assasssination!          Fri Oct 21    Global News Network
<This...Is GNN.>

"This is Reporter Turtle, reporting from Sydney. At a rally for the Australian 
Freedom Front - the largest anti-expulsion protest thus organized after the 
explusion of Reploids - AFF co-leader Ross McGovern was shot twice, by a 
sniper in a location several blocks south. Hunters and others were on the 
scene fast, as well as Sage Harpuia and Doctor Ciel Mallory of Neo-Arcadia. 
Doctor Mallory managed to resucitate Mr. McGovern and provide him with 
appropriate organ transplants, and he is presently in stable condition. Sage 
Harpuia and several vigilantes, as well as Sydney SWAT, apprehended an 
apparent Maverick, after Sage Harpuia destroyed two others. The suspect is in 
the custody of Sydney, pending arraignment."

<OOC: @mail Machiavelli with questions/inquiries.>

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/113                    Posted        Author
Aus Response to Assassin Attempt   Fri Oct 21    Global News Network

        In a brief statement, Australian Prime Minister Cooper condemned the 
assassination attempt on Australian Freedom Front co-leader, Ross McGovern, 
noting that 'this sort of barbaric act has no place in a democratic society 
like ours'. He wished McGovern a speedy recovery, and praised the actions of 
the Australian Defense Force's SWAT members who apprehended the would-be 

        The statement did not give any mention of the Neo-Arcadians and 
Maverick Hunters involved. Foreign soldiers operating on Australian soil, most 
notably Neo-Arcadian, has long been a very touchy subject for the current 
administration, and they've taken a very hard stance against it due to it 
'compromising Australian sovereignty'. The general population seems to agree 
with this philosophy. 

        When asked if the administration would impose /sanctions/ on 
Neo-Arcadia for their actions, or perhaps /praise/ them, the Prime Minister 
declined comment, saying that 'he will look into the matter and speak to 
President Elpizo about the situation'. 
        OOC: Questions to Excise. 


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/114                    Posted        Author
Australian Update: Maverick Involv Fri Oct 21    Global News Network
--GNN reporting an update that just crossed the desk...--

"Breaking news! In an update on the attempted assassination of Ross McGovern in 
Sydney, Australia, GNN has just recieved a statement that one Richard 
Underwood, a lawyer on behalf of the Coalition for Reploid Freedom, has 
offered to take the case of the alleged /assassin,/ currently held in custody 
in Sydney."

"The official statement says, in part, that the incarcerated reploid, whose 
name will currently not be released, is NOT a Coalition member, nor is he 
infected with the Sigma Virus. It goes on to state that the Coalition has a 
representative taking his case, nevertheless, as a show of good-will toward 
him, and all reploids who have been excised or otherwise inconvenienced by the 
Australian ban on reploids within the nation."

"If Neo Arcadian and Maverick conflicts are coming to a head, they may be doing 
so in a legal battle rather than on the warfront... GNN is attempting to 
contact this alleged 'Maverick Lawyer' for further possible comment, and will 
continue to report on McGovern's condition and other items surrounding this 

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/115                    Posted        Author
C's Editorial: Australia           Fri Oct 21    Global News Network

        Cue the theme music, the logo, and Chest, sitting at his wide, bluish 
editorial desk. On the desk are his clasped hands, a small, neat pile of 
notes, and a glass of Rock Orange. The GNN boss doesn't seem very upset, so 
you can all relax. "I thought I'd take today and just explain to everyone what 
the main problems with Australia - and believe me, there are many - and how 
we, as a society of generally good people, are losing the country to the 

        Chest begins raising a finger for each point that he makes, "Thus far, 
Australia has A) booted out all Reploids, but not Androids, B) Told Repliforce 
to screw off, but in mildly nicer terms, C) Tried to stay buddies with 
/Interpol/ - showing just how desperate the Aussies must be for friends, D) 
Had a quasi-friendly / quasi-stand-offish relationship with Aztlan, land of 
the fascists and home of the bigoted, and E) Tried to shelter itself from the 
going ons of the rest of the world." He can never resist the Interpol shot. 

        Chest lowers his hand, taking a moment to sip from his glass. "Near as 
I can tell, the government and population seems driven by paranoia and fear. 
They fear the Sigma Virus and what it can do to the point where they have to 
deport their own citizens. They fear Repliforce operating on their soil 
without permission, thus taking away their right to govern themselves. They 
fear the Mavericks coming to annihilate them all. And finally, they fear 
Neo-Arcadia coming in and exerting influence and control over their nation." 



================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/116                    Posted        Author
C's Editorial: Australia 2         Fri Oct 21    Global News Network

        Chest glances down at his notes briefly before saying, "Lets take a 
look at motives, shall we? Repliforce, Interpol, the Hunters, and most of us 
all want Australia to abandon their anti-Reploid laws so that Reploids and 
humans can live in harmony, etc etc. Neo-Arcadia obviously is overjoyed by 
this new law. And the Mavericks? Well, lets think about this. If I were Sigma 
right now, and I was sitting on my throne o' crazy, hearing reports about how 
Reploids, cast out by Australia, had no choice but to join the ranks of the 
'glorious Coalition for Reploid Freedom', would I be against this nutty law?!" 

        Chest frowns, glaring at the camera as he shakes his head, waggling a 
finger, "No! If I was Sigma, I'd be quite fine with this law, believe me! Now 
lets take a look at the reaction that this assassination attempt on Ross 
McGovern is going to have. In my opinion, it's going to be /helping/ the cause 
to destroy the anti-Reploid law. It almost made Mr. McGovern, bless his soul, 
into a martyr. Assassinating public supporters of a cause has never been a 
very good way of stopping that cause in a democratic society." 

        "So what does this mean? I can't see why the Neo-Arcadians or Mavericks 
would want this, unless they're complete morons or something-" Chest abruptly 
stops, as if giving that one a second thought. He finally shakes his head, 
continuing, "I don't think Interpol, the Repliforce, or even the Hunters are 
capable of such a horrible act. So unless this was simply someone acting 
alone, I think there has to be more to this story than meets the eye." What 
the hell. Another Interpol shot for the road. "Hopefully Repliforce and the 
Hunters are willing to hold Interpol's hand during the investigations." 

        Chest takes a deep breath, as if tired. He has another sip from his 
glass, and then wraps up. "Thus far, the only smart ones in this whole deal 
have been the Mavericks and Neo-Arcadia. Neo-Arcadia's been playing it fairly 
straight with the paranoid Australia, and even had an official state visit to 
open trade talks. Y'know, peaceful things for a skittish government. The 
Mavericks... well, they've just been their scary selves, which is more than 
enough. Hopefully the /good guys/'ll get their acts together before Australia 
fully slips away into Neo-Arcadia." 


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/117                    Posted        Author
Daryn Kidnapped?!                  Sat Oct 22    Global News Network

"Famous Rockstar, celebrity, annoying jerk that won't die, Robot Master, felon, 
and possibly gay homophobe Daryn Luna was reported to have been kidnapped 
today as a tanker and an 18-wheeler nigh-simultaneously slammed into his body 
and the drivers, reported to be Megumi Oberobin and Aria, picked up his fallen 
body and rapidly spirited him away, yelling about why he never called and how 
he considered terrorist actions to be more important than healthy 
relationships with his friends."

"Daryn Luna was reportedly attending a halloween party and was just leaving as 
his body was mutilated by massive impacts."

"Daryn Luna's whereabouts are currently unknown. Robot Masters and affiliates 
have asked that any information regarding his whereabouts be e-mailed to 

"Until that time, to assist in the search, the Robot Masters have put Daryn's 
face on new Wily Beer cans with the phrase: 'Have You Seen Me?' underneath 
with the e-mail address given."

<end GNN>

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/115                    Posted        Author
Presidential Address: NA War       Sat Oct 22    Global News Network

        "Ladies and gentlemen, the President of the United States." 

        President Seers is in the Oval Office. His desk and other surroundings 
appear inviting and comforting. Behind him is a window looking out onto the 
White House lawn. Behind him to his right is an American flag. To his left is 
the President's flag. On the desk, facing the cameras on an angle, are 
pictures of the First Lady and their children. On the President's lapel is a 
pin with the American flag on it. 

        "My fellow citizens, moments ago American and Repliforce troops crossed 
into Neo-Arcadia, and have begun striking selected targets of military 
importance to undermine Elpizo's ability to wage war. These are the opening 
stages of what will be a broad and concerted campaign." 

        "To the mechs of the Repliforce now in Neo-Arcadia, the peace of a 
troubled world and the hopes of our people now depend on you. That trust is 
well placed. The enemies you confront will come to know your skill and 
bravery. In this conflict, America faces an enemy who has no regard for 
conventions of war or rules of morality." 

        "Our nation enters this conflict reluctantly, yet our purpose is sure. 
The people of the United States, and our friends and allies will not live at 
the mercy of an outlaw regime that threatens the peace with mass murder. We 
will defend our freedom, and we will defend the innocent."

        "May God bless our country and all who defend her."


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/116                    Posted        Author
Operation: Noble Sentinel          Sun Oct 23    Global News Network

        The media, in particular the US media, heavily covered the new invasion 
of Neo-Arcadia. The US administration, along with Repliforce, have dubbed the 
campaign Operation: Noble Sentinel. Nobody quite explains what it means. 
Although coverage is extensive, there's not much in the way of hard facts 
being presented, as nobody wants to release potentially classified 

        The basic gist, however, seems to be that the invasion met with partial 
success. Repliforce troops are within Neo-Arcadia, ranging from 100 kilometres 
in in some areas, to nothing in other places. The US administration is 
spinning this as a success, and a statement from the office of the President 
noted that 'this is the first step in the long and difficult fight to remove 
the injustice that exists in Aztlan'. 

        OOC: Questions to Excise. 


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/117                    Posted        Author
Isla de Muerta                     Sun Oct 23    Global News Network
<<News from Giga City>>

"In top stories, news from Lagrano Ruins in giga city. It seems a particularly 
hard nut group of squatters and rogues has begun camping out in the lagrano 
Ruins, defying attempts to remove them. Although no hostilities have begun, 
the threatening presence of these malcontents ill eases some. However, rather 
strangely, they seem to be acting like top dogs of the heap, protecting the 
ruin as much as occupying it. Minor scavengers and lunatics are being 
constantly driven away, as if they are as much guardians of it as occupiers. 
Rumors that vehicles are using it as a treasure smuggling port are not yet 

<<Questions? Boss H.>>

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/118                    Posted        Author
Happy Go-Go Man!                   Sun Oct 23    Global News Network
<On NATV's children's television time block.>

"It's time for HAPPY GO-GO MAN! This week's dance: The Towel Shimmy!" Hector 
Kausmann appears standing across from a Japanese go-go dancer. They hold both 
hands up and pantomine pulling a towel back and forth behind them, before 
pulling it down so the towel is across their back, before shimmying their 
bottoms out and pulling the towel across it. "And now...This week's episode of 
Happy Go-Go Man!"

http://www.angelfire.com/hero2/gogoman/happygogo.htm (Episode 2).

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/119                    Posted        Author
GNN Morning News                   Sun Oct 23    Global News Network

"This is GNN."

"And at the top of the hour today we'll have a conversation with GNN Manager, 
Chest, about his controversial editorial on the recent assassination attempt 
in Australia. Also, we'll hear from international celebr--*BZIK*"

Cue an unmistakable masked face. Vile. One red optic glows.

"October is a month that has one of the most famous holiday's on the planet 
short of Christmas. And no, I'm not speaking about the holiday where the sad, 
sagging bodies of the world's human youth continue their species downward 
spiral by inventing this sad excuse to gorge themselves and their kin on 
heart-failure inducing chocolates, candies, and even otherwise healthy fruit 
basted in caramel. Is it any wonder that heart disease remains a problem to 
this day? You reward them with excessed and the mortal sin of gluttony in 
their youth, thereby generating a society that is equally as fat and dissolute 
when they 'mature'. But I digress. No... The holiday in October that is 
special and dear to my own heart is a much more often overlooked one. You see, 
October is National Brain Injury Awareness Month. As such, in an effort to be 
a model citizen I am going to list several people suffering from brain 
injuries to make them better aware, and then subsequently offer my services to 
rectify their mental ailments personally."

"First up we have this sad, sad, fellow." A shot of President Seers flashes. 
"At what point in human history is the country of the United States going to 
realize that they are doing nothing to solve any of the problems in the world, 
but rather are merely creating new ones? Was a war between Repliforce, 
Maverick, Robot Master, and Hunter not enough for you? At what point between 
your mentally addled brain did the idea of unleashing the full force of Neo 
Arcadia into the mix, even as tidings of yet another faction in the Irregular 
Overlords ruminate, come into cohesion as a /good/ idea? Or do you and the 
Repliforce simply fear that the presence of Atzlan and it's clear and 
unabashed racism against Reploidkind swells the Maverick ranks even further?"

"Which brings me to the next poor, unfortunate, mentally inept idiot I want to 
help today. That is Storm Owl, whose own holiday is still a month away. 
Everyone knows who the tactical 'mind' behind the Repliforce is. The only 
problem is that you haven't been really employing that mind for a long time, 
have you, Storm Owl? Your precious fortress sits outside the newly named Giga 
City, yet you order 'discretionary' assaults against Neo Arcadia to limit 
their war capabilities? You seek to neuter a country that's response to you 
and your kind is not simple castration, but rather, total annihilation. That 
is retarded. The Repliforce in its unending claims for 'peace' does nothing 
but instigate new war. If they were truly an honorable and peaceloving 
institution, they would have employed all their considerable military might to 
truly halt Aztlan from being a public menace once and for all. Instead, they 
just rile them into escalating these Robot Wars. So either Storm Owl is 
secretly a warmongering battlechief, or he's just a moron. Either way, planet 
Earth continues to burn."

"-ity and star of the latest blockbuster movie..."


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/120                    Posted        Author
Australian Assassin Escaped!       Mon Oct 24    Global News Network
<This...Is GNN.>

"This is Mitrophon Slondgehts, reporting live from Sydney. At Australian SWAT 
tactical command in a police precinct in Sydney, a female cyborg with a human 
hostage attacked full force. <Footage of Energize with Kim Takushi on her 
arm.> SWAT troopers were unable to return fire for fear of him, as the pirate 
Bon Bonne arrived and broke into the station. The assailants freed the 
suspected Maverick assassination suspect that was stored inside. The suspect, 
who gave his name as 'Cap Razor' and has been indicted for the near fatal 
shooting of Ross McGovern, shot his way out. Interpol arrived with a dropship, 
power armor, and enforcers, and a vigilante arrived to assist. All suspects 
managed to escape, leaving five SWAT members dead and dozens more wounded, as 
well as several Interpol agents injured in the fighting."

<OOC: contact Machiavelli with questions.>

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/120                    Posted        Author
Repliforce Advertisement           Tue Oct 25    Global News Network
Light fading up from black, music starts. A Repliforce officer marches up the 
street in time with the background music which is somewhat martial and 
uplifting. A corus of voices sing as the soldier marches through a city 
street, reploids of all shapes and sizes joining hin in the marching.

"Will you join in our crusade?
Who will be strong and stand with me?
Somewhere beyond the barricade
Is there a world you long to see?
Do you hear the people sing?
Say, do you hear the distant drums?
It is the future that they bring
When tomorrow comes!"

As the music hits a crescendo, from the side, Colonel approaches the group and 
takes up point, marching in time with the music, armor gleaming in the sun. 
THe reploids marching behind him look pleased to be a part of the group and 
resolute, as if they know the hardships and duty ahead of them. The music 
fades out as the group continues down the street and the picture fades to 
black once again, the Repliforce logo coming up in the field of view. Below 
the logo comes white text that reads, 

"Repliforce: For the freedom of all"

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/121                    Posted        Author
Grand Opening: PERLA CORONA        Tue Oct 25    Global News Network
A report from England. Actually, an ad. It features a 'virtual tour'-type thing 
first, showing several beautiful galleries of various forms of art. "The Perla 
Corona...a haven of beauty, of culture..." The picture switches to a human 
couple in a dark, candlelit restaurant, staring happily at each other. "...of 
romance..." Then, to shops, and then slot machines and card tables. "...of 
fun. The Perla Corona, the world's largest, most opulent casino! Be there, for 
the Grand Opening! Meet some of the greatest minds in the world as our 
special, secret guests of honor!"

The screen fades, and a voice says, as it does, "Fighting is not permitted." 

OOC: The IC announcement of the grand opening. Talk to Crystal Man if you want 
to be invited because you're famous or something. (However, I already have 
Guests of Honor slated.)

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/122                    Posted        Author
The Goods of Today...              Tue Oct 25    Global News Network
<A commercial.>

A business man is shown walking down the street, wearing an ear piece with a 
microphone extending down and half of a pair of sunglasses over his eye. His 
view is shown walking down the street, with stock numbers and text messages 
scrolling past. "For your communication..." A home is shown with a sleek white 
drone cooking, before serving the business man and his hot wife dinner. "For 
your domestic needs..." The woman is shown laying in a bubble bath, with a low 
level sonic emmitor humming in the tub. "For your luxury..."

"The goods of today...Brought to you by United Goods."


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/59                     Posted        Author
WalCostMartCo, Greenland Attacked! Wed Oct 26    Global News Network
<A pair of reporters appear on screen, just after the GNN logo.> 

"I am John Jingleheimer," intones one. 
"And I'm Jacob Schmidt," adds the other. 
In unison they begin talking, "Our top story this hour is the brazen daylight 
attack on the Greenland WalCostMartCo complex. At first the warehouse complex 
was being terrorized by an irate duck reploid." 

Both of them pause for a moment, eyeing the cameras. John starts in once again. 
"The duck wasn't technically marked for easy identification. However, the 
later appearance of an Irregular transport indicates that it was likely an 
Irregular Overlord raid." 
Jacob Schmidt takes over, "There was little damage to the store or its 
contents, though roughly 6,000 zenny worth of Wiffle Wafers cookies were 
stolen, along with two extremely large turkeys, several hams, assorted frozen 
vegetables, several hundred pounds of cranberry sauce, and numerous other 
Thanksgiving related fixings." 
In unison again, "Security guards managed to hit them with multiple stunbolts, 
but were unable to subdue them. Police officers were also unable to prevent 
their escape when they retreated to the roof top and into a flying minivan 
after that. More on this story as it develops. We are John Jingleheimer and 
Jacob Schmidt for GNN!" 

<On with the unimportant news!>

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/60                     Posted        Author
Australia Assassin?                Thu Oct 27    Global News Network
In an official brief on the investigation's progress released today, Director 
Sarah Fairchild has confirmed a suspicion many have expressed: The would-be 
assassin, who recently escaped, was, indeed, NOT a Maverick at all.

Shot of Sarah Fairchild addressing an assembly. "Although we cannot of course 
rule out the possibility of Sigma Virus infection until such time as Australia 
comes forward with Sigma Virus scan results on the suspect, eyewitness reports 
of officers on the scene have confirmed that the assassin was actually a 
criminal we've been hunting for some time: The android once known as Chet, now 
known as Machiavelli, a Yakuza operative. His rescuers are also confiremd 
Yakuza operatives, in particular one who is known to be the apprentice of one 
Doctor Takeshi Shinchiro."

When asked about previous reports that Chet had been captured months ago, 
Doctor Fairchild stated that the current belief was that Chet is an android, 
and as such must have been restored from a backup after the first one's 
capture; the original is confirmed to still be in custody. Interpol has 
expressed its intention to continue the manhunt for Chet and his associates 
until they have all been finally brought to justice.

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/61                     Posted        Author
Anomoly Proposes Endless Warfare   Thu Oct 27    Global News Network

< News feeds. >

The anomolous viral entity known as Legion or "Duo.EXE" manifested itself on an 
unused broadcast channel and addressed the world this evening. It distributed 
a document proposing a self-perpetuating limited war which would meet the 
needs of sentient beings to engage in armed conflict while apparently allowing 
all sides to continue to survive.

The document was widely distributed to public servers, and has been 
proliferated extensively by its readers. UN representatives, when asked about 
accusations that the UN has attempted to supress the document, had no comment.

< Punditry. >

OOC: Questions to Leo. A summary of the document can be @mailed on request.


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/62                     Posted        Author
Righteous Acquaintances in Giga Ci Fri Oct 28    Global News Network
<This... Is GNN.>

        Mac appears.

        "Hello, one and all. Today I would like to announce a VERY SPECIAL 
drop-in clinic."

        He motions behind him, where a fancy Flash RIGHTEOUS ACQUAINTANCES logo 

        "Got a problem with people opposing your rights? Obstructing justice?" 
Commence shiftyeyes. "Want somebody evil whacked?" Grin. "Then come on by! Our 
new HEAD OFFICE has just been created in GIGA CITY. It also doubles as a youth 
centre! That means you, childs, can come visit all of your heroes!"

        DRAMATIC CLOSE UP. "You knows it, foo'."

        Mac's face fades into a map. Omg.

<That... Was GNN.>

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/63                     Posted        Author
Perla Corona Grand Opening         Fri Oct 28    Global News Network
"We are sorry to say that there was a hitch in the grand opening. While the 
majority seemed to be going well, including good speeches from all three 
Guests of Honor, and everything seemed to be on-course, a group of Irregulars, 
not the Robot Masters that were expected to cause the trouble, decided to show 
up and cause mischief. Owner Christopher Allmann has promised that nothing of 
the sort will be allowed, and calls this a 'reprehensible event.' He thanks 
Doctor Light, Axl and Mega Man for being there to help his security team, and 
has officially banned Bat Vertigo, Gun Dinosaur and Holocaust from the Perla 
Corona. Security staff is being given extra training and better weapons to 
deal with similar threats in the future. Mister Allmann would also like to 
thank Doctor Light for kindly offering to pay for all damages. This...was GNN."

OOC: Questions to Crystal Man

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/64                     Posted        Author
Halloween Holdup!                  Sat Oct 29    Global News Network
<This...Is GNN.>

"Five individuals, four of them wearing a Robot Master mask and one of them 
apparently in samurai armor, robbed Hong Kong's First City Bank today, making 
off with over fifty million zenny. Interpol arrived with local police, a power 
armor taking on the samurai as the others used explosives, assault weapons, 
and an attack hovercopter against police - reportedly a model three Gunshark 
assault-transport VTOL. The identities of the attackers, who escaped, are not 
known at this time, although they are believed to be ex-military."

<OOC: @mail Machiavelli with inquiries.>

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/65                     Posted        Author
Aztlan - Australia Police Pact!    Sat Oct 29    Global News Network

        The Government of Australia released a statement today, announcing the 
formation of the Aztlan & Neo-Arcadian Police Services Act. In part, the 
statement read, "In light of the recent terrorist acts against our nation, we 
have seen fit to allow our Neo-Arcadian friends to aid us in combating the 
criminal element." The Police Services Act, which is effective immediately but 
will be subject to parliament review in two months time, allows Neo-Arcadian 
agents to help defend Australia, provided that they follow all laws and orders 
from the Australian authorities and Defense Force. The act also explicitly 
states that no Neo-Arcadian military facilities are permitted on Australian 

        Prime Minister Lachlan Cooper was quoted as saying, "This agreement 
with Aztlan will allow us to both fight the terrorist element as well as 
maintain our own national sovereignty." As usual, this topic has polarized the 
nation. Critics have condemned the act, saying that 'this is a slippery slope 
to Aztlan being able to exert total influence over the Australian government' 
and 'it is irresponsible that we claim the moral high ground while we 
simultaneously cooperate with a rogue nation like Neo-Arcadia'. 

        The Prime Minister downplayed these claims, noting that this 'is not a 
military alliance, but merely an effort to increase policing effectiveness'. 
He was also quoted as saying that worries that Australia is getting too close 
to Aztlan were 'completely preposterous'. 


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/66                     Posted        Author
Club Raid                          Sun Oct 30    Global News Network

        "Earlier today police raided a local night club of New York City 
following a lead that the establishment was creating and distributing videos 
of homeless people brutally fighting one another. Reports indicate that 
numerous arrests were made as well as the freeing of several homeless 
individuals, some of which were admitted to the hospital in critical 
condition. Police say the operation was particularly large and feel that the 
arrests will lead to discovering other underground fighting rings."

        (OOC: Questions to Blitzkrieg or Barrel Caskett.)


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/67                     Posted        Author
Auction Auction Auction            Sun Oct 30    Global News Network

 < GNN > 

        After the GNN symbol swept away from the front of the screen it showed 
one of the news rooms of the Repliforce, General himself standing tall and 
proud at the front of a podium with Repliforce banners hanging behind him. 
        "Good day everyone," General intoned, nodding his head slightly and 
giving a smile for the camera. He waited a few more seconds, and then cleared 
his throat. "As it is currently known the various European lands are without 
        "Some of the lands are owned by the Juggalos, and some by the African 
immigrants, and those are fine people to have hold of the properties, for they 
have shown that they can handle owning it all. However, some of the lands are 
completely devoid of leadership, and without that leadership, without someone 
to guide the European soil, there will never be a regrowth." 
        "Repliforce is the main military presence in the European nations. 
Repliforce, along with many other organizations, have pushed back the 
Mavericks who dominated Europe and freed it. The potency of the Interpol, 
Hunter and Repliforce alliance has shown that we can save areas from the 
terrors of the Mavericks and the Robot Masters." 
        "Given the interest shown by the African population I first sent a 
statement to them requesting if they would like to acquire the lands currently 
free...the lands that Repliforce has the dominate military presence in. 
Statements of interest have been few, and so now I have opted to open this to 
the entire world...save for a few organizations that have shown criminal 
        "Therefore, if you are interested in purchasing an ex-European nation 
then please send a request, along with an offer, to Repliforce. At least one 
million zenny is required to gain a single nation. We shall attempt to keep 
track of who is interested in what. Members of the Robot Masters, Mavericks, 
Yakuza and other organizations will be ignored in their attempts to offer 
        "Thank you, and good day." 

 Included in this is a listing of every nation available, and at the very 
bottom a 5 million zenny minimum cost on purchasing the Liberty Station.

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/68                     Posted        Author
Press Release From the Coalition.. Sun Oct 30    Global News Network
<A series of local newspapers where leaks have been delivered.>

A text only statement has been released from the Coalition, one of the first 
that has been let out in a long time. It is also very short.

"Good day, Everyone.

I am pleased to announce my intention to firebomb large tracts of land in an 
undisclosed portion of the globe. Furthermore, it is my intention to use 
overwhelming force to make absolutely certain that every man, woman, child and 
innocent Reploid has been destroyed and their ashes cast to the winds.

After this, as my forces will be the sole occupants of the region, I will be 
selling it for a healthy profit. A waiting list is available at 500,000 zenny 
per country that has been burned to cinders. Any region that required a 
particularialy heavy bloodshed to pacify will have cost increased to 2 million 
zenny in order to cover my own losses.

Thank you, and happy bidding.

-Emperor Sigma"

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/69                     Posted        Author
Outrage at Repliforce (Again)      Sun Oct 30    Global News Network
<This is GNN!>

"People For A Free Germany were outraged when General of Repliforce announced 
an intent to 'sell' Europe in a bidding auction."

"'We funded war effort to take back Berlin, we waited patiently for Allied 
Forces to take back our home, we waited patiently as Repliforce occupied our 
lands soon after. Repliforce did not save Germany, it was the Hunters and 
Robot Masters that saved Germany. It was our expectatoin our home would be 
returned to us. We cannot speak for the rest of Europe, but we cannot allow 
Deutschland to be bartered like a mule. Repliforce has no business in our 
nation. We cannot fight with weapons or economics, but we ask that Repliforce 
reconsider it's actions. We have been preparing for our return for some time."

<and then in German...>

"Liese Schreiner, our hopes are with you."<end GNN>

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/70                     Posted        Author
RF Response to PFAFG               Sun Oct 30    Global News Network

 Statement to the Public 

 The European lands were offered to the original owners, the Europeans, upon 
the freeing of them by the numerous allied organizations. This was offered 
following the fall of the Spire, openly, over the GNN. 

 Currently Germany has a population, is not up for sale and is still available 
for acquiring by the original German owners. If they wish to own it then all 
they need do is state so and contact Repliforce. We have been hoping to return 
people to the European lands for the simple reason that it deserves to be 

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/71                     Posted        Author
DEVIL'S NIGHT ON PLANET EARTH      Mon Oct 31    Global News Network

< Image: A black armored San Angeles SWAT officer, looking out over the city 
from a rooftop. >

< Pull quote, attributed to the officer: "Something is going to go down 
tonight. I can smell it." >

According to several overnight public opinion polls, human-Reploid tensions are 
at their highest point since the first wave of the Sigma Virus afflicted the 
world. World leaders have called for order, fearing that a rising tide of 
anti-Reploid -- and specifically anti-Repliforce -- sentiment could spill over 
into major civil unrest.

The spike in public outrage, focused primarily in the human community, comes 
from Repliforce's proposed "sale" of former European nations to investors. The 
sale, intended to generate public interest in resettling Europe, has had the 
immediate negative effect of focusing the anger and resentment of the European 
Diaspora on their "liberators".

Resettlement has not occurred at the rate that the United Nations would have 
hoped due to extensive infrastructure loss, fears of continuing Maverick 
attacks and the extensive poverty of a large segment of the European 
population whose entire livelihoods were destroyed by the Robot 
Master/Maverick conflict.

Massive anti-Repliforce demonstrations have taken place in Sydney, Rio de 
Janeiro and New York City throughout the course of the day. While the 
demonstrations were primarily peaceful, isolated outbreaks of fighting, 
vandalism and anti-Reploid sentiment have dominated the news coverage of the 
events, which appear to be broadening the scope of human anger to Reploids in 

A statement released by the Coalition for Reploid Freedom offered protection to 
any Reploid who is concerned for their safety in light of the recent negative 
turn in human public opinion. The number of Reploids who may have accepted 
this offer is uncertain. However, many Reploids have attempted to flee into 
the Reploid cities of Tol Eressea and Giga City to try to wait out the storm, 
filling both cities to near-capacity.

Eurasia, normally thought of as a safe and neutral location, has been all but 
evacuated by Reploids in light of the heavy European population on the 
station. San Angeles, dangerously close to the active United States/Aztlan 
border, has seen a similar drop in its Reploid population.

"It's coming," a SAPD officer said. "And it couldn't have come at a worse time."

< OOC: Leo can answer your various questions. >


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/72                     Posted        Author
S.T.A.R.S. to bolster Interpol     Mon Oct 31    Global News Network
--GNN reporting from the USA--

"On this Hallow's Eve in the United States of America, in the wake of 
investigations in to criminal activities throughout the nation, and 
allegations and protests being leveled against the Repliforce, an American 
institution is pledging funding and backing to the slightly flagging Interpol 

"That institution is 'STARS,' the Special Tactics and Rescue Squadron, a team 
of highly trained American military operatives who have special emergency 
police jurisdiction in the United States as well as the nation of Texas. 
Members of the STARS team were invovled in clearing biological contaminants 
from the city of El Paso recently, as well as the more well-documented 
'Raccoon City incident' of 2214. According to a release from the STARS 
organization, they are pledging funding, training, and equipment to strengthen 
Interpol relations on the American continent. No word yet on if STARS intends 
to move their operations onto the international stage, but, if that is their 
intent, Interpol may make as an excellent springboard. It's possible the two 
organizations have a lot to offer one another, and the news couldn't come at a 
better time for the International Police."

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/73                     Posted        Author
Maverick's Attack Giga City        Mon Oct 31    Global News Network

"This is GNN."

"Less than twenty four hours ago a heavy strike team lead by the infamous 
former Maverick General, Vile, entered the mining colony of Giga City. Vile 
requested of Repliforce Commander Storm Owl that he and his two support Ride 
Armor's be allowed to destroy the Force Metal beneath the floating city for 
the good of the planet. As viewers know, the Giga City mines are entirely 
manned by Reploids and the Maverick's claimed that the conditions that these 
Reploid workers were being forced to endure were unjust and highly dangerous. 
Further, Vile asserted that Force Metal will simply create a new, bitter, arms 
race as newer and newer weapons of mass destruction are engineered from the 
experimental material. To prevent the escalation in the Robot Wars and the 
protect the Reploids the so called "gluttonous corporations" are abusing, the 
Maverick's sought to destroy all traces of the element. Maverick forces were 
driven off by a combined tandem of Repliforce soldiers and Irregular Overlords 
with countless lives saved by the sacrifice of Repliforce soldiers Storm Owl 
and Shield Shellfish as Vile tried to cover his escape. More details as we 
have them."


================================== IC News ===================================
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GNN Probes RF... not like that!    Mon Oct 31    Global News Network

        GNN has been extensively covering the recent Repliforce woes. Opinion 
editors, including Chest, have mostly all agreed that Repliforce has crossed 
too many lines in recent history. Chest was quoted as saying that he 'was 
reminded of when the Hunters seemed to try and form the new Russian government 
back in the day'. Regardless, one of the more interesting reports GNN has 
released is an informal survey, asking questions to average Repliforce 
troopers. 1,000 troopers took part. 

        * When asked about their morale, 65.3% said they were dissatisfied with 
Repliforce's current direction. * 

        * When asked whether Repliforce should take a greater or less part in 
politics and non-military functions, 77.3% said either 'less' or 'much less'. 
Only 4% said 'more' or 'much more'. * 

        * When asked about their confidence in the General, only 39.6% said 
they had confidence in the General's leadership abilities at the moment. * 

        * However, when asked if General could pull himself out of his 
troubles, 57.2 said 'yes'. * 

        * When asked what they think Repliforce must do, the most common 
response was along the lines of 'leave politics alone and concentrate on doing 
their job, such as the war in Neo-Arcadia, fighting for freedom, and saving 
lives'. * 

        * Finally, in what was no doubt the most startling of responses, when 
when asked if they would approve of Colonel abruptly declaring himself the new 
leader of Repliforce, 61.3% of troopers said 'yes' * 
        Questions to Excise. 


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/75                     Posted        Author
RF Selling Europe? Now pedaling!   Mon Oct 31    Global News Network

        Repliforce released a brief statement saying that, through the process 
outlined in the Repliforce charter that was drafted after the Rainbow Devil 
fiasco,, the decision to sell parts of Europe to the highest bidder has been 

        Questions to the Butterball. 


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