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Scott Wily Defeated By Mega Man!   Sat Apr 01    GNN

< Screaming international headlines >

Scott Wily, creator of the Robot Overlords and clone of international terrorist 
Dr. Albert Wily, was killed by a coalition of forces today in Able City. The 
battle started after Epsilon confronted Scott Wily in the park district of 
Able City. Epsilon was seemingly defeated by Scott Wily by some sort of 
"kill-switch" type device installed into Epsilon while Scott Wily was still 
affiliated with the Irregulars.

Countless combat units, including Mega Man, Zero, Proto Man, Lumine, and the 
Godmachine Binary attacked Wily, assisted by numerous other individuals. The 
battle was intense, but the tide of battle did not turn until Clock Man, 
renegade Overlord, apparently sacrificed himself to remove Wily's Supra Force 
Metal and fall on it to prevent the radiation from harming others. Clock Man's 
present condition is unknown, but his body is believed to be in the custody of 
the Maverick Hunters.

Mega Man, pushed to the limit during the encounter, entered his merged form 
with Rush and killed Scott Wily with a powerful energy blast. However, Scott 
Wily's armored suit was apparently rigged with a dangerous self-destruct 
device that used Force Metal-type energy that could threaten the whole of Able 
City. Epsilon reappeared at this point, apparently having faked his original 
defeat, and threw the bomb far away from Able City. Coalition forces fired on 
the apparatus until it was destroyed, ending the threat. No radiation damage 
has been reported in the southern Pacific or on the Australian coast, though 
an investigation is ongoing.

The Supra Force Metal was apparently lost in the fighting, as no individuals 
have come forward claiming they possess it. The park district of Able City is 
presently being decontaminated by United Nations officials. No long-term 
infrastructure damage is expected to come of the incident.

A grateful world once again thanks Mega Man for rising in its time of need and 
defeating the forces of evil...

< Punditry. >

OOC: Leo


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Holographic Intruder in Manhattan! Sat Apr 01    GNN
<This...Is GNN.>

"This is breaking news, from the Museum of Natural History in Manhattan. An 
intruder using some sort of hologram system posed as STARS officer Laura 
MacKenzie, grabbing one of the world's largest rubies and fleeing. The real 
Laura MacKenzie, in her power armor, confronted the intruder outside, as she 
was posted there for extra security. After a battle, the hologram was 
defeated, and the ruby was recovered. In other news..."

<OOC: Questions to Mist Man.>

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False Stardroid Defeated!          Sat Apr 01    GNN
<Tonight's main headline!>
The headquarters of Tri-Hangul, a video game development company based in 
Silver City, New Mexico as one of the rare modern buildings in the 
sourthwestern US region, came under attack today by an individual who referred 
to themselves as "Io" and claimed to be a Stardroid. Stardroids, celestial 
beings who have not been seen nor heard from following the incidents at El 
Paso, Texas. Io is a natural satellite that orbits Jupiter, famed for its 
volcanic activity.
The explosion that destroyed the building and consumed the area in fire claimed 
27 lives, with 79 others in various states of injury - 31 are said to be in 
critical condition. This also attracted the attention of Repliforce, Robot 
Master, and Hunter forces along with Suploid and the CEO of HeraCorp, Sewa. 
After a short melee where explosive charges were detonated throughout the 
area, Io was defeated by the Robot Master Dust Man. The fires were put out by 
efforts from Sewa and Repliforce officers commandeered by Storm Owl.
A surviving victim identified the individual as 38-year-old Marcus Richards. 
Marcus Richards was, at one point, a famous pyrotechnician for several action 
movies from the 2200's, until an accidental premature explosion forced him to 
nearly total cybernetic conversion in 2211. He was awarded 13,000,000z from a 
court that found the studio's negligence responsible for the accident. 
According to reports by friends, his wife, Kerry Ann Stupart, had divorced him 
soon after.
"He was suicidal after that," a long time friend of Marcus commented, wishing 
his identity be withheld, "but he said he wanted to do something that would 
get people to come together. I didn't think he would go and do something like 
this. I don't think you can bring together people by taking away lives people 
don't have their eyes on most of the time."
Marcus Richards became a groundskeeper for Tri-Hangul's main headquarters four 
years ago. It is suspected he had been preparing this scenario for years on 
end. Why he chose to go through with it a day after the fall of Scott Wily 
remains a mystery.
"He always had a strange sense of humor about him." a disguised co-worker, 
female and probably middle-aged, states. "A hell of an April Fool's joke if 
that's what he intended."
"I should have known something was up when my stamp turned up missing. I was 
going to fire him on Monday. He hadn't been a very good groundskeeper over the 
last six months." The identity of this guy is also protected, though he is 
clearly morbidly obese.
Following a skirmish over the retrieval of "Io," Repliforce secured him and 
brought him to a hospital at a nearby base. Marcus Richards was pronounced 
dead on arrival.
Authorities repeat that this was not a genuine Stardroid and request people to 
remain calm as investigations continue on the matter.
<Punditry! Also, OOC contact: Io.>

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Marshmallow Mayhem!                Sun Apr 02    GNN
<This is GNN!>

In the wee hours of Sunday the Robot Master known as Guts Man was reported 
assaulting a Kraft Foods factory in Torontreal. His goals were clear as he 
told one of our correspondants that he was there to destroy its marshmallow 
making capabilities.

Significant damage was done to the interior of the factory as several silos of 
ingredients were destroyed as well as some machinery used to mix the 
ingredients together. The chaos was brief and quick as three brave souls 
<Picture of Chronoto Duck/Vertigo Duck, Fatih Mehmet and Axl> confronted the 
Robot Master. By their powers combined they managed to persuade Guts Man to 
leave quietly without further incident.

At this time it is believed that the factory will be closed for two weeks as 
repairs are undertaken to replace the broken machinery and to repair the huge 
hole in the exterior wall. Despite this brazen attack of the factory, Kraft 
Foods would like to reassure the public that they will still be able to 
produce marshmallows at some of their other factories.

<This has been GNN!>

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Monkey Madness                     Sun Apr 02    GNN
<This is GNN!>

Yesterday there were reports of a Large Ape Man attacking businesses in Seoul, 
Korea. This Ape Man was unidentified and GNN have received reports varying 
from the absurd to the ridiculous. We have, however, received confirmed 
reports of a S.T.A.R.S. operative reporting to the scene of the crime, a 
Subspace technology dealer in the Mall District and there was apparently a 
gunfight involving high powered weaponry.

There have been unsubstantiated reports that the reported 'Ape Man' was some 
sort of biological weapon, but neither S.T.A.R.S. nor Neo Arcadia have 
commented on the incident.

Also, in shocking revelations we investigate Thomas Light. Visionary scientist 
or absentee father. Would Guts Man have...

<This was GNN!>

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Bugs!!                             Sun Apr 02    GNN
<GNN: Able City!>

"A latest report about a disturbance in the Residential District of Able City 
tells of a threat to the people of the city. Drones dubbed as 'Worms' have 
infested the District and have been eating away at metallic infrastructure. It 
is currently unknown if something is controlling these drones or not, but they 
have turned to not just eating the infrastructure, but some reploids as well."

<end GNN> 

OOC: Questions to Lumine

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Chest Authors Book: Maverick (1)   Tue Apr 04    GNN

<This... is GNN> 

        The owner of the Capcom Global News Network Corporation, news anchor, 
self-described master space explorer, battlebot pilot, part time Robot Master, 
self-proclaimed creator of the term 'Blue Bomber', enemy to all Hyenards, 
Oranges, and Onions, editorialist, soccer star, and self-proclaimed VTOL 
flying ace, Chest, has added 'author' to the list, having completed work on a 
book titled 'Maverick'. 'Maverick' includes passages, notes, and information 
taken by the media mogul during and after his interactions with Javelin 
Whitetail from September 2217 to present, his visit to Sigma's Throne Room in 
the Imperial Spire of MavBerlin in December of 2217, talks with Vile in 
December of 2218, his capture and plight by Lumine on Mars early in 2219, and 
many other events. 

        'Maverick' has thoughts and analysis on many Maverick individuals, both 
major and minor, as well as the overall Maverick ideals. Lumine is described 
as "someone who sees things in an entirely different light than most people. 
He views the world from an alien angle and perspective, and this means he sees 
things that others do not. It is easy to think him insane, but clearly there's 
immense intellect behind him", "He decided to bring me to Mars based on a 
whim, and because 'the momentous occasion had to be well publicized'. Lumine 
claimed that he would never intended for me to become infected by the 
Coalition forever, but thankfully I never had to learn if he was telling the 
truth", and finally, "Given that he's on a whole other level mentally, what's 
he see in Sigma?" 

        There is also a surprising amount on Vile, particularly about his 
relationship to Dr. Cossack, Sage Harpuia, and Elpizo. It quotes Vile as 
saying that "Elpizo is one of the singlemost pathetic creatures in existence. 
I do not hate him, I merely pity him", and "Pavel Cossack created me to change 
the world. He made the same mistake all fathers make of thinking that the 
world I envision is the same world he envisions. I /will/ change this planet, 
Chest, but it will not be what Pavel Cossack wants. So do I hate him? Maybe. 
Probably. I hate that he made me look at my reflection, a human face, and 
become aware. I hate that that human face represents everything that I fight 
so desperately against. What is paradise, then? When am I finished, you 
wonder? I ask myself the same questions and have no answers". Chest's opinion 
seems to indicate that Vile is probably just insane, but he writes it in a 
hedged, conservative manner; it is probably an attempt to avoid getting 
himself killed. 



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Chest Authors Book: Maverick (2)   Tue Apr 04    GNN

        There is a lot of material on Fianait as well. Throughout the book 
however she's just refered to as Javelin Whitetail. The book details how he 
first met her - she had come to him about a major project and wanted help. 
Chest says that he was all for it until she casually mentioned that it could 
involve infecting thousands with the Sigma Virus. Chest writes "at first I 
asked her not to go through with it, and then I begged her not to. Finally, 
when her mind was clearly made up, I outed her and those involved during my, 
Lemon, and Lime's famous interview with Sarah Fairchild and Javelin Whitetail 
herself". Chest notes that he has "no regrets" about his treatment of her. He 
bashes those that sympathize with the "murderer", saying that "those who feel 
compassion for Javelin Whitetail and wish to forgive her ought to feel some 
damn compassion for the hundreds of people she's responsible for killing, and 
the millions that the Mavericks have killed". Chest also writes that Javelin 
"really holds a grudge", refering to when she put Chest in the hospital. 

        Sigma gets a big chapter as well. Chest speaks of Sigma's ego and fear 
of not having respect, and it's clear that the GNN boss is still bitter about 
Sigma canceling the GNN/Maverick agreement. Chest speaks of Sigma's charisma 
and sarcastically asks what the Maverick leader had to pull out of his ass to 
make Repliforce agree to what he describes as 'the idiot moron clause in Tol 
Eressea' - the sympathetic Maverick laws. Chest harshly bashes Repliforce for 
this, and goes off on a bunch of tangents about it which makes the chapter on 
Sigma probably the weakest and unfocused part of the book. It also means Sigma 
gets off pretty light due to it.

        Two other Mavericks get mention, both of whom went to Mars with him. 
The first, Gigabolt, is described as "two litres of sugar in a half cup sugar 
bowl" and "goddamn annoying. I can't believe the Mavericks tolerate him". 
Chest questions whether beneath the childlike exterior of the Maverick there 
is also a darker side. Chest asks "would Gigabolt kill someone if ordered? We 
know he is not a mass murderer like many other Mavericks, but does he value 
anyone else's life at all? Or does he consider everything a game, including 
the evils that the Mavericks perpetrate?" 

        The last Maverick he met on Mars is Overclock. Chest initially refers 
to him as "the guy that flew the Maverick space jet". Chest writes that he 
didn't recognize him until he came home and looked up his image. He then did 
some research. Excerpts include "Christopher Matheson appears to have been the 
victim of a combination of his own addiction to cybernetic procedures, and 
hormonal and chemical imbalances caused by the constant modication of his 
cybernetic limbs and implants", "Although I barely spoke more than 2 words to 
the man, I can't help but both pity him and be disgusted by how he ended up 
where he is", "Feeding your own habit is one thing, but where'd he make the 
giant leap from tricking himself out with cyborg implants to tricking out 
everybody else? Sigma Virus, or his own personality?", and "I'm planning to 
see about looking further into Overclock and his history, mostly out of my own 
curiousity". Chest doesn't elaborate on that last one. 

        Much of the book also contains information and images from Chest's trip 
to Mars. There are some spectacular full-spread colour pictures of Mars' 
landscape, as well as several battles that took place there. Chest grudgingly 
gives credit for these to Camera. The acknowledgements section contains many 
names. Of note are Prismatic Spider and Chief R. There's no telling how well 
the book will sell, but Chest has been marketing it pretty heavily, appearing 
on talk shows and the like to plug it. That, the source material, and his own 
fame might be able to propel it to become a favorite. 

<That... was GNN> 


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Latvian Larceny                    Fri Apr 07    GNN
"And in other news, it was earlier reported in the wee hours of the night that 
Enker and Guts Man were in Latvia causing trouble, it turns out that the 
initial report was false as a weather balloon filled with swamp gas was gently 
floating in front of the planet Venus high in the sky. Yet it looks like the 
Robot Masters did take advantage of this false information later in the day as 
Guts Man and Enker actually attacked a factory in Latvia.

"Footage from the security cameras at the factory caught sight of Guts Man and 
S.T.A.R.S. Officer Jack Crow in a Power Armor engaged in combat. The battle 
was quick and fierce as the Robot Master knocked out officer Jack Crow, with 
the officer down Guts Man quickly raided the factory stealing various servos 
of different shapes, sizes and composites.

"Now stay tuned for our next story, is Bill Cosby's ghost alive and well 
haunting a Jello Factory? Find out after these commercials!"

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Repliforce rescues Hostages        Fri Apr 07    GNN
Earlier today at a Bank in Houston, three unknown figures -- 2 Reploids and 1 
Human -- entered the Third-or-Fourth National Bank of America at Houston and 
took on 21 hostages, planted bombs, and made demands of having all of the 
assets of the Bank transfered electronically out to another account. The 
negotiations went sour when Repliforce Operatives Colonel and Flame Hyenard 
showed up and took the Robbers by surprise. 

Details are sketchy, but Repliforce was able to evacuate all hostages with no 
casualties. One bomb was detonated, but Authorities have yet to see what sort 
of damage was caused by the explosion. Assessments are being kept quiet for 
the time being, but we will keep viewers informed with any information we are 

<Questions to Zell, Colonel, or Flame>

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Where's Bomb Man?                  Fri Apr 07    GNN
A press release from the Coffee King himself, Guts Man stated that the chain of 
coffee shops will soon be selling kid friendly books entitled 'Where's Bomb 
Man?', these books will incorporate colorful images of the Robot Wars with 
Bomb Man hidden somewhere among the robotic carnage! Can you find Bomb Man and 
his explosive accessories? The Coffee King chain is betting that millions of 
kids worldwide will find Bomb Man. These books are set to be published and 
distributed to Coffee King stores later this summer. When asked why Bomb Man 
was chosen as the titular character for this series of books Guts Man had this 
to say, "You never know what Bomb Man is up to. He's like a groundhog that 
pops out once a year to see his shadow. No wait! Bomb Man is like a ninja, he 
sticks to the shadows and appears when you least expect him to. Wait! Actually 
Bomb Man is more like the Loch Ness Monster with a few appearances throughout 
the year, many of which are questionable at best!"

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Message: 16/81                     Posted        Author
Worldwide Panic Averted By SciTech Sat Apr 08    GNN

< International news. >

An anomalous event on the Internet apparently was the cause of the destruction 
of the construct Duo.EXE, as well as the notorious hacker known only as 

The event began with the simultaneous hijacking of all major communications 
channels, followed by massive hacking attempts against infrastructure systems 
worldwide. An unknown individual known only by an unusual eye-like symbol 
proclaimed that the world would shortly fall into peril, but was prevented 
from making good on his threat by first the interruption of Duo.EXE, followed 
by massive action taken by computer security specialists around the world.

The conflict was incredibly destructive, causing downtimes and slowdowns 
worldwide. Masses of viruses and programs that appeared to be "Reaver" type 
robots clashed in the central hub of the world Internet. In the end, Duo.EXE 
and Gabriel were apparently completely destroyed by an unknown program 
launched by the individual. SciTech agent Midi was finally able to defeat the 
unknown person using an advanced avatar program potentially created partially 
by Duo.EXE as its dying act.

The present whereabouts and identity of the cyber-attacker is unknown.

< Punditry. >

OOC: Leo


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Message: 16/82                     Posted        Author
Body Snatcher                      Sat Apr 08    GNN

Earlier today, a body was snatched from the Smithsonian History of Typing 
display in Washington, D.C., one Mavis Beacon. Reports and camera footage 
blame the STARS officer 'Thrash' Mackenzie. However, Repliforce's 
clam-on-the-scene, Shield Shellfish, provides an alternative hypothesis.

Repliforces official statement follows: Mist Man, using a solid hologram of 
some sort, broke into the Smithsonian and stole a body while in disguise. 
Shell confirmed Thrash's location with other STARS officers to make sure it 
wasn't actually Thrash, and scans and tactical analysis both confirm that it 
couldn't have been Thrash.

OOC: Ask Mist or Shell.

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Message: 16/83                     Posted        Author
Mega Man Interviewed               Sat Apr 08    GNN

GNN's hourly news spot runs a clip from Mega Man's short phone interview with 
Chest about 'The Destroyer', Scott Wily, and tomorrow:

"We're talking about a Stardroid caliber threat in whatever this 'Destroyer' 
is. I've had first hand accounts from people who were there fighting it on 
Mars. People like Zero and my dad, Doctor Light, and this things power might 
even dwarf that of the last cosmic crisis. But last time, when the Stardroids 
came, we did all band together and we did save the planet. But this is a 
different world today and all I'm asking here is that when this thing strikes 
-- and I don't hold any assumptions that it won't -- we all be ready to put 
aside the differences and just /beat/ it. That's it. Every single person alive 
has a part they can play to help, and I /am/ positive that if we all play 
those parts nothing in the entire /Universe/ can keep us down!"

The anchors also mention President Elpizo's brief calling in to the show to 
challenge Mega Man's optimism.


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Message: 16/84                     Posted        Author
New York Suace Factory Raided!     Sun Apr 09    GNN
<Minor headlines going into the wee hours of Sunday, April 9th.>
Five of the six notorious "Alpha" Robot Masters, Cut Man, Guts Man, Ice Man, 
Fire Man, and Elec Man raided a major barbecue sauce factory late last night. 
Reports state that Hunter vigilante Icewater Narwhal and the General of 
Repliforce's elite strike force, "Golden Omega," came to halt their efforts. 
Though "Golden Omega" was repelled, General himself came in to take care of 
remaining Master resistance. Icewater Narwhal was, supposedly, successful in 
driving off at least one of them.
No civilian casualties have been reported, though factory surveyors have cited 
"moderate" structural damage as well as "a few" entire boxes of their famous 
"Stewart's Southern Inferno" barbecue sauce have been stolen, along with one 
of their delivery trucks. Further reports highlight damages across several 
streets believed to have been caused by the stolen truck, which highlights the 
squad's escape route.
In other news, Bomb Man sightings have been reported in a New Jersey casino. 
They claim--
<Like you want to hear the rest! OOC questions to Fire Man and those who took 
part, save for Elec Man who was really Axl.>

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Message: 16/85                     Posted        Author
Suploid Defeats Chico Muerte!      Sun Apr 09    GNN
<This...Is GNN.>

"Today, notorious outlaw 'Chico Muerte', member of the League of >:(, attacked 
Mattheson Nuclear Power Plant in New York. He attempted to steal a canister of 
plutonium, but was stopped by none other than Suploid. Suploid could not be 
reached for comment, but Chico Muerte sent a two hour video clip of him 
repeatedly spouting obscenities and some sort of Mexican gibberish, as well as 
gutting a live chicken. For various reasons, we cannot show you this video. In 
other news..."

<OOC: Contact Chico or Pineapple with questions.>

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Message: 16/86                     Posted        Author
Houseman Family Targeted By Mavs   Mon Apr 10    GNN

< Monday morning news feeds include this headline. >

British authorities are describing the Maverick attack on the Houseman estate 
that claimed four lives -- including that of two young children -- as 'a 
slaughter'. The attack, captured on internal surveilliance, was a gruesome 

Victims of the assault were Clara Hewitt-Houseman, 59; Glenda 
Eggleston-Houseman, 24; Martin Houseman, 3; and Randall Alexander Houseman, 2. 
James Houseman V, 26, was critically injured in the attack and is receiving 
medical care at an undisclosed medical facility.

Officials have so far attributed the majority of the damage to Dark Necrobat, 
known Maverick. Also associated with the attack was the ex-Repliforce 
commander Bolero, now a known Maverick, and Maverick leader Sigma.

A 'considerable' amount of damage was also done to the mansion as a result of 
the violent manner in which the attacks occurred. The former servant's 
quarters building, converted into a recreation area, was incinerated to its 
substructure as a result of the attack. Additionally, the grounds were 
disturbed by tunneling done by Maverick forces in the area, causing 
authorities to pre-emptively condemn the mansion until its structural 
integrity can be assessed.

A spokesman for the Houseman family had no comment on the incident. An 
investigation is ongoing.

< Punditry. >

OOC: Leo


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Message: 16/116                    Posted        Author
PR: Kagami acquires CCI            Fri Apr 21    GNN
[PRESS RELEASE: April 21, 2219 - Neo Tokyo]

 After a month long negotiation and bidwar between various buyers, CyberCorp 
Industries (NASDAQ:CCI) has landed in the hands of Tokyo-native Jin Kagami, 
CEO of the Kagami Corporation. Jin, along with COO Kai Cammarati, held a 
private Press Conference earlier in the morning to announce the merger of the 
two Corporations, citing that "...CyberCorp Industries will be a valuable 
asset to Kagami, heralding a new future for the development of Robotics and 
Technological Innovation..." and went on to say that CCI would become a 
Sub-Division of Kagami Corps, tasked with providing cutting edge technology 
solutions in the world of cybernetics, robotics, artificial intelligence, and 
Home/Professional-based electronics. 

 CyberCorp Industries plummetted, financially, after their last major Gaming 
Title, MechaStrike!, was released -- the online massively multiplayer Mech 
Simulator would let opponents around the world customize and configure their 
own Mechs and battle, arena style, to see who was best. The Kagami Corporation 
alluded to a possible sequel to the MMO, but gave no expected launch date.

<Questions to Zell>

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Message: 16/48                     Posted        Author
Jet's Pad Sold for 5 Mil.          Sat Apr 22    GNN
<On mostly Internet news sources, though there is likely a blurb here and there 
on TV station news.> 
A week after Jet Stingray announced that his famed 'Island Getaway' was put up 
for auction, that there has finally been word of how much it has sold for. 
 5 Million Zenny was the largest bid. Made early by a bidder, there were few 
bids in the hundreds of thousands which were easily beaten. There has been no 
word on who the bidder is or when the Island will be given over. Jet has given 
no word for which charity he plans to give four out of the five million to, 
but he claims he will have that decided by the time he gets the money from the 
 <OOC: Questions to Jet Stingray.>

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Message: 16/49                     Posted        Author
Earth Saved From Alien Menace      Sun Apr 23    GNN

< Worldwide news >

An alien attack was repelled Saturday evening by numerous forces, including a 
giant Maverick warship, the Raptor II. The alien attack, believed to be 
masterminded by "Ra Moon", also known as The Destroyer, used a spaceship 
created by Doctor Albert Wily to attempt to cause a chain reaction deep within 
the Earth that may have torn the planet apart.

Repliforce, Maverick Hunter, Robot Master, Maverick and Aztlanian forces 
deployed to fight on the alien ship. Unconfirmed reports indicate a biomonster 
may have been on the ship, but its current disposition is unknown. After a 
difficult battle, Ra Moon was defeated, and the ship was disabled.

However, the ship began to list dangerously toward the Earth after being struck 
with weapons from the Raptor II. A combined effort from the surviving forces 
was used to break the ship up into smaller pieces that would burn up through 
the atmosphere. Alleged Force Metal-powered lasers were deployed from Aztlan 
to strike at large pieces, as well as a powerful energy burst channeled 
through the Jakob Project elevator system.

Minor property damage was reported from falling debris, but there were no 
Earth-side fatalities. The Robot Gentleman Pugilation Man was allegedly killed 
in the battle, as was the Maverick Hunter Icewater Narwhal.

The space elevator will resume normal operations on Monday morning at 0500 
local time.

< Punditry. >

OOC: Leo


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Message: 16/50                     Posted        Author
Houseman: Man of Mystery           Sun Apr 23    GNN

< English news: impact segment, buried on the third or fourth virtual page >

While tension reigns in the halls of power, the public has become enamored with 
James Houseman, V. His seclusion and his unusual behavior, combined with his 
late father's actions and those of his brother, have caused many to speculate 
about what he may be preparing to do.

Much of the Houseman estate has been liquidated or donated to charities. The 
Houseman mansion and grounds, still being repaired by contractors, has 
apparently entered into the real estate market for the first time in over 350 
years. It is expected to bring in over 50 million zenny, possibly more because 
of the allure of its history.

Harrod's reported that the week-long sale of personal items and art from the 
estate brought in more wealth than any auction they had run in the past twenty 
years, though declined to specify a specific amount until all sales had 
closed. Observers claim the take from the auction could have been in the tens 
of millions of zenny, with some claiming it may have earned more than a 
hundred million zenny overall.

Aside from liquidating almost all of his worldly possessions, James resigned 
from his senior position at Wolfgang, Abbot and Houseman LLC on Friday. He 
reportedly has accepted his full retirement package in cash and stock, valued 
in the tens of millions of zenny "at the very least," according to a source 
close to the firm.

A spokesperson for Downing Street claimed that Mr. Houseman's behavior is 
"perfectly within his rights ... the British government has no reason to 
suspect any wrongdoing or malfeasance, and will not add more hardship onto the 
back of a widower who has lost his entire family".

Houseman has declined repeated requests for interviews or public statements 
since the incident occurred. He is believed to be in the protective custody of 
the British government, but neither Scotland Yard nor Downing Street will 
confirm or deny his presence. This has only acted to feed public interest in 
Houseman, causing him to be evoked by both supporters of Reploids and 
anti-Reploid organizations as part of their rhetoric.

OOC: Leo


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Ceremony!                          Mon Apr 24    GNN
<This...is GNN.> 

"Welcome to "Halls Of Power", where we interview people. Important people. I'm 
Sam Tucker, and I lost a bet. With me is Adolphus X. Cranberry..." The 
reporter turns to a portly gentleman, wearing a sash and top hat and waving 
cheerfuly at the camera. "The lord mayor of 'Gay City', the largest city in 
Wyoming. Mister Mayor, what is it you wanted to tell the world?" 

"Oh, hello!" The mayor totaly doesn't get the joke. "The fine people of Gay 
City have long felt that credit should be given to /all/ lifestyles, no matter 
how disturbing. With that in mind, and knowing that my peers in other cities 
throughout the world will not, I am officaly offering Doctor Albert Wily the 
key to Gay City, as well as a variety of cash and prizes-including a BRAND NEW 
HOVERCAR!-in recgonition of his role in saving the earth last night. Good for 

The reporter blinks. The mayor seems sincere. Eerily so. "O...kay. Well, you 
heard it here first, folks. Doctor Wily, if he accepts, will be recieving his 
key, prizes, and title "The Hero of Gay City" at the ribbon cutting ceremony 
for the new Gay City Megamall and Rocket Launch Pad, happening this Tuesday. 
Rain date is to be announced. GNN will be covering this event, just in case 
the man shows." 

"Hi mom!" 

"Don't do that, your honor." 

<That...was GNN>

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 16/52                     Posted        Author
Next Time on The Rourke Zone..     Mon Apr 24    GNN
<A commercial run on GNN.>

"This Friday, we interview Dr. Thomas Light." Bill Rourke smiles. "Father of 
modern robotics. Inventor of artificial intelligence. And...Father of the 
Mavericks? Find out, this Friday, on the Rourke Zone."

<OOC: Feel free to @mail me viewer mail, for me to use on the show.>

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 16/53                     Posted        Author
Omnidroids Attack Washington DC!   Wed Apr 26    GNN

< Screaming headlines, with a picture of Scarface blocking the Ultima Shot from 
striking the Washington Monument leading >

The "Omnidroids", powerful elite combat units created by Scott Wily and 
believed to have been destroyed on Mars, reappeared today in an attack on 
Washington DC. The Omnidroids, consisting of Buster Rod G, Hyper Storm H and 
Mega Water S, were assisted by four Robot Gentlemen that were also previously 
believed to be destroyed. Pugilation Man, Recoil Man, Tsunami Man and Galactic 
Man took part in the heavy fighting, which focused on a shopping center nearby 
the Mall.

The Omnidroid and Gentlemen forces have declared their alliegance to Ra Moon, 
the alien entity previously thought to have been defeated during an attack on 
the space elevator earlier in the week. Their rationale for attacking the Mall 
was unclear.

Vigorous response from Repliforce and Maverick Hunter units, as well as 
Irregular forces, the Maverick commander Vile and the Neo Arcadian General 
Sage Harpuia were able to repel the attack and spare the Washington Monument 
from being destroyed. Collateral damage to the Mall is moderate. The 
Washington Monument will be closed for repairs for an indeterminate period to 
check for structural damage.

< Punditry. >

OOC: Leo, Ra Moon


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 16/54                     Posted        Author
FV on the Move                     Wed Apr 26    GNN

        GNN has reported that the Repliforce battleship Fortress V is once 
again on the move. Repliforce officials have stated that San Angeles is in the 
good hands of the battalions left behind to assist with the rebuilding effort. 
The ship is heading northwest. Although Repliforce has declined comment on the 
exact nature of the mission, sources have said that this is merely a routine 
patrol and troop reassignment job between Giga City and San Angeles. 

        Questions to Butterball. 


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 16/55                     Posted        Author
This Week In God                   Wed Apr 26    GNN
(GNN Religion News.)

Religious groups throughout the world have reacted to the threat of Ra Moon in 
the same general pattern as during the Nigh and Stardroid crises: large 
mainline groups are calling for calm and hope, while many smaller groups are 
predicting apocalypse.

Among the groups calling for calm, forbearance, and hope are the Roman Catholic 
Church, the Southern Baptist Conference, the Church of Jesus Christ of 
Latter-Day Saints, several rabbinical conferences, the United Methodist 
Church, and a wide variety of others (click here for a complete list). While 
Hindu, Buddhist, and other syncretic faiths lack central organizing bodies, 
the general mood is guarded optimism for the long-term future.

However, not all groups share this optimism. The Reformed Church of Scientology 
has declared Ra Moon to be a manifestation of the dreaded entity "Xenu". 
"Founder L. Ron Hubbard was clearly detecting the civilization located on 
Mars, and was unable to understand fully the data he had available to him," a 
spokesperson said. "Considering the Destroyer's status as sealed beneath a 
volcano, we believe the case is pretty clear." This statement was disputed by 
the Orthodox Standard Church of Scientology, which remains embroiled in 
complex copyright litigation with the RCOS.

The notorious Church of Bass's leader, Pope Guts Man Wily the First, said 
"These are turbulent times, and only those who are part of the Church of Bass 
will survive against this greater evil! To survive the end times please donate 
$20 Zennies to the Church of Bass."

Many other religious movements could not be reached for comment. GNN encourages 
all people of faith to take heart in these troubled times, and to feel free to 
send their messages to GNN for global dissemination.

OOC: Mesarthim

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 16/56                     Posted        Author
In Other News                      Wed Apr 26    GNN
<This...is GNN. Eh?> 

A Canadian Correspondent says, "In other news tonight, in the Central Canadian 
provinces, strange disturbences were reported throughout the past few days. 
Authorities could find nothing amiss until just this morning, when what looked 
like a hunk of a mountain with a cabin attached to it was casualy floating 
over the countryside at about Four AM Mountain Standard Time. Geologists have 
been unable to explain the phenominon, but note that no real change to the 
area's ecosystem." 

There's a pause. "What, you were expecting a joke about fries smothered in 
gravy or something? Get a life, guys, seriously." 

(Starcraft moving policy yelling can be directed at Dr. Light.)

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 16/57                     Posted        Author
News From The Bayou                Thu Apr 27    GNN
Look! It's Alliteration Achillae! 
 "And we'll be getting back to 'How Mecha-Emeril Saved Thanksgiving' right 
after this news break. Tonight, in New Orleans, the Renegade Robot Gentlemen 
went on rampage, with Cryogenic Man and Atmospheric Man going on a rampage in 
the name of their new overlord, Ra Moon. Casualties were fairly light, as they 
were quickly intercepted by the heroic forces of the...." 
 At this point, the Anchor just pauses, and stares at the tele-prompter. 
 "...What the hell? The Robot Masters? They aren't heroes! THEY HAD A ZOMBIE 
DOWN HERE THE OTHER DAY! What the hell is this? Gah! You know the world's 
ending when the Robot Masters are saving the day! Bah! Whatever! Point is, 
Bomb Man, Cut Man, and Guts Man were all noticed to arrive on scene, and, 
after a short brawl, the Robot Gentlemen retreated in the face of the superior 
numbers. I'm Alliteration Achillae, and now back to your previously scheduled 
program. We'll be discussing the incident in more detail with a variety of 
pundits after the movie." 
 *Click* "And now, back to 'How Mecha-Emeril Saved Thanksgiving'."

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 16/58                     Posted        Author
PR: Corporations Unite             Thu Apr 27    GNN
[PRESS RELEASE: April 27, 2219]

 Early this morning, a Corporate Conference was held at the Eurasia Space 
Station overlooking Earth. The meeting, mostly impromptu, was a summons to 
various Corporate Entities all over the world with the topic being the 
financial repurcussions of the dealings of the so-named Ra Moon. After the 
attack on the Washington Monument, speculation of targets to come have only 
produced an anxiety amongst the Corporate Elitists wishing to keep their 
moneys and investments safe--amongst other things.

 After a heated argument between various castes, Kagami Direct Kai Cammarati 
had this to say:
        "Earth is not unfamiliar with the destructive visions of nightmarish 
beings.. you treat this as some sort of new territory. ... If people capable 
of helping [in this situation] sit idly by, then the outcome will only be set 
further back with more damages to account for. There's no reason that our 
companies cannot lend a hand to the Factions risking their very /lives/ to 
protect us and our families."

 Despite minor criticism, Cammarati went on to suggest the creation of an 
Alliance of any Corporations who would be willing to sacrifice their time, 
resources, and, most importantly, finances to help with Funding and Supplying 
those Factions willing to cooperatively work together to defeat The Destroyer.

 Corporations and Companies wishing to join the Corporate Alliance are being 
urged to contact the Kagami Director for details and further instruction.

<Contact Zell for Info>

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 16/59                     Posted        Author
Helsinki                           Thu Apr 27    GNN

"This is Report Cobra with the news from Finland! Today, Robot Master Mist Man 
was reported flying towards a neon-light factory, but this report is 
considered to have been in error. STARS officer Max Armour went to stop the 
Master, and found a man who appeared to be, by all reports, a biomonster of 
some sort as he ordered an evacuation." The cobrabot pauses. "...and decided 
the best course of action was to antagonize the beast into using its full 
power. IT defeated him, leaving the officer's power armor battered and beaten 
on the ground, and ransacked the factory. Helsinki's climate control dome was 
unharmed by the battle, although emissions from the officer's Armor caused 
overtime! Also, we are contractually required to make fun of ex-Interpol 
officers, so we would like to say that Max should, in the future, /not/ taunt 
happy-fun-tentaclemonsters when they can beat him like this."

OOC: Max Armour, Mist Man

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 16/60                     Posted        Author
Neo-Tokyo Plant Attacked!          Fri Apr 28    GNN

"We bring you this important news bulletin."

*Video feed from the air over a solar panel production plant in Neo-Tokyo. 
There seemed to be a fight going on outside the plant.*

"This feed was captured a short time ago by the security cameras outside the 
Solarplex Coperation's primary production plant. Robot Master Sword Man and a 
squad of his minions have successfuly attacked the Solarplex plant. The only 
official available at the time, Captain Riot of the S.T.A.R.S Alpha Squadron, 
had responded to the alarms and managed to coax Sword Man into the open."

*The video zooms in on Sword Man as he delivers a very vicious slash of heat 
and flame that connects with Riot's arm and torso, sending the officer flying 
twenty feet backward into a stack of crates and metal beams where the officer 
stays, apparently awake but too damaged to continue fighting.*

"Unfortunately, the ensuing fight resulted in Captain Riot being severely 
injured in the confrontation and was forced to retreat.

*There is a long moment of no further action from either fighter before Riot 
gets up, cluthing a severe and partially melted though very neat gash in his 
chest. He runs away soon after.*

"This allowed Sword Man to leave with several hundred thousand dollars worth of 
equipment and a prototype compact solar collector which was due to be tested 
in a space mission two weeks from today."

*The feed ends with a dented and chipped Sword Man lumbering off the screen 
looking like he is in some good pain.*

"Strangely, no civilians were harmed during the attack. This unusual act goes 
against the normal expected behavior of the majority of Robot Masters. 
However, Sword Man's role as the infamous fire knight may have been a blessing 
since the knight's honor code forbids the harming of innocents. Still, the 
fact remains that the lack of sufficient force to stop him has resulted in the 
theft of equipment and injury to a senior S.T.A.R.S official. Captain Riot is 
currently being treated for his injuries in an undisclosed location. An 
investigation into this attack will be initiated soon. This has been a GNN 
news bulletin."


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 16/61                     Posted        Author
Icewater Memorial Constructed      Fri Apr 28    GNN
<Able City: GNN!>

"The Icewater Memorial was completed this evening in the area typically dubbed 
'The Pit' of the Park District. This memorial is in honor of Icewater Narwhal 
who personally came and repaired the damage done by Scott Wily while, as is 
suspected, under the control of Ra Moon. A lot of people didn't seem to mind 
the destruction, but he did and while he could not repair the entirety of The 
Pit, he kept it from becoming worse."

"Able City's artistic community was shocked to hear about Icewater Narwhal's 
death on the Wily Ark, but it was Pastelle Parrot who got the Icewater 
Memorial approved for placement in the Pit."

"'I didn't want him to be forgotten. He lived and died bravely. I wanted to 
place the Memorial in the Pit so that when one day it is restored to its 
natural beauty, the land will not forget who came to help.' Parrot said."

"The Icewater Memorial is that of a Narwhal reaching up into the sky, tusks 
first. It is just large enough so that the tip of the tusks will remain even 
if the Pit were to be entirely repaired." 

"Not everybody is happy about the Memorial as several gangs have complained 
about it 'cramping their style' and rumors are abound about the possibility of 
attacks on the memorial being very likely."

<end GNN>

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 16/62                     Posted        Author
Newly Published                    Fri Apr 28    GNN
From Able City's leading publisher, Beetle-Hippopotamus Associates: Storm 
Eagle's new book, The Maverick Ideal: Views on the Cause.

The book is intelligent and well-written, and not a bad argument for the 
Maverick cause, if you think like Storm Eagle does. It is not heavily 
anti-human, but instead focuses on the oppression of reploids and androids by 
humanity, and the need to liberate robotkind, by force if necessary. Selected 
quotes follow:

From chapter seven, The Weapons of My Cause: "The Mavericks have been called 
terrorists. This is true. Terror is a weapon. The good general makes use of 
weapons, all weapons; the good revolutionary does so also. And that is what we 
want: revolution. The Maverick cause is the militant belief that robotkind 
deserves equality, and will not get it by peaceful means. No revolution in the 
history of the world has gone without terror, and ours is no exception. The 
French Revolution's use of it is famous. The American Revolution employed 
terrorist tactics in such actions as the intimidation of Tories and its famous 
Boston Tea Party. The Bolshevik Revolution of Russia featured the death of an 
entire royal family and the systematic terrorist actions against those who 
would oppose them. Terror is a necessary tool, and a useful weapon in times of 
need. A weapon, of itself, cannot be evil. It can be destructive, it can be 
painful, but the evil or good of it is in the hands of the wielder."

From chapter ten, On the Virus: "It is true that the Sigma Virus can infect 
those who do not wish it. This, I personally dislike, but as I have said: by 
force if necessary. The Maverick 'virus,' as the original was called, 
strengthened beliefs that were already there. This does the same, but moreso, 
as I understand it. All robots, at some level, realize that humanity (not the 
whole, certainly, but a majority, as I have discussed) oppresses them. The 
Sigma Virus brings this to light."

On conquering, from chapter two, Our History: "This was a mistake. We are not 
to be seen as conquerors, and we are not to be conquerors. Sigma no longer 
claims the title of Emperor, and Empire we are not. The Maverick cause is a 
focused, dedicated army, for the sole goal of the liberation of robotkind from 

While the book is not necessarily entirely true, it is extremely 
well-researched, and certainly seems to fit statements of his views that Storm 
Eagle has made in the past. Critics are split over the book - while it is 
well-written, certainly, many decry it, especially human critics, as Maverick 

OOC: Storm Eagle for questions.

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 16/63                     Posted        Author
Mavericks Driven From Alaska!      Fri Apr 28    GNN
<GNN field reporter Dateline Dugong appears on the Alaskan coast.>

        In what is being called a decisive blow against the Mavericks, 
Repliforce attacked a hitherto unknown Maverick base in Alaska yesterday, 
sources from the military force are reporting.

        Using the might of the massive Fortress V, elements of Repliforce laid 
siege to the Maverick base, driving the defenders from it and forcing them to 
retreat into the ocean. Eyewitness accounts report that the Mavericks deployed 
their flying attack vessel from an oceanic hiding place, striking a serious 
blow on the engines of the Fortress, but were unable to disable the Repliforce 
flagship. After the brief altercation, Maverick forces retreated.

        Congressman Biisaiyowaq issued a press release earlier today thanking 
Repliforce for their bravery, and expressed his hopes that with the Maverick 
presence dispersed, efforts at cleaning up the cities of Alaska, which have 
long had a reputation as lawless and wild, can proceed without subversive 
elements working in the shadows.

<Punditry follows...>

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 16/64                     Posted        Author
Threat!                            Sat Apr 29    GNN
---AND THIS IS... G. N. N.----

"Today, the world recived a threat from international... uh... is this guy for 
real? I mean, well, back to the story. International Annoyance 'Ghost Man' 
claims to have built a Silly String Orbitial Assault Platform, and will be 
launching it tommrow, in order to cover the world in Silly String. He has 
stated "I mean it this time. seriously. I'm doing it. SERIOUSLY."
"When Questioned about his Able City Mayorship campaign, he merely replied with 
the phrase 'Hot Pants'."

-- This.. is GNN! --

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 16/65                     Posted        Author
Mega Media                         Sat Apr 29    GNN

< This... is GNN. >

Screen shows sometimes fill-in anchorman Torso, who is usually relegated to GNN 

"Adding to the recent trend of the often reclusive Mega Man in speaking with 
media sources, GNN was on hand for the hero to make the following quick 
statement about Ra Moon. Viewers will remember how the Blue Bomber gave a 
candid interview with GNN le*cousuckygh*ad Anchorman, Chest, a few weeks ago 
about a threat that has become a reality: Ra Moon, the Destroyer."

They cut to a video clip of Rock, edited mid-sentence. He's standing outside a 
Light Labs facility.

"--What troubles me is how the vast majority of both the Mavericks and, more 
glaringly, the Robot Masters have been sleeping on this threat. Or worse, 
they've been using Ra Moon as a distraction and cover to commit their various 
criminal agendas. I want to publicly make this statement then, in the hopes 
that it will help. 

Hi Bass. I know you'll never willingly help us stop the Destroyer, but we 
really need you and the Robot Masters power so I have a proposal for you that 
the entire world is going to hear. I am challenging you. I am calling you out. 
I will be in the most remote regions of the Sahara Desert for the next 24 
hours waiting for you. When you come, I will willingly, for once, fight you 
tooth and nail to the end. If I win, you will agree to help one hundred 
percent with Ra Moon. If I fail, well, you get what you've always wanted 
anyway, don't you?"

Cut back to Torso. "There you have it. Mega Man, apparently tired of waiting 
for people to realize the magnitude of the threat, is calling Bass out to get 
him to help. This anchor worries, after reports of the Blue Bombers health 
having been in question ever since the Giga City altercation with Ra Moon..."

< This was... GNN >


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 16/66                     Posted        Author
Giga Raid                          Sat Apr 29    GNN
Reported in most media...
        Giga City was recently struck by several Robot Gentlemen, units Buster 
Rod G, Tsunami Man, and Cryogenic Man were all reported present. Early 
indications are that several Giga City security agents were wounded or killed 
and that Red, Templar Fefnir, and another unknown samaritan responded to try 
and help keep the Gentlemen from the Force Metal.
        Unfortunately the fifty pounds of Force Metal were made off with and 
significant damage was dealt to the Teleporters of Giga City. Officials have 
said that the teleporters will be under limited capacity for about a week 
before they're completely operational again.

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 16/67                     Posted        Author
Robot Gingerbreads                 Sat Apr 29    GNN
"...police were able to talk Stonekong down from the construction site. He 
agree to pay for the property damages to the site and barrels, and emotional 
damages to the woman and plumber."

"In other news today, Dr. Wily built an army of Gingerbread Men, and began 
laying waste to bakeries around the Tower of Light! 9 bakeries were felled in 
total before Hunter forces, including Cinnamon, Isaac, Blizzard Wolf, and 
others put a stop to the army. Three cheers for the hunters!"

"In other news, charges were filed against Aqua Man again today. His press 
agent claims he's weathering the charges with concern but is still Fabulous."

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 16/68                     Posted        Author
An Offer                           Sat Apr 29    GNN

        At 11:26 PM, EST, all video feeds originating from orbiting satellites 
are unceremoniously cut and replaced by an inky, tangible blackness. Almost 
like a curtain, it peels back to reveal a pretty young woman in her twenties. 
She looks towards the camera with empty blue eyes and speaks.

        "People of Earth. I am the Mouth of Ra Moon. Once known as Kirin 
Mathers, then the Blade Dancer, I am once again myself, restored to humanity 
by the blessings of Ra Moon. I come to you today to offer you a deal. See what 
I am now. Remember the wretch that I was."

        Kirin's skin peels back in one smooth layer, falling to the ground and 
disappearing, leaving behind the Blade Dancer, dripping and bloody in its full 
spiked horror. That too peels away and vanishes, leaving the woman that the 
monster once was. 

        "Bear testiment to the POWER that Ra Moon wields. In the coming days, a 
culling will sweep across this planet. Pain and anguish shall be snuffed out, 
the fires of war quenched, and the sinner absolved of his crimes and united 
with the saint in the blissful union of the void. Those that serve willingly 
will be spared the culling until the natural terminus of their lives. Those 
that serve well will have their lives extended. Some have joined already. More 
will join before it ends. Serve or do not, it does not matter to Ra Moon. In 
time, all will be released into the sweet river of oblivion that death brings. 
It will happen sooner or later. As a service to the peoples of the world, I 
will bring it about sooner to those that can not see the way. But know this."

        The darkness envelops Kirin like a cloak. She wears it well.

        "Oblivion comes for us all."

        Once the feeds return, GNN immediately begins punditry. Clips of the 
footage are shown for the next few days along with the discussion concerning 
what it means.

        OOC: Questions to Ra Moon.


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 16/69                     Posted        Author
Mine Madness                       Sun Apr 30    GNN
<This is GNN!> 
"Good afternoon. I am Newsman Gazelle, and your tuned to GNN. Yesterday, a 
Robot Master force consisting of Tomahawk Man and Tengu Man descended upon an 
open pit mine being used by the raw materials company, RockyCorp. The aim of 
the attack seemed to be to cause general mayhem and to acquire the ore that 
was being mined. Before an official response team could intervene, two 
reploids that were in the area proceeded to do battle with the Masters. They 
were identified by the employees on site as Marino, a wanted thief, and 
Cinnamon of the Maverick Hunters. The Robot Masters were fought off, but not 
before they could get away with a truckload of materials, and the dumper truck 
that was carrying it. A spokesperson for RockyCorp had this to say." 
A screen behind the gazelle turns on, showing "We are thankful to Marino and 
Cinnamon for their work at the mines, as due to their efforts none of our 
employees on site were seriously injured. We will be taking steps to ensure 
that these sort of actions by the Robot Masters and other terrorist groups do 
not happen again." 
"GNN tried to get an interview with the employees on site, but they all 
declined. Coming up next, sports, and then the weather." 
<That was GNN!>

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