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Message: 16/70                     Posted        Author
Massive Blast in Manitoba!         Mon May 01    GNN

<This.. is GNN!>

An ape reploid holding a microphone stands in front of a massive crater 
somewhere in the Canadian wilderness.

"This is Vocal Chimp reporting from Manitoba, Canada. Just moments ago, a 
titanic explosion rocked the area. As you can see behind me, the initial blast 
crater is gigantic, appearing to be over two miles in diameter and several 
hundred feet deep. I'm being told that the destruction carries on for many 
more miles, with intense heat charring the area in a five mile radius. There 
is extensive damage to the landscape for miles beyond that; trees have been 
ripped from the ground and deposited miles from their point of origin."

"Authorities say there are no known civilian deaths at this point and that 
local fire fighters have the remaining fires under control. I'll keep you 
updated as the story comes in, Bob."

The feed cuts to Bob, who is safe in the studio and likely has a cup of cocoa 
waiting for him offscreen. He begins talking about how an investigation into 
Mwokozi International's unusual profit margins was dropped in Japanese courts 

<That... was GNN!>


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Message: 16/71                     Posted        Author
Crazy Lady Builds Giant Amplifier? Mon May 01    GNN

"Earlier today a crazy bioroid sent this video to GNN."

<iLuz appears with what appears to be the world's largest amp in the 
background. You can't even see all of it>

"Yo yo yo! I've done the inconceivable, the impossible! With my lego men 
minions, I have constructed a giant amplifier that will make my music the MOST 

<end video>

"While this mysterious bioroid would not comment on the nature of her amplifier 
or to its purpose, we believe she intends to give a 'bitchin' performance, 

<end GNN>

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Message: 16/72                     Posted        Author
More Able City Propaganda          Mon May 01    GNN

Some drums are heard in the background. "My name is Gaudile, and I approve this 

Gaudile appears on the screen. "Hello, Tol Eressa. I have a friend. Well, 
'friend' may be stretching it nowadays. You may know this friend, as he is 
running for Mayor." Zoom in on Gaudile's face. He smiles. "Now, I may not live 
in Tol Eressa. But I have lived with Doctor Psyche for a while. And let me 
give you a glimpse of what will happen if Doctor Psyche wins the race."

Scene cuts to a computer animated image. Psyche is hanging upside down from the 
top, with his upper torso and head showing. Psyche himself is slowly spinning 
around in circles, while laser beams shoot from his head. Underneath him are a 
couple of reploids on a disco floor, dancing along to "Funkytown". The dancing 
spree goes on for a few more seconds, when a laser beam hits a reploid's eyes. 
Said reploid falls down and writhes on the ground, clutching his eyes. "Oh, 
man, my eyes!"

Cut back to Gaudile. "Would you want to live in a world of blinding eyes? I 
sure wouldn't, and I have these fancy techno glasses." A pair of what look to 
be night-vision goggles loop around the back of Gaudile's head and settle on 
his face. Then the tape fades out.


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Message: 16/73                     Posted        Author
Big trouble with Big Ben!          Mon May 01    GNN
         Reporting live after the assault on Big Ben and London involving three 
robot gentlemen!

         Today, an assault to, apparently, take down the oldest Big Ben was 
foiled! Reavers and plantcreatures assaulted London today, attempting to break 
down the base of the fabled Big Ben. It had even began to creak at one point, 
however they were hardly left alone!

         Big Ben was saved by the actions of Repliforcer Singularity Shrike and 
Hunter Michael Eildath in a ride armor as the Gentlemen , identified as Flora 
Man, Cryogenic Man, and Atmospheric Man, attempted to bring Big Ben down! It 
was quite a last ditch effort, but both of them were able to destroy the 
remnants of the reavers and then finish the biological monster and THEN drive 
off the Gentlemen. Infact, sights say they all 'didn't lay a finger on 
Michael' despite numerous attempts.

         In the end, the property damage about London due to the fight and the 
attempts to stop it number high, as does the damage done to Big Ben, but it 
still stands!


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Message: 16/74                     Posted        Author
New in McDonalds                   Tue May 02    GNN
<Ba ba ba ba>

Ronald McDonald, who by now carries a large assault rifle on his back, leads a 
few kids towards an enchanted forest. They whip out happy meals only to have a 
big cartoon Ra Moon come forward. The kids cower and Ronald leaps on the 
table, pulling out his assault rifle.
"LEAVE THESE KIDS ALONE, SPAWN OF SATAN! This is for Mayor McCheese!" A 
horrible blood bath ensues as the Hamburglar and Mayor McCheese are summoned 
as unholy zombies to fight Ronald McDonald.

"Now when you buy a happy meal, you get a Fight For The World toy, care of 
ToyCo Corp." They show pictures of a cheap Ra Moon toy that glows in the dark 
and controls your other toys, a Blade Dancer toy that transforms into a human 
and says 'I have Ultimate Power and I'm a floozy. Teeheehee', a Zero toy that 
falls apart when put near Ra Moon, a Rock toy that is completely useless, and 
Javelin Whitetail with a scrub and redraw badge, you decide what faction she 

The children reappear, huddled in a bunker with their toys and happily playing 
while Ronald McDonald reloads shotgun shells.
Only for a limited time.

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Message: 16/75                     Posted        Author
Violence Outside New Delhi!        Wed May 03    GNN
<This... is GNN!> 

        "Hello, I'm Peppermint Penguin, and in today's news another Robot 
Master assault had struck east of New Delhi, India. At first the Skull Shuttle 
making its pass seemed to be almost usual game, however the sudden stop and 
landing near the Gravitic Research and Testing facility had signaled something 
different. When three Robot Masters later identified as Sword Man, Guts Man, 
and Enker. A small group of joes were present, but were defeated and strewn 
across the complex's land. 
        In true heroic nature, the Maverick Hunters Liese Schreiner and Michael 
Eildath were on scene, as well as Suploid, and later, Slash Beast. Liese and 
Michael had reportedly 'beat Enker stupid' during the proceedings of the 
events that took place on this day, Guts Man smashing into the figure of 
Suploid, while Sword Man reportedly went inside the facility, and stealing the 
Advanced Gravatics Generator within. 
        The struggle went on for a long period of time, ending in the Robot 
Master's fleeing from the scene with the unit they had sought. One civilian 
had reported that 'It might take weeks to remove the Enker from the facility 
grounds.' The decision if his statement was literal or not has still not yet 
come in." Paperstraightenpaperstraighten. 

<This... was GNN>

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Message: 16/76                     Posted        Author
Mayorial Candidate Fights Crime!   Wed May 03    GNN
<Able City: News!>

"Mayorial Candidate Prismatic Spider along with Repliforce soldier Singularity 
Shrike took a personal hand in cleaning up Able City earlier this week when 
they were attacked by two different gangs of thugs, the Lube Crew and the 
Chassis Clan."

"Though two members of each gang managed to escape capture, the majority of 
their attackers were captured and taken to local authorities for imprisonment 
and cool-off time."

"'The necessity for violence was regrettable, but I am happy to help do my part 
to protect Able City from those who believe their strength allows them to 
flout the rules of society. Icewater Narwhale gave his life to help protect 
this world from an alien menace, what kind of person would I be if I wanted to 
be mayor, yet backed down from a couple of street thugs? The city needs a 
strong hand to guide it through the times ahead. If not mine, than that which 
the people chooses. Regardless, I intend to continue helping the people of 
this city.' Spider told the press afterwards." 

"Political opposition posited this may have been a ploy set up by Prismatic 
Spider himself, but if it is so both Clan and Crew members vehemently deny 

"Pastelle Parrot praised the actions of Repliforce in keeping the area near 
the Memorial 'clean of criminal activity.'"

<end GNN>

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Message: 16/77                     Posted        Author
Rio Beach Brawl                    Fri May 05    GNN

        Yesterday, on the beaches of Rio de Janeiro, Robot Gentlemen were 
committing a terrible atrocity as they started to freeze the entire beach a 
side at a time. The two gentlemen identified as staying were Cryogenic Man as 
well as Flora Man, two of the original gentlemen which had previously been 
under service of the late Scott Wily. 
        As they had froze the innocent pedestrians into the ocean itself and 
some even under it, a team of STARS lead by Max Armour and two Robot Masters 
identified as Alpha Bomb Man and Theta Sword Man. The forces of good and evil 
both attacked the Gentlemen, managing to fend then off and cause them to 
'E-ring' to an unknown location. 
        The people inside the block as ice as well as under it were freed by 
Sword Man and the group of STARS. Magma Dragoon and a Hunter vehicle came to 
take the people to safety, as well as evacuate all others. In the end, less 
then a dozen are reporting minor incidents with many cases of the common cold, 
and some even the flu. In our next story, does Ra Moon like puppies? 


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Message: 16/78                     Posted        Author
Vile & Blues & SAPD Skirmish       Fri May 05    GNN

        An interesting if worrying bit of news. The Maverick Vile had a 
skirmish with the new San Angeles Police Department just outside of their 
headquarters on the city's wharfs. Several defensive towers were destroyed, 
but numerous fires that broke out were swiftly contained by the police and the 
San Angeles Fire Department. The Maverick was quoted as saying that he is 
"...here to continue the war that Repliforce and Neo Arcadia started." 

        The SAPD reported numerous injuries and destroyed property, but none of 
its officers were killed. The Maverick Hunter Protoman was also on the scene, 
exchanging brief words with the Maverick before departing. Reports from 
eye-witnesses overhearing the suggest that the attack on the strongest part of 
San Angeles was motivated by a desire to show that "San Angeles is no longer 
invincible, and won't be able to recover to its former state." Protoman could 
not be reached for comment. 

        OOC: Questions to Blues or Vile. 


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Message: 16/79                     Posted        Author
Chaos in DC!                       Sat May 06    GNN
Washington DC fell under Robot Gentlemen attack today, as the visitors from 
Mars once again attacked the the Washington Monument. The threat was repulsed 
by forces from both the Irregulars and the Robot Masters.

However, the Monument, as well as the area, took severe damage when the unit 
known as Galactic Man rained massive asteroids upon the area. Property damage 
has been listed in excess of a million zenny.

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Message: 16/80                     Posted        Author
FV Moves to Giga City              Sat May 06    GNN

        Repliforce has announced and GNN has reported that the Fortress V has 
relocated itself to Giga City following the successful destruction of the 
Maverick Base on Adak Island. A Repliforce statement said that Ra Moon's 
forces targeted Giga City once, and it is possible that they will again. 
Residents were both alarmed and reassured by this move. On one hand, the idea 
of additional Robot Gentleman attacks is a worrying one. On the other, if the 
most powerful war machine in the world can't halt Ra Moon... what could? 

        Questions to Butterball. 


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Message: 16/81                     Posted        Author
Pirated Broadcast                  Sun May 07    GNN
A GNN weather report crackles, and static covers the screen. Then, it is 
replaced by a clear picture: the Robot Gentleman Pugilation Man, hanging from 
a group of poles with spikes on them, one spike through each limb. In front of 
him stands Storm Eagle, battered, dented and with his beak partially crushed, 
but triumphant. He begins to speak.

"People of Earth. I, Storm Eagle, speak to you today. Standing - or, more 
properly, /hanging/ before you - is Pugilation Man, one of the servants of the 
Destroyer. I have taken him and beaten him to the breaking point. And I say 
this: to all of you who would sell your souls, to all who would trade their 
very /world/ for power...know that we will be there. To all who would serve 
Death, to make their deaths come later...they will not. We will kill you. And 
you will return, and we will kill you again. You have traded service for 
power...and with power, you have asked for pain eternal. We will always be 
here to kill you /again/. In new ways, in painful ways. To those who remained 
loyal, no matter what your beliefs...I commend you. We all believe what we 
do...and we all may hate each other for that. But all must remember - none may 
mold the world to their will, their mind, their ideal, if there is no world. 
To all who serve the Destroyer, I say this: pray that you die before we find 
you. You will /burn/ for what you have done. You will burn, you will hang, you 
will feel the pain of nails in your flesh, in your steel, in your bones. We 
are the Earth."
Storm pauses, and then draws a feather from his wings, a long and sharp one, 
and stabs it deep into Pugilation's chest.

"And we are angry." He salutes the camera.

Then, as abruptly as it began, the recording ends in static, and reverts back 
to normal GNN programming.

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 16/82                     Posted        Author
US Base Left Unharmed              Sun May 07    GNN

        "You heard right, the U. S. Military base which was attacked in the 
eastern border was spared save for minor damages to the lawn. The 
perpetrators, the Robot Masters usually leave a path of destruction in their 
wake. Today however, this wasn't so. The Robot Masters on scene were Enker, 
Slash Man, and Guts Man. 
        The responders were of course the Maverick Hunters, Blizzard Wolf and 
Proto Man, and two un-identified others were there as well, if only for a 
brief time. Proto Man had fought Enker and Blizzard Wolf had taken arms up 
against Slash Man. Slash Man was forced into a retreat while Proto Man was 
last seen in a swath of energy expelled by the Mirror Buster before 
teleporting away. The Robot Masters however afterwards did not go on 
destroying the base, and instead, took a package from one of the two 
unidentified people on scene. Guts Man himself was sitting Indian style and 
asking one of the two to say, reportedly, 'vessel'. 
        After the package was taken, the Skull Shuttle had lifted off and 
blasted off with the Robot Masters. There was no further effort to stop the 
Robot Masters from retreating from it, but it brings to mind the question: 
What /was/ in that package? Still, the night was fine with no casualties and a 
small portion of property damage, most if not all done towards the lawn. And 
now, onto our regularly scheduled programming..." 


[[missed posts]]

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Message: 16/1                      Posted        Author
Big Ben Defended By Pantheon       Mon May 15    GNN

< UK News >

Flora Man launched an attack against Big Ben on Sunday night, but was repelled 
by Pantheon forces. Thomas Houseman, Roundhead leader, was also involved in 
the attack and was seen fighting alongside the Pantheon forces. It is unclear 
as to what Houseman's relationship with Neo Arcadia is at this time. Sources 
close to the Roundheads claim it was simply a patriotic act intended to defend 
a national landmark from harm. Other observers have taken a more pessimistic 

Thomas Houseman was also involved in a robbery against a history museum 
executed by the League of >:( earlier in the month. Houseman was seen fighting 
League operative Doctor Takeshi Shinchiro, but was unsuccessful in preventing 
the theft of the items.

Houseman is wanted for questioning about the incident and several other 
unsolved cases.

< Punditry. >

OOC: Leo


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Message: 16/2                      Posted        Author
Torontreal Property Damage         Mon May 15    GNN
Barely a blip on the news radar: there are mentions of the Robot Gentleman 
'Amphibious Man' raining acid upon a suburb on Lake Ontario, before being 
chased off by the long-vanished Maverick Violen. Sources say Amphibious Man 
was demanding to know the location of Pugilation Man. There are three known 
fatalities, no injuries, and minor property damage in most of the Lake Ontario 

OOC: Amphibious Man, Violen

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Message: 16/3                      Posted        Author
Raptor and Tower                   Mon May 15    GNN
The Raptor II was sighted moving off to the west at speed, away from the Tower 
of Light. The skies above the Tower are visible once more!

OOC: Sigma or Storm Eagle.

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Message: 16/4                      Posted        Author
Hien Attacks Sydney Opera House!   Mon May 15    GNN
<This...Is GNN.>

"Sydney's most famous landmark came under seige yesterday by the psychotic 
minion of Ra Moon known only as 'Hien'. Dozens were killed and many more were 
wounded by him and his Reavers, who swarmed the Opera House during a 
performance of 'Figaro'. STARS officer Max Armour was on the scene, as was a 
Neo-Arcadian women, the ADF, and what appeared to be an Umbrella biomonster. 
While STARS and Neo-Arcadia defused a massive bomb Hien had set on center 
stage, Hien did battle with the biomonster. In the end, both of them were 
felled <picture of Hien staggering around with his face ripped off and his 
armor beat to hell>. Umbrella recovered their monster, while Hien was spirited 
away by Reavers. The stasuses of both individuals are unknown at this time. 
There are unconfirmed reports of the STARS officer disabling the Neo-Arcadian, 
but reports are sketchy at best at this time."

<OOC: Questions to Hien.>

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 16/5                      Posted        Author
Happy Schezuan Becomes Warzone     Mon May 15    GNN
(This is also all over TV in Brazil, in Portugese. You get the bastardized 
English translation. Cue the whining of the purists.)
"The Happy Schezuan, a particularly infamous bar located near the Ipanema Beach 
of Rio de Janeiro, was reportedly under attack by minions of The Destroyer - 
one identified as 'Smash Balrog' formerly of the Coalition, another as the 
Omnidroid Hyper Storm H. Witnesses report it started over a revelation by the 
former that 'Ladies Night' meant all the dancers were male that night."
(Awesome pictures of sand-colored Pantheon led by Francine McDonald, along with 
Fefnir rising from the sea Godzilla-style.)
"Forces from Aztlan responded to the threat. They were reportedly driven off 
due to the efforts of Smash Balrog. Moments after Hyper Storm H and Aztlan 
military general Templar Fefnir entered the bar, an explosion rang out that 
has been reported as being visible from a mile away."
(Cue the view of a fiery, incredibly stinky inferno of an explosion.)
"The whereabouts of both are currently unknown. Though the establishment still 
stands, the Happy Schezuan is reportedly 'greatly damaged' by what happened 
inside, requires 'more lemons than the world has to get this stink out,' and 
have not given word as to its continued operation as of this time."
(OOC CONTACTS: Hyper Storm H, Smash Balrog, Templar Fefnir, Francine McDonald)

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Message: 16/6                      Posted        Author
Reavers in China                   Tue May 16    GNN

<This... is GNN!>

"Just moments ago, Chinese authorities and rapid response units from STARS, the 
Maverick Hunters, and the Irregulars failed to stop a meteor from impacting a 
rural area in south Gansu province."

"Though eyewitness reports are hazy due to a speedy evacuation of the area 
thanks to both local and international forces, satellite imaging and long 
ranged surveillence have revealed that the area is swarming with Martian 
drones commonly known as reavers. They seem to be slowly advancing outwards, 
and at current speeds they will have left Gansu province in two days. The area 
immediately around the crash site shows signs of volcanic activity and 
extensive tunnel systems as well as a complete lack of vegetation."

"The amount of reavers in the area is extremely high and--"

During the original broadcast, the screen flickers, replaced by static and a 
faint outline of a stylized eye. A familiar voice speaks:

"You have forced me to expend valuable energy on destroying this planet. Your 
lack of a large standing army capable of quickly moving to engage my forces 
means that I have already won. Your sortie-based fighting strategy will prove 
to be insufficient against my resources."

"If you give to me what I seek, I will consider ceasing the attack for one week 
in order for the population of this planet to order their affairs and prepare 
for the end."

"Otherwise, this planet will not live to see next month."

The feed cuts back to the reporter: "--attack on the area is being deemed 
'risky' by various militaries."

Later broadcasts show the Ra Moon footage and more than a little punditry on 
the subject.

OOC: Massive amounts of reavers are slowly eating away at China. Contact Robot 
Gentlemen or myself for scenes concerning the area, but be advised that 
assaults involving just a few people are not likely to put much of a dent in 
the forces in the area.
OOC 2: By 'myself' I mean Ra Moon.

<That... was GNN!>


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 16/7                      Posted        Author
Able City Kaiju Theatre            Fri May 19    GNN

<GNN's Japanese reporter, Mitsuki Mitsunawa appears on screen with a smokey, 
soggy Able City Harbor in the background.>

        "Able City Harbor. Normally home to hundreds of residents either 
avoiding the Force Metal radiation throughout other parts of the city or 
attempting to recover from addiction to it. However today, a Reaver swarm 
attacked the harbor district in a seemingly random assault. This assault was 
led by former Repliforcer and apparently ex-Maverick Bolero and his titantic 
companion, Wreck Brahma. Of the two, Bolero was least visible, lobbing sonic 
blasts at pedestrians from the rooftops while Reavers assailed civilians and 
police and security troopers as well as assorted ships and other vehicles in 
the area. Wreck Brahma was meanwhile assisting the Reavers in destroying the 
dockside portion of the district, focusing much of his destructive power on 
ships in port.
        "Shockingly, of all the world powers capable of coming to Able City's 
aid, Sigma himself and an entourage of every day Maverick troopers responded 
to the crisis by evacuating civilians and law enforcement personnel before and 
while engaging the Reaver swarm in numerous firefights across the district. 
Sigma arrived in grand fashion, piloting his 'Imperial' armor directly into 
the waters of the harbor where he confronted Bolero and Wreck Brahma in a 
valiant battle."

<Insert numerous images of Imperial Sigma and Wreck Brahma doing battle out in 
the harbor proper. See also a few images of beam cannons firing at both Bolero 
and Wreck Brahma, who are clearly coming from different directions.>

        "In the end though, Sigma abandonned his Imperial armor for reasons 
unknown, leaving Wreck Brahma to use it like a bat with which he pounded 
Sigma. However, Sigma prevailed in forcing a retreat of Bolero, Wreck Brahma, 
and the Reavers in the district with multiple sustained flame blasts to Wreck 
Brahma's face and upper body, stripping away much of the giant bull's armor 
and then potentially vaporizing Bolero himself with a massive fire pillar 
attack that cost Sigma his right arm. Following the full withdrawal of Ra 
Moon's forces, Sigma and the Mavericks withdrew as well, taking the battered 
and beleaguered Imperial armor with them. As yet, Bolero's remains have gone 
        "Property damages are estimated in the hundreds of thousands of zenny, 
possibly more. For GNN, this is Mitsuki Mitsunawa, from Able City. Please join 
me again during my late night special investigative report, titled 
Cyber-Marriage: Abomination or Evolution..."

<OOC: Poke Bolero and/or Sigma with questions.>


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 16/8                      Posted        Author
Hien Dies, Dragon Explodes         Fri May 19    GNN

<This... is GNN!>

"Earlier today, a group of Russian scientists working in the U.S. after the 
terrorist attacks of last year returned to Moscow to unveil the prototype for 
a revolutionary shielding system mounted on a mechaniloid called the Imperial 
Dragon. The prototype is said to be capable of taking nearly endless amounts 
of punishment without collapsing, having more in common with stationary 
industrial forcefields than mobile combat forcefields. Several problems with 
the operation and power consumption of the forcefield are keeping it from 
being mass produced, though the project leader claimed they would be solved 
late next year."

"The prototype was quickly stolen by a rogue member of the White Dragon Strider 
sect, Hien. The alleged assassin Strider Hiryu somehow managed to bypass the 
forcefield and do combat with Hien, at one point showing a marked increase in 
fighting ability which he personally attributed to hidden power within the 
'spirit of man'."

"Assorted experts have fielded many postulations, from Hiryu working for some 
unknown power in opposition to Ra Moon, to increased levels of chi through 
meditation, or an otherworldly origin."

"Strider Hien died in the battle, though his body has not been recovered by 
Russian authorities. The Imperial Dragon was heavily damaged, setting back the 
timetable for the project by several months if not yet another year."

<That... was GNN!>


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 16/9                      Posted        Author
Tartarus Devestation!              Fri May 19    GNN

< POX News! >

Massive terrorist strikes were made against the free republic of Tartarus by 
the Robot Gentlemen and their Legion on Thursday night. The assault, led by 
the traitor Blues, was heralded with the 1812 Overture before explosives tore 
through the community. Thousands are believed to have been injured, and 
hundreds are feared dead.

The property damage caused by the explosions, and the follow-up Reaver attacks, 
is enormous. All major city services are presently off-line, and fears of 
airborne disease outbreaks have been aired by city officials. WHO authorities 
believe that a stretch of warm weather and spring rains, like those expected 
next week, may create an environment for a severe outbreak.

The forces of the Robot Gentlemen were challenged by both Robot Master and 
Maverick forces, as well as elements of Repliforce and possibly the Maverick 
Hunters. Reports are spotty, but it is believed that Bass of the Robot Masters 
was able to take down both Buster Rod G and Hyper Storm H, while the Glo Devil 
apparatus was defeated by a combined Maverick assault from both Vile and 
Shadow. Other information about battles is still coming in.

< Punditry. >

OOC: Blues, Bass


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 16/10                     Posted        Author
Update On China                    Sat May 20    GNN
<This... is GNN!> 

        "Yesterday, the reavers which originally landed in the Gansu providence 
finally had left, attacking cities around the area. Even as the Martian drones 
continued to expand outwards, resistance was given in the form of 
Neo-Arcadians, Repliforce, Robot Masters, as well as an unknown bomber which 
used a city already taken down by the reavers as a point, setting off what 
looked like four EMC bombs which caused an area around the city to come to a 

        Still, even with the efforts of Neo-Arcadia's army, a Repliforce Rider 
Armor, and Robot Master drones, the population of the reavers where only 
reduced to what looks like eighty five percent or more on the surface, taking 
into account from satellite imaging, and not counting ones that may be hidden 
in an extensive tunnel system from the crash site. Ash always continues the 
decent around the crash site, first thrown up due to the meteor striking the 

        The reavers seem to have stopped expanding to cover which ground they 
had lost before starting out once again. China still is considered a danger 
zone, and any attack on it is seems still a difficult thing to do no matter 
which military you are. 


<That... was GNN!>

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 16/11                     Posted        Author
Hunters Assaulted By Ra Moon       Sun May 21    GNN

< Screaming, almost incoherent news coverage, every channel as you flip through 
is the same >

"...a massive disturbance in the Midwest, focusing on Minnesota -- emergency 
management services were targeted in a series of horrific terrorist 
attacks...teleporters have just come back online..."

"...hundreds of first responders were killed in the attacks, which seemed to 
have no rhyme or reason to them except to cause as much damage to the system 
as possible. Hospitals, police and fire services are near the breaking point. 
The governor has declared a state of emergency and mobilized the National 
Guard...the President is expected to authorize emergency funds this 

"A massive attack on the Tower of Light. Blurry amateur footage and released 
security camera feeds show Ra Moon and his Legion -- God, they just /came out 
of nowhere/ and started killing --"

"Nearly every Robot Gentleman and known high-profile Legion operative was 
involved, and in this sequence you can see a series of chained explosions 
inside the Tower through the blur of automatic defenses. There was, as you can 
see, this large, black pulse of energy --"

"You, sir, you saw the attacks from the HeraCorp building?" "Yeah ... there was 
this ride armor out front, we think it had Dr. Cossack in it ... Ra Moon just 
made it stop. Just stopped it dead, like he was crushing a beer can or 
something... Hey, we saw him being taken to the hospital afterward, he wasn't 
moving -- if somebody could be sure and tell us how he's doing --"

"...the Maverick Hunters have not released their casualty report from the 
attack. Multiple fatalities are expected. Fortunately, the civilian workers in 
the Tower had been evacuated just minutes before the attack, dramatically 
lowering the potential loss of life from the attack --"

"A candlelight vigil is being held tonight for the Maverick Hunters at several 
area churches, and in cities around the world..."

< Degenerates into panic. >

OOC: Ra Moon, Dr. Light, Leo


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 16/12                     Posted        Author
Hello Planet Earth                 Sun May 21    GNN

GNN's round the clock news coverage of the terror at Light Labs in Minneapolis 
abruptly stops, the feed interrupting. But it isn't Sigma, or Vile, or anyone 
else of infamous notoriety this time. It is Rock Light. He is without his Mega 
Man armor but is unmistakable all the same. And he looks very tired. Repairs 
crews in the background can be seen working on the exterior of the very 
devestated Tower of Light.

"I'm sorry for doing this but there just isn't time to find a camera and work 
out the necessary parameters to get on the air. I need to talk to you all and 
I need to talk to you all right /now/. I have to show you all something. It 
will not be pleasant, and I encourage people who have a weak stomache or who 
want to go on ignoring the imminent peril this world is in to turn away from 
their screens."

Rock disappears and is replaced by grainy security feed footage. It is the same 
footage that Ra Moon spliced into the Hunter network last night as he tried to 
take Roll's life. It shows the Destroyer lifting Roll by her head, beginning 
to erase her soul, and then being attacked by Pugilation Man. The audio 
accompanies it, namely, Ra Moon saying that killing Roll will shatter Mega 
Man's spirit and increase the efficiency in which he conquers the planet by 
one whole week. Back to Rock.

"We don't know yet if Roll will pull through. But I wanted to show you this as 
an example of the means Ra Moon will employ to accomplish his terrible dream. 
My sister is a person who has never had a bad word to say about anyone. Not a 
single person on the planet. She is good. If the world were full of more 
people like her these Robot Wars would not have continued for nearly two 
decades. I challenge anyone, Neo Arcadian, Maverick, Robot Master, it doesn't 
matter -- I challenge any of you to tell me that you do not respect and admire 
my sister. I challenge you to tell me that she isn't worthy of our respect and 
love, that on some deep, dark, level you don't admire her courage and her 
unequivocal love for life."


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 16/13                     Posted        Author
Hello Planet Earth                 Sun May 21    GNN

"This is my message, as my father works behind me in trying to save not only my 
sister but the many other's who were carelessly tossed aside by Ra Moon for 
/one week/. This is my message to you, Planet Earth. Weeks, maybe months ago, 
I plead for us to work together to stop this creature. This thing from outer 
space. Now I beg it of you. 

"Anyone -- and I mean anyone -- out there who is sick of sitting idle and 
waiting for Ra Moon to continue to strike... To continue to hurt those we 
love, to continue to enslave those we care about, I beg of you: rally with us. 
We are going to begin staging over the remnants of the Tower of Light, just 
outside of Minneapolis, Minnesota. You can teleport here. You can help. 
Everyone has a part they can play. None of you are insignificant, none of you 
should feel that doing everything you can won't make a difference. You can, 
you will. Rally to us, at last, finally. Please. All of you, the colors you 
wear and the shields you raise do not matter. Any and all who simply wish to 
fight are welcomed without question. We will put it all aside, we will come, 
and we will unify to sweep this evil force from our world. This is our last 

"Thank you."


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 16/14                     Posted        Author
SciTech Rapid Response             Sun May 21    GNN
Shortly after Rock's announcement, there is a press release by Shuseki Ijuin, 
CEO of SciTech.

        "SciTech will do whatever it can to assist the forces of the world in 
getting back on their feet as quickly as possible. Teams have been deployed to 
the Tower of Light to help with repairs, research and reconstruction.

        My hopes and prayers go out to the Light Family in this time of 
trouble. I...liked Roll, and hope she recovers fully."

        The camera shows footage of a large convoy of SciTech vehicles rolling 
out from Omaha, en route to Minnesota.

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 16/15                     Posted        Author
HeraCorp Response                  Sun May 21    GNN
Shortly after Rock's announcement, though probably somewhat buried. A 
reflections news bulliten on Roll is run from a HeraCorp standpoint. It notes 
her accomplishments, her incredible mind, and good cheer through a variety of 
HeraCorp employees whom have hung around her during her work at HeraCorp as an 

A voice only release from Sewa says 'Roll is a good friend, a good person, and 
a good mom too. Considering the troubles of her life, she's just amazing all 
around and full of life. I guess it makes sense that a dork like Ra Moon would 
specifically seek her out. It's unforgivable." 

HeraCorp personell have, naturally, also joined Tent City in great numbers, 
providing supplies, entertainment, and defense--though some of these 
'employees' seem to actually be inspired HeraCorp constructions.%

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 16/16                     Posted        Author
Raptor Movement                    Sun May 21    GNN
 Shortly after formation of the Tent City, a large vessel flew out of the upper 
atmosphere. As it approached, it was identified as the Maverick Raptor II. It 
is now hovering over the tents, with Mavericks coming and going via small 

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 16/17                     Posted        Author
Repliforce Response                Mon May 22    GNN
Prismatic Spider of Repliforce has released this press release to go with the 
flood of others. 

        "As I speak now, Repliforce troops and supplies are already gathering 
at the Tower of Light. It's been proven time and time again that apart, any 
one of us can be harmed by the forces of Ra Moon, but together, we cannot be 
defeated. Together, we beat him on Mars, and together, we'll beat him here on 
Earth. United, we will cast this abomination howling and shrieking into the 
abyss, to trouble us no more. Perhaps Ra Moon sought to break the Hunters with 
his brutal assault, but it appears that all it has done is galvanized us all 
to the very action which will spell his doom. Mega Man has sounded the 
rallying horn, and the call will be answered. Thank you."

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 16/18                     Posted        Author
Master Vs. Master?!?!              Mon May 22    GNN
A commotion broke out today in Brooklyn, NY when Hunter Axl faced off against 
notorious Robot Masters terrorist Gemini Man. Gemini, mastermind of the force 
metal bombing of San Angeles all those many months ago was confronted by the 
hunter, and took a hostage. Unfortunately, his hostage (and less 
unfortunately, himself) were seriously injured by the sudden appearance and 
attack by none other than Dr. Albert Wily, leader of the Robot Masters. Wily 
was last seen seriously wounding Gemini Man and escaping from both Hunter and 
an Umbrella Strike Team.

Thankfully, the hostage was saved, barely, by the efforts of Sewa, CEO of 
HeraCorp. Although the woman is still in critical condition, doctors are 
hopeful for her eventual recovery.

Pundits from around the globe are speculating wildly on this sudden and strange 
turn of events, and theories ranging from Mood Swings to Ra Moon abound.

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 16/19                     Posted        Author
Statue of Liberty ASSAULTED!       Tue May 23    GNN
<This...Is GNN.>

"Millions of zenny in property damage was done to the Statue of Liberty today, 
and dozens were killed or seriously wounded, when Buster Rod G attacked. A 
coalition force of Hunters, Repliforcers, civilians, and Irregulars arrived, 
and he was soundly defeated, but not before unleashing massive carnage. The 
Statue of Liberty was not outright destroyed, but the entire surface was 
burned very deeply, as was surrounding Liberty Island. Buster Rod G is 
reported to have disappeared when Buster Rod G was shot down by Alia of the 
Hunters. Although the Ultima Shot was not used, it appeared that he could have 
unleashed the massive weapon of death at any time."


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 16/20                     Posted        Author
London Eye In The Sink!            Tue May 23    GNN

        "Today, in London, across from the parliament building, the famed 
'London Eye', a large Farris Wheel built in the year 2000, was attacked by 
Robot Gentlemen. The gentleman on scene were none other than Cryogenic Man, as 
well as Tengu Man. A quick response from Repliforce and STARS, sending Max 
Armour and Maiko Kamiya to help out the situation. 

        After a duel between Cryogenic Man and Max Armour, the STARS member was 
fallen, and the force field which held them deactivated afterwards, leaving 
Cryogenic Man to strike at the London Eye again. Tengu Man fought the Maiko 
before she was felled, but as well caused Tengu Man to retreat. The London 
Eye, however, was toppled in this time by Cryogenic Man, and sent into the 
river besides it when Repliforce sent backup to aid in routing the gentleman 
still there. The toppled structure sent a large wave towards the parliament 
building and the local areas, washing out many and causing tens of thousands 
of dollars of damage to the surrounding areas without the London eye included. 

        There were no reavers used to attack, but they did show up to stop 
STARS and Repliforce from interfering with the gentleman's plan. Tangent Lepus 
of Repliforce showed up to ultimately help recovery efforts, while Thomas 
Houseman showed up as well to aid in the efforts to push away the gentleman, 
and rescue the people and reploids still trapped in the London Eye. The 
gentleman fled the scene shortly after Mr. Houseman's arrival. 

        In the end, rescue crews had saved a high percentage of the people 
trapped on the London Eye capsules, while some fatalities are reported. Those 
that did walk away with minor injuries resulting from either the falling of 
the London Eye or the resulting wave are being cared to by Repliforce and 
STARS medics, while anything above that going to a hospital for treatment." 



================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 16/21                     Posted        Author
Audio Supply Factory Destroyed!    Tue May 23    GNN
(Live, from stormy Henderson, Kentucky! It's a guy in a funny yellow raincoat, 
yellow is so 200 years ago, green is IN!)
"Reports are coming in about the main factory and warehouse complex of the 
U.S.-based Wind Measure corporation having fallen under attack by what 
witnesses have reported as being 'two very large, disgusting, horrible pig 
robots and a giant ball.'"
(Very poor security footage of Hyper Storm H palming Violen's mace back at him, 
only to be knocked out of view where a smoke cloud rises from offscreen. All 
of a sudden, Violen is yanked into a support beam through his chain which cuts 
the footage off entirely moments later. They're both hard to identify.)
"Wind Measure is a corporation that specializes in the production of audio 
equipment and a number of electronic musical instruments. Reports have come in 
that their entire warehouse stock was 'demolished' and that their main factory 
complex suffered 'severe damage.' While the purpose of the attack has not yet 
been confirmed by local authorities who had problems reaching the area due to 
severe weather, a local representative came forth to share his opinion on the 
(Footage of an older caucasian guy in a suit who sure looks like he's in a 
comfy room. He wears very thick glasses.)
"I wouldn't put it past that Destroyer. A lot of us really do think the world's 
going to end. We've decided to fulfill a lot of large equipment requests for 
free to allow those who pursue their hobbies and careers in music a chance to 
do what they love before they cannot any further. The Destroyer wants to go so 
low as to take that away from them, too. After all that damage, he may as well 
have to our customers."
(Back to the guy in the funny yellow raincoat.)
"Investigations are ongoing. Next, on our strange sightings segment... a flying 
pig robot? Now's the time to cash in on people who told you they wouldn't do 
anything until that happened. More at midnight!"
(Blurry picture of Violen being tossed into the distance.)
(OOC CONTACTS: Hyper Storm H + Violen)

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 16/22                     Posted        Author
First Born                         Wed May 24    GNN
Rumours persist across the world that Protoman may in fact be finally dead. 
Last seen being tossed off the top of the Tower of Light, he disappeared after 
hitting the ground. Many seem to think that Ra Moon has finished what Rock 
couldn't, and killed Blues outright for his failure at the Labs. Whatever the 
case may be, Protoman hasn't been seen or heard from by any of his contacts or 
allies since the battle.

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 16/23                     Posted        Author
Assault On Washington Monument!    Wed May 24    GNN
         .. And that is why Sigma is vastly overrated as the number one cause 
for balding in males."

         "Moving on, Earlier today there was an assault on the Washington 
Monument by robot gentlemen, including a Wind Man, Plant Man, and an odd 
large lunch box of a warrior, reported to have been a maverick.

         The robot gentleman, or at least one, seemed to have a rather large 
amount of carnivorous plants that were under their command. The Washington 
Monument was under heavy fire until Pnatheon lead by a Neo Arcadian woman ( 
Francine ) Sigma himself, and Maverick Hunter Blizzard Wolf came to stop them. 
Also seen was a hunter, a Bluebird, who ended up in a downward spiral and 
crashed after being shot at and heavily wounded. Reporters say they got out 

         The gentlemen and others traded before the gentlemen were either 
destroyed or driven from the area, while the carnivorus plants were slowly 
cleaned from the area by pantheons and skinners. Although slightly wounded, 
the monument is hardly from falling and a few repairs will have it as good as 

         In particular, Sigma and members of a division dealt with Smash 
Balrog, a maverick recruit turned by Ra Moon, and after a fight in which Sigma 
dominated over the slightly smaller reploid, compared to the Imperial Armor of 
Sigma, the reploid was cleaved almost asunder, killing the reploid, as far as 
anyone can identify.

         The Washington monument was defended while the gentlemen were chased 
off or destroyed.

         < Other news...>

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 16/24                     Posted        Author
Tora Bora Video Tape               Fri May 26    GNN
<This...Is GNN.>

"This is Michelle Summers, reporting from Afghanistan. After last night's 
successful seige of Tora Bora, a video tape was recovered during search 
efforts. It appears to be of the now deceased World's Seventh Most Wanted Man, 
Hien. We will play it for you in its entirety."

Hien appears a stage, holding a microphone in his hand. "If you're watching 
this tape, I'm dead. Mia, this is for you." Music starts playing in the 
background, as Hien begins singing.

" Friday night I crashed your party / Saturday I said I'm sorry / Sunday came 
and trashed me out again! / I was only having fuuun / Wasn't hurting anyooone 
/ And we all enjoyed the weekend for a chaa-aange."

 " I've been stranded in the combat zone / I walked through Bedford Stuy alone 
/ Even rode my motorcycle in the raaain / And you told me not to drive / But I 
made it home alive! / So you said that only proves that I'm insaaane!"

 " You may be right / I may be crazy / But it just may be a luuunatic you're 
looking for / Turn out the light / Don't try to save me / You may be wrong for 
all I know / But you may be right!" 

"Remember how I found you there / Alone in your electric chair / I told you 
dirty jokes until you smiled / You were lonely for a man / I said take me as I 
am / 'Cause you might enjoy some madness for awhile!"

 " Now think of all the years you tried to/ Find someone to satisfy you/ I 
might be as crazy as you say / If I'm crazy then it's true / That it's all 
because of you / And you wouldn't want me any other wa-ay!"

 "You may be right / I may be crazy / But it just may be a lunatic you're 
looking for / It's too late to fight / It's too late to change me / You may be 
wrong for all I know !"

 "You may be right / I may be crazy / But it just may be a lunatic you're 
looking for / Turn out the light / Don't try to save me / You may be wrong for 
all I know / But you may be right / You may be wrong but you may be right / 
You may be wrong but you may be right !"

The video fades to black, as the music continues on.


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 16/25                     Posted        Author
New UmbrellaCorp Line              Fri May 26    GNN

<Umbrella Corp spinny and snappy music!>
A picture of Reavers descends on small town. Two men, wearing ties over their 
heads, clothes ripped and bloodied, stand up in their front lawns and begin to 
fire off waves into the Reavers, causing some of them to fall as they continue 

"The armies of world have weapons to defend themselves. Now the average man can 
own one. From Umbrella Corporation, the civilian line of Wavetech Sonic 
Cannons. While not lethal to the normal human, they can incapacitate a Reaver 
from 30 yards."

The men fire into the Reavers, causing some of them to short out as the 
families retreat from the hordes. "You should have a chance against 
Armageddon. The civilian and military line of Wavetech Sonic Cannons are 
available now,"

"From Umbrella Corp."
(Did you think this was stupid? Contact Dr. Weil!)

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 16/26                     Posted        Author
Neo Tokyo under fire               Sun May 28    GNN
         "Yesterday, Saturday night, Neo Tokyo was assaulted by two robot 
gentlemen, Flora Man and Cryogenic Man."

         "Odd botanical drones bombed the area and then used themself, as 
reavers crawled through the streets, attempting to devour the land, and 
perhaps the inhabitants, of the rather large sprouting commercial district.

         In an effort to stop this, Irregular Sara Steel, Robot Masters 
identified as Dust Man , Sword Man and Ice Man as well as Hunters Magma 
Dragoon and Axl were on scene to deal with the threat. A repliforcer was also 
on hand, later found to be named Razor.

         During the course of the battle, Dust Man could be heard to be 
screaming 'KILL STEALER' and assaulting Magma Dragoon heavily. The battle 
continued otherwise, mostly against the gentlemen and drones/reavers although 
Dust Man had action taken against him as well.

         In the end, the Robot Gentlemen were defeated, Dust Man and Axl, who 
made use of what looked to be King, finished them. Robot Master Sword Man and 
Magma Dragoon were wounded during the course of the battle, although Dust Man 
still stood unlike them.

         In the end, minor structural damage, chemical spills about the area, 
reaver damage to much of the roads and some of the buildings and some ice 
still remain in the Commercial district of Neo Tokyo. Crews are working to 
undo the damage still, and since last night, have come along way.

         "And next,..." A commerical of Dr. Weil's plays, of the sonic cannons!


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 16/27                     Posted        Author
Further Reaver Activity in China   Sun May 28    GNN

<This... is GNN!>

"Just moments ago, reaver forces spread from the black forcefield in central 
Gansu province, China. The march was primarily focused towards Qinghai 
province. In their path was the city of Xining, population in the mid hundreds 
of thousands."

"While Xining was captured by reaver forces, a quick offensive by 
representatives from Repliforce, the Maverick Hunters, SciTech, and Neo 
Arcadia managed to evacuate most of the city's population."

"The forcefield shows little to no activity while the city of Xining is 
apparently being dismantled. More on this story as it develops."

<That... was GNN!>


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 16/28                     Posted        Author
China Construction                 Mon May 29    GNN
        Minnesota, USA - Allied forces from across the world have gathered a 
few miles out from the Tower of Light, excavating and constructing what 
appears to be a very large performance arena. Technicians from SciTech, the 
Irregulars, and the Coalition for Reploid Freedom have contributed to the 
sound systems to be used therein.

        Prismatic Spider of Repliforce has commented that "This arena will be a 
monument to our steadfast resistance against the darkness, and a symbol of our 
hope and faith of our eventual victory. As soon as the arena is completed, we 
expect to be holding a concert of world-shaking proportions." 

        The arena is expected to be finished within three days. 

(OOC: Contact Prismatic Spider!)

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 16/29                     Posted        Author
Concert Announcement               Mon May 29    GNN
Posters begin appearing in places where musicians hang out all over the world 
(And even Eurasia). They quickly spread from there to many other places, 
especially the new Arena being constructed near Beijing.

          =                                                          =          
          =       ############                                       =          
          =        ############:    - IT'S THE END OF THE WORLD -    =          
          =       ###       ###:          - AS WE KNOW IT -          =          
          =      #############           - AND WE FEEL FINE -        =          
          =     ############                                         =          
          =    ####      ####                                        =          
          =   ####        #### AGNAROCK                              =          
          =  ####          ####                                      =          
          =a####a          #####.                                    =          
          =                                                          =          
          =                          - AND -                         =          
          =                                                          =          
          =                                     ############         =          
          =      - RAGE AGAINST THE DYING -      ############:       =          
          =           - OF THE LIGHT -           ###       ###:      =          
          =           - AT A CONCERT -          #############        =          
          =   - THAT WILL SHAKE THE WORLD -    ############          =          
          =                                   ####      ####         =          
          =                                  ####        #### OLL    =          
          =                                 ####          ####       =          
          =                               a####a          #####.     =          
          =                                                          =          
          =               - THURSDAY - JUNE 1 - 2219 -               =          

(OOC: Contact Prismatic Spider)

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 16/30                     Posted        Author
Russia Attacked                    Wed May 31    GNN

        "Last night in Russia, the Robot Gentleman struck again. This time, 
Cryogenic Man with the aid of Flora Man. What they were after was simple, the 
Solar Panels which much of the cities were based around, letting the 
mega-cities of Russia prosper and able to support the vegetation and life 
styles that the civilians which lived their enjoyed. The Robot Gentleman did 
not come alone, sporting a great number of air and ground, including burrowing 
reavers. There was also a large reaver which looked like a spider that the 
gentleman congregated upon, which was thought to be the command center. 

        After a short period of time, Repliforce as well as the hunters seemed 
to respond to this menace, Cinnamon and Magma Dragoon for the hunters, and 
Repliforce having Singularity Shrike and a repliforcer found out later to be 
Desert Dolphin, a new addition to Repliforce. Repliforce managed to evacuate 
many of the civilians before the reavers crashed into the city, sending much 
of the rebellion forces into losing battle. 

        Later, unidentified hover transports seemed to come from out of 
nowhere, letting off a prototype unseen before, but looking like a faux of a 
particular Hunter, Zero. The unidentified units seemed to hold their own 
against the reavers, ending up in a sort of stale mate towards the end of the 
fight. Dr. Weil was spotted floating towards the side, given away by the head 
jar he usually seen wearing. The units seemed to recreate the 'berserker' like 
fighting style which Zero had been known for in the past. 

        The reavers seemed to not give up, until something had broken through 
the crowd, and infiltrated the command centers 'interior'. For what seemed 
like a few minutes, reavers started to pour inside the monstrosity before 
explosions began to ripple from its figure, finally causing the giant reaver 
to explode, leaving a large crater from where it stood, biting into part of 
the city and causing some solar panels to be destroyed, a small price for what 
could have happened. Epsilon was reported after the fight to have been there, 
leading this reporter to feel that he had a great deal to due with the command 
center detonating like that. 

        The Robot Gentleman on hand were defeated by a team effort of all that 
were involved in the fight, banishing them from the mega city after the 
destruction they had caused. Clean up for the surrounding area is going well, 
except the units dubbed 'Zero units' which had fought the reavers seemed to 
have gone missing afterwards, even the ones which were destroyed taken before 
the crews could excavate the fallen reavers from the area. 

        Construction on the Solar Panels will begin immediately to reverse the 
effects of the attack and get the mega city up and running. Shelter is being 
provided for those who require it after the assault. 

<This... Was GNN>

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